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 Anthem Of The Seas  (Passenger Ship > Cruise Ship)
11 hours ago by astursea

Anthem of the Seas, in Gijon
Atraca en el Puerto de Gijon, el Anthem of the Seas, el segundo crucero mas grande del Mundo. Saldra de Gijon en torno a las 18,00 horas. Video de la entrada en www.musel.in.

 Rena  (Container Ship)
1 day ago by Timsen

Copper container still missing
One container load of copper on board the "Rena" remains missing. The 20-foot container of copper held 21 tonnes of scrap, consisting of chopped and stripped household electrical wiring extracted during the Christchurch earthquake recovery. It was carried inside one tonne bulk bags. Container MSCU6665041 was located at the bottom of Hold 6 and wasn't recovered during cargo recovery operations before the "Rena" broke in two. A report published this week on the Rena Project page suggests the most likely scenario is that the container was broken open while still stowed at the bottom of the hold after the ship broke in two. One or more of the one tonne bulk bags was torn open at that time. The remaining copper was either buried below the debris in hold 6 or was lying underneath the stern section of the "Rena", or both, either within the remains of its container or as a loose discharge. In either scenario the majority of the remaining was is expected to be overburdened by the hold 6 wreckage, or the ship's aft section, or both, and to be inaccessible. The amount of copper released could not be accurately determined from the amounts located, observed and recovered to date. Divers found copper over an area of about 20m x 12m outside the ship, at the surface of the sea sediment at 37 metres depth. A smaller amount was found at 28 metres. Both deposits have been removed and amounted to 0.87 tonnes. Cyclone Pam has since accelerated the wreck's decay. The aft section, including the area that was hold 6, has collapsed further as the structural hull members degrade and gravity takes over. This was likely to have had the effect of further encapsulating the remains of the copper container and for it to remain overburdened by the remains of the ship's aft section. Within the remains of the ship's structure there is a tangled mess of container and structural debris and the structure itself is now collapsing and compressing encapsulating the remaining debris, as has been shown from the dive surveys. Any copper cargo remaining within the ship's structure will not be able to be located. Report with photo: www.sunlive.co.nz...

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