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 CSCL Jupiter  (Container Ship)
vor 5 Std von arnekiel

Video animation shows CSCL Jupiter grounding near Antwerp
The path of a giant container ship that ran aground near Antwerp, Belgium on the river Scheldt on Monday has been retraced and animated thanks to satellite technology. In the sped-up video animation, CSCL Jupiter can be seen leaving a berth between Saftingen and Lilo on Antwerp’s northern outskirts, rounding two bends in the Scheldt before going off course and grounding near Bath, Belgium at approximately 0653. CSCL Jupiter reportedly suffered a steering gear failure, causing it to run aground on the banks of the Scheldt while heading for the North Sea, en route to Hamburg from Antwerp. The 14,300 TEU, Hong Kong-flagged ship blocked access to the port for some time on Monday morning (14 August), when the first tug boats attending the scene found the ship to be hard aground on a sandbank. Several hours later, at high tide, some 16 tug boats and a patrol boat are shown on hand to aid in refloating the vessel, which subsequently sailed back to Antwerp for inspection. According to the China Shipping Agency Co website in the Netherlands, China Shipping Container Lines Co Ltd, is a specialised corporation affiliated to China Shipping (Group) Company, involved in container liner and other related services. The video animation of CSCL Jupiter’s grounding was supplied by Genscape’s Vesseltracker software. https://youtu.be/lD-dsAX_o-o

 Golfo Azzurro  (Fishing Vessel)
vor 5 Std von arnekiel

Libyan coastguard intercepts humanitarian rescue ship Golfo Azzurro
The Libyan coastguard intercepted a humanitarian rescue ship the Mediterranean on Tuesday, threatening to open fire on the crew if they did not sail to Tripoli. The boat, belonging to the Spanish NGO Proactiva Open Arms was conducting a training exercise in international waters when staff noticed a the Libyan ship approaching them. On the ship’s radio, a member of the coastguard boat’s crew can be heard telling aid workers that there were being taken into custody and ordering them to sail towards Tripoli. The man then threatens the group, saying if they don’t follow the orders, they will be “targeted”. “This is Libyan sovereignty,” he can be heard saying. “You have to sail now towards Tripoli port. You are under custody, sir.’‘ ‘‘If you don’t follow the orders we will target you. I have already warned you before. Libya’s government has warned you before but you don’t listen. It is your problem.,” he continues. Spokesperson for Proactiva Open Arms Laura Lanuza told Euronews: “Our boat, the Golfo Azurro, was doing some rescue training 27 miles away off Libyan coast on Tuesday, in International waters. Suddenly the crew saw a Libyan Coast Guard patrol approaching them at full speed. Then, the threats started coming through the radio. www.euronews.com/...

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