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 Norwegian Dawn  (Passenger Ship > Cruise Ship)
14 hours ago by Timsen

Dawn back in Boston
On May 22 the "Norwegian Dawn" safely returned to Boston and berthed at 1.15 p.m. Dutch report with video: www.nu.nl/videos/...

 Maersk Karachi  (Container Ship)
15 hours ago by Timsen

Fire on Maersk Karachi out of control
On May 22 at noon a fire broke out in the cargo hold into which a ganty crane collapsed onto the "Maersk Karachi" at the NTB Terminal in Bremerhaven. To recover the debris, welding work was carried out. As the cargo holds are connected, the fire rescue concentrated on keeping the flames from spreading. Due to the mass of debris the source of the fire was inaccessible. Fire brigades from Bremen, Hamburg and Wilhelmshaven supported the local resources. Foam and water was being pumped into the ship. As there was not enough foam available, fire brigades from Wilhelmshaven, Bremen and Hamburg carried more material to Bremerhaven. Also the Technical Support Work (THW) Achim was called. Experts were controlling the structural integrity of the ship. The police recommended to Keep doors and windows in Bremerhaven, Langen, Imsum, Weddewarden, Speckenbüttel and Leherheide shut. The fire rescue was measuring the concentration of toxic gases there. The "Bugsier 1", "Mellum","Geeste", "Nordergründe", "SD Salvor", "Turm", "Weser" and "Wilhelmshaven" were alongside the container ship. At shore side 28 engines with 70 men were working to contain the blaze. German reports with photos and video: www.nordsee-zeitu... www.ndr.de/nachri... www.radiobremen.d... www.noz.de/deutsc... www.nwzonline.de/... https://www.facebook.com/...

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