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 Stellar Young  (Bulk Carrier > Ore Carrier)
vor 21 Std von Timsen

Explosion injured two
An explosion occurred in an engine room of Vthe 2Stellar Young", which was docked at Gwangyang in the South Jeolla Province, in the afternoon of July 22, 2017. Two Filipino crew members were injured and taken to hospital, one of them slightly injured, the other one remaining in hospital for eyes treatment. The explosion took place during maintenance works. The bulkcarrier had arrived at the Gwangyang bulk terminal, coming from Point Samson, on July 19.

 Med Star  (Ro Ro Cargo Ship)
vor 1 Tag von Timsen

Ship arrested for drug trafficing
The Turkish Coast Guard spotted barrels thrown into the water from the "Med Star" near Tasucu in the Silifike district of Mersin on July 18, 2017. About 100 kilos of cannabis and other drugs were found in barrels and picked up by helicopter. The shop en route from Tripoli to Tasucu. On arrival the 10 crew members were arrested on a suspicion of drug trafficking.

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