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 Nautical Aliya  (Offshore Vessel > Offshore Support Vessel)
vor 29 Min von Timsen

Aid ship returned from 20 day mission
The aid ship "Nautical Aliya" has returned to Malaysia on Feb 23, 2017, after a 20-day journey delivering about 2,300 tonnes of aid cargo for Rohingya in Myanmar and Bangladesh. Thousands of Rohingya have faced alleged human rights abuses in Myanmar, and fled to neighbouring countries such as Bangladesh, prompting groups in Malaysia to make an aid expedition to these two countries. Report with video: www.thestar.com.m...

 Tide Carrier  (Specialized Cargo Ship > Barge Carrier)
vor 49 Min von Timsen

Tide Carrier had serious defiencies before near grounding accident
The Norwegian shipping authority has found serious problems on the "Tide Carrier" during a port control in Høylandsbygd in Kvinnherad on Feb 16. Six of the eight defiencies were so serious that they could have affected the operation of the ship, and had to be repaired before the ship left port. This was probably not done, the Sjøfartsdirektoratet did not receive information that they were rectified, as requested, before the ship set sail from Kvinnherad. The "Tide Carrier" was being towed with a speed of about four knots to a wharf in the industrial park at Gismarvik in Tysvær at 3.15 p.m. The costs of the salvage operation were estimated to be around 5-6 million Norwegian crowns. On Feb 24 the Sjøfartsdirektoratet will board the vessel again for a new port control. Then the inspectors will examine the cause of the engine failure, and if the owner has followed the orders that were given in February. If the instructions have not been followed up, the owner would have to face a reaction. The Comoros flag is blacklisedt as a "flag of convenience" of the European Maritime Association Paris MoU. The ship's classification was to be done by the "Union Marine Classification Society" which was unknown to the Sjøfartsdirektoratet. The ship was heading to Dubai for graduation. Photos:https://www.youtube.com/w... https://pbs.twimg.com/media/C5Wc5-HWMAE1OLk.jpg https://pbs.twimg.com/media/C5WdUTEWIAAVK59.jpg https://pbs.twimg.com/media/C5WdU9EWYAATzmu.jpg https://pbs.twimg.com/media/C5WdVmyXUAEqNcK.jpg

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