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 Million Trader  (Bulk Carrier)
1 min ago by Timsen

Bulkcarrier finally sold
The "Million Trader", which had been reported as sold several times last winter, has finally found a buyer. The Japanese owner, Nisshin Shipping, only fetched $9.3m for the 11-year-old ship. In March 2015, the vessel was tipped as sold to Modion of Greece for around $10m. This sale was never finalised however. Tanker specialist Avin International, which has a fleet of some 20 tankers,was now tipped as the buyer of the ship. The company also has a four-year-old, slightly smaller bulk carrier in its fleet list. A year ago a sister ship of the "Million Trader" was sold for twice the price.

 Sage Sagittarius  (Bulk Carrier)
8 min ago by Timsen

Suspicious deaths scrutinised
Three suspicious deaths on a coal ship were to be scrutinised at an inquest on May 28, at a time when police was investigating another death on a vessel en-route to Newcastle. The New South Wales Coroner is investigating two of three deaths on board the "Sage Sagittarius" during a six-week period three years ago. One of the deaths happened in Newcastle. Union officials and company representatives will front the inquiry. The chief cook, Fillipino Cesar Llanto, disappeared overboard from the coal carrier in August 2012 as it approached Australian waters. Two weeks later, Hector Collado was killed while the ship was moored at the Port of Newcastle. The third man, Kosaku Monji, a Japanese superintendent, was crushed to death in a conveyer belt as the "Sage Sagittarius" docked in Japan. The court heard there was conflict on board and some of the crew, including Mr Llanto, were planning to report the captain, Venancio Salas, to authorities for alleged physical assaults and maltreatment. Mr Llanto was "a big brother figure" for mess hand Jesse Martinez, who was teased over his homosexuality and told police that he had been physically assaulted by Captain Salas and punched in the kidneys. Mr Martinez also reported that, on another occasion, Captain Salas hit him as other crew members tried to take off his clothes. There was strong evidence the intense conflict was continuing and magnified on the day of Mr Llanto's disappearance. Mr Llanto's wife Nelia told the inquest through an interpreter that she did not believe her husband committed suicide. She said that when she met with other crew members to discuss the circumstances surrounding the death, she found their statements had been corroborated. Cesar Llanto's friend on the ship, chief engineer Hector Collado, died two weeks later on Sep 15, when the ship docked in the port of Newcastle. The crew called police at 8:15 a.m. to report the 55-year-old had suffered a cardiac arrest in the engine room. Mr Collado had a 20cm laceration to his head. The inquiry was expected to hear evidence that there was nothing in the storeroom that could explain the injury. There have not been any witnesses to the men's deaths, including Kosaku Monji the Japanese Superintendent who was crushed to death by a conveyor belt. Earlier in the inquest, the International Transport Workers Federation's Dean Summers said the flag of convenience system, where ships are registered in foreign countries, makes workers vulnerable.

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