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 Star First  (Ro Ro Cargo Ship > Vehicles Carrier)
5 min ago by Timsen

All but six containers tracked or washed ashore
Three more containers lost from the "Star First" have washed ashore in Dunkirk, two in Lombardsijde, two in Middelkerke and Nieuwpoort. In the afternoon of Dec 1 one more container spotted at the height of the Wenduinebank in De Haan. The Voluntary Rescue Service in Blankenberge was to tow it to shore. Six of on the whole 15 Containers remained unaccounted for, but have probably broken up. In Ostend some large fragments were recovered. Ship Support will store the largest pieces, while the Civil Protection will clean the beaches. There were, among other palettes, also insulation and bananas on the beach. The Provincial Governor Carl Decaluwé will inform the mayors of the steps taken. Dutch report with photo: www.nieuwsblad.be...

 Irbis  (Tug)
28 min ago by Timsen

Floating dock sank under tow of Irbis
Towed by the "Irbis" the Floating Dock No.9 sank during towage in the South China sea in position 20 55,65N 116 33,03E, 116 miles east-north-east from Hong Kong, on Nov 30, 2015, at 6.10 p.m. The sinking was caused by a water ingress into dock. The dock developed a starboard list, capsized and foundered on 300 meters depth, with no fuel and supplies on board, so there was no risk of pollution. It was unmanned and sealed underway from Sovetskaya Gavan to Batam. Owner of the dock was the A&C TRADING NETWORK PTE LTD, Singapore.

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