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 Amadeo I  (Ro Ro Cargo Ship)
21 hours ago by Timsen

40 cattle rescued from the shore
The task of rescuing the 40 cattle that saved themselves on the shore in the area of ​​Aguada Bay was to go ahead on Aug 21. On the whole the ship was transported 207 cattle. At 6 a.m. the barge "San Andrés" was dispatched for this purpose. The goal was to successfully complete the task until Aug 22. The cattle will be transferred back to their owners from Puerto Natales. Moreover animals which were found dead floating in the sea were recovered with smaller vessels in order to avoid contamination of the waters. Oil spill and contamination experts of Litoral were working at the grounding site of the "Amadeo 1" to prevent an n oil spill from the ship which has on board 120 tonnes of IFO-180 (a mixture of distillate and residual fuel) and 89 cubic meters of diesel oil. Actually there has not been any spill, but 700 meters oil booms were deployed in the case of spillage of fuel from the tanks of the trucks. On Aug 22 the barriers were reinforced with more booms in a similar length. Foreign experts arrived at Puerto Natales in the night awho first made ​​an evaluation to see which equipment was required to extract the fuel from the tanks of the ship.A ROV was due to enter the ferry to assess its stability. The ship is resting on a water depth of around 10 meters with little risk to slip off, but its stability is in doubt as trucks actually fastened with chains may break lose and pose a risk to anyone boarding the wreck. Spanish report with photo, video: www.laprensaaustr... https://www.youtube.com/w...

 Costa Concordia  (Passenger Ship > Cruise Ship)
21 hours ago by Timsen

Giglio council wants platform as artificial reef
The municipal council of Giglio voted to leave the huge underwater platforms which were used for the parbuckling project behind and thus create an artificial reef. This vote goes against the decision of the Italian Ministry of Environment, which announced plans to destroy the six platforms that have ensured the stability of the ship. The people on the island hope to see a rapid colonization of this structure with shellfish and fish. They regard it as a means to revive the main activity on the island and attract divers. An expert in marine biology, Giandomenico Ardizzone said that the structures will soon be covered with algae and fish. A spokesman for the Ministry of Environment says the government has not changed its position.

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STENA HOLLANDICA Photo Netherlands moored 2 min ago
NORTHERN JEWEL Photo Liberia unmoored 2 min ago
COSTA PACIFICA Photo Italy moored 2 min ago
OOCL AMERICA Photo Hong Kong unmoored 2 min ago
KEOYANG ORIENT Photo South Korea moored 2 min ago
PRAHA Photo Liberia moored 2 min ago
SOFIE MAERSK Photo Denmark moored 3 min ago
COSTA MEDITERRANEA Photo Italy moored 3 min ago
REN DA Photo Hong Kong unmoored 5 min ago
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