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 Iran Shahed  (General Cargo Ship)
vor 47 Min von Timsen

Controversial aid ship docked in Djibouti
The "Iran Shahed" docked in Djibouti on May 22, averting a showdown with Saudi Arabian and U.S. forces over its original plans to deliver the aid directly to a port in Yemen. Officials of the UN World Food Program agreed to move the ship's cargo to war-torn Yemen on Iran's behalf. Tehran agreed to let the UN inspect the vessel in a move which also averted a conflict with Saudi-led forces, which have been searching all ships entering Yemeni ports to stop arms from reaching Huthi rebels.

 Z85 Morgenster  (Fishing Vessel)
vor 57 Min von Timsen

Radar images do not show other ships in vicinity of trawler before sinking
The "Morgenster" has likely not been hit when it sank on Jan 28. The parquet of West Flanders, Bruges section, confirmed the information based on radar Images on May 22. The Prosecutor's office was still awaiting the report of an expert. A storm was apparently the cause of the sinking. In March, an anonymous email indicated that the Trawler was struck by the "Marselisborg". Radar images showed, however, that there was no other ship in the vicinity of the trawler at the time of the sinking.

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