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 Argonaute  (Offshore Vessel > Offshore Tug Supply Ship)
vor 7 Std von Timsen

SAR tug recovered former buoy ship adrift off Sein
the Dutch plesure boat "Grasort", 186 dwt, a former hydrographic ship of the GDR, now converted into a motor yacht (built 1968 on Peene-Werft Wolgast; yard-no. 217), got int trouble off the rocks of the island of Sein on Sep 1. In the morning at 10.25 a.m., the semaphore Raz informed the Regional CROSS Corsen and Operations Centre of the Navy in Brest about a stopped vessel which was adrift about three kilometers northeast of the island of Sein. The ship had sailed from the Moulin Blanc Marina in Brest in the afternoon of Aug 31. The vessel did not respond to calls and moved on towards the Raz de Sein, driven southward by the currents of tide. Around noon, a contact was finally established, and the ship's captain reported an engine damage, but claimed to be able to repair it himself, refusing any assistance. At 3.30 p.m., under the influence of backward currents of the rising tide, the "Grasort" continued to drift towards the lighthouse of Armen causing a threat of the ship running aground on the island's rocks and causing an oil pollution. While the master still refused help, the Atlantic Maritime Prefect decided to divert the SAR tug "Argonaute" to the ship and took in in tow at 4 p.m. when it was within four kilometers of the coast. The "Grasort" was brought back to Brest and moored in the Bay of Roscanvel. French report with photo: https://www.premar-atlant...

 Sider Pink  (Bulk Carrier)
vor 7 Std von Timsen

18 sailors waiting for unpaid wages
A representative of the Greek crew employer of the "Sider Pink" was expected next week in La Rochelle. The 18 Crew members of the ship, 17 Greek and one Ghanaian, have € 168,000 unpaid wages, while the bulker remained docked at the Grand Port of La Rochelle. On Sep 2, 2015, their defender, Geoffroy Lamade, Atlantic correspondent of the ITF said a phone call made him "very optimistic" about a favorable outcome of the case. On Sep 1, six sailors on board who have requested a medical consultation, emerged from the doctor with diagnosis of minor ailments without gravity, the order of "bobologie". French report with photo: www.sudouest.fr/2...

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