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 Meridian Tres  (Frachtschiff)
vor 3 Std von Timsen

Survivors taken to Cebu, sinking site to be cleared from container vans
Captain Napoleon Emphasis and 23 surviving crew members were brought to the Cebu Coast Guard station in the morning of Jan 18 to rest and undergo stress debriefing. The four others were scheduled to arrive in Cebu on Jan 19. A gale warning was issued on Jan 18, prohibiting sea vessels below 250 gross tons from sailing. But the "Meridian Tres" was cleared to leave the Port of Cebu for Tacloban since the vessel ohad a gross tonnage of 2,528. The lashing of the cargo were also inspected before it sailed. The water was calm although it was windy when they left the port. After six hours, around 8 p.m., extremely strong waves in quick succession pummeled the vessel in the waters near Dawahon Island between the provinces of Bohol and Leyte. Buffeted by strong winds and huge waves, Emphasis immediately called the company’s operations manager and sought permission for them to take shelter at the nearest port. His request was approved. But it was too late as the ship lost its balance following the collapse of its stockpile of 160 20-footer containers and five units 10-footers containers reportedly loaded with fertilizers, a car, and a forklift. The cargo vessel slowly tilted 45 degrees to port side. The 64-year-old captain immediately sent a distress call to nearby vessels which also alerted the Coast Guard stations for possible rescue operations. A crew member of the "Larcon Iloilo" relayed the distress call to Coast Guard substation in Hilongos town in Leyte which immediately alerted all Coast Guard Stations to get ready for a possible rescue operation. About 9 p.m., he was informed by Maasin Coast Guard Station that Emphasis ordered his crew to abandon ship. The owner was requested to send tugs and clear the area from container vans. The Philippine Coast Guard Marine Environmental Protection Command was sent to the area to monitor possible oil spills. Bunker fuel was reportedly used in the vessel’s main engine while its generators were run by diesel.

 City Of Tokyo  (Frachtschiff)
vor 4 Std von BerndU

beached at Chittagong 13.01.17

 Damas  (Frachtschiff)
vor 4 Std von BerndU

Beached at Alang 18.01.17 Plot 04

 Montelape  (Fischfangboot)
vor 5 Std von Timsen

Stowaway died on fishing vessel
A stowaway on the "Montelape" was found dead in the interior of the vessel on Jan 17, 2017 by a crew member. The skipper followed the regular procedures without noticing the presence of anybody external to the crew afterwards.

 Moonray  (Frachtschiff)
vor 5 Std von Timsen

No charges for safety violations after death of Pinoy
No charges will be filed for safety failures that caused an elevator to crush to death a Filipino seaman aboard the "Moonray" on May 22, 2016. A coroner ruled that the death was an accident. Gerome Reyes, 26, died after the ship had left Southampton bound for Lithuania. Reyes, from Batangas, Philippines, was found crushed between the top of a goods lift and the underside of a deck. A police investigation was launched but no action was taken against the ship’s owners. At an inquest, the lawyer for the Philippine Embassy, Dr Anton van Dellen, submitted an argument for unlawful killing by gross negligence. Coroner Grahame Short, however, said there was no basis to support the argument that there was a case: “This was an accidental death, albeit a tragic accident. Mr. Reyes either forgot or more likely inadvertently touched the green start button as he reached for the contents of the lift, and was dragged into it."

 Citius  (Frachtschiff)
vor 6 Std von Timsen

Citius under tow to repair yard in Rotterdam
The "Citius" which had run aground on the Seine on Dec 17 left the port of Le Havre on Jan 17 at 2.30 p.m. The bulkcarrier was being towed by the tugs "Multratug 3" and "Multratug 29" to Rotterdam, ETA Jan 19, where the grounding damage, including its rudders, will be repaired. During the recent days the remaining cargo of 60,000 tons of coal has been unloaded after 15,000 tons had already been unloaded at Radicatel before being towed to Le Havre at the beginning of January. Actually the convoy was transiting the English Channel. French report with photos: meretmarine.com/f...

 El Hadjar  (Frachtschiff)
vor 6 Std von Timsen

Seized bulkcarrier sold in Malaysia
The "Al Hadjar" was seized and sold in Malaysia for 2.5 million Dollars by the creditors of the IBC company belonging to Cnan Group and the Saudi businessman Ghait Pharaon. The bulkcarrier was immobilized for several years in Malaysia following a conflict with the Saudi investor. Ghait Pharaon committed in 2007 to invest in a partnership with CNAN an amount of $ 50 million to renew its fleet consisting of eight ships, but once in the capital of this company , He took possession of the fleet, consisting of the "El Hadjar", "Ain Témouchent", "Blida", "Nedroma", "Nememcha", "Djebel Ksel", "Djebel Refaa" and "Djebel Onk" which were talen over in bareboat charter for five years at Leadarrow by one of his subsidiaries, a company established in the Cayman Islands. The repair of three ships, the "Blida", "Nememcha" and "Nedroma" were stopped as the Saudi businessman who benefited from the peak of the market in 2006 to 2008, chose to sell the three ships in violation of the contract which required a minimum operating period of five years. Three ships, the "Djebel Ksel", "Djebel Refaa" and "Djebel Omk", remain abandoned in Malaysia and Greece.

 Mahoni  (Frachtschiff)
vor 6 Std von arnekiel

Chinese court auctions seized ship for $ 2.41 million through Alibaba
A Chinese court has sold a seized foreign ship in online auction for whopping $ 2.41 million through e-commerce giant Alibaba. The Shanghai Maritime Court sold the seized ship for 16.89 million yuan ($ 2.41 million), state-run Global Times reported on Wednesday. The Panamanian-flagged Mahoni was bought by the Hong Kong-based Zhongjiang Ocean Shipping Limited through an auction hosted by Taobao, China’s biggest consumer-to-consumer online shopping platform, and was transferred to the firm by the court on last Friday. Mahoni was seized in May 2016 by the local court in Shanghai Harbour after 31 Filipino crew members filed a lawsuit against the boat’s owner - an Indonesian shipping company - as they claimed they had not been paid for 18 months. The auction attracted 12,112 viewers and went through 63 rounds of offers, before reaching the final price.

vor 6 Std von arnekiel

ADT welcomes 3 new STS quay cranes at Khalifa
Abu Dhabi Terminals (ADT) has announced the arrival of three of the largest ship-to-shore quay cranes in the world to accommodate growing volumes and demand at Khalifa Port Container Terminal (KPCT). Transported from China on specially-built vessels , the latest additions complement the current 9 STS cranes already operational at the facility. The Super Post Panamax cranes, commissioned from Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industry Co. Ltd. (ZMPC), were delivered on November 10 and follow ADT’s recent milestone of 5 million TEUs being handled at KPCT since its establishment in 2012. The STS cranes are designed to the highest industry specifications; capable of handling the world’s largest container ships (VLCCs) and will provide an additional capacity of 600,00 TEUs per annum to complete Phase 1 of 2,5 mio TEU’s of capacity at the world-class port facility.

 Meridian Tres  (Frachtschiff)
vor 6 Std von Timsen

Former Bockstiegel-cargo ship "Nils B" sank off Philippines - one missing
The "Meridan Tres" sank on Jan 17, 2017, at a8 p.m. between the islands of Bohol and Leyte. The sinking was caused by a shift of the cargo of containers in rough weather conditions. 28 crew members were rescued, one was still missing. The survivors were rescued from a life rafts after they abandoned ship, as it was listing on its portside before it finally sank about 9 p.m. They were brought to the Coast Guard station in Cebu City on in the morning of Jan 18. Rescue operations were still ongoing for Benjamin Orola, crane operator, who remained missing. The vessel was heading from Cebu to Tacloban City in Leyte when the crew of the "Larcon Iloilo" received a distress call from thecaptain, Napoleon Emphasis, stating that the vessel was developing a list to port after it was battered by strong winds and waves while navigating at the Sto Niño Dive Site in Bohol. She had lost balance following the collapse of its stockpile of 160 20-foot containers and five units of 10-foot containers loaded with assorted goods. All nearby Coast Guard stations were immediately alerted for rescue operations. At 9 p.m., he was informed by the Maasin Coast Guard Station that Emphasis ordered his crew to abandon the vessel. Fortunately, crew members of three other vessels that were near the area responded to the distress call, among them the LCT "PMI-8", the "Filipinas Butuan" and "Ocean Kingdom". Report with photo: cebudailynews.inq... cebudailynews.inq...

vor 6 Std von arnekiel

Moldova-flagged dry bulk carrier refloated at Port of Azov
Moldova flagged MV USF-6 (owned by IBFS LTD) on January 16, 06:43 am ran aground in the basin of the Port of Azov, Russia. The ship laden with 4,569 tonnes of coal was en route Rostov-on-Don, Russia – Martha, Turkey with a pilot on board, the Rosmorrechflot's salvage and coordination centre told IAA PortNews. The same day (11:50) the icebreaker Kapitan Harchikov (owned by Azov branch of FGUP Rosmorport) assisted and refloated the coal carrier which then headed for Rostov-on-Don.

 Alexandros P.  (Frachtschiff)
vor 6 Std von arnekiel

Euroseas announces delivery of newbuilding Ultramax drybulk carrier
Euroseas Ltd., an owner and operator of drybulk and container carrier vessels and provider of seaborne transportation for drybulk and containerized cargoes, announced today that it took delivery of the previously announced acquisition of the newbuilding Hull DY 160, to be renamed Alexandros P, a 63,500 dwt fuel efficient Ultramax drybulk carrier built in January 2017, the company said in its press release.

Free Port Kamchatka company to build multi-functional transit cargo hub in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky
Free Port Kamchatka, resident of PDA Kamchatka, is going to build a multi-functional transit cargo hub in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky for handling of cargoes going from Kamchatka to other regions of Russia, SEA countries and Europe through the Northern Sea Route and for reduction of time needed for cargo transportation between the Far East and Central Russia, says the Kamchatka Territory Agency of Investments and Entrepreneurship. According to Victor Laevsky, Director of Free Port Kamchatka, the project provides for construction from scratch of a refrigerating terminal, a terminal for transshipment of dry bulk and general cargo as well as a passenger terminal for local water tourism. The facilities in the area of the Avachinskaya Bay estimated at RUB 4 bln are to be put into operation in 2019-2020. en.portnews.ru/ne...

 Berge Rishiri  (Frachtschiff)
vor 6 Std von arnekiel

Berge Bulk takes delivery of handy-size vessel Berge Rishiri
Berge Rishiri is the latest handy-size vessel to be added to the Berge Bulk fleet. She was delivered on 16th January 2017 at 0720 hours (local Singapore time). Sailing under the flag of the Isle of Man, she commences her maiden voyage to the Port of Longview in Washington State (USA), where she will be loaded for a log shipment before heading to China for discharge. Like her sister vessel, Berge Shari, she is equipped with the Propeller Boss Cap Fins (PBCF). PBCF is an energy saving device attached to the propeller of the vessel to improve its efficiency. This device, now fitted on many ships in our fleet, enables higher fuel savings. The technology used in her main engine electronically controls fuel injection and the exhaust value drive, which auto-tunes and ensures more efficient operation during slow-steaming. en.portnews.ru/ne...

 Sch42 Alida Jolanda  (Fischfangboot)
vor 7 Std von Timsen

Fishing vessel broke from its moorings
On Jan 13, 2017, the "Alida Jolanda - SCH 42" broke from her moorings due to a strong increase of the water level by a spring tide and northwest wind in the port of Scheveningen. The fishing vessel was drifted into the middle of the port, only reamining attached to a spring and threatened to be pushed aground. At 2.30 a.m. the KNRM Scheveningen was alerted and deployed the lifeboat "Kitty Roosmale Nepveu" and a KHV-truck. The lifeboat transferred two crewmembers onto the "Alida Jolanda" which had no crew on board, and then pushed the vessel back gently into the wind and back towards the quay. When the crew of the KHV was ready to assist, the ship was properly moored again. The owner of the fishing vessel was present and fixed it with a few additional moorings. Dutch report with photos: https://www.knrm.nl/nieuw...

vor 7 Std von arnekiel

Al Ruwais Port likely to become operational this year
After the inauguration of Hamad Port last month, Al Ruwais Port is likely to become operational as commercial port this year and will also house a market to sell products from neighbouring countries. Currently, the Ministry of Transport and Communications is working on the second phase of Al Ruwais Port in the north of Qatar. An official yearly-brief of 2016 on the performance of the Ministry of Transport and Communications has revealed this. “The ministry is currently working on completing the second phase of developing Al Ruwais Port. The process, scheduled to take less than a year, will see the capacity of the port expanded,” the document says, adding that a new storage facility would be built and a market would be established at the port to sell products of neighboring countries. www.hellenicshipp...

 Cs Discovery  (Frachtschiff)
vor 7 Std von Timsen

On the beach...
..in Alang: https://www.facebook.com/...

vor 7 Std von arnekiel

Seychelles’ port expansion means bigger ships, better technology, security
Authorities plan to expand Port Victoria in Seychelles to serve more — and larger — vessels, a top official of the Seychelles Port Authority said. The existing quay of Port Victoria, currently 270 metres long, will be extended an additional 330 metres and will be able to accommodate two boats measuring up to 250 metres in length at the same time. The chief executive of the Seychelles Port Authority, Andre Cisseau, told SNA that, “The expansion followed a decision by the authority and the government to ensure that Seychelles remain the favourable port of call in the region.” Ciseau said that the development will allow the authority to serve a greater size and capacity of vessel entering the port. The project will cost around $107 million and is expected to start in late 2017 and be completed by 2021.

vor 7 Std von arnekiel

Port of Kiel posts record cargo with Handling up 5.3 %
Kiel posted record cargo and passenger handling figures in 2016. For the first time some 6.5 million tons were loaded or unloaded last year – an increase of 5.3 % over the previous year and the port’s best-ever result so far. Ferry services to Scandinavia and the Baltic region showed above-average growth, while trade with Russia continued to decline. Dr Dirk Claus, Managing Director of the PORT OF KIEL (SEEHAFEN KIEL GmbH & Co. KG) comments: “Kiel has achieved a record result. Increases of as much as 7.6 % were posted at the public terminal facilities operated by the PORT OF KIEL.” The port was able to win two important new customers in the past year – SCA and Iggesund Paperboard – and to open a new forest products terminal in the Ostuferhafen. “Investment in the paper business means we will continue to grow and can now set our sights on a seven million ton handling figure”, says Dirk Claus. “It is also of decisive importance that we have been able to expand the port’s logistics competence”, he added.

 Fugro Equator  (Sonstiges Schiff)
vor 7 Std von arnekiel

Subsea Search for MH370 Ends Without a Trace
SYDNEY, Jan 17 (Reuters) – The deep-sea search for missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 ended on Tuesday without any trace being found of the plane that vanished in 2014 with 239 people on board, the three countries involved in the search said. The location of Flight MH370 has become one of the world’s greatest aviation mysteries since the plane, a Boeing 777, disappeared en route to Beijing from the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur. “Despite every effort using the best science available … the search has not been able to locate the aircraft,” Malaysian, Australian and Chinese authorities said in a statement. “The decision to suspend the underwater search has not been taken lightly nor without sadness.” The last search vessel left the area on Tuesday, the three countries said, after scouring the 120,000-sq-km (46,000-sq-mile) area of the Indian Ocean sea floor that has been the focus of the almost-three-year search. gcaptain.com/subs...

 Aegir  (Sonstiges Schiff)
vor 7 Std von Timsen

Collision on the Waal
On Jan 17, 2017, around 10 p.m. Rijkswaterstaat received notification about the collision between the "Aegir", 3226 ts (EU-No.: 02326631), and the cargo m/v "Wilson Main" on the Waal at Tiel. The cargo ship has sailed from Rotterdam at 4.30 p.m. and was bound to Duisburg, the "Aegir" was coming from Mannheim. The damage was considerable. The "Wilson Main" lost the port side anchor in the impact and suffered dents, breaches and bruises at the foreship, the port side of the tanker was torn up at port side too. The water police started investigating the accident in which no one was injured. Dutch report with photos: www.112gldvandaag...

 Wilson Main  (Frachtschiff)
vor 7 Std von Timsen

Collison on the Waal
On Jan 17, 2017, around 10 p.m. Rijkswaterstaat received notification about the collision between the tank barge "Aegir" , 3226 ts (EU-No.: 02326631), and the "Wilson Main" on the Waal at Tiel. The cargo ship has sailed from Rotterdam at 4.30 p.m. and was bound to Duisburg, the "Aegir" was coming from Mannheim. The damage was considerable. The "Wilson Main" lost the port side anchor in the impact and suffered dents, breaches and bruises at the foreship, the port side of the tanker was torn up at port side too. The water police started investigating the accident in which no one was injured. Dutch report with photos: www.112gldvandaag...

 Rws 23  (Küstenwache)
vor 7 Std von Timsen

Bridge allsion in Schulenburg
The "RWS 23" was on scene after the Dutch flagged, self propelled barge “Elan”, 1508 ts (EU-No.: 02303211; MMSI-No.: 244030218; CS: PE5410), loaded with woodchips, was in allision with the Skûlenboarch (Schuilenburg) bridge in Eastermar on Jan 17, 2017, at 7 p.m. The crew of two was not injured. It was deemed likely that the dense fog played a role in the accident. The bridge over the Princess Margriet Canal between Jistrum and Hoogzand, was severely damaged, and there was was temporarily no traffic in the direction of Groningen possible. The traffic was diverted over the Schulenburger Way. Meanwhile, the Public Works released ship traffic on the Princess Margriet Canal, the shipping route from Friesland to Groningen, while the bridge at Schuilenburg was still obstructed for an uncertain time. Rijkswaterstaat was working with a contractor and the province of Friesland to resolve the problem. The ship suffered considerable damage too. Dutch reports with photos and video: www.nu.nl/groning... www.waldnet.nl/wn... www.lc.nl/friesla... www.rtvnoord.nl/n...

 Dongeborg  (Frachtschiff)
vor 8 Std von Timsen

Engine trouble off Rotterdam
On Jan 17, 2017, the "Dongeborg" encountered propulsion problems upon her arrival off Rotterdam, coming from Bilbao. The vessel dropped anchor near the Maeslant Waterbarrier to stop the drift. She received assistance by the tugs "Smit Ebro" and "Fairplay 21". Actually the ship was remaining moored at RTM anchorage N off the port. Photo: https://www.flickr.com/ph...

 Peterpaul  (Sonstiges Schiff)
vor 22 Std von Timsen

Tanker captain sentenced to suspended prison after collison in Bay of Biscay
The master of the "Peter Paul" which had struck the fishing vessel "Rupella" on Nov 18, 2014, in Saint-Pierre-d'Oléron was convicted. The "Rupella" had been crossing the fairway off Hourtin when the 16.30 m-boat was run over by the "Peter Paul", carrying methanol and headed by an Indian crew. The watchman on the "Rupella" did not detect the vessel approaching on the port side. One fisherman who slept awoke, climbed quickly on the bridge and saw the tanker leave without trying to get in contact with the "Rupella". The fishing boat, thanks to a favorable tide, managed to reach its home port Cotinière in Oléron several hours later. Meanwhile, the Indian officers alerted the captaincy to Bordeaux. The "Peter Paul", enroute from Bilbao, had crossed the Bay of Biscay to Bordeaux. The captains of both ships were summoned to the Maritime Chamber of the Tribunal de Grande Instance, Bordeaux, in response to a breach of the rules of the Convention on the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea (Colreg), in particular establishing rules of priority. The tanker captain saw that there were several trawlers in the area, he had to be even more attentive. Prosecutor Nathalie Mathieu requested 10 months of suspended prison against the two defendants. Only the captain of the "Peter Paul" will be sentenced to eight months of suspended prison.

 Thisseas  (Frachtschiff)
vor 22 Std von Timsen

Ship owner and captain fined for pollution
On Feb 24, 2016, a 35 kilometer long oil slick was spotted in the wake of the "Thisseas". The Greek shipowner Laskaridis Shipping Company was fined with one million Euros by the Brest Criminal Court on Jan 16, 2017. The captain of the vessel was fined € 30,000 for pollution caused by the bulk carrier. It was detected by a Navy plane, dragging a sheet of hydrocarbons with a width of 50 meters 340 km SW of Brest. At the hearing, experts of the Brest Ship Safety Center discovered that a valve on a dumping pipe had recently been handled on the ship. The prosecutor Eric Mathais had asked for a fine of one million Euros against the shipowner and 200 000 € for the captain.

 Senator  (Fischfangboot)
vor 22 Std von Timsen

Fishing vessel suspected of illegal catch - voyage to port troubled in storm
On Jan 16, 2017, the "Senator" was seized by the Norwegian Coastguard in the fisheries protection zone off Svalbard. The vessel was suspected of illegal catch of snow crab on the Norwegian continental shelf. The "Senator" was inspected by "KV Svalbard" and it was then revealed that the vessel had started fishing without permission from the Norwegian authorities. Norwegian regulations prohibiting the catch of snow crab. The patrol boat "Svalbard" was escorting the ship to a Norwegian port, but bad weather created trouble. A storm created challenges for the voyage. The arrival time was therefore uncertain, but the Coast Guard hoped to have the vessel in port on Jan 19.

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