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 Berkel 2  (Sonstiges Schiff)
vor 7 Std von Timsen

Broken up..
..at Stolk in Hendrik Ido Ambacht https://binnenvaartlog.nl/berkel-2-gesloopt-stolk-hendrik-ido-ambacht/

 Lct Lite Ferry 26  (Frachtschiff)
vor 7 Std von Timsen

Damaged LCT towed back to port
After the "Lite Ferry 26" was rescued a few kilometers southeast of Mandaue City in the afternoon of Oct 20, the ship was banned from sailing by the Philippine Coast Guard in Cebu (PCG) until further notice. The LCT was bound for Tubigon town in Bohol, located 52 kilometers southeast of Cebu City, from Ouano Wharf in Mandaue City. But one hour after its scheduled departure, the PCG received reports from its crew, asking to be rescued as seawater had entered the vessel. It was safely pulled back by two tugs from Lite Shipping Corporation a few minutes after the alert from its position 15 kilometers southeast from the coast of Mandaue City. It arrived at the Ouano Wharf at 10:26 p.m. and will remain docked there until authorities have released it. All 14 passengers and crew were safe. The shipping company refunded the passengers and provided food and transportation money to them when they disembarked from the vessel. The captain, in accordance with rules and regulations from Marina, will have to file a marine protest before Marina because the latter is the one who will grant them clearance to set sail again. They will have to prove before Marina why their ship is suited to resume its operations after what happened. The extent of damage was still being determined on Oct 21.

 Prema  (Frachtschiff)
vor 8 Std von BerndU

Beached at Gadani 21.10.17 picture: www.facebook.com/...

 Pineglen  (Frachtschiff)
vor 13 Std von BerndU

Beached at Aliaga 20.10.17 Picture : www.facebook.com/...

 Buster Bouchard  (Schleppendes Schiff)
vor 14 Std von Timsen

Damaged barge started spilling oil
Oil has spilled from a gash in the barge "B 255" off Port Aransas, but emergency response officials hadn’t yet determined just how much has escaped. The oil covered an area about two miles by a quarter of a mile in size, but some of the area was occupied only by a sheen. Along with the Coast Guard, the Texas General Land Office is one of the lead agencies involved in the response. The GLO hasn’t been able to get close enough to make a determination because they hadn’t been given an all-clear signal that it was safe to approach and that another explosion won’t happen. Also the cause of the ignition hasn’t been determined. The Coast Guard searched throughout the day for the missing man and will resume the search at first light in the morning. Responders have deployed a 2,000-foot-long oil containment boom around the barge. They also have 6,000 more feet of booms that could be used. At least one skimmer vessel that can vacuum oil was on the scene. The oil was leaking in “small amounts” from a gash that was high up the barge hull.

 Long Jia Ming No.6  (Fischfangboot)
vor 14 Std von Timsen

Longliner caught fire at Fiji Fish Jetty
The "Long Jia Ming 6 - BJ 4823" caught fire at the Fiji Fish Jetty in the morning of Oct 17, 2017. The fire started at the engine room and quickly spread into other areas since the vessel was made of Fibre Reinforced Plastic (FRP). Attempts by the crew to extinguish the fire was unsuccessful. The call was then made to abandon ship and pull her away from Fiji Fish jetty. At 1.15 a.m. the vessel was towed away and beached at a nearby shallow patch. The National Fire Authority responded to a fire call at the Fiji Fish wharf at around 12:35 a.m. The Fire Team used water tank supply to extinguish the fire. The fire also resulted in an oil spillage at the Fiji Fish harbour. The Fire Team was trying to contain the oil spillage at the Fiji Fish harbour as a result of the fire. Report with photo: https://fijisun.com.fj/2017/10/20/fishing-vessel-catches-fire/

 MV Treasure  (Frachtschiff)
vor 15 Std von Timsen

Treasure diverted to Philippines after destroyer on deck developed new crack
The collision-damaged USS "John S. McCain" – enroute from Singapore to Japan aboard the "Treasure" – has been diverted to the Philippines because of new structural issues and a typhoon. The destroyer developed a 4-inch-long crack along its starboard side while transiting to the Yokosuka Naval Base. Weather conditions associated with Typhoon Lan had already slowed the journey to Japan, and the crack’s discovery led to the diversion to Subic Bay, Philippines. Once pier side, experts will inspect the crack and determine if any additional repairs are needed before continuing to Yokosuka. The cause of the crack and the extent of the structural issues were actually still unknown. The majority of the crew has already returned to Yokosuka, with only about 10 sailors remaining aboard the ship. The "John McCain"’s commanding officer, Cmdr. Alfredo Sanchez, and executive officer, Cmdr. Jessie Sanchez, were relieved for what the Navy called a “preventable” collision. Alfredo Sanchez displayed “poor judgement” while Jessie Sanchez “exercised poor leadership of the ship's training program".

 Cheshire  (Frachtschiff)
vor 15 Std von Timsen

Unloading of cargo due to start
Bibby Line Limited, owner of the "Cheshire" which has been moored at the port of Motril (Grenada) since Sep 13 has announced that the unloading of the damaged cargo that affected the fire in the international waters off the Canary Islands has commenced. The work will take about 15 days. During the recent weeks, the freighter has been prepared for this operation attention to health, security and environment. The salvage company Resolve Marine will assist the unloading work and has reviewed these tasks from the environmental point of view. The stevedores will only work by daylight and there is a daily analysis of the cargo once it has been taken off the ship. The cargo did not pose any danger to the public or to the environment The NPK fertilizer is a mixture of nitrogen, phosphates and potas and is not classified as dangerous by the International Maritime Organization. The fertilizer has decomposed in its entirety. Since Aug 25 the process had stopped.

 Kathryn Spirit  (Frachtschiff)
vor 15 Std von Timsen

Contract for wreck removal awarded to joint venture
The Government of Canada has awarded a contract for the dismantling of "Kathryn Spirit" and removing the ship from the shores of Beauharnois, Quebec, to the Kathryn Spirit DJV, a joint venture of Excavation René St-Pierre inc. and Englobe Corp. The $ 11,134,179 contract includes the complete dismantling of the vessel, the removal of the temporary embankment built in winter 2017 and the restoration of the site to its original condition. The schedule of work includes the dismantling of the vessel for the fall of 2018, the removal of the kofferdam for the winter of 2018-2019 and the restoration of the site for the fall of 2019. This contract was awarded because the joint venture has met the specific criteria outlined in the tender. Since 2016, the Government of Canada has taken the necessary steps to ensure that the "Kathryn Spirit" dd not pose a risk to the environment by first adding cables and barges to stabilize the vessel prior to build a protective embankment to isolate it from the marine environment. Throughout this period, continuous inspections of the vessel were undertaken and security measures put in place. The disposal work will be done in an efficient and environmentally sound manner, in accordance with applicable laws and the terms of the contract.

 Hyundai Global  (Frachtschiff)
vor 16 Std von Timsen

Container ship suspect in hit and run accident off India
The Indian fishing boat "Emmanuvel (Reg. No. TN15/MM/4426)" was hit by an unidentified merchant ship in the night of Oct 11, 2017, about 45 miles off the Beypore coast in the Arabian sea. The half-sunk wreck remained afloat, but of the six crew members only two were rescued, the owner was found dead, three more were still missing. The other ship didn’t stop and sailed away. The "Hyundai Global", having arrived from Nhava Sheva, was detained upon its arrival at Mumbai anchorage on Oct 16 as one of the ships suspected to have been involved in the hit and run accident. An investigation was under way.

 Harvest Sky  (Frachtschiff)
vor 16 Std von Timsen

Bulkcarrier refloated after one week aground
The "Harvest Sky" was refloated in the evening of Oct 20 during the full tide at 11 p.m. The salvage tug "Koyo Maru" (IMO: 9162148) was contracted for the salvage operation. No leak reported. On Oct 21 tthe bulkcarrier was under tow moving in southern direction along the Taiwanese coast towards safe waters for a thorough survey. The ship became stuck 0,3 miles off the coast after its main and steering engines had malfunctioned. None of the 21 crew members were hurt. Filed to leave the coast by Oct. 16 midnight, the cargo ship owner has been fined NT$800,000 (US$26,458) for violating the Commercial Port Law. The cargo of 19,000 tons of coal and 1,590 tons of diesel were found to have caused no water pollution. Report with photo: focustaiwan.tw/ne...

 Delsa  (Frachtschiff)
vor 16 Std von Timsen

Medevac off Cold Bay
A Coast Guard Air Station Kodiak MH-60 Jayhawk helicopter crew forward deployed to Cold Bay, Alaska, medevaced a man from the "Delsa" on Oct 19, 2017, 130 miles southeast from Cold Bay. Coast Guard Communications Detachment Kodiak watchstanders received a call from the captain of the Delsa at 7:30 p.m. stating that a 42-year-old crewman fell 20-feet from scaffolding and has possible back and hip injuries. The COMDET watchstanders notified District 17 command center watchstanders who then contacted the on-call District 17 flight surgeon. The flight surgeon directed the launch of the Jayhawk helicopter and crew deployed to Cold Bay to medevac the man. Once the helicopter and crew arrived to the scene, Chief Petty Officer Matt Laub, an aviation survival technician, and a rescue litter were lowered to the top deck of the Delsa. Laub was escorted by the Delsa’s crew to a narrow staircase where it led to the cargo hold. Laub stabilized the man on the rescue litter then proceeded to direct the 150-foot hoist of the man from the cargo hold to the helicopter. The Jayhawk helicopter crew hoisted the man at 10:45 p.m, and safely transported him to Cold Bay where he was transferred to commercial medical services. He was further transported to Anchorage, Alaska, for further medical care. Weather at the scene of the medevac was clear skies, 11mph winds, and seven-foot seas.

 MT Kriti Amethyst  (Tanker)
vor 17 Std von BerndU

Beached at Chittagong 21.10.17

vor 18 Std von arnekiel

Keel-laying ceremony held for HANSEATIC INSPIRATION
On October 18 the keel-laying ceremony was held at the VARD shipyard in Romania for HANSEATIC INSPIRATION, the second of the two new expedition cruise ships built for Hapag-Lloyd Cruises. The hulls of both HANSEATIC INSPIRATION and sister HANSEATIC NATURE are being built in Tulcea, Romania, and will then be towed to VARD's Langsten Shipyard on the west coast of Norway for final outfitting and commissioning. Both HANSEATIC NATURE and HANSEATIC INSPIRATION are built to the highest ice class for passenger ships, although they are also designed for operation in tropical waters, including the Amazon. When operating in Antarctica, the passenger capacity for each vessel will be reduced from 230 guests to 199 guests. The maiden voyage for HANSEATIC INSPIRATION is set for October 2019 – HANSEATIC NATURE will follow in April 2019. https://www.shippax.com/e...

vor 18 Std von arnekiel

Green light for new cruise terminal in Copenhagen
To cope with the increasing demand from the cruise industry, the Board of Copenhagen Malmö Port, CMP, has given green light to build a new cruise terminal in Copenhagen.

vor 18 Std von arnekiel

Rønne Havn’s expansion about to start
A contract has been signed for the expansion of the commercial port of Rønne Havn on the Isle of Bornholm with the first spadework estimated to take place at the end of 2017. Following a tender process, the first phase of the expansion project has been awarded to the Danish contractor, Per Aarsleff A/S. This agreement fully complies with the "MasterPlan 2050". The port will expand in four phases spread over a 30-year period. In the first phase, a new 1,100m outer breakwater will be constructed, together with a multi-purpose terminal that has a 300m quay length, a new ro-ro facility and a new 150,000m² zone. The water depth will be increased to 11m, making calls of the world's largest cruise ships possible. Besides the land- and seaside expansion plans, new wastewater discharge facilities will also be built. Rønne Havn currently has an annual throughput of 1.5 million passengers and 380,000 cars. https://www.shippax.com/e...

vor 18 Std von arnekiel

Access to Port of Corpus Christi closed after oil barge blast leaves one dead, one missing
A crew member died and another was missing on Friday after an explosion and fire on an oil barge off of Texas, according to Reuters. Six of the eight-person crew were rescued without suffering serious injuries. The barge, carrying a load of 133,000 barrels of crude to a Corpus Christi refinery, The barge, carrying a load of 133,000 barrels of crude to a Corpus Christi refinery, was being towed by the tug boat Buster Bouchard when a rebroke out leading to the explosion at around 4.35am. It was about three miles offshore between Port Aransas and Rockport at the time. The fire burned itself out before being extinguished.

vor 18 Std von arnekiel

Large Ship Berth At The Seaport Of Emden - CML Supports Port Planning
Emden is one of the most important Northern European ports for vehicle transshipment. 1.3 million were transhipped here in 2016, and forecasts point to further growth. This is one of the reasons why the port operator is planning to build a large ship berth. The CML and the Sellhorn engineering company have carried out a nautical survey and an analysis of economic needs. For the needs analysis, the development of transhipment volumes was examined and a forecast of the expected demand for transport in Emden was made. The main result of this analysis is that new capacity needs to be created in order to meet the projected turnover growth. The new construction of the berth also ensures that ships, which are still growing in size in the long term, can continue to call at the port and be handled there. In addition, the new berth can temporarily serve as a transshipment alternative for companies in the inland port if the capacity of the inland port is fully utilised. In the nautical survey, ship handling simulations were carried out at the CML, accompanied by pilots from Emden. The simulation runs have shown that ships with expected future size profi les can already enter and leave the outer port of Emden today. Other important results of the nautical survey include recommendations on manoeuvring procedures, towing and mooring during the construction and operation phase of the new large ship berth. Overall, the CML investigations confi rm the high benefi t of the planned measure and the technical feasibility of a new berth between Emspier and Emskai. Source: Fraunhofer Center For Maritime Logistics And Services CML

vor 18 Std von arnekiel

Liepaja port to be developed for service of Panamax class vessels
Latvia’s southwestern Liepaja port will be developed into a port for service of Panamax class vessels, said Liepaja Special Economic Zone (SEZ) administrator Janis Lapins at the Latvian Ports, Transit and Logistics Council meeting today, cites LETA. He said that the port has prepared its development program for 2018-2022, assessing the port’s competitiveness, the possible development scenarios, strategic goals and tasks, as well as the projected results – cargo turnover, financial forecasts and planned capital investments. Lapins said that negotiations have been started with the Treasury on attraction of co-financing for the port’s development. According to SEZ administrator, it is planned to develop the port for service of Panamax class vessels. Such vessels can already now be served in Liepaja, but there are still some restrictions. Panamax class vessels are about 290 meters long, 32 meters wide and has 12-meter draft. The council on Wednesday approved the development plan for Liepaja port for 2018-2022. Source: BalticCourse

vor 18 Std von arnekiel

Kandla Port to have shore-to-ship power facility
Kandla Port will become the second major port in India to have shore-to-ship power facility after V.O. Chidambaranar Port, formerly Tuticorin Port. The facility would mean that not all the ships coming to the port will have to run their electricity from diesel generators. “In line with international conventions and the government’s initiative to reduce pollution from marine sources, the port has invited tenders for installing power supply arrangements to ships calling at the port when they are alongside berth. The project will have 1 megawatt capacity and cater to four ships at a time for their lighting loads,” said Ravi Parmar, chairman of Kandla Port. The facility is expected that emissions or usage of fossil fuel will reduce by 100 litre per hour for the vessels berthed at the port, which translates to approximately 12 kilolitre per ship for a port stay of five days. www.hellenicshipp...

vor 19 Std von arnekiel

Turkey’s Ceyhan port moors first oil tanker in two days
21/10/2017 - The Turkish port of Ceyhan, the gateway for Kurdish crude oil exports, received late Thursday an empty 830,000-barrel tanker from Spain, the first to moor at the facility in two days, Kallanish Energy learns from TankerTrackers.com. The tanker-tracking group said earlier yesterday “given the high number of tankers out in Ceyhan’s anchorage, it seems Iraqi/KRG exports are on pause. Meanwhile, Azerbaijan picks up the pace.” Another shipping source told Kallanish Energy a second Greek-flagged tanker arrived at Ceyhan from Russia and was moored. He added a crude oil tanker, Liberia-flagged, arrived at the port Wednesday and departed a day later for Italy. TankerTrackers.com said Monday Kurdish oil exports out of Ceyhan totaled 558,768 barrels per day (BPD) since the independence referendum was held on Sept. 25. Greece took 28% of the exports, followed by Croatia, 15.71%, Israel, 15.45% and Italy. 14.86% of the exports. The remainder of the shipments left for Poland, Spain and Cyprus. Source: KallanishEnergy

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