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 COS Bonny  (Frachtschiff)
vor 2 Std von BerndU

arrived Jiangyin Scrapyard
arrived Jiangyin Scrapyard 26.03.17

 MV Acon  (Frachtschiff)
vor 2 Std von BerndU

arrived Gadani anchorage
arrived Gadani anchorage 26.03.17

 Leader 1  (Sonstiges Schiff)
vor 2 Std von BerndU

beached at Alang 25.03.17 Plot 50

 Lpg Bridge  (Tanker)
vor 2 Std von BerndU

beached at Alang 25.03.17 Plot 77

 Nika Z  (Frachtschiff)
vor 2 Std von BerndU

scrapped at Aliaga 07.12.11 picture:www.instagram.com...

 MSC Divina  (Passagierschiff)
vor 17 Std von Timsen

Former Boston drummer died while performing on Legends of Rock cruise
John "Sib" Hashian, the former Boston-drummer, has died at 67 when he was playing a set on a Legends of Rock Cruise in the night of March 22, 2017. The cruise began on March 18 in Miami and was scheduled to make stops in the Bahamas and Puerto Rico. It was not clear how his death will impact the rest of the voyage.

 Seagell-k  (Frachtschiff)
vor 18 Std von BerndU

arrived Bhavnagar anchorage
arrived Bhavnagar anchorage 25.03.17

 Leader 1  (Sonstiges Schiff)
vor 18 Std von BerndU

arrived Alang anchorage
arrived Alang anchorage 25.03.17

 MV Captain Rajab  (Frachtschiff)
vor 18 Std von BerndU

Picture From Beaching:www.instagram.com...

 Nazmi Abi  (Frachtschiff)
vor 18 Std von BerndU

scrapped at Aliaga 29.03.11 Picture:www.instagram.com...

 Minka C  (Frachtschiff)
vor 19 Std von Timsen

Freighter disabled in storm off A Coruña
In the morning of March 24, 2017, the "Minka C", carrying a of more 4000 tons of cargo of coal and bound from Szczecin to Brens in Cee, was taken in tow by the tug "Ibaizabal Diez" which was called from Bilbao. It was taken to A Coruña after having suffering engine failure in the middle of a storm 50 miles north of A Coruña. The convoy reached the port at 10 p.m. Spanish report with photo: www.lavozdegalici...

 Golfo Azzurro  (Sportboot)
vor 19 Std von Timsen

Trawler with five dead migrants arrived in Catania
On March 25, 2017, the "Golfo Azzurro" arrived at the port of Catania carrying five bodies of migrants who died at sea. The bodies were recovered during the recent hours in the Mediterranean Sea where two days ago 240 migrants drowned 21 kilometers north of Sabatra.

 Sewol  (Passagierschiff)
vor 23 Std von Timsen

Sewol loaded onto White Marlin
The "Sewol" was set to fully emerge from the water on March 25 as it was loaded onto the "White Marlin". Salvage crews were stepping up work to drain water and oil from the ferry, which was expected to arrive at the port of Mokpo, about 90 kilometers away, as early as March 28 or 29. It would take three to five days to complete preparations before taking the ship to port and two to four days to finish the drainage work after the "Sewol" fully emerges from the water. The "Sewol" was hoisted by the two Panama-registered jackup barges "Zhao Shang Zhong Gong 1" and "Zhao Shang Zhong Gong 2". A total of five tug boats began to carry the ferry connected to two barges at 4:55 p.m. and arrived at the semisubmersible ship some 3 kilometers away at 8:30 p.m. on March 24. The "Sewol" had been lifted to its target level, 13 meters above the sea, at 11:10 a.m. after the salvage recommenced at 6.45 a.m. when the divers had cut off the starboard side stern ramp. Unloading the ferry onto the semisubmersible shipwas completed at 4:10 a.m. The semisubmersible ship was two meters above the water at 10 a.m. Around 2:30 p.m. salvage crews had removed the 66 cables that were used to raise the ship. Four hours later, the barges were completely separated from the "Sewol". After the dok ship has rised nine meters, the remaining hull of the "Sewol" will come into full view. When it rises 16 meters, it will be ready to transfer the "Sewol" to Mokpo Port, the ministry said. It takes a day for the vessel to reach the port and another few days to move it onto a dry dock at the port. The salvage costs were US$72 million. Reports with photos and video: www.koreaherald.c... english.yonhapnew... english.yonhapnew... www.idahostatesma... news.sky.com/stor... https://www.rte.ie/news/w...

 Kapitan Gromtsev  (Fischfangboot)
vor 23 Std von Timsen

Trawler disabled at Malangsgrunnen
In the evening of March 24, 2017, the Norwegian Coastguard was alerted after the "Kapitan Gromtsev" had suffered engine trouble at Malangsgrunnen. The patrol boat "Harstad" was deployed to the casualty and towed it to Malangen. On March 25 at 3.50 a.m. it was safely berthed at Tromso-Breivika. Photos: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/C7wCG55XUAA7bHK.jpg https://pbs.twimg.com/media/C7wCIM9W4AASjNd.jpg

 Star Eleonora  (Frachtschiff)
vor 1 Tag von Timsen

On the beach...
..at Gadani: https://www.facebook.com/...

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