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 Vega Auriga  (Frachtschiff)
vor 2 Std von Timsen

Future of banned container ship uncertain
The "Vega Auriga" was expected to sail from Tauranga in the afternoon of Sep 2, however it will leave empty of cargo. It was also unclear where the ship was headed and it has no work prospects in the South Pacific. The Mediterranean Shipping Company which is no longer able to use the ship on its Australia, Noumea, New Zealand route because it has been banned from Australian ports for three months. When the ship arrived in Tauranga on Aug 31, an inspection found the ship had 14 faults, 11 of which have to be fixed before the ship could put to sea again. Its cargo of containers was discharged at Sulphur Point. An earlier New Zealand Port State Control inspection found nine deficiencies. They were similar in nature to those found in the recent inspection but they were not the same deficiencies,. The "Vega Auriga" had departed from Brisbane on Aug 25 with three of a total 21 identified deficiencies remaining outstanding. The remaining three deficiencies, due to their less serious nature, were given three months to be rectified. When the vessel departed Brisbane, the Australian Maritime Safety Authority did not consider it on that day to be unseaworthy or substandard. The decision to ban the "Vega Auriga" from visiting any Australian port within the next three months was based on its repeated record of detention and multiple deficiencies since July 25, 2013. AMSA noted that while corrective action was taken at the time to rectify a number of serious deficiencies, they resurfaced multiple times and it was apparent that the companies approach to proper preventative action was ineffective. The German owned and operated vessel has a Filipino crew. There are eight officers and nine crew on board which was well in excess of the minimum safe manning requirements. The nationality of the officers was not known, but language issues on board were among those flagged by New Zealand inspectors in the list of deficiencies. Other safety deficiencies included crew records relating to hours of rest not being recorded properly, and the crew not given copies. Rest periods for watchkeeping did not conform to the International Maritime Organisation's Standards of Training Certification and Watchkeeping, minimum requirements. The Global Maritime Distress Safety System log book was not signed off by the master as per instructions. There was a fault in the forward mast navigation light that had to be repaired before the ship departed. The Electronic Chart Display & Information System appeared to be being used for navigation, which is against International Maritime Organization regulations. There was no single working language on board, which is against regulations. The emergency generator air inlet shroud parted from frame, the purifier room self-closing door not closing fully. The garbage placard at garbage station out of date, and there were no local control procedures for controllable pitch propellor operation. The starboard life raft cradle was corroded and also had to be repaired before the "Vega Auriga" departs. The oily rag bin in the engine room had no lid, which is a fire hazard. Communication between the wheelhouse and the enclosed wing bridge was inoperable and there was no procedure in place to compensate.

 Bonita  (Tanker)
vor 2 Std von Timsen

Tanker saved 537 boat people
The "Bonita", was involved in two rescue operations off Libya, saving a total of 537 people, including 60 children. At the beginning of August, the vessel received a call from the Italian Coastguard and informed of a vessel in distress. The Gtanker proceeded to the location and picked up a total of 357 refugees, including 270 from Bangladesh. The remainder were from Syria, Nigeria, India, Sudan, Palestine, Guinea, Ghana and Morocco. There were six women and one 11-year-old child in the group, who were taken to the Sicilian port of Pozzallo for disembarkation. Ten days later, the Rome Rescue Center notified the "Bonita" of another boat in distress some 240 km off Libya. This time, 180 were rescued, including 59 small children. Ninety-four were Palestinian, 85 Syrians and one an Iraqi. The tanker sailed for Sicily and disembarked the immigrants at Porto Empedocle before resuming its voyage to Rotterdam for discharge where it docked on Aug 22, 2014.

 Proteas  (Tanker)
vor 2 Std von Timsen

221 immigrants saved off Benghazi
On Aug 27, 2014, the master of the Tsakos Columbia Shipmanagement operated "Proteas", while en route from Sidi Kerir to Augusta in laden condition, was informed by the Rome Rescue Center a boat carrying illegal immigrants was in distress about 60 miles off the Libyan port of Marsa Susa north east of Benghazi. The ship deviated and arrived at the scene in the mid-afternoon, and the tanker’s 23 crew lifted to safety 221 men, women and children, all in apparent good health. The rescued persons were provided with food and other necessities with medical assistance being made available. The vessel resumed her original route to Augusta arriving there early on Aug 29 where the immigrants were disembarked.

 Walla Walla  (Passagierschiff)
vor 2 Std von Timsen

Leak created small oil spill
The Kingston-Edmonds ferry route has returned to normal two-boat service after a fuel leak on the "Walla Walla" caused service delays on Sep 1, 2014. 15 gallons of diesel fuel spilled from the ferry before service began. The spill created a sheen on the water. Both the "Walla Walla" and the "Spokane" were surrounded by oil booms at the Kingston terminalas crews investigated and cleaned the area.

 Kaitaki  (Passagierschiff)
vor 2 Std von Timsen

Generator failure caused cancellation of sailings
The "Kaitaki" was due back on duty on Sep 3 evening after a failed generator part forced it out of the water for a day. A failure of the flexible rubber coupling on a shaft generator meant two of the four generators on the largest Interislander ferry were unavailable. With another generator undergoing planned maintenance, it meant there was no back-up in case the remaining generator failed and it was unsafe to go to sea on Sep 2, and also a scheduled return from Wellington on Sep 3 has been called off. The ferry will next sail at 8 p.m. Freight and passengers were being transferred to the "Aratere" where possible and it was crewed for passengers on the 10.45 a.m. sailing from Picton which is normally a freight-only sailing.

 Vega Auriga  (Frachtschiff)
vor 3 Std von arnekiel

Ship has 'serious deficiencies'
Watch staff having inadequate rest periods, a faulty navigation light and no common language among personnel were included in the list of problems found on board the Vega Auriga. An inspection report supplied by Maritime New Zealand to the Bay of Plenty Times revealed a list of 14 problems on the container ship, which arrived in Tauranga on Sunday. Deficiencies included rest periods for watchkeeping staff not conforming to minimum requirements, a lack of a common working language on board, corrosion on a life raft cradle and an oily rag bin in the engine room with no lids. There were no local control procedures for the ship's Controllable Pitch Propeller, or CPP, which needs to be adjusted from the ship's engine room and bridge. There was also a fault with a navigation light and evidence showing an Electronic Chart Display and Information System unit, known as an ECDIS unit, was being used for navigation purposes, which it should not be used for. Eleven of the deficiencies must be fixed before the ship's planned departure at midday today. Steve Rendle, senior communications and media advisor for Maritime New Zealand, said the deficiencies indicated poor management and a lack of resources. The number of deficiencies could be considered "pretty serious", he added. Mr Rendle said the vessel would be inspected again in the morning to ensure the deficiencies were rectified. Mediterranean Shipping Company New Zealand operations manager Mike Hodgins said the company had hired the Vega Auriga to go through Australia, Noumea and New Zealand. However, the recent developments meant the contract ended when the cargo was unloaded in Tauranga on Sunday. "We've off-hired it because it couldn't do what it was supposed to do," he said. "Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) has said it's not allowed back in Australia for three months at the moment which was what it was supposed to do." Mr Hodgins said the decision to end the contract was nothing to do with the deficiencies found in Australia or New Zealand. "It was given an all clear when it left Sydney, when it left Australia. It had been declared it was okay." Judea's Mary Sanson volunteered to help clean the beaches after the Rena grounding. She said she was glad the ship was being closely monitored while in Tauranga and hoped all the problems were fixed before it sailed again. "It's better to have it where we can see what it's doing and keep an eye on it - and make sure it doesn't leak anything." The Vega Auriga was banned from Australian ports for three months on Wednesday. It had been detained three times in Australian ports since July last year and was declared "unseaworthy and substandard". - BAY OF PLENTY TIMES

vor 3 Std von arnekiel

Three dead one missing in Batam Shipyard explosion
Three workers of Batam-based PT Bandar Abadi shipyard, Indonesia died and eighteen were injured in a blast that occurred on Friday, August 29 onboard a ship that was undergoing repairs at the yard, the Jakarta Post writes. One person is still missing, based on the latest reports. According to the local police chief Comr. Zainal Arifin, the explosion took place during welding of a pipe in a basement cabin. The heat from the welding is believed to have caused the explosion of a liquefied petroleum gas [LPG] canister. Investigation into the cause of the accident is underway.

vor 3 Std von arnekiel

Hapag-Lloyd hits Africa shippers with Ebola inspection fee
Hapag-Lloyd will begin charging an Ebola inspection fee on all shipments to and from West Africa from Sept. 21 as mandatory health checks on ships are expected to cause lengthy delays. Cargo shipments to Senegal, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Togo, Benin and Nigeria will be charged $250 per 20-foot container and $350 per 40-foot container. Source: Journal of Commerce

vor 3 Std von arnekiel

Maersk slaps Sohar with port congestion surcharge
Maersk Line has levied a congestion surcharge on all North American cargo discharged at the port of Sohar in Oman from Oct. 1 as the relocation of all commercial traffic from Muscat to Sohar leads to berthing delays.

vor 3 Std von arnekiel

Cargo piles up at Hai Phong Port
The volume of cargo piling up at Hai Phong Port has soared in recent months, following the Ministry of Transport’s efforts to regulate truck-loading procedures, as of April 1. Statistics released by the Hai Phong Customs Department showed that some 8,000 containers were stuck at the northern port at the end of July compared with only 4,600 units at the end of last year. The heavy traffic of inbound and outbound container cargo put pressure on the port, while enterprises also suffered losses, a representative from Hai Phong Port said. The loading and unloading of cargo at ports has slowed dramatically since control over loading procedures was tightened from April 1. Under the new regulation, containers must be divided into smaller parts for transport to avoid overloading. There is also a shortage of vehicles that are capable of transporting a whole cargo container. The Hai Phong People’s Committee on July 30 established a group charged with tackling the stockpile of cargo containers at the port. The large stockpile had also raised concern amongst other ports in the country. According to Le Tuan Anh, Deputy Director of Sai Gon New Port, as quoted by Tin Tuc newspaper, weighing stations should be placed at reasonable intervals to prevent traffic congestion during the inspection of vehicular weights. On the issue of out-of-gauge cargo, which currently requires a special shipping licence, an expert noted that these products should not be considered in terms of overloading. He added that transparency should be ensured in the granting of licences for shipping out-of-gauge cargo to ease the burden on enterprises. Source: VNA

 United Kalavrvta  (Tanker)
vor 3 Std von arnekiel

Kurdish Oil Tanker Reappears Off Texas Still Full of Oil
Sept 1 (Reuters) – A tanker carrying disputed Iraqi Kurdish crude oil reappeared on satellite tracking on Monday near Texas, days after having gone silent with a $100 million cargo, but the latest vessel data showed it had not offloaded at sea. According to AIS ship tracking data used by the U.S. Coast Guard and Reuters, the United Kalavrvta, which has been in limbo for weeks, was still 95 percent full. Its would-be U.S. buyer has balked at taking delivery of the cargo, and Baghdad has filed a lawsuit in a U.S. court saying exports by the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) are illegal. The KRG argues they are allowed under the Iraqi constitution. The vessel was anchored on Monday in the Galveston Offshore Lightering Area, essentially unmoved from its previously known position. Vessels such as the United Kalavrvta, which are too big to enter ports near Houston, use the lightering area to transfer their cargoes to smaller ships before delivery. Baghdad has made clear it could file more legal challenges to regain control of the cargo if it comes ashore.

 Roald Amundsen  (Segelschiff)
vor 4 Std von Timsen

Medevac off Schleimünde
The lifeboat "Nis Rander" of the DGzRS station Maasholm medevaced an injured woman the "Roald Amundsen" on Sep 1, 2014, five miles east of Schleimünde. The 60 year old woman had fractured a shoulder in an accident on board and needed immediate medical treatment. She received first aid on board and was prepared for transport. Due to the good preparedness of the crew she could be delivbered onto the lifeboat within short time. The patient was then taken to the port of Maasholm for further transport into a hospital.

 Marine Stars  (Frachtschiff)
vor 4 Std von Timsen

Bulker refloated ten days after second grounding
After ten days the bulk carrier "Marine Stars" was refloated by salvor Vernicos, off Oinousses, a small Greek island. Aided by two support vessels – the "Alexander 3" and "Ifestos 2" pulled off the almost fully loaded vessel. There was no environmental pollution during the operation, which was very difficult given that it was close to a tourist beach and fish farms. The forepeak had been sinking to 30 metres. The "Flinerrachel" unloaded some of the refloated bulker’s grain. The total cost of the project was not disclosed. The estimated value of the cargo was around 30 million Dollar. Greek report with video: politischios.gr/k...

 Evelyn Maersk  (Frachtschiff)
vor 16 Std von Timsen

Maersk ship saved 352 boat people from sinking vessel
In the evening of Aug 30, 2014, the crew of the "Evelyn Maersk" saved 352 boat people from a fishing vessel that had engine trouble and took water in, in the Mediterranean. One of the Mediterranean's RCC centers requested the Container ship to head towards a fishing boat which took in water. After a few hours of sailing the distressed vessel was located, and it turned out to have 352 boat people on board, among them 43 children. On Aug 31 at 3 a.m. all refugees, coming from Syria and the region of the Horn of Africa, were aboard the Maersk ship which was en route from Suez to Algeciras. On Sep 1 the refugees were disembarked in Trapani on Sicily's west coast. On Sep 2, after the landing of the refugees, the ship resumed the interrupted schedule.

 MT Liquid Silver  (Tanker)
vor 20 Std von Timsen

Tanker arrested in Singapore
The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) arrested three vessels controlled by Elmira Tankers Management (Elmira) of Greece. The "Liquid Success" was arrested after it docked in Durban on Aug 15, 2014, after RBS placed an $8 million claim against it in July. RBS also arrested the 11,750 dwt Liberia LIQUID "Liquid Fortune", owned by Elmira-controlled Marigold MAI Enterprises, in Singapore on Aug 26. The bank placed a $14.5 million claim on the ship, citing the company's default on mortgage payments. Earlierin August, RBS had the "Liquid Silver", arrested in Singapore where it docked on Aug 5 on a $12.26 million claim for defaulted mortgage payments.

 Liquid Fortune  (Tanker)
vor 21 Std von Timsen

Tanker arrested in Singapore
The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) has recently had three vessels controlled by Elmira Tankers Management (Elmira) of Greece arrested. The "Liquid Success" was arrested after it docked in Durban on Aug 15, 2014, after RBS placed an $8 million claim against it in July. The "Liquid Fortune", owned by Elmira-controlled Marigold MAI Enterprises, was arrested in Singapore on Aug 26. The bank placed a $14.5 million claim on the ship, citing the company's default on mortgage payments. Also RBS had the "Liquid Silver", arrested in Singapore on a $12.26 million claim for defaulted mortgage payments.

 Liquid Success  (Tanker)
vor 21 Std von Timsen

Tanker arrested in Durban
The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) has recently arrested the "Liuquid Silver", which is controlled by Elmira Tankers Management (Elmira) of Greece. The vessel was arrested after it docked in Durban on Aug 15, 2014, after RBS placed an $8 million claim against it in July. Bunker suppliers including World Fuel Services (WFS), Brilliant Maritime Services, KPI Bridge Oil, and Bunker Monaco, had also filed claims against the vessel totalling around $850,000. In addition, the vessel faced $70 million in associated claims, based on debts owed by other ships with the same owner. The ship was now on course to be auctioned on September 9.

 Kitzeberg  (Schlepper)
vor 1 Tag von Timsen

Tug towed from yard to yard
The "Kitzeberg" which was under repair at the Kröger-Yard Rendsburg was towed to the Lindenau Yard in Kiel on Aug 31, 2014, by the tug "Holtenau".

 Amin Darya  (Frachtschiff)
vor 1 Tag von Timsen

Kenyan President supervised scuttling of cargo ship including 371 kg heroine
Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta on Aug 29, 2014, proudly gave an order to Kenyan Defence Forces to destroy the "Amin Darya" and 370,8 kg heroine at the center of a record heroin bust in July. The "Amin Darya" was seized July 15 at the port of Mombasa after authorities were tipped off that the vessel may have been carrying drugs. Authorities eventually found a reported 341 kg of heroin stashed in the diesel tank of the vessel. The seizure was hailed as the biggest single seizure of drugs ever at the port. A total of nine suspects were arrested as result of the bust, including six Pakistanis, two Indians and an Iranian. One man died onboard the vessel shortly after its arrival in Mombasa. President Kenyatta was on-hand to view the destruction of the ship from the air. The drugs were also destroyed with the ship. Kenyatta hoped that the public destruction of the ship will send a message to those looking to smuggle drugs into Kenya. The vessel was towed into the open sea by tugs under heavy guard with helicopters hovering above and escorted by three naval vessels "Umoja", "Nyayo" and the new "Jasiri" for the destruction and sank at 4.20 p.m. on a water depth of 500 meters afte r400 explosives blew up. Reports with photos: gcaptain.com/keny... https://twitter.com/UKenyatta/status/505417507440951296/photo/1 https://twitter.com/StateHouseKenya/status/505338849493786624/photo/1 https://www.standardmedia... www.bordermediagr...

 Tokitae Wsf  (Passagierschiff)
vor 1 Tag von Timsen

Delays due to necessary repairs
The "Tokitae" was taken out of service Sunday in the morning of Aug 31, 2014, so crews could make necessary repairs to the vessel. As of 11:30 a.m., there was a 2-hour wait for vehicles at the Mukilteo terminal. The Tokitae was back in service starting with the noon sailing, but delays would likely continue due to heavy traffic and earlier single boat service.

 Norrland  (Frachtschiff)
vor 1 Tag von Timsen

Grounding off Ullensvang
In the morning of Sep 1, 2014, the "Norrland" ran aground at the shore of Kinsavik in Ullensvang. The incident, which happened at high tide, was reported to the police at 6:20 a.m. by a witness. The ship was enroute from Haugesund in the Stora Sound to Boliden Odda. At 7.1.0 a patrol boar of the police was on scene, and officers went on board and interrogated the 12 crew members aboard the freighter. No injuries, no spill reported. The MRCC was notified and contacted the crew. It was yet unclear whether the accident was caused by technical or human error. The ship would have to be pulled off with a tug after a survey of the hull by divers. Norwegian report with photos: www.nrk.no/hordal...

 Carnival Fantasy  (Passagierschiff)
vor 1 Tag von arnekiel

Coast Guard rescues sick cruise ship passenger
A Coast Guard helicopter crew from Air Station Clearwater, Fla., medically evacuated a 67-year-old woman from the cruise ship Carnival Fantasy 80 miles east of Ponce De Leon Inlet, Fla., Friday (Aug. 29) evening.

 Carnival Pride  (Passagierschiff)
vor 1 Tag von arnekiel

Carnival Upgrades Carnival Pride, Plans More Trips from Baltimore
More choices to cruise. That’s what Carnival says customers will have now that the cruise line is adding more trips to its lineup—but only after a multi-million dollar upgrade to the ship that services Baltimore. And while the Pride is docked during the fall and winter months, it will undergo technology upgrades and a $500 million makeover. The cruise line says it’s adding more itineraries—that include several new destinations—to the Port of Baltimore next year, a sure sign that the industry continues to grow in Maryland.

 Norrland  (Frachtschiff)
vor 1 Tag von AndyCap72

"Norrland" underway to Odda grounded outside Kinsarvik early today. The vessel are trading for Norwegian SEACARGO between Norway and UK. Only minor damage to vessel and no pollution so far.

 Vega Auriga  (Frachtschiff)
vor 1 Tag von arnekiel

Controversial ship not allowed to leave Tauranga port
A ship banned from Australian ports is not allowed to leave the Port of Tauranga until 11 problems have been fixed. Maritime New Zealand boarded the Vega Auriga after it berthed at the Port of Tauranga at 11.30am yesterday. It was originally expected to arrive on Saturday but was delayed. Maritime New Zealand spokeswoman Sarah Brazil said the inspection took five hours. "We're not detaining the ship but we found 14 deficiencies and 11 of those must be rectified before it can leave port or New Zealand." The problems related to maintenance, seaworthiness and crew rest periods, she said. Before the full inspection was carried out a deck walkover determined it was safe for stevedores to unload the cargo. Ms Brazil said the ship would have to be checked and signed off before it was allowed to leave. The repairs were expected to take about 24 hours. The Vega Auriga was banned from Australian ports for three months on Wednesday. It had been detained three times in Australian ports since July last year and was declared "unseaworthy and substandard" by Australian Maritime Safety Authority manager Allan Schwartz. The ban was due to repeated breaches of seafarer welfare and ship maintenance, citing wage payment issues, inadequate living and working conditions and inadequate maintenance, he said. Ms Brazil said the Australian ban came under the rules of the Maritime Labour Convention 2006, which New Zealand was not yet a part of. Consultation on the convention had been carried out but it had to go before a select committee, be legislated and ratified before it came into effect in New Zealand, she said. Independent MP Brendan Horan called the Vega Auriga a "ticking time bomb that must be banned from New Zealand" and posed as great a risk as the Rena did when it sailed from Napier to the Astrolabe Reef. "The New Zealand Government should follow the lead of the Australian Maritime Safety Authority, which prohibited the Vega Auriga from using or entering any Australian ports."

 V.l.14  (Tanker)
vor 1 Tag von Timsen

Tanker hijacked, cargo stolen
Pirates hijacked athe "V.L. 14" on Aug 28, 2014, off the small island of Pulau Tioman before making off with the ship’s cargo. A group of six armed pirates approached the tanker in a speedboat at approximately 10 p.m. LT. The vessel was underway about 30 nautical miles north of Pulau Tioman. The pirates were able to board the vessel from the stern and take control of the ship while gathering the crew in the engine room. The tanker was reportedly carring 1,2096 tonns of lube oil at the time and was sailing from Singapore to Bangkok. Thepirates sailed the ship about 10 nautical miles away, where two tankers were awaiting to transfer the ship’s cargo. The pirates also stole the crew’s personal belongings and damaged the navigational and communications equipment before leaving the vessel approximately six hours after the initial hijacking. After the pirates left, the crew sailed the ship towards Pulau Tioman to report the incident. The crew was not injured during the incident.

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Skangass granted permission for LNG Terminal
The Swedish Government has granted Skangass permission to build and operate a new Terminal for LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) within the harbour in Gävle, Sweden.

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Kalmar to supply four all-electric RTGs to Super Terminais in Manaus, Brazil
Kalmar, part of Cargotec, will deliver four E-One2 Zero Emission rubber-tyred gantry cranes (RTGs) to Super Terminais in Manaus, Brazil. The 8 million USD order was signed in August 2014 with a delivery and start-up date in July 2015,

 Pvoil Alliance  (Tanker)
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Man lost over board
The "Pvoil Alliance" reported a man overboard in the vicinity of 17-22 N 107-28 E on Aug 28, 2014. Vessels were requested by the MRCC Vietnam to keep a sharp lookout. 281400Z AUG. VESSELS IN VICINITY

 San Christobal  (Frachtschiff)
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Hamburg Süd christenes container ship “San Christobal” in South Korea
Hamburg Süd celebrated the christening of its container ship “San Christobal” with customers and business partners at the Hyundai Heavy Industries shipyard in Ulsan, South Korea. The vessel is the second newbuild in the series of three new “San”-class ships, the company said in its press release. Each container vessel in the “San”-class has a nominal slot capacity of 9,034 TEU, and the “San Christobal” and her sister ships each have 1,370 reefer slots. Hamburg Süd is one of the world’s leading companies for reefer transport. As from September, the “San Christobal” will operate this service between Asia and the East coast of South America. Part of the cargo she carries will be reefer goods, including frozen meat, fruit and vegetables. The Sponsor of the “San Christobal” is Natalie Jacobs, wife of Dr Andreas Jacobs, who is a member of the Advisory Board of Dr August Oetker KG.

 Arahura  (Passagierschiff)
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NZ Interislander Ferry to Dry-dock in Devonport
NewZealand's KiwiRail says that the Interislander ferry Arahura has left Wellington for her scheduled bi-annual dry-docking in Devonport, having last visited Auckland in July 2012. Docking is being undertaken at the Devonport Dockyard under the management of Babcock’s New Zealand. The principal work relates to the vessel’s regulatory compliance regime, which requires machinery and propulsion equipment to be inspected and if necessary, repaired. Work to be carried out while the vessel is in dry dock includes tail shaft removal, an overhaul of the propeller hub, and crack testing of all propeller blades and securing bolts. Arahura’s rail deck will undergo routine track maintenance which will be completed by the KiwiRail track maintenance team. The ship’s bow thrusters will be overhauled with the support of Rolls Royce, who are providing trained technicians for this work. Arahura will then undergo a sea trial in the Hauraki Gulf.

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Hamburg 5/6 berth ready for18,000-TEUers with Shanghai mega cranes
THE Port of Hamburg has opened berth 5/6 at Container Terminal Burchardkai (CTB) with the gantry cranes that can handle 18,000-TEU ships, Hamburger Hafen und Logistik (HHL) has announced. "We are able to handle the world's largest containerships quickly and efficiently. The increase in handling capacity helps us to manage the peak loads from the ever-growing number of increasingly larger ships," said HHL terminal chief Stefan Behn. Berth 5/6 is now equipped with five Shanghai ZPMC gantry cranes with their 74-metre jibs can span 24 rows, well able to traverse the 23 container rows on a 18,000-TEUer. One hub makes it possible to move two FEUs or four TEUs. Each gantry crane weighs 2,400 tonnes and can handle of 110 tonnes. Berth 5/6 is 595 metres long with more than 1,400 metres of quay and 15 container gantry cranes available at CTB's port of Waltershof to handle mega-ships, HHL said. Modern, semi-automatic block storage facilities increase capacity two and a half times that of a traditional straddle carrier yard, said HHL. Every one of the 380-metre long storage blocks has a capacity of up to 2,200 TEU. Eight storage blocks were already in operation since the end of 2012.

 Hoegh Jacksonville  (Frachtschiff)
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Jacksonville welcomes Hoegh Jacksonville to biggest car exporting port in US
Hoegh Autoliners has docked its newest car carrier, the 57,280-gross ton Hoegh Jacksonville, on its maiden call to its namesake city, now the No 1 US port for vehicle exports with an annual throughput of 630,000 units. The ship, named after the company's busiest port, is the first of two sister ships able to carry 6,500 vehicles, reported the American Journal of Transportation of Plymouth, Massachusetts. Hoegh Autoliners, a leading global provider of vehicle transport, operates out of Jaxport's Blount Island Marine Terminal. Jacksonville also now serves as the company's US headquarters, which relocated from New York last year. The company operates 60 ocean carriers and has a worldwide network of 20 offices in four regions. Said Jaxport chairman John Falconetti: "Hoegh has become an important part of our community and a vital component of our port business."

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Port Metro cargo continues rebound in wake of truckers strike
Buoyed by a rising tide of trans-Pacific cargo and shipper concerns over potential longshore labour disruptions at West Coast ports in the United States, container traffic and other cargo shipped through Port Metro Vancouver continues to rebound from the 28-day truckers’ strike earlier this year. But a couple of red flags were also raised in PMV’s mid-year numbers released today. According to those numbers, the port’s overall tonnage grew 3.6% to more than 69 million tonnes in 2014’s first six months compared with the same period last year. Container traffic volumes were up 4.6%. Foreign (54.6 million tonnes) and domestic (14.5 million tonnes) cargo were up 3.5% and 3.8%, respectively, compared with 2013’s first six months. Peter Xotta, PMV’s vice-president of operations and planning, said the biggest growth in resource shipments such as coal and forest products was to China, South Korea and Japan.

 Asterix  (Frachtschiff)
vor 1 Tag von arnekiel

Subic-bound vessel helps decongest Manila ports
Port officials have stepped up the decongestion of Manila’s crammed ports by moving hundreds of overstaying freight containers to Subic ahead of the arrival of new shipments for the Christmas season. A chartered vessel, MV Asterix, left the Manila International Container Terminal (MICT) Thursday morning en route to Subic carrying 1,154 twenty-foot equivalent units (TEUs), the Philippine Ports Authority (PPA) said. The vessel is expected to be back in Manila over the weekend to carry the remainder of the estimated 3,000 TEUs initially marked for transfer by the PPA, Bureau of Customs and port operators International Container Terminal Services Inc. and Asian Terminals Inc. The number may still increase in the next few days. Businessmen affected by the congestion have blamed it on the expanded daytime truck ban implemented by the Manila city government since February. The ban slowed down deliveries and the movement of cargo out of the port.

 Global Destiny  (Schlepper)
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Global Destiny on the beach
The "Global Destiniy" was towed with a speed of 2,5-3.0 knots towards Gadani., being towed by the tug "Endeavour" to berth no 21 West Wharf. The transport departed at 08:30 a.m. bound for Gadani Beach, and the transport was due to arrive yon Aug 31 at 03:00 a.m. Formelerly one of the strongest ocean going tugs in the world, the vessel was due to be beached around 11 p.m. at her last resting place to be scrapped.

 Riverwijs Edwina  (Schlepper)
vor 2 Tagen von shiphoto

Riverwijs Edwina
Renamed SVITZER EDWINA at Sydney . Sailed Sydney 0900 31 August 2014 detination Edne ,NSW.

 Rescue G. Wilhelmsen  (SAR-Schiff)
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Lifeboat assisted burning fishing vessel
On Aug 28, 2014, the Norwegian f/v "Nordsandgutt - N 0102MS" (CS: LM2389) suffered an engine room fire off Soervaer. The NSSR-lifeboat "Gjert Wilhelmsen" was called from Hammerfest and assistered the vessel. Photo: https://twitter.com/NSSR/status/504965150513049600/photo/1

 Boesch  (Schlepper)
vor 2 Tagen von Timsen

Sunken barge lost off Darßer Ort raised
The barge which sank under tow of the "Bösch" on Aug 13 off Darßer Ort was raised on Aug 27 by the Danish sheerleg "Samson" assisted by the tug "Obelix". Divers had secured the cargo in a way that the barge could be turned upright in submerged state and lifted in one piece. The wreck was taken to Rostock where it was lifted ashore on Aug 28 for surveys.

 Karin Lehmann  (Frachtschiff)
vor 2 Tagen von Timsen

Drunken master imprisoned
The 49 year old former Russian captain of the "Karin Lehmann" was sentenced to 35 days imprisonment at the Stavanger City Court for being drunk at the helm. Three hours after he was found intoxicated, he still had 2.48 per thousand blood alcohol. In addition the man was forbidden to guide ships in Norwegian waters for two years. In court the man had admitted having drunk 3.5 deciliter of vodka the night before he went on duty, but he denied that he was drunk when he steered the ship. The Court believed, however, he must have been drinking a lot more. The man was in custody until, on Aug 22, the case was to be dealt with at the Stavanger District Court. Four witnesses, among them representatives of the Coast Guard who approached the ship because it kept the wrong course, a pilot who was sent to the ship and guided it to port, where the captain was arrested, and one of the police officers, were heard. Police have carried out a judicial examination of the chief officer, and the results of the hearing will be announced during the main proceedings. The captain's lawyer, Kim André Svenheim, said that his client denied being guilty.

 Flying Dutchman  (Sportboot)
vor 2 Tagen von Timsen

Tall ship aground off Oban
The Oban Lifeboat was tasked on Aug 30, 2014, at 2:37 p.m. by Stornoway Coastguard to assist athe "Flying Durchman" which had gone aground on a reef known as "The Scrat" in Oban Bay. ​The vessel had fortunately gone aground only an hour after low water. This meant that the safest option for both the vessel and the people onboard was simply to wait for the rising tide to float the vessel off. However, when any vessel runs aground there is always the possibility of damage being sustained so to ensure the safety of all passengers they were disembarked by two local RIBs. The Oban Lifeboat "Mora Edith MacDonald" remained by the vessel until she was safely free of the reef a few hours later. One of the volunteer crew was placed aboard the vessel throughout this time to provide any necessary assistance to the crew. Once the vessel was afloat a towline was passed and she was taken to the North Pier in Oban. The lifeboat then returned to station shortly after 6 p.m. Report with photo: rnli.org/NewsCent...

 MSC Opera  (Passagierschiff)
vor 2 Tagen von Timsen

Medevac in Little Russell
The Guernsey lifeboat has been called out to pick up a severely ill passenger from the "MSC Opera" on Aug 30, 2014. Once the vessel was anchored in the Little Russell, the lifeboat made its way out to her and fetched the passenger. Two St John’s Ambulance paramedics joined the lifeboat crew. The passenger has been transferred to hospital.

 Carnival Magic  (Passagierschiff)
vor 2 Tagen von Timsen

Anchor damaged coral reef
A patch of coral at the Cayman Islands has been damaged by a large anchor of the "Carnival Magic" on Aug 27, 2014, as the ship anchored in an unauthorized zone outside a dive shop in George Town. Staff from the Don Foster’s shop saw the "Carnival Magic" drop anchor 200 meters out of the authorized zone due to strong winds. Divers from went underwater to see where the Carnival Magic had anchored and took several photos of the damaged coral. They also notified the authorities of the anchor drop before making the dive. The "Carnival Magic" was moved back into the anchor drop zone by noon. Report with photo: www.cruisehive.co...

 Vega Auriga  (Frachtschiff)
vor 2 Tagen von Timsen

Vega Auriga heading to Tauranga after being prohibited to berth in Australian ports
The "Vega Auriga" was due to arrive at the Port of Tauranga on Aug 31 at 7.30 a.m. The Australian Maritime Safety Authority prohibited the "Vega Auriga" from using or entering any Australian ports due to repeated breaches relating to seafarer welfare and maintenance of the ship. The authority has detained the "Vega Auriga" three times since July 2013, with repeated concerns about crew welfare including improper payment of wages, inadequate living and working conditions and inadequate maintenance resulting in an unseaworthy and substandard vessel. The ship has been banned for three months and can re-enter only after the authority is satisfied it has met its standards. The New Zealand safety inspection is to be carried out when the ship has arrived at Tauranga and will focus on ship safety and environmental risks. New Zealand hasn't yet ratified the Maritime and Labour convention that expands ship safety to include crew concerns. Report: www.sunlive.co.nz...

 Amadeo I  (Passagierschiff)
vor 2 Tagen von Timsen

Smit/Ultratug assignet to drain oil from wreck
Smit/Ultratug were assigned to carry out salvage work at the "Amadeo 1" on Aug 26 after a Meeting of the Maritime Authority and the Navimag with the insurance Company. A plane should carry equipment from the base in the Netherlands to start the oil removal in the coming days. It was estimated that the work would last about four weeks. There have been several visual inspections by a ROV to minimize risk in any way, especially to human life and environment. Some oil remnants from bilge and vehicles were being contained by oil barriers, but as the current was quite strong in the Region, it was not effective at 100%, so there were some traces of light hydrocarbon at the the surface in the bay. 35 People were working aboard two boats to contain the oil. The Chilean Navy supported the work with three boats. Meanwhile 55 of the on the whole 206 cattles aboard were actually kept in the Ultima Esperanza Province to recover from the stress. They were Held in Estancia el Rincón, Florita and Los Baqueanos. They are now in posession of the insurance Naviera Magallanes.

 United Kalavrvta  (Tanker)
vor 2 Tagen von Timsen

Tanker turned off signal
The "United Kalavrvta", carrying one million barrels, has disappeared in the Gulf of Mexico on Aug 28, 2014. The ship was anchored near Texas in preparation to unload its cargo to U.S. when the signal ceased. U.S. Coast Guard believed that the ship has turned off its AIS beacon. The vessel approaching Galveston, Texas, on July 25. The tanker was attempting to unload its cargo at sea, off the coast of Texas, after leaving the Turkish port of Ceyhan in June and anchoring near the U.S. port of Galveston in late July. The last contact the agency had with the United Kalavyrta was when the ship's certificate of compliance was completed on July 27. Report with photo: www.dailymail.co.... Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

 Fv Celacante  (Fischfangboot)
vor 2 Tagen von Timsen

Wreck should be left as an artificial reef
After the "Celacante" ran aground during a rescue Operation and sank during the salvage, the owner Jean Porcher now faces a heavy fine. At the Conquet he explained that he preferred to let the ship on the bottom, as he has done enough. Thierry Canteri, director of the Marine Natural Park Iroise wants the wreck to go. A contravention for illegal occupation of a protected area may be fined with € 1,000 per day. Andre Le Berre, former president of the Regional Fisheries Committee and current Vice President of the lifeboat association SNSM can not endorse the position of Iroise Marine Park. It does not encourage sailors to provide assistance to people in Need of help. The reaction of the marine park was inappropriate as there are many other wrecks in the territory of the Marine Park, which is no problem. If the batteries and some pollutants on board are removed, the wreck would become a nice reserve to fish.

 Gulf Coast  (Schlepper)
vor 2 Tagen von Timsen

Medevac off Hatteras Inlet
The Coast Guard medevaced a man from the Gulf Coast" on Aug 28, 2014, approximately 10 miles southeast of Hatteras Inlet. Watchstanders at Coast Guard Sector North Carolina in Wilmington received a report of a 30-year-old male experiencing chest pains and numbness at approximately 7:45 p.m. The Station Hatteras Inlet launched a 47-foot Motor Lifeboat crew. The crew arrived on scene and transferred the patient to the lifeboat. The crew brought the man to Station Hatteras Inlet and placed him in the care of awaiting Dare County EMS. He was later flown to Sentara Leigh Hospital in Norfolk via MedFlight. He was reported to be in stable condition.

 Memory  (Frachtschiff)
vor 2 Tagen von Timsen

Vessel, suspects and narcotics turned over to Department of Justice
On Aug 10, 2014, the US Coast Guard intercepted the "Memory" in the Caribbean sea and found some 970 kg of cocaine, hidden on board. On Aug 17 the vessel was docked in Guantanamo, on Aug 28 the vessel, 11 suspects and narcotics were turned over to the Department of Justice, Southern District of Florida for prosecution.

 Kazakh  (Frachtschiff)
vor 2 Tagen von Timsen

Collision on the Don
The Russian cargo m/v "Dolphin 7" was in collision with the "Kazakh" at 02.15 a.m. Moscow time on Aug 28, 2014, Odin.tc reports. The accident happened on Azov port roadsat km mark 3170 on the river Don. Both vessels were ordered to drop anchor for surveys and investigation.

 Dolphin-7  (Frachtschiff)
vor 2 Tagen von Timsen

Collision on the Don
The "Dolphin 7" was in collision with the Panama flagged Bulkcarrier "Kazakh" at 02.15 Moscow time on Aug 28, 2014, Odin.tc reports. The accident happened on Azov port roadsat km mark 3170 on the river Don. Both vessels were ordered to drop anchor for surveys and investigation.

 Adler V  (Passagierschiff)
vor 2 Tagen von Timsen

Passenger ship disabled off Nordstrand
The lifeboat "Eiswette" of the DGzRS-Station Nordstrand was alerted on Aug 29, 2014, after the "Adler V" had encountered technical trouble at buoy NH 16 around 1 p.m. in the Norderhever between Nordstrand and Pellworm island. On board were 99 passengers and a crew of four. Half an hour later the lifeboat went alongside and towed the ship to the port of Nordstrand where it was safely moored at 2.15 p.m.

 De Zuidplas  (Passagierschiff)
vor 2 Tagen von Timsen

Smoke development in engine room
While being in the lock of Belfeld in the midday hours of Aug 29, 2014, the crew of the "De Zuidplas" remarked development of smoke in the engine room. The fire rescue was alerted and attended with engines from Venlo, Kessel and Reuver. On their arrival they did not find open fire, but Isolation of the exhaust pipes had heated up and started smoking. The crew of five remained uninjured. Dutch report with photos: www.l1.nl/nieuws/...

 Taiko Maru  (Tanker)
vor 3 Tagen von arnekiel

First Carbon Fiber Main Propeller Installed On a Merchant Ship
BY GCAPTAIN ON AUGUST 29, 2014 - Classification society ClassNK and Nakashima Propeller Co. this week announced the world’s first installation of a carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) propeller on the main propulsion system of a merchant vessel. The CFRP propeller, which was manufactured by Nakashima Propeller, was installed in May on the Taiko Maru, a domestic 499 GT chemical tanker owned by Sowa Kaiun YK at the Marugame-based Koa industry Co. in Japan. The propeller was manufactured with support from ClassNK, which granted approval for the design and manufacturing process, as well as provided research and funding support as part of the ClassNK Joint R&D for Industry Program.

vor 3 Tagen von arnekiel

Bosphorus to close to transits on Sept. 01
The Bosphorus will be closed to transits on Monday (1 September) during the northbound passage of the platform Castoro Sei to Burgas.

vor 3 Tagen von arnekiel

Rotterdam congestion eases as 5 ECT quay cranes are now operational
ROTTERDAM harbour congestion, the subject of complaints, ship diversions and surcharges, is ending and restoring normal cargo flow as a big terminal upgrade that caused the trouble becomes less of a problem. A spokesman for Rotterdam’s troublesome Europe Container Terminals (ECT) said waiting times for both barge and feeder vessels have been minimised. The complex ECT upgrade involved installing five quay cranes, which are now up and running. "Of course we still have our peak periods, but as far as we are concerned operations have now returned to normal," he said. Said the port authority's break bulk director Joyce Bliek: "I have good hope that from now on the situation will only get better." Source : PortNews

 Merete Maersk  (Frachtschiff)
vor 3 Tagen von arnekiel

Maersk receives 11th 18,270-TEU ship to join Asia-Europe trade
DENMARK's Maersk Line has taken delivery of the MERETE MAERSK , the 11th 18,270-TEU ship that are being built at the Daewoo shipyard (DSME) in South Korea. Ordered in 2011, the ship is joining the shipping line's Asia-Europe (AE-10) service, replacing the 15,550-TEU EDITH MAERSK , which is to operate Maersk's Far East to Europe loop (AE-2). The EDITH MAERSK will replace the 8,400-TEU MAERSK SAIGON, the last of the smaller ships on the AE-2, which will henceforth be run with 11 vessels of 13,000-15,500 TEU, reported Alphaliner. The MERETE MAERSK follows the MAYVIEW MAERSK, delivered in July. The 12th unit in the series, MOGENS MAERSK, is scheduled for delivery in mid-September, after which the AE-10 will deploy a full fleet of 18,270 TEU ships. The last eight Triple E class ships are scheduled for delivery in September 2015. Source : Asian Shipper

 Eugen Maersk  (Frachtschiff)
vor 3 Tagen von arnekiel

Monkeys Hitch Ride from Malaysia to Rotterdam on Maersk Vessel
Holidaying monkeys decided to spend some time away from their Malaysian home by boarding the 15,550-container EUGEN MAERSK and travelling to Rotterdam. Five tailed macaque monkeys were found on the vessel en route from Tanjung Pelepas, with the crew contacting Copenhagen Zoo, who provided advice on how to house and feed their unexpected passengers. They subsequently kept the monkeys in a makeshift cage for the remainder of the journey and provided them with appropriate food and drink. After being sent photos, the zoo estimated that Maersk had found one older male and one younger male alongside two females and a youngster. The EUGEN MAERSK enroute Antwerp – Photo : Willem Kruit © Before calling at Rotterdam, the vessel and Maersk Line made contact with the authorities to determine quarantine requirements among other advice to best ensure the health and safety of the primates while they were aboard the ship. The monkeys have been released to the authorities at the Dutch monkey foundation, ‘Stichting AAP’. Although this is an occurrence that is not so common, it is not the first time that a monkey has been stowed away on a Maersk ship. Back in 2011, a monkey was found on the 8,160-teu SKAGEN MAERSK. Source : businessrevieweurope

 Madame Butterfly  (Frachtschiff)
vor 3 Tagen von BerndU

arrived Scrapyard
arrived Jiangyin Scrapyard 28.08.14

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