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Libya’s Zueitina loads first crude export cargo since 2015
A tanker loaded the first crude export cargo at Libya’s Zueitina oil terminal since late last year, a port official said. Zueitina is one of three previously blockaded ports in Libya’s oil crescent region that reopened last month after forces loyal to eastern commander Khalifa Haftar took control of the terminals. The port official said the Ionic Anassa was loading 800,000 barrels of oil for export to China. The reopening of Zueitina, Ras Lanuf and Es Sider has helped boost Libya’s oil production, which had been slashed to a fraction of the 1.6 million barrels per day (bpd) that the OPEC member was producing before its 2011 uprising.

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Petition launched to scrap former Flintshire Funship
Calls for Duke of Lancaster to be removed from coastline, as council chiefs are still waiting to hear proposals. A petition has been launched to scrap a ship turned leisure attraction which is now branded an “eyesore”. The Duke of Lancaster arrived in Mostyn , Flintshire, during the summer of 1979, with a plan by its owners to turn it into a floating leisure and retail complex. But successive planning applications to open the attraction were refused amid concerns including emergency access in the event of a fire or other disaster. www.dailypost.co....

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Vessels Take Refuge In Key West as Hurricane Matthew Approaches Florida
U.S. Coast Guard cutters from Miami, Jacksonville and as far north as Wilmington, N.C., as well as nine ships from the Royal Bahamas Defence Force and research vessel Walton Smith have taken refuge in Key West as hurricane Matthew closes in on mainland. At least six Coast Guard cutters were moored at the U.S. Coast Guard Sector in Key West on Wednesday. On the other side of the island, nine ships from the Bahamas Defence Force, as well as a research vessel and a contract ship, took refuge at Naval Air Station Key West's Mole Pier. Since Key West is not currently in Hurricane Matthew's projected path, the Naval Air Station and the U.S. Coast Guard bases in the island have offered support to other services in the area. wlrn.org/post/ves...

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Abu Dhabi Ports automates vessel management
Abu Dhabi Ports has announced the launch of its digital Vessel Management System which offers customers and stakeholders complete automation of all vessel management processes and services through its Port Community System, Maqta Gateway. Through the new, demand-driven Vessel Management System, all vessels arriving at any of Abu Dhabi’s commercial ports will be able to process the needed formalities and exchange unified digital information with the Port Community. Services covered by the system include vessel registration, voyage declaration, vessel call requests, as well as requesting port clearance, marine services, berth shifting and more. www.arabiansupply...

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Fishing vessel Lady Lou lost power during storm near South Devon coast
The fishing vessel Lady Lou lost propulsion power near South Devon coast in England. The vessel suffered gearbox and engine failure, remaining adrift near the rocky shallows of Start Point pushed by the strong winds and stormy weather. The crew was unable to restart the engineering and requested assistance from the local authorities. The south-east gale conditions forced the authorities to dispatch all-weather lifeboat and the scene of the drifting troubled fishing vessel Lady Lou, which started salvage operation and towed Lady Lou to Brixham. Near the port, to the salvage operation joined Brixham Harbour pilot boat, which ensured that the convoy will maneuver safely for berthing during the heavy swells and strong gale winds. “The near south-east gale conditions and the vessel size required the Torbay ALB to assist and she took over the tow returning the Lady Lou to Brixham”, said the Torbay RNLI spokesman. “Additional assistance was given by the pilot boat to enter Brixham Harbour to ensure Lady Lou could be manouvered safely to a mooring position with heavy swells and strong winds”, added he. The local authorities started investigation for the root cause and circumstances around the incident. Fortunately there were no injured people and no water pollution. www.maritimeheral...

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Mongla-Ghasiakhali channel reopens for bigger vessels
Authorities have reopened the crucial 31 kilometres long Mongla-Ghasiakhali channel on completion of required dredging for movement of bigger vessels in the route keeping waterways adjacent to the Sundarbans undisturbed. “We have reopened the this crucial channel three days ago for vessels with draft as high as 14 feet which were previously required to use rivers and canals inside the Sundarbans,” Bangladesh Inland Water and Transport Authority’s (BIWTA) superintendent engineer Sayedur Rahman told newsmen at the scene. He said silts deposited in the channel for years earlier turned the Mongla-Ghasiakhali channel unsuitable for movement of vessels forcing them to use the canals and rivers inside the world’s largest mangrove forest exposing it to environmental dangers. “On completion of the dredging works now every day at least 50 to 70 cargo vessels of 6 to 8 feet draft and 40 to 60 vessels of 10 to 14 feet draft are using the 31-km waterways bypassing the Sundarbans,” a BIWTA spokesman said. en.prothom-alo.co...

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Hydrogen-powered passenger ferry in San Francisco Bay is possible, study says
Nearly two years ago, Sandia National Laboratories researchers Joe Pratt and Lennie Klebanoff set out to answer one not-so-simple question: Is it feasible to build and operate a high-speed passenger ferry solely powered by hydrogen fuel cells? The answer is yes. The details behind that answer are in a recent report, "Feasibility of the SF-BREEZE: a Zero Emission, Hydrogen Fuel Cell High Speed Passenger Ferry." SF-BREEZE stands for San Francisco Bay Renewable Energy Electric Vessel with Zero Emissions. "The study found that it is technically possible to build a high-speed, zero-emission hydrogen-powered ferry. We also believe this can be done with full regulatory acceptance," said Pratt. "In the course of the study, we examined over 10 major issues where feasibility was initially unknown. SF-BREEZE sailed through them all," added Klebanoff. Tom Escher, president of San Francisco's Red and White Fleet, first conceived of the project when he asked if it was possible to do away with emissions altogether on one of his ferries. "This is a game changer. We can eliminate environmental pollution from ships," he said. "This could have a major impact on every shipyard in the country." Funded by the Department of Transportation's Maritime Administration and led by Sandia, the feasibility study brought together the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), the U.S. Coast Guard, naval architect Elliott Bay Design Group, the Port of San Francisco and dozens of other contributors. Read more at: phys.org/news/201...

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Port of Charleston alters schedule with Hurricane Matthew threatening coast
The State Ports Authority will restrict cargo shipments on Wednesday and then close its container terminals for the rest of the week starting Thursday as Hurricane Matthew threatens the Carolinas coast. Meanwhile, Carnival’s Ecstasy cruise ship remains on schedule to bring passengers on a current cruise back to Charleston on Saturday. The Ecstasy is scheduled to depart Charleston for another excursion to the Bahamas later that afternoon. That could change depending on Matthew’s track. “We are continuing to watch the storm very closely and are fully cognizant of its projected path and potential impact to homeport operations in Charleston,” said Carnival spokeswoman Jennifer de la Cruz. Ecstasy passengers this week were re-routed from the Bahamas to Cozumel, Mexico, because of the hurricane. Those passengers were offered $50 in onboard credit and 25 percent off a future cruise. “Given the unpredictability of tropical weather systems, and with guest and crew safety as our foremost priority, we are taking a prudent course of action to keep the ship out of harm’s way and provide our guests with a safe and enjoyable vacation experience,” de la Cruz said of the Ecstasy’s current sailing. At the Port of Charleston, no export-bound refrigerated cargo will be accepted at the North Charleston and Wando Welch terminals starting Wednesday, although imported and empty refrigerated containers will continue to be delivered. The handling of empty containers and the acceptance of hazardous shipments will be halted at noon, while all other shipments will continue through 6 p.m. www.postandcourie...

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Port Canaveral to be evacuated in wake of Hurricane Matthew
An evacuation order was put in place on Tuesday evening for Port Canaveral as Hurricane Matthew moves closer to Central Florida. In addition to the land-side evacuation, the U.S. Coast Guard has given notice that the Canaveral harbour will close by tomorrow afternoon. Under the Captain of the Port order, no vessel traffic–including cruise and cargo ships, as well as recreational and commercial fishing boats will be allowed in harbor until after the storm passes and the order is lifted. “This is a serious storm and the protection of people and property is our primary concern,” said Port Canaveral CEO John Murray. “We expect high winds and storm surge throughout the port and have urged the Port community to prepare their facilities so business can resume as quickly as possible after the storm.” Port Canaveral has not closed down operations due to severe weather since the 2004 storms when the harbour was closed for 11 days to ship traffic. www.traveldailyme...

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Hurricane Matthew Forces Port Miami To Close
Port Miami which is the cruise capital of the world will be closed to all ships from Wednesday, October 5 due to the strong Hurricane Matthew. The port has posted on its website that it will be closed until further notice due to the oncoming category 4 Hurricane Matthew. One Royal Caribbean ship will be affected by the closure. Empress of the Seas 5-day Bahamas cruise will be delayed by one day, instead, the ship will depart Port Miami on Friday, October 7. the ship was originally scheduled to depart the port on Thursday, October 6. Empress of the Seas exact departure time is still to be confirmed as the cruise line will have to wait for permission from authorities.

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