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Calabar Port to Handle Containerised Cargo With Specialised Vessels
The Port Manager of Calabar Port, Musa Wada, has disclosed that despite the low draft of the channel leading to the port, an arrangement is ongoing with one of the terminal operators to bring containerised flat bottom vessels to the facility to increase its cargo throughput. Disclosing this to Vanguard in Houston, Texas, Wada explained that the arrangement is part of efforts of the central management to increase and expand the capacity of the port which presently handles 90 percent wet cargo. The Port Manager, who said that they are working on some form of concession of the terminal's operation to make the deal attractive, noted that the first of such ship is expected to berth at the Calabar port before the end of the year. According to him, "Right now as I am talking to you, there are specialised vessels, (that is containerised vessels) which we are trying to introduce into the port which can pass through the present channel. "We have not concluded but very soon it will take off." On how soon it is expected to take off, Wada said "Well it depends on when the application for waivers for them is granted. We are looking for waivers for them and if that is approved by the management, it will take off. "You see when you are wooing people to come and invest you must give them waivers to encourage them because of our limited draft. We are working on that but hopefully in a few weeks from now when we get the approval from the central management, it will take off. Source: Vanguard

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Bangladesh to ink initial deal with US group in end-May to build LNG import terminal
Bangladesh will ink an initial agreement in end-May with the US consortium comprising Astra Oil and Excelerate Energy for building the country's first LNG import terminal at Moheshkhali Island, a senior Petrobangla official said Friday. The Astra Oil and Excelerate Energy consortium was selected to build the terminal in August 2012, but the US companies wanted to reach an agreement on maintenance fees before signing the final construction deal. Petrobangla has now agreed to provide maintenance fees to keep the proposed LNG terminal operative until imports start, the official said. Top officials from Petrobangla and Bangladesh's Energy and Mineral Resources Division under the Ministry of Power, Energy and Mineral Resources, and representatives from the US consortium met in Dhaka Thursday to resolve almost all issues regarding the contract, the official said. The fees would cover the cost of maintaining a completed terminal in the event there was a delay in the start of LNG imports, the official said.

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Cargo container pile-up at the pier, a headache for Customs’s at port of Sevilla
Sevilla Customs Commissioner John P. Sevilla has admitted that “overstaying” cargo containers in the country’s two major ports are giving the agency a headache, considering that the volume of shipments is expected to increase during the peak months of May and June. Sevilla said the agency is still trying to assess the factors that contribute to the slow disposal or movement of the unclaimed cargo containers in order to find a solution on the container mess. “It’s actually a much more complicated issue that I thought of. It’s not just the cargo has been there for the X number of days then you can take it out.... It’s not that simple,” Sevilla told Customs stakeholders at a recent meeting. Sevilla noted that there is a legal process to be followed before the containers could be subjected to forfeiture proceedings in favor of the government and placed on the auction bloc. He said more than a thousand cargo containers have been left unclaimed in the yards of International Container Terminal Services Inc. (ICTSI) that operates the Manila International Container Port (MICP) and Asian Terminals Inc. (ATI), which operates the Manila South Harbor.

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Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics adds Black Sea Port of Novorossiysk
RO-RO giant Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics (WWL) has added the Black Sea Port of Novorossiysk as an additional point of entry port into Russia. The new destination is an additional inducement port in WWL's liner service from Japan, Korea, China and south east Asia to Europe, providing customers in Asia with direct access to the Russian Black Sea region. The service also has feeder operators serving two of WWL's regular East Mediterranean ports - Piraeus and Derince, said the WWL statement. WWL will be handling various types of rolling and tracked equipment as well as static and project cargo on mafi-trailers to Novorossiysk. Novorossiysk presents, due to its location, a direct entry into the Russian Black Sea region and is closer to markets in the south-western part of Russia than St Petersburg. This makes Novorossiysk a good supplementary option, saving costs and transportation time for customers sending cargo to south-west Russia and other areas around the Caspian Sea. WWL is the first carrier in the deep sea ro-ro business to offer this additional port of entry, with a consistent feeder connection as well as inland transportation services from the port, said the WWL statement. Source : Asian Shipper

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DFDS swaps tonnage between Karlshamn-Klaipeda and Kiel-Klaipeda during the summer.
Volumes and financial performance on DFDS’ route between Germany and Russia continue to be lower than envisaged and the current two-ship operation will therefore be reduced to a one-ship operation in the beginning of June 2014. In the freight market between Germany and Lithuania, customer demand is growing for intermodal transport solutions combining shipping and rail transport.

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DFDS opens new ferry route between Travemünde and Klaipeda
Northern Europe’s largest shipping and logistics company DFDS has decided to introduce changes to the operations on the Baltic Sea market as part of the ongoing adaptation to changes in customer demands and markets. As customer demand for shipping services between Sweden and the Baltics continues to be robust, to increase capacity on Karlshamn-Klaipeda, DFDS decided to swap tonnage between Karlshamn-Klaipeda and Kiel-Klaipeda during the summer. Volumes and financial performance on DFDS’ route between Germany and Russia continue to be lower than envisaged and the current two-ship operation will therefore be reduced to a one-ship operation in the beginning of June 2014. In the freight market between Germany and Lithuania, customer demand is growing for intermodal transport solutions combining shipping and rail transport. In order to meet this demand and balance the capacity reduction following the tonnage swap on Kiel-Klaipeda, DFDS will open a new freight route for unaccompanied trailers and other cargo between Travemunde and Klaipeda on 6 June 2014. “The port of Travemunde has excellent rail connections to facilitate intermodal transport solutions. The new route will be a one-ship operation deploying the ship released from the route between Germany and Russia,” DFDS said in a release.

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The "Aidacara" docked for the first time at the improvised tent-cruise-ship terminal at the Sartori Quay in Kiel on May 10, 2014. As the repair of the Ostsee Quay was going on, only one berth was available for the "MSC Orchestra" while the smaller "Aidacara" called at the Sartori Quay and the "Delphin" at the Norwegen Quay. Photos: forum-schiff.de/p...

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Pay deal averts Lyttelton port strike
Mediation between Lyttelton logistics staff and the port company was judged a success with a union withdrawing a strike notice against the company. The Rail and Maritime Union had accused Lyttelton Port of Christchurch of "bully boy tactics", but said that the rhetoric had stopped and a deal on a pay rise for the logistics officers had been agreed. Union South Island organiser John Kerr said the union had agreed to a 2.85 per cent pay increase for the 11 logistics officers back-dated to January 19 when the previous agreement had run out. This would be followed by a further 2.85 per cent increase next January to give a cumulative increase of more than 5.7 per cent for the two years.

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Gladstone dredging project inquiry finds conditions on port expansion too vague to be enforced
An independent inquiry into a major dredging project in the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area has found environmental conditions on a central Queensland port expansion were too vague to be enforced. The Federal Government commissioned a scientific inquiry into the Gladstone Port dredging project. It examined a bund wall that leaked sediment into the harbour from June 2011 to July 2012. The inquiry has found "aspects of the design and construction of the bund wall were not consistent with industry best practice", and the geotextile layers of the wall eroded under pressure. The investigation has found water quality monitoring sites in Gladstone were established in the wrong areas, and the federal Environment Department failed to adequately retain compliance records. It also says environmental conditions imposed by the Commonwealth lacked the specifics necessary to enable their effective enforcement. Federal Environment Minister Greg Hunt will hand down the report this morning. Fishermen in the Gladstone area have been eagerly awaiting the inquiry's findings. When the bund wall leaked it coincided with an outbreak of fish disease in the harbour and nearby waterways. However, a Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry report released in 2013 found that flooding and a large number of fish spilling out from the Awoonga Dam was the main cause of the problem. Source : ABC News

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West Australia government considers sale of coal, iron ore shipment facilities
Fremantle port's Kwinana bulk terminal, which is used for coal exports, and the Port Hedland's Utah Point shipment facility, which is used for iron ore exports, are possible candidates for privatization, Mike Nahan, the treasurer for Western Australia, said in a budget statement Thursday. "We are considering selling Kwinana bulk terminal and the Utah Point facility at Port Hedland, and some Water Corporation assets such as wastewater plants," Nahan added. The Western Australian government is also looking at selling individual power stations including the Muja power plant in the state's Collie coal field, Nahan, who is under pressure to recapture the state's credit rating and reduce the government's A$25 billion ($23.4 billion) debt. "The sale of assets that the state does not need to own is a key measure in regaining our triple-A credit rating and paying down debt," he added. Kwinana bulk terminal handled 5.2 million mt of trade in the fiscal 2012-2013, up 55% on the previous year, mostly due to increases in iron ore exports which totaled 3.5 million mt in the year, the Fremantle port authority said in its 2012-2013 report.

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