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Gulftainer hits 1m teu throughput in Iraq port
Gulftainer has reached another significant milestone with a combined throughput of 1 million teu at its terminals in Umm Qasr Port in Iraq since they were commissioned by the Sharjah based company in 2010. The one millionth unit was discharged from the MSC Didem, a regular caller at the Iraq Project Terminal.

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Fujian Crown Ocean Shipbuilding Out of Service
Chinese shipbuilding enterprise Fujian Crown Ocean Shipbuilding has seen most of its staff leave the shipyard due to unpaid wages amounting to around USD 1.6 million, according to local media. The loss of some 100 yard workers since July 2015 has negatively affected the shipyard’s operations which had already been hit by reduced newbuilding orders. After the workers filed a lawsuit against the company in July, Fujian was ordered to pay the wages by October, with payments yet to be made. The company attempted to get back on track by leasing parts of the shipyard and selling a 80,500 dwt bulk carrier under construction at the time for scrap. The income from these actions was not represented in the company’s books. Fujian Crown Ocean Shipbuilding, despite not being able to continue its operations, did not yet file for bankruptcy. Fujian Shipbuilding is no stranger to financial difficulties. The company went through a similar situation back in January 2012 when its workers organized a strike over unpaid wages for up to three months. Source: World Maritime News

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Panama Canal wait times reduced but still at four days
Panama Canal Authority (ACP) said on Thursday that it has made big inroads into the wait times for ships, slashing the delay to four days from as much as 10 days as recently as a week ago. Traffic jams of vessels had been building at both ends of the waterway due to a variety of reasons and the ACP – the government agency responsible for the operation and management of the canal – introduced measures last week designed to alleviate the backlog which dated back to September. The measures, which came into effect on 12 November, included: assigning additional crews to man tugs, locomotives and locks; postponing non-essential maintenance work; easing the booking system; and cancelling draft restrictions. splash247.com/pan... Four days wait is still longer than the norm, which should be 24 to 36 hours.

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Panama Canal Expansion 95 Percent Complete
The Panama Canal Authority has released a video showing the canal expansion project is is now 95 percent complete and final electro-mechanical installations are underway. The expansion is on course to be operational by April, 2016. The largest infrastructure project since the waterway’s original construction, the expansion will create a new lane of traffic along the canal through the construction of a new set of locks, increasing the waterway’s capacity. The new locks will have three chambers, water-saving basins, lateral filling and emptying system and rolling gates. Meanwhile, the Authority has issued a statement saying that in order to accommodate unseasonably high demand, it has postponed non-critical maintenance work, modified bookings and assigned additional operations personnel. The current wait time for transiting ships has been reduced by 60 percent from its high and is now four days or less. The number of ships awaiting transit has been cut by 40 percent from its recent high in October. maritime-executiv... Video can be seen here: https://youtu.be/bKpNHmK1R3o

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Puma Energy opens two new tank terminals in Mozambique
Puma Energy has offically opened two new terminals in Mozambique for bitumen and fuel, which make Puma’s existing Matola facility the company’s second biggest in Africa with total storage capacity of 275,500m³. The two new tank terminals were inaugurated today by His Excellency Dr Pedro Conceição Couto, Mozambique’s minister of energy and natural resources. The new fuel terminal at Matola consists of 11 new storage tanks with combined storage capacity of 115,000m³, which Puma said took 12 months and more than 25,000 tonnes of steel to construct. Some 77 qualified Mozambican workers will be employed at the new fuel terminal. Matola’s bitumen terminal was completed in June 2014. Puma Energy also operates a storage terminal in Beira, which was finished in May 2012. “The bitumen terminal means that Mozambique is no longer dependent on imports from neighbouring countries and the fuel Terminal creates a channel for the cost-effective and secure supply of fuel to the southern African Development Community (SADC) sub-region,” Sophonie Babo, general manager for Puma Energy Mozambique states, said in a statement. “Puma Energy links local demand with international supply, through investment in infrastructure investment,” Christophe Zyde, Puma Energy Africa’s COO, said in a statement. “Mozambique is a very promising market in Africa today. We have confidence in the country’s long-term commercial opportunities as well as the country’s strategic location to answer the supply requirements of southern Africa. “We take a long-term view to our entry into any market and anticipate the future growth of these emerging markets. In Mozambique, we have invested in state-of-the-art fuel and bitumen infrastructure and storage facilities. This improves security of supply and acts as a catalyst for economic growth,” Zyde said. splash247.com/pum...

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Black Sea Port of Novorossiysk will be able to welcome 10,000 teu boxships soon
The construction of a deepwater berth at the NUTEP terminal in the Black Sea port of Novorossiysk will allow Russia to offer regular year-round ice-free calls for vessels up to 10,000 teu for the first time. The first piles have been driven for the new 341 m quay after two years of planning and approvals, with completion scheduled for late 2018. The berth depth of 15.6 m, compared with two berths of 12.3 m today, will increase LOA (load line) to 320 m from 270 m. This will allow containerships of up to 10,000 teu in size to make regular calls to the Russian port for the first time. The 26.5 ha NUTEP terminal will double in capacity to handle 700,000 teu per annum as part of the project. splash247.com/bla...

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Maersk Altair sets new Adriatic record
Wednesday saw the port of Trieste in Italy welcome the largest boxship to ever call at an Adriatic port. The 11,200 teu became the first ultra large carrier to call at an Adriatic port. The ship is deployed by Maersk on an Asia – Mediterranean service jointly operated with MSC through the 2M alliance.

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Ferryboats for Kholmsk-Vanino line should be built in Russia
Ferryboats to service Kholmsk (Sakhalin) - Vanino (Khabarovsk Territory) line should be built in Russia. This decision was taken at the meeting at port Korsakov (Sakhalin) attended by Yury Trutnev, Presidential Plenipotentiary Envoy to the Far Eastern Federal District. The decision on construction of ferryboats is to be made by late January 2016. en.portnews.ru/ne...

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MacAndrews and OPDR start new short sea service Rotterdam-Spain-Portugal
Short Sea operators MacAndrews and OPDR have commenced a joint new weekly service between North West Europe and the Iberian Peninsula.This regular service, known as Portugal & South Spain Service (POSS), will dock in the ports of Tilbury, Dunkirk, Rotterdam, Leixoes, Setubal, Lisbon, Algeciras and Cartagena. Three 700 TEU container vessels will be deployed on the service.

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Laugfs invest $80m for South Asia’s largest import/export LPG terminal
Laugfs Terminals Ltd., a subsidiary of Sri Lankan energy conglomerate Laugfs Gas PLC yesterday signed agreements with China Huanqiu Contracting and Construction Corporation (HQC) to construct South Asia’s largest import and export liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) terminal at Hambantota with an investment of over $80 million, Sri Lanka Ports Authority said in its press release. The firm intends to invest $58.1 million in the first phase of the construction with a capacity of 30,000 MT within the next two years. In the second phase, Laugfs Terminals expects to increase its capacity up to 45,000 MTs, which can accommodate very large gas carriers. 60% of LPG will be re-exported to regional markets, while 30% will be released for the local market (Sri Lanka). It will also have the capability to handle local distribution of LPG through LPG road tanker trucks and will further have an onsite LPG bottling facility.

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