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Longest ship ever docked in Lytteltons dry-dock
Vroon’s BISON EXPRESS was a tight fit in the Lyttelton dry-dock and possibly the longest vessel to have used it since it was completed in 1883. While in the dock end of June 2013 the ship was undergoing repairs to her rudder and controlable pitch propellor.

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The Netherlands to finance cruise ship terminal in Cape Verde
The Netherlands plans to provide 12 million euros to fund the economic feasibility study for the Sao Vicente Cruise Ship Terminal, a project that is expected to be operation in August 2015, under the terms of a protocol signed Monday (July 1, 2013) in Praia. Signed by Cape Verde’s Foreign Relations Minister, Jorge Borges, and by the Netherlands’ ambassador to the archipelago, Pieter Jan Zwaan, the protocol stipulates that the Netherlands’ contribution will be provided through the ORIO programme, which provides donations for development projects in selected countries. The Sao Vicente Cruise Ship Terminal is expected to cost 35 million euros, according to Minister Jorge Borges. The project is considered important as current facilities are not adequate to receive cruise ships properly. More at www.macauhub.com....

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Ust-Luga Container Terminal commenced handling of Hapag-Lloyd AG vessels
Ust-Luga Container Terminal has commenced handling vessels of Hapag-Lloyd, says press center of National Container Company (incorporates ULCT). The vessels will call every Saturday to link ULCT with the largest European ports – Hamburg and Bremerhaven. The first call was made on June 28, 2013 by 1,000-TEU container carrier ANINA which delivered automobile components. The containers will be taken away from the terminal by the railway.

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Newer, larger Carnival cruise ships to deploy from New Orleans in 2014
Port CEO Gary LaGrange says, "The normal spending out of pocket for cruise ship passengers in any other port is $92 a day. Here in New Orleans they spend $335 a day." LaGrange says we can expect to see even more cruise-goers in the coming years, as Carnival Cruise Lines prepares to bring in newer and larger ships to the port, starting with the 2900-passenger Carnival Sunshine in November, replacing the Conquest. Other changes will be made shortly after that. LaGrange explains, "In April 2014 the Sunshine will be replaced by Carnival's largest ship, the Dream, coming from Cape Canaveral - 4,000 passengers. Passenger-wise it's an uptick of about 22 percent over the Conquest, about 700 more passengers." In addition to new ships coming in to the Port of New Orleans, the city is also planning on opening a new cruise ship terminal along Poland Avenue. LaGrange says, "We could have up to six ships here during the season.

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China set to take over Gwadar Port
China and Pakistan are going to sign an operational agreement for taking over control of Gwadar Port within a month. The previous government of Pakistan signed an MOU with China in 2012, but the final agreement hasn’t been signed. According to Kamran Michael, Federal Ports and Shipping Minister of Pakistan, a draft agreement is being finalised and the issue will come up for discussion with Chinese authorities during the premier’s trip starting from July 4. China plans to invest in the construction of port infrastructure to make the port functional and turn Pakistan into a regional trade hub. [02/07/13]

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Ship overturns in Chongqing, 20-plus missing
A barge overturned around on July 2 noon after water levels suddenly rose this morning on a river in southwest China's Chongqing city, causing more than 20 people, most of whom women and children, to go missing, China News Service reported. The ship quickly overturned in torrential tides after its cable suddenly broke about 11:10am. Witnesses said several people who were boarding the boat at the time fell into the water. The local police confirmed the accident and said rescue work was still under way. The 20-plus victims all fell from the ship and went missing. english.peopledai...

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Rizhao port adding ten berths this year
Rizhao port in Shandong province is investing RMB3.92bn in total to develop ten more terminals including a crude oil terminal, a coal terminal and a 300,000dwt iron ore terminal in 2013. Rizhao port completed cargo throughput of 284m tons and ranked10th in Chinese ports in 2012. It aims to increase the cargo throughput to 310m tons this year. [01/07/13]

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Bomb excavation and city evacuation
On the 30th June 2013 (Sunday) engineers commenced excavating from the bottom of the Odra river the bomb - explosive remnants of the Second World War. The City announced the evacuation of more than a thousand people from buildings located within a radius of half a kilometre in Szczecin Old Town and closure of the traffic in the large part of downtown adjacent to the river. It is the biggest operation of its kind in Szczecin during the past 25 years.

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Savannah sinks proposed cruise ship terminal
A proposal to build a cruise ship terminal with taxpayer money in Savannah appears to have sunk. The Savannah City Council voted unanimously Thursday to stop further work on studying where and how to build the estimated $70 million cruise ship dock. They city had already spent more than $250,000 studying the idea. Public opposition to the project has been growing, with critics saying cruise ships would add to pollution and traffic congestion in Georgia’s oldest city. www.postandcourie...

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Jaxport to dredge channel to 14.3 metres (from 12.2 meters)
Port of Jacksonville (Jaxport) board has voted to pursue its own way to dredging to 47 feet (14.3 metres) from today's 40 feet (12.2 metres), despite the US Army Corps of Engineers recommended increase to 45 feet (13.7 metres), which still lacks Washington's approval of funding. "The urgency of the matter is critical," said Trapac container terminal manager Dennis Kelly. "Miami is going to start to dredge this year. Savannah will probably start dredging by next year. We've already got Norfolk at 50 feet [15.2 metres], and Charleston at 45 to 47 feet." The Army Corps has recommended Jaxport's channel be dredged to 45 feet only and the port authority has asked for an additional two feet at its own cost, but Congress has yet to authorise it or fund it. Only lightly loaded 6,000-TEUers can call at Jaxport today. Most ships today need 45 feet of water, he said.

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