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West Basin Container Terminal receives 2 new gantry cranes
Zhen Hua 19 arrives at Los Angeles with 2 new gantry cranes for West Basin Container Terminal The heavy-lift vessel Zen Hua 19 arrived in Los Angeles carrying two new gantry cranes for the West Basin Container Terminal at the Port of Los Angeles. According to the Port of LA, the cranes cleared the Vincent Thomas Bridge by just six feet as the vessel was guided in by the Los Angeles Port Pilots. The West Basin Container Terminal currently includes 13 post-Panamax ship to shore cranes, 19 transtainers, 39 tophandlers, and more than 170 yard hustlers, helping move more than 800,000 containers per year.

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Pacific Exploration & Production announces the official start of operations of Puerto Bahía Port Facilities
Pacific Exploration & Production Corp. announced today the start of operations of Puerto Bahía port facilities in Cartagena, Colombia. The terminal officially commenced liquid and general bulk transport operations on August 28, 2015, opening a multi-modal and world-class specialized port for the public, the company said in its press release. Pacific has a 41.65% equity interest in Pacific Infrastructure Ventures Inc., a private company that developed Puerto Bahía. The port, built at a cost of approximately US$ 600 million, consists of two terminals: a hydrocarbon terminal and a dry cargo terminal.

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Deal Reached to End MyFerryLink Dispute
A deal was reached on Monday to save hundreds of ferry jobs at the northern French port of Calais, the French transport minister said, ending a dispute that has disrupted traffic through the Channel Tunnel linking France and Britain. Workers at ferry service MyFerryLink had intermittently blocked the port and the tunnel in recent weeks in a protest over job cuts, after the company, previously owned by Eurotunnel , was sold to Denmark's DFDS. The dispute has added to public order concerns in Calais, where thousands of migrants are camped in the hope of boarding trains or lorries destined for Britain. Some 487 jobs were under threat. Under the deal, Eurotunnel and DFDS will create 402 jobs and will pay an "indemnity", or additional compensation on top of regular redundancy terms, to employees left jobless as of Jan. 1, 2016, French transport minister Alain Vidalies, who helped broker the deal, said in a statement. www.marinelink.co...

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Shipping queue for Australia’s Newcastle coal exports at 13-month low
Twenty one ships are set to load coal export cargoes at Australia’s port of Newcastle this week, down from 34 a week ago and the lowest weekly number for 13 months, the Port Authority of New South Wales said Monday. “There are 21 vessels with a notified arrival time allocated and in transit,” said the port authority in a report at 7 am Sydney time (2100 GMT). The last time Newcastle’s shipping queue dipped below 20 ships was in mid-August 2014 at eight, although it quickly recovered to 40 by month’s end. An additional 13 ships were waiting off the port at anchor for a loading berth in the port this week, and another eight were berthed and taking on coal cargoes at Newcastle port, according to the report. Over the seven days to 7 am Sydney time Monday, 34 ships entered Newcastle port and loaded coal exports at its three coal terminals, the port authority said in the report. Each ship waited an average of six days to be allocated a berthing slot, it added. Source: Platts

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Pelindo to modernize and expand Kuala Tanjung Port
State owned port operator Pelindo I said it will modernize and expand the port of Kuala Tanjung in North Sumatra to accommodate large vessels. The port of Kuala Tanjung in the regency of Batubara was originally built to serve the logistics for PT Indonesia Asahan Aluminum (Inalum). Pelindo said construction will start this year to be completed in 2018 and it will cost around Rp4 trillion. The port of Kuala Tanjung is strategically located to facilitate shipping in the busy commercial lane of Malacca strait. It could serve as a port of call mainly for cargo ships . So far large ships passing through the Malacca strait, called only at Singapore and Malaysian ports. Kuala Tanjung port would contribute to the government program of making the country a world maritime axis. President Director of Pelindo I Bambang Eka Cahyana said the port of Kuala Tanjung has the potential to become an international port as it has a deep port basin and with the growing industrial zone in the city. Bambang said PT Pelindo I wants to build an integrated port that could accommodate ultra large container vessels (ULCC). ULCC which has a capacity of around 18,270 Teus would need a port basin with a depth of at least 17 meters, he said. The port would also be linked with rail track for cargo transport, logistic park for storage, labeling and repacking facility and residential area for port and industrial workers.

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Ecological damage expected to be minimal after Seaspan barge lost cargo
British Columbia’s environment ministry expected the ecological damage to be minor after the barge "Seaspan 183" tipped and dumped scrap cars into Victoria’s inner harbour on Aug 28. Emergency program director Graham Knox said regulations require fuel to be removed from vehicles before loading but it’s impossible to clean them completely. A sheen of hydrocarbons can be seen in the water but a large boom has been wrapped around the accident site to contain the fuel. The U.S. company that recycles the cars, Schnitzer Steel, was responsible for cleanup and has hired the Western Canada Marine Response Corporation. While the assessment could take days but all the debris will need to be removed from the water because it can pose an entangling risk to wildlife and displace habitat. It was not yet known what caused the barge to tilt and spill more than 100 scrap vehicles into the water. Report with photos: www.thestar.com/n...

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Cross channel services reopened
P&O Ferries and DFDS Seaways services resumed on Aug 31 after protesters used lifeboats to stop ships at port, leaving British Bank Holiday passengers stranded. Some services operated by P&O Ferries and DFDS Seaways were still subject to delays. Up to 2,000 British holidaymakers and other travellers were stranded in Calais after French ferry workers blockaded the port on one of the busiest nights of the year. Families were trapped in their cars for hours as protesters used two lifeboats to circle the port exit to prevent vessels entering or leaving the terminal. The action had been deliberately timed to cause maximum impact and came ahead of a planned visit to the port on Aug 31 by the French Prime Minister. Services through the Channel Tunnel were not affected by the action, but that those trains were already full and only accepting passengers with pre-booked tickets. The French workers were protesting over the potential 600 job losses caused by the sale of MyFerryLink, a ferry service between Dover and Calais. Report with photos: www.telegraph.co....

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Channel ferry services disrupted
Thousands of cross-channel ferry passengers have had their bank holiday journeys disrupted after former ferry staff blockaded the Port of Calais. Movements at the French port were suspended on Sunday night due to industrial action by former MyFerryLink staff, who used lifeboats to block ships from docking. Mayor of Calais Natacha Bouchart said she regretted that the port was being taken "hostage" as travellers were urged to contact their operator before setting off. DFDS Seaways said its Malo Seaways ship was waiting for permission to enter the port, and that its Calais Seaways vessel may have to be diverted to Dunkirk. Meanwhile, a Port of Dover spokesman says they are closely monitoring the situation in liaison with their ferry partners and the Port of Calais in order to resume normal operations as soon as possible. The French Prime Minister, Manuel Valls, is due to visit the port on Monday, on what is already one of the busiest days of the year because of the British bank holiday. - See more at: www.skynews.com.a...

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Tianjin Transport Authority senior official dies in office building fall
Dong Yongcun, head of administrative examination and approval department of Tianjin Transport Authority, died after falling from his office building yesterday amid ongoing investigations on the recent explosion in Tianjin Port. Dong’s department approved the license for Ruihai International Logistics, who controlled the warehouse where the explosion started, to operate hazardous cargo.

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Sault Ste. Marie lock shutdown stalls more than ships
t’s seldom that one of the locks at Sault Ste. Marie has to be taken out of commission in the middle of a shipping season — and rarer still that it has to be drained for repairs. But when an interruption at the Soo Locks doubles from 10 to 20 days as it did this summer, it causes deep concern. All of the ships had to be rerouted through the only lock capable of handling the largest vessels at a time when as much as 9 million metric tons of freight passes through a month. Add to that an unscheduled outage of the only other working lock, the Poe, and the argument is all but made for many why a long-sought new lock is needed, and now. The locks are a vital choke point between the iron ore mines of northern Michigan and Minnesota on Lake Superior, and the steel mills dotted along the lower Lakes. And they were brought to a standstill for an hour as a result of the shutdowns. The recent closing of the MacArthur Lock has heightened concerns about a piece of the nation’s manufacturing supply chain that, if shut down for any length of time, could have catastrophic effects on the U.S. economy with ripples that could devastate the global supply chain for those manufacturers who rely on timely shipments of steel. www.usatoday.com/...

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