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Storms Disrupting Bunker Deliveries in Russian Port
The disruptions have also caused bunker prices to rise at the Port of Novorossiysk. Ongoing stormy weather Friday has been disrupting bunker deliveries and loadings at Russia's Port of Novorossiysk, Platts reports. "There have been already two storm warnings in the last two days that resulted in suspension of all bunker operations in the port of Novorossiysk," said an unnamed source. According to traders, the price of bunkers also sharply rose on Friday due to the lack of availability. "It is very hard to find supply for prompt dates, some suppliers are quoting from April 27 onwards," said another source. "Physical bunker fuel oil deliveries will be halted due to storm in the next two days." On the other hand, it was reported earlier this month that fellow Russian port Kavkaz had seen bunker sales triple in the first quart of 2015. Source: Ship & Bunker

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Passenger vessel catches fire in Cebu town shipyard; no one hurt
A passenger vessel caught fire on Thursday afternoon (Apr. 16, 2015) while undergoing repair at a shipyard in Barangay Tayud, Consolacion town, about 13 kilometers north of this city.The fire broke out at the engine room of MV MELVIN JULES of the Sta. Clara Shipping about 4:20 p.m. at Nagasaka Shipyard, said Insp. Josephus Alburo, fire marshal of Consolacion town.No one was hurt as the firefighters were able to control the fire after 20 minutes before it could spread to other parts of the vessel, Alburo said. He added it was put out about 6 p.m. Alburo said probers learned that someone was welding above the engine room shortly before the fire started. Fire broke out when the embers fell into the crude oil placed inside the container that was left open during the cleanup at the engine room. MV MELVIN JULES, a roll-off roll-on vessel, served the route Masbate-Pio Duran in Albay before it was drydocked at Nagasaka Shipyard for a month now.The drydocking was supposed to last for two months. Source: newsinfo.inquirer

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Chinese Naval Ships to Use Pakistan's Port After Colombo Snub
Pakistan's Gwadar port which has been taken over by a Chinese firm could guarantee maintenance and supply for China's naval ships in the Indian Ocean after the new Sri Lankan government declined permission for Chinese vessels to dock in the country."The Gwadar port will also guarantee China's naval ships' maintenance and supply in the Indian Ocean. The move is widely seen as crucial for China, especially as it is unlikely that Sri Lanka will open its ports to Chinese naval ships," Zhao Gancheng, director of South Asia Studies at Shanghai Institute for International Studies told state-run Global Times. The new Sri Lankan government headed by President Maithripala Srisena reversed his predecessor Mahinda Rajapaksa's policy of allowing Chinese submarines to dock in Colombo, following India's concerns. Zhao said the port will serve as a major route to the Indian Ocean for Chinese goods, which will have far-reaching significance for China's Xinjiang region's economic development.Xinjiang is planned to be connected through an economic corridor with Gwadar through Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK). Chinese experts however warned of inherent risks about the project in view of militancy in the Balochistan region.Experts cautioned about obstacles as the port area suffers from a lack of water resources, housing, transportation and other facilities to provide for a large workforce, the Global Times reported. Wang Dehua, an expert with the Shanghai Municipal Center for International Studies, who has been visiting Gwadar Port since 2007, said that detailed plans on building highways, railways and pipelines are the second step."Building such infrastructure has inherent risks and difficulties, he said, due to the high mountain ranges and security issues caused by militants operating in the region.These difficulties can be overcome, but may take time," he said. The port will formally commence operations by a Chinese company this month which is projected as a key transportation hub of the planned China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. Source: NDTV

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Congestion at Rotterdam and Antwerp begins to improve
Delays abating at Rotterdam and Antwerp Congestion at the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp is beginning to improve for container vessels, including ultra-large vessels, according to management software solutions provider, CargoSmart’s latest newsletter.The performance of the ports over the past three months has been analysed by CargoSmart’s Global Vessel Voyage Monitoring Centre (GWMC), which looked at average vessel arrival delays, average berth times, and the performance of very large vessel compared to the overall average at the two ports. According to CargoSmart’s data, the average vessel arrival delays at the two ports were both around 16 hours between mid-December and mid-January, followed by shorter average delays of 15.2 hours at Rotterdam and 12 hours at Antwerp between mid-January and mid-February 2015. In March, average vessel arrival delays at Antwerp remained steady at around 12 hours, while Rotterdam continued to decrease to 13 hours. From mid-January through mid-march, the Port of Rotterdam experienced longer delays than the Port of Antwerp.GWMC findings revealed berth times at Antwerp were longer overall than Rotterdam, and average berth times at the ports had “opposite trends”. Over the three months period, CargoSmart says Antwerp’s berth times grew slightly shorter from 26.2 hours to 25.3 hours and then increase in March to 25.8 hours, while Rotterdam’s increased slightly to 23.5 hours and then decreased to 22.7 hours. In addition, the GWMC studied the performance of vessels of more than 10,000 teu. The analysis revealed average vessel delays of large vessels significantly improved at both ports, especially at Rotterdam from 18.4 hours to 8.3 hours. For the very large vessels, the percentage of vessel delays over 24 hours was also smaller than the overall average at both ports over the three-month period.CargoSmart adds that future performance of the vessels and ports will depend on “actual conditions” that are affected by weather, vessel delays, and other factors. Source: portstrategy

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Svitzer to commence service at ArcelorMittal’s iron ore storage facility at Port Cartier
By mid-April, Svitzer will commence service of ArcelorMittal’s iron ore storage facility at Port Cartier, Quebec in Canada as a result of ArcelorMittal requiring additional tug capability to support their continued growth in the Port. Svitzer will be mobilizing a tug, SVITZER WOMBI (to be renamed SVITZER CARTIER) with the ability to handle Capesize vessels that are calling on Port Cartier, one of Canada’s largest private ports with an annual shipping capacity of over 25 mil tonnes, to service ArcelorMittal’s marine terminal operation. The new contract should be seen in light of Svitzer’s aim to expand its presence in Canada. “Over the past decade we have divested in a number of our older assets but SVITZER CARTIER demonstrates our desire and commitment to re-establish ourselves as a major player in the Canadian towage market,” explained John Neatby, General Manager of Svitzer Canada.

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Maersk Line Sends First Owned Boxship to Haiphong
The 2,274 TEU boxship Maersk Nicolai is the first feeder vessel owned by Maersk Line to call at Tan Vu port, Haiphong, Vietnam. The ship sailed from Cai Lan and made its first call at the Tan Vu port on April 10, 2015. The ship is deployed on Maersk Line’s NV5 service.

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Bomin to Launch Bunker Operations in Copenhagen
Fuel supplier and trader Bomin Group will be launching bunker operations in Copenhagen, the company announced Thursday in an emailed statement. The company said the expansion is part of its growth plans for 2015, and will complement existing operations in the Baltic Sea region. The company said that Copenhagen is the first of several planned expansions.

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Marseille Fos sur Mer set to re-open its Drydock 10 shiprepair facility
Leading French port Marseille Fos is set to re-open its giant Drydock 10 shiprepair facility, mothballed since 2000, this autumn following a 28 million renovation project due for completion in September, the company said in its press release. Work started early last year under a port authority plan to reintroduce a repair and maintenance base for some of the largest ships afloat. The 465-metre long, 85m wide drydock – third biggest in the world after Lisbon and Dubai – is aimed principally at mega cruiseships but will also target the latest generation container carriers, LNG tankers, bulk vessels and offshore rigs. The dock first opened in 1975 to specialise in VLCC repairs but closed after 25 years as the market moved east.

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Heavy congestion closes APMT gate in Nhava Sheva
APM Terminals-operated Gateway Terminals India in the Nhava Sheva port complex is waging an apparently unending battle with congestion that has now forced a temporary halt to gate-in of export cargo and import pickups, producing costly delays for shippers and transportation providers. Source: Journal of Commerce

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New port terminal to speed up pineapple exports
Early 2015 saw the start of the construction of a modern terminal in Puerto Limón, which should serve to dramatically improve the shipment of pineapples and other products. The country's main ports as far as exports are concerned, Moín and Limón, currently have reduced capacity for large vessels, and the time needed for each ship to be attended (import-export process) is approximately 24 hours, sometimes more. "The ships arriving to our ports are small, since they don't have the capacity for large vessels. In high season, there are weeks when not all fruit can be loaded due to lack of space. Exporters often receive cancellations of their orders and the fruit must then be loaded in other ships in the best case scenario, or sold in the local market to recover some of the investment. Also, at this time, the company that operates the port (JAPDEVA) is a Government monopoly with high operating costs due to the number of hours that every vessel requires. Additionally, labour strikes are organised which directly affect all exports. After the new Terminal is finished, we hope such problems will be prevented," explains Sonia Alvarado, of HISPACORI, Fresh Fruit Exports.

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