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First shipment of LNG to leave Gladstone in central Queensland bound for Asia
The first export shipment of liquefied natural gas (LNG) bound for Asia has been loaded from Curtis Island off Gladstone in central Queensland. This moment has been six years in the making, with the LNG industry built up from scratch. There are three LNG projects being developed in Gladstone, costing $60 billion in construction. The first pipelines had to be laid, processing plants were constructed and Gladstone's harbour was dredged. Five new tug boats have also been built to escort LNG ships out of Gladstone Harbour. The first ship, the Methane Rita Andrea, has been docked in the port of Gladstone for several days and has been loaded with LNG. It will depart for Asia sometime before the end of the week, leaving Australian shores with about $50 million worth of gas.

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State-of-the-art coal samplers put into operation at Vostochny Port’s coal terminal
New state-of-the-art coal samplers have been put into operation at the Specialized Coal Terminal of Commercial Port of Vladivostok OJSC, the stevedore’s press center says. Each of the four samplers had undergone a BIAS-TEST and obtained a certificate of compliance to ISO 13909. The new equipment occupies less space and fulfills its task mach faster. It can operate in fully-automated mode. JSC Vostochny Port is the major stevedoring company of Russia specializing in coal transshipment.

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BCT terminal Gdynia receives 2 new quay cranes
Baltic Container Terminal (BCT), International Container Terminal Services, Inc.’s (ICTSI) container terminal in the Port of Gdynia, Poland, recently received two new quay cranes (QC), further boosting BCT’s status as a key port in Eastern Europe and in the Baltic region. Measuring more than 60 meters high with a reach of more than 50 feet over the water, BCT’s new QCs have a capacity of more than 60 tons. They arrived in Gdynia on 7 December aboard the vessel Zhen Hua 8.

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Mexico to open bids for Port of Veracruz in 2015
Mexico’s ambitious infrastructure investment plans for the new year include reopening the bidding process for a high-speed train and expanding the port in Veracruz. A two-phase expansion project to quadruple the Veracruz port’s capacity is already underway and will finish in 2030. The port currently moves more than 21 million tons of cargo a year, and nearly 70 percent of that is imports, mainly from the United States. The Port’s director, Juan Ignacio Fernandez, said that starting in 2015, foreign investors will be allowed to bid on the project estimated to cost close to $5 billion. When completed, the port will be able to dock ships 400 meters long.

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Port of Gothenburg to use 'Sniffer' Technology to Ensure 2015 ECA Compliance
The Port of Gothenburg has been outfitted with new technology called a "sniffer" that is capable of detecting sulfur content in exhaust fumes, the port has announced. The small fridge-sized box will help the Swedish port in enforcing Emission Control Area (ECA) compliance, which will limit sulfur content in marine fuel used in ECAs to 0.10 percent by weight beginning January 1, 2015. The technology, which has been installed in the port for the last few years in testing, was developed by researchers at the Chalmers University Technology with support from Vinnova, the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency and the Gothenburg Port Authority. "We have worked for almost 10 years to produce methods to monitor compliance with environmental regulations at sea, both from fixed measuring stations such as this and from aircraft," said Johan Mellqvist, a professor at Chalmers University.

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Bad weather briefly closed France’s port of Calais on Dec. 27
Storm winds gusting up to 160 kilometres (100 miles) per hour on Saturday forced the temporary closure of France’s port of Calais on the English Channel and the suspension of car ferries to and from Britain, officials said. Ferry and port traffic was halted for just under two hours, with normal operations resuming at 900 GMT, according to the harbour master’s office. Officials stopped traffic around 710 GMT after a car ferry exiting the port was forced to turn back because the high winds prevented it from being able to safely cross the channel. Gusts were still reaching 90 kilometres per hour by mid-day, though the storm was expected to weaken. The high winds had downed trees and power lines in the area as well as reportedly toppled part of the metal fence erected to keep UK-bound illegal immigrants from getting into the port at Calais.

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New strike on Panama Canal expansion works
Some 1,000 workers on a project to expand the Panama Canal were on strike Wednesday to demand better safety and treatment, the latest setback for the behind-schedule, over-budget upgrade. Union leaders said three workers had received electric shocks recently because their managers had forced them to work in the rain. The strike interrupted the fourth phase of dry excavation on the canal’s Pacific sector. The Panama Canal Authority said it was “closely following these events, which represent a threat to the continuation of work in one sector of the canal expansion project.” It said the consortium carrying out the project had assured authorities all work was being carried out according to Panamanian labor law under the strict supervision of the labor ministry. Workers blocked the access road to the key Centenary Bridge across the canal and vowed to stay put until the government answered their demands. The Canal Authority urged both sides to find an agreement “to allow this project to proceed on schedule.”

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Logistics Firm to Boost Dar Port Efficiency
Trade Mark East Africa (TMEA) has come up in support for the big result now (BRN) to increase Dar es Salaam Port efficiency in the next three years. TMEA has set aside over 60 million US dollars (102bn/-) to increase efficiency that would see, among other things, reduction by almost half from nine to four days of container dwelling time. TMEA Tanzania Country Director, Dr Josaphat Kweka, said they were working hand in hand with the government to raise competitiveness at Dar port under BRN. “We have taken some key points under BRN to increase Dar port competitiveness and working on them,” Dr Kweka said during the launch of logistic innovation for trade (LIFT) fund. The country representative said the idea was to support the government initiative on increasing efficiency in the next three years under BRN. Some areas which TMEA will support BRN are port logistic and infrastructures, operating system and port effectiveness.

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Shanghai to fortify No. 1 container port ranking
Shanghai port is expected to handle 35.2 million TEUs (twenty-foot equivalent units) this year, up 4.8 percent from 2013, as the city consolidates its ranking as the world’s biggest container port, city officials told a press briefing.

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NYK Auto Logistics India to Operate Finished-car Logistics Terminal at Pipavav
NYK Auto Logistics India Pvt. Ltd. (NALI),* an NYK Group company, has decided to operate a finished-car logistics terminal with Gujarat Pipavav Port Ltd. (APM Terminals Pipavav)** from June 2015 at Pipavav port in the state of Gujarat, which is located in the northwestern part of India. Since exports of finished cars by automobile companies are expected to increase in the west coast of India, NALI will attempt to accommodate that strong demand by building and operating a stockyard in APM Terminals Pipavav, a container-management company, that will be able to handle up to 250,000 vehicles annually and provide value-added services such as PDI*** and make use of RFID**** for tracking and tracing. The NYK Group will take advantage of the “creative solutions” initiated in the company’s “More Than Shipping 2018″ medium-term management plan to provide higher quality finished-car services in the expanding Indian finished-car-logistics market.

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