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End in sight for Hong Kong port strike?
The end might be in sight for the nearly month-long strikes that have rocked Hong Kong port. Striking dockworkers said on April 23 they would be prepared to ease their demands so long as contractors put agreements in writing. Workers want direct talks with Everbest, a contractor managing crane operators, as well as a representative of port operator Hongkong International Terminals (HIT). They will still push for a double digit pay rise, but not more than 20% as originally stipulated. [Sino Ship News 24/04/13]

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Dutch Study: Dredging the Elbe Poses Severe Ecological Risk
A Dutch study could put a stop to an already controversial project to deepen the Elbe River, SPIEGEL has learned. It warns that if dredging continues, damage to the river's ecosystem would likely be irreparable. More to read at www.spiegel.de/in...

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Lighter vessel workers strike in Chittagong Port ends after sixteen days
Workers of lighter vessels in Bangladesh's Chittagong Port resumed work on Saturday night (April 20) after a 16-day strike, ending with owners assuring them of a 14 per cent wage hike. The strike has already hampered the supply of imported consumer goods and industrial raw materials, which will eventually impact the commodities market, businesspeople said. Importers are bearing huge losses in terms of paying demurrage to the vessel owners for over-staying, additional bank interest payments for failure to sell goods on time, and expenses for cancelling previous contracts with local buyers. Mahbub Rashid, executive director of Water Transport Cell, an organisation that coordinates trips of the lighter vessels, said workers of 261 lighter vessels that remained stranded have started working. Read more: india.nydailynews...

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Shippers to divert cargo to Guangdong to beat Hong Kong dock strike
Shippers have worked out a back-up plan to move Hong Kong cargo through ports in Guangdong with no end in sight to the Kwai Tsing dock strike. The pay dispute degenerated into a strike on March 28 and the number of strikers has grown from about 100 to more than 400. The Hong Kong Shippers' Council also said Guangdong customs had agreed to speed up clearance of diverted shipments. The move follows the visit by a joint delegation from the council and the Federation of Hong Kong Industries to the province earlier this week. Council chairman Willy Lin Sun-mo, whose group represents exporters, importers, traders and manufacturers, said: "Delayed shipments can result in huge business losses. That is why making sure the goods can be delivered in time is always our prime concern." He said the flow of trade in next month's peak season could have been affected if a back-up plan had not been worked out. Commenting on the strike, Lin said: "The workers can demand whatsoever they like. But [shippers] are not living in an ivory tower. We have obligations to our customers."

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HIT contractor Global Stevedoring Service unable to continue oerations
Hong Kong: After three weeks of strikes and several failed pay talks with dockworkers, Global Stevedoring Service, who has employed around 200 of the striking workers, said it is unable to continue operations because 75% of its workers are on strike. The union rejected a 7% pay rise offer and Global Stevedoring has said it expects that it will not be able to renew its contract with HIT when it comes up for renewal on June 30. [SinoShipNews 22/04/13]

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90 ships and 172,000 passengers – Wellington ending record cruise ship season
After welcoming a record number of cruise ships and passengers to the capital, Wellington tomorrow farewells its final ship for the 2012/2013 season. “It’s fitting that the last ship of the season was also the first. Radiance of the Seas, with a capacity of over 2500 passengers, kicked off the season back in October 2012,” says Positively Wellington Tourism Chief Executive, David Perks. "Since then, the capital has played host to 90 ships and over 172,000 passengers – up 34% on last season.” More at wellington.scoop....

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Turkey Moving Forward with Bosphorus Strait Bypass Canal
Ship & Bunker reports that the Turkish government says it is moving forward with plans for a canal that would link the Black Sea to the Sea of Marmara, allowing ships to bypass the crowded Bosphorus Strait, Reuters reports. The 45-kilometer "Kanal Istanbul" would turn the European side of Istanbul into part of an island, and land dug up to create the canal could fill part of the sea, creating a sea port and airport. "We believe that this is a very realistic project that will be talked about by the world," said Deputy Prime Minister Ali Babacan. Babacan said the country's Higher Planning Council has decided to go forward with the project. More at shipandbunker.com...

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Salvage work on Neva commenced
on Apr 20 preparation for a raising the Russian tug "RBT-300" of Atachi LLC by the Pilon JSC, the contractor of the Palace Bridge repair works in St. Petersburg, had started. A sheeleg was on scene. The vessel had allided with a support of the Dvortsovy Bridge and turned over on Apr 19. The wreck was lying on the bottom of the Neva at a water depth of 12 meters n a distance of 220 meters of the Dvortsovy Bridge. The "RBT-300" (built 1959 Arkhangelsk; owned by Atachi LLC) had been pressed against a Palace Bridge pillar in St. Petersburg at night. The capsized vessel then floated about 200 meters and sank. There was a crew of two on board the vessel. Rescuers on board the air-cushion vessels were searching for them. An emergency response center was set up in St. Petersburg to coordinate the rescue activities. The accident happened during construction work at the the Palace Bridge. Strong current pushed the tug against the pillar, causing it to capsize. The overkeeled vessel floated for 220 meters and sank 75 meters from the bank. Photo report: www.russianlook.c...

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Port of Gdansk to construct 700,000 m3 crude oil terminal
Last week, April 16, the Port of Gdansk Authority SA and PERN "Przyjazn" SA signed a lease contract for the construction of a Crude Oil Terminal, the Port Authority press release said. Following the preliminary agreement concluded on 27 November 2012, the Port of Gdansk Authority SA and PERN "Przyjazn". Under the lease agreement the 28 hectares area on the PGA SA premises will be handed over to PERN "Przyjazn" for 30 years for construction of the entire Terminal's infrastructure. Overall, the terminal project includes the construction of nearly 20 storage tanks for crude oil and petroleum products of a total capacity of 700,000 m3, full technical infrastructure, railway tracks and sidings, pipelines and buildings. The Crude Oil Terminal is designed for handling a broad range of oil products: crude oil, diesel oil, petrol, aviation fuel and chemical products. The facility will comply with the latest requirements for fire safety and environmental protection.

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Phase 1 of Rotterdam’s Maasvlakte 2 Project Completed
Koninklijke Boskalis Westminster N.V. (Boskalis) and Van Oord Dredging and Marine Contractors B.V. (Van Oord) deliver the first stage of Maasvlakte 2 to client Port of Rotterdam Authority on 17 April: on schedule, on budget and in accordance with the quality requirements specified. PUMA, the joint venture of the two contractors, started the expansion of the port of Rotterdam five years ago. Today the realisation of 700 hectares of new industrial sites, 11 kilometres of seawall, 3.5 kilometres of quay wall, 24 kilometres of roads, 14 kilometres of rail and 560 hectares of port basin is a fact. Read more at www.portofrotterd...

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