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Traffic to halt for bridge works
Traffic in the Bosphorus will be halted from 0500 to 1900 hours on Saturday (4 April) due to works on the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge.

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Terminal loading suspended after platform fire
Loading at the Caryo Arcas Terminal is suspended until further notice, following a fire on at the Abkatun Permanente production platform in Mexico's Gulf of Campeche. At least four people are reported to have died and up to 45 were injured when a fire broke early on Wednesday, sparking the evacuation of around 300 workers. Loading underway at the terminal was completed after there was found to be sufficient product in undamaged lines. However, once completed, loading was again suspended.

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Big oil tanker backlog builds at Iraq’s Basra port after bad weather
A backlog of over 30 oil tankers has built up outside the Iraqi port of Basra and shippers face lengthy delays of up to three weeks to load oil because of bad weather and possible oil quality issues, shipping industry sources said.

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Bulgaria’s Port Varna to Invest BGN 6.5 M in New Equipment and Facilities
The business plan of Port Varna EAD for 2015 envisages investments of around BGN 6.5 M, according to CEO Petar Seferov. Seferov, as cited by the Cherno More newspaper and investor.bg, informs that the money will be spent on new equipment and facilities, depending on the anticipated cargo.

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$36 million steel terminal opens at Port of Mobile
A new $36 million terminal for handling steel coils has been dedicated at the Port of Mobile. The new terminal is accessible by rail, truck or barge. It sits behind behind Alabama State Port Authority’s Pier D2 berth on a 40-foot-deep channel at the port authority’s main docks complex. Source: Journal of Commerce

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EU to ban owners from scrapping ships on South Asian beaches
European, Turkish and Chinese recyclers are set to benefit from strict new EU rules on breaking up old ships, but the practice of dismantling them on beaches in South Asia – at great human and environmental cost – will still be hard to stop. Of 1,026 ocean-going ships recycled in 2014, 641 were taken apart on beaches in India, Bangladesh and Pakistan, according to figures from the NGO Shipbreaking Platform, which campaigns for an end to the hazardous practice. Tankers, cruise liners and other old vessels are rammed onto beaches and stripped down by hundreds of unskilled workers using simple tools such as blowtorches. Chemicals leak into the ocean when the tide comes in. There is also a human cost: the Tata Institute of Social Sciences in Mumbai estimates that some 470 workers have died in the past 20 years in accidents in Alang-Sosiya, the world’s largest stretch of ship-breaking beaches, in Gujarat. Some 35,000 mostly migrant and unskilled workers operate there. The new rules aim to stop what Karmenu Vella, European Commissioner for the Environment and Maritime Affairs, called “the shameful practice of European ships being dismantled on beaches”. They will require that EU-registered ships be recycled only at sustainable facilities, and a list of these is expected to be published next year. It is likely to include yards in China, Turkey, North America and the European Union, but not South Asia. “The European list will split the market into a safe market and a substandard market,” said Patrizia Heidegger of Shipbreaking Platform.

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Egypt to inaugurate ‘new Suez Canal’ next August
Egypt’s “new Suez Canal” is to be inaugurated in August, Egyptian prime minister Ibrahim Mahlab said at the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) summit in Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa. The premier invited the summit’s guests to attend the inauguration of the newly expanded Suez Canal, which is to include a new lane to allow for ships to pass in opposite directions at the same time. He also called on them to invest in a commercial zone to be established near the extended Suez Canal. The widening of the Suez Canal and the new commercial zone are both part of Egypt’s Suez Canal Development mega-project, which also includes plans to develop the seaports in the bordering governorates of Suez, Ismailia and Port Said and in the South Sinai town of Nuweiba, as well as the Sharm Al-Sheikh airport.

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Port still virtually closed due to fighting
As clashes continue in and around Aden, the seaport remains virtually closed except for some oil shipments at Aden Refinery. Dry cargo shipments have stopped as no stevedores are available due to the fighting. Yemeni ports at the Red Sea - Hodeidah and Saleef – are still operating as there are no hostilities at these areas. Offshore terminals are also unaffected and working as usual.

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Massive power cut disrupts port operations
Port operations in Turkey were facing disruption as a result of a massive power cut that had hit dozens of provinces across the country on Tuesday 31 March. Although the Turkish Straits and ports were not closed, husbandry operations (crew changes, spares, etc.) have been negatively affected. The cuts affected power stations and public transport, including Istanbul's tram and metro systems. A crisis centre has been set up at the energy ministry. By early afternoon the Turkish Electricity Transmission company said only 15% of Istanbul and Ankara had power.

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Finland braces for shipping strike this Thursday, April 2
Finland is bracing for a nation wide shipping strike on April 2. Both the Finnish Engineers’ Association and the Finnish Seafarers Union have announced their intention to join a strike this Thursday in support of a strike organised by the union members working on Finnish ice-breakers. Source: splash24/7

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