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Town of Dún Laoghaire vows to survive Stena blow
THE Dún Laoghaire business community will not be affected by the decision last week by Stena Line to end its seasonal passenger ferry service from the town to Holyhead, a local group has insisted. Despite widespread expressions of concern for the future of the town’s economy following the announcement, the Dún Laoghaire BID company said it expects no negative impact on the local business community. The BID company said the Stena move will not affect retailers as Dún Laoghaire Harbour has been designated as a marine and leisure destination by the Dún Laoghaire Harbour Company Master plan and the National Ports Policy. The BID focus on attracting leisure visitors, especially from the cruise industry, will be realised with over 100,000 cruise passengers set to arrive in Dún Laoghaire this summer, following an intense international marketing campaign by the Dún Laoghaire Cruise Stakeholders group, of which the BID Company is a member. “The 100,000 cruise visitors arriving this summer represent phenomenal growth for the cruise tourism sector in Dún Laoghaire, up from 30,000 cruise visitors in 2013,” the company said in a statement. “Extensive plans are now in place for the continued rapid development of the lucrative market in the coming years.” Don McManus, Chairman of the Dún Laoghaire BID company, added: “The cruise ship market is the fastest-growing sector in the travel and leisure industry. Globally, it is experiencing accelerated growth of 7.2 per cent per annum despite the tourism industry declining overall. www.dublinpeople....

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West Coast ports expected to resume normal operations on Monday, Feb. 9
Operations at West Coast ports were scaled back this weekend as employers balanced a need to reduce the container backlogs that are choking marine terminals with a desire to cut labor costs, while work slowdowns by the International Longshore and Warehouse Union show no sign of ending.

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New deep sea service between the Port of Gothenburg and Japan
The Port of Gothenburg has acquired a new deep sea service to Japan. The service will be operated by the newly formed 2M Alliance – MSC and Maersk Line. Japan is a major importer of Swedish forest products. A new deep sea service has been established between the Port of Gothenburg and Japan. The first vessel is underway from Kobe and will call at the Port of Gothenburg containerterminal, APM Terminals, on february 23. ”We welcome the new service to the Port of Gothenburg. Japan is an important market for Swedish import and export companies,” states Magnus Kårestedt, Chief Executive of the Port of Gothenburg. Japan is Sweden’s second largest trading partner in the Far East, after China, and a major importer of Swedish forest products. Exports will comprise mainly sawn wood products, paper, steel and industrial components. Imports will comprise consumer goods, such as clothes, electronics and asian food. The transit time from Sweden to Kobe will be 41 days. The vessels in the service will call at the Port of Gothenburg container terminal, APM Terminals, every Tuesday.

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Container ships waiting weeks in Puget Sound for slow ports
The slowdown at the ports of Seattle and Tacoma has left some container ships waiting in Puget Sound for weeks. The Coast Guard’s Vessel Traffic Center in Seattle says the places where large ships anchor are mostly full. One Puget Sound pilot, Frantz “Andy” Coe, told KIRO-FM container ships generally don’t anchor; they prefer to go straight to a dock, unload or load and leave. One ship, the Hyundai Global, was forced to anchor for 17 days last month before it was finally able to enter the Port of Tacoma. Work at West Coast ports has slowed during a labor dispute between the Longshore Union and employers with the Pacific Maritime Association. Source: Associated Press

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Authorities arrest two men who tried to stow away on a ship
Puerto Plata.– The Northern Regional Division reported that members of the Port Security (CESEP), Security and Port Development Company (SDP) and the Private Security Company (Seguriasa) arrested two men who boarded a Philippine flag vessel as stowaways. According to a police report, the detainees are Juan Manuel Madilla and Ramon Martinez, who were illegally hidden together with two other people on the rudder of the boat Aston Trader II. The other two managed to escape.

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Ship suspected of carrying radioactive waste cleared, to be dismantled in Turkey
Turkish authorities have cleared a ship that was suspected of carrying radioactive waste and it is on its way to the Turkish coast for destruction. Turkey's Chamber of Environmental Engineers warned last week that a ship laden with radioactive material and waste had recently left Angola and was approaching an Aegean port in the province of İzmir, saying that the ship is dangerous and should be intercepted before entering Turkish waters. The ship, called Kuito, had once been used to refine petroleum and will dock in the Port of Aliağa for demolition. The chamber said the ship could refine 100,000 tons of petroleum and therefore has a high level of radioactive waste and hazardous material on board. At the request of environmentalists, Turkish authorities intercepted the ship six miles off the Turkish coast for an inspection. Inspectors from the Turkish Atomic Energy Agency and the İzmir Environmental Directorate examined the ship on Wednesday and concluded that it contains no hazardous material. The ship will be dismantled at İzmir's Aliağa demolition center, which has become a hub for ship demolition. www.todayszaman.c...

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Krishnapatnam Port eyes stake sale to fuel bigger ambitions
Krishnapatnam Port Co. Ltd (KPCL), promoted by Hyderabad-based infrastructure conglomerate CVR Group, plans to induct a strategic investor as it looks to become the largest port-cum-coal transhipment hub on the east coast of India. KPCL said it is in talks with investors for the proposed stake sale. The talks come as UK-based private equity firm 3i Group Plc, which had taken a stake in KPCL six years ago, looks to exit the company. “We are looking at a strategic investor,” Chinta Sasidhar, managing director of KPCL, said in a recent interview. “Japanese (companies) have shown lot of interest.” KPCL said it is looking to partner with Japanese companies such as Mitsubishi Corp. and Sumitomo Corp., which are into coal trading. Some Mitsubishi officials recently visited Krishnapatnam port, but the stopover did not involve any specific interest in acquiring a strategic stake, according to a company spokesman. “The visit is only for general purpose to survey sea port terminals in India,” Koichi Funabashi, a spokesman for Mitsubishi’s logistics infrastructure business, said in an email. Read more at: www.livemint.com/...

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Big new south lock repaired and operational again
The new big south lock has been repaired by divers and was opened to the traffic again on Feb. 8 at 12:30 hrs p.m.

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Big new south lock out of order again
After only 2 days of operation the new big south lock in Brunsbüttel is again out of order due to technical problems. (since Feb. 8 00:10 hrs a.m.) according to WSA Brunsbüttel wsa-brunsbuettel....

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Lock repairs completed
The temporary repairs to the severely damaged lock gate at Brunsbuttel big new south lock chamber have been completed. Both big lock chambers were back in service on Feb. 6.

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