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Cargo vessel owners call off their six-day strike
Cargo vessel owners on May 2, 2016 called off their six-day strike after the government pledged to make a fresh wage structure for workers. “We have called off our strike as the shipping minister has assured us of fixing a fresh and logical wage structure,” said Khorshed Alam, senior vice-president of Bangladesh Cargo Vessel Owners Association. Earlier on April 26, Shipping Minister M Shajahan Khan declared a 135-185 percent wage hike for workers in the face of labour protests, but the vessel owners opposed it and refused to run their vessels. Yesterday’s development came after a meeting with Khan at his office in Dhaka decided that a committee would be formed to fix the wage structure. The entire process will be supervised by the labour department. The committee will comprise representatives from vessel owners and workers' associations, the Directorate General of Shipping and other stakeholders, according to Alam. “I can assure the workers they won't be affected by the decision as their wage will be fixed rationally. This decision has been taken after discussions with owners and workers,” Khan told UNB. Vessel workers started unloading goods on May 2 afternoon.

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Containers fall from vessel at Waigaoqiao Port
A feeder containership tilted during loading at Shanghai’s Waigaoqiao Port, causing 44 containers onboard the vessel to fall into the water. The vessel, Shang Qing 3, is owned by Chongqing Shangqing Shipping. Shanghai Maritime Salvage Center deployed three vessels for the salvage work and started traffic control near the site. The containers were all salvaged yesterday. According to the salvage center, there was no hazardous cargo in the containers, and no casualties from the incident. splash247.com/con...

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Cargo vessel owners reinforce strike at ports
May 1, 2016 - Because of what they said inability to pay according to the "illogical wage hike," cargo vessel owners today declared they will continue their strike across all ports of the country. "We have nothing against any pay hike, but this is illogical," Khorshed Alam, senior vice president of Bangladesh Cargo Vessel Owners Association (BCVOA), told our Chittagong correspondent. Their decision to continue strike at Chittagong port, that has already put activities at the country's sea port under great strain, was taken at a meeting of the cargo vessel owners this afternoon. The shipping minister, during a tripartite meeting on April 26, declared to hike the minimum wages by 135 per cent to 185 per cent for the workers of three categories of vessels. "A decision for pay hike should be taken through discussion among three parties –owners, workers and the labour ministry," Khorshed said. Yesterday, Chittagong Port Authority (CPA) called on the vessel owners to withdraw their programme in order to ease the cargo discharge at outer anchorage of the port. A total of 26.57 lakh tones of imported goods currently remained stranded at mother vessels harboured at the outer anchorage and at the cargo vessels across the country. www.thedailystar....

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One-hundredth Very Large Ore Carrier berths in SOHAR
2016 May 1 - This week, SOHAR greeted the one-hundredth Very Large Ore Carrier, or VLOC, to berth at the Port since Vale in Oman’s operations started in 2011. Weighing in at 388,000dwt and measuring 366 metres in length, more than the height of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the MV Berge Everest is part of a large fleet of specialised ships that transport iron ore around the globe for the Brazilian mining giant. SOHAR Port is part of a small network of deep-water facilities worldwide, equipped to handle this type of vessel. Other ports in the network outside Vale’s native Brazil, include SOHAR JV-partner Port of Rotterdam, as well as selected ports in Japan, Korea and China, and specially constructed floating jetties in the Philippines. Officials from SOHAR Port and Freezone, as well as executives from Vale in Oman, were waiting at the SOHAR bulk terminal on Monday to greet the Berge Everest. The brief ceremony celebrated the ship’s safe arrival in SOHAR and the industrial success story of Vale in Oman. Officials highlighted the positive environmental impact of VLOCs as a critical factor: a fully laden VLOC emits around 35% less CO2 than if smaller, traditional ore carriers were used.

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First Cruise ship of the season sails into Essex port of Harwich
The first cruise ship of the season has been welcomed into Harwich with shops and cafes making the most of the extra trade. The Costa Luminosa arrived on May 1st morning for the day and tourists were keen to make the most of the sunny weather. The cruise ship had around 2,250 passengers on board and more than 1,000 crew members.

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Over 450 rescued migrants arrive at Italian port of Pozzallo
A Norwegian rescue vessel on Sunday arrived at the port of Pozzallo, Sicily carrying 454 migrants picked up from the Mediterranean. The vessel, named Siem Pilot, also brought the bodies of two sub-Saharan males aged around 25 who had been recovered from two seperate boats. The cause of their deaths was not clear. www.africanews.co...

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China Blocks U.S. Navy Ships' Access to Hong Kong Port
China has denied a U.S. Navy aircraft carrier access to a port in Hong Kong. The Pentagon said Friday the USS Stennis and its accompanying vessels were refused entry into the port. The reason for denying access to the port was not clear. China sent a statement to Reuters saying visits by U.S. military ships and aircraft to Hong Kong have always been approved on "a case-by-case basis in accordance with the principle of sovereignty and the specific situation." However, China's denial of port access comes after U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter was on the Stennis earlier this month and sailed in the South China Sea where China is making claims to areas that other countries in the region also claim. english.chosun.co...

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Takoradi Bunker Terminal Construction Begins on Hopes of Creating New West African Bunkering Hub
Construction of a marine gas oil tank terminal at Ghana's Takoradi Port has begun amid hopes that the port will become the new bunkering hub within the West African sub-region. Media reports suggest the lack of bunkering services at the Takoradi Port are forcing visiting vessels to travel to Nigeria or Cote d'Ivoire for refueling - a reality that Ghana Oil Company Limited (GOIL), who is funding the project, is looking to change. "We will provide the vessels the same high level quality that we give to our clients to ensure we become a one-stop port where vessels would always want to be serviced," said J.B. Tagoe, Technical and Special Products Marketing Manager at GOIL. "GOIL is poised to take over the bunkering business in the West African sub-region and quality would be key in our operations." shipandbunker.com...

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Four Cruise Ships simultaneously at Navantia Shipyard
Navantia’s shipyard in Cadiz is hosting four cruise ships simultaneously this week. A new stern transverse propeller is being installed on TUI Cruises’ Mein Schiff 3. The yard prefabricated a new block of steel with the new propeller, allowing for a fast installation and minimum downtime for the ship.The Splendour of the Seas from Royal Caribbean, is in the yard for a complete remodeling of the interior and exterior of the ship during the last part of April and May. The World, managed by Wilhelmsen, is in the yard for upgrades to its residences and common areas.And the World Odyssey of the Semester at Sea program, the former Deutschland, will also have upgrades to accommodations and public areas.

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Cargoes moving out of Cheniere's LNG plant
Cheniere Energy's Sabine Pass natural gas liquefaction plant has shipped its seventh cargo, roughly eight weeks after the company began producing the first LNG in the lower 48 United States. The ship, called the Gaslog Salem, loaded at the terminal near the Texas border in Cameron Parish, La., and sailed Monday, on its way to Portugal, Cheniere officials said. The LNG shipments to Portugal represent the opening of a new market for U.S. shale gas in Europe, which has relied largely on Russian and Norwegian supplies.

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