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Venice plans £100m artifical island to stop cruise ships invading Grand Canal
New offshore cruise ship terminal in the Adriatic could resolve the debate over the gigantic liners that plough through Venice's lagoon. Venice is studying a new proposal for reducing the impact of the colossal cruise ships that enter its lagoon on a daily basis – the construction of an artificial terminal island in the Adriatic. Cruise ship passengers would disembark on the man-made, 3,000ft-long jetty and board a fleet of catamarans which would ferry them into Venice. Each catamaran would be able to take around 800 passengers, with the transfer to Venice's historic centre taking less than an hour. The proposed solution would allow passengers to still experience the thrill of entering the lagoon by boat, but would satisfy the complaints of the many Venetians who say that the giant cruise ships are an eyesore, dwarfing the city's bell towers and palazzi as they lumber through the lagoon. Source and more to read at www.telegraph.co....

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Closure of Port of Venice/Porto Marghera
The entrance of Port of Venice/Porto Marghera will be closed from August 18th at 03.00 to August 25th at 00.01 hrs, GAC reports. Port traffic will be suspended from August 18th at 03.00 up to August 18th at 07.00. From August 18th at 07.00 up to August 25th at 00.01, transit will be allowed only through the lock chamber for vessel with the following dimensions: Ro/Ro ships max 200 metres with working bow thruster Cargo ships up to max 220 metres with working bow thruster and favourable current Tankers ships max 170 metres with working bow thruster From August 25th at 00.01 up to the start of positioning of structure MB-B04 (expected on September 2nd), transit will be allowed through the lock chamber for vessels within the above size limit and through channel for vessels over the above size limit with 2 tugs made fast and a maximum speed of 5 knots.

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Italian Government to Ban Large Cruise Ships from Venice Lagoon
Big cruise ships will be barred from Venice’s Saint Mark’s lagoon, to protect Italy’s floating city from potential damage caused by growing traffic, the government said on Friday, Augzst 8, 2014, Reuters reports. Venetians and environmentalists have long voiced concern about tourist vessels sailing close to the fragile city. Last November, Italy’s government started limiting traffic on the lagoon and the Giudecca canal, which flows into the lagoon between the main island of Venice and the island of La Giudecca to the south. “The order by which in 2014 and 2015 no large ship weighing more than 96,000 tonnes will be able to enter Saint Mark’s lagoon and the Giudecca canal is back in force,” transport minister Maurizio Lupi said, describing the large ships as “skyscrapers of the sea”. Politicians including Lupi, the prime minister’s chief of staff Graziano Delrio, culture minister Dario Franceschini and environment minister Gianluca Galletti met in Rome on Friday and agreed to implement a decree limiting the traffic. The ministers commissioned an environmental analysis of the nearby Contorta-Sant’Angelo canal, which has been chosen as a possible alternative route for larger vessels to reach Venice’s maritime station.

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Cruise ships pledge to stop sailing through canal and too close to Venice
Venice has won its battle against the big ships. Owners of the huge cruise ships have pledged to not sail past to the world-famous lagoon city from the end of November onward. Opponents of the big ships claim they unleash huge currents which threaten the delicate foundations of their historic northern Italian city, as well as block out some of the more stunning views for tourists. But from the penultimate month of this year, ships weighing more than 96,000 tons will no longer pass close to St. Mark's Square. The decision was made by the Cruise Lines International Association following talks with the Italian government. Read more: www.nydailynews.c...

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Venice Marks Official Opening of New Cruise Terminal
Venice will mark the official opening of its new Cruise Terminal 109-110 on Tuesday, April 15. The new terminal is 14,000 square meters on two levels, with 1,000 seats for passengers, and 84 check-in stations. There are also 500 additional parking spaces with more efficient movement of cars, coaches and trucks. A tunnel allows trucks direct access to the ships for baggage, provisioning and waste disposal. The 12 million euro terminal was completed in 12 months and will be able to accommodate passengers for two ships at time, berthed at the 109-110 and 1070-108 piers. Expected to be present at the opening are the mayor of Venice, Giorgio Orsoni, the president of the Province of Venice, Francesca Zaccariotto, and the president of the Veneto region, Luca Zaia.

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Italy to divert cruise ships from historic Venice
A special commission has approved a plan to divert cruise ships away from Venice's historic center. The fatal sinking of the Costa Concordia in January 2011 ratcheted up pressure to divert the ships from the central Giudecca canal and St. Mark's Basin. Currently, ships pass within 300 meters (1,000 feet) of St. Mark's Square. Premier Enrico Letta's office in Rome said in a statement Tuesday that the commission approved digging a new canal so ships can enter the lagoon from the west, avoiding the historic center. The Venice Port estimates the project will take two years to complete. In the meantime, smaller ferries will be banned from passing through Venice and cruise ship traffic will be reduced by 20 percent, beginning in January. Last year, 645 ships arrived in Venice.

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Protesters dive into Venice’s canal to block cruise ships
Around 50 protesters dressed in wetsuits, backed by 1,000 supporters, managed to hold up the cruise ships by over an hour on Sunday, Sept. 22 as they paddled in the canal – some armed with inflatable rings. The protest was timed to coincide with a busy day on the canal, as a scheduling quirk meant 12 cruise ships were due to head past St Mark’s Square – well above the daily average of two ships. “The demonstration was a great success and we now hope the government will take advantage of this momentum and kick the cruise ships out of the Venice lagoon,” said Silvio Testa, a spokesman for the protesters. Cruise ship operators claim the ships create little damage to Venice’s fragile palazzi and no pollution, while local fears over safety have been spurred by the grounding of the Costa Concordia cruise ship on the island of Giglio last year and the more recent ramming of an observation tower at the port of Genoa by a cargo ship, killing seven.

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Protests in Venice over cruise ships
Residents of the Venice have staged protests over what they call “the invasion of cruise ships”, which they claim is turning St. Marks Basin into a motorway. An expected 13 large vessels are set to arrive this weekend (Sept. 21/22.) With the Costa Concordia accident that killed 32 fresh in the minds of Italians, there are fears that a similar incident could occur in Venice. Filippo Olivetti, who represents cruise ship tourism in the city says “the accident of the Costa Concordia occurred on the open sea in different conditions from those of a lagoon port such as that of Venice.” He added that “ships must sail within a very narrow line.” Silvio Testa who is against the vessels says “the solution” to the problem is only allow cruise ships “compatible with the needs” of Venice to enter. The protesters believe the floating hotels pose a risk to the city’s infrastructure and inhabitants. The number of tourists arriving in Venice on cruise ships has risen from below 100,000 passengers in 1999 to 1.7 million in 2012. www.euronews.com/...

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Venice Moves A Step Closer to Banning Cruise Ships from passing the Canale Grande
Venice has moved a step closer to banning cruise ships from the Grand Canal, according to an Italian newspaper. Italian Environment Minister Andrea Orlando is proposing enacting emergency legislation -- drafted after the Costa Concordia accident -- which would ban ships of more than 500 tons coming within two nautical miles of landscapes of natural or cultural importance. Orlando tells the newspaper Il Gazzettino he will put the proposals in front of a cross-party parliamentary committee next month (October). The move is backed by Venice's mayor Giorgio Orsini, who wants to see cruise passengers dock at a nearby town, Porto Marghera. Orlando's comments are just the latest in a long-running row between environmentalists and the cruise industry to get cruise ship's banned from Venice. www.cruisecritic....

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Euroports Italy handling the largest bulk cargo vessel ever to enter the Port of Venice
On August 2nd 2013, Euroports Italy’s terminal in Marghera, Venice welcomed the largest seagoing vessel ever to enter the port of Venice for handling operations, said in the company's press release. The MV TEN JIN MARU, a bulk carrier, departed from South America on July 8th, with a record of 65.000 tons of Agribulk products to be handled at the Piemonte berths of Molo B. Both for the company and the Venice Port Authority, this is the largest cargo handling operation ever done in the port, after the recent draft increase to 11,50m. Dredging works for the draft increase were recently completed by the Venice Port Authority. Marco Cobellini, Euroports Italy Managing Director stated that “We are proud that the handling of this vessel and the 65.000 tons of Agribulk cargo was entrusted to Euroports Italy. We see this both as a recognition of our terminal handling expertise and the good reputation of the Port of Venice.”

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