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 Horizon  (Passenger Ship > Cruise Ship)
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20 Kilos: Drug Bust on the Horizon
The El Universal newspaper in Caracas reports that three people carrying 20 kilos of cocaine were arrested trying to smuggle the drugs aboard the Horizon cruise ship while in port in Margarita Island in Venezuela. The Horizon is currently in operation by French cruise line CDF Croisières de France. The articles, however, erroneously state that the Horizon is still operated as part of the Pullmantur Cruise Line. Another newspaper says that the ship was heading to the Dominican Republic with 1,600 passengers and 600 crew, when the authorities found 108 bundles of wrapped cocaine.

 Kocak  (Service Ship > Naval Naval Auxiliary)
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65 personnel taken off grounded container ship
47 soldiers and 18 Marines were taken off the USNS "Sgt. Matej Kocak" by an Army landing craft until Jan 25, leaving 20 soldiers and eight Marines aboard for cargo custody and maintenance. The ship, which was carrying military equipment, personnel and ammunition, was outbound from Okinawa when it missed a turn and veered out of the shipping lane, grounding hard on coral reef and rock. The ship would remain in place while divers assessed the hull damage. The coral meant the Navy would have to take precautions to avoid any potential environmental damage.

 Britannia  (Passenger Ship > Cruise Ship)
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Rumor That HM Queen To Be Godmother To P&O Britannia
P&O Britannia is one of the most anticipated new cruise ship of 2015 especially for the UK as the ship is being purpose-built for the British market. Well now there is a rumor that Her Majesty The Queen is to be the Godmother the Britannia. According to posts on the Cruise Critic message boards a user named “A Floating Voter” posted “HM, accompanied by Prince Phillip, are to visit Hampshire on March 10th, this is shown on the Royal Diary dates. Britannia’s maiden voyage leaves Southampton on 14th March, — I’m on it !!! The dates may simply be coincidental but a naming ceremony just 4 days before the maiden voyage could be spot on.” This may be true as its also confirmed on the monarchy site. The P&O Britannia’s homeport is in Southampton, UK which is in the county of Hampshire. P&O Cruises were previously interested having the Duchess of Cambridge as Britannia s Godmother but once news of her pregnancy went public the dates no longer matched. The ship is a showcase to British cruising and is the largest ever ship purpose-built for the UK so having someone from the Royal family makes sense. It does seem that P&O Cruises wants a “Royal” Godmother but only time will tell if it will be Her Majesty The Queen. The last ship Christened by Queen Elizabeth II was the UK’s new Aircraft Carrier in July 2014. The new Flagship to the Royal navy is also named Queen Elizabeth. P&O Britannia will set sail on its maiden voyage from Southampton on 14th March 2015. Before that the Christening will take place at Southampton Port on March 10th. The vessel is 142,000 gross tons and once it enters service will be carrying over 3,600 passengers.

 Carnival Triumph  (Passenger Ship > Cruise Ship)
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Medevac of baby off Galveston
An 8-month-old baby girl was medevaced from the "Carnival Triumph" in the early morning of Jan 26, 2015, about 140 miles southeast of Galveston. The Coast Guard received a call on Jan 25 around 7:15 p.m. requesting medical evacuation for a baby who was suffering from seizures and having difficulty breathing. An Air Station Houston MH-65 Dolphin helicopter was sent to the boat and medecaved the child, the child's mother and the nurse who was caring for the child. The helicopter arrived to the boat around 11:48 p.m. and landed at Memorial Hermann Hospital at 2:13 a.m. Report with video: www.click2houston...

 Costa Concordia  (Passenger Ship > Cruise Ship)
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Italy: Prosecutors Seek Long Sentence for Cruise Ship Captain
Prosecutors on Monday asked a court to convict the captain of the Costa Concordia cruise ship and sentence him to 26 years in prison for the 2012 shipwreck off Tuscany that killed 32 people. Prosecutor Maria Navarro also asked the court to detain Capt. Francesco Schettino and seize his passport and navigation license, saying he is a flight risk. Captain Schettino is being tried for manslaughter, causing the shipwreck and abandoning the ship while many passengers and crew members were still aboard. Captain Schettino has said he saved lives by steering the liner toward shore after it hit rocks that were not on his charts. He has accused his crew of botching his orders. The defense is expected to respond in court starting Feb. 9, with a verdict expected after that.

 Ssl Gujarat  (Container Ship)
vor 1 Std von arnekiel

Shreyas acquires another box vessel for $5.4 million
Shreyas Shipping and Logistics has expanded its coastal container service capacity with an additional 1613 TEU vessel. The vessel `SSL Gujarat’ acquired at a cost of $ 5.4 million from the group company OEL, will join the fleet in India next week.

 Vestaswind  (Other)
vor 2 Std von Timsen

Vestas Wind arrived in Genoa
T he first leg of the race against time for the "Vestas Wind" ended on Jan 26, 2015, after its carrier, the "Marrsk Stockholm", arrived in Genova, coming from Kuala Lumpur. Skipper Chris Nicholson, shore manager Neil Cox and a small committee of directors of Vestas welcomed the ship. On Jan 28 the hull will be brought to Nembro, Bergamo, where the Persico Marine, the same shipyard that built the hulls of all seven VOR 65 of the 12th Volvo Ocean Race, will have to rebuild it in record time, starting with pieces that can be saved of the old boat. The hull will have a new deck and the new electronics, while the sails will be the same of the first boat. Report with photos:

 Adamastos  (Bulk Carrier)
vor 2 Std von Timsen

Last crew left abandoned ship
After facing food shortages and lack of electricity for five months, 11 crew members of the "Adamastos" which was abandoned by the owner, decided to leave the ship and return to their home countries. Eight Egyptians, two Romanians and the captain from Georgia were almost confined aboard the freighter since August 2014, anchored 12 km south of Rio Grande do Sul, and waited for the payment of back wages. The Greek owner of the vessel was silent on the debt. On Jan 24 the group left the freighter with help of a team of the port of Rio Grande. They had little food, no bath, could only drink one glass of water a day and the energy was only on for an hour a day. In December, another group of the crew, made up of Indonesians, had already left the ship. The last 11 crew members, however, had insisted on staying on board because they understood that they could not recover the wages once they returned to their countries. Some of them had already left the ship temporarily for health reasons and to provide more supplies. One of the reasons for the decision to leave the vessel was now the hope that Brazilian labor laws guaranteed payment of overdue amounts. A Brazilian lawyer will represent them. The ship was loaded with soybeans, valued at $ 32 million, which have begun to spoil. According to the Ministry of Labour, the degradation of the product can release toxic and flammable gases. The Federal Police in the city of Rio Grande was reaping testimony of the crew on Jan 26 and opened an investigation to determine if there was any crime in the employment relationship such as labor analogous to slavery. On leaving the port of Rio Grande in August bound to China, the ship had encountered problems and had to be towed to an anchorage. The authorities then found that there were unpaid debts and prevented the freighter from leaving. There was no response from the Greek owner company at any time.

 Zeus I  (Bulk Carrier)
vor 2 Std von Timsen

Drifting vessel towed to Algier
In the early morning of Jan 26, 2015, the "Zeus 1" which had been adrift 16 kilometers north of Bordj El Bahri with a crew of 21 Ukrainians on board, was pulled into the port of Algier. The ship had sent a distress signal after an engine failure. Two SAR helicopters and the tug "El Mousanid" were dispatched, and despite the bad weather the ship could be taken in tow. The ship had on board 23800 tons of wheat and had been adrift since Jan 25 at 3 a.m. close to Tamentfoust in the east of Algier in eight Beaufort wind force and wave heights of eight meters. It had come from Canada and was ordered to leave the port of Algier due to the approaching storm. French report with photos, video: www.tsa-algerie.c...

 Cap San Marco  (Container Ship)
vor 3 Std von Timsen

Lay up in Hamburg ended
After having been laid up for 16 days the "Cap San Marco" left the port of Hamburg again on Jan 26, 2015, being bound for Antwerp as next port of call.

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