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 Federal Katsura  (Bulk Carrier)
vor 2 Std von bruiser

federal katsura

 Kertu  (General Cargo Ship)
vor 3 Std von Timsen

Kertu safe in port
On Oct 30 at 12:40 a.m. the "Kertu" arrived in the port of Oxelösund. The Coast Guard ship "KBV 002" with the salvors on board assisted. In the afternoon divers were to examine the hull. The weather was calmer with winds of 7-8 meters per second from west. The previously evacuated crew was transferred back onto the ship when it approached Hävringe, an island with lighthouse and pilot station in Oxelösund's outer archipelago at the entrance to the ports of Nyköping, Norrköping and Oxelösund around 10 a.m. Swedish reports with photos: www.kustbevakning...

 Virgen Maria B  (Gas Tanker > Lpg Tanker)
vor 6 Std von BerndU

beached at Alang 30.10.14

 Altavia  (Container Ship)
vor 7 Std von BerndU

sold to Breakers
sold to Chittagong breakers,date of arrival 04.11.14

 Oscar Wilde  (Passenger Ship > Passenger Ro Ro Cargo Ship)
vor 7 Std von Timsen

Investigation in death of 11 greyhounds
The Department of Agriculture has said it is investigating and incident in which 11 greyhounds were discovered dead in a van on board the "Oscar Wilde" just before it docked in Cherbourg in the afternoon of Oct 27, 2014. The greyhounds were being transported in cages in the van and it is believed they suffocated during the 14-hour journey from Rosslare to Cherbourg. Irish Ferries swere unaware the dogs were being transported in the vehicle. The driver was questioned by French police but has since been released. As a precaution, nine other pet owners travelling with their animals were held on board the vessel for a short time after it docked until the cause of the greyhounds’ deaths was established. The Department of Agriculture described the incident as very serious and was continuing to liaise with French authorities. The Bord na gCon, which regulates greyhound racing in Ireland, promised to provide all possible assistance to investigations into the incident by authorities in France and by the Department of Agriculture here to determine whether there has been breach of animal welfare regulations surrounding the transport of animals.

 Anoushka  (Bulk Carrier)
vor 7 Std von BerndU

sold to Breakers
sold to Alang breakers

 San Felipe  (Container Ship)
vor 7 Std von Timsen

Major fire on San Felipe still raging
Authorities were investigating the collision between two the "San Felipe" and the "Al Riffa" at Westport in Port Klang. The incident happened when the "San Felipe" allided with the "Al Riffa" when it was approaching the berth. The fire on the "Al Riffa" was extinguished on Oct 29 at 8.30 p.m. The "San Felipe" was towed to a secure area as the fire on it was still burning and to avoid obstructing other vessels. The authorities were working hard to extinguish the fire but were having trouble because some of the cargo might be combustible goods. The South Channel access to the port was reopened on Oct 29 at 10:00 a.m. Report and photos: www.vesselfinder....

 Hong Peng  (General Cargo Ship)
vor 7 Std von BerndU

beached at Alang 30.10.14 Plot 25

 Zim Atlantic  (Container Ship)
vor 7 Std von BerndU

beached at Alang 30.10.14

 Pacifico  (Container Ship)
vor 7 Std von BerndU

beached at Alang 30.10.14

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