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 Scarabeo 8  (Service Ship)
vor 496 Tagen von Timsen

Man rescued after 20 meter-fall
The "Esvagt Aurora" saved a man who had fallen overboard from the "Scarabeo 8" in the Barents Sea in the early morning of Feb 20, 2015 at 4.09 a.m. The ship was on stand-by at the platform and thus able to get the man out of the icy water four minutes after a drop of 15-20 meters from the platform. The man was picked up by a lifeboat from the "Esvagt Aurora" and talen aboard the vessel. A helicopter transferred him to the Hammerfest Hospital, where he arrived at 7 a.m. and then transferred to the Northern Norway University Hospital in Tromsø. He was not in any critical condition but suffered an eye injury needing treatment by medical specialists.

 Alsvin  (General Cargo Ship)
vor 496 Tagen von Timsen

Alsvin refloated, master may have been intoxicated
The "Alsvin", 2634 ts (EU-No.: 06004017), which had run aground under the Vlake Bridge in Hansweert in the morning of Feb 20 was refloated with the rising tide at 3 p.m. A first attempt to refloat the vessel by tugs of Polderman had failed. The ship had loaded 111 containers, 100 were empty, and six were filled with iron alloys, which was regarded as hazardous cargo. The salvage started at 2 p.m. After the "Alsvin" was pulled off by tugs "Bravo" and "Multratug 22" at the stern and "Zephyros" at the bow, supported by more craft at starboard side, ProRail has inspected the railway bridge, found no damage and reopened it for train traffic at 4 p.m. The police was still investigating whether the master had been drinking too much alcohol. He was injured in the accident and taken to hispital where also a blood sample was taken. Dutch reports with photos and videos: www.tugspotters.c... www.omroepzeeland...

 Costa Concordia  (Passenger Ship > Cruise Ship)
vor 496 Tagen von Timsen

Last victim of sinking to be laid to rest
Over three years after the "Costa Concordia" sinking, the last victim of the accident — Nallasopara native Russel Rebello — will finally be laid to rest on Feb 21. Nallasopara native Russel (33), was working as a waiter aboard the ship. In November l2014, a human skeleton with Russel’s identity card was found on deck 4 in Genoa, and DNA identification subsequently confirmed that it was Russel.

 Maryland  (Tug)
vor 496 Tagen von Timsen

Tug and oil barge were stuck in ice
Two Coast Guard cutters and a commercial vessel went to the aid of the "Maryland" and a barge that got stuck in ice on the frozen Hudson River off West Point early on Feb 18, 2015. The Coast Guard’s New York command center was called by the crew of the tug about 3 a.m. and dispatched the cutters "Line" and "Willow". The "Maryland" had been on its way to Newburgh with a barge carrying 27,000 barrels of home heating oil. The "Maryland"’s crew also contacted another tug, the "Jason Reinauer", for assistance. The "Line" arrived about 8 a.m., the "Jason Reinauer" about 9 a.m., as the "Line" was having little luck trying to break the "Maryland" free because it had sat so long in freezing water. The "Willow" arrived about an hour later The cutters circled around the "Maryland", breaking up ice, but couldn’t get in close because of their size. With one cutter breaking ice around the "Maryland" and the other cutting a channel north, the "Jason Reinauer" began helping its barge get underway again. Report with photo: www.poughkeepsiej...

 Betsy Ross  (Other)
vor 496 Tagen von Timsen

Two dead in explosion in Lami Bay
One more crew member rescued from the "Betsy Ross" in the Lami Bay has died in hospital on Feb 20, 2015. He was one of six people taken to hospital from the ship after an accident on board the vessel.The police was trying to establish whether there was a fire or an explosion. One man died on Feb 19 after he was trapped in the hull of the vessel for almost five hours. The men were mixing paint when they heard an explosion. Two of the injured men are fire fighters who responded to the emergency call at the scene a little after midday. Report with

 Hoegh Osaka  (Ro Ro Cargo Ship > Vehicles Carrier)
vor 496 Tagen von Timsen

Car carrier still at County Wharf
The "Hoegh Osaka" is currently dominating the skyline at the docks from its berth at County Wharf since its arrival in Falmouth last week. The car carrier is remaining at the wharf before being moved to No 2 dry-dock for repair work, which was expected to take around three weeks. Repot with photo: www.falmouthpacke...

 St.gregory The Great  (Passenger Ship > Passenger Ro Ro Cargo Ship)
vor 496 Tagen von BerndU

beached at Chittagong 07.02.15

 St.gregory The Great  (Passenger Ship > Passenger Ro Ro Cargo Ship)
vor 496 Tagen von BerndU

sold to Breakers

 MOL Bravery  (Container Ship)
vor 496 Tagen von BerndU

sold to Breakers

 Commodore Straits  (Tug)
vor 496 Tagen von Timsen

Salvage of sunken tug has commenced
Nearly two months after the sinking of the "Chaulk Determination" in the St. Lawrence River on Dec 26, 2014, the salvage of the wreck finally began on Feb 19 after multiple delays at the Port of Trois-Rivières. First a barge had to be taken to the site, before divers prepared the recovery. tion of the tug on the water. With cranes installed at five locations, the cables attached to the ship and winches, Ocean Group has begun to lift the foreship before starting to pump out water and also bring the aft back to the surface of the water, which should take 48 hours. Thereafter, a 24-hour period was planned to stabilize it. The wreck would remain on site until the end of the winter then. Reports with photos: www.shipspotting....

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