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 Petrojarl 1  (Offshore Vessel > Offshore Support Vessel)
vor 491 Tagen von arnekiel

FPSO Petrojarl I dry-docked at Damen Shiprepair Rotterdam
After four months of preliminary work alongside, FPSO Petrojarl I moved on April 16, 2015 into Damen Shiprepair Rotterdam’s 307m long x 47 m wide dry dock no 8 for work to the hull. In all, the vessel will spend a year at DSR before heading off to the South Atlantic. DSR was awarded an EPC contract by Teekay Petrojarl LLC for the upgrade, on completion of which the vessel will be redeployed at the Atlanta field in Brazil. www.hellenicshipp...

 Da Dan Xia  (General Cargo Ship)
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Detained ship cleared to sail
Colombia has authorized the "Da Dan Xoia" to set sail after it was caught carrying 100 tonnes of explosives to Cuba illegally, the prosecutor's office said on Apr 21, though it continued to hold the vessel's captain pending a criminal investigation. A Cartagena-based judge authorized the ship to depart after nearly two months because Colombian authorities do not have the logistical capacity to unload, store or destroy the weaponry found aboard. The ship was detained on Feb. 28 after docking in the coastal city of Cartagena on the Caribbean coast. Inspectors found the explosives plus 2.6 million detonators, 99 projectile heads and around 3,000 canon shells on board. The documentation presented by the crew said the ship was carrying grains. China's Foreign Ministry said the ship was transporting regular military supplies to Cuba as part of its trade and military cooperation with the communist-run island and that it had not violated any international norms. The producer of the cargo, Norinco, is China's biggest arms maker. The recipient was stated as importer Tecnoimport in the Cuban capital Havana.

 Marathassa  (Bulk Carrier)
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Bulkcarrier released by Coastguard two weeks after oil spill
The "Marathassa" which has been blamed for spilling several thousand litres of bunker fuel into English Bay — has been released thby the Canadian Coast Guard in the morning of Apr 21. Around 6 a.m. the vessel headed to a berth in Vancouver Harbour to be loaded with grain before departing on its next voyage. The Coastguard had ordered the ship to remain at anchorage after the oil spill was detected two weeks ago. It was surrounded by a boom while crews worked to clean up the oil. This material was to be carefully collected by crews and cleaned. While this operation was ongoing, pollution response equipment were standing by to respond to any potential further release. The hull of the vessel was cleaned to remove oil, but a minimal amount of bunker C fuel — much like a bathtub ring at the vessel water line remained adhered to the vessel's hull. The incident command science and environment teams have concluded that further efforts to remove this ring would necessitate the use of chemicals which was deemed to be unacceptable to partner agencies represented at incident command. Transport Canada was taking several measures to ensure the vessel did not further pollute Canadian waters. The bulkcarrer was on its maiden voyage from Japan when a mechanical failure resulted in the accidental discharge of an estimated 2,700 litres of fuel into English Bay on Apr 8. Report with photos:

 Carnival Spirit  (Passenger Ship > Cruise Ship)
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Cruise ship in port after storm ride
The "Carnival Spirit" with 2500 passengers and 1500 crew members docked at the Sydney Cove Overseas Passenger Terminalon Apr 22, at 7.30 a.m. after the 30-foot waves that prevented the ship from entering Sydney Harbor subsided and a pilot was able to get on board. She was barred from docking on Apr 21 when the entire port was closed. Passengers were forced to hole up in their cabins over two nights as swells of up to nine-metres rocked the ship. A lot of people felt sick but they managed it pretty well. Passengers also praised the professionalism of the crew. The captain made announcements and kept them in touch with what was going on. Dining galleys remained open and passengers enjoyed musical performances and other entertainment to pass the time. Cruise director Erick Speekenbrink also praised the resilience of the passengers. As damage to the "Carnival Spirit" was only minor, she set to head out of the harbour again in the evening on its next voyage to New Caledonia with embarking due to start at 2.30 p.m. Report with photos and video:

 Sewol  (Passenger Ship > Passenger Ro Ro Cargo Ship)
vor 491 Tagen von Timsen

South Korea plans to attempt Sewol salvage despite doubts and critics
The South Korean government has confirmed plans to salvage the "Sewol" off the southern coast of Jindo, South Jeolla Province. Nine people are still missing. The Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries said on Apr 22 the operation would use crane vessels and a floating dock to raise the ship. After choosing a company to organize the salvage, the ministry expected three months of preparation before work begins ㅡ including salvage planning, supplies and equipment securing, and base installing. The salvage would take about a year, depending on the weather. The government had earlier announced that the process would take up to 18 months, at a cost of 150 billion won ($138,729,000). The salvage decision was announced soon after a meeting of the Central Disaster and Relief Committee to evaluate an Oceans Ministry and Sewol Disaster Central Response Committee proposal to lift the ferry from the sea floor. After analyzing the wreckage using special technology, the government decided to lift the ship, which is lying on its port side, in its entirety from the sea bottom without turning it upright, using cranes and floating docks to prevent the loss of the nine bodies which may still be inside, and minimize possible damage to the hull. Although some experts said lifting the vessel is technically possible, it was still unclear whether it could be successfully carried out as planned. The salvaging of ship and cargo weighing 10,000 tons from waters with fast-moving tidal currents has never been achieved anywhere in the world. It may take up to six months for divers to drill 93 lifting holes into the ferry's starboard bow and connect chains to raise the ship because of the fast currents and poor visibility in the water. As diving is almost impossible from November to January due to the temperatures in the water, lifting of the vessel may only be attempted next spring. There were various more other uncertainties, such as the extent of corrosion of the ship, typhoons in the summer, and possible destruction of cranes or their attached chains. The expenses may increase by 50 billion won if the period is extended by six months. If unexpected problems take place during the work, the total cost may exceed 200 billion won, which has already been critizised as the taxpayer would have to come up with this.

 Norman Atlantic  (Passenger Ship > Passenger Ro Ro Cargo Ship)
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No progress regarding investitions
After the "Norman Atlantic" docked off the cruise terminal in Bari on Feb 14, the prosecutor of Bari, Joseph Volpe, hoped to be able to block the berth for no longer than 1,5 months. But to date the ship was remaining docked, and the technical operations have not even started. The judiciary of Bari was awaiting fact of recording evidence which will provide access on board and empty the wreck of all the means to carry out the investigations into the causes of the fire. The investigators talked to hundreds of people in Italy, Greece, Turkey, Albania and Germany with notifications taking even more time. Volpe could not even make predictions about what the investigators will find on board including the possibility of finding the bodies of other victims. For Apr 27 the Port Authority has convened shipping companies of the port of Bari to respond to the protests on the inconvenience of the arrival of cruise passengers.

 Leg0naydenov  (Fishing Vessel)
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ROV arrived at sinking site
176 kilometers off the coast of Gran Canaria the "´Grampian Surveyor" was attempting to locate the exact position of the "Oleg Naydenov" since the morning of Apr 21. She was working jointly with the Coastguard vessel "Alpheratz" which was mobilized from the port Los Cristianos (Tenerife) for support and had on board an Otech ROV capable of descending to 3,000 meters depth. The ROV was three meters long, had a weight of four tons of weight and 200 hp. Rough seas with wind forces of 25 knots continued to hamper efforts to recover spilled oil seven days after sinking. The trawler kept pouring fuel into the sea. The core of the spill shifted 46 kilometers over the past 24 hours. On scene were the salvage vessels "Miguel de Cervantes", "Luz de Mar", "Salvamar Thalia" and "Punta Salinas" which tried to disperse the lighter spots with mechanical means. The Spanish satellite Deimos-2 has managed to take pictures of the spill from space, which confirmed that the slick was 92 kilometers off the coast.

 Juno  (Bulk Carrier)
vor 491 Tagen von Timsen

Tugs arrived to refloat grounded bulkcarrier
The Coast Guard continued its response to the "Juno" which ran aground in the vicinity of Wellesley Island in the St. Lawrence River, New York, while transiting inbound from the St. Lawrence Seaway to the Port of Toronto. The flooded forward ballast tanks were empty prior to the grounding, and there has been no report of pollution. Contracted salvage personnel arrived on scene late on Apr 20 evening, and the contracted tugs "Ocean Georgie Bain" and "Ocean Ross Gaudrault" arrived late on Apr 21 morning to assist in refloating the vessel. Vessel navigation was currently suspended in the vicinity of the grounding. There were seven other vessels in the area waiting for the navigational channel to re-open. A unified command, consisting of the U.S. Coast Guard, the Canadian Coast Guard, the Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation, Saint Lawrence Seaway Management Corporation, Polsteam USA, Seaway Traffic, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and Jefferson County, has been stood up to manage the incident. The vessel owners reported on Apr 21 morning the steering malfunction has been fixed. Reports with photos: quebec.huffington...

 Northern Pride  (Fishing Vessel)
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Three mariners saved after fire on board
A Coast Guard Air Station Kodiak MH-60 Jayhawk helicopter crew rescued three mariners after a fire started on board the "Northern Pride" north of Kodiak Island on Apr 21, 2015. The crew couldn’t fight the fire, it was too smoky;, so they made a distress call, put on survival suits, manually launched the life raft and got in safely, turned on the EPIRB and waited for the Coastguard. The Coast Guard Sector Anchorage received a Mayday relay from the good Samaritan fishing vessel "Dancer" requesting Coast Guard assistance for the crew of the "Northern Pride". The "Dancer" crew reported smoke from the "Northern Pride" and that all three people on board where in immersion suits and abandoning their vessel. The helicopter came within a half hour. A rescue swimmer was dropped off, and the Jayhawk crew hoisted the mariners from their life raft in Stevenson Entrance, approximately 60 miles north of Kodiak, and transported them safely to Kodiak. All three mariners were reported in good condition. The "Northern Pride" was reported as smoking with no signs of pollution. Weather on scene was 20 mph winds and seas of 3-4 feet. Reports with photos and video:

 Magsenger 1  (Bulk Carrier)
vor 491 Tagen von Timsen

Grounding on Suez Canal
Early in the morning of Apr 21, 2015, the "Magsenger 1" suffered a major engine failure and ran aground on the Suez Canal at kilometer mark 136 while proceeding in a southbound convoy. The vessel was refloated 10 hours later, and moved to the Gulf of Suez anchorage. Involved were the five Suez Canal Authority tugs, led by the "Ezzat Adel". The progress was extremely slow, and traffic was disrupted for about a day. Photo: www.shipspotting....

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