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 Hamal  (Tug)
vor 433 Tagen von arnekiel

UK, Tanzania forces intercept 1.5bn/- worth cocaine haul
AUTHORITIES in Tanzania and the United Kingdom have seized the biggest ever consignment of cocaine estimated at a street value of £512 million (about1.5bn/-). Following the seizure on Monday this week, a Scottish High Court convicted the captain and first officer of an ocean-going tug boat of drug trafficking. Following a 12-week trial at the High Court in Glasgow, Ship Captain Mumin Sahin and First Mate Emin Ozmen were found guilty of two counts of drug trafficking. They will be sentenced on August 12. The cocaine, with an estimated potential street value of 1.5bn/- and a weight of 3.2 tonnes, was found hidden on board the Tanzanian-flagged MV Hamal in April 2015 off the coast of Scotland. UK authorities were only able to stop the vessel in international waters due to the cooperation of Tanzania. The MV Hamal is owned by the Kiev Shipping and Trading Corporation and had an all Turkish crew. Before being apprehended in Scotland, ship logs showed the MV Hamal had sailed from Turkey to West Africa, Tenerife and Guyana. Contacted yesterday, Police Spokesperson Advera Bulimba said she was outside her office and thus could not be able to make follow-up on the matter. “I am not in the office now; and I can only comment if I have enough information,’’ she said in a telephone interview.

 MSC Poh Lin  (Container Ship)
vor 433 Tagen von Timsen

Master of boxship involved in cocaine smuggle
The Guardia di Finanza of Reggio Calabria, found on 83 kilograms of cocaine aboard the "MSC Poh Lin". The drugs were hidden in one of the loaded containers which did not have a seal. After the vessel had arrived at the APM North Pier Container Terminal in Gioia Tauro on July 7, 2014, several hundred officers of Guardia di Finanza carried out a thorough check of the 1500 containers on board. Drugs weren’t found at first, but the Guardia di Finanza already had information that the Calabrian mafia Ndrangheta and South American drug cartels had invented a new scheme of trafficking drugs to Europe, which demanded implication of ships’ senior officers. Criminal organizations recruited the master of the ship for this purpose. Guardia di Finanza officers found encoded messages identifying a container with drugs. The container in question was shipped from Chile with transshipment in Balboa Panama, destined for Valencia, Spain. As of July 15, the ship was still docked in Gioia Tauro. Italian report with photos: www.giornaledical...

 Maritime Jingan  (Oil And Chemical Tanker > Chemical Oil Products Tanker)
vor 433 Tagen von Timsen

Small oil spill on Houston Ship Channel
About 1,5 tons of benzene were spilt on the cargo deck of the "Maritime Jingan" which was moored at zjr Vopak Terminal in the Houston Channel on July 14, 2016. A small quantity leaked overboard. At approximately 12 p.m., Sector Houston-Galveston watchstanders received a call from Vopak Terminal personnel. Also the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department was notified. The leak has been secured and the cause is under investigation. The channel was closed between the Lynchburg Ferry Crossing and Carpenters Bayou from 12.23 p.m. to 2.40 p.m. for cleanup works by HAZMAT teams.

 Whitefish Bay  (Bulk Carrier > Self Discharging Bulk Carrier)
vor 434 Tagen von Timsen

Bulkcarrier refloated
The "Whitefish Bay" was refloated on July 14 shortly before 8 a.m. A salvage plan was approved at about 8 p.m. Wednesday and was implemented at 6 a.m. The ship was carrying a load of coal product toward a port in New Brunswick when it experienced mechanical difficulties, losing power and coming to a halt on solid ground. The vessel was freed at 7:50 a.m. today without further incident. It was taken to Saint-Zotique, Quebec, for further inspection, before sailing on to Belle Dune. Report with photo: www.standard-free...

 Alize  (General Cargo Ship)
vor 434 Tagen von Timsen

Ship and crew arrested for cigarette contraband
The "Alize" became suspect in smuggling cigarettes by the Turkish customs, after they were tipped by a Northern Cyprus correspondent in Famagusta. The vessel was put under surveillance, when it passed the Straits and headed to Kherson, before setting sail for a new voyage via the Straits. Upon arrival at Istanbul on July 8, 2016, the "Alize" was detained and searched. 3 million 300 thousand packs of contraband cigarettes were found aboard, and the vessel and the crew of six were put under arrest.

 An Fu Star  (Bulk Carrier)
vor 434 Tagen von BerndU

arrived Chittagong anchorage
arrived Chittagong anchorage 14.07.16

 Fpso Kwame Nkrumah  (Offshore Vessel > Offshore Processing Ship)
vor 434 Tagen von Timsen

FPSO shut down after false fire alarm
Engineers working on the FPSO "Kwame Nkrumah" have returned the facility to full operations off Takoradi after a false fire alarm shut down the vessel in the evening of July 12, 2016. The fire alarm completely shut down the facility cutting gas supply to Aboadze. The development resulted in a shortfall in power generation causing long hours of outages across the country. The incident compelled managers of the facility to evacuate all the workers from the floating vessel. The fire alarm, however, turned out to be a false one. Full operations have resumed on the facility.

 St Davids  (Other)
vor 434 Tagen von Timsen

Three pilots injured off Milford Haven
Three Milford Haven pilots have been injured after the "St. Davids" made a hard contact with the LNG carrier "Lijmiliya" during a routine transfer on July 10, 2016. The incident occurred early in the morning, and the impact was so hard in fact that three of the five crew members on board the pilot boat suffered injuries, which were described as minor in nature but serious enough to require hospitalization. The pilot boat also suffered significant damage. All three of the injured crew members are recovering at home.

 Whitefish Bay  (Bulk Carrier > Self Discharging Bulk Carrier)
vor 434 Tagen von Timsen

Tugs at grounding site
The tugs "Duga" and "Ocean Georgie Bain" from Montreal arrived at the grounding site of the "Whitefish Bay" oin July 13 to refloat the freighter at Hamilton Island in Summerstown, Ontario, just downriver from Cornwall. The bulk carrier hit rocks and went hard aground after a mechanical failure. The ship was carrying coal products downriver at the time of the accident. There were no injuries, releases of pollution, or ingress of water as a result of the grounding. The crew has remained on board. Seaway traffic continued to move uninterrupted because the vessel was at the edge of the channel. Reports with photo and video: www.northcountryp... www.cornwallseawa...

 Ana Cecilia  (General Cargo Ship)
vor 434 Tagen von Timsen

Freighter sunk as artificial reef
The "Ana Cecilia" has been sunk about a mile off the coast of Singer Island in Palm Beach County as an artificial reef, diving attraction and underwater memorial on July 13, 2016. A crew unplugged eight portholes about 11:30 a.m. It took about 15 minutes for the "Ana Cecilia" to sink to the bottom 85 feet below. When it disappeared stern first, cheers erupted from dozens of boaters who circled to watch it sink. Reports with photos and videos: www.palmbeacherma... www.sun-sentinel.... www.palmbeachpost...

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