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 Morning Glory  (Oil And Chemical Tanker > Crude Oil Tanker)
vor 466 Tagen von Timsen

Tanker crew cleared to leave
The 6 Pakistanis, 6 Indians, 3 Sri Lankins, 2 Syrian, 2 Sudanese and 2 Eritrean crew members of the "Morning Glory" were to be released and reach their respective countries soon. The crew had been taken into custody for investigation, and meanwhile they are all cleared. All the crew members on board were safe.

 Miss Susan  (Tug)
vor 466 Tagen von Timsen

Test run in Houston Ship Channel
A test run of two ships through the Houston Ship Channel offered hope on Mar 26 that traffic could begin to clear on both sides of the waterway. The "Carnival Magic" and a boat operated by the Houston Pilots association were cleared to sail through the channel and Galveston Bay. 100 barges and other ships have been waiting to enter or leave through the channel that connects the Gulf with Houston and other parts of Southeast Texas. The two ships' progress was to help determine whether the channel can be re-opened to more traffic. Officials needed to ensure that the water and the ships moving through the channel were free of oil before the channel could be reopened. Most of the oil appears to have moved out of the ship channel and Galveston Bay, and into the Gulf of Mexico. Some black, tar-like globs, and a dark line of a sticky, oily substance, could be seen along the shoreline of the Texas City dike. In Texas City crews picked tar balls out of the sand and set up cannons that boomed every few minutes to scare off birds. At Galveston's East Beach, workers set up metal posts to hang lines of absorbent material to collect tar balls as they washed up. On the other side of a jetty, crews were scooping oil from the sand and pouring it into plastic bags. At least 50 birds of six species have needed treatment due to the oil.

 Diamonde  (General Cargo Ship)
vor 466 Tagen von Timsen

Grounding on the Ems
On Mar 25, 2014, the "Diamonde" ran aground on the Ems nwar Weener enroute from Gothenburg to Papenburg with a cargo of steel coils. The vessel had no pilot on board. After about one hour the ship was able to get off again with own power and proceeded to port. It docked at the quay of Schulte & Bruns in the Dever port and, after having been inspected by a classification Society and unloaded, left the port again on Mar 26 bound for Antwerp with an ETA of Mar 27. German reports with photos:

 Baltic Ace  (Ro Ro Cargo Ship > Vehicles Carrier)
vor 467 Tagen von Timsen

Tricolor method used for removal of Baltic Ace
Rijkswaterstaat has given the contract to salvage the wreck of the "Baltic Ace" to the salvage combination Boskalis/Mammoet Salvage. This year work starts with the removal of the fuel on board. In 2015 the wreck will be cut into sections and disposed of. The wreck must be completely removed from the bottom so the safety of shipping towards the port of Rotterdam is completely restored. The wreck is resting on a water depth of 35 meters in the midst of one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world and hampers the safe and rapid passage of the 16,000 ships that are passing through annually. The wreck may also contain 540,000 liters of fuel oil and has more than 1,400 cars on board, posing a threat to the environment. First, the wreck will be cut into several large pieces, using the same method as for cutting the "Tricolor" some years ago. Then the sections will be picked up including the cargo and placed ton barges with large floating cranes before being demolished ashore.

 Nitrico 2  (Other Tanker)
vor 467 Tagen von Timsen

Tanker grounded on the Easter Scheldt
In the morning of Mar 24, 2014, at 7.45 a.m. the "Nitrico II", whilst coming from Willemstad, ran aground on the Easter Scheldt river off Stavenisse in the White Tonnenvlije. The ship was loaded with 650 tons of sulfuric acid. The salvage tug "Zephyrus" immediately proceeded from its station in Stavenisse but the water level had fallen so far that an immediate salvae was impossible.The tugs "Delta" and "Charlie" as well as the salvage vessel "Multrasalvor 3" were mobilized and an empty tanker called if it was necessary to lighter the cargo. The tanker was carefully monitored during the day. At 8:35 p.m., just before high tide, the salvage tugs of Multraship Salvage and Polderman succeeded to pull off the "Nitrico 2" smoothly. The tanker wastaken to deep water and inspected there. As there was no visual damage or leakage observed, the ship could continue its journey with own power. The vessel was berthed at Hans Weert at 10.15 p.m. and proceeded to Terneuzen on Mar 25 at 8.30 a.m. The salvage operation was carried out in consultation with RWS Zee & Delta and Safety Zeeland. Dutch report with photos and videos: www.omroepzeeland...

 Furie-3  (Other)
vor 467 Tagen von Timsen

Furie 3 involved in salvage of river cruise ship casco
On Mar 22, 2014 the "Furie 3" was called to assist after a barge carrying the casco of the Danube-river cruise ship "Avalon Tapestry II" of Avalon Seaways partially sank in the Hollands Diep at the North Port of the Volkerak Lock at Willemstad enroute from the building yard to the New Schelde Yard in Hemiksem. Two decks of the 110-m-ship which was under construction at the Den Breewen Shipyard in Hardinxveld-Giessendam as No. 3539 were flooded. Salvors of BST Dintelsas from Dinteloord and HEBO Maritiem from Zwartsluis were called to refloat the ship. Ship traffic off the locks was affected by the hull which was partially lying in the waterway. The ship had been run aground to avoid its complete sinking. The fire rescue assisted the dewatering work with a boat, and in the evening the company Reinier van der Zee started lifting the hull. On scene were also the "Hebo Cat 12" (MMSI-No.: 244780726), the tug "Louise van der Wees" (IMO-No.: 8433459), and the "RWS 22". Rijkswaterstaat called a sheerleg of Mammoet from Rotterdam which raised the "Avalon Tapestry II" 30 hours after its sinking. The ship is due to be delivered in 2015. Dutch reports with photos and video:

 Sk 7  (Fishing Vessel)
vor 467 Tagen von Timsen

Blazing vessel towed to reef off Suva
On Mar 17, 2014, at 4.50 p.m. the "SK 7" caught fire while at anchor off Suva Harbor, Fiji. The fire started in the wheelhouse and quickly consumed the superstructure. The Fiji authorities dispatched a support vessel to help douse the flames which worked late into the night. There were no reports of injuries. The vessel was unoccupied and in Suva for repairs. It was towed to a nearby reef. People crowded the Suva foreshore as they watched the fire. The National Fire Authority did not respond to the fire as it was not their area of work. The cause of the fire was still unidentified. Reports with photos:

 Altair  (Fishing Vessel)
vor 467 Tagen von Timsen

Reefer trawler fouled by net
The "Altair" got its propeller entangled in the fishing net on Mar 20, 2014, in the eastern part of Okhotsk sea, reported The vessel sailed to the Kambalniy Bay to rendezvous with the salvage tug "Spravedliviy". On Mar 21 the tug moored at the trawler. An underwater survey by divers found propeller and rudder undamaged. On Mar 23 the "Altair" could resume fishing.

 Miss Susan  (Tug)
vor 467 Tagen von Timsen

Oil spill update
As of Mar 24 evening, the Port of Houston remained closed. The Unified Command continued to assess the situation with oil in the channel to determine when vessel traffic can resume after the sinking of a barge pushed by the "Miss Susan" on Mar 22. There were 46 outbound vessels and 47 inbound vessels in the queue for transit in the Port of Houston. The Port of Texas City had 5 inbound and 3 outbound vessels in the queue awaiting transit. Once the channel has been determined safe to navigate, and transiting vessels would not spread oil contaminants, a prioritization list was to be established to determine the entry order of vessels. The Galveston-Bolivar ferry has been given permission to operate and started running between 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Mar 25. Experts from U.S. Fish and Wildlife and Texas Parks and Wildlife Department are responding with rehabilitation, husbandry and stabilization trailers staged along the Texas City Dike, Bolivar Peninsula and an identified rehabilitation location. More than 71,000 feet of containment boom have now been deployed on waters surrounding the incident site and along sensitive shorelines in the area. An additional 192,500 feet of boom has been staged for possible deployment and another 20,680 feet ordered. Approximately 27 response vessels were actively working to skim and recover oil with more than 539 personnel actively on-scene and another 218 responding in the incident command post. Air monitoring continued throughout the general area.

 Hanjin Beijing  (Container Ship)
vor 467 Tagen von BerndU

arrived Scrapyard anchorage
arrived Gadani anchorage 25.03.14

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