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 Floreana  (General Cargo Ship)
vor 496 Tagen von Timsen

Pumping operations completed
On Mar 20 it was announced that the sewage pumping off the "Floreana" at San Cristobal Island has been completed. After the weather subsided, in the afternoon of Mar 19 the barge "Tatita" started pumping out rotting garbage that generated odors and complaints from citizens of Baquerizo Moreno. 200 tons of cement will remain on the ship. Within about ten days the ship will be refloated and towed off the Galapagos Marine Reserve where it will be sunk, weather and tides permitting. The final removal of waste water will be in international Waters. Spanish Report with photos: www.galapagosdigi...

 Scan Master  (Oil And Chemical Tanker > Oil Products Tanker)
vor 496 Tagen von Timsen

Weather hampers salvage work
Attempts to refloat the "Scan Master" which had run onto a rocky beach enroute to Averøy had to be postponed until Mar 23 due to strong winds and high seas which battered the Snillfjord and caused the water Level to drop. Weather improvement and a more suitable tide were expected around midnight. Currently the ship was stable, and the tug "Abramis" was on scene. Police in South Trøndelag planned to question the master regarding the cause of the grounding. Norwegian reports with photos and video:

 Saint George  (General Cargo Ship)
vor 496 Tagen von Timsen

Ships queuing on both sides of Kiel Canal after crash
After the allision of the "Saint George" with gate 3 of the Brunsbüttel locks of the Kiel Canal ships were queuing off the canal locks, waiting times were up to seven hours. The bow of the ship even parted metal parts on the canal side of the gate. The damage was at least 2,2 million Euro. An emergency repair was impossible. Until May the gate will have to be removed, when another gate, which is actually being overhauled at HDW Kiel, will return. There are no reserve gates left. On Mar 23 divers will start a survey of the damage. The "Saint George" was detained after the accident. The engine was assessed but no hint regarding the cause of the accident found. The investigators focussed on wrong handling of the engine by the crew now. German reports with photos:

 E.r. Vancouver  (Container Ship)
vor 496 Tagen von arnekiel

German owned boxship attacked along Strait of Malacca
On March 21 at or about 0545 hrs, a Luxembourg-registered containership, MSC Vancouver was underway approximately 9 nm northeast off Pulau Karimum Besar when seven perpetrators armed with knives and tools boarded the vessel. All that was stolen was the 2nd engineer’s gold chain and watch.

 Capetan Giorgis  (Bulk Carrier)
vor 496 Tagen von arnekiel

Bulk carrier attacked by pirates along Strait of Malacca
Singapore: The regional body fighting piracy ReCAAP has reported two incidents that are different to the normal targets in Southeast Asian waters. While small product tankers have been the main vessel type attacked in recent months, the cargoes stolen for black market fuel sales, a bulk carrier and a containership were hit in two separate incidents this morning. At about 0100 hrs, four men went onboard the Marshall Islands-registered bulk carrier, Capetan Giorgis while underway approximately 3.8 nm off Tanjung Sengkuang, Batam. Nothing was missing onboard and the crew were reported as safe.

 Anthem Of The Seas  (Passenger Ship > Cruise Ship)
vor 496 Tagen von elbwasser

Anthem of the Seas comes to Hamburg
The "Anthem of the Seas" comes during the next days to Hamburg to the Dock (Elbe17)

 Prinsesse Isabella  (Passenger Ship > Passenger Ro Ro Cargo Ship)
vor 496 Tagen von Timsen

Ferry suffered extensive damage
The "Samsø" suffered extensive bow damage in its allision, workers at the Orskov Yard in Frederikshavn found out. The landing ramp which broke off in Sælvig was still stuck in the hull. There was no estimation how Long repairs would take. The Samsø Rederi jointly with the Danish Maritime Accident Investigation Commission tried to find out the cause of the accident in which the ferry had slammed into the pier with high speed.

 Daqinghe  (Container Ship)
vor 496 Tagen von BerndU

arrived Jiaojiang Scrapyard
arrived Jiaojiang Scrapyard 22.03.15

 Tarco Sea  (Oil And Chemical Tanker > Chemical Tanker)
vor 496 Tagen von Timsen

Tanker ruptured pipeline
On Mar 21, 2015, at 9:12 a.m. the "Tarco Sea", coming from Liepaja, sufffered technical problems and allided with the jetty 2 of the company Koppers at Avernakke south of Nyborg. About 300 liters oil escaped out of a ruptured pipeline. Booms were laid out out around the ship. In the afternoon the tanker which was unable to back off with own power was pulled free with great caution. The Danish Navy ship "Enø" which had changed course on its way to Svendborg and which had attended since 9.40 a.m. pulled the tanker to the dock in the port. Danish report with photos:

 Orapin 3  (Oil And Chemical Tanker > Oil Products Tanker)
vor 496 Tagen von BerndU

arrived Chittagong anchorage
arrived Chittagong anchorage 21.03.15

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