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 Tug.neptune  (Tug)
vor 7 Tagen von Timsen

Coast Guard responding to fuel spill
Coast Guard crewmembers responded to a fuel spill in the vicinity of Government Cut in Miami on Apr 16, following a leak discovered aboard the "Neptune" the previous night. Upon further investigation, it has been determined that an estimated 2,000 gallons of diesel fuel have entered the water. A Coast Guard helicopter crew from Air Station Miami is conducting an overflight to monitor the progression of diesel fuel in the water. Coast Guard shoreline cleanup assessment teams have been deployed to local areas that may be impacted to monitor possible shoreline pollution and commence cleanup efforts if necessary. As of 9:30 a.m. 950 feet of sorbent boom have been deployed by cleanup crews to contain pollution and minimize local impact. Crews were preparing to deploy more boom to protect environmentally sensitive areas near the incident. The ruptured fuel tank has been patched and no more fuel was leaking from the vessel at this time. The vessel was safely moored at Dodge Island. An aircrew from Coast Guard Air Station Miami was on scene alongside a crew from Coast Guard Station Miami Beach, Fla., and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

 Huecity  (Other)
vor 7 Tagen von Timsen

Fire on guided missile destroyer
The USS "Hue City (CG 66)" was forced to return to her homeport of Mayport, following a fire that occurred on Apr 14, 2014. There were no injuries to the crew, and the ship continued to operate under her own power. The "Hue City" was transiting toward Mayport in company with USS "Gettysburg (CG 64)". Both ships were scheduled to return to port in the morning of Apr 18. The extent of the damage was being assessed, and the cause of the fire was under investigation.

 Balder  (Service Ship)
vor 7 Tagen von arnekiel

Technip and Heerema Win Biggest Subsea Contract Ever
Following Total E&P Angola’s $16 billion final investment decision on Monday, Technip and Heerema Marine Contractors have been awarded the largest SURF (subsea, umbilical, riser, flowline) contract ever to develop the Kaombo project located in Block 32 offshore Angola in water depths up to 2,000 meters. The contract is valued at approximately USD $3.5 billion with a Technip share of ± 55% and a Heerema share of ± 45%. Heerema notes they plan to mobilize the Deep Water Construction vessel Balder, to install all STTRs and the pipe-in-pipe (18”/12”) production pipelines. Technip’s vessel, the Deep Blue, will install all the remaining pipelines. Other vessels from Technip’s fleet will install the flexibles and umbilicals and provide construction work support. The project is scheduled for completion in the first half of 2018.Source: gCaptain

 Tranquillity Bf7  (Other)
vor 7 Tagen von Timsen

Tranquillity temporarliy patched up
The "Tranquillity - Bf 7" left Orkney in the night of Apr 16, bound for its home port Peterhead. Pumps were put on board the vessel the previous morning by the Shetland based Coastguard SAR helicopter and by Kirkwall Lifeboat, which then escorted the vessel into Kirkwall, where the local Fire and Rescue Service were also called in to pump water from the boat. Following an inspection by divers on Apr 15, the cause of the ingress of water was discovered and a temporary repair was made, which enabled the boat to leave Kirkwall for Peterhead. Report with photo:

 Christos Xxii  (Tug)
vor 7 Tagen von Timsen

Investigation report into collision of tug with Eemsstrom published
The Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) published its report on the loss of the "Emsstrom" following the collision with the "Christos XXII" in Tor Bay: "At 2058 on January 13, 2013, the tug Christos XXII was struck by her tow, the former fisheries protection vessel Emsstrom, while anchoring off Hope’s Nose, Tor Bay. The Emsstrom had developed a list while under tow from Emden, Germany, to Aliaga, Turkey and Christos XXII’s master was anchoring to enable him to investigate the cause of this list. The Christos XXII was holed below the waterline in way of its engine room and required significant assistance to control the subsequent flooding. The master was unfamiliar with operating in tidal waters and had not taken account of the tidal conditions when anchoring. He anchored Christos XXII downtide of Emsstrom, leading to it being carried by the tide into the stationary Christos XXII. Emsstrom sank at 1326 the following day, and its loss was under criminal investigation by European authorities. Following the accident, it was found that the authorities in Harlingen had not been consulted regarding the tow and no arrangements had been made to receive Emsstrom in that port. The vessel’s loss was investigated by European authorities for suspected waste disposal fraud. Questions remain regarding the cause of the loss of Emsstrom and the late change in destination to Turkey, from Harlingen, where it had never been expected. These areas were under criminal investigation by European authorities and are not covered in this report. The master had not assessed the tidal conditions when making his anchoring plan. The majority of his experience had been gained in the non-tidal waters of the Mediterranean and in planning how best to achieve his goal of investigating the list on Emsstrom, he forgot to take account of the tidal conditions and the effect they would have on the towed vessel. Had the master taken a pilot and entered Tor Bay to investigate the list on Emsstrom, the subsequent anchoring would have been better prepared and therefore not have resulted in a collision. However, to avoid the expense of taking a pilot he decided to investigate Emsstrom’s condition without entering the bay." The new wreck has since become a popular spot for divers.

 Lovund  (Passenger Ship > Passenger Ro Ro Cargo Ship)
vor 7 Tagen von Timsen

Repairs of grounding damage completed
The "Lovund" was ready for operational service again and started its first run to Lurøybassenget from Stokkvågen on Apr 15 at 7.30 p.m. after a lengthy repairs following the grounding on Mar 20. The repair was carried out at Westcon Helgeland on Langsetvågen in Nesna. The replacement ferry "Storvågan" could be returned to Boreal Transport Nord. Norwegian report with photo:

 Beaufort  (Service Ship > Research Vessel)
vor 7 Tagen von Timsen

Gruno 5 to salvage broken down offshore vessel
In the morning of Apr 16, 2014, at 7.30 a.m. the tug "Gruno 5" sailed from the port of Delfzijl to the "Beaufort" which was still at anchor off Borkum. It was hoped to get the ship finally towed to port after the weather improved significantly and the wind decreased. The tug was expected on scene around 10.30 a.m., the further salvage opearation was depending on how quickly the anchor could be lifted. The Maritime Emergency Germany Agency ended its work at 9.30 a.m. while crew and technicians were underway to the ship.

 Marrakech  (Passenger Ship > Passenger Ro Ro Cargo Ship)
vor 7 Tagen von Timsen

Ferry sold at auction
The "Marrakech" which was being detained in Sète was sold to the company Prodomo from Casablanca. during an auction for a total of 1.24 million Euro. The ship had been arrested due to unpaid wages after the bankruptcy of Comarit Comanav in 2012 along with two other ferries. In summer 2013 the "Biladi" was sold to a Greek buyer and broken up. It was not yet clear what Prodomo plans with "Marrakech". The name Prodomo suggested that the ship could be used as an accomodation vessel.

 Caribbean Fantasy  (Passenger Ship > Passenger Ro Ro Cargo Ship)
vor 7 Tagen von Timsen

Ferry sidelined due to engine breakdown
The "Caribbean Fantasy" suffered a breakdown of one of its two engines so that the ferry service beween Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic had to be suspended for at least two weeks. The ship was sidelined in Santo Domingo waiting for staff to carry out repairs.

 Cg Morgenthau  (Other)
vor 7 Tagen von Timsen

Sewage discharge from Coastguard Cutter
The Coast Guard was investigating a sewage discharge from the "Morgenthau" at the Coast Guard Base Sand Island. At approximately 9:30 a.m. on Apr 14, 2014, a crewmember aboard the Coast Guard Cutter reported the smell of sewage to the Engineer of the Watch. The Engineer of the Watch went to the side of the ship and observed brown water flowing overboard through the sewage discharge port intended for use only at sea and immediately secured the system. The Engineer determined the cause of the improper discharge to be the misalignment of the overboard discharge valve which was locked in accordance with the procedures for entering port, but incorrectly in the open position. Further investigation revealed that this valve had been open since the vessel returned to port on Apr 11 at approximately 6:30 p.m. In the 63 hours since mooring, the ship’s sewage system, which was set to pump when the holding tank reaches approximately 1,250 gallons, had automatically discharged four times. The contents of the tank include wastewater from the sinks and showers aboard and whatever sewage was being produced. Immediately upon discovering the improper discharge the Cutter reported the incident to the Hawaii State Department of Health and the Coast Guard National Response Center. The Coast Guard worked closely with the State to determine if any further actions were required.

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