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 Freifjord  (General Cargo Ship)
vor 3 Tagen von Timsen

Leakage damaged engine
After having left the Elnesvåg area in the evening of March 18, 2018, the "Freifjord" suffered engine problems with an oil leak and sea water in the engine room. The ship waas in the Edøy Fjord at that time. The intrusion damaged the propulsion and the electric cardoard. The ship was assisted by the lifeboat "Erik Bye" and the tug "Karl" and towed into the port of Vågen on March 19 at 4 a.m. After berthing at the Nordmørs Quay an oil boom was laid out aruond the ship by the alerted fire brigade. Then the ship was pilled on the Kristiansund Yard in Vågen at 2 p.m. Norwegian report with photos:

 Berg  (General Cargo Ship)
vor 3 Tagen von Timsen

Grounded cargo ship a total loss now
The "Berg" which had been intentionally beached in the Feodosia Bay in the Black Sea was recognized as a total loss after a recent storm, which battered the Crimean coast. The ship sank with only the forecastle and the top of the superstructure remaining above the waterline. In ebruary salvors had siphoned all fuel, so the wreck did not pose an environmental threat.

 M V Toubkal  (Container Ship)
vor 3 Tagen von Timsen

Being broken up.. Aliaga:

 Pathfinder II  (Bulk Carrier > Ore Carrier)
vor 3 Tagen von Timsen

On the beach... Aliaga:

 Vincent J. Eymard  (Tug)
vor 3 Tagen von Timsen

No salvage before water level has dropped
The owner of the "Vincent J. Eymard" was working with a salvage company to pull the vessel from the river bottom. But Eymard Brothers Towing of Harvey waswaiting first until water levels drop in the river which was in high water conditions due to floodwater from upriver and has been approaching its crest in different parts of the Baton Rouge region. Once water levels have dropped, the owner of the tugand the salvage company will assess river conditions and begin removal. Forecasts from the U.S. National Weather Service in Slidell indicated the river at Donaldsonville was still rising on March 19 and wasn't expected to crest until 7 p.m. Tuesday at 32 feet. The river won't fall below the minor flood stage in Donaldsonville until sometime on March 29. The "Vincent J. Eymard" was pulling an empty barge when it capsized on March 16 shortly before 9:30 p.m. near where Bayou Lafourche joins the river next to Donaldsonville, shutting a four-mile section of the Mississippi for 12 hours on Saturday. Crew members escaped to another towboat, which also took control of the Eymard's barge. The tug capsized near mile marker 175, about a half-mile downstream from the water intakes for the city of Donaldsonville's water system and for the Bayou Lafourche Freshwater District, online marker maps show. But the Eymawreck rd was found on March 18 nearly a mile farther upstream from the water intakes, at mile marker 176.4. While the river closure was lifted on March 17, the Coast Guard limited river traffic on Marc 18 to one direction for about a half-mile on either end of the sunken tug.

 Arca 1  (Service Ship)
vor 3 Tagen von Timsen

Report: inadequate maintenance, poor planning and an underqualified crew caused grounding
An investigation into the grounding of the "Arca 1" off Little Pond found that inadequate maintenance, poor planning and an underqualified crew caused the incident. The Transportation Safety Board released its report on March 19, 2018, 14 months after the bunkering tanker went aground at Little Pond, about 10 kilometres from Sydney. There were no injuries to the six crew members on board and the grounding did not result in the release of any pollutants. On Jan. 8, 2017, the "Arca 1" was on its way to Mexico from Sorel, Quebec, when it went aground in heavy weather. It was under reduced propulsion at the time due to a failure of the port propulsion clutch. The main propulsion clutch had not been checked and adjusted before or during the voyage, as is recommended. As a result of the grounding, the vessel sustained major damage to the hull and propulsion machinery. After an initial failed attempt, a few days later, the tanker was refloated and towed to Sydney. “Due to the resulting reduced propulsion and the adverse environmental conditions, the vessel was unable to make headway, drifted to the shoreline, and went aground. As a result of some crew members' performing roles for which they were not qualified, some tasks weren’t completed while others were ineffective. Voyage planning was carried out in a manner that was not consistent with best practices. “Although the master estimated that the voyage to Sydney, Nova Scotia, would take 12 hours, in reality 15 hours would have been required. This additional 3 hours of transit shortened the time available for the vessel to arrive at Sydney before the weather deteriorated.” The report also noted that when port propulsion was lost as a result of the failure of the clutch, propulsion power was reduced by half, reducing the MV ARCA 1’a speed. That also increased the time required to complete the voyage before the weather worsened. While they made an effort to drop anchor, it couldn’t hold. The tanker hit bottom, rendering the starboard Z-drive inoperative. The anchor was set again, but the vessel kept drifting west towards the shore until it ultimately ran aground. The decision to sail was not consistent with the limitations imposed on the vessel in its single voyage for delivery authorization. “The master, who was not qualified to serve in that role on the Arca 1, carried on assuming the role of master during the voyage and made critical decisions, such as the decision to sail on the day of the occurrence. Because he did not serve the role of chief engineer, for which he was qualified, the primary oversight of the mechanical systems during the voyage was left to the motorman, who was not a qualified chief engineer.” The crew was not aware of previous maintenance carried out on the vessel, and the vessel had been out of service for two years prior to the grounding.

 Damanzaihao  (Fishing Vessel > Fish Factory Ship)
vor 3 Tagen von Timsen

Noteholders object to China Fishery trustee’s plan to sell Damanzaihao
Noteholders who lent the Pacific Andes group of companies $300 million and a third-party that represents bondholders’ interests were objecting to the proposed sale of the "Damanzaihao", arguing that such a sale violates the terms of a 2012 contract. Their objection, if upheld by New York-based bankruptcy judge James Garrity, could affect the plans of China Fishery Group trustee William Brandt to use the estimated $10.8m that a planned sale of the Damanzaihao to British Virgin Islands-registered company, Windspeed Enterprise, could bring. Brandt, appointed by Garrity in November 2016 at Pacific Andes International Holdings (PAIH) creditors’ request after they lost “trust” in the Ng family’s management, was carrying out a sale of China Fishery’s Peru-based fishmeal and fish oil-producing subsidiaries. The trustee hoped that that sale, over a year in the making, could fetch over $1 billion and go a long way to paying off the nearly $1.8bn in claims that creditors of PAIH and its subsidiaries say they are owed. Using the sale of "Damanzaihao" — as wells as other “non-core” China Fishery assets such as land and vessels — to pay the trustee’s administrative costs would ensure that the proceeds of the fishmeal businesses could go directly to creditors, Brandt previously told Undercurrent. However, in separate objections filed before judge Garrity on March 16 2018, a committee representing senior noteholders of the $300m notes lent and TMF Trustee, which represents the noteholders, argued that Brandt’s plans to sell the Damanzihao should not be allowed. In its objection, TMF argued that, under the 2012 contract, Brandt is only authorized to sell the vessel if it is “obsolete or otherwise unsuitable for use in connection” with the business of Sustainable Fishing Resources (SFR), the China Fishery subsidiary that owns the "Damanzaihao". Brandt hasn’t established that the vessel meets either condition, TMF stated. While the vessel isn’t suitable for processing anchovy, it has been used in the past to process jack mackerel. Additionally, if the vessel is sold the noteholders' committee wrote that it would like to see any sale proceeds not used to pay the trustee's costs but instead set aside for the noteholders, as the "substantial" creditor of SFR. Spotlight Carlyle shareholding in China Fishery diluted Hong Kong-based Pacific Andes has been through tumultuous times since 2015. Judge Garrity will consider the objections and whether to grant his approval to a sale of the vessel at a to be scheduled hearing. The "Damanzaihao" actually is idle in Chimbote, Peru. Windspeed, the vessel's would-be buyer, appears to be affiliated with the Singapore-based Star Asia Shipbroking, a company whose services include new builds, second-hand vessel sales and ship recycling. The company previously did not respond to requests for comment, but Brandt said that buyers are interested in the Damanzaihao for different reasons.

 Equanimity  (Pleasure Craft > Yacht)
vor 3 Tagen von Timsen

Indonesia faces challenge to seizure of yacht wanted by US
Indonesia's seizure of the "Equanimity" wanted as part of a U.S. probe into the alleged multibillion-dollar theft of funds from a Malaysian state investment company was being challenged by the vessel's owner, police said on March 19. The police haven't handed the yacht over to the U.S. since its Feb. 28 seizure because they were waiting for a court hearing after lawyers for the owner of the Cayman Islands-registered Equanimity began a legal challenge. The "Equanimity", worth $250 million, is among assets the U.S. Department of Justice alleges were bought by Malaysian national Jho Low using money stolen from 1MBD, the Malaysian fund, and laundered through Singapore, Switzerland, Luxembourg and the U.S. Silitonga didn't yet know the basis of the lawsuit. The Department of Justic filed a civil case in June seeking recovery of assets worth several hundred million dollars. Overall, it says more than $4.5 billion was stolen between 2009 and 2014 from 1MBD, which was set up by Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak to promote economic development. Low, an associate of Najib, had no formal role at the fund but considerable influence over it, according to the U.S. court documents. Najib was embroiled in the scandal when it emerged that some $700 million had passed through his personal bank accounts. He denied any wrongdoing and said the money was a political donation from the Saudi royal family, which was later returned.

 Woods Hole  (Passenger Ship > Passenger Ro Ro Cargo Ship)
vor 3 Tagen von Timsen

Ferry suffered mechanical difficulties
The "Woods Hole" received a new control mechanism in the night of March 18 after mechanical difficulties took the ferry out of service on March 16, one day after it ran aground while approaching Vineyard Haven. The ferry was expected to be fully operational on March 19, although some of its scheduled trips may have been delayed as it was subjected to further tests.

 Marthas Vineyard  (Passenger Ship > Passenger Ro Ro Cargo Ship)
vor 3 Tagen von Timsen

Faulty pump caused engine failure
The "Martha’s Vineyard" was back in service on March 19 after a faulty fuel pump was identified as the cause of a loss of power. The fuel oil transfer pump was not generating enough pressure to transfer fuel oil properly. Because of the problem, the ferry lost power about 15 minutes into its 8:30 p.m. run from Vineyard Haven to Woods Hole. After undergoing sea trials with a backup fuel oil transfer pump on March 18 and further inspections by the U.S. Coast Guard, the "Martha’s Vineyard" was cleared to return to service as of its 7 a.m. departure from Woods Hole on March 19. The pump was newly installed during the vessel’s $18.5 million refurbishment, which was completed just weeks ago, but the issue was indirectly related to the work. One of the three new ship’s service diesel generators installed during the refurbishment had a wire come loose, causing some arcing. The generator was taken offline and the pump, which was connected to the generator, needed to be reset once the backup generator was brought online in place of the unit with the loose wire. But the ship’s crew didn’t realize the pump had not been reset because the alarm for the pump wasn’t activated on an onboard control panel, giving them no warning that the pump was inactive, Davis wrote. Additionally, the pump’s pressure gauge did not provide enough detail to warn the ship’s engineer of a problem. Since the incident, the fuel transfer pump’s alarm was activated on the control panel and a more detailed pressure gauge was installed.

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