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 Box Voyager  (Container Ship)
vor 3 Tagen von Swiss63

1 months charter extension, trading Asia, CMA CGM

 Pago  (Container Ship)
vor 3 Tagen von Swiss63

40 - 120 days charter extension, trading Mediterranean - US East Coast, CMA CGM

 Northern Diversity  (Container Ship)
vor 3 Tagen von Swiss63

3 - 4 months charter, trading Far East - West Africa, Maersk

 Ville D Aquarius  (Container Ship)
vor 3 Tagen von Swiss63

4 - 6 months charter, trading Persian Gulf - India, Sea Consortium

 Hanjin Mundra  (Container Ship)
vor 3 Tagen von Swiss63

4 - 5 months charter, trading Asia, Sea Consortium

 Crystal  (Container Ship)
vor 3 Tagen von Swiss63

2 - 6 months charter, trading Far East, Maersk

 Tabea  (Container Ship)
vor 3 Tagen von Swiss63

4 - 8 months charter, trading Far East, Hapag-Lloyd

 Vectis Eagle  (General Cargo Ship)
vor 3 Tagen von Timsen

Lock allision in Kiel
En route from Muuga to Gijon the "Vectis Eagle" allided with a gate of the locks of the Kiel Canal in Holtenau while entering on Nov 24, 2014, short before noon. The gate was blocked after the ship hit, and it will have to be exchanged. The great Northern Lock thus was thought to remain closed until Nov 26. The damage was estimated to be some 100.000 Euro. The ship was towed into the East Shore Port by the port tugs "Holtenau" and Kitzeberg short before 2 p.m. The accident was caused by a defect of the propeller which failed to react when ordered to go full astern to stop in the lock. The gate of the lock was deeply penetrated by the vessels' "groot cross"-bow and severely damaged with the water tanks flooded. Floating out started already short past 2 p.m. German report and photos:

 Nordic  (Tug)
vor 3 Tagen von Timsen

SAR operation for crew of sunken barge Zander off Norderney in vain
The Nordic" had the on scene command after the Dutch work boat "Zander" (EU-No. 5014570), a former German crane ship, sank on its transit from Denmark to the Netherlands off Norderney on Nov 24, 2014. The master of the barge had radioed a mayday call short before 8 a.m. and reported that the ship was in danger of sinking four miles north of the island. The lifeboat "Bernhard Gruben" immediately left port, and the MRCC Bremen alerted an SAR helicopter of the German Navy and passing ships, among them the "Nordic". Half an hour later the barge had already sunk. The tug became On-Scene-Coordinator during the search which was hampered by high waves and bad visibility. Driftgood was found floating around, and the helicopter located the two crew members and marked the position with smoke bombs. The "Bernhard Gruben" recovered the bodies, both men who were not wearing life vests could not be resuscitated. One of them was of Danish nationality.

 Seroja Lima  (Container Ship)
vor 4 Tagen von Timsen

Container loss in Algoa Bay
On Nov 15, 2014, 23 containers dislodged and fell off the "Seroja Lima" in Algoa Bay in gale-force winds off Port Elizabeth’s Bluewater Bay area. NSRI Port Elizabeth duty crew were placed on alert by the Transnet National Ports Authority. Until Nov 19 six of the containers had been located. Two of them washed ashore east of the Sundays River mouth. None of the containers contained any toxic or dangerous materials. Reports had been received from Nelson Mandela Bay residents of sightings of large boxes in the ocean since Nov 16. Samsa warned smaller craft to be on the look-out for the 12m-long boxes, and has cautioned against trying to tow them. On Nov 22 at 3.20 p.m. the NSRI Port Elizabeth duty crew launched the "Eikos Rescuer IV" to mark one of the containers which had been spotted by a passing ship 25 nautical miles off-shore. The ship had marked the position and the salvagers tasked to locate and recover the containers were informed and NSRI Port Elizabeth requested to mark the container for easy location later. But on arrival in the area it was discovered that the information from the ship was six hours old and the container was nowhere to be found at the given coordinates, so the NSRI boat returned to base. Ships maintained a look out for the remaining missing containers and Telkom Maritime radio Services continued to broadcast and all ships alert warning of the danger and to be on the look out and report any sightings of containers. Reports with photos: traveller24.news2...

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