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 Rena  (Container Ship)
vor 7 Tagen von Timsen

2nd Maori association announced it will not oppose Rena owners and insurers
The Tauranga-based Ngati Ranginui iwi was the second Maori association to announce it will not oppose the "Rena" owners and insurers desire to leave the remainder of the Rena wreck on the Astrolabe reef. They were aware of the immense difficulties associated with further work on the reef, and did not wish to put any lives at risk, nor wished to put at further risk the environment which could occur if any additional removal works were undertaken. Ngati Ranginui board chairman Tawharangi Nuku said: “We believe it is time to forgive, to learn from this incident and to move on with our relationship with the owner.” Coastal hapu of the Rotorua based Te Arawa iwi said this week they have also withdrawn opposition to the owners and insurers resource consent application as a pragmatic decision – and that they will be establishing a coastal marine research facility as part of resource consent application restitution and mitigation proposals. Opinions from those in the salvage business are that continuing the salvage will cause considerable damage to the reef, take years in which the reef access will continue to be barred to the public, cost a huge amount of money, and may result in divers being killed.

 Commodore Straits  (Tug)
vor 7 Tagen von Timsen

Port of Trois Rivières stuck with wreck
The "Chaulk Determination" which sank on Dec 26, 2014, is still docked at the Port of Trois-Rivières. The owner of the vessel refused to take charge from the major oil spill in the river. While the ship is so farsecure, the Port of Trois-Rivières is stuck with it for the time being. The owner does not want to take the ship back which was being regarded as a total loss. The port has therefore taken steps to send the wreck for dismantling, but before this is finalized, it will still take several weeks. The salvage had cost more than $ 1 million. The ship had been containing some 22 tons of oil when it sank.

 Pristine Gv  (Oil And Chemical Tanker > Chemical Oil Products Tanker)
vor 8 Tagen von Timsen

Medevac off Mumbai
The Indian Coast Guard Western Region carried out a medevac from the "Pristine GV" which was anchored off Mumbai on June 24, 2015. The Indian chief officer had sustained a shoulder dislocation and fracture. The medical evacuation was undertaken by a Coast Guard Chetak helicopter from Mumbai at 2.30 p.m. The prevailing rough weather conditions were unsuitable, therefore the ship`s agent contacted Coast Guard Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre (MRCC, Mumbai). Report with photo: timesofindia.indi...

 Lac Manitoba  (Tug)
vor 8 Tagen von Timsen

Divers have to wait for safety reasons
Divers will probably wait until June 26 for safety reasons before approaching the tugs that capsized on the St Lawrence River near Cornwall. The "Lac Manitoba" was wrecked when trying to manoeuvre a large barge in difficult weather conditions on June 22. The "LCM 131" suffered the same fate a few hours later. All crew members evacuated safely with one from the "Lac Manitoba" taken to hospital with a non-life-threatening injury. The aim of the diving operation will be to assess the extent of the damage, including how much fuel leakage has occurred and to see how the vessel can be salvaged. On initial impression a small amount of diesel fuel appeared to have been trickling from the two wrecks but the fuel tanks of both vessels seemed stable. On June 24 a CCG helicopter was overflying the "Lac Manitoba" wreck. Canada’s Transportation Safety Board was the lead investigative body in the case.

 Amadeo I  (Ro Ro Cargo Ship)
vor 8 Tagen von Timsen

Parbuckling manoever has commenced
On June 24 salvors began work to parbuckle the "Amadeo" near Puerto Natales. For this purpose an anchoring system was installed for straightening and fixing the ship so that it may not dislodge. Once the wreck is in upright position, the removal of the cargo that remained inside the ship, will be carried out. Repairs to the breached starboard side of the ship will be performed and then pressurized air pumped into the ballast tanks to get the wreck floating again. The refloating was expected to take about 2,5 weeks. Spanish report with photos:

 Neuwerk  (Service Ship > Pollution Control Vessel)
vor 8 Tagen von Timsen

Wreckage of broken rotor blade recovered
The "Neuwerk" took the wreckage of a 60-m-rotor blade, which broke off from a wind turbine in the offshore park Northsea East about 35 kilometers north of Heligoland, first to the port of Heligoland on June 20, 2015, then to Bremerhaven. After the accident on June 19, all 48 plants have been closed down temporarily. The exact circumstances were being be investigated now. The damaged facility was not yet removed by operator RWE. Meanwhile, parts of the wind farm which started working only on May were again in operation. German report with photo:

 Maersk Karachi  (Container Ship)
vor 8 Tagen von Timsen

Disposal of contaminated water has commenced
Special forces have started to remove contaminated water from the cargo holds of the "Maersk Karachi". On the whole 12000 tons have to be disposed of. First about 1000 tons cleaning fluids have to be pumped out which cover the surface of the water. They will be taken to Hamburg for disposal in three containers. The remaining water which is contaminated with dioxine is to be transferred onto a bunker ship and taken to a disposal company in Denmark. 150 containers within the cargo hold will be unloaded once this work has been completed around the middle of next week.

 Sorrento  (Passenger Ship > Passenger Ro Ro Cargo Ship)
vor 8 Tagen von Timsen

149 vehicles destroyed in blaze
In the fire aboard the "Sorrento" 149 vehicles have been completely gutted. Only one Nissan Pathfinder remained nearly undamaged. This was the result of an investigation into the damage situation aboard the ferry which remained berthed in Sagunto. The report was published by the court in Palma de Mallorca on June 24. On the whole 150 vehicles, among them 98 empty and 25 loaded trucks, were carried on the ferry when she went up in flames on Apr 28.

 Rosenborg  (Fishing Vessel)
vor 8 Tagen von Timsen

Trawler disabled by net
The "Rosenborg - ST-17-AA" (IMO: 8714281) was towed to Honningsvag on June 24, 2015, after having been disabled by a net in the propeller. Photo: www.shipspotting....

 Werra  (Service Ship > Naval Naval Auxiliary)
vor 8 Tagen von Timsen

Tender saved 627 migrants
The "Werra“ saved 627 migrants from a disabled wooden boat in the Mediterranean Sea on June 24, 2015. The ship berthed in Reggio Calabria at 8 p.m. where they were handed over to the Italian authorities. The tender had left Kiel on June 3 and, after a stop in Malaga, had just reached the region when being alerted by the MRCC Rome. The ship was on scene at 1 p.m. and took on board the refugees within five hours aboard life rafts which were transferred to the tender with speed boats. The migrants were served with food while being transferred to shore. The empty boat was sunk by the Italian corvette "Commandante Bettica". German reports with photo and video:

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