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 Crystal Symphony  (Passenger Ship > Cruise Ship)
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Genting Hong Kong buys Crystal Cruises for $550 million
Genting Hong Kong has completed its purchase of Los Angeles-based Crystal Cruises from Nippon Yusen Kabushiki Kaisha for $550 million. GHK said it named Tan Sri Lim Kok Thay, executive chairman of the Genting Group and the former chairman of Norwegian Cruise Line, as chairman of Crystal, replacing Nobuyoshi Kuzuya who will return to NYK in a key executive position.Crystal President and Chief Operating Officer Edie Rodriguez will be promoted to president and chief executive, while Executive VicePresident Thomas Mazloum will replace her as COO.

 Nefterudovoz 47m  (Bulk Carrier > Ore Oil Carrier)
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Navigation opens again at White Sea – Baltic Sea Canal
Navigation at the White Sea – Baltic Sea Canal was opened on May 20, 2015, press center of Rosmorrechflot (Federal Marine and River Transport Agency) says. The ceremony was held at Lock No 1 of the Canal. M/V Nefterudovoz 47M was the first vessel to pass the locks of the Canal.

 Canadian Miner  (Bulk Carrier)
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Oil leakage contained
An oil leak that occured on May 17 at the "Miner" site off Scaterie Island was contained. On-site workers were able to contain the leak during the final stages of removing the wreck off Scaterie Island. The contractor already had preventative actions in place and contained the spill immediately. No heavy oil got past the containment oil booms and the lobster fishery was not affected. The contractor, RJ MacIsaac Construction, was planning to remove the last remaining engine from the wreck site. Because it was a large ocean-going engine, the company expected oil could be an environmental risk and took appropriate preventive measures. Divers videoed the remaining wreckage and a comprehensive plan to contain any oil leak was prepared. Oil containment booms were placed around the wreckage and oil absorption materials were on-site before trying to remove the engine. Once it became clear a leak had happened the containment plan was implemented. The cost of this additional contamination removal effort will be added to the bill which will be submitted to the federal government. The Canadian Coast Guard and Transport Canada were notified of the leak and the information was shared with the Main-à-Dieu Community Development Association. As a standard precaution, the Coast Guard was monitoring the area by air for signs of oil. About 800 liters of oil was collected and contained from the leak. The final cost to contain the oil leak has not yet been determined. Reports with photos: thechronicleheral... www.capebretonpos...

 Sewol  (Passenger Ship > Passenger Ro Ro Cargo Ship)
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Bid for salvage announced
The South Korean Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries on May 22 announced a bid for contractors for the massive task of raising the "Sewol". The bidding is open for a month before a final candidate is selected by July. The salvage operation is to start in September. One challenge is to raise the vessel in one piece and without cutting it into sections in order to ensure that the bodies of the nine missing victims are not damaged. 80 percent of the evaluation will be based on the level of technology bidders possess, and only the remaining 20 percent to their price. The ministry will also assess if the bidder is capable of safely removing 200 kl of oil from the surface of the ocean, in order to prevent potential spill damage. Around two dozen domestic and foreign vessel salvage companies are apparently interested in bidding. Domestic salvage companies excel at diving skills but lag behind their foreign rivals in terms of technology. The ministry plans to give preference to consortiums of Korean and foreign vessel salvaging companies. Potential bidders include SMIT of the Netherlands and U.S.-based Titan as well as companies from the China, Denmark and the U.K. If the salvage operation progresses smoothly, the total cost is estimated at between W100 billion to W120 billion (US$1=W1,094). But considering the rapid currents in the area where the ferry sank, it may take more than a year to complete.

 St Tatiana  (Other)
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All safe after passenger catamaran took on water
69 passengers and five crew members were safe after being evacuated from the "St. Tatiana" in the afternoon of May 21, 2015, in Sitka. The catamaran operated by Allen Marine Tours was returning from a wildlife cruise when one of its jet drives apparently failed around 3 p.m. The starboard engine stopped running, and shortly thereafter the boat’s bilge alarms sounded. When the crew inspected the engine compartment, they could see through the clearing smoke that the vessel was taking on water. Unsure if the boat’s bilge pumps could keep up with the flooding, the captain issued a distress call at 3:30 p.m., and ordered everyone into life jackets as precaution. Two good Samaritan vessels and a Coast Guard boat stood by as the "St. Tatiana" continued toward Sitka. Because of the boat’s limited maneuverability, a second 100-passenger Allen Marine catamaran, the "St. Michael", met the vessel outside of the harbor and took her passengers aboard. The passengers were safely landed by 3:45 p.m., and returned by bus to their cruise ship, the "Regatta", which was tied up at the Old Sitka Dock. The "St. Tatiana" returned under her own power to the Allen Marine shipyard in Sitka for haulout and repairs. I was estimated that the vessel would be out of service for at least a week.

 Suffolk Spirit  (Service Ship > Work Repair Vessel)
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New pleafor help in case of missing crew member
The family of missing George Spence, 61, who was feared to have fallen into Dover harbour from the "Suffolk Spirit" on Apr 28, have made a fresh plea for help. He has not been seen since a night out drinking with shipmates in the town. The ship was stationed in the Western Docks, next to Dover Cruise Terminal 1 and was in Dover to do a wreck salvage. Because of bad weather, the ship was docked until it improved. The alarm was first raised in the morning of Apr 29, sparking two Dover RNLI lifeboat searches throughout the day. An investigation was launched by Kent Police, and it was understood officers was still making inquiries. Report with photos:

 Maersk Garonne  (Container Ship)
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Preliminary report in grounding off Fremantle published
A preliminary report into the grounding of the "Maersk Garpmme" on Feb 28 off Freemantle has found that the ship’s bridge crew was not actively engaged with the pilotage and mostly unaware of the pilotage plan. The preliminary findings were released on May 21 by the Australian Transport Safety Bureau as part of its ongoing investigation into the incident. The "Maersk Garonne" was under Fremantle marine pilot guidance on its entry to the Port of Fremantle when, at 04.41 a.m., the pilot ordered port helm to bring the ship around to enter the port’s Inner Harbour entrance channel. During the turning maneuver, attempts to delay the ship’s arrival at the entrance beacons led to the ship passing south of the channel. The ship grounded at 04.48 a.m. on a sand bank to the south of channel beacons number 1 and number 2. The ship was later refloated at 0824 and taken to anchor where an inspection of the ship found no damage. The ATSB said that based on preliminary information provided during its investigation, it was apparent that the ship’s bridge crew had not been directly and actively engaged with the pilotage as it progressed, and were broadly unaware of the pilotage plan. Procedures had not been enacted and actions not taken to ensure the full bridge resources available to the pilot and master were utilized. The investigation was ongoing and continued to focus on pilotage procedures, planning and practices, information exchange and contingency planning for Fremantle pilotage; the existence, relevance, understanding and implementation of procedures by the pilotage company, port and ship to reduce the risk of grounding; bridge team dynamics, resource management and personnel engagement during pilotage; the implementation and effectiveness of bridge resource management training. Full report:

 Oceanline Sc208  (Other)
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Capsized dredge to be towed to port
Malaysian marine authorities towed the "Oceanline 208" to a position eight miles off Tanjung Pungai to carry out a search inside the vessel for the missing crew members. None of the 14 missing crew members of the dredge have been found so far, and they might be trapped inside the vessel. The area of the search where the dredge capsized has been widened. The Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA) the Navy, Marine Department and Police were involved in the search. The MMEA sent a ship and two boats while the Navy and Marine Department had sent one vessel each. 10 divers from the navy and police were on standby. The operation was expected to take some time due to choppy seas. The vessel was carrying sand from Teluk Ramunia, when it capsized on May 20 around 4.20 a.m. off Pengerang. A passing ship rescued one of the crew members, a 51-year-old Chinese national, before alerting the Johor port, which then informed MMEA. One Malaysian was among the missing crewmen while the rest are Chinese nationals. Reports with photos: www.therakyatpost...

 Norman Atlantic  (Passenger Ship > Passenger Ro Ro Cargo Ship)
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List of vehicles on board the Norman Atlantic published
Five months after the Nafire on the "Norman Atlantic", The law firm of Kritonas Metaxopoulos representing 25 people (most of them passengers and two families of victims) has published a full list of registered vehicles which were on the ship. Vehicles which were parked on decks 1 and 2 were found in good condition, while tjose on decks 3, 4 and 5 were either completely destroyed or badly damaged. For most of them ot was impossible to recognize their number plates. Vehicles found in good condition were transferred and stored at the port of Bari. A list of the vehicles may be fonud below:

 Phoenix Sun  (Bulk Carrier)
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Phoenix leaving Soreal after 2,5 years
The "Phoenix Sun" which has been immobilized for 2,5 years in Sorel-Tracy was due to leave the downtown wharf in the morning of May 22, 2015, bound to Dubai with an Indian crew. A Montreal company that oversaw the repair work by the crew of 17 Indians. Once in Dubai, the "Phoenix Sun", now renamed "Phoenix", will undergo major repairs. Transport Canada conducted inspections of safety and security during the recent days. The owner had abandoned the cargo and crew. The fate of the 12 Turkish sailors abandoned without pay and without food had moved Quebec in August 2014. Sorel-Tracy citizens were mobilized to collect food and $10 000 for them. The company Air Transat offered them their tickets. Eight months after their return to Turkey, two of the sailors have applied for Canadian citizenship. One of them had a relationship with a resident of Sorel. In November 2014, the Holborn Shipping based on the Marshall Islands, had bought the vessel for $ 682.500. French report with photos:

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