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 Arctic Sunrise  (Service Ship > Research Vessel)
vor 21 Std von Timsen

Greenpeace ship released
The "Arctis Suncrise" which was impounded by Spain as it protested oil exploration off the Canary Islands was allowed to leave Arrecife on Nov 26 after payment of a €50,000 bond and left at 5.00 p.m. local time (1700 GMT) and set off toward Valencia. Spain had impounded the ship because the crew defied orders to leave a restricted zone where they were protesting against oil exploration off the Canary Islands. On Nov 15, three Spanish navy boats rammed vessels in which Greenpeace activists were approaching a ship belonging to Spanish energy firm Repsol. An Italian protester fell in the water and was injured. Authorities impounded the boat on Nov 18 at the port of Arrecife on the island of Lanzarote. The captain, a US national, was being refused release until the €50,000 bond was paid. It had initially refused to pay.

 Rem Eir  (Other)
vor 1 Tag von arnekiel

Kleven Delivers World’s Largest LNG-Powered PSV
The Kleven Verft shipyard in Norway delivered Wednesday the LNG-powered platform supply vessel MV Rem Eir, build no 356, to Remøy Shipping. With a length of 92.5 meters and a deck capacity of 1,080 m2, Rem Eir is the world’s largest LNG powered PSV, according to Kleven. The PSV is of the Wärtsilä Ship Design VS4412 DF PSV design. The vessel has been entered into a long term charter for Statoil for work on the Norwegian continental shelf. Rem Eir is the fourth PSV delivered from Kleven this year to enter into a Statoil charter contract. Video:

 Ow Aalborg  (Oil And Chemical Tanker > Chemical Oil Products Tanker)
vor 1 Tag von arnekiel

OW Tanker taken over by Alba Tanker ApS
Nov 26 (Reuters) – OW Tanker, a unit of bankrupt OW Bunker and owner of its marine fuel supply ships, has been taken over by a newly-created company, the fleet manager told Reuters on Wednesday. OW Bunker, the largest ship fuel supplier in the world, collapsed earlier this month after it said it had lost almost $300 million in hedging losses and unauthorised credit lines given in Singapore. Henrik Pedersen said the takeover by Alba Tanker ApS, which has the trustees of the bankrupt company on its board, is part of the process of securing assets for the estate. “We are not a very big part of the company,” Pedersen said by telephone. “We’re the ship-owning part of OW Bunker and Trading. And that was our biggest client, of course, but we have always been run as a separate company.” OW Tanker owned 10 vessels and chartered 19, according to its website. Pedersen said it employs around 115 people, mostly vessel crews, and is now looking for new clients. PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) said it had agreed with ING Bank NV and OW Bunker’s trustees to work together in recouping some $750 million the company owes to a group of 13 banks, including ING.

 Territory Trader  (General Cargo Ship)
vor 1 Tag von arnekiel

Indonesian Cargo Ship Banned from Entering Australia
Indonesian shipper Meratus Line has been flagged by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) due to repeated compliance issues related to one of its multi-purpose cargo ships, Territory Trader. The AMSA has banned the Territory Trader from entering or using any port in Australia for three months as a result of repeated detentions and a history of machinery and equipment malfunctions, and breakdowns. These issues have prompted serious concerns by Australian officials the vessel is not being operated or managed to meet applicable standards AMSA Chief Executive Officer Mick Kinley said the vessel is a regular caller into the port of Cairns, with 12 port visits this year. “This vessel has a poor history of complying with international safety conventions in Australia and is known to transit the environmentally sensitive and highly protected Great Barrier Reef and Torres Strait area,” Mr Kinley said. “For these reasons the vessel was considered high risk and a non-scheduled port state control inspection was undertaken.” The direction was made under the Navigation Act 2012 and expires on February 18, 2015.

 Beaufort  (Service Ship > Research Vessel)
vor 1 Tag von Timsen

Beaufort towed to Esbjerg
On Nov 26 the "Beaufort" was towed out of the port of Emden by the tug "Vitus", assisted by the "Gruno IV". The convoy was destined for Esbjerg with ETA Nov 27, 6 p.m. Video:

 Kertu  (General Cargo Ship)
vor 1 Tag von Timsen

Cargo ship towed to Grenaa
On Nov 26 at 6.15 p.m. the Finnish tug "Leonardo" (IMO: 8521464) left the port of Oxelösund southwards with the damaged "Kertu" in tow. The convoy was destined for Grenaa with an ETA of Nov 29, 1 p.m.

 Fugro Equator  (Service Ship > Research Vessel)
vor 1 Tag von Timsen

Search for MH 370 continuing
The "Fugro Equator" has returned to the Indian Ocean to undertake further bathymetric survey work after problems refitting the vessel for the underwater search of flight MH370. The Australian Transport Safety Authority (ATSB) reported that the vessel's underwater search had been postponed due to delays in the supply of the deep tow winch and cable required to fit the vessel for its new mission. The "Fugro Discovery" has also departed the search area for Fremantle to resupply and berthed on Nov 21.

 Hanoi  (General Cargo Ship)
vor 1 Tag von Timsen

Cargo ship significantly damaged in grounding
In the evening of Nov 25, 2014, the "Hanoi", coming from Hvide Sande, ran onto the embankment of the conjunction of the Rethe and the Neuhöfer Canal in Hamburg in dense fog. The ship ran onto a tip with a sheet piling with concrete ring around it. The stem of the vessel was damaged, the hull pressed on the starboard side in the region of the forecastle on a length of about 4 meters and on the port side on a length of about 3 meters. In addition a crack of about 50 cm x 15 cm was created, and the ship suffered water ingress on starboard side. The ship's own pumps could cope with the flooding. Also the sheet piling suffered damage. The vessel was arrested by the police and berthed at warehouse 71/72 at the Auguste Victoria Quay in the Kaiser Wilhelm-Port on Nov 26.

 Fiducia  (General Cargo Ship)
vor 1 Tag von Timsen

Ferry hit Fiducia in fog off Bremerhaven
The Weser-ferry "Bremerhaven" was in collision with the "Fiducia", on Blexen Roads in dense fog in the evening of Nov 25, 2014. Two crew members of the ferry and one passengers suffered slight injuries, one was taken to hospital. The ferry suffered significant damage at one side of the hull. The ferry returned to the fishing port in Bremerhaven and entered the Bredo Shipyard in Bremerhaven on Nov 26 at 1 a.m. for repairs. The water police Bremerhaven launched an investigation including an analysis of the radar data. The ferry service to Blexen was maintained with the one remaining ferry. The "Fiducia", which had come from Gdansk and only had suffered slight damage in the accident, remained seaworthy and berthed at the South Quay in Brake on Nov 26 at 9 a.m. before also docking at Bredo in Bremerhaven at 11 p.m. German report with photos: www.radiobremen.d...

 Kaleen Mcallister  (Tug)
vor 1 Tag von Timsen

Misjudgement of mate caused tug sinking
The National Transportation Safety Board found that the "Kaleen McAllister" sank off Locust Point after a mate misjudged the location of a collapsed pier, according to a report released on Nov 25, 2014. The mate operating the harbor assist tug first knew something was wrong on the evening of May 4, 2013, when he felt a rumble under the hull as he pulled away from the boat's berth at Pier 1. The sunken pier — which collapsed in the late 1990s, leaving its pilings behind — was a known and charted hazard, but one the mate mistakenly thought he had cleared. He called the master to the wheelhouse and then went to the engine room with the deckhand, where they discovered rapid flooding. By the time the master had maneuvered the tug back to the pier, the flooding was outpacing pumping and the tug began to list. Emergency personnel, including the Coast Guard and Baltimore Fire Department, responded with more pumps. As the vessel continued to sink deeper and list, it became clear the pumping would fail. The crew then worked to cover the diesel fuel tank vents with plastic and tape to minimize oil pollution. Those efforts were hampered as the tug rapidly took on water, creating an electrocution risk. About 40 minutes after the first sign of trouble, the tug had sunk and an oil sheen was observed. An oil spill response team arrived and placed booms around the boat, which was entirely submerged but for the top of its wheelhouse. A total of 2,400 gallons of diesel fuel leaked into the harbor. The tug remained submerged for three weeks before being refloated on May 25, 2013. Divers found a 3-foot-by-1-inch hole in the tug's hull plating. The master, mate and deckhand were all tested negative for drugs and alcohol following the sinking. The NTSB did not include any recommendations with its brief. The tug remains in the company's repair yard in New York. The company estimated damages at $1.5 million When the mate first felt the rumble, the report says, Environmental groups recently called for a broad review of tug and barge transport of crude oil through Baltimore's waters — expressing concerns about leaks hurting the Chesapeake Bay's sensitive ecosystem — but declined to comment on the Kaleen's release of diesel fuel.

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