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 Agrari  (Oil And Chemical Tanker > Crude Oil Tanker)
vor 11 Std von Timsen

Crew member lost over board
Enroute from Le Havre to Primorks the "Agrari" alerted the Swedish sea and air rescue on Nov 25, 2015, after a crew member was missing. He was last seen at 06:30 a.m. while the ship was at a position approximately 15 nautical miles northeast of Bornholm. The man had done work on deck in the morning. He was not equipped with life jacket or flotation suit. All indications were that the man had fallen overboard somewhere after he was last seen on board. Winds were blowing with about ten m/s in the area. Wave heights were 2-3 meters and the water temperature was around nine degrees Celsius. The "Agrari" immediately turned around. All merchant vessels in the area were advised to a lookout for the man. The area alerted The search area was part of Danish maritime rescue area, but since Sweden received the alert its Maritime Administration was coordinating the SAR operation. Involved were the helicopter "Lifeguard 006" from Ronneby, the patrol boat "Amfitrite - KBV 003" from Hanöbukten, the lifeboat "Gad Rausing" from Skillinge and from Denmark the helicopter "Rescue 510", the lifeboats "Leopold Rosenfeldt" and "Jens Sörensen" as well as the patrol boat "Nymfen" and numerous merchant ships. As darkness fell, the search was stopped as there was no chance left to find the man alive.

 Angelika  (Fishing Vessel)
vor 12 Std von Timsen

Fishing vessel sank under tow to Eemshaven
On Nov 25 the "Searider" of Ubels Offshore returned to the "Angelika" ffor inspections during low water. A life raft which was still attached to the wreck had inflated at the sinking site. The "Norden" laid out a wreck buoy. On Nov 24 at 10 p.m. the "Watergeus" assisted by the "Searider" had tried to take the wreck in tow. At 10.25 p.m. the "Watergeus" had started to pull the "Angelika" towards Eemshaven with a speed of 0,4 knots at the outer side of the fairway. Winds on scene were 7 Beaufort from SW. The following morning at 10 a.m. the "Angelika" finally sank near buoy 26 on the Ems, and the "Watergeus" returned to Delfzijl at 11 a.m. Dutch reports with photos: www.eemshavenonli... www.eemshavenonli...

 Gorch Fock  (Pleasure Craft > Sailing Vessel)
vor 1 Tag von mailo

Allision in Wilhelmshaven
While entering the port of Wilhelmshaven on Nov 25, 2015, returning from a 90 days training voyage, the "Gorch Fock" ran onto a pierhead while moving towards port entrance 4. The ship immediately backed off again and proceeded to the Bonte Quay. Strong currents had brought the "Gorch Fock" 90 degrees of its course. None of the 226 crew on board were injured. The ship suffered only scratches. The accident was thought to have been caused by strong currents which had caught the stern so the master tried to get the ship back on the track by going ahead. The ship had anchored off Voslapp at the height of the JadeWeserPort since Nov 21. On Nov 30 it will shift to the Naval Depot before entering a yard for scheduled maintenance. (Edited by Tim Schwabedissen) German report with photos and video: www.geniusstrand....

 New Horizon  (Service Ship > Research Vessel)
vor 1 Tag von Timsen

New Horizon sold to private interests
The "New Horizon" has been sold from the Scripps Institute of Oceanography to private interests, announced ship broker Marcon International, Inc. She will continue to work under her new ownership as a U.S. flag research and survey vessel and may be developed for time charter from her new owners through Marcon International, Inc.

 Northstar  (Ro Ro Cargo Ship > Vehicles Carrier)
vor 1 Tag von Timsen

Crew restarted engine
On Nov 24 at 10 p.m. the crew of the "North Star" has restarted its engine 45 nautical miles offshore of Haida Gwaii after fixing an electrical issue. The ship had been drifting parallel to the shoreline for hours. The pair of tugs from Prince Rupert and a Canadian Coast Guard vessel which had been dispatched to assist thus were no longer required.The ship now was once again en route to Tacoma, Washington.

 Le Boreal  (Passenger Ship > Cruise Ship)
vor 1 Tag von Timsen

Two more cruises cancelled after fire
The "Le Boréal" was taken to Punta Arenas after the fire and will be repaired in a yard there. Due to the damage caused two more Cruises already had to be cancelled, which would have started on Nov 30 and Dec 10.

 Lotty  (Pleasure Craft > Sailing Vessel)
vor 1 Tag von Timsen

Salvaged Lotty on slip in Umeå
On Nov 11, 2015, the "Lotty" was pulled up the slipway at the Umeå Marine Research Center for inspections and repairs. The tug "Kronö" had assisted to refloat the ship one week after the accident off the shoal in Örefjärden. A vessel of KFM took over and towed the "Lotty" to port. Swedish report with photos: www.tugboatlars.s... (scroll down)

 Falcon Explorer  (Service Ship > Research Vessel)
vor 1 Tag von Timsen

Fire on scrap ship
On Nov 25, 2015, at 1.10 p.m. a fire broke out aboard the "Falcon Explorer" in the port of Esbjerg at the Smedegaarden A/S in harbour basin 6 where the ship was getting recycled since Oct 29. The development of toxic smoke was so intense that the police urged people to stay indoors. At 2:25 p.m. an air raid warning sounded in Esbjerg because the smoke was drifting especially towards the city center and in a northerly direction. The police urged people to stay inside, close the doors and windows and stop the ventilation. At 3.30 p.m. the fire rescue had the fire under control so that the danger was over. The cause of the fire was a malfunctioning water heater. Danish reports with photos and video: Esbjerg--Video--Brand-i-skib-paa-stor-ophugsplads-naer-Semco

 MSC Kim  (Container Ship)
vor 1 Tag von Timsen

Record drug found on MCS Kim
On Nov 17, 2015, the Belgium police found a record quantity of cocaine, nearly 500 kilograms, on board the "MSC Kim". The drugs were hidden in rolls of plastic films inside the container cargo. The vessel had some overstay in Antwerp, having arrived there on Nov 16 from Ecuador. No mentioning of crew involvement.

 Hilmi K  (General Cargo Ship)
vor 1 Tag von Timsen

Grounding in the Izmir-Yenikale area
Coming from Iskenderun, the "Hilmi K" ran aground on Nov 24, 2015, at 0745 a.m in the Izmir-Yenikale area. About two hours later vessel managed to refloat by own means, and was anchored near the grounding site for inspection. At 6 p.m the ship entered the port of Izmir.

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