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 Jantina  (General Cargo Ship)
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Broken up.. RDM in Kampen since May 22, 2017. Photo:

 Hydrus  (Other)
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HYDRUS - San Francisco’s New Ferry Enters Service
Hydrus, the first in a series of new 400-passenger catamaran ferries for the Water and Emergency Transportation Authority (WETA) in San Francisco, has entered service. Designed by Incat Crowther and built by Vigor in Seattle, Hydrus is the first of this new class of vessel with additional ferries to follow. “In the spring of 2015, Vigor began construction on the first of two WETA ferries in this class,” said Tim Kolb, General Manager of Vigor Ballard. “It’s an efficient design and very environmentally friendly”. Hydrus will be joined mid-year by a second vessel, Cetus, with a further two vessels due in 2018.

 Flag Lama  (Bulk Carrier)
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COSCO (Dalian) Shipyard Delivers Flag Lama
COSCO (Dalian) Shipyard Co has delivered an bulk carrier, “FLAG LAMA”, to its European buyer, the company said in its press release. The delivery documents were signed by and between COSCO Dalian and the buyer recently. The bulk carrier measures 229 meters in LOA (length of all), 32.26 meters in breadth and 20.05 meters in depth.

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