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37 min ago by arnekiel

Limassol port shutting down… again
Limassol port will be out of commission from April 15 as porters have announced they will stage an indefinite strike. The workers have been protesting pay-cuts and accuse the ports authority of having reneged on their collective labour agreements. A 24-hour warning strike saw the port employees gather outside the port in protest, but port operations were not disrupted as the few scheduled tasks were performed by the shareholders of the Limassol Licensed Porters’ Association. Similar strikes two months ago halted all commercial activity in and out of the island as trade unions objected to government plans to proceed with the privatisation of semi-government organisations, including the Cyprus Ports Authority, over the next four years. In an effort to avoid escalation this week, the Labour Ministry informed the unions of its mediating proposal, which was unanimously rejected by the porters who reaffirmed their intention to strike indefinitely. It is expected that seven commercial ships will not be serviced, while a total 1,400 containers will remain unloaded. SEK union spokesman Titos Timotheou said that despite the concerted effort to address the dispute, the association was not receptive and the conflict escalated. He apologised to everyone who would be impacted by the strike, and said that the porters will insist on their positions until their demands are met. Source: Cyprus Mail

38 min ago by arnekiel

Zhuhai Port to Get New Berths
CCCC Fourth Harbor Engineering Co., Ltd. has recently won the bid for construction of Berths 2-7 in Phase 2 of the container terminal project in Gaolan zone of Zhuhai Port, with construction period of 48 months. The project involves construction of six professional container berths and auxiliary facilities such as three container yards, a break bulk yard and a warehouse. The project will boost economic trade on the west coast of Pearl River Estuary and promote regional economic development. Source: Zhuhai Port

40 min ago by arnekiel

Mombasa Port to soon handle larger vessels (with cap. of 6,000 TEU)
Kenya Ports Authority ( KPA) and German experts are scheduled to work on a simulation exercise to gauge the port’s capability to handle vessels with capacity of 6,000 twenty equivalent units ( TEUs). Currently, the Port of Mombasa handles vessels of up to 4,500 TEUs but is expected to handle bigger vessels upon completion of the dredging at Likoni Channel, cargo handling modernisation and construction of Berth 19.

42 min ago by arnekiel

Port Restrictions at Port of Bejaia
Skuld advises its Members that at present Port restrictions have been put in place at the Port of Bejaia, Algeria. Specifically the Association understands that the following restrictions are in place: 185 meters for bulkers, and 140 meters with a draft of 09 meters for cargo vessels. Members are advised that in case they are planning on fixing to Bejaia, to first check with local Shipping Agents, the precise permissible dimensions allowed at that time. It may also be worth considering a liberty to divert in the fixture in case Bejaia becomes unreachable. For Members with vessels under way, and uncertain as to whether their vessel may exceed the restrictions, we would recommend that the appropriate Business Unit is contacted as a precaution. Source: Skuld

44 min ago by arnekiel

Construction of new coastal centre at Bulgaria Burgas port to begin
Construction of a new coastal centre for vessel traffic monitoring and management and information services for the maritime transport will begin at Burgas port, the press centre of the Ministry of Transport, Information Technologies and Communications announced. Deputy Minister of Transport, Information Technologies and Communications Petar Kirov is to announce the beginning of the construction at 11 am at Iztok 1Terminal of Burgas port. The coastal centre is a part of the project for development of a vessel traffic monitoring and information system (VTMIS) - phase 3 and is financed under OP Transport 2007 – 2013. Source: Focus News Agency

49 min ago by arnekiel

CMA CGM launches a second weekly call at Ust-Luga
One year after having put in place a weekly call at Ust-Luga (Russia) and in light of growing interest of its customers for this new Russian Baltic port, CMA CGM is pleased to announce a second call at Ust-Luga as from May 9th, 2014, on its French Baltic Loop A currently serving St Petersburg. Improved rotation as from May 2nd, 2014 with direct calls at Zeebrugge, Antwerp and Dunkirk to call at Ust-Luga on May 9th, 2014. Loop D, already serving Ust-Luga on a weekly basis, will keep the same rotation: Zeebrugge - Rotterdam - Hamburg - Ust-Luga - St Petersburg – Zeebrugge.

53 min ago by arnekiel

Shipping at Australian coal ports resumes in wake of Cyclone Ita
Tropical Cyclone Ita hit the Queensland coast north of Cairns on Friday evening (11 April), causing extensive flooding and damage to townships before moving south. The Category 1 cyclone passed the coal ports of Mackay and Hay Point over the weekend before moving out to sea. "Shipping operations were suspended for a couple of days," a spokesperson for North Queensland Bulk Ports (NQBP) told IHS Maritime. "So there weren't ships at the terminal berths in Hay Point or berthed in Mackay. Normal operations will resume this afternoon at both ports. At Hay Point it was estimated 10 or so ships were affected.

 Balder  (Other Ship)
1 hour ago by arnekiel

Technip and Heerema Win Biggest Subsea Contract Ever
Following Total E&P Angola’s $16 billion final investment decision on Monday, Technip and Heerema Marine Contractors have been awarded the largest SURF (subsea, umbilical, riser, flowline) contract ever to develop the Kaombo project located in Block 32 offshore Angola in water depths up to 2,000 meters. The contract is valued at approximately USD $3.5 billion with a Technip share of ± 55% and a Heerema share of ± 45%. Heerema notes they plan to mobilize the Deep Water Construction vessel Balder, to install all STTRs and the pipe-in-pipe (18”/12”) production pipelines. Technip’s vessel, the Deep Blue, will install all the remaining pipelines. Other vessels from Technip’s fleet will install the flexibles and umbilicals and provide construction work support. The project is scheduled for completion in the first half of 2018.Source: gCaptain

1 hour ago by arnekiel

Port & terminals partially operative after fire
The port at Valparaiso is operating and terminals working, albeit at a slower than usual pace, despite the effects of the fire which swept through part of the city at the weekend.

 Tranquillity Bf7  (Other Ship)
6 hours ago by Timsen

Tranquillity temporarliy patched up
The "Tranquillity - Bf 7" left Orkney in the night of Apr 16, bound for its home port Peterhead. Pumps were put on board the vessel the previous morning by the Shetland based Coastguard SAR helicopter and by Kirkwall Lifeboat, which then escorted the vessel into Kirkwall, where the local Fire and Rescue Service were also called in to pump water from the boat. Following an inspection by divers on Apr 15, the cause of the ingress of water was discovered and a temporary repair was made, which enabled the boat to leave Kirkwall for Peterhead. Report with photo: www.orcadian.co.u...

 Christos Xxii  (Tug)
6 hours ago by Timsen

Investigation report into collision of tug with Eemsstrom published
The Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) published its report on the loss of the "Emsstrom" following the collision with the "Christos XXII" in Tor Bay: "At 2058 on January 13, 2013, the tug Christos XXII was struck by her tow, the former fisheries protection vessel Emsstrom, while anchoring off Hope’s Nose, Tor Bay. The Emsstrom had developed a list while under tow from Emden, Germany, to Aliaga, Turkey and Christos XXII’s master was anchoring to enable him to investigate the cause of this list. The Christos XXII was holed below the waterline in way of its engine room and required significant assistance to control the subsequent flooding. The master was unfamiliar with operating in tidal waters and had not taken account of the tidal conditions when anchoring. He anchored Christos XXII downtide of Emsstrom, leading to it being carried by the tide into the stationary Christos XXII. Emsstrom sank at 1326 the following day, and its loss was under criminal investigation by European authorities. Following the accident, it was found that the authorities in Harlingen had not been consulted regarding the tow and no arrangements had been made to receive Emsstrom in that port. The vessel’s loss was investigated by European authorities for suspected waste disposal fraud. Questions remain regarding the cause of the loss of Emsstrom and the late change in destination to Turkey, from Harlingen, where it had never been expected. These areas were under criminal investigation by European authorities and are not covered in this report. The master had not assessed the tidal conditions when making his anchoring plan. The majority of his experience had been gained in the non-tidal waters of the Mediterranean and in planning how best to achieve his goal of investigating the list on Emsstrom, he forgot to take account of the tidal conditions and the effect they would have on the towed vessel. Had the master taken a pilot and entered Tor Bay to investigate the list on Emsstrom, the subsequent anchoring would have been better prepared and therefore not have resulted in a collision. However, to avoid the expense of taking a pilot he decided to investigate Emsstrom’s condition without entering the bay." The new wreck has since become a popular spot for divers.

 Lovund  (Passenger ship)
6 hours ago by Timsen

Repairs of grounding damage completed
The "Lovund" was ready for operational service again and started its first run to Lurøybassenget from Stokkvågen on Apr 15 at 7.30 p.m. after a lengthy repairs following the grounding on Mar 20. The repair was carried out at Westcon Helgeland on Langsetvågen in Nesna. The replacement ferry "Storvågan" could be returned to Boreal Transport Nord. Norwegian report with photo: www.ranablad.no/n...

 Beaufort  (Other Ship)
6 hours ago by Timsen

Gruno 5 to salvage broken down offshore vessel
In the morning of Apr 16, 2014, at 7.30 a.m. the tug "Gruno 5" sailed from the port of Delfzijl to the "Beaufort" which was still at anchor off Borkum. It was hoped to get the ship finally towed to port after the weather improved significantly and the wind decreased. The tug was expected on scene around 10.30 a.m., the further salvage opearation was depending on how quickly the anchor could be lifted. The Maritime Emergency Germany Agency ended its work at 9.30 a.m. while crew and technicians were underway to the ship.

 Marrakech  (Passenger ship)
7 hours ago by Timsen

Ferry sold at auction
The "Marrakech" which was being detained in Sète was sold to the company Prodomo from Casablanca. during an auction for a total of 1.24 million Euro. The ship had been arrested due to unpaid wages after the bankruptcy of Comarit Comanav in 2012 along with two other ferries. In summer 2013 the "Biladi" was sold to a Greek buyer and broken up. It was not yet clear what Prodomo plans with "Marrakech". The name Prodomo suggested that the ship could be used as an accomodation vessel.

 Caribbean Fantasy  (Passenger ship)
7 hours ago by Timsen

Ferry sidelined due to engine breakdown
The "Caribbean Fantasy" suffered a breakdown of one of its two engines so that the ferry service beween Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic had to be suspended for at least two weeks. The ship was sidelined in Santo Domingo waiting for staff to carry out repairs.

 Cg Morgenthau  (Other Ship)
7 hours ago by Timsen

Sewage discharge from Coastguard Cutter
The Coast Guard was investigating a sewage discharge from the "Morgenthau" at the Coast Guard Base Sand Island. At approximately 9:30 a.m. on Apr 14, 2014, a crewmember aboard the Coast Guard Cutter reported the smell of sewage to the Engineer of the Watch. The Engineer of the Watch went to the side of the ship and observed brown water flowing overboard through the sewage discharge port intended for use only at sea and immediately secured the system. The Engineer determined the cause of the improper discharge to be the misalignment of the overboard discharge valve which was locked in accordance with the procedures for entering port, but incorrectly in the open position. Further investigation revealed that this valve had been open since the vessel returned to port on Apr 11 at approximately 6:30 p.m. In the 63 hours since mooring, the ship’s sewage system, which was set to pump when the holding tank reaches approximately 1,250 gallons, had automatically discharged four times. The contents of the tank include wastewater from the sinks and showers aboard and whatever sewage was being produced. Immediately upon discovering the improper discharge the Cutter reported the incident to the Hawaii State Department of Health and the Coast Guard National Response Center. The Coast Guard worked closely with the State to determine if any further actions were required.

 Sam  (Cargo Ship)
7 hours ago by BerndU

sold to Breakers
sold to Alang breakers

 Ensco 8506  (Other Ship)
7 hours ago by Timsen

Rug suffered water ingress off Galveston
The US Coast Guard was overseeing response efforts on Apr 15, 2014, for the "Ensco 8506" that began taking on water into a ballast tank after a large wave hit them in heavy seas more than 100 miles south of Galveston. In the morning the Coast Guard received a report that the offshore semi-submersible drilling rig had been damaged causing one of the rig’s column ballast tanks to take on water. The capacity of the ballast pumps onboard were keeping up with the ingress of water in the column ballast tank. The rig was maintaining an even keel and remained in a stable position without resorting to using the emergency pumps, or performing an emergency disconnect from the riser. The rig was conducting exploratory operations and did not have any oil product onboard from drilling operations. The drilling rig was operating in an area with a 3,800-foot water depth and was not conducting actual drilling operations when the incident occurred. All rig operations have been suspended and preparations are being made for normal disconnect procedures if necessary to make repairs. The Coast Guard has deployed the Coast Guard Cutter "Skipjack", homeported in Galveston, and an aircrew aboard an HU-25 Falcon airplane from Air Station Corpus Christi to provide on-site intelligence and to assist if necessary. The onscene weather was 20 knot sustained winds and 12 foot seas.

 Todd Michael  (Other Ship)
7 hours ago by Timsen

Tug grounded on Lake Pontchartrain
The Coast Guard rescued three crewmembers aboard athe "Todd Michael" on Lake Pontchartrain on Apr 15, 2014. Watchstanders at the Coast Guard Sector New Orleans command center received a report the Utug was taking on water and reportedly grounded on the rocks near the Lakefront Airport on Lake Pontchartrain with three people aboard. The Coast Guard Air Station New Orleans launched an MH-65 Dolphin helicopter crew and a response boatcrew from Coast Guard Station New Orleans. The aircrew hoisted two crewmen from the ship, the boatcrew removed one member from the barge attached to the towing vessel. Both Coast Guard crews transported the three to emergency medical services. Report with photos: www.uscgnews.com/...

 Tug.neptune  (Towing Vessel)
7 hours ago by Timsen

Tug caused oil spill
The Coast Guard responded to a report of a fuel spill in the vicinity of Government Cut from the "Neptune" in the evening of Apr 15, 2014. Watchstanders at Coast Guard Sector Miami received a report from the tug that a fuel tank holding approximately 7,800 gallons of diesel fuel aboard the vessel has leaked approximately 2,000 gallons into the water. The leak was discovered by the crewmembers aboard the tug after detecting the rupture in the tank. Sorbent boom was deployed to contain the spilled fuel. An aircrew from Coast Guard Air Station Miami is on scene alongside a crew from Coast Guard Station Miami Beach, Fla., and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. The cause of the incident was under investigation.

7 hours ago by arnekiel

Boskalis Begins Port of Felixstowe Dredging
VSBW Joint Venture, a consortium of VolkerStevin and Boskalis Westminster, has been appointed as the lead contractor to extend the port’s Berth 9 by 190 metres. The work will increase the combined lengths of Berths 8 and 9 to 920 metres, giving the port even greater flexibility to berth the world’s largest container ships. The Boskalis Westminster dredger, Causeway, began dredging the area on 13 April 2014. The initial dredging is in preparation for construction to begin in the summer. The project will involve dredging of 1 million cubic metres of material to enable a new steel-piled quay wall to be built. Source : Dredging Today

 Hanjin Buddha  (Cargo Ship)
7 hours ago by arnekiel

First Seaspan’s so-called SAVER design ship arrives at Long Beach
The HANJIN BUDDHA is constructed by Jiangsu New Yangzi Shipbuilding Co., and is the first to be built using Seaspan’s so-called SAVER design, featuring a fuel efficient hull developed by MARIN and Marine Design and Research Institute of China (MARIC).The Hanjin Buddha will commence a ten-year, fixed-rate time charter with Hanjin Shipping Co. The ship is the first of a total of three vessels to be chartered by Seaspan to Hanjin.

 Antje Wulff  (Cargo Ship)
7 hours ago by arnekiel

Propulsion problems near Hoek van Holland breakwaters
The ANTJE WULFF encountered propulsion problems near the Hoek van Holland breakwaters on Apr. 15 and was assisted by the tugs SMIT CHEETAH, FAIRPLAY 26 , FAIRPLAY III, which were later joined by the SMIT ELBE and SMIT HUDSON

 Petite  (Other Ship)
7 hours ago by Timsen

Petite in collision with container ship on Thimble Shoal Channel
The Coast Guard was working with local response agencies and the Virginia and Maryland Pilots on Apr 15, 2014, after receiving a report of the collision between the "MSC Charleston" and the "Petite" in the Thimble Shoal Channel and was responding to several subsequent reports of ships dragging anchor in the lower Chesapeake Bay. The rig vessel and the container ship reportedly collided due to severe weather in the main ship channel at approximately 7:30 p.m. There was no initial report of damage, pollution or injuries to either vessel, and both were safely anchored pending a Coast Guard investigation.

 Ornak  (Cargo Ship)
7 hours ago by Timsen

Bulkcarrier grounded off Lynnhaven
Winds gusting to 70 mph at Cape Henry caused 12 ships anchored in the vicinity of Lynnhaven to drag anchor and caused the "Ornak", that was anchored in the Lynnhaven Anchorage east of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel, to run aground on Apr 15, 2014, at approximately 8:35 p.m. near the First Landing State Park. To help stabilize the ships, the Virginia Pilot office dispatched 11 pilots to embark the anchored vessels at anchorage. Coast Guard Sector Hampton Roads Command Center watchstanders were working with local partners, the Virginia and Maryland Pilot's Associations and local tug boat companies to coordinate assistance to ships dragging anchor and others requiring tug support to remain moored at several facilities due to strong wind gusts.

8 hours ago by arnekiel

P3 readies for operations in 3 months, opens office in London
THE P3 mega alliance, made up Maersk, MSC and CMA CGM, have rented temporary quarters in London, having received a passing grade from the US Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) and now await approval from China and indications from EU. China, which appears to regard the network as a merger rather than a vessel-sharing agreement, has yet to give its approval. The European Commission is expected to indicate its attitude mid-May, reports Lloyd's List. P3 offices have been leased in London until the end of the year, with another planned in Singapore, said CMA CGM executive officer Rodolphe Saad. Rival alliances have expanded in response, with Mr Saade saying a new business model was needed for the container shipping industry to remain profitable. "P3 will allow us to provide the best economic model by deploying the largest vessel size," Mr Saade said. "We believe, on the other hand, that more and more alliances will take place in the form of P3, the G6, and the CKYHE, where shipping lines join forces on the operational side and offer their customers a much better product than they do today," he said. CMA CGM has enlarged six ships it ordered from 16,000 to 17,700 TEU to be compatible with Maersk and MSC tonnage. Mr Saade said three ships are being built in Shanghai, saying China was able to offer financing packages that were not available elsewhere.

 MSC Charleston  (Cargo Ship)
8 hours ago by Timsen

Collision on Timble Shoal Channel
The Coast Guard was working with local response agencies and the Virginia and Maryland Pilots on Apr 15, 2014, after the collision between the "MSC Charleston", which was coming from Norfolk, and the rig vessel "Petite" in the Thimble Shoal Channel at approximately 7:30 p.m. Both ships were safely anchored pending a Coast Guard investigation.

 Sewol  (Passenger ship)
8 hours ago by Timsen

Ferry capsized with hundreds of pupils on board
The "Sewol" issued distress signals at 8.58 a.m. LT before it capsized off the South Korean south coast 20 kilometers off the island Byeongpoong with 477 persons on boar, among them 324 high school students and 10 teachers, on Apr 16, 2014. The ferry had a crew of 30. It also carried about 180 vehicles and 1157 tons of cargo. At least two persons were recovered dead, one victim was a crew member of 27 years, the other a pupil who died after having been rescued. 164 castaways have meanwhile been rescued. 27 persons were taken to hospital with injuries. It was expected that the number of victims would increase, 293 persons were still unaccounted for five hours after the accident, and many might have been trapped inside the ferry the bow of which remained afloat bottom up for some time. The vessel was underway with the students from the high school in Ansan which had departed from Incheon in the evening of Apr 14 on a field trip to the island Jeju, when it suddenly started to list top port, probably after having scraped a rock, and sank at 11.50 a.m. The passengers were equipped with life vests and asked to jump into the water. An SAR operation of the Coast Guard and the Navy, supported by merchant ships and fishermen, was launched with 16 helicopters and dozens of ships. Videos: www.youtube.com/w... www.youtube.com/w... www.youtube.com/w...

 Umschlag  (Cargo Ship)
8 hours ago by Timsen

Umschlag grounded on the Hunte
In the evening of Apr 14, 2014, the "Umschlag" was pushed onto the southern embankment of the Hunte near Iprump by a storm gust. The ship was enroute from Oldenburg to Elsfleth with the outgoing tide. The master tried to keep the vessel off the stones, but finally got stuck. Two work boats of the shipping authority Bremen, Oldenburg District, assisted to refloat the ship with the next flood and getting it to a nearby landing place. The embankment of the river suffered damage by the suction of the propellers of the ships. The "Umschlag" was detained for surveys and investigations. which was lifted by the traffic center Bremen after a survey of the shipping survey committee (SUK) on Apr 15. The "Umschlag" reached Bremen at 2.30 p.m. The investigations launched by the police Brake were continued.

14 hours ago by mistermizu

South Korean ferry "sinking" (breaking news)
A ferry with about 350 people on board is sinking off the south-west coast of South Korea, coastguard officials have said. Most of the passengers are secondary school students on their way from Incheon to the southern resort island of Jeju, officials added. News agencies said the ferry had sent out a distress signal about 20km (12 miles) off the island of Byungpoong. Coastguard and naval vessels and helicopters have gone to the scene. The ferry is reported to be listing at a severe angle. "The ship is taking in water and sinking," a coastguard spokesman told AFP news agency by phone. "We have coastguard vessels, commercial ships in the area, as well as helicopters all engaged in the rescue operation," the spokesman said. One passenger told the YTN news channel: "We heard a big thumping sound and the boat stopped. "The boat is tilting and we have to hold on to something to stay seated," the passenger said.

 Noora Moon 1  (Cargo Ship)
20 hours ago by BerndU

sold to Breakers
sold to Alang breakers

 Ashley  (Other Ship)
22 hours ago by Timsen

Cargo ship grounded off Fehmarn
In the early morning of Apr 14, 2014, the "Ashley" ran onto a bar in the Fehmarn Sound on its way from Rotterdam to Neustadt in Holstein. The ship which was loaded with lime had already passed the eastern part of the Sound when it got stock at the south coast of Fehmarn between the buoys 10 and 11. A tug was called from Rostock which was able to refloat the ship some hours later. The vessel then headed around the island instead of continuing the sound transit. Once the ship had berthed in Neustadt at 11.25 a.m., investigators of the police Heiligenhafen came on board. It looked like the ship with a draught of 4,3 meters was a victim of the very low tide that night as the charts showed a water depth of five meters.

 Serenity  (Passenger ship)
23 hours ago by Timsen

River cruise ship disabled
On Apr 15, 2014, the "Serenity" being underway from Linz to Passau was disabled in Melk during a berthing manoever at 7.30 a.m. A thick mooring wire broke and got entangled in the propeller of the bow thruster. The ship had 180 persons on board. The master called the fire rescue. Six divers tried to cut the wire which was complicated by the low temperatures of the Danube. Austrian report with photos: www.noen.at/nachr...

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