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7 hours ago by arnekiel

Great North lock in Kiel-Holtenau to be closed from 3rd of August until 7th of August
Due to urgent repairs the great north canal lock will be closed for all traffic from 3rd of August (7 a.m.) until 7th of August (01p.m.). For Ships only the great south lock will be open.

 Fennica  (Other Ship)
7 hours ago by arnekiel

13 demonstrators hang from Portland bridge to block Shell ship
Protesters against Arctic drilling rappelled from the St. Johns Bridge early Wednesday morning to set up an aerial blockade of a Shell oil icebreaker in the port for repairs. "They are creating a human barricade so that the Shell icebreaker cannot get through," said Annie Leonard, the executive director of Greenpeace U.S. "They are prepared to stay up there for days because that's what it is going to take to save the arctic." The 13 Greenpeace protesters suspended themselves from the bridge around 3 a.m. Wednesday. One of them is from Portland. “I think direct action is really powerful and also really inspiring because it shows people speak truth to power and what that looks like. And people who aren’t afraid to take more extreme messages and aren’t afraid to stand toe to toe,” said Georgia Hirsty via a Facetime interview as she swayed in the breeze suspended from the bridge. “Hopefully it doesn’t take a week for Shell to get the message.” www.katu.com/news...

 Oaktree  (Tankship)
7 hours ago by Timsen

Tanker assisted in search for missing fishermen
The "Oak Tree" enroute from Visakhaptatnam to Mumbai and a cargo ship assisted the search of the ICGS "C-404" for three fishermen whose vessel, the KPM "Brothers" had capsized about 16 nautical miles southwest of the Vadakara coast on July 26, 2015. The fishermen from Vadakara were finally rescued by the "C-404". Their fishing boat had left Chombal fishing harbour on july 26 for fishing and the boat was to return to the harbour the next day. However, the boat was found capsized and all crew were floating at sea on July 27. The crew was rescued despite adverse sea conditions and lack of information on the position of the missing boat. The Coast Guard Station at Beypore had coordinated the rescue mission.

 Lancelot V  (Cargo Ship)
8 hours ago by Timsen

Crew finally paid and allowed ashore
The crew of the "Lancelot V" which was detained in the Port of Tauranga have finally been paid and were allowed ashore after nearly two months confined to the ship, however, they don't have anywhere to go. With 18 crew members left on board, the union was now appealing for people from Ukrainian and Filipino communities in the Bay of Plenty to contact the ship and give them a run ashore. They were being looked after by the High Court in terms of food and other supplies, so their needs now were on the social front. The mainly Ukrainian and Filipino crew have been stuck on the vessel since it was arrested in Auckland in May following a dispute between the charterer and the owners of the Greek-owned, Panama registered ship which came to Tauranga in June to complete its discharge and was re-arrested. While food supplies dwindled, action by the International Transport Workers Federation and the Maritime Union of New Zealand succeeded in getting the men fed and paid on ITF rates, which equatef to more than they were being paid by the owners. It was also hoped a court hearing next week will address the crew's back pay. The ship can be contacted by email via: Lancelotv@skyfile.com or, alternatively, master captain Stannislav Titomer can be contacted on: 00 870 773 168650. Report with photo: https://www.sunlive.co.nz...

 Lac Manitoba  (Towing Vessel)
8 hours ago by Timsen

Fuel from sunken tugs drained
Nearly all of the diesel from the "Lac Manitoba" and "LCM 131" has been removed or forced out of fuel tanks by rushing water until July 29. The "Lac Manitoba" had all but perhaps 30 litres of diesel fuel removed in salvage operations. The next step was to see the engine space of the vessel pumped free of oily water on July 31. That space was likely contaminated by lubricants used on the massive engines used to power the tug. Once that operation is completed, recovery of the wreck was scheduled for Aug 1, when the tug was to be raised from the river bottom by a massive crane and placed on a barge. The "Lac Manitoba" had about 9,000 litres of diesel fuel on board when it capsized. It was unknown how much of the fuel was spilled into the river during the tug's month-long stay in the water, because calculations were still being completed on how much has been removed from the tanks. Salvage workers were likely to reposition their equipment over the weekend in advance of recovering the "LCM 131". The 200 litres of diesel that was aboard that tug when it capsized has been washed away by the powerful river current in that region. There have been reports of some sheening on the river, and drinking prohibitions have been ordered for some regions downstream of the wreck that take their water directly from the river, but there have been no massive releases of toxins reported. Report with photo: www.cornwallseawa...

 Safari.voyager  (Passenger ship)
8 hours ago by Timsen

Welding work caused fire
In the morning of July 29, 2015, the Seattle Firefighters responded to a fire at Deck 3 of Fishermen's Terminal. At approximately 7:30 a.m. SFD dispatchers received a call that there was a fire on the "Safari Voyager". The ship was moored at the terminal and undergoing construction work. The fire was limited to one room. Over 27 units were dispatched to the scene. By the time firefighters arrived the welders had extinguished the flame. SFD investigators were still determining what caused the blaze, but there was welding work being dong on the deck when the fire started. Report with photo: www.ballardnewstr...

 Kota Wajar  (Cargo Ship)
8 hours ago by Timsen

Collision report found out that lookouts were not looking
The Australian Transport Safety Bureau has released its report into the collision between the "Kota Wajar" and the yacht "Blazing Keel", stating that neither vessel was maintaining a proper lookout at the time. At 04.19 a.m. on July 6, 2014, in clear visibility, the container ship collided with the yacht in Moreton Bay. The ship was southbound in the shipping channel while the yacht was crossing the channel in a southwest direction. The yacht suffered extensive collision damage but its watertight integrity was maintained. The two people on board were not injured and the yacht safely returned to its marina. The ATSB found that no one on board either Kota Wajar or Blazing Keel saw or otherwise detected the other vessel before the collision. Neither vessel had maintained a proper lookout in accordance with COLREGS. The investigation found that "Kota Wajar"’s safety management system procedures requiring a dedicated lookout were not effectively implemented and a lookout was not posted. In addition, radar was not appropriately used. The high workload of the ship’s bridge team and local conditions, such as background lights ashore, were factors in not detecting the yacht. The investigation identified that the visual lookout kept by Blazing Keel’s crew was ineffective. Furthermore, the yacht’s night passage was undertaken without radar (which had been inoperable for 18 months). It was also found that Brisbane Marine Pilots’ standard passage plan and master-pilot exchange does not ensure that the ship’s bridge team is provided adequate information with respect to local traffic and areas where attention should be paid to small craft. "Kota Wajar"’s managers, Pacific International Lines, Singapore, have advised the ATSB that action to better implement safety procedures with regard to posting a lookout was being taken. Brisbane Marine Pilots has advised the ATSB that its standard passage plan has been amended to clarify responsibility for maintaining a good lookout by sight and radar. Bridge team engagement and communicating small craft interaction will be emphasized through the master-pilot-bridge team exchange. The pilotage company has also decided to review and amend its pre-arrival information for masters to emphasize the small vessel interaction risk. In response to the continuing safety issue around maintaining an effective and proper lookout when navigating in Australian waters, the ATSB has issued a safety advisory notice to the masters, owners, operators and skippers of all vessels. Full report: www.atsb.gov.au/p...

 Larissa  (Pleasure Craft)
8 hours ago by Timsen

Salvage attempt for gutted yacht failed
In the afternoon July 18, 2015, at 5 p.m. the “Larissa” caught fire while enroute from Ancona to Pescara, two miles off the coast of Tortoreto (Teramo) between Giulianova and Tortoreto, near the mouth of the river Salinello, under the eyes of hundreds of tourists and swimmers. The English skipper, three Turkish crew members and five Russians, one with a Canadian passport and six with the Cypriot one, were on board, among them three women and two minors of 12 and 14 years. They were saved and taken to shore with a small motor boat and a banana boat of the Antares Tortoreto Lido which picked them up from the bow while the yacht was increasingly engulfed by flames from the stern. They were accomodated in the Palace Hotel of Tortoreto. Two units of the fire rescue with a dinghy and a water pump and a helicopter a helicopter of the Fire Department of Pescara were sent to tackle the fire as well as the “CP 292” of the Italian Coastguard and a boat of the Red Cross, but the luxury yacht finally sank on a water depth of seven meters in the evening, 2,5 hours after the blaze started in the engine room. The anti-pollution vessel “Monterosa” of the company Castalia-Ecolmare left the port of Giulianova and was sent to the sinking site to try to avoid the dispersion of oily substances in the sea. The wreck was marked with buoys and surrounded by oil booms. The Russian shipowner contracted the company Mari Ter of Ortona to raise the wreck, but it broke in two during the lifting attempt on July 29. The salvage was complicated due to the weakness of the wreck, so that the divers could attach the slings only in the region of the stern propeller and the bow thruster. The salvage operation should now be completed in the late afternoon of July 31. The operation will cost about 40.000 Euro. An investigation into the fire was being coordinated by prosecutor Andrea De Feis. Once the wreck is taken to a yard in the port of Giulianova, a technical investigation will start to find out what happened. Italian reports with photos and videos: www.blitzquotidia... www.abruzzolive.i... www.lameziaoggi.i... www.emmelle.it/Pr... www.pescarawebtv.... www.cityrumors.it... www.cityrumors.it... ilcentro.gelocal.... certastampa.it/20... www.pescarapost.i...

 Norman Atlantic  (Passenger ship)
9 hours ago by Timsen

Wreck looted
An investigation into the breach of seals was initiated after an inspection of the "Norman Atlantic" in the morning of July 29. Investigators discovered two cars which had not been destroyed in the fire, with the windows broken and personal items of the passengers pulled out of the bags and scattered on the floor. Unknown persons have violated the seals of the wreck and attempted to steal some valuables. The area is patrolled by a private agency whose employees have bit noticed the incursion. Investigations are now underway to trace those responsible for the act of looting.

 Commodore Straits  (Other Ship)
9 hours ago by Timsen

Dismantling has started
On July 21 a team of five of the Construction et Démolition GB started to dismantle the "Chaulk Determination" in Trois Rivières. The oil spill as wreaked havoc in the ship, covering all sufaceses with a messy layer. Walls and ceilings have to be cleaned from oil and hydrocarbons and soiled wool removed, a task, which has almost been completed. Brass and copper which could be worth around 50,000 will be sold, all other interior including typhoon, radar, bulleyes, anchors, lamps, buoys, the rescue boat may find new owners too. The engine will be cleanad, and there was already a potential buyer in Africa, who may also have interest in the propeller. Within the next five weeks the tug will be reduced to an empty shell and, after an inspection by Transport Canada, towed to the Méridien-Yard in Matane in mid-September at the latest for recycling. French reports with photos: ici.radio-canada.... www.lapresse.ca/l...

 Viking Odin  (Passenger ship)
9 hours ago by Timsen

River cruise ship grounded twice
The "Viking Odin" ran aground twice on the Main river in the foremidday of July 29, 2015, with 40 passengers on board. The ship had left the Floß Port in Aschaffenburg at 9.15 a.m. when it suffered a complete electrical blackout and loss of steering. Wind and current pushed the ship perpendicular to the stream and into the embankment at the Pompejanum. After the engine was restarted, the ship was able to back off. The river authority ordered the master to return to the berth in Aschaffenburg. During this manoever another electronical blackout occurred, and the ship got stuck again at the dividing dam at the Floß Port. After this second incident the ship was pulled to the berth with a working boat and detained. The water police launched an investigation. A diver for inspections of the hull for damage and an expert for investigations of the electronical installations were called to the port.

 Altinia  (Cargo Ship)
10 hours ago by Timsen

EUNAVFOR assisted disabled roro ship
The "Altinia" was towed into the port of Djibouti after encountering engine problems which left the ship adrift in the Gulf of Aden on July 23, 2015. The EU Naval Force flagship ESPS "Galicia", whilst conducting counter-piracy patrols in the region responded to a mayday call from the cargo ship. As reported by the ship’s crew, the vessel had developed engine problems and was drifting at sea. The ESPS "Galicia" sailed close to the "Altinia" to provide protection from any potential pirate attack, whilst spare engine parts were acquired from a Combined Task Force 151 warship that was in the vicinity. Soon afterwards, the Spanish Navy ship handed over the protection of the "Altina" to the EU Naval Force warship ITS "Libeccio", because of other operational counter piracy tasking in the Gulf of Aden. The ITS "Libeccio" towed the vessel to Djibouti for further inspection and repairs, as it was assessed that it requires specialized technical assistance in port. Report with photos: eunavfor.eu/opera...

 Georgiana H  (Cargo Ship)
10 hours ago by Timsen

Detention in Marina di Carrara
The "Georgiana H" was detained in Marina di Carrara on July 17, 2015. Over the last two years, this was the ship’s third detention in the Paris MoU region. Paris Mou has refused further access for the ship to any port and anchorages in its region, following their third strikes.

 Sephora  (Cargo Ship)
10 hours ago by Timsen

Bulkcarrier adrift in Black Sea
On July 29, 2015, the "Sephora" was reported disabled and adrift in the Black Sea about 50 miles southeast of Yalta. The bulkcarrier was enroute from Damietta to Odessa.

 Sunpower  (Tankship)
10 hours ago by Timsen

Bitumen spill in Huelva
Bitumen spilled from an overflowing cargo tank of the "Sunflower" on July 26, 2015, in Huelva. About 20 tons leaked onto the cargo deck and then overboard at portside. The port emergency antipollution plan was activated, and the tanker was surrounded by booms and a cleaning operation started. The vessel was detained, because the port authorities found the crew to be guilty of failing to maintain required procedures during cargo operations and thus having caused the spill. An investigation was under way, the owner was already required to deposit sufficient sum to guarantee cleaning and other costs. The vessel was to be released after the money deposit and the completion of cleaning operations. Spanish report with photo: www.europapress.e...

 Pride Of America  (Passenger ship)
10 hours ago by Timsen

Two officers hospitalized after lifeboat accident
Two crew members were hospitalized on July 28, 2015, after an accident on the "Pride of America" shortly after 2 p.m. while the cruise ship was docked in Hilo. Officers were performing a routine check of the ship’s rescue boat. The two men in their 30s were lowering a lifeboat from the ship when the lines gave way. The men fell into the boat, then into the ocean. First responders treated them and took them to Hilo Medical Center. The ship arrived in Kona on July 29 as scheduled. Report with video: khon2.com/2015/07...

 Merel-g  (High-Speed Craft)
12 hours ago by arnekiel

Damen Maaskant delivers Twin Axe FCS 'Merel G'
Damen Maaskant Shipyards Stellendam delivered a Twin Axe Fast Crew Supplier 2610 to the family-run Groen Offshore, Guard & Support company. The Merel G has a length of 25.75 meters and is named after the Groen Managing Director’s 10-year old granddaughter. She is the very first Twin Axe FCS that is going to operate in the oil and gas sector and not in the offshore wind one.

 Cap Domingo  (Cargo Ship)
12 hours ago by arnekiel

Diana Containerships Inc. sells Cap Domingo
The Greek Diana Containerships Inc. has announced that it has signed a Memorandum of Agreement to sell to an unaffiliated third party the 2001-built vessel Cap Domingo, with delivery due to the buyer by mid-March 2016, for a gross sale price of US$ 24,250,000.

 Hermes Leader  (Cargo Ship)
12 hours ago by arnekiel

Car Carrier Hermes Leader rescues 336 migrants in the Mediterranean
NYK Line has reported that its car carrier Hermes Leader rescued 336 people in the Mediterranean Sea on July 14. The vessel was en route to port of Gioia Tauro (Italy) when an emergency call was received after Hermes Leader had just transited the Suez Canal. The car carrier diverted to the distress site and managed to save 336 people. On the next day, July 15, they were all handed over to the coast guard at the Port of Augusta, Sicily.

 Good Intent  (Fishing Boat)
22 hours ago by Timsen

Fishing vessel sank trawler in collision
Six fishermen have been rescued after the f/v "Silver D" collided with the "Good Intent" and sank 11 miles south of Ardglass at the coast of County Down on July 29, 2015. The Coastguard received a mayday call just before 05:30 a.m. from a position 11 miles south of Ardglass. All crew of the "Silver D" boarded a liferaft. They were taken on board the other ship and brought to Ardglass, accompanied by the Newcastle lifeboat. The volunteer lifeboat crew at Newcastle RNLI was called out at 5.30 a.m. The "Eleanor and Bryant Girling" was immediately launched and arrived on scene at 6.30 a.m. Weather conditions were described as good with a north westerly wind force 4-5 with half meter swells and clear visibility. The "Good Intent" was damaged in the collision. By the time the lifeboat got there, the crew had the leak under control and did not require any assistance with the salvage pumps. After she was in port, the RNLI boat made its way back out to the scene of the incident as the sinking vessel had deployed a life raft that was still floating unmanned. Left unrecovered this raft could have been reported as a marine emergency or caused an obstruction. Marine Coastguard Agency staff have gone to Ardglass to assess damage to the trawler. The skippers on both boats are from Northern Ireland, while the crew members were all migrant workers. Report with photo: rnli.org/NewsCent...

 Flamingo  (Fishing Boat)
22 hours ago by Timsen

Disabled fishing vessel towed to Greetsiel
On July 29, 2015, at 4.45 a.m. the "Flamingo" got the propeller fouled by a rope and drifted disabled in the Hubertgat about two miles North of the uninhabited island Rottumerplaat. The lifeboat "Alfried Krupp" was alerted and immediately headed to the ship. The daughter boat "Glückauf" towed it to Borkum where the f/v "Friedrich Conradi" took over the tow and pulled the "Flamingo" into its homeport Greetsiel.

 Nordlicht  (Fishing Boat)
22 hours ago by Timsen

Water ingress off Borkum
On July 29, 2015, at 2 a.m. the "Nordlicht" radioed a Mayday after having suffered water ingress in the engine room which could not be controlled by the two fishermen aboard. The engine failed, and the ship went adrift 1,5 miles west of Borkum island in the Ems fairway. Bremen Rescue Radio alerted the lifeboat "Alfried Krupp" from Borkum which managed to take the ship in tow in winds of 5 Beaufort and wave heights of 1,5 meters. They took the vessel alongside and transferred dewatering pumps aboard with which the water Ingress could be controlled. Then the "Nordlicht" was towed into the port of Borkum.

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