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 Uscgc Bollard  (Other Ship)
1 hour ago by Timsen

Damage to Bollard changed ice breaking plans
The US Coast Guard was unable to continue work to break ice jams on the Connecticut River in Haddam on Jan 20, 2018, due to an issue with the USS "Bollard". The USCG has been in Connecticut working to break up ice jams. On Jan 17, the Town of Haddam declared a state of emergency because of the danger of flooding. The "Bollard" was damaged on Jan 19 and is currently out of commission while repairs were made. She was docked in Essex. Another vessel, the USS "Hawser", did continue work further down the river north of the I-95 bridge in Old Lyme on Jan 20. The East Haddam Swing Bridge, which was expected to be closed for several hours as the Coast Guard worked, was open to drivers due to the change of plans.

 Matrona  (Cargo Ship)
3 hours ago by Timsen

Cargo ship adrift in Zonguldak
The ropes of the "Matrona" parted due to adverse weather condition together with heavy seas and strong wind at Zonguldak inner harbour on Jan 18, 2018. Additional ropes were provided by pier duty teams and the vessel safely re-berthed at the pier.

 Palatine  (Cargo Ship)
3 hours ago by Timsen

Roro ferry drifted off Prawle Point
The "Palatine" with 21 persons on board, bound from Rotterdam to Santander, was drifting at one knot 10.5 nautical miles south-south-west of Prawle Point, in lat 50 02.66N, long 03 48.08W on Jan 19, 2018, at 10.30 a.m. In the run of the day the crew completed repairs and the ship was under way again for Santander.

 Fortunate  (Cargo Ship)
4 hours ago by BerndU

Beached at Alang 04.01.18

 Elham  (Towing Vessel)
6 hours ago by BerndU

arrived Alang Anchorage
arrived Alang Anchorage 20.01.18

 M. Gas  (Tankship)
6 hours ago by BerndU

arrived Alang Anchorage
arrived Alang Anchorage 20.01.18

 Theresa Dumai  (Tankship)
6 hours ago by BerndU

Beached at Alang 20.01.18

 New Visio N  (Tankship)
6 hours ago by BerndU

Beached at Alang 20.01.18

 Iluminado  (Tankship)
6 hours ago by BerndU

Beached at Alang 20.01.18

 Wsf Puyallup  (Passenger ship)
10 hours ago by Timsen

Ferry crew saved woman who jumped over board
A 67-year-old woman who jumped from the deck of the Bainbridge-bound "Puyallup" was rescued by crew members in the afternoon of Jan 19, 2018. At 2:15 p.m. the woman had jumped from the back deck of the ferry as it was headed from Seattle to Bainbridge. Crew members responded by throwing a life ring to the woman and launching a rescue boat. They were able to successfully get the woman into the boat and return her to shore in Seattle within less than 10 minutes. The woman was conscious when she was pulled into the lifeboat and was taken to a hospital. The ferry headed back to Seattle after the rescue. The woman was from King County. Both ferries on the Seattle-Bainbridge route would likely run behind schedule for the rest of the day. WSF was conducting an internal investigation and the Washington State Patrol will also investigate.

 Gaselys  (Tankship)
10 hours ago by Timsen

Tanker with Russian gas reversed to Spain
The "Gaselys" which was scheduled to arrive in Boston on Jan 20, 2018, reversed course to Spain after almost 21 days en route and three weeks after picking up the controversial cargo in the U.K. The vessel that was set to arrive on the U.S. East Coast on Jan 20 is now heading back toward the port of Algeciras and should get there next week. The vessel was carrying a cargo from storage tanks at a terminal near London, which earlier received the first fuel from the $27 billion Yamal LNG plant in Russia’s icy north. The cargo was sent to Boston after the polar chill that gripped the U.S. northeast earlier, sending prices to records. The shipment drew the attention because some of its gas is from the project that’s been under financial sanctions imposed by the U.S. in 2014 after President Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine’s Crimea. The fact that it didn’t sail directly to Boston from London also raised questions about its destination. Engie SA’s North American unit bought the spot cargo for delivery to the U.S. from Malaysia’s Petroliam Nasional Bhd. to supplement its contracted volumes from Trinidad and Tobago into its Everett terminal near Boston. The Yamal LNG project, co-owned by Russia’s Novatek PJSC, Total SA, China Natural Petroleum Corp. and China’s Silk Road Fund, started production in December despite U.S. financial sanctions imposed in 2014 because of Russia’s involvement in the Ukrainian conflict.

 Genessa  (Tankship)
10 hours ago by Timsen

Fire on tanker extinguished
The blaze aboard the "Genessa" was extinguished after 28 hours of firefighting by 10 tugs in the night of Jan 18. DPT marine and fire staff along with deputy conservator and harbour master boarded the vessel on Jan 19 and sealed the accommodation quarter from where the fire was suspected to have sparked. A special vessel from Kandla port was called to dewater the oil tanker as the engine room was filled with water, which resulted in the ship tilting on one side. It systematically removed the water that was mixed with lot of furnace oil and foam. There was no spillage of cargo or the furnace oil. The cargo compartment of the tanker, which was carrying nearly 31,000 tonnes of high-speed diesel (HSD), was also secured.. The next priority was to safely offload the HSD from the vessel for which DPT was in touch with various experts, including those of the P&I club either by transferring the HSD to another ship or to bring the tanker to the berth and then offload. However, the pipeline and wiring has been considerably damaged in the fire. The process will take a long time, probably even a month as it would have to be done with utmost caution. Meanwhile, the mercantile marine department (MMD) has already started investigation into the fire. It looked like that the the fire was sparked by leaking of furnace oil in the engine room. The focus has also now shifted to emptying nearly 600 tonnes of furnace oil from the vessel. DPT has kept three of its tugs near the vessel as a standby.

 William E Strait  (Towing Vessel)
10 hours ago by Timsen

Three killed in blast aboard tug
On Jan 19, 2018, an explosion on the "William E. Strait" on the Tennessee River killed three people and seriously injured several others. The vessel was docked at a facility outside of Calvert City, Kentucky for repairs. In the morning, a blast occurred in her interior, leading to a flash fire. Local police received an emergency call reporting the explosion at 09.17 a.m. and dispatched multiple agencies to respond. In all, 15 different state, local and private organizations came to the scene to provide assistance. The injured included Javier Fuenes, Wilson Madrid, Billy Counts, James Lang and Tyler Wedington. Lang, Counts and Wedington were seriously injured; they were taken to a hospital in Nashville and are in stable condition. The deceased included Timothy L. Wright, 52, of Calvert City; Jerome A. Smith, 56, of Thibodaux, Louisiana; Quentin J. Stewart, 41, of Opelousas, Louisiana. The U.S. Coast Guard and OSHA were on scene and are participating in the investigation. The cause of the accident was not yet known, but the state police said that there was no indication of foul play. The site of the blast was a yard owned by Calvert-based First Marine, and 41 yard employees and contractors were on scene at the time of the incident. The "William E. Strait", a 200-foot, twin screw towboat built in 1955, sank after a collision near Memphis in December 2015 and was later salvaged. Reports with photos and video: wkrn.com/2018/01/... www.wpsdlocal6.co... wkms.org/post/thr...

 Carnival Elation  (Passenger ship)
11 hours ago by Timsen

Woman died after fall from balcony
A woman has died after falling from the balcony of the "Carnival Elation". She fell from her balcony early on Jan 19, 2018, out at sea, several decks below. The ship’s medical team responded immediately, but she passed away. The incident was reported to all proper authorities as a counseling team was made available to fellow travelers and the woman’s family. The "Carnival Elation" had departed on Jan 18 from Jacksonville’s cruise ship terminal off Heckscher Drive on a four-day cruise to the Bahamas.

 Trading Fabrizia  (Cargo Ship)
11 hours ago by Timsen

Seized ship sold at auction
European shipping interests converged at the Jamaica Conference Centre in Kingston last week for the auction of the "Trading Fabrizia", at which a Greek shipper scored the winning bid. The ship had sailed into Jamaican waters at the end of October 2016 and was arrested on behalf of Italian outfit Jebmed SRL, which was owed a debt of US$699,046 by Capitalease, the owner of the vessel. The winning bidder, Bluefin Marine of Athens, Greece, paid US$10.3 million for the carrier. The auction followed a Supreme Court order that Jamaica’s admiralty bailiff, Augustus Sherriah, should appraise and sell the ship if Capitalease failed to provide alternative security of just over US$1.9 million to satisfy Jebmed and three other parties to a claim against it. The other parties had made claims for fuel supplied to the ship, wages due to the crew, maintenance and other incidentals. Justice Carol Edwards approved the sale of the ship last June, citing the possibility of depreciation from ordinary wear and tear and the natural elements. The ship had been sitting in the Kingston Harbour since its detention. Jebmed tried to have the ship released into its possession so that it could take it to dry dock in Malta, where the ship is registered, and sort out the relevant certificates which had expired. However, the court rejected its application. London-based shipbrokers CW Kellock and Company, which handled the sale, had advised that bidders could submit their maximum offers in advance and need not attend the auction. The advanced tenders ranged from US$3 million to US$7 million – information that was disclosed before the auction opened. However, the bailiff opened the bidding at US$9 million.

 Sanchi  (Tankship)
11 hours ago by Timsen

Authorities looking into feasability of salvage
China has begun an investigation into the "Sanchi" loss, and authorities were looking into the feasibility of salvaging the wreck in a bid to minimise contamination from the spill. But a maritime official on Jan 19 warned that retrieving the wreckage from a depth of 115 metres at the bottom of the East China Sea could cause another explosion. The best solution would be to organise salvaging of the sunken ship according to Zhi Guanglu, deputy director of the China Maritime Search and Rescue Centre, told reporters. But the vessel is huge and it could turn out to be an extremely daunting task. The maritime authorities would also consult the ship owner, National Iranian Tanker, about the salvage plan. Several previously unreported oil slicks had been seen by planes, ships and satellites, one of them 2.5km east of the sunken tanker, that could indicate leakage of the bunker fuel. The Shanghai Maritime Search and Rescue Centre sent more than a dozen salvage and clean-up vessels to the disaster site as well as divers and underwater robots to detect leaks. The authorities were checking the Sanchi’s black box, which contains the ship’s sailing data and a voice recorder, to assess who was responsible for the collision. It was unclear at this stage what caused the collision, whether it was the result of oversight by crew or improper operations. The focus for rescuers at the moment was assessing the wreck and detecting leaks. After a big explosion, it would be hard to staunch the flow of oil in a short period of time.

 Ormi  (Cargo Ship)
11 hours ago by Timsen

Substandard ship detained in Taranto
The "Ormi" was put under a detention order at the Ilva bulk terminal in Taranto on Jan 19, 2018, after a Port State Control, which found the ship to be in sub-standard conditions according to the international regulations for the safety of navigation. Inspectors found serious deficiencies such as the anomalous management of oily liquid waste, which could be unlawfully poured into the sea. The ship had to remain in port, awaiting the checks by the Classification Register inspectors responsible for issuing the safety certification and the flag state.

 Fv Voluntas Dei  (Fishing Boat)
11 hours ago by Timsen

Medevac off Royan
On Jan 18, 2018 at 11 p.m. the CROSS Etel was informed by the f"Voluntas Dei" that one of the crew members was injured at the foot. The trawler about 49 km off Royan. In consultation with the Medical Consultation Center Maritime (CCMM) of Toulouse, the decision was made to evacuate the injured by helicopter. The CROSS Etel then deployed a Dolphin helicopter of the Navy base in La Rochelle which took off at 12:47 a.m. with a medical team on board. Once aboard the helicopter, the injured was transported to the hospital of La Rochelle where he arrived at 2:13 a.m.

 Nordmoere  (Passenger ship)
11 hours ago by Timsen

Leakage at propeller shaft
On Jan 19, 2018, at noon the "Nordmøre" had to be taken out of the Solholmen - Hollingsholmen - Aukra route following a leakage at one of the propeller shafts. A new traffic announcement by operator Fjord1 was due in the afternoon.

 Vestas 11th Hour  (Pleasure Craft)
12 hours ago by Timsen

Deadly accident in Volvo Ocean Race
On Jan 19, 2018, the "Vestas 11th hour" was in collision with a fishing boat. One crew member of the fishing boat was killed in the incident 30 miles from the Volvo Ocean Race finish in Hong Kong. The "Vestas" crew remained unharmed and immediately made an emergency call. Nine crew members of the fishing boat could be saved. The tenth was taken to the hospital by helicopter at 4.30 a.m., but died not much later. The Dutch yacht "AkzoNobel" was asked by the race guidance team to depart to offer the heavily damaged "Vestas" which had a large hole in its port side bow, help. Despite the help, the Danes, who were second at the time of the accident, did not reach the finish. She was later taken out of the water. Reports with photos: www.scmp.com/news... https://www.zeilen.nl/nie... https://www.clubracer.be/... https://nos.nl/artikel/2212820-dode-bij-aanvaring-volvo-ocean-race.html

 North Sea Rational  (Tankship)
12 hours ago by Timsen

Engine failure at Gravesend
The "Northsea Rational" suffered engine failure at Gravesend upon the Thames in the evening of Jan 19, 2018. She was inward bound for the Thunderer Jetty, Dagenham. The vessel was anchored mid channel with the tugs "ZP Bear" and "RT Ambition" in attendance. The plan was to move her as a "dead ship" to Tilbury Landing Stage as 11.40 p.m.

 Maks  (Cargo Ship)
12 hours ago by Timsen

Anchor loss at Schouwenbank anchorage
On Jan 17, 2018, at noon the "Maks", while in position 51 47 05N, 003 19 05E, lost its portside anchor and six shackles, at Schouwenbank anchorage. She was anchored at Breskens, Netherlands, in position 51 24 41.49N, 003 34 54.12E, on Jan 19 at 3 a.m.

 St Glory  (Cargo Ship)
12 hours ago by Timsen

Allision in Chiba
On Jan 17, 2018, at 3.40 p.m. the cargo m/v "Emma", while departing Chiba Port, allided with the berthed "St. Glory" and sustained damage of two to three metres in length to its hull. The "Emma" was anchored 5,68 nautical miles from Ichihara in position 35 35 25.08N, 139 58 24.85E. The "St. Glory" was underway 24 miles from Omaezaki in position 34 24 17.95N, 137 48 48.87E on Jan 19.

 Emma  (Cargo Ship)
12 hours ago by Timsen

Allision at Chiba
On Jan 17, 2018, at 3.40 p.m. the "Emma", while departing Chiba Port, allided with the berthed cargo m/v "St. Glory" and sustained damage of two to three metres in length to its hull. The "Emma" was anchored 5,68 nautical miles from Ichihara in position 35 35 25.08N, 139 58 24.85E. The "St. Glory" was underway 24 miles from Omaezaki in position 34 24 17.95N, 137 48 48.87E on Jan 19.

 Bounty  (Passenger ship)
12 hours ago by Timsen

Bounty adrift in Lelystad
On Jan 18, 2018, the "Bounty" broke lose from its moorings in Lelystand and was floating through the port in the storm Friederike. A KNRM team entered the Bataviahaven by boat to take the "Bounty" to another location and capture it again. The "Bounty" on her way had damaged a scaffolding and a pier of the harbour. Fortunately there were no persons on board or on the pier. After the "Bounty" was secured, the crew of the ifeboat "Bert and Anneke Knape" helped a second sailing ship which had to be pulled off the quay because of the high water level leaving it half on the pierhead. After about one hour the salvage work was completed. Dutch report with photos: https://www.knrm.nl/nieuw...

 Pan Joy  (Cargo Ship)
13 hours ago by Timsen

Medevac off St. Helena Bay
On Jan 18, 2018, the "Pan Joy", off-shore of St Helena Bay, reported a 26 year old Taiwanese crewman onboard suffering a skin infection and requiring a visit to a doctor. The NSRI sea rescue craft "Gemini Rescuer II" was towed to St Helena Bay and launched at 11 a.m. It rendezvoused with the ship eight nautical miles off-shore. The casualty was transferred onto our sea rescue craft and he was brought to shore aboard our sea rescue craft in a stable condition and without incident. The ships agent has taken the crewman to see a doctor and no further NSRI assistance was required.

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