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 Carnival Imagination  (Passenger ship)
3 hours ago by Timsen

Medevac off San Diego
An 81-year-old woman was evacuated from the "Carnival Imagination" off the coast of San Diego early on May 31, 2016, after she experienced symptoms of a heart attack. he San Diego sector of the Coast Guard was contacted by cruise ship about 9 p.m. on May 30 while the ship was about 33 miles from La Jolla.A Coast Guard boat picked up the woman, her husband and a nurse and returned to shore about 12:30 a.m. on May 31. The woman was taken by paramedics to Scripps Mercy Hospital in Hillcrest.

 Prinsendam  (Passenger ship)
3 hours ago by Timsen

Medevac off Cherbourg
A crew member of the "Prinsendam" aged 29 years, had to be medevaced on May 31, 2016. Around midnight the man, aged 29, was found unconscious by his colleagues. The captain of the cruise ship immediately alerted the CROSS Jobourg. The ship had left Cherbourg bound to Le Havre and was about 25 nautical miles north of Cherbourg. The CROSS Jobourg, after consulting the maritime medical consultation centre in Toulouse and the maritime medical coordination of SAMU decided a medical evacuation and alerted an EC 225-helicopter of the Navy base in Maupertus which took off with a medical team of the Medical Center of the Army in Querqueville on board. Around 1:30 a.m., after being conditioned by the medical team for the evacuation, the sailor was airlifted and transferred to the hospital Louis Pasteur in Cherbourg.

 Noorderlicht  (Sailing vessel)
3 hours ago by Timsen

28 children evacuated from grounded clipper
The KNRM lifeboat from Vlieland took 28 school children off the "Nooderlicht" on May 31, 2016, which had run aground on a breakwater. The children were taken to the port of Vlieland. Later the KNRM boat returned to the ship to pick up the sleeping gear of the kids who were accomodated by the municipality and the police for the night in a group accommodation. Salvors then tried to pull the ship off, but because it was low tide, the attempt failed. Two crew members remained on board. If the weather allows with the morning's high tide on June 1, the salvors of Noordgat will try again to refloat the 46-m-charter ship. Dense fog was thought to have been the cause that the ship had sailed onto the dam. Dutch reporta with photoa: www.omropfryslan.... https://www.knrm.nl/nieuw... www.bd.nl/algemee... https://twitter.com/Scannernet?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw

 Priwall VI  (Passenger ship)
4 hours ago by Timsen

Faulty weld caused rudder failure
On May 28, 2016, a technical failure disabled the "Priwall VI" in Travemünde. Divers inspected the hull of the ship on May 30 and found out that a welding was damaged due to a material failure so that the linkage holding the rudder slipped down, thus blocking the rudder gear. A car ferry came to assist and took the ship alingside. The "Priwall IV" which had been replaced in March when the new ship entered service was called back. The "Priwall VI" will have to be lifted ashore at the Marina Baltica for repairs. It has still warranty of the Barthel Yard in Derben/Elbe. It was already the third time the ship suffered a technical failure, in two cases the Schottel propulsion had failed. German report with photo: www.ln-online.de/...

 MSC Fabiola  (Cargo Ship)
4 hours ago by Timsen

Repair of grounding damage at Dalian Shipyard
The "MSC Fabiola" was to be repaired in dry-dock at the Dalian Shipyard, coming from Chang Xing Dao, where she berthed on May 27. The generator failure which led to the grounding was caused by two jammed injection pumps leading to a blackout and siubsequent steering failure.

 Heikendorf  (Other Ship)
4 hours ago by Timsen

Fuel line ruptured
Short after berthing in Laboe, a fuel line ruptured aboard the "Heikendorf" in the afternoon of May 31, 2016. The engine shut down automatically so that there was no risk of a fire. The tug "Falckenstein" was called at 5.30 p.m. to tow the passenger ferry back to the SFK-base at the Railway Station Quay in Kiel. The passengers were disembarked and carried on by coaches or the following Ferry. The repair was expected to be completed by June 1. German report with photos: forum-schiff.de/p...

 Nahide-m  (Cargo Ship)
8 hours ago by Timsen

Detention in Amsterdam
The "Nahide M" was detained in the port of Amsterdam on the behalf of the Paris Memorandum of Understanding after an inspection by Port State Inspectors. The ship was arrested by the Dutch PSC inspectors due to the shortcomings identified in their report of the ship. The ship had berthed in the Coen Port on May 20, 2016, and was still there.

 Seahake  (Tankship)
9 hours ago by Timsen

Allision in Arkhangelsk
On May 29, 2016, the "Seahake" allided with the quay of berth 17 while mooring at the Oil Terminal in Arkhangelsk port. The ship hit with the aft starboard and damaged cargo piled up on the shore. Therre was no damage to the tanker. On May 30 a technical examination and repair of the affected loading arms was carried out.

 Lipica  (Cargo Ship)
9 hours ago by Timsen

On the beach...
...at Gadani: https://www.facebook.com/...

 Megas  (Cargo Ship)
9 hours ago by Timsen

On the beach..
..at Gadani: https://www.facebook.com/...

 Steel Tra Der  (Cargo Ship)
9 hours ago by Timsen

On the beach...
..at Chittagong: https://www.facebook.com/...

 Suchada Naree  (Cargo Ship)
10 hours ago by BerndU

sold to Breakers
sold to Breakers 250 USD/TO

 Steel Tra Der  (Cargo Ship)
10 hours ago by BerndU

beached at Chittagong 31.05.16

 Xin Yin He  (Cargo Ship)
12 hours ago by BerndU

arrived Jiangmen scrapyard
arrived Jiangmen scrapyard 15.04.16

 Tu Qiang  (Cargo Ship)
12 hours ago by BerndU

arrived Jiangmen scrapyard
arrived Jiangmen scrapyard 19.05.16

 Hua Qiang  (Cargo Ship)
13 hours ago by BerndU

arrived Jiangyin scrapyard
arrived Jiangyin scrapyard 29.05.16

 Heng Shan Hai  (Cargo Ship)
13 hours ago by BerndU

arrived Dasha Scrapyard
arrived Dasha Scrapyard 30.05.16

 Seaspan Cutlass  (Towing Vessel)
13 hours ago by Timsen

Barge resumed voyage
The barge that was towed by the "Seaspan Cutlass" and that ran into trouble in Bazan Bay, off the Saanich Peninsula, was due to continue its trip to a Mission facility in the night of May 30. Efforts qwew being made to unload the barge which, carrying gravel for Vancouver Driving, began listing to one side about 12:30 p.m. on May 28. The barge wasn’t taking on water. The tug and barge then crossed from the American to the Canadian side of the marine border and the Canadian Coast Guard vessel "Cape Naden" from Ganges was sent to monitor the situation. The "Cape Naden" made an assessment that there was no need for search-and-rescue intervention. Report with photo and video: www.cheknews.ca/e...

 Adonia  (Passenger ship)
13 hours ago by Timsen

Power outage forced cruise ship back to Miami
An electrical outage forced Carnival Cruise Lines to order the Cuba-bound "Fathom Adonia" to return to the Port of Miami in the night of May 29, 2016. The power outage occurred at about 5 p.m. and lasted about 30 minutes. The ship remained fully operational and was headed back to Miami for further evaluation. The Coast Guard has been notified. The ship left again on May at 3 a.m. to continue the seven-night tour of Cuba and was expected to arrive at Havana for the two-day call on May 31 at 7:30 a.m. Departure will be at 6:00 p.m. on June 1. It has been necessary to cancel the call to Cienfuegos and the ship will proceed to Santiago de Cuba as scheduled.

 Coronaut  (Dredger)
14 hours ago by BerndU

arrived Ghent Scrapyard
arrived Ghent Scrapyard 20.01.16

 Siteam Anja  (Tankship)
14 hours ago by Timsen

Salvage work interrupted due to inclement weather
Heavy weather lead the Uruguay navy to halt efforts to remove the "Seateam Anja" from the shore of the Isla de Lobos on May 30. The operation to refloat the tanker was expected to resume on June 2. The 5,700-dwt chemical tanker "Sealion" (built 2009) had been sent to take part in the salvage efforts. In the night of May 25 the transfer operation of 1000 tons of pollutants from the engine room of the ship had ended. In addition, 600 tonnes bunker fuel were extracted too. The "Sea Lion" took the pollutants to the port of Montevideo. The naval ship "Vanguardia" remained on scene, and on May 29 at dawn the tug "Far Mayor", 3,125 gt, with a bollard pull of about 160 tons arrived at the grounding site. Report with photo: www.tradewindsnew...

 Wr 42 Johanna Dieuwe  (Fishing Boat)
14 hours ago by Timsen

Fishing vessel disabled off Lauwersoog
The "Johanna Dieuwertje - WR 42" suffered propulsion trouble in the Westgat on May 30, 2016. The ship had got its net in the propeller and requested assistance. The KNRM lifeboat "Annie Jacoba Visser" took it in tow and pulled it to the safety of the port of Lauwersoog. Dutch report with photo: visserijnieuws.pu...

14 hours ago by arnekiel

Seattle and Tacoma terminals to be upgraded to handle mega ships
THE Port of Seattle is into a period of public consultation on proposed redevelopment of the harbour to accommodate mega ships.When redevelopment is completed in mid-2019, the 185-acre facility will handle 18,000 TEU ships an increase from the limit of 6,000 TEU, reported IHS Media. The environmental impact statement will address the proposed dredging to 55 feet, dock strengthening and power upgrades. With 2,900 feet of berth, Terminal 5 will be able to dock three vessels simultaneously. It also features on-dock rail for the transfer of intermodal containers to trains that serve the transcontinental rail network.Laden import and export containers increased by seven per cent in April year on year with total volume coming in 3.5 million TEU for 2015, up four per cent.There are nine container terminals in Seattle-Tacoma. Alliance CEO John Wolfe has already said that there are too many terminals, and after a lengthy process of rationalisation and consolidation, Seattle-Tacoma may eventually feature as few as four large container terminals. Source :Schednet

 MV Samudrika-5  (Other Ship)
14 hours ago by BerndU

beached at Mumbai 04.05.16 Plot LBS-5

 MSC Brunella  (Cargo Ship)
14 hours ago by arnekiel

MSC combines Americas services using new Panama Canal
MEDITERRANEAN Shipping Company (MSC) is to combine its Europe-North America and North America-west coast South America services into one.The SAWC-USA-NWC consolidates the US east coast to South America west coast and northern Europe to South America west coast services and will launch when the 8,800-TEU MSC Brunella sails from Rotterdam on June 14, transiting the Panama Canal after the new locks open on June 26."This comes as Panama Canal expansion comes into effect, enabling us to maintain the same carrying capacity as before, while reducing environmental impact," MSC said, adding that it will also provide favourable transit times.The service will see Port Everglades, New York and Charleston all served by MSC's transshipment feeder hub in Freeport, Bahamas. A second transshipment hub in Callao will serve Arica, Puerto Angamos and San Antonio.The full rotation will be: Coronel, Valparaiso, Callao, Balboa, Freeport, Philadelphia, Rotterdam, Antwerp, Tilbury, Hamburg, Bremerhaven on the northbound leg and Rotterdam, Tilbury, Hamburg, Bremerhaven, Antwerp, Sines, Freeport, Cartagena, Cristobal, Balboa, Bunenaventura, Callao and back to Coronel.

 Tb. Buana Superior  (Other Ship)
14 hours ago by arnekiel

Foreign tugboat and barge detained in Pengerang waters
Malaysian Maritime authorities detained a tugboat and a barge filled with sand in Pengerang waters near Kota Tingi Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA) Tanjung Sedili enforcement chief Captain Amran Daud said the tugboat and its barge were spotted by its officials at about 3.4 nautical miles south of Teluk Ramunia. He said a team on routine sea patrol spotted them at around 10.15am and upon checking discovered that the foreign registered tugboat with a barge was carrying about 145 metric tonnes of sand and was coming from Kuantan to Singapore.Checks on the Batam-registered tugboat named TB BUANA SUPERIOR and its barge BUANA OCEAN 05 also found a total of eight Indonesian crewmen including its captain aged between 21 and 38 years. The crewmen have been taken to the MMEA Tanjung Sedili headquarters for further investigations, he said. Capt Amran added that the case would be investigated under Section 135(1)(e) of the Customs Act 1967 for smuggling taxable goods which carries a fine up to 10 times the value of the goods upon conviction. He said the case would also be investigated for other offences including under the Lands and Mines Act. This is our first case recorded for this year after two of such cases recorded in November last year.The agency will continue to step up efforts to ensure that vessels and ships abide by the Malaysian maritime laws while in our waters, he said, adding that he hoped the public could continue to be their eyes and ears so that they could uncover more of such activities. Source: The Star

 Texelstroom  (Passenger ship)
14 hours ago by arnekiel

The robust 'TEXELSTROOM' will set a new standard for 'eco' ferries when it is phased into service
The new ‘double-ender’ ferry TEXELSTROOM constructed in northern Spain to serve the Dutch island of Texel is employing several different energy sources, including compressed natural gas (CNG). The vessel reflects the most thorough consideration of intertwined environmental and economic factors, writes David Tinsley. ‘Eco-friendly’ has become an overplayed or exaggerated term, used effusively by many shipowners, operators and builders to describe or highlight their new vessels or designs.

14 hours ago by arnekiel

Queen Victoria' will be argest vessel ever to berth in Killybegs
One of the most magnificent cruise ships in the world, the Cunard Line's "QUEEN VICTORIA", will visit Killybegs at the end of May, 2018, it has been confirmed. The 90,000 tonne vessel, which is just under 300 metres long, will have about 3,000 people on board between passengers and crew and will be the largest vessel ever to berth in Killybegs. Said Ann Dorrian, at the Killybegs Information Centre: "We are over the moon. This is great news. It is a tribute to all the volunteers who work so hard in this office to welcome cruise passengers and to the whole community who do so much to present the town at its best." News that the ship was confirmed for the 2018 season was broken on Monday (May 23) by Sinbad Marine Services Ltd., ship's agent in Killybegs. The company's Facebook page stated: "We are delighted to announce that the longest vessel ever to berth in Killybegs, cruise ship MS "Queen Victoria", will arrive on 20th May, 2018.

 Topaz Responder  (Tug)
14 hours ago by arnekiel

Topaz Responder in rescue effort for refugee migrants
Topaz Energy and Marine has emerged as an unlikely player in the effort to save refugee migrants risking their lives on the sea crossing from Turkey to Greece’s islands in order to reach Europe. While Topaz’s new emergency response and rescue vessel, the Topaz Responder, was primarily designed to provide safety support for offshore oil and gas producers, it is presently operating as a search and rescue vessel in the Aegean Sea. Contracted by not-for-profit organization Migrant Offshore Aid Station (MOAS), the Responder is playing a crucial role scouring the often treacherous waters of the relatively short (10 – 14 nautical miles) crossing, acting as MOAS’ ‘mothership’ in its Aegean Sea Mission. The Responder is now integral to the MOAS’ search and rescue efforts as it actively combs the Turkish coastline alongside its two Fast Rescue Daughter Craft, named after Alan and Ghalib Kurdi, the two Syrian toddlers whose deaths prompted global outrage in September last year.

 Ceylon Breeze  (Cargo Ship)
14 hours ago by arnekiel

Ceylon Shipping Corp secures full-term Certificates for “MV. Ceylon Breeze” from DNV GL
DNV GL, a leading classification society with 150 years long tradition in maritime industry and presence in over 100 countries, has added to its registry as of March 2016 a new vessel built for Ceylon Shipping Corporation (CSC). Bulk carrier “CEYLON BREEZE” built at the AVIC Weihai Shipyard Co, Ltd China will be flying the Sri Lanka Flag, with home port Colombo and is the first of two sister vessels having a registered length of 199 metres and displacement of 63,323 DWT, the CSC said in a media announcement.The vessel was built to DNV GL Class Rules under close supervision of CSC’s own supervisors and the DNV GL consultants. Recently the full-term certificates of MV. Ceylon Breeze were handed over to CSC Chairman Shashi Dhanatunge by DNV GL Country Manager – Maritime, Lal de Silva. Mr. Dhanatunge confirmed that the Board of Directors of CSC instructed its Technical Manger and onsite supervisors to focus on the quality and finish in addition to the guaranteed performance and class agreed by the shipyard. Source: sundaytimes

14 hours ago by arnekiel

Norwegian company looks at running ferry from Key West to Cuba
Representatives of one of Norway's largest ferry operators met this week with the city of Key West's port director, as city leaders say they won't give up on the idea of landing a Key West-to-Cuba ferry. The meeting between Norled executives and Port Director Doug Bradshaw on Thursday was a courtesy meeting requested by the Norwegians, according to city spokeswoman Alyson Crean.But it's one more sign that Key West is doing what it can to once again have a ferry service to Cuba, which sits nearly 100 nautical miles away. Ferries between the two nations stopped when the countries broke off diplomatic relations half a century ago. But relations were renewed in late 2014.Norled is "considering the startup of a regular 'day cruise service' between Key West and a foreign destination, Ok-Hini Ronning wrote in a company e-mail to the city obtained by the Keynoter. The company would use a catamaran built to hold 300 passengers, the e-mail stated. Crean confirmed the meeting took place but Norled has competition. "Several companies are interested in doing a ferry service," said Mayor Craig Cates. "I know there's three. I met with two six to eight months ago.The city can eventually put out a request for proposals to find a company to run the ferry service, Cates said. But first, the city needs assurance from the federal government it would staff a new customs office here.Last November, the Key West City Commission ordered staff to figure out if the existing ferry terminal, 100 Grinnell St., could be turned into a customs facility. Such a project is estimated to cost $2 million. "Some companies have said, 'We'll pay $2 million if you give us a lease,' " Cates said.Commissioner Richard Payne has pushed the Truman Waterfront as the best location for a Cuba ferry, but the Navy closed the harbor to the public in 2013 citing the need for military training as part of its national security mission. Cates said the Navy hasn't responded to requests by city leaders to sit down and discuss reopening the harbor.source:keysnet

 Harmony Of The Seas  (Passenger ship)
14 hours ago by arnekiel

World's biggest cruise ship is 'a construction site'
Some of the first paying passengers on the world's biggest cruise ship have described it as "a construction site" and a "serious risk to those on board". HARMONY OF THE SEAS left Southampton on Sunday, but a number of passengers have complained about closed attractions and ongoing work. Royal Caribbean Cruises said final finishing touches are being made, but added that this was a "pre-inaugural" sailing. The firm said that the health and safety of passengers was its primary concern. Source: BBC news

 Modern Express  (Cargo Ship)
15 hours ago by arnekiel

How to Salvage a Ship - Video
A video released by dredging company Royal Boskalis shows the salvage operation that took place to save the MODERN EXPRESS roll-on/roll-off (ro/ro) that had drifted 152 nautical miles in the Bay of Biscay, off the coast of France. The ro/ro vessel lost stability in heavy weather and a team of dedicated salvage experts of SMIT Salvage was on the scene within 24 hours. https://www.youtube.com/w...

15 hours ago by arnekiel

Fortescue to operate second towage service at iron ore port
Australia's Fortescue Metals Group Ltd has won a tender to become the second provider of marine towage services at the port of Port Hedland, the world's busiest export terminal for iron ore.Fortescue, which ships 155 million tonnes of iron ore through the port, and is acquiring its own fleet of freighters, said a subsidiary, Pilbara Marine Pty, was granted a towage license by Pilbara Ports Authority, creating a second service provider and additional capacity at the port. Fortescue was named on a shortlist in 2014 to win the licence, along with Maersk subsidiary Svitzer Australia.The sole licence is held by the port's biggest user - BHP Billiton A tender for the second operator was open in 2014 following pay dispute between Teekay Shipping, which operated the licence for BHP, before being replaced last year. BHP could not be reached for immediate comment.Port figures show more than 435 million tonnes of iron ore was shipped via Port Hedland last year, with almost 6,000 vessels moving in and out of port waters. Fortescue said its licence will run for 15 years and is expected to come into effect in 2019. Fortescue in 2014 announced plans to buy eight iron ore freighters from China for around $500 million, saying the carriers, each capable of carrying between 250,000 and 260,000 tonnes of iron ore, would improve loading efficiencies. Source: Reuters

 Ginga  (Tug)
15 hours ago by arnekiel

GINGA - First Hybrid Tug for Tokyo kisen
The GINGA is having a length of 38 mtr and beam of 10.0 mtrs, and operational draft of only 3,3 mtr. onboard a total of 4400 hp is installed which consist out of 2 Niigata 6L26HLX Main engines of 1800 hp each as seen below installed direct to the Niigata ZP-31 fixed pitch ASD propeller and a Niigata 7L17AHX 875 Kw (1190 HP) propulsion generator

15 hours ago by arnekiel

Gibraltar fears border with Spain could close if UK quits EU
Gibraltar could find its access to the single European market blocked by a hostile Spanish government if the United Kingdom were to vote to leave the European Union in a referendum next month, the chief minister of the tiny British territory on Spain's southwestern tip said Sunday Fabian Picardo told The Associated Press that Spanish Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Garcia-Margallo had warned that if Britain exits the EU, the Popular Party government currently in power would "require that we accept joint sovereignty with Spain to have access to the market.Picardo said British Foreign Minister Philip Hammond had acknowledged that the European mechanisms in place to keep the frontier between Spain and Gibraltar flowing "will not be available to us if we are not members of the EU." Gibraltarians were overwhelmingly "on the 'remain' side" in the EU debate, he said."But, it's important to send a message to those in the U.K. who think that there would be no adverse consequences for Gibraltar in the event that the U.K. were to leave the EU, that Garcia-Margallo made his point very clearly," Picardo said.Gibraltar would find its trade adversely affected if Spain took such action, but nevertheless, "we will never pay any sovereignty price either for access to the single market or for any other reason," Picardo said. Source: Associated Press

 Idm Symex  (Other Ship)
15 hours ago by BerndU

arrived Chittagong anchorage
arrived Chittagong anchorage 31.05.16

 Carina  (Cargo Ship)
15 hours ago by BerndU

arrived Chittagong anchorage
arrived Chittagong anchorage 30.05.16

 Mundri  (Cargo Ship)
15 hours ago by BerndU

arrived Chittagong anchorage
arrived Chittagong anchorage 30.05.16

 Great Hope  (Cargo Ship)
15 hours ago by Timsen

Medevac off East London
The NSRI East London duty crew was called out on May 30, 2016, at 07.30 a.m. for e medevac from the "Great Hope". The sea rescue craft "Spirit of Lotto" was launched and rendezvous with the bulk carrier, sailing from Rio Grande to Singapore, to take off a 44 year old Chinese crew member who was suffering from allergic reaction to medication. He was transferred to hospital by an EMS ambulance and following treatment he was discharged and assessed by doctors again on May 31. He was expected to return to the ship to continue on the voyage to Singapore.

 Roger Blough  (Cargo Ship)
16 hours ago by Timsen

Response to grounding continued
The US Coast Guard continued to monitor and respond to the "Roger Blough" on May 30, three days after the vessel ran aground on Gros Cap Reef in Whitefish Bay in the Lake Superior. Plans continued to progress to safely free the bulkcarrier through the combined efforts of Canadian partners, company representatives, and the U.S. Coast Guard. In conjunction with the vessel response plan, a boom has been deployed around the stern, in the area of the vessel's fuel tanks, strictly as a precautionary measure to ensure the continued safety of the environment. Safety inspections also continued throughout the ship. A Coast Guard Auxiliary aircrew from Coast Guard Air Station Traverse City, Michigan, conducted an overflight of the area late Sunday morning and reported no signs of pollution. The Coast Guard Cutter "Mobile Bay" remained on scene to enforce the 500 yard safety zone around the casualty. The zone and salvage operations continued to have little impact on vessel traffic transiting through the area. The chance of a fuel spill remained minimal and flooding on the ship has continued to remain stable. The crew was in good condition and their needs are being tended to as they arose. Representatives from the National Transportation Safety Board were scheduled to arrive tonight to assist the Coast Guard in investigating the cause of the grounding. Report with photos: www.uscgnews.com/...

 Jiang Ren 06  (Tankship)
16 hours ago by Timsen

Sand carrier on fire
The "Jiang Ren 06", sailing on the Yangtze river in the Chongging area, suffered a fire in the evening of May 29, 2016. The flames quickly engulfed the whole superstructure. The crew of eight was rescued. The burning vessel which was loaded with sand was pushed out of the fairway to shallow water and grounded. The fire was said to be extinguished.

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