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 Navios Sagittarius  (Cargo Ship)
56 min ago by Timsen

Bulkcarrier stuck on Paraná
After having sailed from San Lorenzo to Gibraltar on Nov 30, 2015, the "Navios Sagittarius" got stuck on the Paraná River close to San Lorenzo port. The ship has a draught of 10,5 meters.

 Ningpo  (Cargo Ship)
1 hour ago by Timsen

Ningbo detained after oil spill
The "Ningbo" which was responsible for leaking around 7000 litres of fuel oil into Whangarei Harbour has been detained by Maritime New Zealand. The owners of the Ningpo, berthed at Northport, Marsden Point, were flying a team from Singapore to investigate the source of the leak in the ship. Maritime New Zealand will not let the ship leave New Zealand until its tanks and hull have been cleaned and the source of the leak addressed. Work on cleaning the hull and tanks, as ordered by Maritime New Zealand, was under way last night. On Dec 1, 2015, at 8.30 a.m. a slick of oil was seen at the port drifting on the incoming tide toward the beaches inside the harbour on either side of the Marsden Cove Marina entry. A rapid response from specialist clean-up teams, involving dozens of workers from Northport, Refining New Zealand and the Northland Regional Council (NRC), managed to catch most of the oil in containment booms placed around the vessel. The contamination - and patches of slick that developed nearby - was then removed from the surface with skimming equipment on the NRC's purpose-built barge "Taranui". Disposable booms, designed to catch oil, were also floated around sludge the incoming tide carried on to the shore. But, by midday, there was a wide, ugly black streak left at the high-tide mark along several hundreds of metres on the beaches' white sands. Dozens of overall-clad workers used blotting equipment, diggers and spades to scrape up contaminated sand and they literally hand washed rocks at the marina entry. Meanwhile, another skimming operation took place off Snake Bank, near the harbour channel, clearing up patches of oil being carried in that direction on the outgoing tide. The clean-up was practically complete by late afternoon. Attempts to recover smaller patches from the water were ongoing and it was expected more oil which had found its way ashore would be cleaned up before the overnight high tide. Report with photos: www.nzherald.co.n...

 Basto III  (Passenger ship)
1 hour ago by Timsen

Vehicles queued due to ferry trouble
On Dec 1, 2015, the "Bastø III" had to cancel several sailings because of technical Trouble. Initially the departures from Horten at 05.15 a.m. and 06.45 a.m. and from Moss at 06.00 a.m. and 07.30 a.m. were cancelled.At 8 a.m. the company sent out a new message that all departures were affected for the time being. Additional trips with the "Bastø V" at 08:30 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. from Horten and at 09.15 a.m. and 10.45 a.m. from Moss were inserted in an attempt to deal with the heavy traffic.

 Frigg Sydfyen  (Passenger ship)
1 hour ago by Timsen

Ferry sent to yard with ramp problems
On Nov 30, 2015, sailings of the "Frigg Sydfyen" were canceled because of technical Problems. On Dec 1 the Ferry headed towards Marstal to get the ongoing problems with a ramp fixed. The ship berthed at the Marstal Shipyard at 2.15. p.m.

 Star First  (Cargo Ship)
1 hour ago by Timsen

All but six containers tracked or washed ashore
Three more containers lost from the "Star First" have washed ashore in Dunkirk, two in Lombardsijde, two in Middelkerke and Nieuwpoort. In the afternoon of Dec 1 one more container spotted at the height of the Wenduinebank in De Haan. The Voluntary Rescue Service in Blankenberge was to tow it to shore. Six of on the whole 15 Containers remained unaccounted for, but have probably broken up. In Ostend some large fragments were recovered. Ship Support will store the largest pieces, while the Civil Protection will clean the beaches. There were, among other palettes, also insulation and bananas on the beach. The Provincial Governor Carl Decaluwé will inform the mayors of the steps taken. Reports with photos: www.nieuwsblad.be... deredactie.be/cm/...

 Irbis  (Tug)
2 hours ago by Timsen

Floating dock sank under tow of Irbis
Towed by the "Irbis" the Floating Dock No.9 sank during towage in the South China sea in position 20 55,65N 116 33,03E, 116 miles east-north-east from Hong Kong, on Nov 30, 2015, at 6.10 p.m. The sinking was caused by a water ingress into dock. The dock developed a starboard list, capsized and foundered on 300 meters depth, with no fuel and supplies on board, so there was no risk of pollution. It was unmanned and sealed underway from Sovetskaya Gavan to Batam. Owner of the dock was the A&C TRADING NETWORK PTE LTD, Singapore.

 Nova Star  (Passenger ship)
11 hours ago by Timsen

Ferry approved to leave Portland
The "Nova Star" received court approval to leave Portland harbor on Dec 1 morning, posting a bond that would be used to settle any outstanding debts. The Singapore-based ST Marine will put up a $750,000 bond to secure about $502,000 in disputed claims against it, as other disagreements loom over who should pay how much for the ship’s maintenance costs during its arrest. U.S. Magistrate Judge John Rich III approved the company’s request on Npv 30 to free the ship to set sail as early as 12:01 a.m. It was expected the ship would leave the harbor in the next few days, likely for charter work in a more southerly destination. Clearance for ST Marine to take the ship comes as other claims in the case were remaining, including how much ST Marine might try to claw back in charges to maintain the ship and the crew of about 22 people who have remained aboard in the harbor since its Oct. 30 arrest. ST Marine has paid about $2 million to settle debts amassed while it operated a luxury ferry line from Portland to Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, under lease from Nova Star Cruises, Ltd. In settling those debts, the owner also agreed to pay increasing portions of the fees for maintaining the ship while it was in the harbor. The ship’s owner was likely to seek some return of money it paid out in the case to a custodian, who maintained the ship while it was under arrest from creditors. In addition to the arrest, the casino operator Century Resorts last week objected to releasing the ship until it removed its slot machines and other table games from the ship. The company said in a court filing that it removed the gaming equipment on Nov 29. Without Century’s request, the ship would have left Portland sooner and amassed a lower bill for maintaining the ship. That could be the basis for claims that Century should foot the bill for some of those maintenance costs. The issue of how all of the creditors will divvy up maintenance costs paid to the custodian will be dealt with in future hearings in the case. In addition to the ship custodian and staff, the vessel had a crew of about 22 people who were left in limbo, unable to disembark for U.S. soil because they were foreign nationals and prohibited by the government of the United States from leaving the vessel. The shipowner terminated that lease around the time the vessel was placed under arrest and began to pay bills amassed while operating as Nova Star Cruises. As of midnight on Nov 30, ST Marine took full responsibility for the ship’s costs, with the costs in the previous days and weeks remaining subjects of dispute for future hearings in the case.

 Suilven  (Other Ship)
11 hours ago by Timsen

About three tons fuel could be left in wreck
The Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport was in talks with Venu Shipping regarding the removal of the "Suilven" from the Suva harbour. After conducting another dive to determine the amount of diesel fuel on the ship, the ministry said there was no leakage of light diesel fuel and from calculation, about 3000 litres of fuel could be left in its tanks from the 8000 litres it had before departing Ovalau. A second dive conducted over the weekend confirmed no oil leakage from the fuel tanks onboard. Small boat operators needed to be reminded to keep clear of the site for safety and security reasons. Enlarged holes drilled on to settling and service tanks on the "Suilven" have further confirmed that there were no oil leakages from the ship during a third dive which to confirm whether the ship has sunk further down from the site it was originally. The starboard side of the bow was now resting on a boulder with the stern protruding further away from the slope by approximately 5-7metres. Salvage experts were to conduct an assessment of the sunken ship and to provide options to Government on the method of disposal.

 Ningpo  (Cargo Ship)
11 hours ago by arnekiel

Ship Spills Oil in Whangarei Harbour
A Hong Kong-registered ship, Ning Po, has leaked some fuel but it is unclear how much has been spilled or what the cause of the leak was, say local media reports. Officials worked to clear a fuel spill from the ship berthed at Northport in Whangarei Harbour. According to latest reports, the flow has stopped and a recovery and clean-up process is under way. Sources say that several hundred litres of fuel oil has spilled into Whangarei Harbour. www.marinelink.co...

11 hours ago by arnekiel

Thailand’s Laem Chabang port plans $167 million upgrade
Laem Chabang port is undertaking three key infrastructure projects worth $167 million to improve efficiency and expand its position as a trade hub for ASEAN, according to port director Montree Rerkjamnian.Thailand’s busiest container port is currently seeking a contractor for a $50 million container terminal development.

11 hours ago by arnekiel

Jawaharlal Nehru port revamps gate system to reduce congestion
Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust continues to revamp its gate systems in order to improve truck turn times and alleviate cargo delays at India’s biggest container gateway. JNPT last week lifted a requirement seeking container seal checks by a federal security agency for cargo gated in and out of DP World-operated Nhava Sheva Terminal.

12 hours ago by arnekiel

Oakland raises crane heights ahead of expected mega-ships
The Port of Oakland is increasing the height of four ship-to-shore cranes so they will be capable of working the largest container ships now calling at U.S. ports, and even larger vessels in the future. The existing cranes, which are 13 years old, will be raised 26 feet higher.

12 hours ago by arnekiel

2000 containers lost by cargo theft at Kenya Ports
The Port of Mombasa risks losing its competitive edge following a wave of cargo theft that has hit the supply chain along the Mombasa-Malaba highway, importers and transporters have warned. The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) describes the theft of the cargo as “a grave concern” but says it cannot quantify the loss. KRA Southern Region manager George Muia said the taxman has launched investigations into the theft and diversion of transit goods into the local market, which is blamed for the failure to meet revenue targets. He said that the ongoing probe conducted by the Revenue Protection Unit will be extended to Uganda and Rwanda. “An investigation is going on. But to start with, we have imposed sanctions on two Electronic Cargo Tracking System (ECTS) seal providers that have had repeated cases of interference,” said Muia. A status report compiled by transporters and customs agents reveals a spike in cargo pilferage or theft along the highway by a cartel able to interfere with cargo tracking systems undetected. The report handed to the National Police Service Commission reveals that in the month of September and October, 65 cases of attempted or actual theft of goods from containers fitted with the mandatory ECTS were documented by the Kenya Transporters Association (KTA) and customs agents. Transporters say they are suffering losses running into millions as a result. The Standard established that officers from the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission as well as the Directorate of Criminal Investigations are expected in Mombasa this week to probe the alleged theft of more than 2,000 containers loaded with assorted items destined for Uganda in the last nine months. Supply chain stakeholders are puzzled at how the theft is taking place undetected despite the ECTS system being in place. www.hellenicshipp...

12 hours ago by arnekiel

Panama Canal Backlog Back to Normal
Nov 30 (Reuters) – Waiting times for ships at the Panama Canal have returned to normal after poor weather and a spike in traffic caused delays for several weeks, the waterway’s operator said on Monday. “Today … the line is 45 ships, which represents a maximum waiting time of two days,” the Panama Canal Authority (ACP) said in a statement, noting that better weather and extra funding aimed at freeing up the traffic had reduced the bottleneck. The ACP said the problems caused delays of more than 10 days in October and though they were easing by-mid November, the delays were beyond the 24-to-36 hour normal waiting times. Tracking systems showed that at the height of the delays, more than 130 ships were held up at the canal’s two anchorages, prompting some companies to complain. https://gcaptain.com/panama-canal-backlog-back-to-normal-acp/

 Costa Victoria  (Passenger ship)
12 hours ago by arnekiel

Costa Victoria to be Based in Japan for Summer 2016
Costa Asia held the opening of its Japan office through a series of media and travel trade events in Tokyo, Osaka and Fukuoka on November 17, 2015. In the summer of 2016, Costa will bring the new concept of cruising to Japanese guests with the Costa Victoria.

 Nadezhda  (Tankship)
12 hours ago by Timsen

Draining of fuel interrupted due to worsening weather conditions
After the weather conditions worsened and experts giving a poor prognosis for the next two days, the pumping of oil from the "Nadezhda" was stopped on Nov 30. Now there was a wind of 15-18 meters per second, the wave height was 3-4 meters. Only 88,6 tons of diesel fuel had been drained at that time. Depending on the weather, pumping would resume on Dec 1. Meanwhile, only the captain was staying on board since Nov 29, the remainer of teh crew was accomodated in hotels in Nevelsk. Simultaneously, a second fuel line for pumping oil was to be staged. In Nevelsk one more powerful motor pump was delivered to be installed on the tanker using a helicopter. Until now there esd no clarity in terms of damage to the hull. Initially it was assumed that only the starboard side was breached by rocks, but now there arose concerns that also the port side was damaged. Experts planned to conduct another inspection of the tanker in order to find out whether there was still an opportunity to get it towed to port. Patches for sealing holes were already being prepared. A headquarter for dealing with the case was set up in Nevelsk, the work of which was being coordinated by the Governor. Actually 187 people were dealing with the accident, among them the Russian Emergencies Ministry with 54 persons and five vehicles. Russian report with photos and video: www.sakhalin.info... www.mchs.gov.ru/o...

 Akademik S. Vavilov  (Passenger ship)
12 hours ago by Timsen

Long range rescue east of the Falkland Islands
Royal Navy and Royal Air Force personnel based in the Falkland Islands conducted a long-range rescue of a British man from the "Akademik Sergei Vavilov" on Nov 26, 2015. The ship was visiting South Georgia, 800 nautical miles to the east of the Falklands, when the man was bitten by what was thought to have been a fur seal at Salisbury Plain Beach. The man was in a serious condition with a major injury to his arm and urgent specialist medical attention was needed. AN SAR helicopter from the Falkland Islands was dispatched an accompanied by a Royal Air Force Hercules tactical transport aircraft. As part of the rescue operation, the Royal Navy offshore patrol vessel HMS "Clyde" sailed at high speed to a position 200 nautical miles east of Stanley in the Falkland Islands to serve as a refueling station for the helicopter. After arriving at the "Akademik Sergey Vavilov", the Royal Air Force helicopter hovered overhead while the crew winched the injured passenger aboard to an awaiting British military doctor. Report with photos: www.usatoday.com/...

 Star First  (Cargo Ship)
13 hours ago by Timsen

Still not all containers located
In the morning of Nov 30 the maritime prefecture of the English Channel and the North Sea has deployed a Dauphin SP helicopter of the Navy base in Le Touquet to conduct an observation flight and relocate the lost containers of the "Star First" off Nord Pas de Calais. The crew traced three containers stranded close to the Walde Lighthouse near Calais. One was empty, another fully loaded with Chiquita bananas. They should be promptly removed. Four more drifted towards Belgian territorial waters. Two of them grounded at Dunkirk and other two in Middelkerke, Westende. Other containers have not been located. The CROSS Gris-Nez informed ships transiting the area of ​​the presence of these containers and collected information and any observations made at sea. Ships were required to carry out a proper lookout. The sea conditions remained being difficult. French reports with photos and videos: www.francetvinfo.... france3-regions.f... www.la1ere.fr/201... information.tv5mo... www.1001infos.net... www.republicain-l...

 Sainty Vogue  (Cargo Ship)
13 hours ago by Timsen

Rudder damage in Saronic Gulf
The "Sainty Vogue" lost steering control after a mechanical failure in the Saronic Gulf while approaching Piraeus, coming from Gioia Tauro, in the evening of Nov 29, 2015. The ship reached Piraeus anchorage, assisted by a tug, and a survey was ordered.

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