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 Odin 1  (Fishing Boat)
5 hours ago by Timsen

Shrimper aground off St. Peter Ording
The "Odin 1“ suffered a failure of the cooling water pump on Mar 27, 2015, around 1 a.m. south of St. Peter-Ording which caused a complete engine failure so that the crew of three also was unable to drop anchor. SE winds with 4 Beaufort and tide currents drifted the ship onto a sandbar. The lifeboat "Paul Neisse" of the DGzRS Station Eiderdamm needed one hour to reach the ship. It established a towing connection and towed it to the Eider dam. At 4.20 a.m. it returned to its Station.

 Condor Liberation  (High-Speed Craft)
5 hours ago by Timsen

Speed ferry damaged a day after introduction
The "Condor Liberation" has been damaged while attempting to dock in Guernsey one day after starting its schedule. She struck the quayside at St Peter Port, in windy conditions, in the afternoon of Mar 28, 2015. On arrival in St Peter Port, the "Condor Liberation" attempted to dock on Berth 2 but high winds prevented this, so the decision was taken to change to Berth 1. Whilst manoeuvring onto Berth 1 in strong winds, the ferry landed heavily against a fender,causing minor damage to the protective belting. The vessel suffered minor damage above the waterline and as a result, would be out of action for a couple of days. No-one was injured but some passengers remained on Guernsey as alternative travel arrangements were made for them. While the "Condor Liberation" was undergoing repairs in Poole, Dorset, the "Commodore Clipper" continued to provide passenger services between the UK and the Channel Islands. The sailings on Mar 29 have already been cancelled due to forecast bad weather. Report with photo: www.bbc.com/news/...

 Carnival Triumph  (Passenger ship)
6 hours ago by Timsen

Domestic dispute in Cozumel
A domestic dispute broke out aboard the "Carnival Triumph" while it was docked in Cozumel on Mar 26, resulting in a federal assault charge for 44-year-old male passenger Joseph Allen. The man was involved in a dispute with his 14-year-old stepson. The altercation happened in a hallway aboard the ship, and the boy’s mother said Allen had been drinking. Witnesses allegedly saw Allen with his hand around his stepson’s neck. Reviewing court documents, the station found out that the 14-year-old had a broken front tooth, a swollen face, and a "large stain of what appeared to be blood. The ship's security team intervened and took statements from all parties. All appropriate officials were notified and Carnival was working with law enforcement authorities as the investigation continues. The 44-year-old guest has been confined to his cabin for the remainder of the cruise. The 14-year-old was evaluated by the ship's medical team who recommended that the minor guest should disembark the vessel in Cozumel for further medical treatment. The guest, accompanied by his mother, was evaluated by a shoreside physician in Cozumel and members of Carnival's CareTeam were providing support and assistance to the minor guest and his mother. The FBI took on the case. When the ship docked in Galveston on Mar 28, Allen was taken into custody. Report with photo: www.travelpulse.c...

 Carnival Liberty  (Passenger ship)
6 hours ago by Timsen

Overheated bearing caused smoke development
Smoke billowing from the "Carnival Liberty" on Mar 27, 2015, has prompted the evacuation of a few passengers and Crew members and sent a fire crew racing to the docks of St. Maarten, but there were no reported injuries. An overheated bearing caused smoke to emerge from the front section of the ship. The problem has been resolved. The ship departed St. Maarten in the afternoon as scheduled.

 Turquoise Ocean  (Cargo Ship)
6 hours ago by Timsen

Bulkcarrier grounded on Columbia River
In the morning of Mar 27, 2015, the "Turquoise Ocean" briefly ran aground in the Columbia River off Longview, but later regained power and made its way to a berth in the southwest Washington City. There was no apparent damage to the ship or the river. The Coast Guard says no one aboard the 21-member crew was hurt. The ship lost power as it was headed downstream from the Port of Longview. It tried to anchor but went aground in soft sand. The vessel was carrying potash, an agricultural fertilizer. The hull will be inspected by the Coastguard before the ship can sail again, and the crew will have to prove it can sail safely.

 Anl Warringa  (Cargo Ship)
6 hours ago by Timsen

Container ship adrift off Essex
Essex lifeboats were called to the drifting container ship "ANL Warringa" after it was drifting in a major shipping lane on Mar 28, 2015. The lifeboats from Walton and Frinton, and the Harwich, were called out at about noon. The "ANL Warringa" was reported to be drifting in the North Sea, 20 miles off the Essex coast, in the key route between Hamburg and the East Coast ports. The ship had managed to get an anchor down, not far from a wind turbine. The lifeboat 16-01 stayed with the ship, while they wait for commercial tugs to pull the ship to port. The vessel was on its way to Hamburg from Tilbury. Report with photos: www.bbc.com/news/...

 Floreana  (Cargo Ship)
6 hours ago by Timsen

Floreana hit by storm and evacuated
Salvage work on the "Floreana" off San Cristobal had to be suspended on Mar 28 due to strong waves that hit the coast. The T & T Marine Salvage company which was contracted to carry out the salvage of the vessel decided to withdraw its personnel and the holds were once again flooded. However, this has contributed to keeping the ship in a balanced position. The extreme waves on the coast of San Cristóbal caused the malfunction of Equipment that was aboard such as a welding machine, excavator, generators, lighting fixtures which were submerged. Containers and boxes of soft drinks and beer had already been removed and transferred in its entiretyfor final disposal.The remainder of the cargo will be not downloaded since they did not represent a risk of contamination. Once the weather has improved the cargo removal and repair of faulty Equipment was to be continued. Salvors were optimicstic that the "Floreana" could still be refloated in about 10 days to be towed outside the reserve and scuttled. Spanish report with photo: www.elcomercio.co...

 MF Prinsesse Benedi  (Passenger ship)
6 hours ago by Timsen

Repair to last into June
Repairs of the "Prinsesse Benedikte" at the Remontowa Yard will probably last into June. After the hull was cleared up and inspected the yard was working jointly with a Team of Scandlines on the repai of the ship on which a new diesel, a new rader system, a new ventilation and a scrubber had just been installed when the floating dock tilted on Mar 11, causing the ferry to fall two meters deep from the keel blocks and listing 13 degress. Holes were torn into the ship's side, and the hull was flooded. Following the repairs Scandlines will undertake trials before the ship returns to service. Meanwhile the remaining ferries, the "Deutschland" "Schleswig-Holstein" and the "Prins Richard offer a 40-minutes schedule between Puttgarden and Rødby. The schedule of the freight Ferry "Holger Danske" was intensified and from Apr 8 on the "Mercandia VIII" of HH-Ferries will start a charter on the route and carry trucks between Tuesday and Friday of the week.

 Klotind  (Other Ship)
6 hours ago by Timsen

Diver of lifeboat assisted trawler
On Mar 28, 2015, the "Klotind" suffered propulsion trouble. In the port of Myre the NSSR-lifeboat "Knut Hoem" assisted, and a diver cleared the propeller from the obstruction. Photo: https://twitter.com/NSSR/status/581834298317213697

 Fykan  (Passenger ship)
7 hours ago by Timsen

Ferry towed to port after engine failure
The "Fykan" with 29 passengers on board suffered engine failure enroute from Kilboghamn to Jektvik in Rødøy in the afternoon of Mar 27, 2015. First one of the two main engines failed, and before the ferry arrived at the port also the second main engine conked out, leaving the ship without power. The fishing vessel "Sjåviknes" towed the ferry to the quay . The ship was taken out of service until the cause of the failure was resolved, and the "Rødøy" was inserted as replacement ferry. Norwegian reports with photos: www.an.no/Ferge_f... www.ranablad.no/2...

 Magnus Zaremba  (Sailing vessel)
7 hours ago by Timsen

Polish sailing vessel distressed
On Mar 28, 2015, at 7.09 p.m. the "Magnus Zaremba" radioed Mayday after she got in distress 50 miles west of Toftarøy, Bergen, south of Sotra with a crew of five. The ship was adrift after the mast broke in waves between six and 11 metres height and 60 knots winds. The ship capsized several times and was taking on water. The rescue center South Norway located the boat and offered the crew to be hoisted up in a helicopter. Two Sea King rescue helicopters were deployed and on site at 9.30 p.m., where they managed to get in contact with the crew. Also two ships came to assist, among them, the Coastguard vessel "Ålesund" which would need 3-4 hours to be on site. The ship was underway from Øygarden in Hordaland towards the North Sea.

19 hours ago by arnekiel

LNG ship (FSRU) arrives at Port Qasims Engro Elengy Terminal
A Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) ship which stores and converts LNG to gas (FSRU) reached Port Qasim on Thursday with an initial cargo load of 148517 cubic metre of LNG. This will now permanently dock at the Engro Elengy Terminal at Port Qasim and together will provide Pakistan’s first state of the art LNG terminal. The terminal has been built at a cost of USD 135 million in a world record time of 335 days of signing with actual construction of 179 days and the FSRU vessel is worth an additional USD 300 million. Engro won the contract to handle LNG at the most competitive rate in the region. In addition, the vessel has the capacity for regasification of up to 600 mmcfd which will have a major impact on solving the energy crisis in the country.

19 hours ago by arnekiel

Transit waiting times increased
Non-booked regular sized vessels wishing to transit the Panama Canal face a wait of approximately 5-6 days, says GAC. There has been a dramatic increase in the transit backlog as a result of several factors, including heavy arrivals in February/March, averaging 35.8 per day whilst transits average 35.1 transits (approximately 25 panamaxes per day), and extremely high booking utilization (over 97%).

 Vitsentzos Kornaros  (Passenger ship)
20 hours ago by Timsen

Odyssey of passengers has ended
In the evening of Mar 27 the "Vitsentzos Kornaros" was able to get off the breakwater of the port of Kassos with own means and assisted by the passenger m/v "Kasos Princess". The ship entered safely the harbour of the island and began the landing of approximately 80 passengers, who were destined for the island, while a technical inspection by competent inspectors of the relevant classification society and hull surveys by private divers were being carried out. They found small damages which should be repaired in Rhodes. The ferry sailed from Kassos on 1.45 a.m. and berthed in Rhodes at 1 p.m. where the remaining 163 passengers and vehicles disembarked after three days on board. They were welcomed by Mayor Fotis Chatzidiakos. After the repair the ship was due to return to Piraeus. Greek reports with photo and videos: www.skai.gr/news/... www.newsit.gr/def...

 Kanton  (Cargo Ship)
20 hours ago by Timsen

Ship may be confiscated due to violations of sanctions in Crimean ports
The "Kanton" may be confiscated by the Ukraine for illegal calls to Crimean ports. The ship was detained in Kherson, Ukraine, on Mar 4, 2015, after during an PSC inspection a number of deficiencies was found. Later the vessel was arrested, and all ship’s documents were taken out by the Ukraine Military Procurator. The vessel was accused of numerous violations of sanctions imposed on Crimea ports. The vessel violated sanctions by several calls to Crimea ports without notification or approval from Ukraine authorities. It was subject to a heavy fine or confiscation, according to Ukraine law with regards to annexed by Russia Crimea Peninsula.

 Adamastos  (Cargo Ship)
20 hours ago by Timsen

Bulkcarrier has to be removed from Rio Grande
The new owner of the "Adamastos" got a notice from Brazilian Navy authorities on Mar 27, 2015, requiring the vessel to be removed from Rio Grande, as the ship, loaded with 59000 or 50000 tons of soybeans, was posing a threat to port and shipping in the area. It was planned to tow it to China by the end of April. The new owner is a UK-based company, which bought the vessel and paid some $5 million of debts. On Nov 25, 2014, the crew of the bulk carrier had asked for help after having been stranded in Rio-Grande since August. The ship had run aground while leaving the port. It was refloated and inspected by authorities, inspection found many deficiencies and also, unpaid port charges and some other bills, totaling $3 million. The vessel was anchored on Rio-Grande roads. After the crew was abandoned, supplies ran out, they weren’t paid. The crew of 22 was coming from the Philippines, Greece, Georgia, Romania, Egypt, Ukraine and Indonesia.

 Leonora Christina  (High-Speed Craft)
20 hours ago by Timsen

Fire on ferry
The "Leonora Christina" was hit by a fire in the engine room in the evening of Mar 27, 2015. The fire broke out while the ferry was traveling from Ystad to Rønne. No one was injured. The fire broke out in one of the ferry's four main engines. Fire alarm on board was raised and passengers were told to get ready to leave the ship, but the Crew quickly succeeded to fight the fire. The ferry reached Rønne with 30 minutes delay. Representatives of the company went on board immediately on arrival to investigate the cause of the fire.

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