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 Good Luck  (Cargo Ship)
11 hours ago by Timsen

Smoke development in Ooigem
In the afternoon of June 23, 2017, the owner of the "Good Luck", 1183 ts (EU-No.: 6000015) observed a severe smoke development in the engine room around 5 p.m. The ship came from Kortrijk and was on the way to Sas van Gent. The skipper decided to berth in the lock of Ooigem so that the fire brigade could reach his ship more easily and get the small fire under control soon.

 Bitumina 3  (Tankship)
12 hours ago by Timsen

Smouldering fire on tank barge
On June 23, 2017, short before midnight the fire rescue Colonia was alerted to a fire on board the "Bitumina 3" at the Deutz-Yard in Mülheim by the crew of the tank barge which was under repair. Smoke plumes emerged from inside. The ship was loaded with bitumen. Between two tanks the fire fighters found smouldering insulation to be the cause of the fire. They were on scene with 13 vehicles and two fire boats. The fire could be put out soon, and at 1.30 a.m. the barge was handed back to its master. German report with photos: www1.wdr.de/nachr...

 Tiss  (Cargo Ship)
12 hours ago by Timsen

Former migrant carrier aground in Catania
The "Tiss" is actually lying aground and partially flooded in Catania with her name painted out. She was used to transport migrants and asking asylum people some months before she stranded in port. Photos: www.shipspotting.... www.shipspotting....

 Lapseki  (Passenger ship)
13 hours ago by Timsen

Ferry slammed onto breakwater
The "Lapseki" suffered a generator failure and rudder failure in the follow-up on June 23, 2017, at 5.40 p.m. while leaving Çanakkale port, bound for Eceabat port with about 20 vehicles and passengers on board. The ferry drifted onto the rocks of breakwater at the port's yacht marina and suffered damage. The ship returned to the terminal in Çanakkale. Passengers and vehicles were disembarked, the vehicles transferred onto another ship. . One woman had cardiac issues and was taken to the hospital with an ambulance. The ferry was taken out of service for repairs. Turkish reports with photos: www.hurriyet.com.... www.denizhaber.co... www.ashaber.com/h...

 Rainbow Harmony  (Cargo Ship)
13 hours ago by Timsen

Disabled bulkcar under tow to Walvis Bay
The "Rainbow Harmony" suffered engine failure in the South Atlantic on June 16, 2017, while en route from Panjang to Amsterdam . The tug "UOS Explore" was contracted to assist, and on June 23 the bulk carrier was taken in tow towards Walvis Bay. The convoy was proceeding in southern direction at 4,5 knots speed.

 Kmp.trimas Kanaya  (Passenger ship)
13 hours ago by Timsen

Ferry disabled off Sumatra
The "KMP Trimas Kanaya" suffered engine failure in the Sunda Strait while en route from Bakauheuni Lampung to Merak on June 23, 2ß17. A tug from Merak was sent to assist the ferry, which was towed to Merak and docked. As repairs will take some time, the ferry taken out of the schedule.

 Teen  (Cargo Ship)
16 hours ago by BerndU

sold to Breakers
sold to Gadani Breakers

 Khattaf-1  (Other Ship)
16 hours ago by BerndU

arrived Alang anchorage
arrived Alang anchorage 23.06.17

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