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 Umoe Ventus  (High-Speed Craft)
7 hours ago by Timsen

First salvage attempt failed
The first attempt to raise the "Umoe Ventus" failed because the wreck was filled with accumulated sand and heavier than expected so that it collapsed under its own weight, as it was came free from the bottom. The attempt was abandoned in the morning of Feb 12. Now, a team of divers was pulling more lifting straps under the wreck. The salvage barge is equipped with a large crane, and two smaller cranes, and now the plan was to lift the ship jointly with the two smaller cranes on the other side of the barge. Danish Report with video: www.tv2fyn.dk/art...

 Silver Master  (Cargo Ship)
8 hours ago by Timsen

On the beach...
...in Chittagong: https://www.facebook.com/... https://www.facebook.com/... https://www.facebook.com/...

 Angele N  (Cargo Ship)
13 hours ago by Timsen

Cargo ship saved Brit adventurers
The adventurers James Ketchell,34, and Anthony Ward Thomas, 58, who set off from the Canary Islands on the "Kitty Rouge" nine days ago in a bid to travel across the Atlantic in a pedalo have been saved in a dramatic rescue after one fell ill in the middle of the ocean. The pair had planned to pedal, row and kite over around 45 days to Antigua to raise £100,000 for charity. Everest climber, James Ketchell, aged 32, and former jockey, Anthony Ward Thomas, 57, were airlifted to safety after Anthony suffered a suspected heart scare off the coast of El Hierro island near Spain. Ex-jockey Anthony Ward Thomas and world adventurer James Ketchell were 600 miles into their Atlantic ocean crossing when Anthony became unwell and needed urgent medical evacuation. The "Angele N" picked the two men up about 447 miles south west of the island on Feb 11, 2016. After 20 hours on board the vessel, the Spanish coast guard extracted Anthony and James via helicopter back to Tenerife for medical treatment at around 9.35 p.m. Anthony was now recovering. Reports with photos: www.mirror.co.uk/... www.dailyecho.co....

 Marinereliance  (Cargo Ship)
13 hours ago by BerndU

beached at Chittagong 10.02.16

 Fanoula  (Cargo Ship)
13 hours ago by Timsen

Medevac offf Maningrida
A helicopter crew flew nearly 500 km overnight to rescue a 20 year old sailor from the "Fanoula" off the coast of Maningrida on Feb 11, 2016. The ship was sailing between Taiwan and Groote Eylandt when the captain called for help. A CareFlight nurse was winched 20 m down to the ship to strap the man into a stretcher and winch him back up to the helicopter. The helicopter returned to Royal Darwin Hospital next morning where he was in a stable condition. The rescue effort was co-ordinated by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority. Report with photo: www.ntnews.com.au...

 Ore Timbopeba  (Cargo Ship)
13 hours ago by BerndU

Beached at Chittagong 10.02.16

 New Leon  (Cargo Ship)
13 hours ago by BerndU

beached at Chittagong 12.02.16

 Epsilon  (Passenger ship)
13 hours ago by Timsen

Ferry suffered extensive cargo damage - lifeboat cracked
Cars were crushed and trucks thrown around when the storm Imogen caught the "Epsilon" enroute from Cherbourg to Dublin on Feb 7. About 60 cars and 20 trucks and other vehicles were damaged off the coast of Devon in England after number of freight units shifted on the car deck. The cargo sustained extensive damage with thousands of euro damage when the ship hit winds of a constant 60-knots with gusts of 105-knots in places. The ship, which had to take refuge in waters off the North Devon coast, eventually reached Dublin on Feb 9 in the afternoon – more than 24 hours after it’s scheduled arrival. Of the more than 100 passengers on the ferry, no one was injured in the storm. It was ensured that all passengers were fully cared for. A dedicated team of customer service representatives attended the ship to receive passengers and provide all possible supports. In the evening of Feb 11 the vessel was detained by authorities in Holyhead tafter it was discovered that one of the lifeboats on board had suffered a crack. After the damage was found, the company Irish Ferries informed the Italian and the Holyhead authorities. It was planned to repair the lifeboat overnight and the repair will then have to be inspected by authorities in Holyhead before the ship can sail. The company accommodated as many customers as possible on its other vessel, the "Ulysses", which was also sailing from Holyhead, and some customers may be able to travel with other companies such as Stena which also travels from Holyhead to Dublin. Reports with photos and videos: www.rte.ie/news/2... www.sundayworld.c... www.irishmirror.i... irishpost.co.uk/s... www.businesspost....

 Le Boreal  (Passenger ship)
13 hours ago by Timsen

Damaged cruise ship in Las Palmas
The Chinese semi-submersible "Kang Sheng Kou", carrying the "Le Boréal" on its deck, arrived at Las Palmas in the afternoon of Feb 11. Following the fire that damaged the cruise ship on Nov 18, 2015, while sailing off the Falklands, its owner, Ponant, decided to repatriate the "Le Boréal" to a European port for repairs. Upon the departure from Punta Arenas, the "Kang Sheng Kou" had Genoa as destination but soon replaced by Las Palmas where the barge "Spabunker Veintidos" began to replenish the carrier. Ponant has chosen not to announce the site for repairs.

 MV Agios Emilianos  (Cargo Ship)
13 hours ago by BerndU

sold to Breakers
sold to Alang breakers

 Pascal Paoli  (Passenger ship)
13 hours ago by Timsen

Ferry blocked in Basita
The "Pascal Paoli" of the Maritima Ferries (former SNCM) was blocked on Feb 11, 2015, in the port of Bastia by members of the Union of Corsican Workers (STC) until they get concrete answers of the works committee and an appointment with the Territorial Community of Corsica (CTC). The ferry was to rotate back to Marseille and Bastia on Feb 12. 100 members of the STC blocked traffic without incident in the port of Bastia for two hours, but the blockade was lifted later in the day,

 Bergsfjord  (Passenger ship)
13 hours ago by Timsen

Ferry sidelined due to technical trouble
Several trailers and cars have been queuing in Øksfjord since Feb 11, 2016, because the "Bergsfjord" was unable to dock due to a technical failure. First an error on one bow door occurred, which meant that only cars could be tanken aboard on the sailing to Hasvik. Upon its return the ferry was unable to dock in Øksfjord. The sailing from Øksfjord to Hasvik on Feb 12 at 08.15 a.m. was also cancelled.

 Umoe Ventus  (High-Speed Craft)
14 hours ago by Timsen

Salvage of wreckage commenced
On Feb 11 the sheerleg "Sanne A" of the JA shipping company in Stenderup and other salvage material such as a support vessel and a barge arrived at Bagenkop after the weather became favourable in order to remove the wreckage of the "Umoe Ventus". In the morning of Feb 12, the operation was still ongoing. The operation has required thorough preparations. Among others, divers explored the wreck and bottom conditions. The ship sank at about 2,1 meters water depth. The sheerleg has a draught of 1,8 meters. Therefore, the wreck can only be lifted during high water levels. An oil boom was laid out to prevent debris from floating away. Danish reports with photos and videos: dagbladetringskje... www.fyens.dk/lang... www.tv2fyn.dk/art... www.fyens.dk/modu...

 Fongseong888  (Tankship)
14 hours ago by Timsen

AMVER vessel remains on standby at damaged fishing vessel
The AMVER vessel "Fong Seong 888" remained on-scene to provide additional support while crew members successfully dewatered the fishing vessel "American Eagle" using equipment dropped by an HC-130 Hercules airplane crew from the Air Station Barbers Point. 30 crewmembers were aboard the fishing vessel cleaning and assessing damage after the fire. The "American Eagle"’s sister ship "American Victory" was en route and scheduled to arrive in three days to relieve the "Fong Seong 888". The Hercules airplane crew arrived at the Air Station Barbers Point in the evening of Feb 11. Report with video: www.uscgnews.com/...

 Vindilis  (Passenger ship)
14 hours ago by Timsen

Repairs in Concarneau completed
The "Vindilis", 1299 gt (IMO: 9165566), left the port of Concarneau after repairs of allision damage on Feb 12 at 4.40 a.m. and headed for Quiberon as next port of call where she berthed at 9.45 a.m.

 Perseus  (Cargo Ship)
15 hours ago by Timsen

Lithuanian master of Perseus charged for drunken navigation
On Feb 12 the "Perseus" reached Kiel after having been released by the Danish authorities. The ship had been stopped 10-20 meters from a pylon of the Great Belt Bridge on Feb 10 at 7 p.m. after having sailed outside the fairway. Despite several warnings on all channels the ship continued in a zigzag course until it stopped in the last moment. The 56-year-old Lithuanian captain was then charged with drunken navigation and blood samples were taken. After the shipping company sent a new captain, the Maritime Assistance Service released the vessel on behalf of the Danish Maritime Authority. Danish report with animation: www.dr.dk/p4fyn/a...

15 hours ago by arnekiel

Maersk will support green initiatives in Alang
Having helped shape the green image of Chinese ship recycling, Maersk is now looking to transform Alang, home to the world’s most concentrated area of shipbreakers. “The Maersk Group is determined to use its leverage to create more responsible recycling options and is thus announcing a commitment to help selected ship recycling yards in Alang to upgrade facilities and practices to comply with the company’s standards,” Maersk said in a statement yesterday. The market for ship recycling is dominated by practices unchanged for decades, Maersk noted. Out of the total 768 ships recycled globally in 2015, 469 – representing 74% of the total gross tonnage scrapped – were sold to facilities on beaches in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh with challenges to workers and the environment, the company added. The company reckons only yards in China and Turkey meet the Danish firm’s exacting recycling standards – by choosing these places the company is losing up to $2m a ship. Four yards in Alang are now certified to the standards of the International Maritime Organization and Hong Kong Convention, a big advance in the last couple of years. splash247.com/mae...

 Sea Worker  (Other Ship)
15 hours ago by Timsen

Divers penetrated capsized barge
On Feb 10 and 11 divers managed to get inside the "Sea Worker" to prepare it for draining the fuel. They were trying to mount the equipment needed to suck the oil from the tanks. In addition, they look for oil floating around inside the ship. The plan was to take advantage of the good weather which was expected to last until Feb 13 to remove 170 cubic meters of diesel oil and 50 cubic meters of lubricating oil. The owner A2Sea estimated that the barge could be emptied within 2-3 days. There was, however, no general plan for the salvage yet. Some of the legs are drilled well into the sand, so it will not be easy to get it pulled up. It is now up to the insurance and salvage company experts to develop plans. At present, the Dutch tug "Torsten" (IMO: 9623142) of the German Schramm Group and the catamaran vessel "Seazip 3" were at the grounding site with the Danish environmental protection ship "Gunnar Seidenfaden" monitoring the salvage work. Danish reports with photos and video: ing.dk/artikel/ka... www.tvmidtvest.dk... nyheder.tv2.dk/lo...

 Drive Green Highway  (Other Ship)
15 hours ago by arnekiel

K-Line Launches Eco-Ship Featuring Solar Power Technology
Solar Frontier K.K (Solar Frontier) Thursday announced that its CIS solar panels have been installed on a vessel owned by Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd. (K Line), said to be the carrier's newest environmentally friendly transport ship. "K Line is demonstrating how solar energy can improve the energy efficiency and reduce the ecological impact of the shipping industry," said Atsuhiko Hirano, CEO of Solar Frontier. "This is one example of the greater role that solar energy has to play in our future, supporting an ever broader range of technologies in a wider range of industries." The ship, a car-carrier named Drive Green Highway, is said to integrate "advanced energy-efficient technologies" as well as design improvements in order to reduce the vessel's environmental impact on the environment. shipandbunker.com...

 Modern Express  (Cargo Ship)
15 hours ago by arnekiel

Port Of Rotterdam Offers Solution To Listing Vessel In Bilbao
Following Smit Salvage’s spectacular salvage of the stricken ship, Modern Express, in the Gulf of Biscay, another Rotterdam company is now involved in this rescue operation. The Koninklijke Roeiers Vereeniging Eendracht (KRVE) (Royal Boatmen Association Eendracht) are using their innovative ShoreTension system to right the vessel so that unloading can start. Modern Express, a 164 metre cargo vessel, ran into problems at sea two weeks ago. Fierce waves resulted in its cargo of wood and excavators shifting, which caused the ship to list and become unmanoeuvrable. Tugboat company, Smit Salvage, succeeded in towing the Modern Express to the Spanish port of Bilbao last week. As the vessel also had 300 tonnes of fuel on board, this prevented an environmental disaster. www.marineinsight...

15 hours ago by arnekiel

Abu Dhabi Ports Invest In New Equipment To Improve Efficiency of Port Operations
Abu Dhabi Ports, the master developer, operator and manager of ports and Khalifa Industrial Zone in the Emirate, has procured a range of new advanced equipment this year as part of an ongoing upgrade to all of the general cargo and Roll-on-roll-off (RoRo) handling equipment at Khalifa Port and Zayed Port. The new equipment, including forklift trucks, terminal tractors, roll trailers and truck-mounted mobile cranes, will significantly enhance the efficiency and safety of port operations, and reduce vessel turnaround time. These acquisitions are part of Abu Dhabi Ports’ continuous investment in equipment to better handle the increasing general cargo and RoRo volumes. The state-of-the-art equipment will ensure sustainable and reliable services and continue to improve customer satisfaction – one of the core objectives of Abu Dhabi Ports. Sixteen forklift trucks (FLTs)­­ were the first equipment to arrive at Zayed Port. The new trucks, which have a lifting capacity ranging from three tons to fifteen tons, bring the total FLT fleet to over 30. Sixteen new terminal trucks are expected to arrive in February. With new additions, there will be over 30 terminal tractors in the two ports for general cargo and RoRo operations Abu Dhabi Ports will also take delivery of 37 roll trailers. ­The new roll trailers­ will take the total number available to over 60. The new trailers will have the loading capacity of 80 tons and 120 tons. Eight truck-mounted mobile cranes are expected to arrive in April. This first batch of truck-mounted mobile cranes for Abu Dhabi Ports – four with lifting capacity of 100 tons and four with 70 tons ­– will offer improved mobility and manoeuvrability. They can be deployed at any port in the Abu Dhabi Ports portfolio. www.marineinsight...

 CSCL Indian Ocean  (Cargo Ship)
15 hours ago by Timsen

Boxship sailing again
The "CSCL Indian Ocean" has left the port of Hamburg again on Feb 12 around 2 a.m, being bound for Rotterdam now, ETA 9 p.m.

 Courage  (Cargo Ship)
15 hours ago by Timsen

Sold to Turkish breakers
The American Roll-on Roll-off Carrier, LLC announced that the "Courage" which has been laid up in Bremerhaven after a fire since June 17, 2015, has been sold to Turkish breakers and will leave the port during the next days for recycling.

 Alam Molek  (Cargo Ship)
16 hours ago by Timsen

Collision off Singapore
On Feb 10, 2016, the tank m/v "Taihua Venture" was in collisoin with the "Alam Molek" on the Singapore West Jurong anchorage, She was taking bunkers at the time of the collision, The tanker was leaking water from the forecastle after the incident.

 Taihua Venture  (Tankship)
16 hours ago by Timsen

Collision off Singapore
On Feb 10, 2016, the "Taihua Venture" was in collisoin with the cargo m/v "Alam Molek" on the Singapore West Jurong anchorage, She was taking bunkers at the time of the collision, The tanker was leaking water from the forecastle after the incident.

 Nova Star  (Passenger ship)
16 hours ago by Timsen

Nova Star reached Algericas
Regardless of the question whether the "Nova Star" will be back on the run between Yarmouth and Maine in 2017, the company that runs the service is still in the running for the job. After failing to convince the province over more money to continue the service from Portland to Yarmouth, the gferry has berthed in Algeciras on Feb 10, 2016. Meanwhile, the new operator Bay Ferries of P.E.I. has yet to finalize which ship will operate on the Maine-Nova Scotia route in 2016.

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