Arrivals and departures in the port of Dubai
Major port

AL KHAIR Photo Panama moored 3 min ago
TERAS DARIUS Photo Singapore moored 5 min ago
M.V.GOLD STAR Photo Tanzania moored 12 min ago
GULF SYMPHONY Photo United Arab Emirates moored 28 min ago
SHARAFDIAMOND Photo United Arab Emirates moored 1 hour ago
HURRICANE II Photo Saint Kitts and Nevis moored 2 hours ago
AURIGA Photo Comoros moored 2 hours ago
AQUILA Photo Saint Vincent and the Grenadines moored 2 hours ago
FUGRO ADVENTURER Photo Panama moored 19 hours ago
C. PROGRESS Photo Panama moored 22 hours ago
The list shows vessels which have just moored or unmoored in one of the ports covered by

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