Arrivals and departures in the port of Qingdao

STAR FUJI Photo Norway moored 1 hour ago
HYUNDAI GLORY Photo Panama moored 3 hours ago
KMTC QINGDAO Photo South Korea moored 3 hours ago
IRENES WARWICK Photo Liberia moored 4 hours ago
HS BRUCKNER Photo Liberia moored 4 hours ago
ARCTICA-2 Photo Russia moored 4 hours ago
AUGUSTA KONTOR Photo Marshall Islands moored 5 hours ago
POS YOKOHAMA Photo South Korea moored 12 hours ago
JIAN HE Photo Panama moored 13 hours ago
MAERSK KIMI Photo Netherlands moored 14 hours ago
The list shows vessels which have just moored or unmoored in one of the ports covered by

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