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558 days ago by arnekiel

Port of Charleston escapes storm damage, will open as normal Monday
The Port of Charleston escaped significant damage and should be open for normal operations on Monday, according to Jim Newsome, president and CEO of the State Ports Authority. “The S.C. Ports team did an awesome job securing our terminals prior to the storm’s arrival and it paid off,” Newsome said on Twitter. Newsome said the maritime agency will have a conference call with the U.S. Coast Guard at 7 a.m. Sunday to determine when vessels can begin transiting Charleston Harbor. A specific timetable for that will be determined later Sunday. The SPA prepared for the arrival of Hurricane Matthew on Thursday, with safety precautions including: pinning down and tying down ship-to-shore cranes; loading BMW vehicles at Columbus Street Terminal onto vessels or trains; securing loaded shipping containers; unstacking and strapping down empty cargo boxes; and wrapping gate kiosk equipment in plastic. “Our team worked two ships, handled 1000 gate moves, and methodically secured our terminals in the face of a storm,” Newsome said. www.postandcourie...

558 days ago by arnekiel

First cruise ship in summer season arrives in Tauranga
The first cruise ship has arrived in Tauranga. Sun Princess docked in at the Tauranga Port at about 7.15am this morning. A reporter at the scene said the area was buzzing with people and tour groups. There are 83 cruise ship visits scheduled this summer. While there will be more visits than last season, overall passenger numbers look set to be down with 153,000 expected this season compared to 164,300 last.

559 days ago by arnekiel

Empty Hanjin Containers Pile Up, Causing Headaches at Southern California’s Ports
As Hanjin Shipping Co. vessels drop off containers after weeks stranded at sea following the company’s bankruptcy, ports are dealing with a new problem: what to do with the empty boxes they leave behind. Since the South Korean ocean carrier filed for bankruptcy five weeks ago, roughly 15,000 Hanjin containers have trickled in through the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, often weeks after they were due to arrive. Now emptied of their goods, many are cluttering warehouse yards and parking lots across Southern California. With Hanjin’s ships no longer making the trans-Pacific trip, the company’s containers aren’t needed to carry goods back and forth. While the stranded containers themselves are a nuisance, logistics companies say the bigger issue is that many are still attached to the wheeled trailers that trucks used to get them off the docks. These pieces of equipment, known as chassis, are vital to port operations, and putting thousands out of commission can delay the container deliveries for all shipping companies—not just Hanjin—people in the industry say. www.hellenicshipp...

559 days ago by arnekiel

Oman’s Vale ships first mineral cargo to global market from Sohar Port
Vale in Oman has announced the maiden export of local minerals to the international market through the Sohar Dry Bulk Logistics Corridor, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for which was signed in March 2016 by Vale, Tanmia and Sohar Port and Freezone. This agreement is aligned with the country’s plan to diversify its economy in a sustainable way and to explore opportunities to export from Sohar Port. “Oman is a mineral rich country and we are working to contribute our knowledge and industrial expertise so that the Sultanate can bring its industrial minerals to the global market at competitive prices,” said Vale in Oman’s CEO, Jamil Sebe. “Since our operations were inaugurated in 2011, we have been committed to the sustainable and economic development of the country and this agreement is an example of the fruits of our labour to utilise our internal infrastructure and logistics capability in support of the diversification of Oman’s economy.” www.hellenicshipp...

560 days ago by arnekiel

Evergreen Line Expands Adriatic-Israel Service
Evergreen Line is to partner with COSCO in operating a joint Adriatic – Israel (AIS) Service. The new initiative opens up the corridor between North Adriatic ports, Piraeus and Israel, and provide direct and speedy service to customers. Two ships of around 1,000 TEU will be deployed on the new weekly service, one each operated by the joint service partners. The first sailing on the AIS Service will be from Koper on the 4th of October and port rotation is as follows: Koper (Slovenia) – Ravenna (Italy) – Venice (Italy) – Piraeus (Greece) – Haifa (Israel) – Ashdod (Israel) – Koper (Slovenia)

560 days ago by arnekiel

Ivory Coast cocoa port arrivals halted for several days
Ivory Coast cocoa exporters said they had not received cocoa bean deliveries from inland farms for several days because many buyers have been temporarily blocked out of a booking system. The 2016/17 cocoa season began last week and international traders are keeping a close eye on port arrivals to gauge supplies from the world’s top grower. “We have not received beans because the suppliers are not up to date and therefore don’t have system access,” said an Abidjan-based exporter, referring to the SYDORE booking system. Exporters in the two main ports of San Pedro and Abidjan said that the cleaning and drying of beans in preparation for export had halted due to the lack of deliveries. www.hellenicshipp...

560 days ago by arnekiel

King Abdullah Port Ranked Fastest Growing Port in the World
King Abdullah Economic City, A report issued in 2016 by Container Management magazine, a British global leader specialized in ports, navigation, maritime transportation and container handling, showed that King Abdullah Port is ranked by far the fastest growing of any in the publication’s list of top 120 ports. The report pointed out that King Abdullah Port’s success in achieving rapid growth comes in light of the challenges faced by the market and a slowing down of global economic growth, with the oil sector the most affected. King Abdullah Port was able to significantly enhance its capabilities and is currently moving towards important achievements in terms of the project’s development in general and the operations taking place. In 2015, the annual throughput in King Abdullah Port doubled, reaching 1.3 million TEU, while the annual handling capacity increased by 50%, reaching 3 million TEU. The management of King Abdullah Port expects to finalize the first phase of bulk cargo terminals with a capacity of 3 million tons, in addition to the RORO (roll-on/roll-off) terminals with a capacity of 300,000 CEU by the beginning of 2017. This comes specifically after announcing the strategic move of signing an SAR 2.7 million financial agreement with both SABB and ANB, which reflects the banking sector’s trust in King Abdullah Port. www.hellenicshipp...

560 days ago by arnekiel

Port of Baku to bring billions of dollars to Azerbaijan
Azerbaijan, which has set a goal to become one of the major commercial and transportation hubs in the region and facilitate the regional trade, is currently engaged in development of the new Baku International Sea Trade Port. Azerbaijani MP, member of the parliamentary committee on economic policy, industry and entrepreneurship, Vahid Ahmadov said that Port of Baku will bring billions of dollars to Azerbaijan and allow to create the first free trade zone (FTZ) in Azerbaijan. “The project, which is among the largest in the transportation sphere of the country, will yield certain results by 2018-2019, should the project progresses in a scheduled manner. Moreover, the project will play a pivotal role in the development of non-oil sector of economy,” he said. The Baku International Sea Trade Port was previously located in the middle of the city. Taking into account the bid of the country to become one of the major commercial and transportation hubs in the region and facilitate regional transformation, the state decided to move it to a new location, 70 km south of the capital Baku, near a small town called Alat, which is located at the strategic crossroads of the regional railroads and highways. The new Port of Baku is located on an area of 400 hectares (ha) of land, of which about 100-115 ha cover the area for the development of the international Logistics and Trade Zone. The northern areas around the port are reserved for future expansion of logistics, industrial, and manufacturing activity. www.hellenicshipp...

560 days ago by arnekiel

Libya’s Zueitina loads first crude export cargo since 2015
A tanker loaded the first crude export cargo at Libya’s Zueitina oil terminal since late last year, a port official said. Zueitina is one of three previously blockaded ports in Libya’s oil crescent region that reopened last month after forces loyal to eastern commander Khalifa Haftar took control of the terminals. The port official said the Ionic Anassa was loading 800,000 barrels of oil for export to China. The reopening of Zueitina, Ras Lanuf and Es Sider has helped boost Libya’s oil production, which had been slashed to a fraction of the 1.6 million barrels per day (bpd) that the OPEC member was producing before its 2011 uprising.

561 days ago by arnekiel

Petition launched to scrap former Flintshire Funship
Calls for Duke of Lancaster to be removed from coastline, as council chiefs are still waiting to hear proposals. A petition has been launched to scrap a ship turned leisure attraction which is now branded an “eyesore”. The Duke of Lancaster arrived in Mostyn , Flintshire, during the summer of 1979, with a plan by its owners to turn it into a floating leisure and retail complex. But successive planning applications to open the attraction were refused amid concerns including emergency access in the event of a fire or other disaster. www.dailypost.co....

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