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353 days ago by arnekiel

Maersk helps to build biggest African port in Ghana
Danish shipping and energy company Maersk will invest US$1.5bn for the expansion of Port of Tema in Ghana, touted to be the largest in Africa. Nils Anderson, CEO of Maersk said that the funding arrangements were already in place and that the concession agreement between Meridian Port Services (MPS) – of which Maersk is a key partner – and the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority (GPHA) was waiting to be signed. Maersk was also in early talks with Asian shipbuilders to order up to 10 container megaships worth around US$1.5bn.Anderson revealed that Maersk was exploring oil and gas investment opportunities in Ghana, adding, “First and foremost, we will be going in on the service sector and we are bringing in our drillship worth about US$700,000, and supply vessels and tugs. We are ready to do business in Ghana.” Source : African Review

353 days ago by arnekiel

Rotterdam remains the largest European port serving China In 2014
Rotterdam remains the largest European port serving China In 2014, Rotterdam became the first European port since the start of the economic crisis in 2008 to handle more than 3 million TEU (20-foot container units) going to or coming from China. Port of Rotterdam Authority CEO Allard Castelein announced this during the first quarterly meeting of the Rotterdam Port Promotion Council (RPPC). At the meeting he analysed the throughput figures for 2014 and indicated trends for a large group of port entrepreneurs. In 2008, Hamburg in northern Germany still handled the most 'China containers' of 2.6 million against Rotterdam's 2.2 million. The German port suffered greatly during the crisis of 2008, whereas Rotterdam's throughput only declined moderately. Since then, Rotterdam has been the main European port for 'China containers', although the lead on Hamburg remains small. In 2013, Hamburg handled 2.3 million TEU; Rotterdam handled 2.4 million. Anticipating the definitive figures, the Port of Rotterdam Authority expects an increase of at least 10 percent over 2014.The Chinese share of Rotterdam's throughput will be significant and likely increase again in 2015. Source : supplychaindigital

354 days ago by arnekiel

Slovenia's Luka Koper port welcomed its largest container ship to date
Slovenia's Luka Koper port welcomed its largest container ship to date, as the 367 metre Gerda Maersk moored on Tuesday, just weeks after completing a long-awaited deepening of its seabed to allow larger ships to dock. The Gerda Maersk weighing 10,150 TEU - berthed there on Tuesday after another container ship - of China’s Alliance Ocean 3 - weighing 5,668 TEU, arrived in the port two days ago. Koper is currently the largest container port in the northern Adriatic.

354 days ago by arnekiel

Romania's Giurgiu port will be upgraded following an investment of EUR 15.7 million
Romania's Giurgiu port, alongside Bechet and Corabia ship ports, managed by the Danube River Port Administration, will be upgraded following an investment of RON 70 million (EUR 15.7 million), VAT included. According to Mediafax, the three projects, elaborated by the Ministry of Transport, are financed through state budget and external funds.

354 days ago by arnekiel

60 ships arrested, 67 warrants filed in 2014 in Singapore
The number of ship arrests in Singapore fell last year, according to the country’s Supreme Court figures here the other day. A total of 60 ships were arrested and 67 warrants of arrest filed in 2014, compared with the 2013 figures of 85 and 110, respectively. Last year’s figures were also the lowest in two years, nearly half that of the 114 ship arrests and 133 warrants of arrest filed in 2012. The lower arrest figures in 2014 were recorded despite the collapse in November 2014 of OW Bunker, which prompted a surge of bunker tanker arrests that month. For instance, oil company Phillips 66 International Trading seized six ships following OW Bunker’s bankruptcy. In addition, Singapore-based oil trading firm Hin Leong Trading arrested a bunker tanker to claim for the fuel oil cargo. Despite the ship arrests taking place in quick succession, the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore and Singapore Shipping Association assured the industry that the country’s bunker supply suffered no disruptions. According to the Supreme Court, most of the seizures were related to claims from the cargo owners. customstoday.com....

354 days ago by arnekiel

Neste Oil Begins Ship-to-Ship Bunkering at Helsinki
Neste Oil has announced that last month it commenced ship-to-ship bunkering operations at Helsinki. The Finnish oil company has chartered the double-hulled, 4,400 cubic metre-capacity bunker tanker M/T Lotus from Sirius Shipping. Neste Oil will use the tanker to supply 0.10 percent sulfur marine diesel oil (MDO). M/T Lotus will offer ship-to-ship bunkering at Helsinki's three ports and is able to bunker at a rate of 200 cubic metres per hour, on average.

354 days ago by arnekiel

Gothenburg Sees Bunkering "Like Never Before"
The Port of Gothenburg has seen record sales of Emissions Control Area (ECA) compliant fuels since January 1, PortNews reports. "They are bunkering at the port like never before," said Dan-Erik Andersson, Head of Operations at the Gothenburg Energy Port. "A combination of low oil prices, an advantageous geographical location, high oil quality and a focus on safety are attracting vessels here to fuel. "We are a bunkering hub for the whole of the SECA [ECA] area." According to the report, a large number of ships are calling to refuel and all parties are working to full capacity. shipandbunker.com...

354 days ago by arnekiel

US Compensates Philippines for Reef Damaged by Warship
The United States paid nearly $2 million compensation to the Philippines for the damage a US warship caused to a protected reef, Manila said Wednesday. The minesweeper USS Guardian became stranded on the Tubbataha Reef in January 2013 after visiting a Philippine port, and had to be cut to pieces to avoid further damage to the World Heritage site in a salvage operation that took 10 weeks. The ship damaged 2,345 square meters (25,240 square feet) of the coral reef that investigators said would take a generation to re-grow. The incident stirred nationalist anger against the United States, a former colonial ruler of the Philippines that remains the Southeast Asian nation's most important military ally. Washington promptly apologized for the mishap and issued a report five months later that blamed the captain and three other officers. The vessel, which was en route to Indonesia after visiting a northern Philippine port, was found to have sailed into a protected area where marine vessels are not allowed due to "poor voyage planning," according to a copy of the report. In a statement on Wednesday, the Philippine foreign department said it received last month "the full requested amount" of 87 million pesos ($1.97 million) in compensation.

355 days ago by Timsen

Ferry allision at Devonport
The catamaran ferry "Kea", 341 gt (IMO: 8701478), with 61 passengers and three crew on board was docking at Devonport when it crashed into the wharf on Feb 17, 2015, about 11 a.m. Mechanical issues may have been to blame. People fell down and fell into the benches, and a number of people on the ferry were receiving medical treatment and about 10 were sent to hospital. The vessel was damaged at its starboard hull. The Transport Investigation Accident Commission was investigating the accident. Report with photos and video: www.radionz.co.nz...

355 days ago by arnekiel

Backlog of cargo ships at L.A., Long Beach ports grows - 33 ships anchored off L.A.
More cargo ships piled up at the Los Angeles and Long Beach ports Monday as Labor Secretary Thomas Perez prepared to meet with shipping companies and the dockworkers union to revive stalled contract talks. The labor dispute all but closed the San Pedro Bay ports — and 27 others along the West Coast — over the holiday weekend. The trade gateways were expected to reopen Tuesday. But as negotiations have stalled, fears of a prolonged closure have grown. In an attempt to stave off that costly prospect, Perez will meet with both parties Tuesday in San Francisco, a Labor Department spokeswoman said. Behind the scenes, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti has been working to resolve the port problems, spokesman Jeff Millman said. The mayor was on the phone with Perez throughout the weekend, Millman said. Garcetti has been talking to leadership of both sides and Sunday initiated a nightly call with mayors of other West Coast port cities. In the meantime, the backlog has been growing. On Monday morning, 33 vessels were anchored off the Los Angeles and Long Beach ports, unable to dock, three more than on Sunday, according to the Marine Exchange of Southern California. An additional 55 ships were languishing at port berths.

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