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451 days ago by arnekiel

Ships urged to slow down for whales outside SF Bay
The Coast Guard is asking large ships off the Northern California coast to slow down to almost half their normal speed to avoid collisions with endangered whales feasting on an abundance of krill in the water. A message being broadcast over marine band radio advises the vessels to approach and exit San Francisco Bay at no more than 10 knots and watch for large whales around two marine sanctuaries. The Santa Rosa Press-Democrat reports about 20 large ships cross the sanctuaries a day. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration requested the slowdown after its biologists on the Farallon Islands counted a remarkable concentration of whales off the Farallon Islands late last month.

451 days ago by linervision

Vladivostok attracts more ships for bunkering
The Taiwanese container line Evergreen Marine will add Vladivostok, to its Transpacific ‘TPS’ service (#256). As of 20 July, all ships trading on the loop will perform weekly westbound calls at the Russian port. The Vladivostok call is mainly added for bunkering purposes and it will allow Evergreen to take advantage of the lower bunker costs in Russia. Compared to most major ports in Europe, Asia and the Americas, fuel oil prices in the Russian Northeast presently offer a cost advantage of USD 80 to USD 130 per metric ton of HFO. full story: linervision.wordp...

452 days ago by arnekiel

Colombo Port's first deep water container terminal commissioned
The first deep water container terminal in the Port of Colombo, owned and operated by Colombo International Container Terminals Ltd (CICT) launched operations last week (July 1, 2013). General Manager of CICT, Tissa Wickramasinghe said that this is a significant milestone in the history of the Port of Colombo, where a green field project has been constructed, equipped and made operational ahead of original time-lines. Construction work commenced in December 2011 with a project completion timeframe of 60 months. However, the terminal operator revised the plan and fast tracked the project to complete it within 28 months. Within 19 months, the first phase of construction was completed and equipped with the largest ever ship-to-shore gantry cranes and commercial operations were launched last Monday, Wickramasinghe said.With this new terminal, the Port of Colombo becomes the only port in the South Asia region with a deep-water terminal to handle the largest ships afloat. The container terminal has a water depth of 18 metres and has installed ship-to-shore quay gantry cranes to handle 18,000 TEU ships which have containers stacked 24 across.

453 days ago by arnekiel

Busan prepares for maiden call of Maersk Triple-E vessel on July 15
The Port of Busan has announced that it is set to welcome the maiden call of the Maersk McKinney Moller – the worlds’ largest containership. Maersk’s 18,270 TEU giant is scheduled to dock at the Korean port on July 15 handling as many as 10,000 TEU on arrival. To celebrate this historic occasion, the Busan Port Authority will hold a ceremony, inviting dignitaries and VIPs from the government, civic groups, media and academic sectors as well as key players in the shipping industry.

453 days ago by arnekiel

China’s five major cruise ports making losses
Shanghai: Although the cruise industry is getting hot in China, the five major Chinese cruise ports are all in the red, according to the information from the China Cruise and Yacht Industry Association. China has five cruise terminals under operation, two in Shanghai, one in Tianjin, Xiamen and Sanya, with the number of cruise passengers and voyages increasing in recent years, but the operation of the terminals are in red, Zheng Weihang, deputy president of the association said. Meanwhile, many cities such as Dalian, Qingdao, Haikou, Nanjing etc. are accelerating or planning for the construction of cruise terminals, which will send the market into overcapacity, Zheng added. [SinoShip News 05/07/13]

453 days ago by arnekiel

Rongsheng admits payment delays to suppliers and workers
Rongsheng Heavy Industries have admitted that it has delayed payments to suppliers and workers through an official announcement today, in response to a worker protest in its shipyard earlier this week. “Demand in the global shipbuilding market has continued to decline and prices for new vessels have failed to rebound. Throughout the shipbuilding industry, banks and other financial institutions have tightened credit facilities available to shipbuilders, and many shipowners have delayed, renegotiated or defaulted on payments to shipbuilders. These factors have caused higher pressure on the group’s working capital in recent months, and the group has tightened cash outflow by delaying its payment to its suppliers and workers,” Rongsheng said in the release. Rongsheng said it is currently in discussions with a number of banks and financial instituations for renewing exisiting credit facilities while it is also actively seeking financial support from the government and the substantial shareholders of the company. It has entered an agreement with a company controlled by Zhang Zhirong, a major shareholder and the former chairman of the company on July 3, to secure an interest-free and security-free loan of RMB200m to finance its working capital. [05/07/13]

454 days ago by arnekiel

Four workers die at Gadani ship-breaking yard in two days
Four workers met accidental deaths at the Gadani ship-breaking yard in two days (June 30-July 1) owing to the absence of any first aid and medical facility there, The News learnt on Wednesday. Sarzameen slipped from a ship’s deck and fell to death in the tank while working at plot numbers 23 and 24. On June 30, a gas cylinder exploded with a huge bang at another ship at plot number 32 while being dismantled, which claimed the life of a worker, Naseebzada, and left two others, Ashraf Lohar and Fayyaz, seriously injured. Both the injured workers expired last Monday (July 1) at a private hospital in Karachi. According to their colleagues, the explosion was so powerful that it hurled Naseebzada off the ship into the sea from where his body was recovered. More at www.thenews.com.p...

454 days ago by linervision

CMA CGM's 'IRISH' service will now call at Greenock
IRISH new rotation now reads: Le Havre, Liverpool, Belfast, Greenock, Le Havre. Full story: linervision.wordp...

455 days ago by arnekiel

Kuantan set to double capacity
IJM Corporation, the operator of Kuantan Port, will invest around RM2bn to build a terminal capable of handling ships of up to 200,000 dwt. The terminal will start construction early next year and take two years to complete at which point Kuantan’s handling capacity will stand at 52m tons. The expansion of Kuantan Port is part of the Malaysia-China Kuantan Industrial Park (MCKIP), in which Guangxi Beibu Gulf International Port Group will invest more than RM7bn directly or via joint ventures with Malaysian companies. [SeaShip News 03/07/13]

455 days ago by arnekiel

European Commission Approves EUR 114 Million Aid for Extension of Piraeus Port
The European Commission has found a €113.9 million Greek support for an infrastructure project of €120 million at the Port of Piraeus to be in line with EU state aid rules. In particular, the project will further the objectives of EU transport policy and cohesion without unduly distorting competition in the internal market. In September 2012 Greece notified plans to support an investment project by OLP, the port authority, to extend existing infrastructure for cruise ships at the Port of Piraeus by 2 docking stations. The project is co-financed with €96.9 million from EU Structural Funds. More at www.seanews.com.t...

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