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414 days ago by arnekiel

Ghana seeks support to develop inland ports
The Government of Ghana is engaging local and foreign stakeholders to raise resources for the deployment of inland ports to reduce pressure on the Tema and Takoradi harbours, and the roads. This forms part of Government’s programme for a massive improvement in the nation’s transportation system to further open up the economy, create decent and well-paid jobs and reduce post harvest losses. Vice President Kwesi Bekoe Amissah-Arthur, made the announcement during a courtesy call on him, by the Netherlands Ambassador to Ghana, Hans Docter, at the Flagstaff House in Accra. The Vice President explained that the construction of an integrated transport system would also facilitate and position the country as transport hub in the sub-region for the transportation of goods and services to the market centers and especially to neighbouring landlocked countries

414 days ago by arnekiel

Ennore Port starts transhipment of used cars
On Friday, Jan 10, Ennore Port Ltd (EPL) became the second port in the eastern coast to handle transhipment of used cars. The arrival of MV Triumph of Japanese Mitsui O.S.K. Lines (MOL) marked the commencement of transhipment of used cars. On its maiden visit, the car carrier offloaded 288 cars/vans and four buses and in return carried 620 Nissan cars to South Africa. These used cars will be picked up by another car carrier by January 20 and then it would be shipped to East African countries. Sources in the logistics sector said that till recently Japanese shipping lines used the Port of Singapore or Hambantota in Sri Lanka as transhipment points for used cars. But due to space constraint they were forced to look for alternative ports and EPL fitted the bill.

414 days ago by arnekiel

Largest ship to ever enter the Thames docks at London's newest port
The new London Gateway port welcomed the largest ever ship to enter the Thames this week, after a huge container vessel was diverted by bad weather. Driven from its original destination of Felixstowe by high winds and rains, the Gudrun Maersk was towed into port laden with goods from the Far East. The port, in Thurrock, Essex, opened in November after a huge dredging operation made the river Thames deep enough to accommodate the very larger cargo ships which are becoming standard in the shipping industry. The ship, which can carry as much as 8,500 lorries, and weighs 115,000 tonnes when fully loaded, docked in the new port on Wednesday. When it was constructed in 2005 it was the largest container ship in the world, but has since been eclipsed a new model which can carry more than twice as much cargo. Ships as large as the Gudrun Maersk have been able to venture into the Thames thanks to long-running efforts to remove some 27million tonnes of silt from the river bed. The change, which affects some 100km of waterway, now means that even the world's largest container ship can comfortably dock just miles from London. According to the port's operators, the move will help keep the UK competitive, as without the increased capacity the giant goods ships would have started stopping off in mainland Europe instead.

414 days ago by arnekiel

No clarity yet on part-loaded ships as Indonesia's mineral ore export ban takes effect
With Indonesia's ban on mineral ore exports coming into effect from Sunday, there is still no clarity as to whether partially loaded dry bulk carriers would be allowed to leave the ports, shipping sources said Monday. According to a note posted by UK-based London Protection & Indemnity Club on its website last week the partly laden ships could either be asked to sail "as is" or be stopped from sailing. "Where it is not possible for the vessel to complete loading before January 12, 2014, we understand from the correspondent [London P&I Club's correspondent in Indonesia] that the government has stated [via the media] that any ships that have part loaded mineral ore cargoes when the ban comes into effect will be required to sail as is," the P&I club said late last week. "I believe they [the Indonesian authorities] will allow those ships [loaded fully or partially] to sail out," a source with a ship operator said Monday, adding there was a lot of confusion over the clearing of vessels by the customs officials. "There is a lack of clarity at this stage," an India-based shipowner said Monday. "We have to wait and see exactly who is allowed [to operate out of Indonesia] and who isn't." The P&I Club had also cautioned its members whose vessels do not possess relevant permits and licenses for loading and exporting unrefined mineral ore cargoes from Indonesian ports, to ensure that the vessel completed loading before January 12.

414 days ago by arnekiel

Singapore based Triyards Holdings secures two cruise ship contracts
Singapore based TRIYARDS Holdings Limited (TRIYARDS or the Group), an offshore vessel fabrication and engineering solutions provider to the oil and gas (O&G) industry, has won two new orders in vessel construction and outfitting for two cruise liners, the Group said in a press release. The total contract value of the work for TRIYARDS and its partners is approximately US$7.5 million. For the first contract, the Group will be building the hull and installation of piping, electrical and mechanical system and equipment in a new build vessel, the Aqua Mekong cruise vessel. The 63-metre (approximately 205 foot) long vessel will undergo a period of nine months construction. The mocked up part of her 5-star outfitting and furnishing of luxurious cabins will also be carried out in TRIYARDS. The vessel belongs to reputable cruise ship operator Aqua Expeditions, whose vessels operate in South America and South East Asia. She will operate in the Mekong River with high-end hotel and accommodation facilities. The second contract is with International Shipping Partners, one of the world’s largest passenger ship management companies with its headquarters in Miami, Florida, and is for the upgrading of accommodation for the ‘Silver Discoverer’. The 103-metre (approximately 334 foot) long vessel with a gross tonnage of 5,218GT will undergo a 12-week refurbishment prior to her service entry in the last leg of 1Q2014. With this new instalment, the upgraded facilities on the ‘Silver Discoverer’ include a new gym, beauty salon, and expedition cabins.

414 days ago by arnekiel

Period of suspended icebreaking assistance at Tagarog Bay is extended
With no ice in the Tagarog Bay, the period of suspended icebreaking assistance at ports of Azov, Taganrog and Rostov-on-Don has been extended by the orders of Harbour Masters, Administration of Taganrog seaport says. The order was signed on January 12, 2014.

414 days ago by arnekiel

Konecranes to deliver six RTGs to Buenaventura Container Terminal
In December 2013 Konecranes received an order for six Rubber Tired Gantry (RTG) cranes from Sociedad Portuaria Terminal de Contenedores de Buenaventura, S.A. (TCBUEN) in Colombia. This will be Konecranes’ first delivery of container handling cranes to Colombia, the company said in its press release.

414 days ago by arnekiel

Chinese firm to replicate the Titanic - to be built at Wuhan
A Sichuan-based energy company has said it plans to spend as much as 1 billion yuan (HK$1.28 billion) to build an life-sized replica of the ill-fated ocean liner RMS Titanic, and moor it permanently in a local river to attract tourists. The privately-owned Sichuan Seven Star Energy Investment Group announced in Hong Kong on Sunday that it had hired a US firm to provide designs based on the Titanic’s sister ship, RMS Olympic. The new ship would be built by the Wuchang Shipbuilding Industry Company Ltd. at Wuhan, a subsidiary of the state-owned giant China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation, it said. It said the construction of the ship was expected to last two years, but didn’t say whether it had already started. The ambitious project was part of a plan to build a world-class tourist destination in the little-known rural county of Daying in Sichuan Province, said the company, adding that the ship would be docked permanently on the bank of the Qi River, which runs across the county.

414 days ago by arnekiel

Port Sochi to accommodate 8 vessels during Olympics-2014
8 vessels will be moored at port Sochi during Olympics-2014. According to IAA PortNews staff correspondent, this was announced at the meeting chaired by Victor Olersky, Deputy Transport Minister of the Russian Federation. The following vessels will be moored at the berths of Commercial Seaport of Sochi: Svan Toscana, Norwegian Jade, Princess Maria, Princess Anastasia as well as 3 cruise ships: Grand Holiday, Louis Olympia, Thomson Spirit and the Tatoosh yacht owned by Paul Allen, the co-founder of Microsoft. Cruise ships have been chartered by FSUE Rosmorport for accommodation of the guests and the participants of the XXII Olympic Games and the XI Paralympic Games in Sochi. The meeting attended by the representatives of RF Transport Ministry, Federal Marine and River Transport Agency, Rosmorport, port administration, other ministries and agencies of the Russian Federation, as well as related companies and organizations managed to solve the majority of issues connected with servicing of the above vessels Source : PortNews

416 days ago by arnekiel

Portimão demands a tugboat after cruise liner debacle
Portimão Town Hall has this week approved a motion calling on the Government to provide its port with a permanent and capable tugboat and one which will be at the service of the entire Algarve region. The motion was presented by Portimão Mayor Isilda Gomes following the ordeal of passengers on board the Funchal cruise liner, which spent more than a day off the city’s coast in high seas as it waited for the arrival of a tugboat stationed more than 200 kilometres away.

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