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392 days ago by arnekiel

Statoil marks 500th delivery of LNG from its Snovhit offshore development
Statoil has marked its 500th delivery of cargo from its Snovhit offshore development in the Barents Sea. The ARCTIC VOYAGER will carry a cargo of LNG (Liquified Natural Gas) from Melkoya to Aliaga in Turkey. Since start-up in 2007, more than NOK 80billion worth of LNG has been dispatched from the island in Norway.

393 days ago by arnekiel

Tchibo plans to import via Wilhelmshaven
German Retail chain Tchibo is examining the possibility to route its import containers via Wilhelmshaven deep-water port. First test shipments are currently being made, the company said in its press release. At the intermodal railway station adjacent to the EUROGATE Container Terminal Wilhelmshaven, the first Tchibo containers were loaded from ship to rail. The train left Wilhelmshaven at 9 a.m. yesterday and arrived in Bremen at 11.30 a.m. From there, the goods are transported to Tchibo’s high-bay warehouse, from where they are distributed to the Tchibo sales outlets in Germany and the rest of Europe. Tchibo ships its containers from the Far East to Wilhelmshaven. Source: PortNews

393 days ago by arnekiel

Rosneft puts into operation its bunkering tanker RN Tuapse
RN-Bunker LLC, Rosneft subsidiary, has put into operation its state-of-the-art bunkering tanker at port Tuapse. According to Rosneft press center, cargo capacity of the vessel named RN Tuapse is 7,000 t. The tanker meets all safety requirements and complies with all international shipping conventions. RN Tuapse is the fifth bunkering tanker which was jointly put into operation by Rosnefteflot CJSC and RN-Bunker LLC under Rosneft programme on the development of the company’s bunkering business. RN Magellan, RN Taurus, RN Polaris and RN Olimp have been providing bunkering services from 2011. Source: Portnews

393 days ago by arnekiel

Southern California Port Congestion reaches critical point, says carrier Hapag-Lloyd
Hapag-Lloyd informs about the congestion at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach that has reached a critical point. I. Several container ships are anchoring off the harbor and waiting in line to berth. Now Vessels are also being delayed due to ongoing congestion. II. There continues to be an acute shortage of truck power. The American Trucking Associations (ATA) estimates that the industry has a shortage of approximately 30,000 drivers nationwide. Hapag-Lloyd continues to explore opportunities to contract additional vendor companies. III. The success of the import delivery appointment system at some terminals has been limited in part by a lack of sufficient container handling equipment to pre-mount those containers prior to the scheduled pick-up appointment. Import customers and their motor carrier vendors are encouraged to confirm availability of their cargo by checking the terminal’s website prior to sending a truck to the terminal in order to avoid a denial of service when they arrive at the terminal gate. IV. Chassis shortage is also exacerbated due to our services being fragmented over many terminals. A chassis relief team comprising of terminals, chassis vendors and PierPass has been established and is looking to set up a temporary asset sharing plan among the chassis providers with the next 30-90 days. A long term solution is expected in 2015.

393 days ago by arnekiel

In LA-LB woes, Oakland sees opening to land first inbound calls
Congestion at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach could result in the realization of a long-time goal at the Port of Oakland: becoming the first U.S. West Coast call for inbound cargo from Asia.

393 days ago by arnekiel

LA-Long Beach harbor truckers impose congestion surcharges
Port congestion has gotten so bad in Los Angeles-Long Beach that harbor truckers are imposing congestion surcharges of $50 to as much as $100 an hour, and retailers and other beneficial cargo owners are paying the extra.

393 days ago by arnekiel

New, larger ships begin calling on Philadelphia port
A new and larger capacity class of shipping vessels is calling on the Port of Philadelphia. On Oct. 17, the Monte Rosa made its first call to the port by docking at the Packer Avenue Marine Terminal in south Philadelphia. The ship is the first in a new series of vessels to begin service between the east coasts of South America and North America, according to a news release. It possesses a capacity of 5,562 TEU (20-foot equivalent units) and its arrival marks a substantial expansion of existing refrigerated cargo capacity between the two continents, according to the release. “The Monte Rosa represents the next generation of refrigerated cargo ships to dock in Philadelphia,” David Whene, president of Greenwich Terminals LLC, which operates the Packer Avenue Marine Terminal, said in the release. “As the first of several 5,500 TEU ships to be phased into the existing East Coast-Brazil service line, this vessel will greatly increase our capacity to deliver fresh South American produce to the Philadelphia market and beyond.” Operated by Hamburg Sud, the Monte Rosa is one of 10 Monte-branded class vessels. Of its on-board capacity, 1,356 slots include refrigerated container plugs for transporting perishable cargo, according to the release. The ship is the first of seven vessels with more than 5,500 TEUs to begin weekly service between South America and the U.S. Calling on the port for the past four decades, Hamburg Sud is one of the port’s long-time ocean operator partners. Source: The Packer

393 days ago by arnekiel

China’s first floating LNG project completed
China’s first floating liquified natural gas (LNG) terminal completed its first phase of construction in the northern port city of Tianjin. Covering an area of 75 hectares and designed to supply 3 billion cubic meters of gas each year, it can supply imported liquified natural gas to energy-thirsty cities such as Beijing and Tianjin, said the China National Offshore Oil Corporation, which owns the terminal. Two low-temperature storage tanks have a capacity of 30,000 cubic meters of gas each and were built specifically for the project. Construction began in 2012 with a total investment of 3.3 billion yuan (537 million U.S. dollars). The terminal is one of the key projects for air pollution prevention in the Chinese capital. It will also supply natural gas to Hebei and Shandong provinces in the long run. Floating LNG facilities can be moored offshore and allow energy companies to store, regasify and supply LNG close to markets. Source: Xinhua

393 days ago by arnekiel

Breakwater protecting ports of Long Beach, Los Angeles to be fixed by late December
Repairing damage caused by Hurricane Marie to the breakwater protecting the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles could be completed as early as late December, an Army Corps of Engineers official said. Greg Fuderer, spokesman for the federal agency that owns the breakwater, said that the contractor is about three weeks into repairing the breakwater’s 12 most severely damaged breaches and is on track to finish the work by late December to early January. The $5 million, 90-day contract, awarded Sept. 18, involves delivering 20,000 to 30,000 tons of rocks on a barge from the rock quarry at Catalina’s Pebbly Beach to the breakwater and using a crane to lay down each 8- to 15-ton stone in the gaps piece by piece. “We’re making good progress,” said Fuderer, who was at the construction site Wednesday to survey the work. “We’re optimistic about meeting that target.” Of the three breakwaters that protect the ports, Long Beach and San Pedro, the Middle Breakwater took on the most damage from Hurricane Marie-powered 15-foot waves, suffering 1,550 feet of major damage, 850 feet of significant damage and 1,725 feet of moderate damage, according to the Army Corps. The corps also identified 32 areas of “major and significant damages” on all three breakwaters. The federal agency has also been examining the feasibility of getting rid of or reconfiguring the Long Beach barrier. Those in favor of taking it down or reconfiguring it say the breakwater kills natural wave action and contributes to water pollution. Opponents say the breakwater protects homes along the Peninsula and other areas vulnerable to flooding. Hurricane Marie’s powerful waves forced vessel operations at two cargo terminals at the Port of Long Beach to shut down for more than a day and hurled heavy rocks from the sea wall onto Nimitz Road near the Sea Launch satellite-launch vessels, closing the roadway. Pilings at Pier T were also damaged. In his last breakwater report, port Chief Executive Jon Slangerup said damage to Long Beach port roads and structures were estimated to be at least $4.4 million, including $3.5 million in dike repair to the Navy Mole, a man-made peninsula in front of the former Naval Shipyard, and Pier F. He added that at least $3 million in damage was incurred by tenants Sea Launch, the U.S. Maritime Administration, Pacific Container Terminal and Total Terminals International. Port spokesman Lee Peterson said Wednesday that the port is in the design stage of repairing damaged areas, such as the Navy Mole and Pier F. Construction will likely occur three months from now, he said. Meanwhile, the debris has been removed and roads have been restriped away from the damage so there’s access, he said. Legislators, port officials and stakeholders have urged the Army Corps to repair the breakwater, fearing that operations at the nation’s two busiest seaports would be affected if the breakwater wasn’t fixed. The corps said that the breakwater was functional as long as wave condition is average, but a significant wave or storm event could compromise its functionality, the federal agency said. Source: Daily Breeze

393 days ago by arnekiel

Saudi Arabia investing $30bn in port infrastructure development
Saudi Arabia has big plans for the future, largely centred around King Abdullah Port at Rabigh. Today, the phase one 2.7m teu container terminal there is nearing completion. It boasts a 1,470 mlong quay and has four berths, with 700,000 sq m of yard space. Completion of a fourth and final berth is expected to take place in Q4 2014.

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