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466 days ago by arnekiel

Libya will bomb ships calling illegally
The official spokesman for the Libyan Ministry of Defence, Abdul Razzaq al-Shahabi said that the ministry has issued orders to airforce, navy and Coast Guard forces to attack any vessel or oil tanker that enters the Libyan territorial waters without prior permission. Shahabi stressed that the ministry had received information stating that an unidentified oil tanker attempted to enter Libyan waters, transporting oil illegally, without having contracted with the Ministry of Oil and Gas. Tripoli first announced plans to bomb ships entering Libyan waters illegally in August. [21/10/13]

466 days ago by arnekiel

Wison launches operation of Zhoushan yard
Shanghai: Wison Offshore & Marine announced that it has officially commenced operations of the first phase of its new Zhoushan yard. The yard is located on Xiushan Island in Zhoushan, Zhejiang province, and covers an area of 1.5 million square metres. Construction of the second phase of the yard is on-going, and is scheduled to be fully complete and operational by 2015. The yard is equipped to supply products including jack-up and semi-submersible drilling platforms, and offshore oil production platforms. [22/10/13]

466 days ago by arnekiel

TPA overhaul will benefit Dar es Salaam
A shake-up is underway at the Tanzania Ports Authority as part of broad-based efforts to improve port efficiency. Mid September saw Dr Mwakyembe, Transport Minister, replace various TPA Board Members, reportedly to address a rift in the Board but ultimately to resolve inefficiency problems at the port of Dar es Salaam and stem revenue losses. This follows on from a similar ‘clean-up’ operation initiated by the Minister on his appointment which saw the suspension of top management at the TPA and at the country’s principal port of Dar es Salaam. The results are already said to be impressive – monthly revenue collected at the port of Dar es Salaam has more than doubled, cargo theft including the theft of containers has fallen dramatically and vessel turnaround time has improved significantly. In turn, this represents a major step towards the port of Dar es Salaam competing more effectively with Kenya's port of Mombasa and capitalising on new trade opportunities, especially those associated with serving the landlocked countries of Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, Malawai, Zambia and Zimbabwe. - See more at: www.portstrategy....

466 days ago by arnekiel

'Boliviamar' opens up Peruvian link
In September, the Peruvian Congress' Foreign Relations Committee approved the so-called 'Boliviamar' maritime convention, which should eventually provide land-locked Bolivia with an outlet to the Pacific Ocean via the port of Ilo. Previously, Bolivia had used existing treaties with Chile to ship exports via that country's northern ports of Iquique and Arica, thanks in part to a dedicated rail link to the latter. However, neither the rail link nor the dedicated terminal Bolivia maintains at Arica are in a good state of repair and are wholly ill-equipped to handle the potential minerals bonanza to be had from mines at Potosí, which have huge reserves of tin and silver, while Bolivia also boasts the largest reserves of lithium in the world. - See more at: www.portstrategy....

468 days ago by arnekiel

Antwerp port strengthens its position as a major container port
The Port of Antwerp is extremely pleased with the recent announcements made by the P3 Network, the alliance between the 3 largest container shipping companies Maersk, MSC and CMA CGM, in which it clearly opts for Antwerp as a European platform, the company said in its press release. In recent months the alliance between the 3 has led to a centralization on a number of sailing areas, the results of which have proved to be very favorable for Antwerp. On the route from the Far East the Scheldt port gets an extra call and it goes from three to four of the total of eight calls that remain. Moreover, for one service Antwerp is also the first port of call, which is an extra boost that underlines its nautical accessibility. On the transatlantic route, the number of calls to Antwerp is retained. The ships deployed to Antwerp are mostly of the +13.000 TEU type. “Such a strong representation in the P3 Network proves that the three largest container shipping companies in the world are confident of the strengths which our port has,” said Marc Van Peel, chairman of the Antwerp Port Authority. Antwerp is a market leader in five of the six sailing areas. For some time now the port has been working on strengthening its Far East market share. The first ports of call in this sailing area are also highly prized because they provide the necessary import volumes. The fact that Antwerp now gets so many calls is extremely positive for its competitive position in Europe. “Antwerp is centrally located in Europe. Goods can not only be brought further inland once they are in port, they can be handled in various ways before efficiently being transported to their final destination in the European hinterland through an extensive network of connections”, explains Eddy Bruyninckx, CEO of the Port Authority. "These assets have been clearly understood. Add to this a private sector that exemplifies our reliability and can-do mentality and the conclusion is that Antwerp is a highly efficient link in any supply chain”, adds Bruyninckx. The inland location of the port, once perhaps considered as a possible obstacle to the development of Antwerp, has become a major asset to the hinterland. Four years ago the first shipping company MSC sent a 14,000 TEU ship up the Scheldt. Such visits now occur weekly. Last week Emma Maersk, a 15,500 TEU ship, sailed to Antwerp without any problem. Yesterday (Saturday) Mary Maersk will go one better with 18,000 TEU. Everything is possible at the port of Antwerp. Source : PortNews

469 days ago by arnekiel

South China to lag behind in box growth
Shenzhen: South China’s container movements will continue to grow at a slower pace than the rest of China, a leading containerline executive has told SinoShip News. David Skov, head of South China cluster at Maersk Line, said: “South China in the medium term future will not grow the same as pan-China.” Rising labour costs were cited as the main reason for this slowdown. Skov warned that terminal operators in south China must recognize that there is overcapacity and an overlap of catchment areas. Southern Chinese boxports are on course to register negative growth this year. [18/10/13]

469 days ago by arnekiel

Odfjell reserves land for Le Havre bulk liquid terminal
Odfjell Terminals Europe has signed an agreement with Grand Port Maritime du Havre (GPMH) for the reservation of a plot of land to be developed into a bulk liquid terminal. The Site Reservation Protocol covers land located inside the Port of Le Havre on the Grand Canal Maritime covering an area of approximately 31.5 hectares. The first phase will consist of at least 150,000 m³ for the storage of petrochemicals and petroleum related products. Construction is due to commence in 2015 with the terminal due to open in the second half of 2017. Total investment for the first phase is estimated at around €150-200m.

469 days ago by arnekiel

Massive financial boost for Rotterdam LNG hub
The Port of Rotterdam Authority is delighted that two European subsidy applications relating to LNG have been granted. This means that the European Union supports the development of a Rotterdam LNG hub. It involves a subsidy of €40 million for LNG infrastructure for the Rhine-Main-Danube area and a €34 million subsidy for the LNG breakbulk terminals in Gothenburg and Rotterdam. Together, the projects will create a logistics chain for LNG; the first in Europe. The Port Authority wants to make Rotterdam the most sustainable port of its kind and sees LNG as a way of substantially reducing emissions from shipping. The subsidy is in line with the Port of Rotterdam Authority’s endeavour to fully develop the market for LNG as a fuel and to open an LNG hub in Rotterdam before the end of 2015. In order to achieve this the Port Authority is investing in infrastructure (incl. a breakbulk terminal), it is closely involved in putting the necessary (inter)national policy and regulations in place and is investing in cooperation with relevant partners. The two subsidies were also the result of close cooperation with other (inter)national parties.

469 days ago by arnekiel

Fire destroys largest Brazilian Sugar Terminal with 380,000 tons Sugar
A fire ravaged Copersucar’s sugar terminal in Brazil on Friday, paralyzing operations of the world’s biggest sugar trader and putting 10 million tonnes of export capacity offline for six months or more. The fire hit all of Copersucar’s warehouses at the Santos port, igniting 180,000 tonnes of sugar – roughly 10 percent of Brazil’s monthly sugar exports – and driving prices of the sweetener to a one-year high on global markets. The loss of nearly all of its port capacity will send Copersucar scrambling to lease or rent terminal space to cover its obligations to global buyers and exchanges in the coming months. Copersucar says nearly a fifth of the world’s sugar exports flows through its trading desks.

469 days ago by arnekiel

Hanjin Shipping plans to stop calling on Port of Portland
Hanjin Shipping Co. Ltd., the Port of Portland’s biggest trans-Pacific container carrier, confirmed Friday the shipping line intends to pull out of Portland, ending two decades of service to exporters and importers. Ending weekly service would be a major blow to the Northwest economy, hurting big importers such as Fred Meyer and Columbia Sportswear Co. and numerous exporters that would have to pay more to truck containers to the Port of Seattle. The pullout in January would also end a $250,000 weekly payroll for longshore workers who load and unload the vessels at Terminal 6 in North Portland. www.oregonlive.co...

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