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417 days ago by arnekiel

Long Beach’s New Berthing System Greets First Panamax Bulker
The unique berth at D44 in Long Beach, Calif., designed in partnership by Seabulk and Bellingham Marine, was developed in response to a need for an environmentally friendly, low cost berthing system designed specifically for the docking of Panamax-class, self-discharging bulk carriers. CSL Tecumseh arrived at the berth on the morning of July 19. Polaris Materials, President and CEO, Herb Wilson reported the ship’s pilot and crew were impressed by the strength of the stifflegs and how easy line handling was at the new berth. Polaris Materials is the parent company of Eagle Rock Aggregates.

417 days ago by arnekiel

Port of Gdansk plans to overhaul seweage system
Portnews - As a result of the cooperation between PGA SA and Gdanska Infrastruktura Wodociagowo-Kanalizacyjna Sp. z.o.o. (a 100-percent municipal company) an agreement has been signed that will allow the comprehensive restructuring of the system of sewage from areas and objects on the right bank of the Port of Gdansk, managed by the Port Authority. The agreement enables the coordination of investments made by PGA SA and the Gdansk municipality to link port sewage to the municipal system, the Port Authority press release said.Wastewater from the port areas on the right side of the canal are currently discharged into three local PGA SA sewage treatment plants, built in the 1970s and 1980s.

417 days ago by arnekiel

Turkish seafarer awaits deportation after jumping ship in Australia
A Turkish seafarer was caught and detained by police last week after he failed to return from shore leave at the Australian port of Gladstone, in Queensland. The man was caught while travelling on a passenger bus to Brisbane and is currently in custody with the Australian Border Force. His maritime crew visa has been cancelled and he awaits deportation to Turkey. In April, a Chinese seafarer also went on the run from Gladstone before handing himself into authorities three weeks later in Sydney.

417 days ago by arnekiel

AMPT terminal at Port of NY-NJ to reopen today
APM Terminal’s Elizabeth terminal at the Port of New York-New Jersey will reopen 6 a.m. Monday after closing Friday because of the death of a dockworker.The inbound gate cut-off will be extended until 5 p.m. for refrigerated container and until 5:30 p.m. for dry containers, according to a terminal notice to customers. Free time for containers impacted by the Friday closing will be extended one day. The unnamed 40-year-old female employee died about 1:20 p.m. after being struck by a top loader, according to NJ.com. APMT Elizabeth sent out a notification that operations had halted roughly an hour later.The Port Authority police are currently investigating the circumstances surrounding the incident. Source : Journal of Commerce

417 days ago by arnekiel

Drought causes Panama Canal to reduce ship size
(AFP) - The Panama Canal will temporarily limit the size of ships using the waterway due to a drought caused by the El Nino weather phenomenon, authorities said.The Panama Canal Authority said the maximum ship draft will be cut to 11.89 meters (39 feet) from September 8, affecting 18.5 percent of vessels that normally transit the link between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.A ship's draft is its depth in the water, and changes as the vessel becomes heavier or lighter.The canal authority said further restrictions could be imposed on September 16 if weather conditions do not change. The maximum draft of vessels would be cut to 11.73 meters.Canal administrator Jorge Quijano said the month of June and the first half of July was the driest period in 102 years.As a result, water levels in the lakes that feed the canal have dropped. The canal's locks can usually accommodate ships with a draft of up to 12 meters.Dry weather conditions in March 1998 saw authorities take similar measures. Source : AFP

418 days ago by arnekiel

APM Terminals acquires Vado Ligure Reefer Terminal
APM Terminals and GF Group has acquired 100% of Reefer Terminal S.p.A. by APM Terminals. Terms and price were not disclosed. Reefer Terminal, the largest refrigerated terminal in the Mediterranean for more than thirty years handling 600,000 pallets per year, is also a world-class terminal for the handling of containers (275,000 TEU, 510 reefer plugs, 14.5 meter depth and 465 meter of quay) and general cargo, the Company said in a press release.APM Terminals has acquired the Vado Ligure Reefer Terminal as part of the port master plan to create new supply chains to markets in Northern Italy, Southern France, Switzerland and Bavaria. The Reefer Terminal is located adjacent to the construction site of the APM Terminals Vado port project which will open in January 2018 with 800,000 TEU annual capacity and a 17 meter depth to serve the vessels of the future. Reefer Terminal will continue to operate as a terminal highly specialized in the discharge and warehousing of fresh fruit and vegetable produce. The Ligurian coast is a major entry point for refrigerated palletized fresh fruit into Northern Italy. The Vado Reefer Terminal has four rail tracks which will be linked to the off-dock rail facility being constructed as part of the APM Terminals Vado container terminal with direct access to interior destinations through an environmentally advantageous intermodal rail service.

418 days ago by arnekiel

La Spezia, First Italian Regional Port To Deploy 23 Row Gantry Cranes
La Spezia Container Terminal (LSCT), Contship Italia Group’s flagship gateway to Northern and Central Italy, Southern Europe and beyond is the first Italian regional container terminal to deploy supersized gantry cranes to operate both ships of today and tomorrow. Initially contracted in November 2013, two brand new 23 row gantry cranes arrived on site at the end of March this year for final assembly and commissioning Final “soft” operating tests on ships took place between July 17th – 18th, thereafter they were moved into their final positioning on the quay (see the time-lapse). Further tests on 10,000 TEU ships took place between July 20th – 31st. A customized design of the gantry cranes was realized by the Italian partner OMG-MGM in order to meet the technical specification of the berth at the terminal, with these new cranes weighing in at some 1,300 tons (20% less compared to other similar cranes available in the market), they weight only 150 tons more than the original cranes deployed. Deployment of 23 row cranes complements LSCT’s existing equipment and for which, within Q4 2015 will result in a total of 11 cranes enabling the simultaneous operation of 2 x 150,000 G.R.T. ULCC ships.

418 days ago by arnekiel

Oman bans private ferry operators from transporting passengers to and from Masirah Island
Muscat: Oman’s Ministry of Transport and Communications has decided to ban all private ferry operators from transporting passengers to and from Masirah Island.The ban will be in place until investigations into the sinking of a ferry named Al Thurayah, carried fifty passengers from Shanah to Masirah on Tuesday are completed. Masirah residents who own boats can only transport vehicles and goods.The ministry also banned operations of all ferries owned by the company that operated the service until completion of the investigation. Investigations are underway by both of the transport ministry, the environment ministry and the coast guard.Meanwhile, the National Ferries Company will increase the number of trips from and to Masirah to meet the needs of passengers. The incident occurred on Tuesday when a ferry transporting fifty passengers sank on the way to Masirah island in the Arabian Sea.All passengers were rescued and no injuries were reported, according to the Royal Oman Police (ROP). They were transported onto another ferry by the ROP and other citizens.The ferry is believed to have sunk due to overloading and improper distribution of the load, according to the ministry of transport.Two incidents of ferries sinking occurred in 2014, with no casualties reported.Dozens of collisions had been reported between ferries in the past three years, as some of these ferries are old and lack the minimum safety standards. Source : Gulf News Oman

418 days ago by arnekiel

Suez Canal Container Terminal CEO calls for Sisi commitment
Klaus Holm Laursen, CEO of Suez Canal Container Terminal (SCCT) hopes that Egyptian ruler Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi will show his support for the Suez Canal Zone (SCZ) and an access channel to connect SCCT with the Suez Canal when he inaugurates the newly expanded canal“Anything that would send a strong signal of progress on the SCZ is what I’m looking for,” Laursen told CM. “Obviously if the navigational access is confirmed that would be very good for us but there are many other things that would be nice too.” Currently, SCCT is one of only two companies in the SCZ although Egyptian authorities envisage the zone being the home of a wide array of industries, ranging from petrochemicals and oil refineries to logistics centres and car assembly plants.The development of an approach channel to East Port Said, where SCCT is located, will enable the terminal, operated by Maersk-subsidiary APM Terminals (APMT), to increase capacity from roughly 2,500 vessel calls per year to at least 5,000.“For SCCT, that’s more than we will ever be able to handle,” Laursen added. “It also means that there should be room for building another terminal whether that be for bulk or containers.”It is expected that the side-channel will be approximately 9 km in length with a draught of at least 18.5 m. Recent statements from the chairman of the Suez Canal Authority (SCA), Mohab Mamish, have indicated that dredging for the channel should begin last Friday (7 August) immediately after the ceremony for the New Suez Canal. However, Laursen maintained that SCCT has not yet received official confirmation of a start-date or a funding plan. The terminal has pledged US$15m towards the project, of which it has already contributed half. On Wednesday (5 August), Mahmod Rizk, head of planning at the SCA, told a media briefing that he expected the channel’s total cost to be lower than US$100m.Last week, Laursen told CM that it was important to begin the work soon, stating: “It would make sense since the SCA has employed many dredgers in the past year that are about to leave Egypt; i.e. mobilisation costs could be saved by doing it now.” Although still not developed, the Egyptian government agreed to build the channel, as part of the fifth amendment made to the terminal concession, signed in 2007.Speaking to media earlier this week, Laursen said that in order to attract foreign investors it is vital for the Egyptian government to prove its competence in delivering projects. Sisi will spoke at the official opening of the new Suez Canal, which will allow northbound and southbound convoys to operate simultaneously along another 72 km stretch of the canal. The SCA estimates that the canal will double its daily capacity from 49 to an estimated 97 ships by 2023, with the transit time for southbound ships dropping from 18 to 11 hours. Additionally, it expects the Suez Canal’s annual revenues to reach US$13.2bn in 2023, up from US$5.3bn in 2014.However, some analysts are sceptical of the plans with Ahmed Kamaly, economist at the American University in Cairo (AUC), expressing doubts due to the lack of a public or independent feasibility study.The SCA’s economic unit has undertaken several studies although it has kept the relevant information in-house. Source : Container management

418 days ago by arnekiel

APM Terminals Leaves Houston
Netherlands-based container terminal operator APM Terminals, part of Maersk Group, has ceased its operations at the U.S. Port of Houston as of July 27, 2015. This is the second U.S. port APM Terminals has left in the last three months , following the company’s sale of its stevedoring business at the Port of Charleston to SSA Cooper back in May. Under the now terminated deal, APMT operated its own section of Barbours Cut terminal. The lease was transferred to the port authority effective July 24.

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