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624 days ago by arnekiel

Port of Tacoma LNG Bunkering Station Gets Easement Approval from Northwest Seaport Alliance
Commissioners of the U.S. ports of Tacoma and Seattle, through the Northwest Seaport Alliance, approved two easements Tuesday for Puget Sound Energy’s (PSE's) proposed liquefied natural gas (LNG) bunkering station, local media reports. PSE is reported to have requested two easements, including one to accommodate pipeline on a section of land leading from the company's proposed LNG plant across the peninsula to a proposed Blair Waterway dock, and a second for a loading platform on the Blair Waterway that will be used to bunker two LNG-powered TOTE Maritime (TOTE) vessels. shipandbunker.com...

625 days ago by arnekiel

Typhoon Nida Suspends Bunkering Activity in Hong Kong
Typhoon Nida halted bunkering activity in Hong Kong Tuesday, with traders unsure when normal operations would resume, Platts reports. "Bunkering activities are still halted, as far as I know," one trader said, adding: "it may resume later today, but we don't know yet - it depends on the weather." The Hong Kong Observatory issued a No. 8 typhoon signal on Monday night for Typhoon Nida, with the storm bringing rain and gale-force winds when it hit Hong Kong on Tuesday. "There's no loading from oil terminals or bunkering allowed once the warning signal hit No. 3, so operations and schedules will be delayed for sure," said a market source. With most noted to have been working from home Tuesday morning, traders in Hong Kong were said to be making their way back to their offices following a downgrade of the typhoon. shipandbunker.com...

625 days ago by arnekiel

Aug 2-5 Panama Canal maintenance to cut capacity at old locks by over a third
The Panama Canal Authority will carry out scheduled maintenance at the Panamax locks at the key waterway over August 2-5 that will reduce capacity by over a third. The West lane of the Miraflores locks will be out of service from 10 pm local time Tuesday (0200 GMT Wednesday) to 10 pm Friday for scheduled dry chamber seals repairs on two gates, the authority, also known as the ACP, said Friday. In addition, the West lane of the Pedro Miguel locks will be out of service for 12 hours from midnight to noon Wednesday, the ACP said. As a result of the outages, normal transit capacity through the Panamax locks is expected to be reduced to 22-24 ships daily, down 37% from the normal 35-37 ships daily, ship agent Wilford & McKay said. www.platts.com/la...

625 days ago by arnekiel

Four ships waiting to load ethanol at Brazil's port of Santos until August 17
Santos, Brazil (Platts)--2 Aug 2016 Four vessels are waiting to load ethanol in the Brazilian port of Santos until August 17, data from the Wilson, Sons Maritime Agency showed Tuesday. The vessels are waiting to load nearly 66.9 million liters of fuel and industrial grade ethanol, the data showed. On July 27, one vessel was lined up to load roughly 4 million liters in August, according to the agency. Of the total expected to load, 35.9 million liters are said to be industrial hydrous ethanol, 11 million liters are anhydrous alcohol. The balance, or 20 million liters, is ethanol. www.platts.com/la...

625 days ago by arnekiel

TOTE Maritime and INTERSHIP Team To Create Puerto Rico’s Leading Terminal Operator
TOTE Maritime Puerto Rico and INTERSHIP have teamed to form one of the largest, most experienced and most advanced terminal operating companies serving Puerto Rico. The joint venture announced this month called Puerto Rico Terminals, or PRT, includes combining two of the largest maritime operations and $38 million worth of existing assets at the Puerto Nuevo terminals near San Juan. PRT will move over 250,000 containers and autos annually in and out of Puerto Rico. Improvements in operations, safety and productivity sparked by the joint venture are expected to drive significant growth, said Anthony Chiarello, president and CEO of TOTE.

625 days ago by arnekiel

Costa Buys into Chantier Naval de Marseille Repair Facility
San Giorgio del Porto and Costa Crociere have signed an agreement for the "development of a world-class center for ship repair and conversion," according to a statement. Costa has thus taken a 33.3 percent share in the Chantier Naval de Marseille company based in Marseille and controlled by the Genoese San Giorgio del Porto. "The agreement between San Giorgio del Porto and Costa Crociere for the strengthening of Chantier Naval de Marseille calls for an initial investment of 10 million Euros aimed at increasing the efficiency of the shipyard with the best available technologies," said Costa. "The investment will generate volumes and a scale that will allow the entire shipping industry to take advantage of the facilities for any type of vessel and maximize the potential of the basin n.10 able to accommodate big ships. The investment will also create a positive impact in terms of direct and indirect employment." www.cruiseindustr...

625 days ago by arnekiel

Shippers incur demurrage as Oakland port wrestles with trucker appointments
Oakland’s largest terminal operator is struggling to find the right formula for its newly-mandated trucker appointment system. Some truckers and beneficial cargo owners say conditions have improved, although others complain about rising demurrage costs owing to insufficient slots each day for making appointments. Oakland International Container Terminal’s experience is a development that BCOs who ship through other seaports should follow closely because they will soon be grappling with the same problem. Cargo volumes have increased to the point where the largest ports cannot handle their traffic in the traditional 40-hour work week. Terminals are responding by adding second shifts, but in order to manage traffic, terminal operators are pairing extended gates with controversial mandatory appointments to spread truck flow out evenly over 16 hours each day. www.joc.com/port-...

625 days ago by arnekiel

Bunker Sales Volume at Vladivostok Continues to Show Dramatic Decline
Bunker sales in Russia's Far East have continued their dramatic year-on-year decline, with data from Russian market specialists IAA PortNews showing the sales volume at Vladivostok for the seven months to July 2016 was about a third of that recorded in the period last year. Specifically, the January to July 2016 period saw 221,400 tonnes (t) of bunkers sold, down from 619,000 t during the same period of last year. Some 167,300 t of 2016's total was said to be HFO, with distillates accounting for the remainder. shipandbunker.com...

626 days ago by arnekiel

Houston Ship Channel Closed Due to Debris Removal Ops
The Houston Ship Channel is temporarily closed due to debris removal operations being conducted in the area, the Vessel Transit Service (VTS) for Houston and Galveston reported. Namely, the Captain of the Port (COTP) Houston/Galveston established a Safety Zone extending 500 feet on either side of the Galveston Causeway Railroad Bridge, from 7 am to 7 pm, local time, today. Vessel Traffic Service said that no vessel movements are allowed on the Houston Ship Channel between channel lights 78 and 84 from 9 am to 2 pm. The authorities stopped all vessel traffic in the area in order to remove a submerged dredge pipeline from across the Houston Ship Channel. VTS added that the Bayport Channel remains open to vessels transiting to and from the South. worldmaritimenews...

626 days ago by arnekiel

Kenya receives longest vessel to ever dock at Mombasa Port
The Port of Mombasa has received the longest ship to ever dock at the facility. The Italian ship, MV Ital Mattina, measuring 264 metres arrived at 11pm on Monday night (Aug. 1 2016) carrying cargo.

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