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569 days ago by arnekiel

Chongqing builds largest steel port on Yangtze River
Chongqing Xingang Changlong Logistics Company has commenced operation of the third steel terminal at Chongqing Iron & Steel Group’s port terminal project. The three terminals combined will now have a total annual capacity of 3m tons which makes it the largest steel port on Yangtze River. Chongqing Iron & Steel Group said the port terminals will provide strong support to the company’s operation and it will decrease logistics costs and improve transportation efficiency. Chongqing Iron & Steel Group signed an agreement with CSSC Group in December under which it will supply 1m tons of ship steel plate to CSSC in 2013 and become the major ship steel plate provider of CSSC Group.[SinoShipNews 31/12/12]

571 days ago by arnekiel

US Port Strike Averted: NRF Welcomes 30 Day Talks Extension
A port strike threatening the U.S. East and Gulf Coasts when the so called "container cliff" talks deadline was set to expire on December 29, 2012, has been adverted after agreement in principal was reached over the key issue of container royalty payments, the U.S. Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service (FMCS) said in a statement today. As a result, talks have now been extended by 30 days through January 28, 2013. shipandbunker.com...

571 days ago by arnekiel

Rescue Operation begins to salvage sunken iranian cargo ship
UAE authorities have started the operation to salvage a cargo ship that sank on Friday. Six crewmen were rescued from the Iranian-registered Al Jasourah about 10 nautical miles off the coast of Umm Al Quwain, an official told Gulf News, and divers from the UAE Coast Guard and police are investigating the scene. High waves caused by a storm in the area and the heavy load of fibreglass the ship was carrying are thought to have contributed to the sinking, which occurred between Umm Al Quwain and Ras Al Khaimah at around 10.30am. The ship had left Sharjah and was heading for Iran at the time of the incident, said authorities. The operation room of Umm Al Quwain Civil Defence received an emergency call reporting that a cargo ship was struggling in rough seas and that its crew members had sent out a distress call. gulfnews.com/news...

571 days ago by arnekiel

Russia sends landing ships to Syrian port of Tartus
Russian warship Novocherkassk carrying a marines unit has left its Black Sea port for Syria amid preparations for a possible evacuation of nationals living and working in the strife-torn country, news reports said Sunday. The Novocherkassk landing ship is the third such craft despatched since Friday to the Tartus port that Russia leases from its last Middle East ally, agencies cited an unnamed official in the general staff as saying. The reports said the Azov and Nikolai Filchenkov landing ships had also been sent to Syria from their Russian bases. The military source said the Novocherkassk would arrive at Tartus within the first 10 days of January.

573 days ago by arnekiel

At least 27 people injured in ferry collision with a buoy
At least twenty seven people have been left injured in a ferry collision in Macao Outer Harbour on Saturday. The passenger ship carrying 175 passengers and eight crews, leaving for Hong Kong at 12:15 am, knocked down a buoy about 15 minutes after departure, state-run Xinhua news agency reported. Macao like Hong Kong is an autonomous enclave of China. A passenger said, he heard a big sound when he was taking rest and he escaped injuries because he kept seat belt on. But many people who didn't fasten their seat-belts get injured during the collision. The ship sailed back to the ferry after the collision. The police authority confirmed that 27 passengers were injured, 25 of them had been sent to hospital immediately, and most of them were slight contuse and scratching.

574 days ago by arnekiel

Port of Rostock-Warnemünde Expects Record of Cruiseship-Port Calls for 2013
Ulrich Bauermeister, managing director of Rostock Port Development Company, states that Warnemünde remains the most popular German cruise port also in 2013. The company operates the passenger port at the mouth of river Warnow since 2001 and has continuously developed it ever since. A new record of port calls by cruise liners is again expected in Rostock’s Baltic Sea resort for the new year. 28 cruise shipping companies from around the world have notified 197 calls by 40 vessels to the Rostock Port Development Company for the coming year.

574 days ago by arnekiel

California whales get protection with new shipping lanes off California Coast
For hundreds of endangered whales that could be accidentally struck by ships heading to and from the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles, one mile could mean the difference between life and death. Next year, shipping lanes that intersect three national marine sanctuaries off the California coast will be moved to help curb encounters between whales and ships, after the International Maritime Organization recently adopted changes to the routes. "It's a big deal when you're rerouting ships; imagine moving the 405," said Sean Hastings, resource protection coordinator for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary. "You can't move the animals out of the way of traffic, so we found a way to slightly adjust the traffic, and that will definitely add a buffer to the whales." Ships approaching the San Francisco Bay, the Santa Barbara Channel and the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach often travel through NOAA's Cordell Bank, Gulf of the Farallones and Channel Islands national marine sanctuaries where blue, humpback and fin whales gather and eat. www.dailybreeze.c...

575 days ago by arnekiel

Qingdao port throughput hits 400m tons Cargo
Qingdao port has achieved 400m tons cargo throughput for 2012 representing an increase of 9.5% year-on-year. The result elevates Qingdao into the top 5 domestic ports in China and the top 10 ports globally. “It is a historic stage that Qingdao port achieved 400m tons cargo throughput. We aims at 10% economical growth next year, and we will enlarge port throughput and further develop container business in 2013.” Chang Dechuan, chairman of Qingdao port group said. Next year, Qingdao port plans to build 9 berths at Dongjiakou port area, with handling capacity of 220m tons. [27/12/12]

575 days ago by arnekiel

Dockworkers threaten strike along US-East Coast ports beginning Dec. 30, 2012
The dockworkers are flexing their muscles again, threatening a strike beginning Sunday, December 30, 2012 that would shut seaports from Massachusetts to Texas. It would be the first such coastwide strike since a two-month walkout in 1977 paralyzed the flow of tens of billions of dollars of imports — and the nation’s retailers and other businesses fear a painful replay if the 14,500 dockworkers make good on their threats. bostonglobe.com/b...

578 days ago by arnekiel

Arrium ships iron ore out of new port of Whyalla
Steelmaker and iron ore miner Arrium has shipped iron ore from its northern South Australian mines out of a newly expanded Whyalla Port for the first time. The move is the next stage in the company's ambition to become Australia's fourth-largest iron ore miner, doubling iron ore sales to 12 million tonnes a year (mtpa) by next July or August. It is significant because Arrium can now transport ore from its Southern Iron operations south to Whyalla, which is a distance of about 600km compared to the 2,200km travelled to ship it out of Darwin in October. bigpondnews.com/a...

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