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543 days ago by arnekiel

Kiel Canal Brunsbuettel lock closure to last at least two weeks
Both new big locks and one small (old) lock in Brunsbuettel in the Kiel Canal are closed since yesterday evening(March, 6) until further notice. For at least two weeks, only vessels with a maximum LOA of 125m, beam of 20.50m and freshwater draft of 6.50m, depending on the tide, will be able to transit the Canal. One of the big locks could be reopened in 14 days.

544 days ago by arnekiel

Both Brunsbüttel Big New Canal locks plus one small lock out of service
Beide großen Schleusen und eine kleine Schleuse in Brunsbüttel ab sofort bis auf weiteres außer Betrieb! Aufgrund der aktuellen Schäden an den Toren der großen Schleusen (Tor 1/ Nordkammer und Tor 6/Südkammer) werden beide großen Schleusenkammern in Brunsbüttel ab sofort außer Betrieb genommen. Zusätzlich muss wegen eines Hydraulikschadens die Südkammer der kleinen Schleuse ebenfalls ab sofort außer Betrieb genommen werden. Quelle: WSA Brunsbüttel

544 days ago by arnekiel

Port dredging at Tauranga set to start by year end of 2013
The dredging of Tauranga Harbour is likely to start by the year's end. Conservation Minister Nick Smith has given final approval to dredge but says he is disappointed the process has taken so long. His resource consent sign-off, announced yesterday, will allow the port to widen and deepen its shipping channel, making the port accessible to much larger ships. Port chief executive Mark Cairns said he was pleased and dredging would likely start by the year's end. The first stage of dredging will cost $40 million to $50 million and be finished in between six months and a year, Mr Cairns said. The second stage will allow the port to accommodate container ships carrying 8200 TEU's (twenty-foot equivalent units) and cruise ships of up to 347 metres in length. www.bayofplentyti...

545 days ago by arnekiel

Six ships washed ashore by strong winds at Colon, Panama
Due to the bad weather, the National Civil Protection System (SINAPROC, Spanish acronym) has not been able to rescue two seamen who are on a ship that washed ashore at Colon City, Panama. The local authorities roped off the area around first street to keep people away from the spilled fuel from the grounded ships. So far, six ships have washed ashore onto the beach in front of first street and the Juventud Park in Colon from the strong winds on March, 4, 2013. SINAPROC and the Red Cross had rescued 5 seamen from other ships. The govenor of Colon Province, Pedro Rios, confirmed that the upper (eastern) and lower (western) coastal areas of Colon have been hard hit by a cold front that brought strong winds and 5 meter waves causing flooded rivers, high tides, and roofs being blown off of houses.The govenor has asked people to stay away from the shore and remain in their houses until the bad weather passes.

546 days ago by arnekiel

Massive cranes arrive at London Gateway
Video on www.yourthurrock....

549 days ago by arnekiel

Brunsbuttel Big North lock out of service
For technical reasons, the Big North Lock at Brunsbuttel is completely out of service (day and night) until further notice. The Big South Lock Chamber and both Small Locks remain in service. Source: Sartori & Berger

549 days ago by arnekiel

Costa Rica begins construction on $96 mn oil terminal in Puerto Moin
Construction has started on a $96 million oil terminal in Moin, a port on Costa Rica's Caribbean coast, the government said. The new oil dock will be able to handle tankers in the 40,000 ton to 80,000 ton class. President Laura Chinchilla laid the cornerstone for the terminal during a ceremony this week in Moin, which is in Limon province. The oil dock is expected to begin operating by the end of 2014, officials said. The oil terminal's expansion is being funded by state-owned Refinadora Costarricense de Petroleo, or Recope, and the dock is being constructed by Mexican-Costa Rican consortium MECO, which won the bidding for the project. Tankers arriving at the new terminal will be able to unload their oil 24 hours a day. Costa Rica's oil tab totaled $2.175 billion in 2012 and $2.172 billion 2011, Recope said. Source: EFE

549 days ago by arnekiel

DP World London Gateway to receive three giant quay cranes in early March
DP World London Gateway, Britain’s new deep-sea container port, will take delivery of three giant quay cranes in early March when the vessel Zhen Hua 26 floats up the Thames on the final leg of the cranes’ three month voyage from China. The biggest ever to be delivered to the UK, the cranes are 138 metres tall – two and a half times the height of Nelson’s column – and are upright on the ship. Weighing 2,000 tonnes, it would be possible to roll the London Eye under the lifting arm. These will be just the first quay cranes destined for London Gateway. A further 21 will be delivered once construction on the six main berths is completed. The quay itself – where the cranes will sit – will be over 2.5 km in length once the port is fully operational. Source: DP World London Gateway

549 days ago by arnekiel

Sohar Container Port, Oman, to be fully operational by January 2014
Construction of the new 70-hectare container terminal at Port of Sohar begins shortly, operational in 2014. As part of the expansion deal, container-terminal operator Hutchison Whampoa has signed an agreement for developing the 70-hectare container terminal for Oman International Container Terminal which will raise capacity from 800,000 Twenty-foot equivalent units (TEUs) to 1,500,000 TEU's. Port of Sohar is a deep sea port in the Middle East situated in the Sultanate of Oman, 220km northwest of its capital Muscat. The management of this industrial port lies with Sohar Industrial Port Company SAOC (SIPC), a 50/50 joint venture between the Government of Oman and the Port of Rotterdam.

549 days ago by arnekiel

Major Shipping lines divert cargoes from Port Said to Eilat
Three of the region’s largest maritime shipping lines; CMA-CGM from France, COSCO from China and MAERSK Line from Denmark, have redirected their cargoes from Port Said to the Israeli port of Eilat, according to a source at the Suez Canal Container Terminal (SCCT). This came as the result of operations in Port Said having been shut down for the last four days, the source said. Abd al-Khaleq Ayad, President of the Board of Directors of SCCT, revealed in a public statement that losses for the Suez Canal Container Company and the Port Said Port Authority had risen to $3m in the last 4 days. The SCCT has the management and operation rights for the East Port Said port concession. It still has ongoing contracts with these companies, said the source, who could not say whether the decision was temporary or permanent.

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