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603 days ago by arnekiel

Port Qasim to get strategic 150,000 tons wheat and grain storage facilities
The Sindh Food Department and Fauji Akber Portia Marine Terminals will establish strategic storage facilities for wheat and grain with a combined capacity of 150,000 tons at the Port Qasim South Western Industrial Zone, Express Tribune reports.

603 days ago by arnekiel

Construction of Zhengpu Port to start in October
Construction is expected to start on Ma'anshan's Zhengpu Port in October, local maritime authorities said, Cnanhui reports. The plan was made following a tentative blueprint for the first phase of the port was approved by the Anhui Provincial Development and Reform Commission, the province's economic planner. According to the plan, three berths will be built at the first stage of the project, one with a capacity of 5,000 tonnes of containers and the other two holding 5,000 tonnes of general cargo each. On a yearly basis, the port is designed to have a capacity of 2.2 million tonnes, of which 6.8 percent go to standard containers and 59 percent are contributed by general cargo.

603 days ago by arnekiel

Typhoon Tembin causes chemical carrier backlog in China, Ningbo port closed
The loading and delivery of petrochemical cargoes at a few key ports in China were facing delays with Typhoon Tembin headed towards Shanghai, according to reports. The delays were caused by port closures as well as congestion issues at ports that were still operational. Brokers were quoted as saying the backlog was due to a combination of congestion as well as port closures. The congestion has been exacerbated by prior delays and they expect the pile-up to continue for a week or more. Chemical terminals at the ports of Ningbo, Xiamen, Zhoushan and Jiaxing were shut due to the typhoon, Singapore-based brokers and owners were quoted as saying. According to them, Ningbo port has been closed since Sunday, August 26, and is expected to re-open by Friday, adding that most vessels are facing a five-to-seven day wait before being able to berth currently. Zhangjiagang port in East China meanwhile has opened but is facing heavy congestion.

603 days ago by arnekiel

Investigation into Lyttelton ship fire delayed
An investigation into the cause of a blaze that ripped through a tuna trawler overnight, sparking a toxic gas leak, has been delayed until tomorrow. Loud bangs that Lyttelton residents thought were fireworks rang out before the fire engulfed the hold of the 60 metre fishing ship, Ocean Breeze around 5.30pm yesterday. Up to 60 firefighters and 16 appliances battled for 12 hours overnight to extinguish the fire. They all donned breathing apparatus after discovering the trawler was leaking ammonia. The toxic gas was still leaking from the vessel this morning. Report with photeo and video material on www.nzherald.co.n...

603 days ago by Timsen

Ammonia leak aboard burnt ship
The "Ocean Breeze" which burned in Lyttelton overnight was continuing to leak ammonia. By Aug 30 the fire was out but firefighters were having to wear breathing apparatus because of the ammonia leak within the ship. More would be known after an assessment of the fishing ship, once it became fully light. Shortly before 7 a.m., about 10 firefighters remained at the scene, with two pumps and one command unit. The Fire Service was called to the blaze in the dry dock on Godley Quay at 5.40 p.m. on Aug 29. The fire had been well ablaze when firefighters arrived at the scene. Reports with photos: www.stuff.co.nz/n... www.3news.co.nz/B...

604 days ago by Timsen

Blaze could rage all night
The major fire which broke out on Aug 29, 2012, on the "Ocean Breeze" in Lyttelton could burn all night. 13 trucks from throughout Christchurch were battling the blaze in the dry dock on Godley Quay. Eight fire engines including a command unit started battling the blaze. The entire fishing vessel was caught up in the blaze. A huge plume of smoke is coming from the stern and the bowof the vessel.The Lyttleton Tunnel was closed for a short time to ensure the fire trucks could get to the scene quickly. But it has reopened. Trucks from New Brighton, Sumner, Governor's Bay and Lyttleton, Christchurch, Addington, St Albans and Christchurch city were in attendance. Report with photos: www.stuff.co.nz/t...

604 days ago by arnekiel

Coast Guard closes Mississippi River from Baton Rouge to Gulf
Coast Guard closed the Mississippi River to vessel traffic from Baton Rouge to the mouth of the river Tuesday, August 28, 2012. The declaration of "Port Condition Zulu" means the port will remain closed to all incoming and outgoing vessels until further notice. Capt. Peter Gautier, commanding officer of Sector New Orleans cautioned "The few vessels that are still underway need to reach safe moorings as soon as possible," warning, "this storm should not be taken lightly." In advance of the storm, the Coast Guard required ships, tugboats, and barges to move upriver to more secure mooring locations.

604 days ago by arnekiel

Petrobras to deploy world's first floating oil terminal 55 miles off Rio de Janeiro
Brazil's state-owned energy giant Petrobras said Tuesday it will deploy the world's first floating oil terminal capable of refueling tankers on the high seas, AFP reported. "The new technology will ensure lower costs, by reducing the distance covered by oil transport vessels," the company said in a statement. Currently, crude oil must be ferried from offshore rigs to the coast where tankers come to fill up. But the new "Transfer and Storage Offshore Unit will make it possible to store oil on the high seas and to transfer it to export vessels," the statement said, adding that the first terminal will be operational in June 2014, 90 kilometers (55 miles) off Rio de Janeiro.

604 days ago by arnekiel

Wuhan Port starts construction of phase three of Yangluo container project
The first 100m tonne-class port of on the mid-section of the Yangtze river, Wuhan new port, started construction of phase three of Yangluo container project this week. The phase three projects include seventeen 5,000 dwt container berths and supporting facilities and will give the port a total capacity of 4.8m teu when finished. Last year Wuhan achieved a box throughput of 714,000 teu. [29/08/12]

604 days ago by arnekiel

Fishing vessel "Ocean Breeze" on fire in Lyttelton dry dock
A ship is on fire at Lyttelton. A Fire Service spokesman said they had been alerted at 5.40pm that a large ship was on fire in the dry dock on Godley Quay. Eight fire engines including a command unit were at the scene battling the blaze. "The fire was well ablaze when they got there and they're now working to get it under control," the spokesman said. "We're unsure what caused the fire yet; it's early days. It appears no-one was on the ship or is injured." Emergency services were asking people to stay away from the area while they worked, he said. "It's quite a large operation." The Lyttelton road tunnel has been closed to all traffic, apart from emergency vehicles. Lyttelton resident Anthea Struthers said there was smoke everywhere. "It does look very dramatic," she said. Resident John Fitzgerald said he saw a "lot of smoke" coming from a fishing vessel, the Ocean Breeze, in the dry dock. www.stuff.co.nz/n...

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