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424 days ago by arnekiel

Typhoon Halong threatens bunker fuel, shipping in South Korea, West Japan
Typhoon Halong is expected to halt operations and close ports in Busan, southeastern South Korea, as well as West Japan over the weekend, market sources said Friday. Bunker fuel sellers in South Korea reported cancellations of bunker fuel orders as shipowners altered routes to avoid the severe weather. The sellers expect more order cancellation as some buyers could not wait until the ports re-open. Shipping sources said replacement jobs were expected Monday as vessels may not be able to load or discharge at ports in the typhoon’s path. “I heard that Ulsan and Onsan will be closed from Saturday at 00:01 hours. Now the typhoon is between Taiwan and South Korea, and many ships are in that area so delays are expected,” said a shipowner source with vessels operating in North Asia. “This typhoon is moving slowly, so it may have some impact [due to longer vessel delays],” said a North Asia based shipbroker. In addition, some Japanese traders said they were not offering bunker fuel currently as weather conditions were expected to worsen over the weekend. Typhoon Halong, described as strong, was traveling northwards at 10 kph, with maximum wind speed near the center of 40 meters/second and wind gusts of up to 55 meters/second at 0540 GMT. Source: Dow Jones

424 days ago by arnekiel

Coast Guard reopens all Hawaii ports following storm
The Coast Guard has reopened all ports in the State of Hawaii following the passing of Tropical Storm Iselle through the Hawaiian Islands. Commercial traffic and port operations may be resumed and these ports are now in Condition V. All Coast Guard vessels and aircraft will return to their normal safety, security and law enforcement patrols. The Coast Guard will continue to monitor Hurricane Julio and heavy weather conditions for each port will be updated as information becomes available. Although the storm has passed the public is advised to use extreme caution around the water as the lingering effects of the storms may last for several days, generating high surf, rip currents and poor water conditions. The public should heed all warnings from local lifeguards or posted placards regarding public health and safety. • Condition V: Seasonally readiness, 1 June – 30 November • Condition IV: The ALERT condition in which winds above 34 knots (39 mph) are expected within 72 hours. • Condition III: The READINESS condition in which winds above 34 knots (39 mph) are expected within 48 hours. • Condition II: The WARNING condition in which winds above 34 knots (39 mph) are expected within 24 hours. • Condition I: The DANGER condition in which winds above 34 knots (39 mph) are expected within 12 hours and until the storm has passed and is no longer a threat. Source: Coast Guard News

424 days ago by arnekiel

Italian Government to Ban Large Cruise Ships from Venice Lagoon
Big cruise ships will be barred from Venice’s Saint Mark’s lagoon, to protect Italy’s floating city from potential damage caused by growing traffic, the government said on Friday, Augzst 8, 2014, Reuters reports. Venetians and environmentalists have long voiced concern about tourist vessels sailing close to the fragile city. Last November, Italy’s government started limiting traffic on the lagoon and the Giudecca canal, which flows into the lagoon between the main island of Venice and the island of La Giudecca to the south. “The order by which in 2014 and 2015 no large ship weighing more than 96,000 tonnes will be able to enter Saint Mark’s lagoon and the Giudecca canal is back in force,” transport minister Maurizio Lupi said, describing the large ships as “skyscrapers of the sea”. Politicians including Lupi, the prime minister’s chief of staff Graziano Delrio, culture minister Dario Franceschini and environment minister Gianluca Galletti met in Rome on Friday and agreed to implement a decree limiting the traffic. The ministers commissioned an environmental analysis of the nearby Contorta-Sant’Angelo canal, which has been chosen as a possible alternative route for larger vessels to reach Venice’s maritime station.

426 days ago by arnekiel

Port of Rotterdam takes measures to prevent delays
The Port of Rotterdam is taking measures to eliminate congestion at the ECT Delta Terminal and the Euromax Terminal. Inland waterway vessels and feeder vessels have been experiencing delays at these terminals for some time. Improvements implemented at these terminals have not had the desired effect up until now, the company said in its press release. The inconvenience experienced by the port's customers and users is of such magnitude that the Port of Rotterdam Authority has taken the initiative of developing solutions to this problem. It became clear that all parties involved wanted to cooperate in order to improve the situation. Three potential measures were identified pursuant to meetings with ECT, LINC (inland container shipping sector), Uniport Terminal and the Kramer Group/RCT. Part of the inland waterway vessels, particularly those vessels transporting smaller numbers of containers to and from the port will be handled at the Rotterdam Container Terminal (RCT) located adjacent to the Delta Terminal. ECT will decide which ships will be handled by RCT. The operator will then be in direct contact with RCT. RCT will organise various related aspects, such as a berth, the unloading of containers and the overland transport to the Delta Terminal. This will unburden the water side of the Delta Terminal. This approach has since been implemented and operations can be further scaled up. • Bundling of containers in the Port of Moerdijk (M.C.T.). Inland waterway vessels with a very high capacity will subsequently shuttle between Moerdijk and the Maasvlakte. Because the cranes on larger ships can operate more efficiently, the quay at the Maasvlakte will be used more efficiently. This option is currently already available, but can be further scaled up. • Bundling of inland shipping containers, and if necessary road containers, at the Uniport Terminal in the Waalhaven area. This is similar to the bundling in Moerdijk and results in greater efficiency at the Maasvlakte. This option is currently being worked out in further detail. The three measures are primarily focused on handling inland shipping traffic. The expectation is that this will subsequently free up quay and labour capacity in favour of sea-going vessels. A key cause of the congestion is due to the arrival of large intercontinental container ships outside scheduled/planned times. Hundreds of hinterland movements are connected with the mainland vessels, whose scheduling is consequently disrupted as well. Other ports are also faced with this problem. Source : PortNews

427 days ago by arnekiel

Port of Salalah to berth largest container ship to call in Oman
Port of Salalah has announced that the MSC LONDON will mark the historic arrival of the largest container ship to call in Oman when the ship was expected to arrive in Salalah yesterday (Thursday) Longer than the Eiffel Tower at 399 metres in length, the MSC LONDON is so far the largest ship owned by the Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) and the first in a series of six 16,652 Twenty Foot Equivalent Unit (TEU) ships to join the 474+ vessel fleet. “The arrival of the MSC LONDON is more than a record event for us,” said David Gledhill, CEO at Port of Salalah, “as not only does this illustrate Salalah’s capability to handle vessels of this class, moreover, it reflects the sound partnership and confidence MSC has in the Port of Salalah to handle the company’s largest container ship efficiently.” Port of Salalah will service the MSC LONDON as well as an additional MSC vessel with a capacity of 10,000 TEU in simultaneous container operations. Up to 3,000 TEUs will be loaded onto the MSC LONDON for transshipment as the vessel is under way from Singapore to the Black Sea. “Though shipping is a cyclical industry and no day is ever the same, an average of 9,000 moves throughout the 24 hour cycle is the norm here at the Port of Salalah, a testament to Oman’s investment in this state-of-the-art container terminal,” adds Gledhill. Port of Salalah, Oman’s largest container terminal, is the only port in Oman that provides direct weekly connections to markets in Far East, Europe and the US East Coast, as well as to emerging economies in Africa including Kenya, Tanzania and Somalia, and the Indian Subcontinent, with multiple sailing to these locations each week. Source : (OEPPA Business Development Dept)

429 days ago by arnekiel

Port of Houston Begins Work to Accommodate Bigger Box Ships
The Port of Houston has started work on an $85 million project to deepen parts of the Houston Ship Channel, local media reports. The project will see Barbours Cut container terminal and the Bayport terminal dredged to a depth of 45 feet, matching that of the main Ship Channel, allowing for larger container and petrochemical ships to call at the port. The move was said to be particularly important due to the increase in ship size once the widening of the Panama Canal is completed. According to the report, The Port of Houston expects the increased economic impact from the larger ships to be as much as $30 million dollars annually.

429 days ago by arnekiel

Maersk Line Adds Shore Power Systems to 16 Ships calling California
Maersk Line says it has installed alternative marine power (AMP) systems on 16 ships calling in California, after the U.S. state began requiring the use of shore power to reduce emissions. The AMP solution delivers electricity at 6,600 volts through two extension cords connected to a value in the dock. The installations cost $1 million per vessel and involved coordination with vendors, vessel crews, and APM Terminals Los Angles, among other parties involved in the project. "There were many pieces of the puzzle to be put together in a short time," said Project Manager Sukesh Daniel Paul.

429 days ago by arnekiel

Tug boat workers to strike at Port Hedland iron ore terminal
Tug boat engineers in Port Hedland, the country's biggest iron ore port, are launching industrial action over a pay dispute. There will be four-hour stoppages on August 9, 11 and 13. The Australian Institute of Marine and Power Engineers has notified the tug operator Teekay. Teekay, which owns the licence for towage services at the port and employs 166 crew, says it regrets the impact the stop-work will have on customers, which include BHP Billiton and Fortescue. In a statement Teekay indicated it will not be giving into the demands of the engineers. "Teekay believes the claims by the AIMPE on behalf of its members are significantly out of step with the current economic environment," it said. It says the base salary for an engineer at Port Hedland is "already approximately $220,000 a year." It goes on to say that with housing assistance, penalty rates, meal and travel subsidies and 13 per cent super, the total package averages between $280,000 and $390,000 a year. However, Teekay says negotiations are continuing with unions representing tugboat workers and it is also considering its legal options. Source : ABC News

429 days ago by arnekiel

Fire Controlled at Brazil Sugar Export Terminal
Firefighters at Brazil's Santos Port contained a blaze at two sugar warehouses operated by Cosan SA early on Monday, but the damage threatened to disrupt exports. The fire broke out at the sugar terminal's Warehouse X at 4:30 p.m. local time (1930 GMT) on Sunday, and 100 firefighters were on site Monday morning, said press representatives for Cosan, Brazil's biggest sugar producer. The cause of the fire was unknown. Last October, fire gutted the Santos export terminal of Brazil's largest sugar trader, Copersucar SA, quickly sending futures prices up 6 percent and causing the trader to issue force majeure to its clients. A spokesman at the Santos fire department said workers had finished controlling the fire and started an "aftermath" operation around 4 a.m. local time. He did not estimate the structural damage but said it had been a large-scale blaze. There was no sign that the fire had spread beyond the warehouses controlled by Rumo Logística, Cosan's logistic unit at the port. Copersucar's terminal, which is still under repair from the October fire, is right next to Rumo. Loss of the sugar stored in Rumo's warehouses, which can hold 550,000 tonnes, is likely to be of less concern than the potential damage to the terminal's capacity to export 12 million tonnes a year. The fire will probably disrupt short-term loading of sugar into ships at the Rumo terminal.

429 days ago by arnekiel

ADB agrees to finance LNG terminal at Port Qasim
Asian Development Bank (ADB) has agreed to finance the construction of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Terminal at Port Qasim. An agreement to this affect will be signed with the government of Pakistan and Elengy Terminal Pakistan Limited (ETPL) soon. Reliable sources said the ADB has agreed to favourably consider the request of ETPL for the construction of the Terminal. The government of Pakistan will the guarantor for the loan. If the agreement is signed the LNG terminal would be completed by June 2015. The project is primarily based on developing the required infrastructure so that LNG could be brought into the Natural Gas (NG) market, which witnessed phenomenal growth in the energy sector in Pakistan. In the first stage, the focus is on the fastest method to facilitate LNG flow into the NG pipeline network in Pakistan. Source: Daily Times

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