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190 days ago by arnekiel

R650mn expansion at Cape Town harbour
A two-year R650-million investment will be part of the expansion of the oil and fuel storage terminal at Cape Town harbour, to make it a multi-purpose facility. The deal was announced on Thursday by Burgan Cape Terminals, which also said Transnet Port Authority, owners of Cape Town harbour, had granted the company a 20-year lease.

429 days ago by arnekiel

‘Slave ships’ seized off SA Cape coast
When a fisheries patrol vessel intercepted three foreign vessels fishing illegally off the coast they found “modern-day slaves” forced to live and work in appalling conditions.Some of the crew, mainly Indonesian and Taiwanese, had been working on the tuna fishing vessels for between three and five years without being paid. On Thursday, Jan. 23, 2014, Ceba Mtoba, chief director of control and surveillance at the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, said in terms of the SA Maritime Safety Authorities regulations, the vessels were not fit to sail. “(The crew) were living in pathetic conditions. It was absolutely terrible, completely inhumane to treat people like that,” Mtoba said. Bernard Liedemann of fisheries’ law enforcement said on Thursday: “It was basically modern-day slavery. If we had not intervened, this treatment would have gone on unnoticed. At least we have got these vessels out of commission.” The fisheries patrol vessel Victoria Mxenge escorted the vessels from offshore of Camps Bay to Cape Town harbour and seized the vessels. During their investigation another seven vessels belonging to the same owner were later found docked in Cape Town harbour. The vessels had fake registration documents. There were 75 crew on the 10 vessels.

1,033 days ago by LIENKIE

The fishing vessel "Perana" started sinking in the vicinity of Struisbaai. The crew of 10 were saved and the vessel is under tow to the harbour

1,045 days ago by felixscheder

Eihatsu Maru

1,051 days ago by arnekiel

Questions rising over Eihatsu Maru grounding at Clifton Beach
As attempts to salvage a 50-metre fishing trawler which ran aground off Clifton in Cape Town continue, questions have been raised about how this could have happened, and whether the grounding was possibly deliberate. The Eihatsu Maru, a Japanese long line fishing vessel, ran aground in heavy fog at Clifton's First Beach 05:15 on Saturday morning. It was carrying 90 tons of diesel and 50 tons of fish. Most of the Taiwanese crew were evacuated. A salvage operation was put on hold due to heavy seas over the weekend, Sapa reported. On Monday, various officials met to assess the situation and are planning to pull the vessel off the sandbank on Tuesday. The cause of the grounding has not been established. The engine remains in working order, and the generators are still operating. More at www.news24.com/So...

1,174 days ago by arnekiel

Cruise ships banned at Cape Town's V&A Waterfront
The City of Cape Town is concerned about the impact of a Home Affairs ban on passenger ships docking at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town. At least 13 cruise ships including the Silver Wind, National Geographic Explorer and Queen Mary are scheduled to visit Cape Town between January and May 2012, but a recent ruling by the Department of Home Affairs means that cruise liners will have to dock in Duncan Dock with immediate effect. More at www.businesslive....

1,213 days ago by arnekiel

Trawler blaze affects cargo operations at container terminal
Cargo handling operations resumed at the container terminal of the Cape Town dock where a trawler has been ablaze, Transnet National Ports Authority said on Sunday night. A fire which started on the fishing vessel Dongsan on Friday had closed the terminal on Sunday morning, but operations resumed at 19:00, said Coen Birkenstock. Dongsan, docked at Quay 501 in the Ben Schoeman dock, was being cooled by a tug boat. Chief Executive Karl Socikwa said three vessels could not load or offload on Sunday due to the potential threat of the burning trawler. www.news24.com/So...

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Sailors saved by strict SA officials
Cape Town - Four Sri Lankan sailors have survived three days of rough seas without food or water thanks to a life raft that South African maritime authorities forced them to buy in Cape Town. The Cape Times newspaper reported on Wednesday that South African authorities had detained the 57.5-foot fishing trawler, the Deshan Lanka, and made the crew buy safety equipment. The ship was en route to Sierra Leone from Sri Lanka when it caught fire and sank on Sunday. The sailors launched the life raft the authorities had made them buy in East London. They had drifted at sea for three days without food or water when the National Sea Rescue Institute rescued the men 20km off-shore of Still Bay (Stilbaai) near Mossel Bay at about 14:00 on Tuesday. The NSRI told the Cape Times that the Deshan Lanka had been detained by the SA Maritime Safety Authority (Samsa) in East London last month as it had no marine VHF Radio, life jackets, red distress flares or life raft.

1,359 days ago by arnekiel

Bunker shortages due to strike
Bunker shortages should be anticipated following the start of a strike affecting JBS (Joint Bunker Services) in Cape Town. Strikers downed tools yesterday morning from the 06h00 shift onwards as workers joined thousands of allied workers demanding higher pay. As of yesterday the bunker barge on duty in the port has not been able to uplift any further supplies until the strike is lifted.

1,595 days ago by wehnert

Cape Town Terminal starts Dual Cycle operations - In order to further improve productivity and efficiency at its Cape Town Terminal, Transnet Port Terminals has implemented Dual Cycle operations, where containers are discharged and loaded simultaneously from a vessel using ship-to-shore cranes. - Source: Eyefortransport

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