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9 hours ago by Timsen

Wind blew containers from ship into harbour
On Dec 11, 2014, high winds gusting at 35 to 40 knots blew 10 empty containers into the Durban Harbour from a ship a berth 108 at the Durban Container Termina at about 4.30p.m. All the containers sunk in the vicinity of berths 105, 107, 108, 200 and 202 and are estimated to be about 11 metres down. Subtech’s divers have located and marked all sunken containers with buoys. Transnet National Ports Authority has mobilized its floating crane and MSC mobilized a mobile landside crane to recover the containers. It was estimated that this could take between 15 and 20 hours depending on the weather. A ship that had finished loading containers at berth at 105 had to first sail to enable the container recovery process to start at 3 p.m. The divers have to attach the submerged containers to the crane lifting gear. Each was then slowly raised so that the water could drain out of it before it was returned to the landside.

11 hours ago by arnekiel

New Straddle Carriers Boost Gothenburg Capacity
The recent addition of 12 new four-container high reach straddle carriers will increase storage capacity at Scandinavia’s largest container terminal by 40% and will increase productivity with the ability to lift two 20’ containers simultaneously. With the final two of the container handling machines delivered this week, older units among the 38 working straddle carriers will be phased out. The older straddle carriers were able to lift containers onto stacks two containers high, while the new units, at 16 meters (52.5 feet) in height, are able to stack containers three high. The new straddle carriers are diesel-electric hybrids, with a powerful diesel engine enabling the electric motors to power front operation and lift. With this type of system, diesel fuel consumption, along with particulate and CO2 emissions, are significantly reduced as an automated system also calculates optimal speeds. “We are lowering our carbon emissions by more than 30% compared with our older vehicles”, said APM Terminals Gothenburg Technical Manager, Martin Koch, adding “we are also able to reduce particulate emissions and CO2 emissions by over 90%”. From a Safety performance perspective, the 12 new straddle carriers provide better visibility, are easier to maneuver, are equipped with 4-point safety belts within the cab, and utilize an advanced stability monitoring system. APM Terminals Gothenburg handles 8,000-10,000 container quay moves per week, with an overall annual container throughput of 780,000 TEUs in 2013. These four-high straddle carriers, the first to be put into operation in Sweden, are part of a USD $115 million investment program over the next five years to establish the facility as a deep-water hub for Scandinavia and the Baltic area. Nearly half of all of the port’s container traffic moves by rail into and out of the facility, with 25 rail shuttles linking Gothenburg with commercial and industrial centers in Sweden and Norway, the highest proportion of any European port. A rail expansion increasing annual rail capacity to 550,000 TEUs is now underway. The port plays a vital role in the supply chain success of the Nordic region’s major products, including the forest, chemical, automotive, steel, and electronics industries, handling shipments of furniture, food, textiles, vehicle components, electronic equipment and wooden goods as well as general merchandise. Source: APM Terminals

11 hours ago by arnekiel

Port holidays announced
Batam Port and the Batam Port Labours Union have announced the following holidays at the port during the upcoming Christmas and New Year period. No work will be conducted at the port between 1700 hours local time on 24 December and 0800 hours local time on 26 December. Work will cease again at 17.00 hours local time on 31 December and resume at 0800 hours local time on 2 January 2015.

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