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 Britannica Hav  (General Cargo Ship)
22 min ago by Timsen

Salvage methods discussed
Following the successful docking of the hull of the "Britannica Hav" at the port of Le Havre, a meeting was held on March 23 under the supervision of the sub prefect of Havre and the port captain of Le Havre in the presence of the shipowner's representatives, regarding the fate of the ship. On the one hand, it was necessary as soon as possible, to pumpt out fuel, solvents and lubricants on board. On the other hand, two methods of raising the ship were under study. The choice of the method was related to the specificity of the equipment to be used as the power of the lifting crane, in particular, and the precise evaluation of the condition of the vessel. A preliminary technical inspection of the hull by divers will be scheduled for this purpose in the coming days to establish precisely the stability and the actual condition of the wreck. Meanwhile it was continuously being monitored.

 Lmz Pluto  (Bulk Carrier)
38 min ago by Timsen

Fire on Wester Scheldt
On March 23, 2018, at 7.20 p.m. a fire broke out aboard the "LMZ Pluto" on the Wester Scheldt near Ossenisse. She had sailed from Antwerp at 5.20 p.m. bound to Turkey. The Zeeland Safety Region immediately alerted a KNRM lifeboat and the MIRG, a unit of the fire brigade that specializes in combating fires on board ships. Later it has been decided not to bring the MIRG on board the ship but towards the ship. The crew first tried to extinguish the fire themselves. The ship has been taken to the Put van Terneuzen to be able to anchor there. The tugs "Carl", "Multratug 20", "Multratug 32" and "Union 6" were deployed to the bulkcarrier. Also the patrol boat "RWS 79" went alongside. Dutch reports with photos and video: https://www.omroepzeeland...

 Nordenham  (Passenger Ship)
47 min ago by Timsen

Bridge trapped ferry
In the afternoon of March 23, 2018, the loading bridge of the Weser Ferry in Bremerhaven collapsed onto the deck of the berthed "Nordenham" and was badly damaged. When lowering the bridge obviously a counterweight slipped, trapping the incoming ferry from Blexen. Around 30 passengers were caught aboard until the evening with their cars. After several hours the ferry could be towed free and proceeded to Nordenham. The bridge was then stabilized with a crane which tried to pull it upright now. The ferry company hoped that the Weser service could resume on March 26. Until the damage is repaired, buses were inserted between Bremerhaven and Blexen. German reports with photos: https://www.butenunbinnen...

 Synthese 4  (Oil And Chemical Tanker > Tank Barge)
1 hour ago by Timsen

Tank barge allided with bridge
In the morning of March 23, 2018, the "Synthese 4", 1707 ts (EU-No.: 02326647), allided with a railway bridge over the Rhine-Herne-Canal in Obermeiderich. The top of the wheelhouse was torn off, and the 33 year old master was injured. An ambulance took him to hospital. The unloaded ship was disabled and berthed close to the Gartrop Bridge. In the early afternoon it was taken to a yard for repairs. The "Synthese 4" had been underway from Duisburg to Hamburg at the time of the accident. The canal authority and the police investigated the bridge for possible damages, but it was found safe and sound. The cause of the accident was yet unclear. The bridge has a passing height of 5,5 meters, so the barge may not have taken on enough ballast water or lowered the wheelhouse enough to pass underneath. German report with photo:

 Vos Raasay  (Offshore Vessel > Offshore Tug Supply Ship)
1 hour ago by BerndU

scrapped at Leith by Dales Marine Services Ltd 10/2017

 Vos Lismore  (Offshore Vessel > Offshore Tug Supply Ship)
1 hour ago by BerndU

scrapped at Leith by Dales Marine Services Ltd 07/2017

 Resolve Blizzard  (Offshore Vessel > Offshore Tug Supply Ship)
1 hour ago by BerndU

sold to Breakers
sailed from Gibraltar today in tow WORLD TUG 1 for Aliaga

 MV Oel Bengal  (Container Ship)
1 hour ago by BerndU

sold to Breakers
Sold to Breakers 478 USD/TO as is Colombo

 Leon  (Service Ship > Dredger)
2 hours ago by BerndU

picture from Beaching
picture from Aliaga

 Sinokor Incheon  (Container Ship)
2 hours ago by BerndU

Beached at Chittagong 23.03.18

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