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 Opportunity  (Oil And Chemical Tanker > Crude Oil Tanker)
3 days ago by BerndU

arrived Bhavnagar anchorage
arrived Bhavnagar anchorage 21.09.17

 Mykonos  (Container Ship)
3 days ago by BerndU

beached at Alang 21.09.17

 Lucky Seven  (Other)
3 days ago by Timsen

Bad weather interrupts salvage work
The salvage work at the "Lucky Seven" could not be resumed on Sep 20 because of bad weather conditions and the salvage tugs "Maria" having its engine broke down so it has been anchored at the Captain of Ports jetty for repairs which was hoped to be completed by Sep 21. High tides will prevail work over the next 3-4 days which will help in pulling the vessel and conduct the underwater survey and also patch-up work before the vessel proceeds to Ratnagiri for dry dock. The Captain of Ports has asked the owner to anchor the vessel either off Campal waters or towards the Verem shore. The owner was not keen on moving the vessel towards Campal as the water level was low there and the team may face problem to carry out the underwater survey which requires 7-8 metre-deep water so that the Verem waters were thought to be the ideal location. The vessel was just 50 metres away from the Mandovi channel, and if the weather improved in next 24 hours salvors will resume the operation.

 Kassie  (Ro Ro Cargo Ship > Vehicles Carrier)
3 days ago by Timsen

"Kassie" was refused access to the Paris MoU regions
The "Kassie" was refused access to the Paris MoU regions. The ship, then the "City of Antwerp", had been detained in Antwerp (on Oct 13, 2015, and left the port of Antwerp on Aug 24, 2017 but failed to call at a repair yard in Yalova as agreed before Sep 5. Therefore under the provisions of section 4.2 of the Paris MoU, Article 21.4 of EU Council Directive 2009/16/EC and the provisions of the Belgian shipping act, the ship will be refused further access to any port and anchorage in the Paris MOU region, except a port and anchorage of the ship’s flag State, until it has provided evidence to the satisfaction of the administration that the ship full complies with applicable requirements of the Conventions. The ship docked at the Sefine shipyard in Altinova on Sep 15.

 Iuventa  (Offshore Vessel > Standby Safety Vessel)
3 days ago by Timsen

Jugend Rettet may have been victim of right extremists in Italy
The German NGO "Jugend Rettet" whose "Iuventa" was impounded by Italian authorities on suspicion of collusion with people traffickers on Sep 20 went to court to demand the immediate release of the vessel was seized on Aug 2 in Lampedusa. A judge in Trapani will rule on the request for the vessel's release by Sep 22. The seizure was ordered by an investigating magistrate based on testimony from two former police officers working as security on another boat patrolling waters off Libya to help save refugees and other migrants trying to cross the Mediterranean on rickety dinghies and converted fishing boats chartered by traffickers. The pair have testified, with the support of photographs, that they witnessed Iuventa crew members talking to presumed traffickers and that, on at least one occasion, the NGO's staff had towed a wooden boat from which migrants had been rescued back into Libyan waters, making it available for reuse by traffickers. The NGO provided its side of the story on Tuesday, notably detailing contacts between the crew and the Italian Coastguard, which coordinates rescue activity in the area. All the evidence collected has been presented and interpreted in an erroneous manner, and there were links between the key witnesses and far-right groups. The "Iuventa"'s position had been in line with instructions from the Coastguard and that the boat supposedly delivered back to traffickers was only towed a short distance to get it away from the NGO's boat. The alleged traffickers seen talking to the Iuventa crew members were in fact armed criminals who frequently attempt to pick up outboard motors after or even during rescues. "Jugend Rettet" demanded the immediate release of our ship, the dropping of any charges against the organisation or crew members and that those responsible for this despicable smear campaign publicly apologize.

 Bw Maple  (Gas Tanker > Lpg Tanker)
3 days ago by Timsen

BW Maple cleared to sail
In a controversial move, the Directorate General of Shipping and Mercantile Marine Department (MMD), Chennai, has issued a no-objection certificate to the "BW Maple", which had collided with the "Dawn Kancheepuram" off the Ennore coast on Jan 28 leading to an oil spill, though the investigation into the incident was still underway. According to the documents accessed by the Express, insurers of the "BW Maple" have offered to submit bank guarantee to allow the ship to leave port. On Sep 14 14, Captain Anish Joseph, Nautical Surveyor-cum-DDG (Technical) of DG Shipping wrote to the Principal Officer of MMD, Chennai, expressing the Directorate’s no objection to the sailing of the "BW Maple" from the Kamarajar Port. On Sep 15 15, Ravikumar Moka, Ship Surveyor-cum-DDG (Technical) of MMD, Chennai, also cleared the ship and wrote to Kamarajar Port that the department has no objection. Copies of the NOCs were sent to the chief secretary, Director of Fisheries, Customs and other departmental heads concerned. Full report: www.newindianexpr...

 Aurora  (Passenger Ship > Cruise Ship)
3 days ago by Timsen

Engine room fire in Mid-Atlantic
A fire broke out in the engine room of the "Aurora" in the Mid-Atlantic during her trip from Bermuda to the Azores in the morning of Sep 20, 2017. The ship was disabled and suffered a loss of its electricity and its propulsion. All passengers were told to return to their cabins. The crew was on full alert at their stations. Black smoke emerged from the funnel. The fire was extinguished within an hour, following which emergency generators were eventually started. At 9.53 a.m. the captain announced the crew to stand down. The ship resumed the voyage and tried to catch up the lost time. It had left Southampton on a Canadian and US tour on Aug 27 with around 2,000 passengers and was due to dock in Southampton on Sep 26.

 Thunderhorse Pdq  (Other)
3 days ago by Timsen

Platform evacuated following power outage
BP has evacuated all 300 workers from the "Thunder Horse" in the Gulf of Mexico after a power outage on Sep 19, 2017. The workers were removed from the platform as a security measure. Production has stopped after the power supply failed. Technical and other necessary staff began to bring the facility back into operation on Sep 20. No damage occurred due to the power outage. The semi-submersible production, drilling and accommodation facility has the capacity to produce up to 250,000 barrels of oil and 200 million cubic meters of natural gas per day. The platform is situated approximately 225 kilometers southeast of New Orleans at 1,850 meters water depth.

 Emma  (Fishing Vessel)
3 days ago by Timsen

Trawler disabled off Ålesund
On Sep 19, 2017, the "Emma" was disabled and adrift off the Norwegian coast after a rope had fouled its propeller. The patrol boat "Sortland" of the Norwegian Coastguard was called to assist. It took the trawler in tow back to Ålesund in the night hours. Photos:

 L654 Pia Glanz  (Fishing Vessel)
3 days ago by Timsen

Trawler seized off Norway
On Sep 20, 2017, the "Pia Glanz - L 654" (IMO: 9599509) was seized by the Norwegian Coastguard in the North Sea suspected of under-reporting of captured fish in the Norwegian economic zone. The ship was ordered to proceed to Bergen for investigations and berthed at the Bontelabo RoRo-Terminal at 3.10 p.m. It had sailed from Thyborøn on Sep 19. Photo:

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