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 Polar Pioneer  (Offshore Vessel > Drilling Ship)
5 days ago by arnekiel

Bad Weather Sends Greenpeace Activists Home
Six Greenpeace activists rappelled down from an oil rig in the Pacific Ocean on Saturday after spending six days living on the structure to protest against drilling in the Arctic, the environmental organization said. The multinational team climbed on board Polar Pioneer, an oil rig leased by Royal Dutch Shell that is bound for the Arctic, on Monday as it was being transported by a heavy-lift vessel about 750 miles (1,210 km) northwest of Hawaii. Worsening weather conditions that were expected to bring swells of up to seven meters led the six activists to leave the oil rig on Saturday. They climbed down into inflatable boats and returned to the Greenpeace ship Esperanza, which had brought the activists out into the Pacific Ocean for the protest. Shell said the protesters had jeopardized their safety and that of the crew assigned to the oil rig. www.maritime-exec...

 Qing May  (Bulk Carrier)
5 days ago by arnekiel

Two dead in knife attack aboard Chinese ship anchored off Zamboanga
ZAMBOANGA, Philippines - A crewman on a Chinese vessel in Philippine waters has killed two of his colleagues with a knife, a coast guard official said Sunday. One other crew member was wounded in the attack aboard the Liberian-flagged Quing May and has been taken to hospital. The suspect is believed to still be hiding aboard the massive transport ship, which is docked at the southern port city of Zamboanga, said regional coast guard chief Lieutenant Jimmy Verbo. The vessel, operated by China's Foremost group, was transporting iron ore from Australia to China when one crewman attacked the others with a knife on Saturday while they were off the southern Philippine islands of Jolo, said Verbo. Two ship's officers were killed and an engineer was wounded, prompting the captain to call the coast guard for help, he said. The motive for the attack is still unclear. More from:

 Balsa 85  (General Cargo Ship)
5 days ago by arnekiel

14 crewmembers of cargovessel Balsa 85 poisoned and hospitalized, three in critical condition
Fourteen crewmembers of the general cargo vessel Balsa 85, docked in Saint John port, New Brunswick, Canada, were poisoned by food and hospitalized on Apr12, three in critical condition, eleven in serious but stable condition. The food poisoning is believed to be ciguatera fish poisoning, which is caused by eating tropical fish that consumed toxin-producing algae. Crew is 19, so only 5 crew members, those who didn’t eat fish, remain on board. Crew most probably are all Filipino. Source:

 Fortress 7  (General Cargo Ship)
6 days ago by BerndU

sold to Breakers
sold to Chttagong breakers 366 USD/To

 Lian Hua  (Bulk Carrier)
6 days ago by BerndU

sold to Breakers
sold to Chittagong breakers 395USD/To

 Konstantinos A  (Bulk Carrier)
6 days ago by BerndU

arrived Gadani anchorage
arrived Gadani anchorage 12.04.15

 Merry Trans  (General Cargo Ship)
6 days ago by BerndU

sold to Breakers
sold to Chittagong breakers USD 410/LT LDT

 Capt Gavin  (Fishing Vessel)
6 days ago by arnekiel

First attempt to salvage beached fishing boat unsuccessful
The first attempt to salvage a fishing boat that ran aground in Point Pleasant Beach earlier this week failed to get the vessel in the water. Crews from Donjon Marine Co. Inc. were able to get the beached 77-foot Capt. Gavin turned 180 degrees to face the Atlantic Ocean but low tide left the ship in too little water to be able to float off the sandy perch it's had for the past four days. They said they would make another attempt at the next high tide early Sunday morning. The salvage effort and warmer temperatures drew hundreds of spectators who lined the north and west ends of the beach to witness what they had hoped to be a successful salvage effort. After standing on the beach for three hours and seeing only minimal progress, Mike and Mary Motsay of Lavallatte decided it was time to go. Mary Motsay, though, was disappointed. "I wanted to cheer," she said. With the scallop boat hard aground and its bow facing west since early Wednesday morning, crews decided the best way to pull the Capt. Gavin off was to spin the vessel clockwise during high tide to get its bow facing the ocean.

 Cape Intrepid  (Ro Ro Cargo Ship > Vehicles Carrier)
6 days ago by arnekiel

Navy cargo ship towed into Port Angeles Harbor after losing power in Strait
A Navy Military Sealift Command cargo ship was towed into Port Angeles on Saturday, April 11, after it lost power overnight in the Strait of Juan de Fuca. The 685-foot Cape Intrepid was undergoing sea trials after a long period docked in Tacoma when it lost power about 2:30 a.m. Saturday north of Clallam Bay in Canadian waters, according to the Coast Guard. Clallam Bay is 50 miles west of Port Angeles. Coast Guard Lt. Ben Weber said the Cape Intrepid drifted about two miles before the emergency tug Jeffrey Foss reached it approximately two hours later. The Jeffrey Foss, escorted by another tug, Millenium Falcon out of Anacortes, pulled the ship into Port Angeles Harbor to undergo repairs. It wasn't immediately clear why it lost power or how long repairs might take. It was still in the harbor Sunday morning.

 Qing May  (Bulk Carrier)
6 days ago by arnekiel

2 Chinese sailors die, 1 critically injured on ship off Zamboanga City
Two Chinese sailors had died and one more was rushed Sunday to hospital from their ship off Zamboanga City in southern Philippines, police said. Police said the ship’s captain, Shengbo Wang, radioed the local Coast Guard before dawn and sought emergency medical evacuation of the injured sailor. The dead sailors had been identified as Zhang Wenju, 35, the chief cook; and Engineer Xie Zhichao. The third sailor Engineer Liao Shiguo, 49 – his body all bloodied – was brought out from the ship by police and Coast Guard personnel. Authorities have begun an investigation into the incident, according to the local Coast Guard commander Jimmy Berbo. He said the ship, MV Qing May, has 25 crew members and carrying iron ore from its last port call in Walcott, Australia and heading to the port of Majishan near Hangzhou in China when it radioed for medical assistance off the village of Sinunuc near Caldera point. “The vessel has 25 crew members and there is an ongoing investigation. The injured Liao is now in hospital while the bodies of the two others are still in the ship. We still don’t know what happened,” Berbo said. He said the ship has a Liberian flag registry. No other details were made available by security officials about what transpired in the ship. It was unknown if the police and Coast Guard informed the Chinese Embassy about the incident.

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