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 Kotawangsa  (Container Ship)
3 days ago by BerndU

sold to Breakers
sold to Breakers 350 USD/TO

 Oryx  (Bulk Carrier)
3 days ago by BerndU

sold to Breakers
sold to Gadani Breakers 350 USD/TO

 Jantina  (General Cargo Ship)
4 days ago by Timsen

Broken up.. RDM in Kampen since May 22, 2017. Photo:

 Hydrus  (Other)
4 days ago by arnekiel

HYDRUS - San Francisco’s New Ferry Enters Service
Hydrus, the first in a series of new 400-passenger catamaran ferries for the Water and Emergency Transportation Authority (WETA) in San Francisco, has entered service. Designed by Incat Crowther and built by Vigor in Seattle, Hydrus is the first of this new class of vessel with additional ferries to follow. “In the spring of 2015, Vigor began construction on the first of two WETA ferries in this class,” said Tim Kolb, General Manager of Vigor Ballard. “It’s an efficient design and very environmentally friendly”. Hydrus will be joined mid-year by a second vessel, Cetus, with a further two vessels due in 2018.

 Flag Lama  (Bulk Carrier)
4 days ago by arnekiel

COSCO (Dalian) Shipyard Delivers Flag Lama
COSCO (Dalian) Shipyard Co has delivered an bulk carrier, “FLAG LAMA”, to its European buyer, the company said in its press release. The delivery documents were signed by and between COSCO Dalian and the buyer recently. The bulk carrier measures 229 meters in LOA (length of all), 32.26 meters in breadth and 20.05 meters in depth.

 Harvey Freedom  (Offshore Vessel > Offshore Supply Ship)
4 days ago by arnekiel

Harvey Gulf Delivers 4th LNG Powered Vessel
HARVEY GULF INTERNATIONAL MARINE announced that it has accepted delivery of its fourth LNG-powered Offshore Supply Vessel. The M/V HARVEY FREEDOM, built at Gulf Coast Shipyard Group in Gulfport, MS is 310’ x 64’ x 24.5’, U.S. Flagged Subchapter I and L, SOLAS compliant and capable of carrying 253,000 USG of Fuel Oil, 18,000 Bbls of Liquid Mud, 1,600 Bbls of Methanol, 10,250ft3 of Dry Cement and 78,000 USG of LNG fuel.

 Sewol  (Passenger Ship > Passenger Ro Ro Cargo Ship)
4 days ago by Timsen

More remains found in wreck
More remains that appeared to belong to a human were found in the wreckage of the "Sewol" on May 22. The remains of a third person were discovered relatively intact. Authorities will conduct DNA testing to identify the individual.

 Nabil J  (General Cargo Ship)
4 days ago by Timsen

Salvage work has commenced
On May 22 the Sidon Municipality started to salvage the "Nabil J" tthat has been stranded on the beach for almost a month, exerting all efforts into curbing a possible pollution. A mobile crane was stationed on the adjacent quay side for the works of removing pollutants and cargo from the listing ship. Report with photo:

 Remoy  (Fishing Vessel)
4 days ago by Timsen

Record bail for Norwegian trawler required
90 million Norwegian crowns bail were asked for the release of the "Remøy" which was being held back in Murmansk since May 11 because there was a formal error in the license documents. The case with the trawler is now formally in the Russian judiciary. On May 19 there was a meeting between the Norwegian Fisheries Directorate, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (UD), the shipping company and the fishing fleet's organization, Fiskebåt. Both the UD in Oslo and the consulate in Murmansk were involved in the matter. The bail required by the Russian authorities is ten times the value of the catch, a sum that the shipping company can not pay. This was also much higher than what would be the level of illegal fishing, which the Norwegian boat has not done, according to shipping companies and Norwegian authorities. This was confirmed the Directorate of Fisheries in a note on May 18.

 Basto VI  (Passenger Ship > Passenger Ro Ro Cargo Ship)
4 days ago by Timsen

Two ferries on Oslo Fjord disabled
Two of the ferries on the Horten-Moss route were out of service due to technical problems, while the Oslo Fjord tunnel was closed at the same time, so that there were long queues on the quay in Moss, and waiting times of at least an hour to get on one of the ferries of Bastø Fosen on May 22, 2017. Both the "Bastø IV" and "Bastø VI" were out of order. The first departures of the "Bastø VI" would have been at 6.45 a.m. from Horten and at 7.30 a.m. from Moss. The sailings were cancelled due to an hoil leak in the main engine of the "Bastø IV". The leakage was inside the ship, so the oil did not leak into the sea. the ferry remained sidelined in Moss for the time being. At the same time the "Bastø VI" encountered a problem connecting the propeller and had to stay at the quay in Horten. She returned to service at 3.30 p.m.

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