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 Marina Bay  (General Cargo Ship)
569 days ago by BerndU

beached at Chittagong 05.12.13

 Ice  (General Cargo Ship)
569 days ago by BerndU

arrived Scrapyard
arrived Chittagong 02.12.13

 Eurocargo Europa  (Ro Ro Cargo Ship)
569 days ago by BerndU

arrived Scrapyard
arrived Chittagong 29.11.13

 Darwin  (Container Ship)
569 days ago by BerndU

beached at Chittagong 04.12.13

 Pioner Sakhalina  (General Cargo Ship)
569 days ago by BerndU

arrived Scrapyard
arrived Zhangjiagang scrapyard 13.12.13

 Joyous Age  (Bulk Carrier)
569 days ago by BerndU

arrived Scrapyard
arrived Xinhui scrapyard 13.12.13

 Asia Peace  (General Cargo Ship)
569 days ago by Timsen

Cargo ship sunk in Luzon Strait
The "Asia Peace" sank in Luzon Strait in stormy seas aroudn Dec 10. The freighter had departed from Papua New Guinea bound for China with a cargo off timber While off the northeastern Philippines, the "Asia Peace" was swept by waves four to five meters high which caused the timber cargo to shift resulting in hull plates fracturing. The freighter suffered water ingress and began to list. The crew sent out a distress call and abandoned ship before the vessel sank. The bulkcarrier "Yangtze Eternal", 32573 dwt, responded and was able to rescue the crew of 20 from the "Asia Peace". Conflicting reports stated there were 20 or 25 crew members on board at the time. The vessel was en route from Davao, where it had sailed on Nov 5, to Zhangjiagang.

 Oel Bengal  (Container Ship)
569 days ago by Timsen

OEL Freedom charged after accusation of collision
Kolkata port authorities took charge of the "OEL Freedom" on Dec 12, 2013, on the orders of the Madras High Court following a complaint filed by a boat owner alleging a mid-sea collision off the Kochi coast. The vessel was released after the ship's authorities submitted a bond of Rs 40 lakh before the registrar of the Madras High Court. The HC asked the Principal Officer of the Mercantile Marine Department of Kolkata to urgently exercise port state control over the "OEL Freedom" and to carry out the inspection required under the Merchant Shipping Act after the complainant filed a complaint that the vessel was anchored at Kolkata port. The HC had also ordered the authorities to initiate proceedings against the master of the "OEL Freedom" for causing the accident and not reporting it or providing assistance to the boat. Meanwhile, the Kerala High Court directed the Director General of Shipping at Willingdon Island in Kochi to take port state control and measures under the Indian Merchant Shipping Act 1958 and International Maritime Conventions against the suspected vessel on charge of negligently ramming into the fishing boat 11 nautical miles off the Kochi coast.

 City Of Beirut  (Ro Ro Cargo Ship > Vehicles Carrier)
569 days ago by Timsen

Three stowaways found in Antwerp
On Dec 12, 2013, three stowaways were spotted on the "City of Beirut" in the port of Antwerp and taken to the hospital from hypothermia. They had boarded the ship in Conakry from where the car carrier sailed on Dec 2. The men were spotted at the rudder by the captain of a tug in the Kallo lock while he towed the ship into the Waasland Port. Firefighters from Beveren brought them to the quay. They said there had been two other stowaways, a man and a woman, who fell or jumped over board. The stowaways were already ten days on board and they did not eat or drink since days. They shivered from the cold and had hardly any clothes on. They just wore shorts and a t-shirt, but they did not have shoes. Belgian reports with photos:

 Star  (Passenger Ship > Passenger Ro Ro Cargo Ship)
569 days ago by Timsen

One driver injured, several trucks damaged by ramp breakdown
On Dec 13 the "Star" remained berthed at the Jätkäsaari Quay in Helsinki after the raising mechanism of the ramp connecting the two car decks broke and caused one side to the ramp to fall down on the cars and trucks underneath. One driver was injured and taken to hospital by an ambulance, but none of the 730 passengers was seriously injured in the accident which seems to have been caused by a failure of the ramp hydraulics. At least four trucks were damaged. On Dec 13 morning all passengers bound for Estonia had been booked onto the "Superstar", the cars were being brought by ferry as soon as possible during the day. The "Star" was waiting for an inspection and subsequent authorization to quit by the relevant authorities. The Maritime Safety Agency launched an investigation of the matter. Estonian report with photos:

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