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 Berlin  (Passenger Ship > Passenger Ro Ro Cargo Ship)
589 days ago by arnekiel

Ferry Berlin gets a new funnel at Fayard - Delivery by end of year expected
Scandlines says it hopes to complete the conversion of its new ferry duo Berlin and Copenhagen “by the end of this year at the latest” ending a saga that began five years ago, reports Tom Todd. The Danish-German ferry company said it was “working hard … to complete the two ships before the year ends” at the Fayard Shipyard in Denmark. It also said the plan was to take the 169.5m long ships into service between Gedser and Rostock “in the second half of 2015”. Technically, Berlin and Copenhagen are still newbuilds and despite earlier reports of a possible name change, Scandlines is now calling them by their original names.The vessels were ordered from the P+S Group’s Volkswerft in Germany in early 2010 but later rejected as overweight, overdue and not to specification. P+S went bankrupt in 2012 and Scandlines bought back the laid-up ships cheaply last year. It commissioned Blohm+Voss in Hamburg to convert and rectify them, but then changed its mind and transferred the ships to Fayard. The swap was believed to be connected with delivery times. Initial hopes were to have them ready late last year and then early this year - some 700 tonnes lighter with fewer vehicles and passengers. Work has however clearly been more complex than first thought. Scandlines’ latest report said new funnels have now been fitted and the ships will be drydocked until early May for equipment inspection and cleaning of equipment including drives and manoeuvering gear, rudders, bow thrusters, Azipods and Rolls Royce propellers. Work on new interiors and equipment on completely renewed decks seven and eight is continuing and new heating, ventilation and air conditioning and cable systems are being installed, the company said.During the docking, personnel would also begin the installation of the ships’ innovative new hybrid propulsion systems, AEC Marine closed-loop scrubbers and navigation bridges, Scandlines reported. Source: Motorship / Ferries of Northern Europe

 Deng Zhou Hai  (Bulk Carrier)
589 days ago by BerndU

arrived Jiangyin scrapyard
arrived Jiangyin scrapyard 17.03.15

 Grey Shark  (Ro Ro Cargo Ship)
589 days ago by Timsen

Roro ship on fire
The "Grey Shark" reported a fire enroute from Charleston to Saint Marc and was adrift on Mar 16, 2015. The last known position at 0700 a.m. on Mar 16, 2015, was in 37 52N 071 15W, 210 miles SSE of New York.

 Shofuku Maru No.78  (Fishing Vessel)
589 days ago by Timsen

Blazing fishing vessel abandoned
The "Shofuku Maru No. 78" caught fire on Mar 14, 2015, in the Indian Ocean. The 24 crew members abandoned the vessel in position 16 05S 112 44E, about 360 nm northwest of Dampier. The abandoned vessel, engulfed in flames, was last reported to be in position 16 03S 112 44E. The crew, including 18 Indonesians, was rescued by the Greek tanker "Axios" (IMO-No.: 9294666), which was enroute from Melbourne to Singapore with an ETA of Mar 20. No casualties were reported.

 Sea Falcon  (Offshore Vessel > Offshore Tug Supply Ship)
589 days ago by Timsen

Supply ship slammed into oil platform
15 workers were taken off the North Sea oil platform "Forties Echo" after the "Sea Falcon" hit the installation on Mar 16, 2015, at 9 a.m. in the Forties oil field 110 miles north-east of Aberdeen. The "Sea Falcon" was offloading cargo when the the vessel got close to the platform and drifted into it. There were no injuries. Platform operator Apache North Sea activated emergency procedures, the platform was shut down, but there had been no leak of hydrocarbons. A muster of the 30 personnel on board has been completed. A total of 15 workers remained on board the platform which suffered minor damage. The other 15 have been airlifted to the nearby "Forties Bravo" platform. An initial visual inspection of the damaged installation was carried out from the platform’s standby vessel. A specialist inspection team has been mobilised to assess the damage in more detail. An Apache sonshore response team had been mobilised and all relevant authorities and contractors had been informed.The supply vessel sailed to Peterhead under its own power and docked at 8.30 p.m.

 Taxiarchis  (Oil And Chemical Tanker > Oil Products Tanker)
589 days ago by Timsen

Grounding off Rhodes
The "Taxiarchis" ran aground on a sandy shallow at the northwest coast of Rhodes in the morning of Mar 15, 2015, with a crew of nine and an inspector on board. The tanker was enroute from Rhodes to Symi, and on scene were winds of 4-5 Beaufort. A Greek lifeboat went on standby after the grounding. The vessel was refloated the same day with the help of two tugs and taken to Rhodes port, no leak was reported by the Ministry of Shipping. On Mar 16 at 3 a.m. the tanker was docked in Rhodes. Greek report with photo: www.dimokratiki.g...

 Mesdar  (Oil And Chemical Tanker > Crude Oil Tanker)
589 days ago by arnekiel

First supertanker docks at Vopak-Dialog Malaysia oil terminal
A supertanker carrying about 1 million barrels of Middle East crude docked on Monday, March 16, 2015 at a terminal jointly run by Vopak and Dialog Group in Malaysia, the companies said. The arrival of tanker MT Mesdar marked the start of operations at southeast Asia’s first commercial crude oil tank farm. Located in Pengerang, in the southern state of Johor, just across the Johor Strait from the Singapore trading hub, the site can hold 420,000 cubic metres of crude (2.6 million barrels) and also offers blending and distribution services.

 Novo  (Oil And Chemical Tanker > Crude Oil Tanker)
589 days ago by arnekiel

Vitol charters first ever LR3 tanker with naphtha cargo to go east
The first ever LR3 tanker to transport naphtha cargo to the Far East has been chartered by Vitol, reports say. Vitol is shipping 120,000-125,000 tonnes of low-sulphur naphtha onboard the Novo (150,000dwt, built 2012) from Ruwais to Japan on April 15-18, Platts reports.

 Canadian Miner  (Bulk Carrier)
590 days ago by Timsen

70 percent of wreck gone
Two years after it ran aground on Scatarie Island, the hulk of the "Miner" will soon be gone from the shoreline. An Antigonish company was chosen in 2014 to remove it and clean up the area. The Nova Scotia Lands president Gary Campbell, the company overseeing the operation, said the end of the project was in sight. About 70 per cent of the vessel was actually gone- The difficult parts of the ship have gone, and there was a pile of scrap steel sitting on the shoreline which will be taken away for recycling. The community was planning a big celebration when the work has been done. The "Miner" should be gone by the end of April 2015, just in time for lobster season. Report with photo:

 Royal Engineer  (Tug)
590 days ago by Timsen

Tug refloated grounded ferry
On Mar 15, 2015, the "Royal Engineer" refloated the ferry "Silver Lake" of the North Carolina Department of Transportation which had lost steering power and ran aground about a mile south of Ocracoke on Mar 14, after it drifted into shallow water and got stuck. A 47-ft-life boat crew from the Hatteras Inlet Coast Guard Station got the 14 passengers off the ferry. They were taken to the Ocracoke South Ferry Terminal. Mechanics and the crew remained on board the ferry to wait for the arrival of the tug, which took the ship back to Ocracoke. On Mar 16 she towed the "Silver Lake" to the state shipyard for repairs.

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