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 Florida  (Oil And Chemical Tanker > Chemical Oil Products Tanker)
544 days ago by arnekiel

Crowley christens new U.S. - flag tanker 'Florida' in Philadelphia
Crowley Maritime Corporation christened its newest tanker, Florida, today at the Aker Philadelphia Shipyard and will soon put the 330,000-barrel ship to use in the U.S. Gulf for a major energy customer. This U.S.-flag vessel is the second of two American built, operated and crewed tankers Crowley purchased last year from Aker. More than 100 guests, including Chairman, President and CEO Tom Crowley; friends and employees from Crowley; representatives from the customer, shipyard, and labor along with other industry dignitaries, gathered to celebrate the vessel’s christening, which was performed by Nina Glende Johnsen, the wife of Aker President and CEO Kristian Rokke. The Florida, which will provide 50 American seagoing and shore-side jobs, will soon be placed into service delivering domestic oil to U.S.-based refineries. The tanker Pennsylvania, which was purchased from Aker and delivered in September, is currently at work in the U.S. Gulf. More at

 Shonan Maru No.2  (Fishing Vessel > Whale Catcher)
544 days ago by arnekiel

Japan wants action against Sea Shepherd
TOKYO has demanded action by the federal government against Sea Shepherd conservationists in response to a complaint over the incursion of a Japanese whalers' ship into Australian waters. The security ship Shonan Maru No. 2 spent at least 16 hours inside the Australian exclusive economic zone around sub-Antarctic Macquarie Island, according to the group, whose boat Bob Barker was being tailed by the ship. Shonan Maru No. 2 stopped short of entering the 12 nautical mile territorial limit around Macquarie on Friday and the Bob Barker was able to shake off the pursuit, the Sea Shepherd skipper Peter Hammarstedt said. The Environment Minister, Tony Burke, said: ''It entered our economic zone, and it should not have. Read more: www.canberratimes...

 Emma Maersk  (Container Ship)
544 days ago by arnekiel

Emma Maersk rescued in Suez Canal
An Egyptian official says one of the world's largest container ships had a malfunction while in the Suez Canal and began taking on water, forcing authorities to remove it from the traffic lane because it was in danger of sinking. Canal traffic director Ahmed el-Manakhly said the Danish-built Emma Maersk, which carries some 10,000 shipping containers, was taken to the eastern terminal of Port Said on the Mediterranean end of the Canal, where crews were working to pump water out of the engine room. He did not elaborate on the nature of the malfunction.

 Shin Onoe  (Bulk Carrier)
544 days ago by arnekiel

Massive Disabled Cargo Ship in Route to Dutch Harbor
When it finally arrives in Unalaska next week, the Shin Onoe will be one of the biggest vessels to ever stay in port here. It’s 150 feet wide, with a 60 foot draft when it’s full of coal, soybeans, or iron. Right now, it’s empty. It was traveling along the Great Circle shipping route to Prince William Sound early this week to pick up cargo when its turbocharger failed, just west of Attu island. Ed Page has been tracking the vessel for the nonprofit Marine Exchange of Alaska. “She has less power than she normally would, so she can’t make good time or good speed,” Page says. “She’s plodding along at about five knots through the Aleutians, through the Bering Sea.” As of Friday afternoon, Page said the Shin Onoe was about 600 miles northwest of Unalaska. He’s been feeding this information to the Coast Guard. More at www.alaskapublic....

 Mt.serena  (Oil And Chemical Tanker > Chemical Oil Products Tanker)
544 days ago by arnekiel

Diesel Fuel Smugglers Caught in Indonesia
Friday February 1, 2013 Indonesian authorities say a ship smuggled 30 tonnes of diesel fuel, transferring it to a Singapore-flagged ship, before being caught Tuesday, Jakarta-based news outlet Tempo Interactive reports. Djoko Siswanto, director of fuel for the Downstream Regulatory Body Oil and Gas, said the MT Serena, the ship carrying the fuel, belonged to national oil and gas company PT Pertamina and that company personnel were involved in the crime. Pertamina has disputed the charges, saying it does not own the Serena but leased it from PT SKR. "The MT Serena is a chartered boat that regularly transports fuel from Terminal to Tanjung to Sambu Fuel Depot in Pontianak," said Ali Mundakir, Pertamina's vice president for corporate communications. More at

 Emma Maersk  (Container Ship)
544 days ago by arnekiel

Emma Maersk faces leakage in Suez Canal
Emma Maersk, one of the biggest container ships in the world from Denmark, has experienced a leakage on Friday night (Feb. 1, 2013) at the entrance of the Suez Canal, which may lead to its sinking. The ship's captain sent a rescue signal and alerted to the leakage inside one of its equipment rooms. The ship was dragged away from the Suez Canal, toward the port east of Port Said. In Port Said, a team from the Suez Canal Authority will attempt to fix the leakage. Mohab Mamish, the head of the Suez Canal Authority told Al-Masry Al-Youm that the ship's leakage happened after it hit a propeller. He added that the Suez Canal response by sending a locomotive was immediate. www.egyptindepend...

 Cape Dorset  (Fishing Vessel)
544 days ago by Timsen

Distressed fishing vessel towed to St. John's
In the night of Feb 1, 2013, a supply vessel being used by Husky — the "Maersk Chancellor", which was en route back to St. John’s was tasked by the Canadian Coastguard to help the "Cape Dorset" which was in distres about 75 kilometres from St. John’s. The f/v was taken in tow, and the two ships headed back to St. John’s harbour and arrived in port at 9.40 p.m.

 Lyubov Orlova  (Passenger Ship > Cruise Ship)
544 days ago by Timsen

Maersk Challenger to take over tow
Transport Canada has commissioned the "Maersk Challenger" to take over the "Lyubocv Orlova" from the "Atlantic Hawk". The tug sailed from St. John’s last night. The "Lyubov Orlova" on Feb 1 was about 180 kilometres North of St. John’s, in the Flemish Pass area. The St. John's Port Authority has issued a warning, telling Transport Canada it will not allow the ship to berth at any of its facilities as it is an environmental risk to the port, the environment in general, the other vessel users that are in the port. The bill for the 2.5 years the Orlova spent tied up at the St. John's waterfront is about $200,000.

 Ciudad De Cadiz  (Ro Ro Cargo Ship)
545 days ago by Timsen

Another salvage attempt failed
The latest attempt to refloat the "Ciudad de Cadiz" on Feb 1 has failed. Another attempt to move it will be probably be made on Feb 2. That attempt would be made at high tide and if it fails the ship could be stuck there for another two weeks as the tides are reducing in size. Since the ship grounded off Mostyn port on Jan 30 at lunchtime, several attempts have been made to free it. The ship was waiting to go into port to pick up wings made at the Airbus plant at Broughton for delivery to the company's assembly factory at Toulouse. Reports with photos:

 Coral Ace  (Bulk Carrier)
545 days ago by Timsen

Captain of Coral Ace had to pay safety deposit
While the "Coral Ace" and the Cyprus flagged container m/v "Lisa Schulte" IMO-No.: 9309277), remained at their positions in Wilhelmshaven on Feb 1, the casualty command ended ist work and returned the guidance to the Investigation authorities. The "Coral Ace“ had been at anchor in the night of Jan 31 off the Weser, and in Gusts of bf 8-11 the anchor dragged. The ship started to drift towards the "Lisa Schulte“ which also was at anchor. The crew failed to comply with marine legislation so the emergency manoevers came too late. At 12.45 p.m. the "Coral Ace" hit the "Lisa Schulte" and was breached. The Water Police Wilhelmshaven has started the investigation on board the ships in Wilhelmshaven. Because of the extent of damage caused the competent maritime safety authority, BG Transport and the Maritime Safety Division ordered the "Coral Ace" to be detained. Against the responsible captain and another officer of the "Coral Ace" criminal cases were initiated and safety deposits totaling € 6,000 were collected by the Water Police Wilhelmshaven.

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