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 MOL Tyne  (Container Ship)
602 days ago by BerndU

beached at Alang 13.06.14 Plot 09

 Conti Stockholm  (Container Ship)
602 days ago by Timsen

At least 200 containers damaged in fire
The "Hanjin Athens" suffered a fire in her No. 2 hold on May 6, 2014, south of the Suez Canal. The casualty was on a laden voyage with containerised cargo loaded in Pusan, Shanghai, Ningbo, Hong Kong, Yantian and Singapore bound for Port Said, Naples, Livorno and La Spezia. Hull interests engaged the services of professional salvors, Svitzer. The fire-fighting services were rendered under a fixed form contract. A significant number of containers in No. 2 hold were flooded with extinguishing water. The fire was put out, but at least 200 boxes were damaged. On June 6 the "Hanjin Athens" arrived on Limassol Anchorage with the task of offloading damaged containers. A team of experts surveyed containers and didn’t find dangerous items in cargo manifest, i.e. materials of class 1 (explosives) and class 7 (radioactive). On June 13 vessel was still on Limassol Anchorage awaiting permission to unload, otherwise it would be dangerous to stay on course to the original destination. Albatross Adjusters Ltd. were seeking General Average security from all cargo and container shell interests. A task team was formed to assess the dangers of allowing the ship to enter Limassol port and unload its cargo on Cyprus soil. Limassol Port sent experts onboard, verified the ship’s manifest, inspected the cargo and ordered all the tests required, as per standard procedure. They were expecting the final results within the next days and if everything checks out OK the cargo will be unloaded on June 17 or 18.

 Conti Stockholm  (Container Ship)
602 days ago by emarf

Currently in Limassol anchorage. Suffered a fire in her No. 2 hold on 6 May 2014, south of the Suez Canal. Albatross Adjusters Ltd in Limassol have been appointed as GA adjusters.

 Columbia  (Passenger Ship > Passenger Ro Ro Cargo Ship)
602 days ago by Timsen

Columbia sidelined due to faulty pump
The "Columbia" remained sidelined in Bellingham, Washington, waiting for a replacement for an engine oil pump to be shipped from Finland. The Alaska Department of Transportation expected the ferry to be back in service in Ketchikan on June 18. The ship has been at the Vigor Marine Yard in Portland, Oregon, since September 2013, undergoing a nearly $30 million engine replacement project. The ship departed Portland laon June 8 en route to Ketchikan. On June 10 the oil pump issue surfaced.

 Xing Peng Da  (Bulk Carrier)
603 days ago by Timsen

Cargo of Xing Peng Da lost after wreck allision
The lighter vessel "Brishti" capsized and sank with 950 tonnes of cement clinker which had been transferred from the "Xing Peng Da" in the Bay of Bengal near Patenga beach in Chittagong on June 12, 2014, at 9 a.m. following a collision with a sunken ship. All 13 crew of the vessel were rescued by a speedboat and members of another ship anchored nearby soon after the accident. The "Brishti" sank in the bay nearthe Jaliapara coast of Patenga while it was underway to a private jetty on the river Karnaphuli. The "Brishti" was returning to the jetty of Diamond Cement Limited after uploading clinker from the "Xing Peng Da" at the outer anchorage of Chittagong Port, after cracks developed on its bottom. The lighter had hit parts of the "Rita" which sank several years ago. Diamond Cement Limited imported the raw material for making cement. Foreign vessels bound for Chittagong Port do not cross the spot where the "Rita" has remained sunken for years.

 Cacilhas  (Pleasure Craft)
603 days ago by Timsen

Macau high speed ferry hit breakwater
The "Cacilhas" while heading from Hongkong to Macau crashed into a breakwater on June 13, 2014, leaving 58 people with minor injuries. The hydrofoil was carrying 220 passengers and 13 crew members when it hit the seawall at about 9:30 a.m. after departing from nearby Hong Kong about an hour earlier. 57 passengers were injured, including eight Thais, four Koreans and one Japanese, and that one crew member suffered a waist injury. All were taken to a hospital and 50 have been released. The boat, steered by a captain with 34 years of experience, was traveling at 35 knots in fine weather at the time of the accident. Report with photo:

 Matz Maersk  (Container Ship)
603 days ago by arnekiel

Maersk takes in ninth 18,000-TEU newbuilding for Asia-Europe trade
THE 18,270-TEU newbuilding, the Matz Maersk, and the ninth vessel to be delivered out of a series of 20 sister ships ordered from South Korea's Daewoo shipyard (DSME) in 2011 has been taken in by the Danish carrier.

 Bounty  (Pleasure Craft > Sailing Vessel)
603 days ago by Timsen

Bad decision of captain and management main reason for loss of Bounty
The main reason for the sinking of the "Bounty" in 2012 was because the captain and management made a bad decision to sail into the storm, a U.S. Coast Guard report said on June 12, echoing the conclusions of other federal investigators before them. Although the inadequate preparation of the crew and the ship were also factors, most critical was the failure of the management and master to exercise effective oversight and risk management.The report said the HMS Bounty Organization chose to meet only the lesser standards of a recreational vessel, not the tougher requirements of a passenger craft. The "Bounty" could have been certified as a small passenger or sailing-school vessel, but the management decided against taking the steps necessary to meet the minimum safety requirements that would have applied with such certification in favor of the less stringent recreational standards. A National Transportation Safety Board report conclued already in February that Captain Walbridge made a reckless decision to sail the "Bounty" into the hurricane's well-forecast path. The NTSB report noted that the wooden vessel took on water even in good sailing conditions and some wood rot also had been recently discovered on the ship. Workers at a Maine shipyard where the "Bounty" had received repairs testified during a joint Coast Guard and NTSB hearing last year that the ship had a decaying frame with an undetermined amount of rot in it before leaving port weeks before it sank.

 Voge Fantasy  (General Cargo Ship)
603 days ago by Timsen

Bulkcarrier to enter Belfast after toxic fire
After having been languishing at the mouth of Belfast Lough since May 15, 2014, following a toxic fire the "Voge Fantasy" was expected to finally dock in the next few days. The ship was carrying a cargo of grain from Ukraine to Belfast and had been refused to enter Belfast Harbour over fears that material in one of the holds was still smouldering. On May 15 a fire was reported in a hold of the "Voge Fantasy" while she was travelling off the coast of Cornwall en route from her last stop in Gilbraltar on May 10. The ship has been anchored in the outer reaches of Belfast Lough since its arrival due to concerns that the temperature in the hold remained too high after the fire was extinguished using carbon dioxide. The hold had to be kept secure because of the threat that chemical reactions between the maize, carbon dioxide and fumigant used to treat the grain could have produced a dangerous mixture of carbon monoxide and phosphine gases. While the fire was thought to have been extinguished, the authorities were concerned that opening the hold would allow an influx of air that could reignite any smouldering grain. Two crew members were brought ashore for medical treatment after the "Voge Fantasy" arrived, but they have since returned to the ship. The ship owners appointed a salvage company and the salvage plan was approved by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency. A final check on the two affected cargo holds wase carried out on June 13 before the ship was given a berth in Belfast to unload undamaged cargo as soon as the safety certification were in place and a berth was available. The damaged cargo material was to be 'isolated' on board the vessel and also be discharged when the vessel is finally alongside. The Belfast Harbour continued to liaise with the Maritime and Coastguard Agency and relevant authorities to assist with the incident. On June 8 the "Wilson North" had come alongside the "Voge Fantasy" as salvage experts oversaw the ship-to-ship transfer of stores and fuel which were delivered from Bangor Harbour to the stricken vessel with the approval of the MCA. Photo: www.shipspotting....

 Liberty Bay  (Oil And Chemical Tanker > Crude Oil Tanker)
603 days ago by arnekiel

Aker Philadelphia deliveres first of two Liberty-class aframax tankers
Jones Act shipbuilder Aker Philadelphia has delivered the first of two Liberty-class aframax tankers to ExxonMobil’s U.S. marine affiliate, SeaRiver Maritime. The 820 foot long, 115,000 deadweight ton tanker, named Liberty Bay, will transport up to 800,000 barrels of Alaskan North Slope crude oil from Prince William Sound, Alaska to the U.S. West Coast. The vessel is equipped with double hull protection, the latest navigation and communications equipment, and an energy efficient engine. “We are proud to have delivered this fine vessel, the Liberty Bay, to a first class customer such as SeaRiver and are confident it will serve them well for many years. The men and women of the shipyard have completed the largest vessel built in Philadelphia in nearly 70 years and further cemented APSI’s important place as part of the domestic energy solution,” said Steinar Nerbovik, APSI’s Managing Director.

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