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 Nordoern  (Fishing Vessel)
566 days ago by Timsen

Fishing vessel drifted 20 hours before help was at hand
The "Nordørn" has been drifting in the Barentsea for 20 hours without power after having got the Propeller fouled by a net. In strong winds it took 20 hours before the Coast Guard vessel "Andenes" came to the rescue of the ship and its crew of 13 which had been fishing for haddock and cod north of Bjørnøya. On Scene were waves of 4-5 metres height. The Coast Guard vessel dragged the vessel towards the coast. It docked in Tromsø on Nov 3. Norwegian report with photo:

 Maersk Salina  (Container Ship)
566 days ago by Timsen

Maersk Salina due to leave Le Havre on Nov 5
The "Maersk Salina" which lost 45 containers during a heavy storm, is being more than a week delayed now. The ship which was en route from Japan, China and Malaysia to Northern Europe was still docked in Le Havre at the Quai de Bougainville behind the large sea lock after having been escorted to port by the tug "Abeille Liberte". In Le Havre the tilting containers were unloaded and the stowage of all cargo controlled so that the ship may continue ist rotation. According to the latest plans, the container ship was due to leave to Zeebrugge on Nov 5 at noon. The arrival in Rotterdam was now scheduled for Nov 9 in the morning. Despite repeatedly tracking, the 45 containers that have fallen into the sea have not been recovered. At the location where the cargo was lost overboard, the sea is very deep. The lost containers were filled with toys, furniture and paper.

 Fernanda  (Ro Ro Cargo Ship)
566 days ago by Timsen

Thor to seek shelter for the night
The "Thor" was ordered to Garðskaga in the evening of Nov 4 in order seek shelter for the prevailing winds. No fire or smoke was detected any longer on the "Ferndanda", the Situation was to be evaluated again in the morning of Nov 5. The temperature inside the vessel was measured with a thermal camera and found to be not higher than 40 degrees.

 Fernanda  (Ro Ro Cargo Ship)
566 days ago by Timsen

Fire fighters boarded wreck
On Nov 4 firefighters from Slökkviliði went aboard the "Fernanda" and did not remark remaining fire yet, though it was still too early to say that the fire is out. The ship was west of Reykjanes now with favorable conditions on site. However, it would take several hours to check the condition of the vessel. There was no hurry and the emphasis would be to take care of the security of the firemen. The Fire Department was prepared to inject foam into the engine room. Until Nov 5 the decision was expected whether to move the "Fernanda" to a port in order to pump oil from the ship and subsequently to prepare the ship for demolition. It was planned to send a Coast Guard helicopter to the site with thermal cameras to assess whether there was still much heat in the engine room.

 Siderfly  (General Cargo Ship)
566 days ago by Timsen

50 percent of fertilizer taken off
By Nov 4 about 50 perscent of the cargo of the "Siderfly" was lightered aboard four barges with a capacity of 450 tons each. Also the oil-water-mixture insde the engine room and the bow thruster room could be pumped off. The ship remained stable on the embankment. In the run of the day divers started surveying the hull for the first time. For this purpose the Kiel Canal was closed for ship traffic for three hours. Photos: www.havariekomman...

 Dokter Wagemaker  (Passenger Ship)
567 days ago by Timsen

Ferry assisted crew of distressed German yacht
On Nov 2, 2013, the crew of the "Dokter Wagemaker" sighted distress signals of the German yacht "Nordic Blue" which had run aground on the shore of Texel. The KNRM was able to locate the ship based on the position given by the ferry as the four sailors aboard the yacht had been unable to give a reliable position. They had been underway from Borkum to Den Helder and ran aground in the Molengat at 8:30 p.m. The volunteers of the KNRM stations Texel and Den Helder attended, but the "Beursplein 5" and "Joke Dijkstra" were unable to approach the boat in the surf. Only the "Zalm", the smallest of the lifeboat of the KNRM, which was launched from the beach, was able to reach the ship was meanwhile flooded. The crew was taken off and taken to Texel. The yacht was completely destroyed. Dutch reports with photos: www.texelsecouran... www.oudeschildtx....

 Norbay  (Passenger Ship > Passenger Ro Ro Cargo Ship)
567 days ago by Timsen

Medevac after fall on board in Irish Sea
A passenger of the "Norbay" was airlifted to Ysbyty Gwynedd, Bangor, after falling on board ship and suffering head and facial injuries. The man fell as the ferry was making its way from Dublin to Liverpool in force eight gale winds on Nov 3, 2013. The rescue helicopter from RAF Valley was called in and the man was flown to hospital shortly after 05:00 a.m. The Holyhead coastguard dealt with the call.

 Rena  (Container Ship)
567 days ago by Timsen

Accidents of Resolve divers highlight dangers of accomodation block removal
Two divers from the team involved in the salvage of the "Rena" have had to be treated in Tauranga Hospital in separate incidents. The divers from Resolve Salvage and Fire were preparing to remove the wreck's submerged accommodation block, scheduled to start in December. One diver reported breathing problems while at a depth of 34 metres and was told to flush his helmet and return to the surface. It was later found that a poor seal had meant small amounts of exhaled carbon dioxide had accumulated in the helmet. The other diver's umbilical device snared twice while ascending from a depth of 46 metres and had to descend to clear the obstacles. He had difficulty while decompressing and was taken to hospital.

 Arctic Hunter  (Fishing Vessel)
567 days ago by arnekiel

F/V Arctic Hunter Still Afloat After Storm off Unalaska
The F/V Arctic Hunter made it through a rough night in one piece. A fall storm with winds gusting to 55 miles swept through the Aleutians late Friday. Coast Guard chief warrant officer Mark Morrissey says the vessel is still afloat as of Saturday afternoon, but damaged. "The hull has been breached to some extent," Morrissey says. "It is taking on some water." Now that the weather has calmed, Morrissey says the Coast Guard is sending a helicopter to fly over the site and look for signs of an oil sheen.

 Hmcs Edmonton  (Other)
567 days ago by arnekiel

Canadian military seize 1.1 tonnes of cocaine in Pacific Ocean
The Department of National Defence says the Canadian Forces has assisted the United States Coast Guard in seizing more than 1.1 tonnes of cocaine in the eastern Pacific Ocean. During a search of a suspect vessel on Oct. 25, crew members from HMCS Edmonton and a U.S. law enforcement team uncovered 639 kilograms of cocaine. Two days later, the same team tracked and boarded another suspect vessel, seizing 468 kilograms of cocaine from the ship and from bags that were thrown overboard by the crew. Officials say that in both cases, the initial detection of the suspect vessel was made by a Canadian CP-140 Aurora aircraft as part of Operation Caribbe.

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