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 OPDR Andalucia  (Ro Ro Cargo Ship)
551 days ago by odinfm

Adrift in the Atlantic after fire, or still on fire
Ro-ro OPDR Andalucia suffered fire reportedly on Jan 17, but vessel was already disabled in the evening Jan 16, drifting in the Atlantic off the Morocco coast. Vessel is en route from Arrecife, Canary Islands to Seville, Spain. Last known position 31 37N 011 07W at 11:21 UTC Jan 17, vessel was adrift. No other details available at the moment. Maritime Bulletin

 Athena Seaways  (Passenger Ship > Passenger Ro Ro Cargo Ship)
551 days ago by odinfm

Allided with pier in Igoumenitsa
Ferry Coraggio allided with pier in Igoumenitsa, Greece, while berthing on arrival from Venice, in the evening Jan 17. 114 passengers and crew unharmed, but vessel detained for survey. Maritime Bulletin

 Inci  (General Cargo Ship)
551 days ago by berul

sold to breakers
Sold to Aliaga breakers Dutch report: scheepvaartnieuws...

 Sheng Da Jun 033  (Bulk Carrier)
551 days ago by berul

sold to breakers
Sold to China breakers

 Alimar  (Bulk Carrier)
551 days ago by berul

sold to breakers
Sold to Alang breakers

 Saudi Abha  (Ro Ro Cargo Ship)
551 days ago by berul

sold to breakers
sold to Alang breakers

 Seastreak Wallstreet  (Passenger Ship)
551 days ago by Timsen

Investigation in ferry crash underway
The "Seastreak Wallstreet" had a damaged Propeller when it slammed into a pier, but it’s unclear if that was a factor in the crash or if it was damaged in the accident, the National Transportation Safety Board announced on Jan 17. At least 74 people were injured last Wednesday when the Seastreak Wall Street, coming from Highlands, N.J., slammed into a dock at a Pier 11 at South Street Seaport during the morning commute. The boat was loaded with 326 commuters and five crew members. The NTSB dispatched 11 investigators to determine the cause of the crash. The team has so far interviewed crew members and at least 13 passengers. An underwater survey of the vessel revealed damage to the port propeller and a more complete hull survey will be conducted when the vessel is hauled from the water for repairs. The agency has also requested the Army Corps of Engineers to conduct a survey of the approach to Pier 11 to determine if there are any underwater obstructions. Investigators have also tested the ferry’s steering systems and so far have not found a problem. The captain claims the controls and engines failed as he tried to dock. Over the weekend, the investigative team started testing the main engines and control Systems. Investigators are still trying to determine if some modifications had an impact on the Seastreak Wall Street’s performance and response. Investigators are also analyzing data from the engine control modules and video from several onboard cameras. Report with photo: newyork.cbslocal....

 Craig Trans  (Tug)
551 days ago by Timsen

Stranded crew to fly home
The crew of the "Craig Trans" in Halifax for a month will be flying to Central America on Jan 21, according to the not-for-profit group Mission to Seafarers which is trying to get them home. This was made possible through Aeroplan points and monetary donations. After a routine check by Transport Canada, the tug had been impounded in Halifax Harbour for numerous safety violations including issues with navigation equipment and faulty escape hatches. According to the crew, the owner of the tugboat has neither done the repairs to release the ship nor paid them. The crew members — seven men from Honduras and one man from El Salvador — have been living in squalor on the boat since being stranded. There are dead cockroaches on the floor, in the drawers and in the cooking area, and live cockroaches can be seen darting around the ship. The charity stepped in and began accepting donations to send the men home and went to the media with their story. People donated thousands of Aeroplan miles. Report with photo:

 Izumo  (General Cargo Ship)
551 days ago by Timsen

Izumo escorted to Kochi after being raided by Indian Coastguard
The coastal radar chain set up along the coast has helped the Indian Coast Guard in apprehending the "Izumo" after the sinking of a fishing boat off the Kerala coast. After it was identified it was escorted to Kochi by the Indian Coast Guard within four hours of the incident report. The Remote Operating Station (ROS) at Fort Kochi, the user end of the radar chain, was utilised to correctly identify the ship from among the dense shipping traffic in the area at the time. The vessel, carrying soyabean, was on its way to Singapore from Kandla when the accident occurred. The three fisherman will come to Kochi after they are discharged from hospital, to aid in the investigations by Mercantile Marine Department and the Kerala police to whom the Coast Guard has handed over the case. A boarding party from Indian Coast Guard vessel "Samar" boarded the ship and seized and sealed documents and navigational equipment onboard the ship, which will aid the investigating agencies. The Coast Guard vessels "C -144" and "Samar" along with a Dornier aircraft were involved in the operation. Report with photo: www.thehindubusin...

 Hae Un  (Bulk Carrier)
551 days ago by BerndU

beached at Alang 01/2013

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