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 Bunga Lotus  (Oil And Chemical Tanker > Chemical Oil Products Tanker)
575 days ago by Timsen

Collision on Rio Paraná
The "Bunga Lotus" enroute from Buenos Aires collided with three barges pushed by a tug on the Paraná river at km 207 near Ramallo on May 11, 2015, at 3 a.m. The tanker which was in ballast was proceeding upriver to San Lorenzo port for loading 5,000 tons of bio diesel. The tanker’s hull was breached in the bunker tanks area, and 15 cubic meters of fuel were spilled. The tanker and barges were anchored at river km 207,5.

 Aeolian Fortune  (Bulk Carrier)
575 days ago by Timsen

Grounding on Parana river
The "United Fortune" ran aground on the Paraná river at km 392,5 on May 10, 2015, while loading a cargo of iron ore. The pilot checked draft and water depth and confirmed the grounding. A tug was called to attempt to refloat the vessel. By the time of grounding the bulkcarrier had loaded 43,000 tons of iron ore bound for Tubarao. On May 12 the ship was berthed at Arroyo Seco.

 Dano  (General Cargo Ship)
575 days ago by Timsen

Master and Chief arrested
The master and the chief engineer of the "Dano" were arrested on May 11, 2015, in Thessaloniki for allegedly smuggling fuel contraband, having come from Tripoli. An excess of 23 tons of heavy fuel and eight tons of diesel oil in fuel tanks was not declared. The fuel has been confiscated, an investigation was under way.

 Precision  (Container Ship)
575 days ago by Timsen

Allision in Vancouver
The Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB) deployed a team of investigators to Port Metro Vancouver after the "MOL Precision" struck the berth of the Vanterm Container Terminal on May 11, 2015, in order to gather information and assess the occurrence. The ship waleft the port on May 12 bound for Busan.

 Victoria  (General Cargo Ship)
575 days ago by Timsen

Engine failure in Bosphorus
The "Victoria" suffered engine failure enroute from Marmara Ereglisi to Nikolayev on May 11, 2015, at 11 a.m. in the Bosphorus in Boğazı Kız Kulesi. The tug "Kurtarma 3" was dispatched to assist the ship and towed it to safety off Zeytinburnu on Istanbul roads around 2 p.m. Turkish report with photo: https://www.kiyiemniyeti....

 Virgo  (Bulk Carrier)
575 days ago by Timsen

Aground off Damietta since 2014

 Costa Concordia  (Passenger Ship > Cruise Ship)
575 days ago by Timsen

Concordia on the move
The final voyage of the "Costa Concordia" started after the lengthy unmooring operations at 4.30 p.m. on May 11. The wreck left the port of Pra' at 6.30 p.m. bound to Superbacino, at the other end of Genoa, where she will be dismantled. Since the ship arrived in Genoa 5700 tons of materials have been removed in order to achieve the necessary draft of about 15 meters, two meters less than before. The move will last 11 hours and is headed by the leader of the pilots of the port of Genoa, John Gatti. Among them 11 people were on board. A total of six tugs were towing the ship, the accompanying media were underway with 11 boats, including a motopontone with a 200 ton crane. Italian report with photos: www.shipspotting.... www.shipspotting....

 Sorrento  (Passenger Ship > Passenger Ro Ro Cargo Ship)
575 days ago by Timsen

Investigators boarded wreck
Investigators of the Guardia Civil boarded the "Sorrento" on May 11 in the port of Sagunto to find out the cause of the blaze aboard. Once the investigations have been finished, the wreck will be taken over by owner Grimaldi again, who may then start to unload the 98 partially gutted trucks, 25 of which were carrying cargo, seven vehicles, four vans and a motorcycle.

 Schaarhoern  (Passenger Ship)
575 days ago by Timsen

Allision in Hamburg
On May 11, 2015, the 84 year old launch "Lütte Deern - H 05103620" allided with the "Schaarhörn" in Steinwerder during a presentation trip on the Elbe around the new opera house in Hamburg. The accident was caused by a technical malfunction. No one was injured, but the guests had to continue the voyage with another launch. Starting on May 18, the "Lütte Deern" will start regular round trips organized by the HamburgMusik gGmbH.

 E.r. Los Angeles  (Container Ship)
576 days ago by Timsen

Disabled container ship towed into Bremerhaven
The "Montevideo Express" was towed into the port of Bremerhaven on May 8 by the "Boulder". In the outer Weser the "Bugsier 4" joined to assist the disabled ship which was moored at the Columbus Quay, where the "Stier" was also called to get the ship at the quay. The police boat "Visura" secured the manoever. The ship had suffered an engine room fire on Jan 20 enroute from Cartagena to Veracruz with 1.039 containers on board and lost propulsion. Photos: nok-schiffsbilder... nok-schiffsbilder...

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