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 Tor  (Bulk Carrier)
568 days ago by Timsen

Beached ship at Gadani...
...photographed on Sep 4, 2013: www.shipspotting....

 Leonardo Da Vinci  (Service Ship > Dredger)
568 days ago by arnekiel

Jan De Nul to dredge 10 mln m3 with 18 vessels in Sabetta this year
Jan De Nul plans to dredge 10 mln m3 in Sabetta during the 10-week period, IAA PortNews learnt form the company’s press center. The dredging fleet of Jan De Nul commenced operation on August 2, 2013. The dredging project is being implemented by eighteen vessels including cutter suction dredgers Leonardo Da Vinci (installed power 20.26 MW, length 129.7 m, draught 5.2 m), Niccolo Machiavelli (installed power 23.52 MW, length 138.5 m, draught 5.5 m), trailing suction hopper dredgers Bartolomeu Diaz (hopper capacity 14 thousand cbm, length 147,8 m, draught loaded 11.2 m, dredging depth up to 52 m), Al Idrisi (hopper capacity 7,500 cbm, length 119.1 m, draught loaded 8.15 m, dredging depth up to 46.4 m), Francesco Di Giorgio (hopper capacity 4,400 cbm, length 95.3 m, draught loaded 7.3 m, dredging depth up to 28.5 m), Amerigo Vespucci (hopper capacity 3,500 cbm, length 97.7 m, draught loaded 6.2 m, dredging depth up to 36.5 m), Pinta (hopper capacity 3,400 cbm, length 89.7 m, draught loaded 5.4 m, dredging depth up to 31 m), De Bougainville (hopper capacity 3,700 cbm, length 99.5 m, draught loaded 5.85 m, dredging depth up to 32 m), split hopper barges Boussole (hopper capacity 3,700 cbm, length 99.5 m, draught loaded 5.85 m), L’Aigle (hopper capacity 3,700 cbm, length 99.5 m, draught loaded 5.85 m), Tiger (hopper capacity 3,700 cbm, length 99.5 m, draught loaded 5.85 m), Astrolabe (hopper capacity 3,700 cbm, length 99.5 m, draught loaded 5.85 m), Le Guerrier (hopper capacity 3,700 cbm, length 99.5 m, draught loaded 5.85 m), anchor boat, tugboats, survey craft and pontoon for berth operations.

 Ranine  (Ro Ro Cargo Ship)
568 days ago by Timsen

Sold to breakers in Chittagong
Just having reached an age of 35, the former "Gabriele Wehr" was reported being sold to breakers in Chittagong in September 2013.

 Armada Ali  (Oil And Chemical Tanker > Crude Oil Tanker)
569 days ago by odinfm

VLCC Armada Ali piracy attack, Malacca Strait
On 23 Sep 13 at or about 0230 hrs VLCC Armada Ali was conducting STS operations with another vessel at Nipah anchorage (Central Sumatra, Malacca Strait coast), Indonesia when three robbers armed with knives and metal rods boarded the tanker, reported ReCaap. The crew forward of midship confronted the robbers, who threw some bolts at the crew. A knife was also allegedly thrown by the robbers at one of the crew. The robbers escaped empty-handed. The robbers were described as sturdy, middle-aged men and violent in nature. They were clad in blue overalls but were barefooted. Footprints were later seen in the vicinity of three port cargo tank, indicating the robbers could have boarded from port shipside forward of manifold.

 Beaumont Hamel  (Passenger Ship > Passenger Ro Ro Cargo Ship)
569 days ago by Timsen

Blackout caused allision of ferry in 2012
A report from the federal Transportation Safety Board says the "Beaumont Hamel" struck a wharf because of an electrical problem that caused a blackout and loss of steering. The Ferry which runs from Portugal Cove to Bell Island, struck the wharf on May 30, 2012, resulting in one minor injury and damage to the bow and wharf. The report says the vessel experienced an electrical failure leading to a loss of propulsion and steering while it was approaching the wharf at Portugal Cove west of St. John’s. Investigators say the vessel had eight past electrical failures and previous repairs were made to the mechanical cause of the blackout. The report says the province’s safety management system was doing a poor job of tracking previous problems and coming up with ways to prevent further blackouts. The board says since the wharf accident, the provincial Transportation Department has installed a computerized safety maintenance system that tracks repairs and suggests ways to avoid problems. The board also says the generator engine fuel pumps were overhauled and calibrated.

 Carnival Breeze  (Passenger Ship > Cruise Ship)
569 days ago by Timsen

Cruise ship crew donated blood
The "Carnival Breeze" crew didn't hesitate in helping last weekend when a sick passenger required an onboard blood transfusion. A 72-year-old male passenger with a life-threatening medical emergency required a donation of five liters of O-positive blood. Because of the man's condition, the U.S. Coast Guard decided it would be safer to treat him onboard and increase the ship's speed to arrive in Miami as soon as possible. An urgent announcement was made asking crew members with O-positive blood who wished to volunteer to proceed to the medical Center. Within minutes, 42 crew members were at the medical center to donate blood. The ship arrived in Miami just before 4 a.m. on Sep 22, 2013, and disembarked the passenger, who is recovering at a Miami-area hospital.

 Guler  (General Cargo Ship)
569 days ago by Timsen

Gulen breached in grounding, directed to Venice
Divers who inspected the "Guler" at Corfu found that the hull had been breached and the ship had water ingress. It had been loaded with iron ore pellets when it grounded on the Corfu beach. The "Guler" en route from Thessaloniki to Marghera had grounded on Sep 23 at 7.30 a.m. in the Katavolos area, in the strait between Corfu and mainland. It was refloated in the early hours of Sep 24. The vessel in the meantime proceeded to Venice and docked at the Commercial Terminals on Sep 27 at 8.15 a.m. Report with photos:

 Maran Taurus  (Oil And Chemical Tanker > Crude Oil Tanker)
569 days ago by BerndU

sold to breakers
sold to Gadani breakers

 Wattenlaeufer Wyk-8  (Fishing Vessel)
569 days ago by Timsen

Scalloper saved yacht with broken keel
On Sep 15, 2013, the "Wattenläufer" saved an LM-28-yacht which had run aground off Sylt on a sandbar one mile NE of Hörnum port and broken its keel. The 28-ft-yacht had suffered water ingress and was threatened to sink with the flood. The lifeboat "Horst-Heiner-Kneten" and a catamaran responded and secured the boat, but only the scalloper proceeded and was able to come alongside with its draught of 0,8 meters and lifted the yacht out of the water with its fishing gear. It was transported to the port of Hörnum hanging over the side of the scalloper and placed onto the pier. German report with photos:

 Pentalina  (Passenger Ship > Passenger Ro Ro Cargo Ship)
569 days ago by Timsen

Pentalina to be drydocked following propeller damage
The "Pentalina" was to be going into dry-dock in Orkney on Sep 27, 2013, due to a propeller damaged. One of its propellers was damaged by debris during a crossing between St Margaret's Hope and Gills Bay the recent days. Therefore there would be no sailings between Gills Bay and St Margaret’s Hope from Sep 27 to Sep 29. Sailings were to recommence on Sep 30 morning. Passengers booked on these crossings have been informed where possible.

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