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 Silver Carla  (Oil And Chemical Tanker > Chemical Oil Products Tanker)
595 days ago by Timsen

Tanker disabled off Baltrum
On Jan 11, 2015, the "Silver Carla", having come from Hamburg, requested assistance off Baltrum island. The emergency tug "Nordic", the anti Pollution vessel "Mellum", the tug "Bugsier 10" and the tug "Weser" were proceeding towards the ship. The ship had been unable to keep its anchor position off Helgoland in the night and started drifting towards the Frisian islands, while the crew was unable to start the engines due to a blackout. The "Bugsier 10“ and "Weser" sailed from Wilhelmshaven at 5 a.m., at the same time also the "Nordic“ was dispatched. As the drift continued, the German Emergency Center in Cuxhaven took over at 11 a.m. when the tanker was already amidst the traffic separation zone German Bight. It was planned to take the tanker in tow to a safe position outside the fairway. The tanker could so far be secured by the multi purpose vessel "Mellum" and the tugs "Nordic" and "Bugsier 10" north of Norderney. The crew of 23 was safe. The storm was still raging with up to 102 km/h and wave heights of 6-8 meters.

 Delfi  (Bulk Carrier)
595 days ago by BerndU

arrived Chittagong anchorage
arrived Chittagong anchorage 08.01.15

 Barguzin  (General Cargo Ship)
595 days ago by BerndU

arrived Chittagong anchorage
arrived Chittagong anchorage 08.01.15

 Zhao Qing He  (Container Ship)
595 days ago by BerndU

arrived Scrapyard
arrived Jiangyin scrapyard 11.01.15

 Ulmar  (Oil And Chemical Tanker > Crude Oil Tanker)
595 days ago by BerndU

beached at Gadani 11.01.15

 Lelie  (Passenger Ship)
596 days ago by Timsen

Lelie ran aground in storm
On Jan 10, 2015, at 6:30 p.m. the crews of the KNRM stations Blaricum and Huizen were alerted after the "Lelie" had run aground between homes and Almere. Nine minutes after the alarm the lifeboat "Blaricum-1" speeded in winds of 7 Bft to the specified position. Colleagues of the KNRM Huizen were already on the spot with the lifeboat "Nicholas Wijsenbeek", later joined by salvors from Huizen aboard the "Meander" and the lifeboat "De Huizer" of the KNRM Huizen. The 23 persons on board the passenger ship had donned lifejackets. The salvor established a towing connection with the ship but had to abandon the attempt because the "Meander2 took on too much water and in danger of sinking. The "Blaricum-1" assisted to get a towing wire aboard the "Nicholas Wijsenbeek" which was able to pull the "Lelie" smoothly from the bottom. After the steering and engine were checked for damage it was decided to proceed to the port of Almere, escorted by the three lifeboats, and was safely moored at the quay. Dutch report with photos:

 Chopin  (Container Ship)
596 days ago by Timsen

Crewman died after knocked over board by wave
Off the coast of Westkapelle a Filipino sailor was lost over board the "Chopin" on Jan 10, 2015. The ship had just taken a pilot on board. The man was working with the gangway that hung alongside and was beaten by a big wave. He dropped about ten meters down and stuck to its lifeline at the height of the waterline. The victim was hoisted aboard again. Immediately CPR was started. The lifeboat "Zeemanshoop" of the KNRM station Breskens had meanwhile come alongside and taken over resuscitation. After an hour, a doctor was taken aboard with a helicopter from Den Helder but the man was declared dead. The "Chopin" sailed to Antwerp, where the victim was transferred ashore. Initially the lifeboats of Neeltje Jans and Westkapelle were alarmed for a search after the report that there was a man overboard. Dutch report with photos:

 Sandstrand  (Service Ship > Dredger)
596 days ago by Timsen

Dredger on the rocks
On Jan 10, 2015, the "Sandstrand" got into trouble in strong winds at Karmøy. The dredger landed in the pebbles at Vea in Ytreland. Two men on Ytreland and two in the emergency center at Killingøy were alerted due to a possible oil Spill. There was about one ton of bunker fuel aboard. At 8.40 p.m. the ship was refloated and docked at Karmøy. Norwegian report with Video:

 COSCO England  (Container Ship)
596 days ago by Timsen

Container ship broke from moorings in storm
During a storm in the afternoon of Jan 10, 2014,the mooring lines at the bow of the "Cosco England" which was moored at HHLA Container Terminal Tollerort in Hamburg broke. The bow was pushed eastward due to heavy wind eastwards and alided with the"Kronprinz Quay on the other side of the basin. The tugs "Bugsier 7", "Bugsier 8" and "bugsier 9", later joined by the "Bugsier 21" came for assistance and moved her back to the Tollerort Quay. In the late afternoon the tugs were still securing and pushing her against the quay, later in the evening having been released by the "Fairplay X", "Peter" and "Bugsier 2". Photo: www.shipspotting....

 Crest Onyx  (Offshore Vessel > Offshore Tug Supply Ship)
596 days ago by Timsen

Crest Onys involved in salvage of wreckage of lost Air Asia flight
A serious attempt was underway late in the afternoon of Jan 10, 2014, to lift the tail section of the downed AirAsia flight QZ8501 from the sea bottom, after teams of divers managed to attach a giant orange balloon to the wreckage. The international search and rescue team has two balloons capable of lifting 35 tonnes, and four others with lifting power of 10 tonnes each. It was hoped they will be able to bring the key piece of wreckage to the surface to allow a thorough search for the "black box" flight recorder which is usually stored in the tail. The plane crashed on Dec 28, 2014, killing all 162 passengers and crew aboard. Crews were trying to manoeuvre an the "Crest Onyx" close enough to grab the part of the fuselage using a crane, and then lift it from the water. If the plan worked, searchers plan to scour the tail section for the "black box" flight recorder — even though the "pinger" locator on Jan 9 suggested it may have been dislodged from the tail and was lying 300 metres, or more, away in the muddy ocean. If the "Crest Onyx" was able to lift the water-and-mud logged tail section on board its ship, it plans to take it to the nearest town, Pangkalan Bun, where the search has been coordinated from. But strong currents, high waves and changeable weather have hampered the search so far, but conditions on Jan 10 appeared relatively calm. The tail — the only part of the debris so far found — was half buried in mud, and it was feared that if the black box has also become buried, it will be difficult to find. Two weeks have elapsed since the crash. The tail section has yielded no bodies, though two were found on the sea floor nearby, still strapped to their seats. In total, 48 bodies have now been dragged from the sea. The main body of the plane, which authorities hope contains most of the rest of the deceased, has still not been located. The search included two teams of divers sweeping different parts of the ocean floor — one for the black box, and one for the tail. The tail was found on Jan 7. It was lying upside down and partially buried about 30km from where the plane was last seen on radar. Report with photos:

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