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 Harmonie  (Oil And Chemical Tanker > Tank Barge)
512 days ago by Timsen

Fire on barge in Colonia
On Jan 2, 2016, at 5.28 a.m. the fire rescue in Colonia was alerted to the "Harmonie", 2600 ts (EU-No.: 04802090), after the master had remarked smoke emerging from the stern while the barge was in Rodenkirchen, Rhine km 683. The ship dropped anchore 30 meters from the shore after one engine failed, and the fire fighters were transferred aboard by the fire boat "Ursula". They were on scene with 49 forces from Deutz, Colonia-City, Marienburg and Rodenkirchen. At 6.11 a.m. the fire which had broken out in the filter system and set insulation ablaze, was under control, and at 7 a.n. the fire rescue left the scene after the engine room was checked with thermal cameras. The crew of four was not injured. The "Harmonie" was loaded with 1060 tons diesel fuel and was enroute from Flushing to Mulhouse. At 10.38 a.m. she berthed in Godorf. The cargo was to be transferred onto another barge before repair work was started. German report with photo, video:

 Abo Alyssa  (General Cargo Ship)
512 days ago by Timsen

Three ship's officers charged for being intoxicated
The captain of the "Ivan Bobrov" was interrogated at the court in Elsinore on charges of drunken Navigation on Jan 2, 2015. He was in company of the ship's first mate and engineer who were also charged for drunken sailing. The "Ivan Bobrov" was heading southwards in the Øre Sound on Jan 1 when the Danish Defence Sea Rescue Service noted that the coaster did not stay within the route declaration and therefore approached the relevant authorities who contacted the ship via VHF and sent police officers out with a vessel of the Marine Home Guard. They found out that the person at the helm was drunk. A breath test showed that both the ship's captain, first officer and the chief engineer were so intoxicated that they were arrested on the spot and brought ashore where a blood test was taken to determine the alcohol levels accurately. The Analysis of the blood sample was expected on Jan 4. The coaster anchored south of Elsinore in the morning of Jan 2. The ship was en route from Ipswich to Riga. The ship owner must now hire new officers before the ship is able to continue its voyage.

 Petrel Arrow  (General Cargo Ship)
512 days ago by Swiss63

BU Jiangyin 6.2.12

 G3 Marquis  (Bulk Carrier > Self Discharging Bulk Carrier)
512 days ago by arnekiel

St. Lawrence Seaway season ends with passage of last ship
The navigation season along the St. Lawrence Seaway has come to a close now that the last ship has passed through one of the locks along the waterway in northern New York. Officials with the St. Lawrence Seaway Development Corp. told the Watertown Daily Times that the Canadian-flagged CWB Marquis passed through the Eisenhower Lock at Massena on Wednesday, ending the 57th navigation season. With the passing of the bulk carrier, all ships have now cleared the seaway. Officials say favorable weather conditions led to a "great closing" for the system that links the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean via the St. Lawrence River. Workers will now perform maintenance on the seven locks in the river portion of seaway to prepare it for reopening in late March.

 Vigorous  (Bulk Carrier)
512 days ago by arnekiel

First ship to reach Montreal in 2016 is bulk carrier from Marshall Islands
A bulk carrier called the Vigorous is the first ocean-going vessel to reach the Port of Montreal without a stopover in 2016. The Vigorous left from Sohar, Oman, on Nov. 30 and crossed the Montreal port's downstream limits in Sorel, Que. at 5:21 Friday morning. The ship's captain will receive the Gold-Headed Cane award, which has been presented since 1840 to the captain of the first vessel to arrive each year. In early years the award was a top hat, but it was changed to reflect the tastes of the period around 1880. Captain Jun Eric Alio Dalipe will accept the award from the Montreal port authority during a ceremony on Monday. The Vigorous flies the flag of the Marshall Islands and is operated by the Vigorous Shipping and Trading Co. montreal.ctvnews....

 Horizon Trader  (Container Ship)
512 days ago by arnekiel

Vessel tugging stranded ship Horizon Trader traced
Mumbai : The location of the tug vessel Gauntlet that was pulling the stranded ship Horizon Trader , which is apparently laden with organic pollutants and radioactive substances, has now been recorded at latitude 18.94535 and longitude 70.9733 off the coast of Maharashtra. According to the Basel Action Network (BAN), the Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre (MRCC), Mumbai, and the Coast Guard have not been able to track Horizon Trader as it was being tugged by MISS Gaunt (or Gauntlet ). It was last seen in Mauritius waters and the port authorities there listed the tug MISS Gaunt as towing Horizon Trader . The two have since been separated and remain untraceable for Indian authorities looking for them south off Mumbai. As on December 30, the vessels were set to move toward Alang port in Gujarat. Agreement traced The vessel is owned by US shipping company Matson Inc, which has sold Horizon Trader for primitive ship breaking at Alang. The 42-year-old ship was last owned by All Star Metals of Brownsville, Texas. BAN has also obtained the original memorandum of agreement for the sale of the ship, which stipulated that the buyer would responsibly recycle the vessel in the US. BAN, an international toxic waste watchdog, had flagged off the American vessel Horizon Trader , which has falsely claimed blackout but reportedly has the intention of dumping toxic waste into Indian waters. The ship, according to the network, is laden with Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs), asbestos and possibly radioactive substances, putting the country’s maritime security and environment at risk. “The Gauntlet has restricted mobility because it is towing the Trader but as soon as the tug leaves the vessel it appears there is no way of keeping track of the Trader, ” said New Delhi-based activist Gopal Krishna of Toxic Watch Alliance.

 Abo Alyssa  (General Cargo Ship)
512 days ago by arnekiel

Russian ship with drunk crew arrested in waters south of Elsinore
General cargo vessel IVAN BOBROV was ordered to drop anchor in Oresund south of Elsinore, Denmark, on Jan 1, after Danish traffic control spotted strange movements of the vessel. Water police found 9 crew drunk, probably after celebrating New Year. Master, Chief Mate and Chief Engineer were arrested and taken to police in Elsinore. At 0400 UTC Jan 2 vessel was still at anchor. Three arrested senior officers may face prison sentence. Vessel is en route from Ipswich UK to Riga Latvia.

 Melissa  (Other)
512 days ago by Timsen

Grounding on Danube
On Dec 30, 2015, the "Melissa", 1287 ts (EU-No.: 02307670), ran aground on the Danube at river km 1896,300, due to low river tides. The ship had sailed from Vienna on Dec 17 and was enroute to Deinze, ETA Jan 10, 2016. On Jan 2 the German barge "Johannes" (MMSI: 211191560) was alongside the casualty vessel. Photos: www.binnenschiffe... www.binnenschiffe... www.binnenschiffe...

 Don Ignacio  (Offshore Vessel > Offshore Tug Supply Ship)
512 days ago by arnekiel

3 SPP17A PSVs successfully delivered by SINOPACIFIC
SINOPACIFIC Shipbuilding Group (hereinafter referred to as SINOPACIFIC) successfully delivered 3 SPP17A platform supply vessels (PSV) to the shipowner Naviera Petrolera Integral S.A. de C.V. (hereinafter referred to as NPI) at Zhejiang Shipyard under SINOPACIFIC. The 3 SPP17A PSVs were contracted in July 2014. All of them are the SP series of offshore support vessels (OSV) designed independently by SINOPACIFIC. Based on NPI’s requirements, SINOPACIFIC has tailor-made designed, built and delivered the new types of PSVs, which will be serving the project of oil and gas exploitation in the Gulf of Mexico by PEMEX, the largest state-owned oil company of Mexico. The 3 PSVs are in full accordance with the requirement of the contract period. NPI fully affirmed the cooperation this time. “I believe that these 3 beautiful vessels will become a banner of our fleet. I am also fully confident in that SINOPACIFIC can be famous in Mexico by virtue of its excellent products.” the vice president of NPI Juan Pablo Vega Torres said.

 Pannonia  (Tug)
512 days ago by Timsen

Grounding on Danube
The "Pannonia", 1188 ts (EU-No.: 04027350), got stuck on the Danube near Willendorf, river km 2022,8, after its departure from Vienna, being bound to Straubing, ETA Dec 22, 2015. The accident was caused by the low tides of the river. Photos: www.binnenschiffe... www.binnenschiffe... www.binnenschiffe... www.binnenschiffe... www.binnenschiffe...

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