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 Costa Concordia  (Passenger Ship > Cruise Ship)
570 days ago by arnekiel

Trial against Costa Concordia Captain Schettino begins today (July 9)
BBC Video report on:

 Queen Elizabeth 2  (Passenger Ship > Cruise Ship)
570 days ago by arnekiel

Chinese yards invited to bid to convert QE2
One of the most famous names in cruise shipping, the Queen Elizabeth 2 (QE2), is set to pass through Singapore and then Hong Kong before it heads to a Chinese yard to be transformed into a floating hotel to be moored in Asia. The ship is now at Dubai Drydocks undergoing preparatory work before it sets sail this autumn. Khamis Juma Buamin, chairman of Dubai shipyard operator Drydocks World, which bought the ship for around $100m in 2007, said at a press conference this weekend that the ship is undergoing upgrades in Dubai before the planned departure.
The ship is expected to reach Singapore on 1 November, staying for three days before proceeding to Hong Kong for another three days and then head to a shipyard in China. The ship's memorabilia will be sent to Singapore and stored in a specially secured warehouse and reassembled after renovation. The conversion of the vessel into a 400-suite hotel will cost around $90m, and be completed by 2014. The selected Chinese shipyard is expected to be officially confirmed around the middle of August. Drydocks World has invited Chinese yards run by Cosco, China Shipping, China Merchants and Rongsheng to submit bids for the conversion work. [08/07/13]

 M.v.albedo  (Container Ship)
570 days ago by odinfm

The only one and the last ship in Somalia pirates captivity, m/v Albedo, sank in rough weather
European Union Naval Force said on July 8 13, that anchored Malaysian container ship Albedo, hold by Somalia pirates since November 2010, sank in rough weather. Vessel according to pirate commander Hassan Abdi, was held by pirates near notorious pirates den in Hobyo, central Somalia coastline, Indian ocean. Reports are confused - Hassan Abdi told The Associated Press on the phone, that at least six pirates and two crew members had been killed. What does it mean, goes unexplained – did they die in an accident, or were they killed being fired upon? If there was gun fire, who was firing at whom, and why? Hassan Abdi also said, that at least two crew members were rescued. Both pirates commander and EU NAVFOR mentioned m/v Albedo having mechanical problems for months, which is no wonder. Vessel in pirates captivity was as good as derelict, from the point of view of proper maintenance. To stand against storm in an open bay means either moving out to the sea, or at least, if staying at anchor, keeping vessel’s bow against swell and wind, which requires an operational main engine. EU NAVFOR said there were 15 crew on board of the Albedo. According to previous data, there were 14 crew left on board of Albedo, after the release of 7 Pakistani crew, including captain, on July 31 2012, and previously, death of one of the crew of the Indian nationality. Reportedly, he died because of cholera. Among those 14 there are 7 Sri Lankans, 6 Bangladeshi and 1 Iranian. Read full story

 Lord Joy  (Container Ship)
570 days ago by Swiss63

1 - 3 months charter, trading Mediterranean, WEC Lines

 Anna-lisa  (Container Ship)
570 days ago by Swiss63

3 - 6 months charter, trading Far East, Centrans

 Rbd Borea  (Container Ship)
570 days ago by Swiss63

6 - 7 months charter, trading Far East, Asean Seas Line

 Mv.kharis Jupiter  (Container Ship)
570 days ago by Swiss63

4 - 7 months charter, trading Far East, Sinokor

 He Bin  (Container Ship)
570 days ago by Swiss63

2 - 3 monhs charter, trading Far East, Hanjin

 Chattanooga  (Container Ship)
570 days ago by Swiss63

3 months charter, trading Far East, Sea Consortium

 Mareno  (Container Ship)
570 days ago by Swiss63

5 - 6 months charter, trading Mediterranean, MSC

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