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 Wilson Gdynia  (General Cargo Ship)
158 days ago by Timsen

Wilson Gdynia towed to Belfast
On Apr 14 the "Wilson Gdynia was taken in tow by an offshore supply vessel "Balder Viking" (IMO: 9199634) in order to be towed to Belfast. The "Balder Viking" was contracted for £22,000 per day. In the morning of Apr 15 both vessels were approaching Belfast with an ETA of 9 a.m.

 Beaufort  (Service Ship > Research Vessel)
158 days ago by Timsen

Beaufort held in position
On Apr 14 around midday the German emergency tug "Nordic" was able to connect a towing wire to the "Beaufort" which was later delivered to the German tug "Arion" (IMO: 7982934) which was able to keep the vessel in position about 18 miles north of Borkum since waiting for weather conditions to improve. Also the "Nordic" and the "Neuwerk" remained on standby.

 Laboe  (Passenger Ship)
158 days ago by Timsen

Passenger ferry pushed aground in Mönkeberg
On Apr 14, 2014, at 1 p.m. the "Laboe" was pushed onto the shore of Mönkeberg in the Kiel Bight during berthing manoevers due to the stormy west wind. The ship got stuck parallel to the beach between the jetty and the marina and was unable to come off again. The tug "Falckenstein", also being owned by the Schlepp- und Fährgesellschaft Kiel, was called and pulled the passenger ferry off at 2 p.m. After first inspections during which no damage was found the ship was able to proceed to its scheduled destination Laboe before returning to the SFK base at Kiel at 4.50 p.m. for further investigations. The "Laboe" resumed its service in the morning of Apr 15 as scheduled.

 Hansestadt Stralsund  (Passenger Ship)
158 days ago by Timsen

Passenger ship disabled and adrift in 6-7 Beaufort wind
On Apr 14, 2014, at 5 p.m. the "Hansestadt Stralsund" radioed Mayday after both engines had failed. The ship was disabled in winds of 6-7 Beaufort between the northern Approach of the Strela Sound and the southern tip of the Island Hiddensee and was drifting towards the islet Heuwiese. On board were 12 passengers and a crew of three. The MRCC Bremen alerted the DGzRS-station Stralsund, from where the lifeboat "Hertha Jeep" was dispatched. First on scene was the customs boat "Bad Zwischenahn" which was near Parow and took on board the passengers. Then the lifeboat took the passenger ship in tow with its 320 hp and pulled it into the port of Stralsund. German report with photos: www.seenotretter....

 Tranquillity Bf7  (Other)
158 days ago by Timsen

Water ingress off Orkney
The "Tranquility" has been escorted to safety after it began taking on water 20 miles out to sea on Apr 14, 2014. The crew of six raised the alarm at around 10.45 a.m. when the vessel got into difficulty east of Orkney. The Coastguard helicopter from Sumburgh in Shetland was scrambled, and the RNLI all weather lifeboat from Kirkwall in Orkney was also sent. A pump was lowered onto the "Tranquility" from the helicopter and pumps were transferred from the lifeboat when it arrived. The fishing boat was then escorted to Kirkwall harbour by the lifeboat, arriving at around 2.10 p.m. Report with photo:

 Luno  (General Cargo Ship)
158 days ago by Timsen

Accomodation section pulled onto beach
On Apr 14 the "Luno"-section with the accomodation block was pulled onto the sandy beach of the Cavaliers. Now salvors can start cutting this part of the ship. The wreckage contained electronic equipment, machinery and wiring. The operation to remove the rear part of the ship began late in the evening of Apr 12.Before the workers start cutting the structure they first have to dispose of the electronics. The shell will be reduced to scrap with a thermal Lance next, and the transportable metal plates will be placed on the market around Bayonne and elsewhere. All metal of the ship is recyclable. French reports with photos and video: aquitaine.france3...

 Costa Concordia  (Passenger Ship > Cruise Ship)
158 days ago by Timsen

Court hearing continued
Francesco Schettino suggested officials blamed the collision of the "Costa Concordia" on a power outtage, a court heard a senior official testify on Apr 14. "Schettino proposed I tell authorities that a blackout caused the collision. I disagreed strongly and became angry. This was false and different to what he had told me earlier, namely that he he had hit rocks and that the ship had flooded. I remember reacting pretty badly, as did my colleagues in the crisis room" in Genoa," Roberto Ferrarini, the head of a crisis unit set up to handle the sinking, told a court in Grossetto. At the request of the prosecutor, Alessandro Leopizzi, the court heard a recording of a telephone call in which Schettino spoke of a blackout but then changed tack after evidently realising that Ferrarini would not go along with a cover-up of the facts.

 Ocean Shield  (Offshore Vessel > Offshore Support Vessel)
158 days ago by Timsen

Ocean Shield launched Bluefin
Search crews on Apr 14 launched a robotic submarine deep from the "Ocean Shield" for the first time to try to determine whether underwater signals detected by sound-locating equipment were from the missing Malaysian plane's black boxes. The crew launched the unmanned underwater vehicle in the evening. The Bluefin 21 autonomous sub can create a three-dimensional sonar map of the area to chart any debris on the seafloor. The move came after crews picked up a series of underwater sounds over the past two weeks that were consistent with an aircraft's black boxes. Before, the "Ocean Shield" has been dragging a U.S. Navy pinger locator through the water to listen for any sounds from the beacons. Over the past 10 days, the equipment has picked up four separate signals. The Bluefin sub takes six times longer to cover the same area as the ping locator, and the two devices can't be used at the same time. Crews were hoping to detect additional signals before sending down the sub, so they could triangulate the source and zero in on where exactly the black boxes may be. But it has been 38 days since the plane disappeared, and search crews haven't picked up any new sounds since Apr 8, suggesting that the devices' batteries may now be dead. That is why officials was now using the Bluefin. The submarine will take 24 hours to complete each mission: two hours to dive to the bottom, 16 hours to search the seafloor, two hours to return to the surface, and four hours to download the data. In its first deployment, it searched a 15-square-mile section of seafloor. Officials were investigating an oil slick not far from the area where the underwater sounds were detected. Crews have collected a sample of the oil and sent it back to Australia for analysis, a process that was to take several days. A visual search for debris on the ocean surface was continuing on Apr 14 over 18,400 square miles of ocean about 1,400 miles northwest of the west coast city of Perth. A total of 12 planes and 15 ships would join the two searches. The visual search operation would be ending in the next two to three days. Officials haven't found a single piece of debris linked to the plane. The chances that any would be have greatly diminished. Officials were looking for other vehicles that could help to retrieve any wreckage, should the Bluefin find any.

 Vinalines Sky  (Bulk Carrier)
158 days ago by Timsen

Vinalines Sky detained due to unpaid depts
The "Vinalines Sky" has been held in Hongkong since Apr 5, 2014, as the Korean company Vinalines sought to force payment of VND 47.93 bn ($2.28m). The Vietnam’s international arbitration centre had ordered Vinalines to pay the bill for steel poles it imported to build an international port in central Vietnam. But this ruling has been suspended by Hanoi people’s court, to which Vinalines complained in January, saying that it did not accept the quality and price of the steel. It is unclear if the arrest has since been lifted.

 Ghania  (General Cargo Ship)
158 days ago by BerndU

beached at Gadani 08.04.14

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