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 Emilia  (Container Ship)
156 days ago by Timsen

Johanna allided with jetty in Brunsbüttel
On Mar 15, 2014, at 9.20 p.m. the "Johanna" was caught by a wind gust while leaving the small south lock of the Kiel Canal in Brunsbüttel westbound. The ship allided with the jetty 1. It suffered only minor damage. Police will carry out its investigations once the ship is passing the Kiel Canal again. It was enroute from Kokkola to Antwerp and morred in the Vrasen Dock on Mar 17 at 3 a.m.

 Arklow Raider  (General Cargo Ship)
156 days ago by Timsen

Minibulker pushed against jetty in Brunsbüttel
Enroute from Rotterdam to Birkenhead the "Arklow Raider" was pushed against the South Quay of the outer port of the Kiel Canal locks in Brunsbüttel on Mar 16, 2014, around 11.15. The unloaded ship was caught by the stron NW wind and allided with jetty one. The ship suffered only minor damage, the damage to jetty one had yet to be assessed. On Mar 17 the ship was still berthed in Brunsbüttel-Ostermoor.

 Okyalos  (Bulk Carrier)
156 days ago by Timsen

Two allisions in the Kiel Canal
Enroute from Rotterdam to Liepaja the "Okyalos" allided with two pilings in the Kiel Canal during its eastbound transit in the morning of Mar 16, 2014. The ship passed the canal with tug assistance. At Kudensee the wire of the stern tug "Bugsier 15" broke, and the unloaded ship was pushed against the pilings by the stron NE wind. The piling groups suffered severe damage. Also the winch of the tug was damaged so that it had to suspend the assistance and was replaced by another tug, the "Luchs". After the tug was connected, the voyage was resumed, but at 11.45 a.m. the wind caused another allision with six steel pilings on the south side of the Kiel Canal at Schülp. After the ship reached the canal locks in Kiel Holtenau, it was investigated and allowed to continue the voyage at 5 p.m.

 Tongan  (Container Ship)
156 days ago by Timsen

Container ship grounded on the Elbe
On Mar 16, 2014, the "Tongan" on its way from Hamburg to Fredericia dragged the anchor while waiting on the Elbe at the NE anchorage off Brunsbüttel to get permission for the transit of the Kiel Canal. At 5.30 p.m. the Crew remarked that the vessel was drifting towards the Elbe shore. To avoid a grounding, the second anchor was dropped and the main engine started. A tug was called for assistance. These manoevers could not prevent the ship from alliding with a buoy and getting stuck on a shallow. The ship was refloated by the tug and surveyed on scene. A more thorough investigation was ordered, and for this purpose the ship berthed at the Voith Quay in Kiel on Mar 17 at 10.15 a.m. After the surveyors had ensured the seaworthyness, the ship continued the voyage around 7 p.m.

 Norderoog  (Container Ship)
156 days ago by Timsen

Allision in Brunsbüttel lock
On Mar 16, 2014, at 12.10 p.m. the "Norderoog", while leaving the new southern lock of the Kiel Canal in Brunsbüttel the "Norderoog" tore off several chains of the floating fenders inside the lock basin with its anchoring gear. The ship continued its eastbound voyage from Hamburg CTT to St. Petersburg around 1 p.m.

 Thorco Cougar  (General Cargo Ship)
156 days ago by Timsen

Oil spill in Kiel Canal
In the early morning of Mar 16, 2014, the "Mar Misool" caused an oil spill in Brunsbüttel. The ship had moored for bunkering, and in spite of the survey by the chief engineer about 50 liters floated onto the deck and part of it into the water. Removal work was initiated and an investigation launched against the responsible officer of the ship. The vessel would only be allowed to continue once all cleaning work has been completed. the ship had just left the Norder Yard in Hamburg and was underway to Rahja.

 Santa Regina  (Passenger Ship > Passenger Ro Ro Cargo Ship)
156 days ago by Timsen

Charge discharged
John Henderson has had a charge of causing unnecessary danger to passengers and crew of a Cook Strait ferry discharged. The Wellington District Court heard an application from John Henderson's lawyer to dismiss the charge against him on the basis that there was insufficient evidence from the Crown to put to the jury. Henderson, 67, has pleaded not guilty to the charge that he, being captain of the "Santa Regina", did an act that caused unnecessary danger to the crew or passengers of the ferry. The Crown has alleged that after a collision with a fishing boat at Wellington's Glasgow Wharf during bad weather, the Santa Regina was left with a 3.5 metre gash in its side, which was not noticed while the ship sailed to Picton then back to Wellington. Judge Broadmore granted the application and told the jury that had spent a week hearing the case that they would not be needed to deliberate. He said that the Crown had to prove that a failure to find the gash and deal with it caused a danger or risk to passengers and crew. The judge said virtually all the evidence had been that there was no objective risk to the ship. There had been an inspection of the ship of all critical areas and the areas that weren't critical - where the gash was - were not critical to the safety of the ship, he said.

 Pride  (Bulk Carrier)
156 days ago by BerndU

sold to Breakers
sold to Alang breakers

 Osa Goliath  (Offshore Vessel > Offshore Support Vessel)
156 days ago by Timsen

OSA Goliath seized in Aruba
Creditors to the Mexican oil services company Oceanografia on Mar 14, 2014, have seized the "OSA Goliath" in Aruban waters, that was used as collateral for debt issued by the company. Norsk Tillitsmann, the Oslo-based trustee for some of Oceanografia's bonds was preparing to sell the ship to recoup funds for lenders. The Mexican company was at the centre of an alleged fraud that forced Citigroup to cut its 2013 profit. In February Citigroup uncovered at least $400 million in bogus loans to Oceanografia at its Mexican subsidiary, Banamex. Oceanografia had borrowed from Banamex using expected payments from Pemex as collateral. Mexico's government has taken control of Oceanografia and begun a criminal investigation. The FBI and the US Securities & Exchange Commission were investigating the transactions.

 Santa Ana  (Fishing Vessel)
156 days ago by Timsen

Attempt to cut hole in hull failed
Divers on Mar 16 in vain tried to cut a hole of five square meters into the hull of the "Santa Ana" off Cabo Peñas, to enable a greater speed in the search for the missng four crew members, as a technical fault of the thermic lance they were using in the afternoon prevented them from completing the work. They had tried to make a cut in the starboard side hull at the height of the wheelhouse, in order to remove about 2500 fishing boxes hampering the work of the divers inside the wreck. Instead they continued inspecting the four cabins and bathrooms as well as the hallways without finding more bodies. The investigation was now focused on the bow of the boat with three more cabins, and also in the engine room. The Indonesian mechanical Suherman Hasan andthe Galician sailor Lucas Joseph Mayo were recovered on Mar 13 and 15. Still missing were the Galician mechanical Manuel María Tajes, the Spanish trainiee Marcos Chacon Water, the Portuguese boatswain Victor Jose Farinhas Braga, and the Indonesian sailor Wasito. Spanish report with photo:

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