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 Beech 2  (Oil And Chemical Tanker > Oil Products Tanker)
163 days ago by Timsen

Bunker tanker grounded in Novorossiysk
The "Beech 2" ran aground in the inner harbor of Novorossiysk port on May 20, 2014, at 5.30 p.m. LT due to a steering failure, reports. At 8 p.m. the vessel was refloated with the assistance of two tugs and taken to an anchorage for an underwater survey by divers.

 Universal Mk2013  (Passenger Ship)
163 days ago by Timsen

38 injured in collision off Hongkong
38 people were injured when the "Universal MK 2013" collided with a Chinese cargo vessel on May 21, 2014, around 11 p.m. LT in Hong Kong off the outlying island of Cheung Chau. The accident happend half an hour after departing from Hong Kong China Ferry Terminal for Macau. Two women who were seriously injured and went unconscious, were taken to the St. John Hospital in Cheung Chau. 36 others suffered minor injuries, with some being taken to nearby hospitals. They were taken to the Hong Kong-Macau Ferry Terminal in Sheung Wan first. The Macau ferry later arrived at its terminal on Hong Kong Island. The Chinese vessel remained at the scene.

 Sewol  (Passenger Ship > Passenger Ro Ro Cargo Ship)
163 days ago by Timsen

Prosecutors discussed arrest warrant for Yoo Byung-eun, worshippers blockade church thought to be retreat
Yoo Byung-eun - an entrepreneur, artist, ex-convict and religious figure and the de facto owner of the "Sewol" failed to appear at a court hearing on May 20, prompting prosecutors to mull forcibly entering a church retreat to detain the millionaire. Yoo was earlier notified to show up at the hearing held at the Incheon District Court in the western port city of Incheon that was to decide whether to issue an arrest warrant for him. Prosecutors held an emergency meeting to discuss ways to enter the retreat in Anseon where the owner was suspected to be hiding. Dozens of worshippers belonging to the Evangelical Baptist Church, in which Yoo remains an influential founding member, built a blockade in front of the retreat, arguing that the ongoing investigation was a religious persecution. The prosecution suspects that corruption by Yoo, who is suspected to be controlling Chonghaejin Marine through two of his sons who own stakes in the firm through various subsidiaries, resulted in lax safety practices, such as cargo overloading, and caused the sinking. Yoo is facing a host of corruption charges, including embezzlement, dereliction of duty, tax evasion and bribery. Prosecutors have tried to determine whether the family illegally used the ferry operator and other businesses to accumulate a fortune, but the family members have ignored their summonses. The prosecution has already put Yoo's eldest son, Dae-kyun, on the most-wanted list for continuously disobeying the summonses. Prosecutors have also sought arrest warrants for Yoo's second son, Hyuk-ki, and eldest daughter, Som-na, both currently staying abroad, as they have also repeatedly refused to respond to the prosecution summonses.

 Stena Alegra  (Passenger Ship > Passenger Ro Ro Cargo Ship)
163 days ago by Timsen

Sailings cut to one a day
The "Stena Alegra" will have its sailings cut to one a day starting on May 22 as it was a quiet time of year for passengers. Some of the masters who sail the ferry would be rostered off as they had deferred leave in the last few months. There would be two round trips to one a day from May 22 through to May 28.

 Galapaface 1  (General Cargo Ship > Refrigerated Cargo Ship)
163 days ago by Timsen

Lubricants taken off grounded vessel
On May 19, as a team of 15 salvage workers began unloading 46 tanks of lubricating oil stored on board the "Galapaface 1". They found all of the containers in good condition and that they were not leaking. The Ecuadorian Ministry of the Environment and the Galápagos National Park were monitoring the salvage operation closely and doing everything possible to prevent contamination of the waters off San Cristóbal. Earlier, crews pumped 19,000 gallons of fuel off the ship. Technicians from the Ecuadorian Environment Ministry, the Galápagos National Park and the Darwin Research Station were monitoring water samples to make sure that no toxic substances are leaking from the "Galapaface I". Three divers from these agencies have been examining the ocean floor around the spot where the ship ran aground to gauge the effect on marine life. A state of emergency declared by the Ecuadorian government on May 15 remained in effect, enabling the release of money necessary to remove the ship from the rocks without causing environmental damage. As a further precaution, authorities closed two popular tourist spots at Punta Carola beach and Cerro Tijeretas. When the ship ran aground, it had already unloaded cargo destined for San Cristóbal and was headed to Santa Cruz, about 60 miles to the east. In an attempt to reclaim their property, some merchants from Santa Cruz journeyed to San Cristóbal only to find that many of the goods had been damaged by sea water that leaked into the ship's hold. Report with photos: www.huffingtonpos...

 Tone  (General Cargo Ship)
163 days ago by BerndU

scrapped at Western Shipyard(BLRT Grupp)Klaipeda 20.05.2014 picture:www.shipspotting....

 Gianni Morace  (Passenger Ship > Passenger Ro Ro Cargo Ship)
163 days ago by BerndU

scrapped at Aliaga 07/02/13

 Sv Med Sette  (Offshore Vessel > Offshore Tug Supply Ship)
163 days ago by BerndU

scrapped at Aliaga 14/03/13

 Saga Sapphire  (Passenger Ship > Cruise Ship)
163 days ago by Timsen

Saga Sapphire resumed voyage
The "Saga Sapphire" which had enocuntered a total electrical blackout on May 20 off Brunsbüttel, finally entered the Kiel Canal on May 21 at 1.20 p.m. eastbound. The tugs "Arion" and "Bugsier 21" assisted the cruise ship which had an ETA at Stockholm of May 23, 6 a.m.

 Athos Matacena  (Passenger Ship > Passenger Ro Ro Cargo Ship)
163 days ago by BerndU

scrapped at Aliaga 21/12/13

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