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 Martin H  (General Cargo Ship)
230 days ago by Timsen

Martin H disabled and towed to Bodø
In the night of Dec 3, 2013, the "Martin H" reported that they took in water and the main engine was knocked out and the power had completely broken down. The vessel had five people on board. A rescue helicopter and rescue boat were dispatched by the Coast guard. The tug "Norman Earl" proceeded from Reine. Due to favorable winds could the vessel held over 14 knots. After 2,5 hours, the Coastguard tug was on scene and established a towing connection. The crew wanted to be towed to Bodø. The "Normal Jarl" requested the"Martin H" to assist in maintaining course using bowthrustere and rudder. The wind pushed the "Martin H" to starboard throughout the tow which was demanding for the towing equipment. The last leg of the tow was conducted with the assistance of a lifeboat in winds up to 53 knots and timewise no visibility. The bad weather did they at some point had to be close to an hour still to wait for better conditions. At 10.30 a.m. the ship was safely towed into the port of Bodø. Norwegian report with photos:

 Inaya  (General Cargo Ship)
230 days ago by Timsen

arrived at Mumbai breakers... Dec 2013.

 Stephen L. Colby  (Tug)
230 days ago by Timsen

Tug above the water
The "Stephen L. Colby" was raised on Ded 9, but there was still plenty of work to do before salvors could move it down river. Three massive cranes of Moore Diving & Salvage. among them the "Big River", lifted the vessel to river level, crews were flushing out thousands of gallons of water from inside in order to finally make it buoyant. While the first hole has been patched it was believed there might be a second hole underneath the vessel, which would delay there progress. Frigid weather was also hampering efforts, crews limited to two hour shifts before heading to a 70 degree warming tent, and a barge has been set up to block ice from forming on the booms. As the airlines were freezing up, salvors had to unhook everything, knock the ice out of it and hook it back up. If all went well, salvors hoped to be able to move the vessel down river by Dec 12. Approximately 39,900 gallons of oily-water mixture has been recovered from the river, 89,000 gallons of oily-water mixture recovered from the Stephen L. Colby, and more than 6,800 cubic feet of oily waste has been collected. Due to an error in calculations from the initial phases of the response, the oily-water mixture collected from the Mississippi River was previously reported as being approximately 61,970 gallons of oily-water mixture. The correct amount of oily-water mixture collected from the river is approximately 39,900 gallons. Reports with photos and video:

 Vista III  (Oil And Chemical Tanker > Crude Oil Tanker)
230 days ago by Timsen

Sold to Chittagong breakers
The "Nikator", operated by Cavodoro Shipping, was reportedly sold for US$12 million to a breakyard in Chittagong.

 Anna Bo  (Bulk Carrier)
231 days ago by odinfm

Listed due to cargo of iron ore shift, Philippine sea
Bulk carrier Anna Bo developed a list with some 40000 tons of iron ore en route to China, most probably from Indonesia. List developed due to the cargo shift, caused by liquefaction. Vessel was in Philippine sea east off Luzon, and had to shelter in Lamon Bay. Reportedly cargo is to be offloaded. Judging from the AIS track, vessel developed list on Dec 4 13 or earlier.

 Aratere  (Passenger Ship > Passenger Ro Ro Cargo Ship)
231 days ago by Timsen

Aratere starting freight only service after propeller loss
On Dec 10 the "Aratere" started operating a freight-only service using its one remaining propeller. The classification society Det Norske Veritas (DNV) had granted safety approval for the "Aratere" to operate as a single-shaft, freight-only service during its busy summer period. The ship was to make daily return trips from Wellington to Picton from today until Christmas Eve. DNV had reviewed ultrasonic tests on the port propeller shaft to ensure there were no issues, and a thorough risk assessment had been carried out. The operating plan and timetable had been worked out along with DNV, Maritime NZ and harbour masters in Wellington and Marlborough. The "Aratere"'s extra freight service would provide an improved opportunity to move more freight during the busy period. The ship will be able to carry 32 rail wagons and 28 trucks per sailing allowing space for passenger vehicles on both the "Kaitaki" and the "Stena Alegra". The plans to minimise risk included the use of tugs to escort the "Aratere" in the enclosed waters of the Marlborough Sounds. Tugs would also be on standby in Wellington Harbour and would help the Aratere into berth. Navigating the sounds, the ship would sail via the northern entrance of Queen Charlotte Sound, rather than the narrower Tory Channel. There would also be restrictions on sailing when the significant wave height was above 3 metres or the average wind speed at berth was above 20-25 knots.

 Riona  (General Cargo Ship)
231 days ago by Timsen

Grounding damage getting repaired
The "Riona" has been sent to the Western Ship Yards in Tykö (Teijo) for repairs on Dec 9, after the cargo consisting of 970 tons of feldspar were unloaded in the port of Fröjdböle in Kemiö the recent days. The ship suffered two dents at the port side of the bow and about a meter long cracks in the hull. The cracks caused that the vessel began to take on water in the ballast tank. The Parga Ronja Carrier Marine Ltd. estimated that the repairs would take approximately one week. Why the "Riona" ran aground on the way to Vyborg with a cargo from the Sibelcos factory in Fröjdböle was still unclear.

 Marstein  (Passenger Ship > Passenger Ro Ro Cargo Ship)
231 days ago by Timsen

Grounding off Husavik
The "Marstein" with 11 persons on board ran aground on the way from Husavik on Dec 9. The ferry was coming from Sandvikvåg. At 5.28 p.m. the police was notified about the grounding one mile off Husavik in Austevoll. There were seven passengers and a crew of six on board, none of whom was injured. The crew quickly informed the passengers who were then transported to Husavik with the "Tedno". The ferry then was refloated and docked at Husavik at 6.45 p.m. The cars were unloaded at 6.51 p.m., and the local police launched an investigation. Norwegian report with photo:

 Stephen L. Colby  (Tug)
231 days ago by Timsen

Ready to raise
The "Stephan L. Colby" was ready to be raised from the Mississippi River at LeClaire two weeks after it hit something in the river. A big crane was rigged to lift the tug . As it is raised, workers would pump out the remaining water, fuel and oil. Once workers have confirmed the boat has no other damage and it's ready to move, it was to be towed to a repair facility in Illinois about 300 miles downriver. A hole measuring about 12-by-30 inches along a seam on the bottom near the rear has been patched so the boat can be towed. Most of the spilled diesel fuel and oil has been cleaned up. Shortly after noon, the cranes had the boat lifted so that it looked as if it was sitting normally in the water again, although it was still cradled by cranes.

 Rhenus Hanau  (General Cargo Ship)
231 days ago by Timsen

Grounding on the Rhine
In the afternoon of Dec 9, 2013, the "Rhenus Hanau" ran aground on the Rhine at Wesel. The barge Train carrying 5000 tons of coal was underway from Amsterdam to Duisburg when it got stuck 400 meters behind the Wesel river bridge on the left shore. A part of the cargo was lightered so that the ships could be refloated. The police thought that the master was negligent.

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