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 MSC Noa  (Container Ship)
212 days ago by BerndU

sold to Breakers
sold to Breakers 337 USD/TO

 Cape Tavor  (Bulk Carrier)
212 days ago by BerndU

sold to Breakers
sold to Breakers 345,5 USD/TO

 Marina  (Container Ship)
212 days ago by BerndU

sold to Breakers
sold to Alang Breakers

 Alster  (Container Ship)
212 days ago by BerndU

arrived Bhavnagar anchorage
arrived Bhavnagar anchorage 20.02.17

 Crystal Esprit  (Passenger Ship > Cruise Ship)
212 days ago by Timsen

Cruise ship rescued distressed catamaran crew
12 French nationals were rescued on Feb 19, 2017, as the result of a joint effort of the Seychelles Coast Guard and the" Crystal Esprit". The Seychelles Coast Guard received a call from the cruise ship at around midnight on Feb 17, informing them that the catamaran "El Diablo" was in distress close to Praslin. Three children and nine adults were onboard the catamaran, which was dragged from its mooring buoy and ran aground close to the shore. The area was experiencing extremely bad weather which caused excessive damage to the catamaran and had to be abandoned. The Coastguard deployed ships to assist which worked jointly with the crew of the "Crystal Esprit" in darkness and heavy rain to carry out the rescue operation. The distressed "El Diablo" sank, and the owner was making arrangements to have the ship removed. The "Crystal Esprit" departed for Aride, the northernmost granitic island of Seychelles, an archipelago in the western Indian Ocean on Feb 18 as planned. The rescued passengers from the catamaran were transferred to Praslin. Report with photo: https://www.cruiseindustr...

 Siem Thiima  (Offshore Vessel > Offshore Tug Supply Ship)
212 days ago by arnekiel

Milestone: First LNG Bunkering in Australia
Australia’s EVOL LNG is claiming the first LNG bunkering operation in Australia with the successful Truck-to-Ship refueling of the platform supply Siem Thiima, carried out January 23 at King Bay Supply Base near Dampier in Western Australia. The operation was carried out under an agreement with Woodside. EVOL LNG is part of the Australian conglomerate Wesfarmers. EVOL LNG Business Manager, Nick Rea, says his company sees the bunkering operation as just the beginning of LNG bunker fuel in Australia.

 Midnight Tide  (Offshore Vessel > Offshore Tug Supply Ship)
212 days ago by Timsen

Breaking rope damaged truclk
A truck was severely damaged in an accident in the evening of Feb 15, 2017, at the Charles A. Woodley pier in St. Eustatius after a line broke of the "Midnight Tide" broke. The truck driver was not severely injured in the accident which occurred around 8:30 p.m. The truck’s cabin sustained a lot of damage. Due to rough weather the captain had made the suggestion to secure the ship with another line. However, at that moment the rope with which the vessel was secured to the pier came lose, and the ship started moving away from the ramp on which the truck was parked to load a container. The truck driver managed to jump out of the truck when the vehicle started to topple into the water. Persons jumped in to assist and quickly everything was brought back under control. The truck was hoisted onto the pier with the assistance of a crane. The "Midnight Tide" was able to leave after the incident. Report with photo:

 Wattenlaeufer Wyk-8  (Fishing Vessel)
212 days ago by Timsen

Mussel cutter transported steel pipes without certificate
In the afternoon of Feb 19, 2017, the "Wattenläufer - Wyk 8" was subject of a control by the police boat "Sylt" on the Föhrer Ley east of Föhr island. The officers found that the master had exceeded the maximum working time and an inadequate securing of the cargo which consisted of 32 steel pipes, each 20 meters long, and with a diameter of approx. 51 centimeters and a total weight of approx. 150 tons. The pipes which were produced in the Netherlands were destined for mussel cultures in Hörnum uipon Sylt. The shipowner had no authorization for the transport. The ship was ordered to enter the nearest port, which was Wyk upon Föhr. The ban was lifted after an adequate rest period of the master and after the load was properly secured. In addition, the captain was informed of the violations regarding the safety performance and had to pay a safety fine.

 Mabrena  (Other)
213 days ago by Timsen

Barge still threatened to sink
During the discharge of the 1700 tons gravel from the cargo holds of the "Mabrena", 2397 ts (EU-No.: 6000101), on Feb 20 in Düsseldorf-Reisholz a massive water ingress was remarked, and the ship was threatened to sink in the evening. More water poured in than could be removed by the fire boat "Löschboot Düsseldorf" (MMSI-No.: 211524640). The fire rescue Düsseldorf requested more pump capacity also from Colonia. More than 16 tons water were pumped out per minute, and as long as no pump failed, the barge would remain above the water. Only after daylight on Feb 21 work to patch some breaches in the hull could start. Also the utility boat "Neuss" (MMSI-No.: 211534750) was called back to the site.

 C.prosperity  (Oil And Chemical Tanker > Crude Oil Tanker)
213 days ago by arnekiel

New Charter fixed
$30,500, for 2 years trading, to SK ENERGY

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