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 Costa Concordia  (Passenger Ship > Cruise Ship)
223 days ago by Timsen

Decision regarding last port postponed
The Italian government has officially put back its decision on the removal and dismantling of the wreck of Costa Concordia to June 26. The Italian cabinet has accepted a recommendation from Franco Gabrielli, commissioner for the "Costa Concordia" emergency, to postpone the decision for 10 days. The ship owner, Costa Cruises, favours removing the wreck to the port of Genoa but this choice has been challenged, notably by Tuscany regional governor Enrico Rossi, who argued that it would be environmentally safer to break up the wreck in Piombino, which would be much closer to the wreck site on the island of Giglio. A number of local authorities and other public bodies potentially affected by the Costa Cruises project have asked for more time to examine the details, notably with reference to the risks involved and the measures proposed to deal with them. In the meantime, at the wreck site, 370 technicians were continuing to work round the clock to install 30 sponsons along the sides of the vessels in preparation for its refloating. As of Juen 21, three sponsons were still to be installed on the starboard side, and four on the port side.

 Noor One  (Oil And Chemical Tanker > Oil Products Tanker)
223 days ago by Timsen

Vessel, master and chief engineer arrested
On June 20, 2014, the Master and Chief Engineer of the "Noor One" were arrested in Eleusis, for Customs Code Violation, reports. Customs found a 14 mt surplus of diesel oil, contrary to the declared quantity. Both men were not of Greek nationality. An investigation was under way and the vessel put under arrest.

 T.b Manyplus 12  (Tug)
223 days ago by Timsen

Barge found, tug missing
On June 22 at 0900 UTC the barge "Hub 18", declared missing since June 9 together with the "Manyplus 12" was found, reports. While the barge was found and the 11 crew on board were accounted safe and Sound, the tug was still missing.

 Huckleberry Finn  (Passenger Ship > Passenger Ro Ro Cargo Ship)
224 days ago by Timsen

Allision in Rostock
On June 21, 2014, at 1.50 p.m the "Huckleberry Finn" allided with a roro ramp in the seaport of Rostock while leaving the dock bound for Trelleborg. At the time of the accidents, winds on secene were seven Beaufort. The port side hull suffered a gash of seven meters length five meters above the waterline. No injuries, no spills reported. The ship was detained in port for investigations. the damage was estimated to be around 50000 Euro.

 Nassau Paradise  (Bulk Carrier)
224 days ago by Swiss63

Scrapped since 07/2012

 Britannia  (Passenger Ship)
224 days ago by Timsen

River cruise ship in danger of sinking
On June 21, 2014, around 10 p.m. the "Britannia" (EU-No.: 04200180), being enroute vom Deventer to Cologne sprang aleak on the Ijssel off Zutphen. The 154 elderly passengers from Germany and Austria and the crew of 40 were evacuated. The passengers and crew were taken to the Hanze Hall during the night. The leak in the rear measured 1 x 1 meter, and the ship was in danger of sinking. It was berthed at the Ijsselquay in Zutphen with a starboard list and down by the stern. It was attempted to keep the vessel afloat with dewatering pumps collected from the whole region by the fire brigade which was on scene with at least 80 men, joined by the police, Rijkswaterstaat, members of the Zutphen community and security sevices of North and East Gelderland. The Ijssel was closed for shipping and the salvage Company Smit Tak deployed which sent divers to patch the leak. In the run of the foremidday of June 22, the pumps were able to cope with the flooding. Dutch reports with photos and video:

 Kvb Eiger-nordwand  (General Cargo Ship)
224 days ago by arnekiel

World First: Inland Vessel Retrofitted for LNG
The Innovation and Networks Executive Agency (INEA) has inaugurated the Eiger-Nordwand, the first inland waterway vessel to be retrofitted with pollution-reducing LNG engines. This pilot vessel represents one of the milestones of the EU-supported “LNG Masterplan Rhine-Main-Danube” project, which is a series of studies and trials to assess the use of LNG as a shipping fuel in the European inland waterway sector. More at www.maritime-exec...

 VOC Daisy  (Bulk Carrier)
224 days ago by BerndU

Attach by High Court:
Attach by Chittagong High Court: 17/06/14

 S T I N A  (General Cargo Ship > Refrigerated Cargo Ship)
224 days ago by BerndU

beached at Alang 21.06.14

 Gabi Glitscher  (Passenger Ship)
224 days ago by Timsen

Passenger ship stuck under bridge in Hamburg
In the evening of June 19, 2014, the "Gabi Glitscher" got stuck under the sixth of the landing bridges in Hamburg. The ship was underway to its dock at 10 p.m. during high tide when its roof got entangled in the bridge construction during a turning manoever. The master had misjudged the space. Police and fire brigade attended, but did not have to intervene as the ship got free once the Tide receded around midnight. The bridge was closed during this time. The damaged roof will possibly have to be exchanged. German reports with photos and video: www.radiohamburg....

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