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 Diver Master  (Other)
262 days ago by Timsen

Sunken tug in Esbjerg recovered
On Aug 17 the "Diver Master" has been transported to the container quay in Esbjerg and secured at berth 118. The wreck was pulled into port in submerged state so it could be lifted out of the water by a crane anto be deposited onto a barge. The wreck was held by two floating balloons while it was pulled out of the fairway and lifted by a mobil crane. At 7.30 p.m. the tug was afloat and being dewatered. Danish reports with photos and video:

 Gps Battler  (Service Ship > Utility Vessel)
262 days ago by Timsen

Tug captain died as Zodiac was overturned by wave
The British captain of the "GPS Battler" died on Aug 13, 2014, after a Zodiac was overturned by a freak wave at Almeria. Paul Heritage, 66, from Gravesend was returning to his vessel on an inflatable dinghy after going to fetch a takeaway dinner with three crew members. He and a British colleague were tipped into the water when the wave hit them just after 7 p.m. at the entrance to Almeria Port. Colleagues hanging onto the stricken dinghy managed to get a life ring to the survivor. The two Brits maintained contact with each other for about 15 minutes as they tried to swim back to the boat. But contact with Heritage was lost, and his body was pulled out of the water half an hour after the accident by a passing police boat as a Coastguard rescue vessel was scrambled. The "GPS Battler" had stopped in Almeria for engine repairs after dredging work in Menorca. It was due to set sail for Galicia in north west Spain once the repairs were complete. GPS Battler was part of a fleet of tugs, barges and pontoons owned by Chatham, Kent-based marine contractors GPS Marine. No-one from the firm was available for comment It is not known where in Britain Mr Sydney was from.

 Scarlet Oyster  (Pleasure Craft > Sailing Vessel)
262 days ago by Timsen

Medevac off Papa Westray
The Kirkwall Lifeboat crew had a lengthy call-out in the night of Aug 16, 2014, when they were tasked to go to the aid of an injured crew member onboard the "Scarlet Oyster" off Papa Westray. The sailing vessel was taking part in a race around Britain when one of the crew onboard suffered a dislocated shoulder. The lifeboat left Kirkwall shortly after 7.30 p.m., and met the vessel approximately 15-16 miles north-west off Papa Westray, and then escorted the sailing boat into the shelter of the island, so the casualty could be transferred to the lifeboat, due to the sea conditions. The man was transferred to the lifeboat, received treatment, and was then taken to Kirkwall, arriving around 1.45 a.m. An ambulance then took the crew member to hospital. Report with photo:

 Pine Galaxy  (Other Tanker > Molasses Tanker)
262 days ago by Timsen

Coast Guard unable to restore power on stranded tanker
U.S. Coast Guard experts have been unable to restart the engines of athe "Pine Galaxy" which remained adrift 700 miles off the Oregon coast. The damage from the engine-room fire was too severe to restore the vessel's on-board systems. A tug was expected to arrive on Aug 18 to tow the vessel to a U.S. port. The Coast Guard cutter "Stratton" left communications equipment with the crew of the stranded tanker before leaving the scene on Aug 17. There were no signs that the ship's cargo of propylene tetramer, a petroleum additive, was leaking.

 Oosterdam  (Passenger Ship > Cruise Ship)
262 days ago by Timsen

Death of passenger not suspicious
An 87-year-old Missouri woman died of natural causes on the "Oosterdam" in Juneau on Aug 14, 2014. The Juneau Police Department investigated the death after the woman’s body was found. There were no signs of foul play, and the death was not considered suspicious. There were medical issues, and the death appeared to have been from natural causes. Police were required to investigate the death since it was unattended. The woman was identified as Corrine J. Underwood. The state medical examiner authorized the woman’s body to be released to a mortuary, which will arrange for her remains to be sent back home.

 St.thomas Of Aquinas  (Passenger Ship > Passenger Ro Ro Cargo Ship)
262 days ago by Timsen

Sinking of ferry commemorated
One year after the sinking of the "St. Thomas Aquinas" the families of those who perished in the tragedy continued to struggle with some of the 21 missing still believed to have been trapped inside the ship which sank at Lawis Ledge. 2GO Group Inc., the owner of the Ferry initiated a nine-day novena mass for the victims of the incident. The shipping company also cleaned and fixed the tombs of those laid to rest at the Carreta Cemetery. While some of the crew members who survived the incident have returned to work but the captain remained suspended. The Filipino Cave Divers planned to conduct an inspective dive to the wreck and place a wreath on the sunken vessel. The Coast Guard, however, has not approved any diving activity at the site. The ship now is resting 90 feet deep.

 Atlantic Osprey  (Ro Ro Cargo Ship)
262 days ago by Timsen

Final voyage to Swansea
The "Atlantic Osprey" started its final journey to be scrapped. It left its home port of Barrow on Aug 16, 2014, around 1 p.m. bound to Swansea where it was due to be decommissioned and recycled.

 Norstream  (Ro Ro Cargo Ship)
262 days ago by Timsen

Decontamination zone set up after immigrants were found
35 Indian-origin survivors, presumed to be illegal immigrants, were rescued from a container aboard the "Norstream" after workers on the dock heard screaming and banging from inside the container Several people from the Indian sub-continent, including at least seven children, were hospitalised at Tilbury in Essex. All of the 34 survivors were being treated for dehydration and hypothermia. They were believed to be of Indian-origin, possibly from Punjab region. They were inside the container for at least 12 hours. The "Norstream" left the port of Zeebrugge in Belgium at 10 p.m. on Aug 15 and arrived at Tilbury on Aug 16 at 6 a.m. The stowaways were found inside one of the 64 40-ft-containers, which were almost airtight when sealed. A decontamination zone was set up around the area where the immigrants were found.

 Genco Challenger  (Bulk Carrier)
262 days ago by Timsen

Body of man who jumped over board following a stabbing incident found off Bethany Beach
The Coast Guard has located the body of a man who jumped overboard the "Genco Challenger" following a stabbing incident at sea that left another man dead and a third person injured on Aug 14, 2014, off the coast of Bethany Beach. The individuals involved were foreign nationals. The ship was located in international waters in the Atlantic Ocean off the Delaware coast. The incident was under investigation between Hong Kong and the U.S. State Department. The Coast Guard first responded to the ship early on Aug 15 following a report of a stabbing. Two individuals were airlifted; one was pronounced dead at the hospital and another was transferred to trauma care, he said. Both had been stabbed. A search for the crew member who jumped overboard involved Coast Guard boats and helicopters from Cape May, Atlantic City and the Indian River Inlet. The search was suspended early on Aug 15 afternoon only to be continued several hours later when the Coast Guard received a call from the ship saying they saw something possibly floating in the water. A Coast Guard Indian River station crew set out at about 4 p.m. Friday to the area where the ship was located, about 24 miles off of from Bethany Beach. The crew member's body was located at about 5 p.m., less than one mile from the vessel. The Coast Guard was working in conjunction with U.S. Customs and Border Protection and the State Department to investigate the incident.

 Sea Soul 1  (General Cargo Ship)
262 days ago by Timsen

Two containers washed onto Yarakh Beach
After the sinking of the "Sea Soul 1" with its cargo of guns and the arrest of the crew, two suspicious containers were discovered in the Tableau Ferraille at the beach Yarakh on Aug 16 at 6 p.m. The containers were discovered by residents, who opened the first box and noticed a powder inside. The Police was alerted at 7 p.m. and established a security zone. Fifty barrels with labels of flammable products were visible on the beach.

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