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 Bavaria 52  (General Cargo Ship)
304 days ago by Timsen

34 ships now waiting for canal transit
A first attempt to remove the gate of the lock Erlangen in one piece after the allision with the "Bavaria 52" had to be aborted as the whole 26-ton-gate was deformed. In freezing temperatures smaller parts had to be disassembled and the conunterweights removed until the evening of Jan 26 with the aid of three cranes, before a second attempt could be started. The replacement gate was prepared at the same time, and the water authority was joined by colleagues from the Main and Danube who were working in three shifts now. Actually 34 ships were waiting for their transit towards Main and Danube. The "Bavaria 52" with its cargo of 1500 tons rape remained berthed close to the lock. German reports with photos and video:

 Francisco De Paula  (Other)
304 days ago by Timsen

Disabled research ship towed to Palma
On Jan 25, 2015, the "Francisco de Paula Navarro" was disabled due to a rudder failure between Mallorca and Eivissa. The crew of seven sent a distress call, and the oceanographic Research vessel was taken in tow by the "Salvamar Acrux" from Portals which towed it to the port of Palma.

 Kocak  (Service Ship > Naval Naval Auxiliary)
305 days ago by Timsen

Service members debarked grounded vessel
Dozens of servicemembers have debarked the USNS "Sgt. Matej Kocak", which remained grounded on a reef about six miles east of Okinawa on Jan 26. Of the 131 people who were aboard when the ship ran aground at 11:30 a.m. on Jan 23, 47 soldiers and 18 Marines have since transported by a landing craft ship to their shore-based commands. The soldiers and Marines aboard the civilian-crewed ship were maintaining the gear while headed to military exercises. The ship remained stuck on a reef just outside of a deep-water shipping channel, where the open ocean is separated from Nakagusuku Bay, also known as Buckner Bay. Tugs connected to the vessel were keeping tit from jostling too much over the reef and rocks. A team from the Navy’s Supervisor of Diving and Salvage and another from the Military Sealift Command were trying to determine the best way to get the ship off the reef.

 Boudicca  (Passenger Ship > Cruise Ship)
305 days ago by Timsen

Ship upright, passengers well
The crew of the "Boudicca" was reviewing the itinerary and assessing the extent of the damage to the two main engines and electrical cables. Any repairs necessary were to be carried out at the next port of call. Services were operating normally both inside and out on deck. There was no need to ask the passengers to don their lifejackets and gather at the muster stations, as the situation was contained within the engine room by the crew members. On Jan 25, 015, at 4 a.m alarm had been raised, and the ship started listing due to the intake of water to put the fire out. The ship was then without propulsion for about five hours and started drifting until one of the many engines was restarted. It was then pumped out to regain its upright position and was now limping towards the Canaries.

 Serenade Of The Seas  (Passenger Ship > Cruise Ship)
305 days ago by Timsen

Serenade sailing again
The "Serenade of the Seas" left New Orleans in the early afternoon of Jan 25 for a shortened six night cruise to the Bahamas. Passengers who had their cruise canceled will receive a full refund and a future cruise certificate equal to their cruise fare. A broken water pipe shorting out an electric switchboard was being blamed for a partial power loss. Due to the damage from the broken water pipe, 400 passengers who were scheduled to board the ship in New Orleans were not able to board. At least 175 passenger cabins were out of service. During the night crew members repaired the damage.

 Silver Carla  (Oil And Chemical Tanker > Chemical Oil Products Tanker)
305 days ago by Timsen

Disabled tanker towed to Hamburg
The "Multratug 20" and "Bugsier 21" was towing the "Silver Carla" to Blohm & Voss yard in Hamburg on Jan 26 for repairs of its main engine. Four tugs pulled the ship away from the Nordfrost-Southwest Quay in Wilhelmshaven on Jan 25, among them also the "Stella" and "Florian". The ship docked at Blohm & Voss at 6.45 p.m. German report with photo and video: www.geniusstrand....

 Nalani  (Tug)
305 days ago by Timsen

Coast Guard concluded response
The Coast Guard, Department of Health and responsible party Unified Command were transitioning from response operations to an ongoing monitoring and response readiness posture Sunday, after the "Nalani" sank with 75,000 gallons of diesel on board off Barbers Point Harbor, Oahu. Shoreline and near-shore assessments indicated no sheening or smell of diesel. At the location of the sinking there was a very light sheen coming to the surface and also drifting south that is not recoverable and was dispersing quickly. Resources are ready to respond and attempt to recover product from the water in the event a recoverable amount appears. With this transition, the Joint Information Center closed on Jan 25. Report with photos:

 Saga Pioneer  (General Cargo Ship)
305 days ago by Timsen

Medevac off Toulon
On Jan 25, 2015, around 12:30, the CROSS Med was alerted by the "Saga Pioneer" after a crew member was injured in a fall The ship was about 240 km from Toulon between Sardinia and the Balearics then. After a consultation with the maritime medical coordination center in Toulon a medical evacuation was decided. The CROSS MED dispatched a Super Puma helicopter of the Air Force Base at Solenzara. In the afternoon the patient was hoisted on a stretcher and brought to Ajaccio Hopîtal.

 Qc Matilde  (Bulk Carrier)
305 days ago by Timsen

Panamax bulker grounded off Santos
On Jan 23, 2015, at 10.15 a.m. LT the "Fu May" ran aground at the coast of São Paulo while approaching the bulk terminal in the port of Santos with a cargo of 66000 tons corn. The vessel which was enroute from São Francisco do Sul to Porto de Cigading, veered to port and got out of the fairway with the foreship, reportedly due to a faulty command of the master west of Palmas Island. The vessel which had a draft of 12,7 meters was refloated in the afternoon at 5.15 p.m. with three tugs and was anchored on Santos roads for surveys by the Maritime Authority. On board was a crew of 23 Taiwanese. Portuguese reports with photos: www.diariodolitor...

 Km.mentari Pratama  (General Cargo Ship)
305 days ago by Timsen

Cargo ship damaged by explosion and fire, three hospitalized
The "Mentari Pratama" suffered an explosion and fire ion Jan 24, 2015, at 11 a.m. in Surabaya. The vessel was docked in a repair yard when a gas cylinder exploded during welding works. Three workers were hospitalized with burns. The fire was extinguished by four firefighting teams within about an hour. The wheelhouse and parts of the accomodation block were damaged. The cargo of 28 containers remained unaffected. Indonesian reports with photos: www.lensaindonesi... kelanakota.suaras...

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