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 Citadel  (General Cargo Ship)
240 days ago by juandofer

CITADEL run aground on the shores of the Guadalquivir River due to intense fog in the early hours of the day on January 12, 2014, when sailing to Seville from Porsgrunn (Norway) in the area of the sluice gates near Trebujena

 Sunnfjord  (Passenger Ship > Passenger Ro Ro Cargo Ship)
240 days ago by Timsen

Ferry broke down
The "Sunnfjord" serving the route Rutledal-Rysjedalsvika-Krakhella suffered an engine failure in the foremidday of Jan 17, 2014 at 10 a.m. off Krakhella. The ship was towed to shore at the Rysjadaltvika by an ambulance boat in blustery seas. The "Solund" was inserted for the passenger traffic and followed the same timetable as the disabled ferry. Norwegian report with photo:

 Fannefjord  (Passenger Ship > Passenger Ro Ro Cargo Ship)
240 days ago by Timsen

Women went over board
A woman jumped over or fell from board the "Fannefjord" which is running between Vestnesstraumen and Molde in the afternoon of Jan 17, 2014. Rescue divers were on site and the person was found and taken to hospital in Molde. The condition was currently unknown. Two ferries assisted in the rescue operation as well as a SeaKing helicopter from Sola and one ambulance.

 Karm Viking  (Fishing Vessel)
240 days ago by Timsen

Karm Viking smouldering off the coast
The fire department still has fears that explosions may occur on the "Karm Viking" which was anchored one kilometer off the shore at 10 a.m. and established a safety zone of 250 meters around the vessel. Temperatures measured at the hull were upto 170 degree on the starboard side in the morning and had risen since that time. There were two gas bottles on board, one filled with acetylene and one with oxygen. At 11 a.m. the Norwegian Coastguard took over the on-scene-command. The "Emmy Divy" proceeded to Fosnavaag.The anti pollution vessel "Oljevern 1" was underway from Ålesund to Stadlandet to be ready in case of diesel leaks. In the run of the day the smoke decreased and there was no visible fire. Norwegian report with video:

 Pushy  (Tug)
240 days ago by Timsen

Lost barge refloated
The 125-foot deck barge "Weeks Barge 236" which had broken off the "Pushy" was refloated in the evening of Jan 16 at approximately 6:15 p.m. from the shore near Atlantic Beach, N.Y. The barge, which was being used to sand blast and paint the Robert Moses Causeway Bridge, went ashore after a large wave separated the tow line between it and the "Pushy" that was towing it on Jan 13. The owners of the barge, under Coast Guard supervision, submitted a plan and executed the salvage of the vessel by removing some equipment from the barge to lighten it, and by using excavation equipment to dig around the perimeter of the barge allowing the sea water to surround it when the tide rose in the evening. Minor repairs were also made to the hull of the barge while it was on the beach, although the damage did not appear to be caused by the vessel’s grounding earlier in the week. The barge was assisted off the beach by two towing vessels and towed to the Union Dry Dock in Hoboken, N.J. without incident. Coast Guard Marine Inspectors from the Marine Safety Detachment in Coram, N.Y. reported there was no pollution or damage to the environment as a result of this grounding.

 Pacific Orca  (Offshore Vessel > Offshore Support Vessel)
240 days ago by Timsen

Collision off Dutch coast
Coming from Eemshaven, the "Pacific Orca" was involved in a collision with the German trawler "Jurie van den Berg - NG 1" off the Dutch coast on Jan 17 at 2.15 a.m. The fishing vessel suffered substantial damage sustained on the starboard side, the mast and boom. The crew of six which was returning to Eemshaven from a fishing trip when the accident happened 14 miles north of the Wadden Islands. After the collision, both ships briefly stopped near each other. After it was determined that the "Jurie van den Berg" did not take on water it sailed to Eemshaven under its own power. The "Pacific Orca" which had been underway to the offshore Windpark Borkumriff 1 returned to port on Jan 17 at 4.20 p.m. bearing traces of the collision at the port side foreship with dents and scratches above the waterline. German and Dutch reports and photos:

 Lisboa  (Passenger Ship > Cruise Ship)
240 days ago by Timsen

Overhaul of former Danae stopped
Portuscale Cruises has cancelled the whole season 2014 for the "Lisboa" after significant problems occurred during the overhaul works which have been stopped to investigate whether it would be worthwhile. The ship was docked in Lisboa since Oct 25, 2013. The relaunch had already been postponed from February to May 2014. The plumbing and electricity installations were to be replaced and around 500 tonnes of steel to be re-installed. The ship was to be enabled to meet the upcoming, more stringent environmental regulations in regard of sulfur oxide emissions. Among other things, the installation of appropriate filter systems now seemed to pose problems because of the space needed for this. Now Portuscale has stopped the work completely in order to check whether a continuation of the work was still economically worthwhile or a renovation of the ship in compliance with the current regulations was possible at all. If the work would be too complex and expensive, scrapping the ship could not be ruled out. The Portuscale Cruises also overhauled the "Porto", the former "Arion", which is lacking a charterer since September 2013 and the "Azores" which will set sail on Mar 10, 2014.

 Sage Sagittarius  (Bulk Carrier)
240 days ago by Timsen

New South Wales coroner to examine happenings on board "death ship"
The cases of two crew men killed on the "Sage Sagittarius" will now be examined by the New South Wales coroner. A coroner would be appointed to investigate next week. Both the Australian Federal Police and their NSW counterparts were understood to have provided a brief of information to the court this week. Cesar Llanto disappeared overboard from the "Sage Sagittarius" on Aug 30, 2012 as it approached Australian waters. Two weeks later, Hector Collado was killed after suffering a fall while the ship was moored at the Port of Newcastle. On Oct 6, Kosaku Monji- a Japanese superintendent added to the crew after the first two deaths - was killed after falling into the ship's machinery as the "Sage Sagittarius" docked in Japan. Monji's death was being investigated by Japanese authorities. At the time, the International Transport Workers Federation dubbed the "Sage Sagittarius" a 'death or murder ship'. The incidents aboard the "Sage Sagittarius" made headlines this week after ITF coordinator Dean Summers questioned what authorities had achieved after 16 months of investigation. His concerns were backed by shipping expert and former federal transport minister Peter Morris who also demanded answers. After the court hearing on Jan 17, 2014, Summers said he felt satisfied the deaths were now finally in focus. The ITF would now work to protect the interests of Mr. Collado and Mr. Llanto during the hearings.

 Sea Titus  (Offshore Vessel > Offshore Tug Supply Ship)
240 days ago by arnekiel

Cochin Shipyard deliveres PSV “Sea Titus” to Liberia
Cochin Shipyard Limited (CSL) delivered a high end Platform Support Vessel, “Sea Titus”, bearing the Hull No. BY-090, to M/s. P SV Holding Inc., Liberia, the company said in its press release. This is the second of a series of four Nos. of similar vessels being built for the same client.

 Stena Alegra  (Passenger Ship > Passenger Ro Ro Cargo Ship)
240 days ago by Timsen

Stena Alegra back in service after fault was found and repaired
The "Stena Alegra" was back in action in the afternoon of Jan 17 after it broke down in Wellington. The ferry was cleared to resume service following the problem which occurred at 5 a.m. when the ship suffered a partial loss of power on its departure from Wellington which affected some of the control systems for one of the propellers. The source of the fault has been identified and repaired and the ship resumed service at 5 p.m. for its scheduled passenger sailing from Wellington. The fault resulted in the cancellation of the morning's freight-only sailing from Wellington and the 9.05 a.m. passenger sailing from Picton.

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