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 Maersk Laberinto  (Container Ship)
241 days ago by Timsen

Damaged gantry crane getting investigated
Experts have started to investigated the container gantry which was hit by the "Maersk Laberinto". The damaged 1.800 tons crane of the North Sea Terminal Bremerhaven was moved to a remote place with special vehicles. Within the next month it shall be found out whether the crane is worth repairing. Regarding the cause of the accident it was thought it was human error, a technical malfunction or a wind gust. More witnesses will have to be interrogated and data analysed. German report with photos: www.radiobremen.d...

 Cap San Lorenzo  (Container Ship)
241 days ago by arnekiel

Hamburg Süd: Christening of “Cap San Lorenzo” in Buenos Aires
Together with customers and business partners, Hamburg Süd celebrated the christening of its container ship "Cap San Lorenzo" at the Exolgan Terminal in Buenos Aires. The "Cap San Lorenzo" is the fourth container ship in a series of six newbuilds for the company in the new "Cap San" class. All ships in this class have a nominal slot capacity of 9,600 TEU and are some of the largest ships belonging to the shipowning group. At the same time, the "Cap San Lorenzo" and its sister ships - which each have 2,100 reefer slots - are currently the world's largest ships for reefer capacity. The transportation of refrigerated goods such as fresh fruit, vegetables, meat and fish is one of Hamburg Süd's core competences. The Sponsor of the "Cap San Lorenzo" is Vivian Spohr, whose husband Carsten Spohr is a member of the Advisory Board of Dr. August Oetker KG. Since its delivery from the Hyundai Heavy Industries shipyard in Ulsan (South Korea) in July 2013, the "Cap San Lorenzo" has been sailing the Company's liner service between Asia, South Africa, and the East coast of South America. Straight after the ceremony, the vessel joined the Hamburg Süd liner service between Europe and the East coast of South America.

 Cheikh El Mokrani  (Gas Tanker > Lng Tanker)
241 days ago by arnekiel

Algeria to Boost Gas Shipments to Asia on Expanded LNG Capacity
Algeria plans to increase natural gas shipments to Asia where the fuel costs more than in Europe, the Sahara nation’s traditional market, state-oil company Sonatrach Chief Executive Officer Abdelhamid Zerguine said. “There is stiff price competition in Europe,” he said at a conference today in the capital city of Algiers. “We will focus our efforts on selling more in Asia where prices are 50 percent higher.” The North African country’s capacity to load gas on tankers will rise this year as it expands two plants that liquefy the fuel for seaborne shipments. Africa’s largest gas producer, Algeria also exports the fuel to Europe through three pipelines spanning the Mediterranean Sea. Algeria’s gas shipments dropped 11 percent last year to 45 billion cubic meters, according to Societe Generale SA estimates. The country’s deliveries have declined since peaking in 2005 at 65 billion cubic meters as local consumption increased 40 percent and production fell 12 percent.

 Velikiy Novgorod  (Gas Tanker > Lng Tanker)
241 days ago by arnekiel

Sovcomflot takes delivery of its latest LNG carrier
Sovcomflot, Russia’s largest shipping company, has taken delivery of its latest LNG carrier – the ‘Velikiy Novgorod’ – from South Korea’s STX Offshore & Shipbuilding. The ship is equipped with a diesel-electric, dual-fuel propulsion system consisting of 2 × MAN 8L51/60DF and 2 × MAN 9L51/60DF engines, offering a total rated power of 34 MW, which were constructed at MAN Diesel & Turbo’s Augsburg plant in Germany, MAN Diesel & Turbo said in its press release. The Velikiy Novgorod has been designed for sailing through sea ice and has an Arctic ice classification. The vessel has a total length of 300 m and a load capacity of 170,200 cubic metres of gas. It is the first in a series of ships to be built by STX Offshore & Shipbuilding in South Korea and becomes the fifth LNG carrier in Gazprom’s fleet of long-term-charter tankers

 Norshore Atlantic  (Offshore Vessel > Well Stimulation Vessel)
241 days ago by arnekiel

Otto Marine holds naming ceremony at Batam yard for drilling vessel ‘Norshore Atlantic’
Otto Marine Limited, (“Otto Marine” or the “Group”), a leading offshore marine company which owns and operates a large fleet offshore support vessels, shipyard and offers specialized offshore services, has held a vessel naming ceremony for ‘Norshore Atlantic’ at its Batam Shipyard, Indonesia, on 28 February 2014, the Group said in a press release.The Norshore Atlantic is one the first of its kind to be successfully constructed by an Asian yard. It is an efficient and environmental friendly multi-purpose drilling vessel built to the MT6022XL Norwegian design.

 Rena  (Container Ship)
241 days ago by Timsen

Exclusion zone set up around salvage barges
The delayed salvage operation to cut the accommodation block from the "Rena" and raise it to the surface of the reef started on Mar 3. The four-storey accommodation block was lying in water up to 50 metres deep, on the north eastern face of the Astrolabe Reef. Resolve Salvage and Fire's plan was to cut the house free in two 350 tonne sections by the crane barge "RMG500" and transfer to the deck barge "RMG1000", which was to be anchored near Motiti Island. A temporary moving exclusion zone has been set around the barge transporting sections of the dismantled Rena accommodation block to the Port of Tauranga. The "RMG1000" was to be secured in place by four or more anchors, each marked with a large orange/yellow buoy and lit at night with a yellow flashing light. Once cut, the two sections were to be lifted onto the deck barge to be dismantled for scrap and, where possible, recycling. A team of small craft was stationed at the reef to collect any debris released during the operation. To ensure the safety of the divers and other workers involved in this operation, no unauthorised vessel was allowed to enter the temporary moving exclusion zone, the first of which extended out 500 metres from the barge "RMG500" during the transit from Astrolabe Reef towards Motiti Island while transporting pieces of the Rena accommodation block. The first temporary exclusion zone was located around the barge RMG500 while it moves between Astrolabe Reef (37⁰32.4'S 176⁰25.7'E) and Motiti Island (37⁰37.5'S 176⁰25.0'E). A second zone was around the barge transfer site near Motiti Island will be at one of the following locations, depending on the weather: 37⁰36.745'S 176⁰24.166'E 37⁰36.700'S 176⁰24.502'E 37⁰38.117'S 176⁰26.169'E A third temporary exclusion zone would also be located around the barge "RMG1000" while it transits between the anchorage at Motiti Island (37⁰37.5'S 176⁰25.0'E) and the Port of Tauranga until removal operations were completed. Report with photo:

 Hanjin Marseilles  (Container Ship)
241 days ago by BerndU

sold to Breakers
sold to Breakers with 12 other box ships

 Just Noran  (General Cargo Ship)
241 days ago by Timsen

Repairs completed, but departure postponed
After the electrical system of the "Just Mariiam" was repaired, the vessel could sail from Lorient once the weather was favorable. The Maritime Authority of Morhiban gave the green light on Feb 27. However, a favorable weather window was needed that would allow the ship to reach the coast of Portugal before another big depression on the Atlantic might cause more trouble. The ship will have to be drydocked once it has arrived at its destination in Tripoli, Lebanon. Five Romanian sailors among the crew of eight aboard were repatriated after the Lebanese owner paid them a return ticket and back wages. The salvors were still waiting for the payment of an estimated € 120,000 invoice as well as local services. As a banking transaction from the shipowner.was not effective until Mar 3, the departure of the ship had to be postponed.

 Luno  (General Cargo Ship)
241 days ago by Timsen

Salvage firm to be selected in order to sink or dismantle Luno
The wreck of the "Luno" is still dominating the beach. Two security guards of a security company were monitoring the site. 400 meters of the beach were still banned for the public. The foreship is still beached at the dam, and the accomodation block was puhsed further inland, while the stern was resting on the bottom in a depth of around 15 meters. Jean Espilondo, the mayor of Anglet, had an appointment with the ensurer on Mar 3. The tender to clear the wreckage launched by the insurance company of the owner was closed on Feb 24 The foreship may be towed to a deep water site at Cape Breton or dismantled. French report with photo:

 Fv Schneivins  (Fishing Vessel)
241 days ago by Timsen

Medevac off Dieppe
On Mar 1, 2014, at 6 p.m. the "Schneivin" informed the CROSS Gris Nez that a crew member was injured in a a fall about 21 nautical miles off Dieppe. Immediately, the CROSS Gris Nez held a conference call with the Centre for Maritime Medical Consultation in Toulouse, the ship and the SAMU medical coordination in Le Havre. A medical evacuation helicopter was recommended. The CROSS Gris Nez dispatchte a Dauphin helicopter of the Navy Base in Le Touquet with a medical team of the hospital in Boulogne on board. After it arrived in the area at 5.10 p.m., the medical team was winched aboard the trawler before the 42 year old fisherman was hoisted and taken to the hospital in Dieppe. French report with photo: www.premar-manche...

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