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 Seven Waves  (Offshore Vessel > Pipe Layer)
237 days ago by arnekiel

Seven Waves sails into Lerwick
July 28 - Subsea 7's construction vessel Seven Waves has become one of the first ships to use the extended quay at Lerwick Port's deepwater Dales Voe Base in the UK.The 18,666 dwt vessel is being mobilised at the Scottish port ahead of a contract offshore Canada. The first phase of the extended quay's construction has just been completed, with the second phase ready to begin. The first ship to arrive at the extended quay was the coaster vessel Eendracht, which delivered supplies for transfer to Seven Waves. "Seven Waves is an early harbinger of the type of work which the expanded Dales Voe Base, with its enormous capacity, quay strength, water depth and laydown space, is ideally suited for in supporting a wide range of offshore industry projects," said Lerwick Port Authority's harbour master and deputy chief executive Captain Calum Grains. www.heavyliftpfi....

 Queen B  (Container Ship)
237 days ago by arnekiel

New World Direct Shipping vessel makes maiden voyage from Port Manatee
World Direct Shipping’s new containership, the M/V Queen B, made its maiden voyage from Port Manatee on Tuesday as part of the cross-Gulf service with Mexico, according to a press release. The Queen B is 430 feet long with a capacity of 700, 20-foot-equivalent container units and 128 refrigerated cargo plugs and will carry refrigerated produce from Mexico to the port, then return to Mexico with paper, recycled materials and oversized cargos. “The right-sized M/V Queen B is ideally suited for this trade, offering enhanced energy efficiency, including the ability to smoothly transition to low-sulfur fuel when entering U.S. emissions control area waters,” Carlos Diaz, co-director of World Direct Shipping, said in a press release. “The vessel will carry on World Direct Shipping’s established transit time of only 2 1/2 days – the quickest short-sea connection between Mexico and the U.S. Southeast, Northeast and Midwest.” Read more here:

 Alvheim Fpso  (Offshore Vessel > Offshore Processing Ship)
237 days ago by Timsen

Gas leak in pump compartment
A gas leak was detected on board of the "Alvheim FPSO", which is being installed on Alvheim Oilfield in the Northsea, halfway between Shetland and Norway, in the morning of July 28, 2016. The leak occurred in one of the pump compartments. The situation was under control within a few hours, all 56 staff remained on board, as there was no danger for their safety.

 Navios Felicity  (Bulk Carrier)
237 days ago by Timsen

Illegal wheat shipment confiscated
The Vietnamese Border Guard agency confiscated 800 tons of wheat, which were found to be illegal, because two lighter barges, loaded with 500 and 300 tons of wheat did not have the required license. The wheat was offloaded from the "Navios Felicity" during her stay in Phu My from May 29, 2016, to June 5. The local company running those barges was a suspect in massive smuggling business. The barges were inspected right after lightering operation, and the skippers of the barges could not produce the required papers. The confiscated wheat is to be auctioned.

 Maersk Valiant  (Offshore Vessel > Drilling Ship)
237 days ago by Timsen

Contract for drilling rig cancelled due to hallenging conditions in offshore oil and gas market
ConocoPhillips and Marathon Oil have canceled the contract for the "Maersk Valiant" with effect from mid-September 2016. The "Maersk Valiant" has been on a joint contract with Marathon Oil Corporation and ConocoPhillips, since June 2014. The original contract was scheduled to expirate in late September 2017. The compensation related to the early termination termination of the contract is leaving Maersk Drilling financially neutral in relation to the original contract.

 Disney Dream  (Passenger Ship > Cruise Ship)
237 days ago by arnekiel

Boy medically airlifted from cruise ship
Personnel with the U.S. Coast Guard station in Lake Worth medically evacuated a 6-year-old boy from the Disney Dream cruise ship, on Thursday evening due to abdominal pain, according to the USCG. The Dream is based out of Port Canaveral. According to the tracking site, the vessel was wrapping up a five-day trip to the Bahamas and was off the Palm Beach County coast when the rescue took place. It's due in Port Canaveral overnight. The boy was awaiting emergency medical services at the Lake Worth station, the Coast Guard added. www.floridatoday....

 MSC Diego  (Container Ship)
237 days ago by arnekiel

Search ongoing near Port of Montreal for missing person
Montreal police will resume their search Friday for a person who was presumed to be aboard a speed boat that collided with a container ship near the Port of Montreal late Tuesday. The accident happened about 10 p.m., and witnesses said at least one person was on the boat before it sank. Small pieces of the boat, along with a life vest, were found shortly before the initial search was called off due to darkness at about 1 a.m. Wednesday morning, said Montreal fire chief John Primiani. A search of the area, which extends to Varennes, was begun Wednesday by firefighters, Montreal police, the Canadian Coast Guard and a Sûreté du Québec helicopter. It continued Thursday with Montreal police and firefighters joined by an SQ search team in the afternoon. “The SQ has sonars more powerful than the ones we have, that is why they are collaborating with us for this search since some parts of the river are deeper,” Montreal police spokesperson Benoit Boisselle said. Police have not yet received a report of a missing person. montrealgazette.c...

 Hermann Rudolf Meye  (Service Ship > Search And Rescue Vessel)
237 days ago by Timsen

Lifeboat assisted distressed fishing vessel
The German 25-m-f/v "Margrit – ABH 1-N“, 78 gt (built 1949 at Kremer & Sohn in Hamburg as "Pascal - BL 1"), ran aground on the lower Weser at river km 38 near Brake in the morning of July 28, 2016, and suffered water ingress in the engine room. At 4.15 a.m. the MRCC in Bremen received a mayday call as the skipper feared the bilge pump might not be able to cope with the flooding. The lifeboat "Hermann Rudolf Meyer" of the DGzRS station Bremerhaven was allowed to proceed with a speed of more thant 23 knots river upstream towards the vessel which was in a distance of 12 miles, and was on site within less than 30 minutes. The "Margrit" had proceeded in the opposite direction with slow speed ahead and rendezoused with the lifeboat at the ferry pt. Sandstedt. The water ingress could be kept under control in the meantime. The "Hermann Rudolf Meyer" went alongside, and two of its crew members boarded the "Margrit". The lifeboat started towing the fishing vessel alongside to be able to intervene on short notice if the water ingress had got worse. It managed to take the ship to the Bremerhavener Dock GmbH shipyard in the fishing port of Bremerhaven. German report with photo: www.seenotretter....

 Texelstroom  (Passenger Ship > Passenger Ro Ro Cargo Ship)
237 days ago by arnekiel

Advanced dual AlphaBridge delivered to double ended ferry Texelstroom
JRC and Alphatron Marine has announced the delivery of the AlphaBridge on the double ended passenger ferry Texelstroom built at La Naval Shipyard in Bilbao, Spain. The fully integrated and ergonomically designed bridge features full navigation, (internal) communication and observation equipment, captain’s chairs on sliding rails with steering control built in the armrest and various workstations, with the exact same equipment installed on both ends of the vessel. The vessel, owned by Dutch company Texels Eigen Stoomboot Onderneming (TESO) will be sailing between the city Den Helder on the mainland and the West Frisian island of Texel, situated in the North Sea off the Dutch coast, along the edge of the Wadden Sea. Besides building a sustainable, environmentally friendly vessel, one of the most important objectives is continuity, safety and reliability. In every aspect, the AlphaBridge fits perfectly within this philosophy as it lies in the very foundation of our company.

 YM Worth  (Container Ship)
237 days ago by HOOBOT

flag is China CN

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