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 Ocean Victory  (Oil And Chemical Tanker > Oil Products Tanker)
242 days ago by Timsen

Collision damage under repair at Singaore
On 02, 2013, the "Ocean Victory" arrived at Keppel Gul Shipyardwith with signs of a collision off Chittagong on Nov 7, its port side anchor was missing and the ship was down by the head as well. The bulwark of the fo'c'sle was dented inwards. Photo: www.shipspotting....

 York  (Passenger Ship)
242 days ago by Timsen

Seven injured when ferry slammed into pier
The "York" hit the Owen Grundy Pier on the Hudson River in Jersey City on Nov 29, 2013, at 4.30 p.m.. The ferry was coming from the World Financial Center and was carrying 24 passengers, when it pulled into the wrong slip and slammed into a metal apparatus. Four of the injured were knocked to the ground upon impact, and five suffered injuries. Four were treated at an area hospital. None of the injuries were serious, and the damage to the ferry bow was minor. The captain and two deckhands were also given drug tests shortly after the accident as a standard procedure. Reports with photos: newyork.cbslocal.... www.nbcphiladelph...

 Victoria Clipper IV  (Passenger Ship)
242 days ago by Timsen

Stolen ferry towed back to Seattle
On Dec 1, 2013, the Seattle Police and the U.S. Coast Guard were hunting for the "Victoria Clipper" which was reported adrift, with a suspicious person aboard. The Seattle Harbor Patrol units and the Seattle Police Bomb squad responded. The ferry was scheduled to depart from Pier 69 at 8 a.m. en route to Seattle. Clipper Tours reported that the "Victoria Clipper" was underway but that the captain and crew were not aboard. The ship had on board 1,300 gallons of fuel. The tug "Andrew Foss" was secured to the "Victoria Clipper" after the passenger ferry was discovered 300 yards out from Pier 69 on the Seattle waterfront around 7 a.m. and appeared to be adrift. the ropes that had secured the ferry to the dock had not been untied, and the starboard cleats had been torn from the deck. The tug crew then remarked a man aboard. Units from Seattle Police, the US Coast Guard and others responded to its call and negotiators made contact with the suspect. After some time a tactical team boarded the vessel and took the man in custody. It was Samuel K. McDonough, 33, a registered sex offender from Preston, King County, who apparently climbed a security fence and was suspected of illegally boarding the ferry and taking it out into Elliott Bay. The man had planned to take the boat to West Seattle. He was taken to the King County Jail while the ferry has been towed back to the dock. Police was investigating how the man was able to commandeer the ship. The ferry was not scheduled to be refueled. Indeed, the shop was supposed to be out of service for a day of routine repair. Report with photo: www.westseattlehe...

 Fv Baie Des Anges  (Fishing Vessel)
242 days ago by Timsen

State Department started wreck removal
After the shipwreck of the "Baie des Anges" off Tréport, parts of the hull of the ship were washed ashore. Environmental cleanup and debris removal has been started by the State Departments of Haute-Normandie with a dredger, a tractor and a crane on Nov 30. The sub-prefect of Dieppe, Martine Laquièze, was present at the scene, assisting in the organization of services and keeping a crowd of spectators behind the barriers. Technical services of Somme en Seine Maritime, police, navy and other personel have worked throughout the day. All fear of pollution was rejected. The operational center of the Navy in Cherbourg monitored the coastline from Mont Saint-Michel to the Belgian border. 70 % had evaporated in the afternoon, and the remainder was expected to dissolve too. The salvaged debris was kept for investigation by insurance experts in order to determine the cause of the wreck. Heavy parts which remained on the beach were to be removed in the forthcoming days. French reports with photos and video: www.courrier-pica...

 Voyager Of The Seas  (Passenger Ship > Cruise Ship)
242 days ago by arnekiel

Cruise ship unable to enter Otago harbour due to storm force winds
Storm force winds gusting over 50 knots prevented two large cruise ships, including Voyager of the Seas, from entering Otago Harbour on Dec.1, in a ''disappointing'' day for Dunedin's visitor industry. The Finnish-built Voyager carries more than 3100 passengers - among the largest passenger capacities of any vessel calling at New Zealand ports. The other affected vessel, the French-built Pacific Pearl, carries more than 1600 passengers. This is believed to be the largest loss of cruise passenger visits to Dunedin on a single day in recent years.

 Ocean Countess  (Passenger Ship > Cruise Ship)
242 days ago by Timsen

Fire under control
In the run of Dec 1 the fire aboard the "Ocean Countess" could be brought mainly under control, only some hotsports were remaining. The development of smoke, however, remained so intense that the fire fighters were not yet able to get on board the ship to get a more detailed picture of the damage caused. Report with photos:

 Fv Bara Lodenn  (Fishing Vessel)
242 days ago by Timsen

Medevac off Saint Mathieu
On De 1 203, aroudn 1 p.m. the CROSS Corsen was alerted after a sailor fell ill aboar the "Bara Lodenn". After a telephone conference with the CCMM Toulouse, a medevac was decided as the 49 year old man seemed to suffer from a heart attack. The NH90 helicopter, based in Lanvéoc, took off at 1:24 p.m., with a medical team on board. The patient was hoisted at 3 p.m. north-west of the Pointe Saint Mathieu and taken to the hospital Cavale Blanchein Brest.

 Alyssa  (General Cargo Ship)
242 days ago by Timsen

Sarma 1 escorted to Ventspils by tug
The "Sarma 1" which had been towed into the port of Brest on Nov 5, 2013, by the salvage tug "Abeille Bourbon" after having suffered engine failure whilst coming from Laâyoune Port, was assisted by the the tug "MTS Victory" on its further way after it left the port on Nov 30 at 8.50 a.m. The ships were destined for Ventspils with an ETA of Dec 10.

 Cape Ray  (Ro Ro Cargo Ship)
242 days ago by arnekiel

U.S. Ship Cape Ray Readied For Possible Chemical Arms Destruction
The U.S. government has begun outfitting a ship in its reserve ready force with equipment to enable it to destroy some of Syria’s chemical weapons at sea in the event Washington is asked to assist in the effort, a defense official said on Sunday, Dec. 1. The Maritime Administration vessel MV Cape Ray is being equipped with the newly developed Field Deployable Hydrolysis System, which was designed by the Defense Department to neutralize components used in chemical weapons, a defense official said on condition of anonymity. The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, which supervising the disposal of Syria’s chemical arms, said last week the United States had offered to destroy some of the components on a U.S. ship and was looking for a Mediterranean port where the work could be carried out

 MSC Flaminia  (Container Ship)
242 days ago by Timsen

MSC Flaminia shifted to Lindø in Odense
In the morning of Nov 30, 2013, the "MSC Flaminia" arrived at Odense Steel Shipyard. After a part of the load has been removed in Aarhus harbor, where the ship has been in the container port for more than a week the company NORD, the former municipal disposal company, will remove and destroy 25,000 tonnes of hazardous waste in cooperation with the shipyard Fayard and H.J. Hansen Geningdvinding. The task has a total value of 50 million Danish Crowns. The waste will be carried on to NORD's high temperature furnaces in Nyborg during the next months.

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