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 Holiday Island  (Passenger Ship > Passenger Ro Ro Cargo Ship)
42 days ago by Timsen

Ferry returns to service later than expected
On June 13, 2016, Northumberland Ferries announced the "Holiday" Island" needs more steel work than expected and wouldn't be available for service beginning on June 17 as scheduled. Most of the work on the ship is being done in the vessel’s main vehicle deck and in other above-water areas of the ship. The other vessel, the "Confederation" will sail five times each day, as opposed to the scheduled nine crossings when the "Holiday Island" is in service during peak season. Trucking companies were concerned because they won’t get as many runs in if they continue to take the ferry and their transportation costs will go up if they have to use the Confederation Bridge instead.

 Dejikun  (Oil And Chemical Tanker > Chemical Oil Products Tanker)
42 days ago by Timsen

Abandoned tanker involved in hijacking recovered by Nigerian Navy
The Nigerian Navy on June 15 said it had recovered the "Dejikun", a vessel that was used in the Feb 11, 2016 hijack of the oil tanker "Maximus" by suspected pirates. They also arrested the owner of the "Dejikun" as well as an accomplice. The pirates had hijacked the oil tanker laden with 4,700 tonnes of diesel fuel and held the crew hostage until they were rescued by the Navy on Feb 22. The "Dejikun" was vandalised and abandoned off the coast of Benin Republic. The Benoinise Navy discovered there was nobody onboard the ship and took custody of the vessel. They were able to recover some documents of the ship and during the investigation, it was discovered that the owner of the ship was a Nigerian. The vessel and the suspects would be handed over to the police for further investigation.

 Belle Rose  (Bulk Carrier)
42 days ago by Timsen

Damage claims are being calculated
Officials of northern Cebu’s town of Daanbantayan will seek a still unspecified amount of compensation from the owners of the "Belle Rose" for the damage it wrought to about three hectares of the coral reef of Monad Shoal, a protected marine area that is part of the Malapascua dive spot. The Daanbantayan municipal government would pursue a formal marine protest against the owner, the Sun Ship Management Corp. Ltd. in Japan, to collect damages that would be used to rehabilitate the coral reefs damaged by the vessel when it ran aground on the shoal at dawn on Monday. The effect of the incident to Malapascua’s tourism was also still being calculated. The the damaged area was about three hectares of the 300-hectare shoal. The affected corals were the Brain Corals species, locally called “Tampulong” and “Binagong” . The 20-man Filipino crew of the vessel, including the captain Vicar Niel delos Reyes, was prohibited from leaving the vessel while the issue was still being resolved. An investigation has begun interviewing the crew and duty officers of the vessel to determine the cause of the accident. Captain Reyes has already submitted a marine protest, claiming that the vessel was avoiding a group of fishermen when it instead hit the shallow area of the shoal. A composite team of technical divers was still determining how to monetize the damage caused by the ship, using as reference the claim made by the government when the US minesweeper USS "Guardian" ran aground and damaged a wide area of Tubbataha Reef off Palawan on Jan. 17, 2013, while sailing to Indonesia following a port call on Subic Bay. When the ship ran aground on the south atoll of Tubbataha Reefs, damaging 2,345 square meters of coral on the reefs, considered a World Heritage Site by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (Unesco). In February 2015, the US government paid P87 million to the Philippines for the damage its warship caused on the reef. Diving activities within the immediate vicinity of the "Belle Rose" were suspened. However, other areas of Monad Shoal and around Malapascua Island remained open to divers. The prohibition would not affect the dive business since the area where the ship is stuck is not part of the common dive sites where thresher sharks can be seen. A composite assessment team with representative of the Malapascua Business Association, the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR), Penro, Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) and the PDRRM was trying to find ways to remove the ship without causing more damage to the corals. Four holes were found on the hull at the bow of ship but there was no threat of oil spill since the ship’s fuel tanks were located on the upper portion of the ship. The Environmental Management Bureau (EMB-7) ambient monitoring section, joined the assessment team and affirmed there was no danger of an oil spill. During an aerial inspection and visit to the site on June 14 a small tug was observed that was trying to push away the vessel but it was stopped by the Philippine Coast Guard as it could cause more damage to the corals. The area where the ship ran aground was only ten meters deep while the submerged portion of the ship was 12 meters. The ship owner has contracted a Malaysian repair crew and Japanese welders, who arrived in the area on June 15 to start repairs on the holes. The priority would be to refloat the ship, which carries 48,000 metric tons of clinker bound to the Taiheiyo Cement Philippines Inc. (TCPI) in San Fernando town in southern Cebu. TCPI might also claim damages over the delay of the clinker shipment, as it has affected their production. But the company assured the incident would not delay their delivery of their cement to their customers. Report with photo: cebudailynews.inq...

 Hamburg  (Passenger Ship > Cruise Ship)
42 days ago by Timsen

No recommendations in report regarding grounding accident
An investigation into the grounding of the "Hamburg" in the Sound of Mull on May 11, 2015, has resulted in no recommendations being made. The Marine Accident Investigations Branch (MAIB) published its report on June 16, 2016. The passenger vessel hit charted rocks near the New Rocks buoy in the Sound of Mull. The accident caused considerable raking damage to the hull and rendered the port propeller, shaft and rudder unserviceable. There were no injuries and the vessel continued on its passage to Tobermory. The investigation found that, having been unable to enter Tobermory Bay on arrival, the passage plan was not re-evaluated or amended. Combined with poor bridge team management and navigational practices, this resulted in the vessel running into danger and grounding. Despite the loud noise and vibration resulting from the grounding, the bridge team did not initiate the post-grounding checklist, no musters were held and neither the vessel’s managers nor any shore authorities were notified of the accident. Upon arrival at Tobermory Bay, the master made an ill-considered and poorly executed attempt at anchoring just within the bay’s entrance instead of the planned position in the south of the bay. This had to be aborted to avoid a second grounding when Hamburg dragged its anchor. The passenger vessel was then taken back out to the open sea with unknown damage to its structure, before diverting to Belfast where a dive survey revealed the extent of the damage. The vessel was withdrawn from service for three months for repairs. Following actions taken by various bodies including V.Ships Group, Tobermory Harbour Association, and the Maritime and Coastguard Agency, no recommendations have been made in this report.

 Southern Lily  (Container Ship)
42 days ago by Timsen

Survivors of Platino dropped off in Auckland
The three survivors from the 20-m-yacht"Platino", recovered by the "Southern Lily" on her way from Nuku'alofa, arrived in Auckland on June 16 at 1 a.m. They were dropped off at Jellicoe Wharf. Mrs McKeogh has issued a statement thanking the rescuers and crew members of the "Southern Lily". The air search for the crew member who was lost overboard clad only in light clothing and without a lifejacke was called off in the afternoon of June 15. Reports with photos:

 Sea Pelican  (Other)
42 days ago by Timsen

Sea Pelican dispatched to hunt the Platino
The "Sea Pelican" left Whangarei late on June 14, 2016, to locate and attempt to salvage the 20-m-yacht "Platino" which has been abandoned 550 km NE of New Zealand and which still has the body of Nick Saull on board, who was killed when her main boom struck a backstay taking out the rig. At her last position she was making 7.5 kts. The predicted wind conditions in the area were an Easterly wind of 23-27 kts with an 11 ft swell from a southerly direction. Winds were only expected to abate slightly in the next few days, with the wind swinging to a SSE direction, and be more aligned with the swell. The sea state was only expected to drop a couple of feet to 8-10 ft with the wind change, making for a slow tow back, if possible. A maritime officer was on board of the tug. The crew was using coordinates from an emergency beacon on the yacht which will monitor the location of the "Platino". Weather dependent, they could reach the "Platino" by June 18 and have the yacht and body of the person on board back in New Zealand early next week. The three survivors from the "Platino" arrived in Auckland on June 16 at 1 a.m. on the container ship "Southern Lily". The air search for the crew member who was lost overboard clad only in light clothing and without a lifejacke was called off in the afternoon of June 15. Report with photos:

 New Imperial Star  (Passenger Ship > Passenger Ro Ro Cargo Ship)
42 days ago by Timsen

First crew members of detained ship headed home
After eight months stuck on the "New Imperial Star" abandoned in the middle of Hong Kong’s port, he first of the crew were headed home on June 15, 18 to Burma and eight to China. They were part of the crew of 46 remaining on the ship in Victoria Harbor since October 2015. Having seen their claims for wages ignored, the crew applied for the seizure of the ship two months ago. The ship is now waiting to be auctioned by Hong Kong’s Admiralty Court in exchange for proceeds to pay the crew, as well as a stack of other arrears owed to creditors, such as the port agents. The total debts were estimated to be at US$3-4 millions. The ITF, the Amalgamation Union of Seafarers Hong Kong and the Merchant Navy Officers’ Guild-Hong Kong—has advanced the wages to the Burmese and Chinese crew, and paid for their transportation back home. The crew is owed US$564,000 in back pay and compensation. The shipowner, Arising International, is a single-ship shell company registered in the British Virgin Islands. It can only regain the ship if it is able to pay off the debts. Behind Arising is a pool of individual investors from Hong Kong and China who bought the ship from Singapore in August 2013 in hopes of making a fortune in Hong Kong’s casino ship industry. The "New Imperial Star" shuttled a mostly Chinese clientele from eastern Hong Kong into international waters where gambling is legal, sailing out at dusk and returning in the morning. But Hong Kong’s curbs on the influx of Chinese tourists—coupled with a sweeping anti-corruption campaign that reduced spending—crippled the previously high-margin, albeit dubious, gambling business. The shipowner, represented by Hong Kong businessman Wong Kam Fai, was trying to lay all the blame on Sun Junhao Ltd., the crewing manager. The labour tribunal has no jurisdiction over BVI-registered Arising International. On Oct 6, 2015, the ship was detained by authorities for failing inspections that crew members say could have been easily passed, had they been given money for maintenance. The ship has not moved since. All the Chinese and Burmese crew who worked as service staff on the ship, along with three Ukrainian crew members, will leave this week. Another 17 will stay on to man the ship. In recent months, tensions had flared on board the ship. Captain Valeriy Lyzhyn and two of the Chinese crew got into a bloody altercation over a can of coffee.

 Corinth  (Bulk Carrier)
42 days ago by arnekiel

New Time Charter
delivery Black Sea spot, redelivery Egypt, 5000 $ daily, MUR

 Riva Wind  (Bulk Carrier)
42 days ago by arnekiel

New Time Charter
delivery Mideast Gulf spot, about 3 - 5 months trading, redelivery worldwide, 5400 $ daily, Oldendorff

 Navios Soleil  (Bulk Carrier)
42 days ago by arnekiel

New Time Charter
delivery Campha spot, about 4 - 6 months trading, redelivery worldwide, 5700 $ daily, WBC

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