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 Kruzenshtern  (Pleasure Craft > Sailing Vessel)
53 days ago by Timsen

Tall ship allided with Icelandic Coasguard vessels
During a failed manoeuvre the Russian tall ship "Kruzenshtern" slammed into the two berthed Icelandic Coastguard vessels "Þór" and "Týr" in Reykjavik on June 11, 2015. The tall ship took part in the celebrations of the 70th anniversary of the end of the Second World War when it hit the ships with its bowsprit at port side. On the "Týr" the mast broke down, and there was some damage to the port side and the bridge too. Repairs were to be carried out during a planned yard stay following a mission in the Mediterranean Sea later this month. The "Þór" suffered two holes where the bow spirt of the barque hit, and the hull was dented where the patrol boat was pushed against the quay. The "Kruzenshtern" had arrived at Reykjavík on June 6 June and was due to stay until Aug 9 August in the context of the celebrations. The Maritime Accident Investigation Board launched an investigation. Reports with photos and videos: www.actunautique....

 Myrto  (Bulk Carrier)
53 days ago by Timsen

Bulkcarrier was threatened to run aground
The "Myrto" came off course and was about to run aground in the Gulf of Finland south off Porvoo in the afternoon of June 10, 2015. The Helsinki vessel traffic management managed to avert an accident at the last moment. The dangerous situation occurred when the ship took course straight towards a shallow. The vessel traffic management approached the vessel and directed it back to safe waters. It would have run aground within fifteen minutes without the intervention. The Finnish transport safety agency came to the conclusion that there was no need for a separate investigation. The ship was underway from Ust-Luga to Amsterdam with an ETA as of June 15.

 Purple Beach  (General Cargo Ship)
53 days ago by Timsen

Situation further stabilized
The situation aboard the "Purple Beach" has further stabilized. During the past days the task forces have monitored the temperature of the water in the cargo holds. As a result, the task forces reported that the ship is cold as no temperature differences to the environment could be identified so it was assumed that there was currently no reaction of the fertilizer inside the ship. The shipping company continued working on the disposal and discharge concepts. The cleaning of the accomodation block started on July 11. The results of the analyses of the last few days have shown that in some areas of the vessel hydrochloric acid has formed which has to be removed professionally. It was not yet known how long the cleaning work would last. The final material analysis of fire fighting water and ballast water was pending. They were required for the subsequent disposal of the water.

 He Hua Hai  (Bulk Carrier)
53 days ago by Timsen

Disabled bulkcarrier taken in tow
The "He Hua Hai" suffered a mechanical failure in the western Atlantic en route from Venice. The ship was taken in tow by the tug "ALP Winger" since at least May 28, 2015, the ETA Tarragona was June 18.

 Ahti R  (General Cargo Ship)
53 days ago by Timsen

Mechanical failure troubled cargo ship
The "Ahti R" suffered a propulsion system failure and lost power on June 11, 2015, in the northern Kafireas Strait while being en route from Istanbul to Gavrio two miles off Cape Kafireas. The accident happened very close to the shore and the ship asked for assistance from the local authorities. Spanopoulos Salvagetug was requested to take the ship in tow and dispatched the "Christos VI", but the crew managed to fix the problem, and the "Ahti R" reached Kypri Bay anchorage under own power, escorted by the tug. The tug was dismissed after the vessel anchored on the port's roads for repairs and inspectons before resuming the voyage to Andros island.

 Nordic Theresa  (Oil And Chemical Tanker > Chemical Oil Products Tanker)
53 days ago by Timsen

Product tanker disabled
The "Nordic Theresa" was disabled and drifting on June 10, 2015, about 390 miles west of Gibraltar. The vessel was en route from Las Palmas to Rotterdam.

 State Of Maine  (Service Ship > Training Ship)
54 days ago by Timsen

Training ship in real rescue
The "State of Maine" got a call from the U.S. Coast Guard in the morning of June 9, 2015. The training ship was headed toward Portland when the call came from the Coast Guard’s Regional Coordination Center in Boston. The Maine Maritime Academy training ship sailed on the first of four trans-Atlantic legs of the summer training cruise for freshmen and juniors who are studying to become Coast Guard-licensed Merchant Marine officers. The sailboat "Prodigal" was battered by storms, the Coast Guard informed Captain Leslie Eadie. Its skipper, Michael Hurley, had radioed for help. The "State of Maine" was 520 nautical miles south-southeast of Halifax, Nova Scotia, and roughly 29 nautical miles from the "Prodigal". The MMA crew established communication with Hurley within the next two hours. He informed them that the "Prodigal", which was registered in Norfolk, Va., was afloat but taking on water. The training ship made its way to the rescue site, and students prepared to help. When they arrived, the Prodigal came alongside the "State of Maine", Crew transferred Hurley’s personal gear to the training ship. The skuipper stepped across to a cargo net and began his climb up the side of the training ship. The "State of Maine" was due to arrive in Portland on June 13. The educational cruise will continue on to Cobh, Ireland, Norfolk and Searsport, ending in Castine on July 27. Report with photos: www.ellsworthamer...

 Ibis 3  (Service Ship > Dredger)
54 days ago by Timsen

Fire on dredger at BBS Yard
In the morning of June 11, 2015 at 8.25 a.m., a fire broke out in the foreship of the "Ibis III" which was on slip at the BBS Yard in Berne at that time. The volunteer fire rescue of Berne was on scene at 8.40 a.m. It showed that a workbench directly behind the hull had caught fire. The damage was being investigated. No injuries reported. German report with photo:

 Bear Cove Point  (Other)
54 days ago by Timsen

Crew safe after fishing vessel sank
In the morning of June 9, 2015, at 6.30 a.m. the "Bear Cove Point" sank off Georges Bank. The Transportation Safety Board of Canada deployed a team of investigators to Riverport to assess the sunken fishing vessel. All four crew members were rescued by another fishing vessel and were brought back to Riverport on June 10. Within an hour there were other fishing vessels around and gave assistance and tried to transfer pumps but it wasn’t enough to salvage the vessel which foundered about 175 kilometres southwest of Yarmouth roughly 20 metres below the surface.

 Fv Cintharth  (Other)
54 days ago by Timsen

Repairs nearly completed
Repairs of the "Cittharth" were in the final stages on June 10 in Hendaye when the ship was relieved of the cradles of the port crane. The ship had run aground on rocks in the Bay Saint-Jean-de-Luz on Mar 4. The skipper of the boat, Ludovic Le Roux and his team hoped that the trawler would sail again until early July in time for the tuna fishing season and partly save the season. The redelivery of the "Cintharth" was scheduled for June 15 in Hendaye. It will still remain in dock for final adjustments and return to the Atlantic around the 22 June. It took the company amakona Pasajes 35 days to repair the hull. The Mendiola SA was responsible for joinery, Indumac for paints, and Diougoant took care of engines and EMCE for the electricity. French report with photo:

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