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 Spirit Of Sacramento  (Passenger Ship)
37 days ago by Timsen

Process of righting the wreck has commenced
Crews have started the intensive process of righting the "Spirit of Sacramento" which has been upside down in the Delta near Bethel Island since Sep 4. The Coast Guard, state spill prevention experts and other agencies were working together to deal with the wreck. They have a few options to consider. They can get the vessel upright and then remove the fuel, or they can try to remove the fuel while the boat is still on its side. The primary focus is safety for the public, environment and wildlife. Reports with photos and video: www.eastbaytimes....

 Shun Tien No.606  (Other)
37 days ago by Timsen

Wreck leaking fuel
On Sep 15 oil was leaking from the "Shun Tien No. 606", one of four fishing boats that ran aground in Kaohsiung’s Sizihwan Scenic Area during high winds and seas brought by Typhoon Meranti. The Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) said the spill was not serious. The four vessels had been docked next to one another in Cianjhen Fishing Port in the Cianjhen District before their lines broke during the typhoon, died after falling overboard, the only fatality reported from the typhoon. His body was recovered on Sep 15. The loose boats drifted until they hit an embankment near National Sun Yat-sen University in Gushan District about 9 km away from the fishing port. Two vessels were tilted on their sides and one was leaking marine diesel oil. More than 10 tonnes of the oil had spilled, while an estimated 60 tonnes was still aboard. Another 250 to 300 tonnes of diesel oil on board the other vessel did not pose an immediate risk of leaking. The Taiwan International Ports Corp’s Kaohsiung division was responsible for removing the boats and cleaning up the spill. It deployed oil booms to contain the spill, but efforts to tow the two upright vessels yesterday morning had to be called off because the tide was too low. The company was to resume towing operations in the night after high tide. After the two upright ships were removed, the company was to start draining the fuel on the two other vessels. The operation was expected to be completed within two days, if it was not disrupted by another typhoon that was moving near Taiwan. Report with photo: www.taipeitimes.c...

 Hanjin California  (Container Ship)
37 days ago by Timsen

Boxship re-arrested another time
The Federal Court of Australia has re-arrested the "Hanjin California" for a second time. The second arrest took place on Sep 8 by Federal Court Marshals at the vessel’s current berth at Glebe Island 1 at Port of Sydney by Chemoil. The ship has been arrested once by Chemoil and once by Glencore. In respect of the Glencore arrest, two parties – being DP World Australia and the other being Torres Pilots, have filed caveats against arrest. The vessel has about 60 empty export boxes are onboard as are somewhere around 40-60 boxes of export cargo that were loaded at Brisbane. On Sep 16 a hearing took place in the Federal Court in which the ship was directed to state what the position is in respect of crew wages, other entitlements and other arrangements being made for their welfare.

 Sea Worker  (Service Ship)
37 days ago by Timsen

Rig removal in progress
The work to remove the "Sea Worker" by the Dutch company DISA is progressing, but it will only completed in spring 2017. Since late August salvors really got things moving, and the work is now in full using the calm late summer weather which is a key condition for the work. Actually salvors are removing parts from "Sea Worker" and right now working to remove portions of the accomodation unit that has fallen off and was resting on the bottom next to the wreck as well as the crane boom, also located on the seabed. Currently on scene are the British work boat “Walsa Lass”, 255 gt (IMO:9633812 ), the Dutch crane ship “Cormorant”, 1505 gt (IMO: 7328073), which has been called from Terneuzen and was fitted out at Esbjerg from Aug 26 until Sep 5, the British work boat “Voe Earl”, 200 gt (IMO: 9639983), the salvage ship “Offshore Beaver”, 856 gt (IMO: 8918564), and the guard ship “Seazip 4” (MMSI: 244830668).

 Rigel A  (General Cargo Ship)
37 days ago by Timsen

Ship sank off Mukalla
On Sep 14, 2016, at 3.30 a.m. the "Rigel A", loaded with 1700 tons food, issued a distress signal after having suffered water ingress off Mukalla in the Gulf of Aden. The ship was moored on the anchorage off Mukalla at the Yemen coast and had suffered a two-meter-long breach in the engine room. Attempts to pump out the water failed, and the crew of eight abandoned the vessel into a life raft. Among them were two Syrian and six Indians. When the crew was rescued by the Coastguard, the ship was half submerged, and a few hours later, at 6.05 a.m., it fully disappeared from the surface. The crew was in good health and transported to the local hospital for medical examinations.

 Noble Paul Romano  (Offshore Vessel > Drilling Ship)
37 days ago by arnekiel

Hess extends contract for Noble Paul Romano
Hess has extended its contract for 1989-built semi-submersible Noble Paul Romano from mid-September at a dayrate of $128,500. The one well extension for the rig, operating in the Gulf of Mexico, is estimated to be around 80 days. The rig was previous contracted at $304,000 per day, reflecting the poor state of the market.

 Noble Regina Allen  (Service Ship)
37 days ago by arnekiel

Noble Corporation finds work for stacked jackup, extends with Hess at huge discount
UK headquartered offshore driller Noble Corporation has announced a new contract for one of its jackup rigs as well as an extension for a semi-submersible in its latest felt status report. 2013-built jackup rig Noble Regina Allen has found work in UK waters with an undisclosed client providing accomodation services. Noble said the rig, which is currently warm stacked in Danish waters, will commence work mid-October through to mid-April 201 with three further 30-day options available to the charterer. The contract value was not disclosed.

 CCNI Arauco  (Container Ship)
37 days ago by Timsen

Negotiations regarding disposal of contaminated water going on
While the "CCNI Arauco" was remaining at the Mönckeberg Quay in Hamburg on Sep 15, negotiations were going on regarding the further proceedings. The ship actually has a draught of 8,8 meters, and about 5500 tons contaminated water were in the damaged cargo hold. Also 20 half burnt containers have still to be disposed of. Once work has started, this was thought to take about one week. The ship is disabled, while the engine is still working, the shaft, propeller and steering gear have been damaged in the fire.

 Kathryn Spirit  (General Cargo Ship)
37 days ago by arnekiel

Abandoned Kathryn Spirit ship must be stabilized before winter
For more than five years, people in a Quebec town have wondered what will happen with an abandoned cargo ship moored in the St. Lawrence River. It's now deteriorated to the point it's in danger of tipping over. As Mike Armstrong reports, that could put Montreal's drinking water at risk. A rusting abandoned ship on the Saint Lawrence River should be properly stabilized before winter, according to environmentalists and local politicians. The 153-metre long Kathryn Spirit sits just offshore from the town of Beauharnois, Que., listing precariously to its port side. The bulk carrier was towed to the town in 2011 to be dismantled by a local company, Excavation René St-Pierre Inc. When the town refused to issue a permit, the company sold the ship to a Mexican recycler. Last year, that new owner declared bankruptcy and officially abandoned the ship.

 Stena Immortal  (Oil And Chemical Tanker > Chemical Oil Products Tanker)
37 days ago by arnekiel

IMOIIMAX Tanker Stena Immortal Delivered
The Stena Immortal was delivered on Sept. 14 from the Chinese shipyard GSI (Guangzhou Shipbuilding International) in southeast China. The vessel is jointly owned on a 50-50 basis by Stena Bulk and Indonesian Golden Agri Resources (GAR) and is the eighth of a total of 13 IMOIIMAX tankers ordered by Stena Bulk in 2012. She will be operated by Stena Weco and will sail in the company’s global logistics system, which currently employs about 60 vessels.

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