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 Cemtex Honor  (Bulk Carrier)
45 days ago by arnekiel

U-Ming Marine gets a new bulk carrier
Taiwanese bulk carrier U-Ming Marine announced on 8 April that it has taken delivery of an 85,000 dwt post-Panamax bulk carrier to continue its fleet expansion programme. The ship, named Cemtex Honor, was built by Japanese Oshima Shipbuilding, and is the third of the 85,000 dwt post-Panamax series. Source: IHS Maritime 360

 Arendal Spirit  (Service Ship)
45 days ago by arnekiel

Teekay’s First ‘Unit for Maintenance and Safety’ Vessel En Route to Brazil
Arendal Spirit, the first of Teekay’s so-called ‘Unit for Safety and Maintenance’ (UMS) accommodation vessels, is en route to Brazil aboard a COSCO heavy lift vessel. The vessel features contains 500 beds in 248 cabins with en-suite bathrooms, daylight windows, television, internet and telephone connections, lounge areas, coffee shop, television and game room, fitness room, dining room, office areas, meeting/conference room and cinema. Its design is base on Sevan Marine’s unique cylindrical hull design, providing several advantages compared to traditional accommodation vessels including high uptime, excellent motion characteristics (less seasickness), more deck space, better stability, and more storage space. Arendal Spirit is expected to arrive in Brazil by the end of April to start a 3-year charter contract with Petrobras, with extensions. It is the first of three UMS vessels to be built by COSCO in China. The vessels were originally ordered by Logitel Offshore Holdings, which Teekay acquired in July 2014. Report with video on

 Privocean  (Bulk Carrier)
45 days ago by arnekiel

Owners of vessels damaged on Mississippi start suits against owners of runaway bulk carrier
San Francisco: The owner of a tanker allegedly rammed and damaged on Monday by a runaway bulk carrier on the Mississippi River filed suit for damages in a US District Court in New Orleans on Friday. Bravo Shipping made the filing as owner of the oil tanker Bravo (61,336 dwt, built 2011) which was allegedly hit by bulk carrier M/V Privocean (81,434 dwt, built 2013) after the latter became unmoored. Bravo was docked at the Ergon-St.James oil storage dock near Convent, Louisiana at the time of the incident. The District Court judge ordered the arrest of the Privocean, moored at Grammercy. There are a number of charges in the suit against Privocean’s Greek owners, topped by “operating the ship in a negligent and unseaworthy manner.” Suits have also been filed against Privocean by dock owner Ergon-St James, and by Crescent Towing and Salvage, owner of the tugboat Texas that was tethered to the Privocean and was dragged along by it on its wild and damage-strewn ride. Source:

 Balsa 85  (General Cargo Ship)
45 days ago by arnekiel

Food poisoning sickens ship's crew in Saint John
Fourteen crew members from a Panamanian ship are in Saint John hospital suffering from food poisoning. The ship was docked at the PotashCorp terminal Saturday when a number of individuals became ill. The ship was loaded and prepared to leave Saint John, but has been delayed. Three crew members are in the intensive care unit at the Saint John Regional Hospital, and eleven others are listed in serious but stable condition. The food poisoning is believed to be ciguatera fish poisoning, which is caused by eating tropical fish that consumed toxin-producing algae. New Brunswick medical officer of health Dr. Cristin Muecke says there is no risk to Canadians. The five crew members who did not consume the fish are not ill. “The risk is limited to those on the ship only, as this is related to fish that was obtained on international waters before they arrived in port,” Dr. Muecke said. The food poisoning can lead to gastrointestinal symptoms such as nausea, vomiting and diarrhea, neurological symptoms such as numbness and weakness, and cardiac symptoms such as heart rhythm problems. Ciguatera fish poisoning is rarely fatal, but the severity of the illness depends on how much tainted fish was consumed. More and photo on atlantic.ctvnews....

 Marathassa  (Bulk Carrier)
45 days ago by arnekiel

Vancouver oil spill: Coast Guard defends cleanup response time
After widespread criticism of its response, the Canadian Coast Guard has issued a detailed timeline outlining the sequence of events immediately following the detection of a major oil spill in Vancouver's English Bay. Coast Guard Commissioner Jody Thomas said, in a statement released Sunday, the agency was first notified by a recreational boater of a slick around the bulk grain carrier Marathassa at 5:10 p.m. PT Wednesday. Within four minutesthe coast guard says it had notified its emergency management partners whose job is to inform local shore-side authorities including municipal governments and First Nations. At 5:38 p.m. PT, the coast guard said a harbour vessel for the Port of Vancouver had assessed the spill as minor and unrecoverable, but the coast guard's own assessment, an hour later, determined the spill was more serious. Thomas said the Western Canada Marine Response Corporation was tasked with the oil's cleanup and arrived on scene at 9:25 p.m. PT. Contrary to criticism that nothing was done until the next day, Thomas said crews went to work that night. "Our partners carried out skimming in the dark and completed securing a boom around the vessel by 5:53 a.m PT. Even before most British Columbians woke up, the boom was completely surrounding the suspect vessel," she said. "[Eighty] per cent of the spill was not only contained, but was recovered within 36 hours. The Canadian Coast Guard's response to the Marathassa spill was exceptional by international standards." Report with video on

 Polar Pioneer  (Offshore Vessel > Drilling Ship)
45 days ago by arnekiel

Bad Weather Sends Greenpeace Activists Home
Six Greenpeace activists rappelled down from an oil rig in the Pacific Ocean on Saturday after spending six days living on the structure to protest against drilling in the Arctic, the environmental organization said. The multinational team climbed on board Polar Pioneer, an oil rig leased by Royal Dutch Shell that is bound for the Arctic, on Monday as it was being transported by a heavy-lift vessel about 750 miles (1,210 km) northwest of Hawaii. Worsening weather conditions that were expected to bring swells of up to seven meters led the six activists to leave the oil rig on Saturday. They climbed down into inflatable boats and returned to the Greenpeace ship Esperanza, which had brought the activists out into the Pacific Ocean for the protest. Shell said the protesters had jeopardized their safety and that of the crew assigned to the oil rig. www.maritime-exec...

 Qing May  (Bulk Carrier)
45 days ago by arnekiel

Two dead in knife attack aboard Chinese ship anchored off Zamboanga
ZAMBOANGA, Philippines - A crewman on a Chinese vessel in Philippine waters has killed two of his colleagues with a knife, a coast guard official said Sunday. One other crew member was wounded in the attack aboard the Liberian-flagged Quing May and has been taken to hospital. The suspect is believed to still be hiding aboard the massive transport ship, which is docked at the southern port city of Zamboanga, said regional coast guard chief Lieutenant Jimmy Verbo. The vessel, operated by China's Foremost group, was transporting iron ore from Australia to China when one crewman attacked the others with a knife on Saturday while they were off the southern Philippine islands of Jolo, said Verbo. Two ship's officers were killed and an engineer was wounded, prompting the captain to call the coast guard for help, he said. The motive for the attack is still unclear. More from:

 Balsa 85  (General Cargo Ship)
45 days ago by arnekiel

14 crewmembers of cargovessel Balsa 85 poisoned and hospitalized, three in critical condition
Fourteen crewmembers of the general cargo vessel Balsa 85, docked in Saint John port, New Brunswick, Canada, were poisoned by food and hospitalized on Apr12, three in critical condition, eleven in serious but stable condition. The food poisoning is believed to be ciguatera fish poisoning, which is caused by eating tropical fish that consumed toxin-producing algae. Crew is 19, so only 5 crew members, those who didn’t eat fish, remain on board. Crew most probably are all Filipino. Source:

 Fortress 7  (General Cargo Ship)
46 days ago by BerndU

sold to Breakers
sold to Chttagong breakers 366 USD/To

 Lian Hua  (Bulk Carrier)
46 days ago by BerndU

sold to Breakers
sold to Chittagong breakers 395USD/To

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