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 Vitsentzos Kornaros  (Passenger Ship > Passenger Ro Ro Cargo Ship)
2 hours ago by Timsen

Odyssey of 80 passengers has ended
In the evening of Mar 27 the "Vitsentzos Kornaros" was able to get off the breakwater of the port of Kassos with own means and assisted by the passenger m/v "Kasos Princess". The ship entered safely the harbour of the island and began the landing of approximately 80 passengers, who were destined for the island, while a technical inspection by competent inspectors of the relevant classification society and hull surveys by private divers were being carried out. If the ship, which had had sailed from Piraeus in the evening of Mar 24, was found seaworthy, it would continue its route Karpathos-Diafani-Halki-Rhodes. Greek report with videos:

 Kanton  (General Cargo Ship)
2 hours ago by Timsen

Ship may be confiscated due to violations of sanctions in Crimean ports
The "Kanton" may be confiscated by the Ukraine for illegal calls to Crimean ports. The ship was detained in Kherson, Ukraine, on Mar 4, 2015, after during an PSC inspection a number of deficiencies was found. Later the vessel was arrested, and all ship’s documents were taken out by the Ukraine Military Procurator. The vessel was accused of numerous violations of sanctions imposed on Crimea ports. The vessel violated sanctions by several calls to Crimea ports without notification or approval from Ukraine authorities. It was subject to a heavy fine or confiscation, according to Ukraine law with regards to annexed by Russia Crimea Peninsula.

 Adamastos  (Bulk Carrier)
2 hours ago by Timsen

Bulkcarrier has to be removed from Rio Grande
The new owner of the "Adamastos" got a notice from Brazilian Navy authorities on Mar 27, 2015, requiring the vessel to be removed from Rio Grande, as the ship, loaded with 59000 or 50000 tons of soybeans, was posing a threat to port and shipping in the area. It was planned to tow it to China by the end of April. The new owner is a UK-based company, which bought the vessel and paid some $5 million of debts. On Nov 25, 2014, the crew of the bulk carrier had asked for help after having been stranded in Rio-Grande since August. The ship had run aground while leaving the port. It was refloated and inspected by authorities, inspection found many deficiencies and also, unpaid port charges and some other bills, totaling $3 million. The vessel was anchored on Rio-Grande roads. After the crew was abandoned, supplies ran out, they weren’t paid. The crew of 22 was coming from the Philippines, Greece, Georgia, Romania, Egypt, Ukraine and Indonesia.

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