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Type: Cruise Ship ( Barcos de pasajeros )       IMO:8711356       Callsign:C6FM8       MMSI:309697000
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Static Data
Length: 261.0m Beam: 32.0m
GRT: 70538
Eng. Builder:
Position Data
Status: MOORED
Heading: 295.0° Course: 295.0°
Port: Miami United States of America
Berth: Miami Cruise Terminal
Since: 3 hours ago
Source: T-AIS Update: 7 min ago
Voyage Data
From: Cozumel  Mexico
Destination: Miami United States of America
ETA: 20.11.2017 12:00
Draught: 8.1m Max. Draught: 7.85m
Source: T-AIS Update: 7 min ago

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