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 Crown  (Oil And Chemical Tanker > Crude Oil Tanker)
7 hours ago by BerndU

arrived Bhavnagar anchorage
arrived Bhavnagar anchorage 17.12.17

 Timbus  (General Cargo Ship)
8 hours ago by Timsen

Cargo ship towed to Bremerhaven after fire
The "Timbus", which had suffered an engine room fire on Nov 24, was pulled from the river Ems, near Delfzijl by the tug "VB Bremerhaven" (IMO: 9045871) and "Gruno IV" (IMO:: 9342669) to Bremerhaven where it was moored in the connecting port on Dec 17 at 2 p.m. Photo: www.shipspotting....

 Ricky Robinson  (Tug)
8 hours ago by Timsen

Tug salvage making progress
The recovery of the "Ricky Robinson" was making progress. The Wepfer Marine, under the supervision of the Coast Guard, was able to move the tug to shallower water closer to the shore. They still have more work to do before they can officially begin an investigation as to why the vessel sank. Wepfer management have been in touch with the designated family members of the missing crew on progress throughout the day. Keith Pigram and his stepson Anquavius Newsom were working on the boat when it went down on the Mississippi.

 Celebrity Infinity  (Passenger Ship > Cruise Ship)
8 hours ago by Timsen

Report: Mishap blamed on master's planning failure
The U.S. National Transportation Safety Board has determined that the probable cause of the "Celebrity Infinity"’s allision with the dock last year was the master’s failure to plan, monitor and execute a safe docking evolution. On June 3, 2016 at 2 p.m. cruise ship allided with berth 3 in Ketchikan, Alaska. No one was injured and no pollution occurred. The vessel sustained a nine-inch-diameter hole on the forward port side, about 12 feet above the waterline. The berth suffered extensive damage to the catwalks and pilings. The cost of repairs was about $1.15 million. On the day of the incident, at 1.02 p.m., the pilot on the "Celebrity Infinity" radioed the pilot on a vessel that was leaving berth 3 and learned the wind was a steady 25 knots with gusts to 35 knots. According to the logbook, a company-required pre-arrival brief was conducted by the bridge team at 1326. The master told NTSB investigators that all the deck officers and sailors who participated in the docking attended this meeting. He also stated that pilots normally participated in the brief, but that the assigned pilot did not participate this time, because the Celebrity Infinity was in restricted waters and the pilot had to concentrate on conning the vessel. The pilot told NTSB investigators that he was not part of the pre-arrival brief but that he did talk to the master about the expected winds at docking. He said the master assured him they could dock within the parameters being reported to them. The pilot stated the master told him they would come in a bit faster and wider than normal due to the wind. The pilot also stated he told the master that tugboats were available but the master said that unless the winds were very strong, 30–40 knots, they would have no problem holding the ship and that he (the master) had docked the vessel in wind gusts up to 50 knots. When the vessel was about four tenths of a mile from the dock, the conn changed from the pilot to the staff captain. This change was not heard on the vessel’s voyage data recorder (VDR). The port-side-to docking maneuver went according to plan as the vessel approached berth 3. The master stated he noticed the ship “drifting a lot” and that he then advised the forward mooring station to drop the starboard anchor; he said that the wind suddenly increased from 23 to 40 knots. Parametric data downloaded from the vessel’s VDR showed a maximum one-second wind speed of 43.8 knots about the time the anchor was let go. The master told investigators he ordered the starboard anchor to be dropped when the vessel was about 450 meters from the dock, because he felt that the bow of the vessel was rapidly approaching the dock and the bow thrusters were unable to slow the motion of the bow. According to the VDR and CCTV recordings, the anchor was dropped at 1353. Both the master and the staff captain told investigators that the master took over the conn at this point; however, the ship’s logbook does not reflect a change of conn from the staff captain to the master and nothing was heard on the VDR to indicate the master had the conn. Further, CCTV footage showed the master, pilot, and staff captain operating the bow thrusters and the master and the staff captain operating the pods after the anchor had been dropped. Investigators noted from a closed-circuit television (CCTV) recording that, after the starboard anchor was dropped, the stern approached the dock more rapidly. The master said he discussed the docking evolution with the pilot, and the staff captain said he discussed the expected wind for docking with the master; however, it is unclear if the three of them discussed the docking evolution together, as nothing was heard on the VDR. The master told investigators that the weather conditions were discussed at the pre-arrival brief; however, investigators reviewed the VDR and CCTV and noted that the master and the pilot did not participate in the brief. The CCTV showed the master and the pilot standing away from the area where the pre-arrival brief was held, looking forward, and conning the vessel. Further, the VDR did not record the four people who did attend the pre-arrival brief―staff captain, first officer, safety officer and third officer―discussing the weather conditions. Investigators were left with the impression that a clear mental model of the docking evolution was not shared by the entire bridge team.

 Normand Subsea  (Offshore Vessel > Offshore Support Vessel)
9 hours ago by Timsen

Lost lifeboat washed up on Scottish beach
A lifeboat which got lost from from the "Normand Subsea" on Dec 7, 2017, in stormy seas off Shetland, washed up on a beach in Fraserburgh on Dec 16. A Scottish fishing boat caught the heavily damaged lifeboat and tried to tow it into Fraserburgh, but the line broke at night. The owners have been notified and the recovery process was in progress. Report with photo: https://www.pressandjourn...

 Team Akzonobel  (Other)
9 hours ago by Timsen

Crew repairs mast after metal runner was ripped out
The "AkzoNobel" which was taking part in the Volvo OCean Race suffered damage to the mast. The metal runner that holds up the mainsail on the "AkzoNobel" was ripped out during a change of direction in high winds. It meant the team had to stop racing while they tried to fix the problem, and fell about 300 miles behind the leaders of the Volvo Ocean Race. They tried to glue the track back on - but the first time it did not work as a big wave tore it off. A second attempt was successful and the team was able to re-hoist the mainsail. They regained full speed on Dec 16, 2017, for the first time in three days in the middle of the Southern Ocean some 2,000 miles from land. Report with video:

 Lifeline  (Other)
10 hours ago by Timsen

SAR ship damaged in allision
The "Lifeline" of the "Mission Lifeline", 231 gt, was damaged in an allision with a Libyan fishing vessel, which had suffered a rudder failure, at the Coal Wharf in the port of Valletta on Dec 15, 2017. A rubber boat on deck was destroyed, it had a value of 15.000 Euro. Mission Lifeline asked for donations. Report with photo:

 Bore Sea  (Ro Ro Cargo Ship)
10 hours ago by Timsen

Bore Sea disabled in English Channel
Enroute from Leixoes to Rotterdam the "Bore Sea" was disabled in the morning of Dec 17, 2017, in the middle of the English Channel. The passing Dutch tug "Multratug 7" (IMO: 9817808), having sailed from Ceuta, arrived on site in the afternoon and started towing the ship towards Terneuzen, ETA Dec 18 at noon.

 Dora Schulte  (Bulk Carrier)
10 hours ago by Timsen

Bulkcarrier refloated
The "Dora Schulte", which had run aground on Nov 20 in the Limende Strait between the Bangka Belitung islands, has been refloated by Dec 15 and sailed to its initial port of destination, Cigading, in westernmost Java, Sunda Strait.

 Manuela E  (General Cargo Ship > Multi Purpose Carrier)
10 hours ago by Timsen

Drifting ship towed to Algeciras
The "Manuela E" suffered engine trouble off Estrecho on Dec 17, 2017, after having left Gibraltar around 4 a.m., and requested help. It was adrift about 2,5 miles from from Punta Acebuche (Algeciras). The SAR ship "Salvamar Arcturus" (MMSI: 225986507) was deployed by Salvamento Marítimo from Tarifa and initially stopped the drift by taking the ship in tow. Later the tow was transerred onto the larger salvage tug "Luz de Mar" (IMO: 9320104) which pulled the vessel to the port of Algeciras where it was berthed at 12.30 p.m.

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