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13 days ago by arnekiel

Gwadar port to be operational by mid-April
Commercial activities at the Gwadar deep seaport will start from mid-April as the authorities have acquired possession of 2,231 acres of land from Pakistan Navy and Pakistan Coast Guard for establishing free-trade zones. “Our target is to make the port fully operational by mid-April and by that time the first commercial ship will dock at the port and a new ship lane will be operational thereafter,” the managing director of the Gwadar Port Authority (GPA), Dostain Khan Jamaldini, told The Express Tribune in an interview. tribune.com.pk/st...

15 days ago by arnekiel

E.ON reaches major milestone in North Sea project - First turbine installed at Amrumbank West offshore wind farm
After a construction period of one year, E.ON’s Amrumbank West offshore project is taking shape. E.ON has annonced that the first of 80 turbines was successfully installed at the construction site, 35 kilometers to the north of the island of Helgoland. Scheduled for completion in the autumn of 2015, the Amrumbank West wind farm will have a total capacity of 288 megawatts -- enough energy to supply electricity to as many as 300,000 households. According to E.ON, this will help to cut over 740,000 tonnes of carbon emissions annually. Capital expenditures on the project will be total about €1 billion. Some details about the project: The hub height of the 3.6 megawatt turbine manufactured by Siemens is 90 meters above water level; the rotor diameter is 120 meters, with the rotor tip height measuring 150 meters, Carrier vessels transport the components of 7 turbines from the Port of Esbjerg in Denmark to the deep-sea construction site Amrumbank West. To reduce transit times from the base ports of Esbjerg, Helgoland or Cuxhaven to the wind farm, E.ON has chartered a hotel ship. Immediately after the installation of the components, the turbines are prepared for operation. At the same time, commissioning work is being carried out on the transformer substation of the Amrumbank West wind farm. “We are confident that we will soon be able to feed electricity generated by the first turbines into the public grid as planned”, said Dominik Schwegmann, lead project manager of Amrumbank West. The operation and maintenance of the wind farm will be managed from Helgoland. For this purpose, E.ON has built an operations and maintenance base on the island. www.renewableener...

15 days ago by arnekiel

Record-Breaking Day At Port Of Palm Beach
Millions of dollars could soon sail into the coffers at the Port of Palm Beach. Nearly 17-hundred people are expected to sail away on the port's new ship, the Bahamas Celebration, the largest ship to ever sail from the port. Trucks carrying thousands of dollars worth of food, supplies and fuel lined up at the port Friday. Workers moved palettes from trucks onto the Grand Celebration. "You got 1,700 people that are eating, drinking. You have to resupply the ship," said executive director Manuel Almira. Friday's record-breaking sailing means big money for a port, struggling to stay afloat. The new ship and agreement mean the port will collect $15 for each passenger that gets on board, plus $17 a day for parking. "We're forecasting $3.5 million before it's all said and done," said Almira. Passengers packed the cruise terminal Friday. Victor Pantoja drove from Orlando to catch the cruise. "I got to treat my baby right," Pantoja said. The new passenger cruise ship will bring roughly 750 jobs to the area and close to $4 million in revenue this year.

15 days ago by arnekiel

Skuld reports of Broken fenders and poor berth safety
Members are alerted to the poor state of fenders at berths in Chittagong, which may give rise to both ship and shore damage. The situation is serious and it is a risk that a pollution or other significant event could follow. The Association is grateful to correspondents PandiAsia for assisting with this update. The situation Chittagong is the main gateway for Bangladesh’s seaborne trade and handles the majority of the country’s imports and exports. As such it is a very busy place and members calling there will be aware of a number of challenges that require keen attention for the duration of any port of call. Most recently the Association was made aware of a serious problem affecting the fendering at some of the berths and jetties. The basic construction is of two vertical steel “I” bars, that are meant to have solid timber fronts so that there would be no direct steel to steel contact between the ship’s hull and the fender steel structure. Unfortunately a number of locations show these arrangements to be in a poor state of repair, with badly maintained sections, broken sections and places where the timber is altogether missing. This situation represents risks to both ship and shore, particularly the risks of: hull damage, ingress of water in to the vessel’s structure oil / other pollution should fuel or cargo tanks be damaged ,damage to shore side Source: Skuld

15 days ago by arnekiel

Busan New Port Adds Needed Capacity with Arrival of 3 new QC’s for BNCT
(Feb. 13.) The most modern container terminal in Korea marks a big expansion milestone for Busan New Port this week. Three new super-post-panamax twin lift quay cranes with a 24-row outreach and 49 meter height manufactured by ZPMC in China arrived at BNCT and are being off loaded this week. With this addition BNCT has a new total of 11 STS cranes effectively adding 700,000 TEUS of capacity for a new total handling capacity of 2.5 million TEUS and further expansion possible after that up to 3.5 million TEUS. Complementing these additional quay cranes BNCT recently added eight straddle carriers and four ARMGCs to two newly constructed automated yard blocks and completed a new 16,000TEU empty stacking area late last year. Source: BNCT (Busan New Container Terminal)

15 days ago by arnekiel

Ports normalizing, congestion seen resolved after February
Congestion at the Port of Manila will be tailing off by the end of the month as container yard utilization and vessel waiting time continue to normalize, the chief of Philippine Ports Authority (PPA) said. “There are some peripheral issues, like the container yards outside the ports, but the condition of Manila ports is getting back to normal,” PPA General Manager Juan C. Sta. Ana told reporters on the sidelines of an event in Makati City. Based on the latest data from PPA, average yard utilization at the Manila ports as of Thursday, 7:00 a.m. is at 79% or the equivalent of about 64,300 twenty-foot equivalent units. This is a percentage point below the 80% considered optimal. “Latest yard utilization continues to normalize… the container movements per hour is very normal. Yard utilization is normal. The situation outside the port — that’s the current problem,” Mr. Sta. Ana said. Manila ports in January had movements of 18 per hour, slightly lower than the normal level of over 20. The all-time low was 10 moves an hour in April 2014.

16 days ago by arnekiel

Five Naval Officers Detained In Taiwan For Fuel Siphoning Scam
Five naval officers are being investigated in Taiwan for allegedly siphoning fuel off ships for sale on the black market, local media reports. Authorities at the Port of Kaohsiung reportedly raided five warships at the Tsoying Naval Base earlier this week. According to the Kaohsiung District Prosecutors’ Office, one of the detained petty officers was recently involved in illegally selling 9,600 litres of diesel worth approximately NT$2 million ($64,000). The detained officers also allegedly worked with contractors who secured bids to clean fuel tanks of sediments and chemical precipitates to siphon the fuel. “ The detained officers allegedly worked with contractors who secured bids to clean fuel tanks Though 21 suspects were rounded up in total, only five were detained, with the rest released on bails of between NT$50,000 ($1,600) and NT$100,000 ($3,200). The remaining five officers were all in charge of fuel supply on their respective ships. shipandbunker.com...

17 days ago by arnekiel

Lease allows Shell's drilling fleet to use Seattle port
(AP) - The Port of Seattle has signed a two-year lease allowing Royal Dutch Shell PLC to use Seattle's waterfront as a homeport for its Arctic oil drilling fleet. Port CEO Theodore Fick says he inked the deal Monday to lease 50 acres across from downtown Seattle to Foss Maritime, whose client is Shell. He disclosed the details in a letter Wednesday to Patti Goldman, an attorney with Earthjustice who is representing environmental groups. The groups last month asked commissioners to halt the lease. They say the port should have done an environmental review first as well as provide more public notice. Fick says the lease complies with environmental regulations. He says the lease will bring in about $13 million in rent over the two years. Eight vessels would be moored at the terminal. www.komonews.com/...

17 days ago by arnekiel

Maersk Mulls Port of Tema Expansion
Maersk Group is committed to support the expansion of the Port of Tema to the tune of US $1.5 billion, says Nils Smedegaard Andersen, Chief Executive Officer of Maersk Group. Maersk will also contribute its quota in the US$6 billion oil exploration work to be undertaken by Italian firm Eni Exploration in Ghana. Nils called on the President of Ghana John Dramani Mahama to extend the group's support to expand the Port of Tema to nearly four times its existing capacity in addition to increasing current road infrastructure including the development of the motorway to a 6-lane. The CEO of Maersk Group said that the funding arrangements for the expected largest port expansion project on the continent is already in place and only waiting for the concession agreement between Meridian Port Services (MPS) which Maersk is a key partner and the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority (GPHA) to be sealed as the Memorandum of Understanding between the two parties was signed in November 2014. www.marinelink.co...

17 days ago by arnekiel

West Coast ports mostly shut for 4 of next 5 days as longshore dispute drags on
West Coast port operators the Pacific Maritime Association said they won’t hire crews to load or unload ships Thursday, Saturday, Sunday or Monday in continuing labor-contract struggles.Troubles on the West Coast waterfront are getting worse. Amid an increasingly damaging labor dispute, 29 West Coast seaports that handle about $1 trillion of goods annually will be mostly closed four of the next five days. The announcement came Wednesday from the association representing companies that operate marine terminals where dockworkers move goods on and off massive oceangoing vessels, eventually transferring the containers onto trucks or trains for distribution nationwide. Companies said they won’t hire crews to load or unload ships Thursday, Saturday, Sunday or Monday — when they’d have to pay Presidents Day holiday or weekend wages to dockworkers they accuse of slowing work to gain leverage in contract talks. seattletimes.com/...

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