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8 days ago by arnekiel

Kalmar to deliver turnkey heightening of three ship-to-shore cranes for DP World Antwerp
Kalmar, part of Cargotec, has been awarded the contract to heighten three Kalmar ship-to-shore (STS) cranes operated by DP World Antwerp Gateway NV. The order was signed into Cargotec's first quarter of 2015 order intake, with the completion of the project scheduled to take place in the first quarter of 2016, the company said in its press release.

8 days ago by arnekiel

Antwerp Port Launches Breakbulk Application
Port of Antwerp has launched breakbulk application for more efficient freight handling. The Antwerp Port Community System (APCS) has now met this requirement with a new breakbulk application that will make today’s copying and re-copying of data a thing of the past. The result is more transparent, faster communication concerning cargoes, enabling them to be handled even more efficiently. More to read at: www.marinelink.co...

9 days ago by arnekiel

Port of Antwerp grants discount for ships with lower particulate emissions
As of 1 June 2015 the port of Antwerp will grant a discount to seagoing ships that use alternative technology to reduce emissions of particulates. The new discount comes on top of the existing ESI discount, which means that in some cases ships can benefit from a 30% reduction in the port dues that have to be paid whenever they call at Antwerp. With this additional environmental discount Antwerp Port Authority seeks to encourage investments in green technologies for more sustainable shipping, by supporting and rewarding these technology pioneers. The discount is being introduced for a period of three years and will be gradually reduced. www.hellenicshipp...

30 days ago by arnekiel

Filling of the Deurganckdok-lock in the Port of Antwerp started
April 27, started the filling of the Deurganckdok-lock in the Port of Antwerp (Waaslandport). This is the largest lock in the world with a water depth up to 21.30 m. The entire filling process (ca. 1.600.000 m3) will take about one week. Soon the four lock gates and two bascule bridges will arrive in Antwerp and be mounted afterwards. The Deurganckdok-lock will be put into operation during spring 2016.

43 days ago by arnekiel

TF expresses condolences over Antwerp docker deaths
The ITF (International Transport Workers’ Federation) has expressed its condolences to the families and colleagues of three experienced dockworkers who died on Saturday in Antwerp, Belgium, after entering a ship’s hold to unload coal. ITF president and chair of its dockers’ section, Paddy Crumlin, said: “Our thoughts are with the families, their colleagues and friends of these three men. This must be a desperately sad time for them.“We can never relax on port safety and accident prevention. Antwerp is a port where health and safety is taken very seriously, and, like the three men’s trade unions, we are confident that a full investigation will take place into what happened and how any resulting lessons can be implemented.” He concluded: “Dock work is dangerous work and everyone involved must always do everything possible to minimise the risks. This is a timely reminder of the importance of Workers’ Memorial Day on 28 April (28april.org), whose message is ‘Remember the dead, fight like hell for the living’.” Source: ITF

98 days ago by arnekiel

New Liebherr cranes boost Antwerp lifting capacity
Liebherr Maritime Cranes has delivered two of its strongest ever new mobile harbour cranes (LHM to Katoen Natie NV, which, as a result, has set a new benchmark in terms of lifting capacity at Antwerp. The two LHM 600 cranes each provide a maximum lifting capacity of 208 tonnes and an outreach of up to 58m, and enable Katoen Natie to now offer high-capacity tandem lifts to its customers. The installation of Sycratronic means one crane operator can safely handle heavy loads of up to 416 tonnes in tandem operation.

185 days ago by arnekiel

Belgian Strike Paralyzes Antwerp Port
Trade unions have opened a month of intermittent strike action by paralyzing the port of Antwerp and slowing train traffic through much of Belgium. Monday’s (24.11.) protest action targeted measures by the nation’s business-friendly government to cut into employees’ income, extend working time and restrict social services. On their first of three Mondays of regional strikes, the unions targeted Antwerp, with Europe’s second biggest port, and made sure no ships could enter of leave the docks. Port workers have been particularly angered by measures to extend the start of pensions by two years. Port worker Frank Verhulst complained it would force them to work until the age of 67. “But it is a very hard job here,” he said. Labor action is to culminate in a nationwide strike on Dec. 15. Source: Associated Press

314 days ago by arnekiel

Port of Antwerp to build LNG barge bunker station
The port of Antwerp has issued a call for tenders for the construction of an LNG bunker station for inland waterway barges.

329 days ago by arnekiel

Antwerp welcomes 1 billion dollar investment by ExxonMobil
ntwerp Port Authority is extremely pleased with the decision by the American oil giant ExxonMobil to invest more than 1 billion dollars in its refinery in the port of Antwerp. The investment demonstrates ExxonMobil’s confidence in the port of Antwerp and in the European industry, which in these challenging times is a very positive signal.

380 days ago by arnekiel

MSC transfers activities in port of Antwerp to Deurganck dock
The Port Authority board of directors gave the go-ahead for the move on Monday evening. The transfer is necessary in order to permit further expansion by MSC in Antwerp. The shipping company announced at the end of last year that it wished to have a new location below the locks, not only because its present site in the Delwaide dock had reached saturation point but also because of the increasing size of the ships being introduced. The Deurganck dock was the obvious choice, as it is already used by the other members of the P3 alliance of which MSC forms part, and furthermore the alliance plans to make even greater use of it in future. With a volume of 4.5 million TEU in 2013, MSC is the port of Antwerp’s biggest container customer. However, the company’s Home Terminal in the Delwaide dock was already at full capacity in 2010, so no further growth in Antwerp has been possible since 2011. Indeed, MSC was forced to divert a large part of its growth to other ports in the Hamburg-Le Havre range, so that the level of activity in Antwerp remained static. Despite this, MSC and the other P3 partners confirmed their absolute confidence in Antwerp, so that the port saw its position as a leading western European container port further strengthened. Indeed, Antwerp is the only port in western Europe apart from Willemshaven to gain loops with the P3 network. But even without the P3 concept the move by MSC to a new, larger location would be essential, as MSC plans to use Antwerp as a base for its further development in the Benelux region.

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