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1 day ago by arnekiel

Antwerp Port Authority acquires General Motors site
Antwerp Port Authority is excited to announce that it can now purchase the Opel site, the location of the former General Motors production plant in the Antwerp port area. The Port Authority plans to develop the entire 96-hectare site so as to attract manufacturing industry in the heart of this vast industrial, (petro)chemical, logistic and maritime complex Both the size of the site and its location in the heart of Europe’s second-largest port make this opportunity unique. Such sites are invaluable because they make it possible to attract new industry and generate additional employment. In this particular case Antwerp Port Authority will focus on integrated development, as the size of the site and its location present a rare opportunity. With this in mind each project proposed for the site will be considered in terms of the added value that it can create for the region. The site located on the right bank of the Scheldt has excellent links with the hinterland thanks to direct connections to the road, rail and inland waterway networks. The port of Antwerp is also connected to the main European pipeline networks. Antwerp Port Authority will therefore issue invitations as soon as possible for potential investors to submit expressions of interest and proposals for projects.

68 days ago by arnekiel

Antwerp’s Deurganck dock development attracts interest of MSC
Shipping company MSC has responded to Antwerp Port Authority’s invitation for expressions of interest for new opportunities in the Deurganck dock to be accessed via the huge Deurgancksluis lock project. The €382m lock project, partly funded by the EU TEN-T Programme, is Antwerp’s response to the challenge of catering for anticipated increases in volume and size of ships using Waasland Port, on the left bank of the Scheldt. The area is accessible via the Kallo Lock (operational since 1979), which is now reaching the limits of its capacity. Ship operators and agents have stated for some years that waiting times have occasionally reached the limits of what is acceptable: hence the decision to build the second lock, wider, longer and deeper than the Kallo lock. The subsequent eventual two locks on the Scheldt’s left bank will compare to the six locks on the right bank at Antwerp. More at www.hellenicshipp...

106 days ago by arnekiel

Port of Antwerp sets new freight volume record in 2013
The port of Antwerp is expected to have handled a total freight volume of 190.6 million tonnes over the year as a whole. This represents an increase of 3.5% compared with 2012 when the volume came to 184.1 million tonnes, making 2013 a new record year for Antwerp. The previous record dates from 2008, the last year before the global financial crisis.

157 days ago by Timsen

Leaking cargo poisoned port workers
In the night of Nov 11 an organic product leaked from the cargo of a vessel docked at the MSC Home Terminal in the Delwaide Dock. 21 persons were injured, two of them seriously. The fire department was called to support the medical services to help transport the victims. The Red Cross coordinated the action. The leaking cargo, thought to be a cleaning product, was to be removed from the ship as soon as possible.

180 days ago by arnekiel

Antwerp port strengthens its position as a major container port
The Port of Antwerp is extremely pleased with the recent announcements made by the P3 Network, the alliance between the 3 largest container shipping companies Maersk, MSC and CMA CGM, in which it clearly opts for Antwerp as a European platform, the company said in its press release. In recent months the alliance between the 3 has led to a centralization on a number of sailing areas, the results of which have proved to be very favorable for Antwerp. On the route from the Far East the Scheldt port gets an extra call and it goes from three to four of the total of eight calls that remain. Moreover, for one service Antwerp is also the first port of call, which is an extra boost that underlines its nautical accessibility. On the transatlantic route, the number of calls to Antwerp is retained. The ships deployed to Antwerp are mostly of the +13.000 TEU type. “Such a strong representation in the P3 Network proves that the three largest container shipping companies in the world are confident of the strengths which our port has,” said Marc Van Peel, chairman of the Antwerp Port Authority. Antwerp is a market leader in five of the six sailing areas. For some time now the port has been working on strengthening its Far East market share. The first ports of call in this sailing area are also highly prized because they provide the necessary import volumes. The fact that Antwerp now gets so many calls is extremely positive for its competitive position in Europe. “Antwerp is centrally located in Europe. Goods can not only be brought further inland once they are in port, they can be handled in various ways before efficiently being transported to their final destination in the European hinterland through an extensive network of connections”, explains Eddy Bruyninckx, CEO of the Port Authority. "These assets have been clearly understood. Add to this a private sector that exemplifies our reliability and can-do mentality and the conclusion is that Antwerp is a highly efficient link in any supply chain”, adds Bruyninckx. The inland location of the port, once perhaps considered as a possible obstacle to the development of Antwerp, has become a major asset to the hinterland. Four years ago the first shipping company MSC sent a 14,000 TEU ship up the Scheldt. Such visits now occur weekly. Last week Emma Maersk, a 15,500 TEU ship, sailed to Antwerp without any problem. Yesterday (Saturday) Mary Maersk will go one better with 18,000 TEU. Everything is possible at the port of Antwerp. Source : PortNews

210 days ago by arnekiel

Port of Antwerp and LNG shipper Exmar to develop LNG bunkering
The Port of Antwerp and the LNG shipper Exmar have formed a strategic alliance to develop LNG bunkering and its required studies. Both partners plan to start with the construction of an LNG bunkership early in 2014. Eddy Bruyninckx, CEO, Port of Antwerp, said: “The port authority wishes not only to encourage but also facilitate the use of LNG as a ship fuel because of the associated environmental and sustainable benefits." But there is a bigger picture at work here – shippers need to meet the emission control area regulations coming into force in 2015 and ports need to be able to give them the supplies and means in order to refuel sustainably. Those that don't risk being left behind. - See more at: www.portstrategy....

226 days ago by arnekiel

The port of Antwerp ready to handle Triple-E class containerships
The port of Antwerp confirmed Tuesday, Sept. 3 it is ready to handle the latest generation Triple-E class containerships. "Tests by the Hydrological Laboratory of the Maritime & Coastal Service Agency and by the Flemish government have shown that the Scheldt is able to accommodate this type of vessel," the port's statement read. "The vessels will be able to call at Antwerp, with a few modifications to procedures here and there." With a capacity of 18,000 twenty-foot equivalent units (TEU), the first Triple-E class vessel was launched by Maersk on the Asia-Europe route in July.

268 days ago by arnekiel

Port of Antwerp gets EU subsidies for LNG bunkering station for barges
Antwerp Port Authority has received positive news from the European Commission concerning its application for a subsidy for LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas). The subsidy will mainly be used to develop and build an LNG bunkering station for barges in the port of Antwerp, said in the company's press release.

382 days ago by arnekiel

New barge waste collection facility opens in the port of Antwerpen
As of 30 March 2013 there is a new waste collection facility for barges in the port of Antwerp, said in the press release. The Lillo Park Service Quay located at quay 601 (Tijsmans Tunnel West) is the second waste collection facility to be opened on the right bank of the Scheldt, after the Noordkasteel Park at quay 75. Together with the Kallo Park (at quay 1103 on the left bank) and the bilge boat, these facilities collect some 5000 tonnes of barge waste each year.

497 days ago by arnekiel

Port of Antwerp starts next stage in construction of world's largest lock
Mid-November 2012 saw Hilde Crevits, the Flemish Minister of Transport & Public Works, officially launch the next stage of the Deuganckdocklock project at the Port of Antwerp in Belgium. The Deurganckdocklock will be the second lock between Waasland, the port area on the left bank of the River Scheldt, and the Waasland Canal link to the North Sea. The Deurganckdocklock will be the largest lock in the world, with a length of 500m, a width of 68m and a depth (relative to the local datum point) of 17.8m. It is deeper than, but based on the design of, the Port of Antwerp's Berendrecht lock.

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