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Type: Cruise Ship ( Passagierschepen )       IMO:9167227       Callsign:C6SA3       MMSI:311263000
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Static Data
Length: 311.0m Beam: 33.0m
GRT: 137276
Eng. Builder:
Position Data
Status: MOVING
Heading: Course: 313.0°
Speed: 15.0kts Max. Speed: 23.0kts
Area: Caribbean Sea
Source: T-AIS Update: 16 hours ago
Voyage Data
From: Bridgetown Barbados
Destination: SAN JUAN Puerto Rico
ETA: 25.06.2016 10:45
Draught: 8.9m Max. Draught: 8.6m
Source: T-AIS Update: 19 hours ago

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