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 Zolotoj Most  (Oil And Chemical Tanker > Oil Products Tanker)
5 days ago by Timsen

Tanker arrested for unauthorized anchoring
The "Zolotoj Most" was arrested by the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA) for an unauthorized anchoring in Panjung Piai waters, Johor Strait, in the morning of Aug 18, 2016. The tanker with 31,000 tons of marine fuel oil on board was en route from Chittagong to Singapore. Three crew, among them the master and chief enginee, were taken in custody. If they were found guilty, vessel may be fined up to $25,000, or the Crew imprisoned for two years, or both.

 Parinda Naree  (Bulk Carrier)
6 days ago by BerndU

beached at Mumbai 19.08.16

 Wsf Kennewick  (Passenger Ship > Passenger Ro Ro Cargo Ship)
6 days ago by Timsen

Man jumped over board from ferry
An 81-year-old Poulsbo man was missing and presumed dead after apparently jumping off the "Kennewick" from Whidbey Island to Port Townsend in the night of Aug 18, 2016. After the 9:10 p.m. sailing of the "Kennewick" arrived in Port Townsend and was unloaded, a silver 1995 Ford Aerostar van remained on deck. Inside was the man's wallet and a suicide note. Security tapes show a person matching that description going overboard at 9:22 p.m., eight minutes after the ferry departed the Coupeville dock. The Coast Guard and East Jefferson County Fire conducted a water search, but the man wasn't found.

 Bow Singapore  (Oil And Chemical Tanker > Chemical Oil Products Tanker)
6 days ago by Timsen

Grounding in Port Phillips Bay
The "Bow Singapore" ran aground on Aug 19, 2016, in Port Phillip Bay, off Rosebud. It hit a sandbar while turning in a shipping channel, just west of the Hovell Pile beacon. The tanker was was inbound, heading through a rain squall to Geelong when the accident happened. The ship berthed in Geelong on Aug 20 at 7.30 a.m.

 Viking Skadi  (Passenger Ship)
6 days ago by Timsen

River cruise ship got stuck on the Rhine
In the early morning of Aug 19, 2016, the "Viking Skadi" (EU-No.: 07001960) ran into the embankment of the Rhine in Rees. None of the 226 persons aboard were injured, when the ship got stuck opposite the Rhine Promenade in Rees on an islet after an engine failure. The ship turned around and lost both anchors. A first slavage attempt failed, but after technicians got the engines running again, the ship was able to back off at 2 p.m., supported by a container barge, and berthed in Rees. The passengers disembarked to get their connecting flights. After two replacement anchors had been fixed, the ship was allowed to continue the voyage to the Netherlands. It berthed in Amsterdam on Aug 20 at 3.50 a.m. German report with photo and video:

 Evelyn Hayne  (Bulk Carrier)
6 days ago by BerndU

beached at Chittagong 18.08.16

 Star Monisha  (Bulk Carrier)
6 days ago by BerndU

beached at Chittagong 19.08.16

 Sam  (Oil And Chemical Tanker > Oil Products Tanker)
6 days ago by BerndU

beached at Alang 19.08.16

 Son  (Bulk Carrier > Wood Chips Carrier)
6 days ago by BerndU

arrived Alang anchorage
arrived Alang anchorage 19.08.16

 Caribbean Fantasy  (Passenger Ship > Passenger Ro Ro Cargo Ship)
6 days ago by Timsen

Search for two dogs
An evaluation team boarded the "Caribbean Fantasy" in the afternoon of Aug 18 to determine the status of the fire, the condition inside the vessel and two dogs which were presumed to have remained on board. The fire could be contained mainly in the engine room of the vessel. A second search was to be carried out in the morning of Aug 19 to try to find the two pets. Full accountability of all 511 passengers including crew evacuated from the vessel has been attained. Ardent Global was developing a salvage plan for review by the Coast Guard. Coast Guard marine inspectors along with salvage and fire fighting teams were scheduled to board the vessel on Aug 18 to assess damage and determine the stability of the vessel. The Coast Guard has established a 1,000-yard safety zone around the vessel. There are no reports of sheening or pollution around the vessel at this time. The vessel was being closely monitored and booming has been deployed at the intakes for the Palo Seco Power Plant as a precautionary measure against potential discharge from the vessel. There has also been 14,000-feet of booming pre-staged near Punta Salinas. The "Caribbean Fantasy" Response Unified Command consists of the Coast Guard, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Puerto Rico Environmental Quality Board, the Puerto Rico Department of Natural and Environmental Resources and Baja Ferries (owner of the Caribbean Fantasy). Also assisting the response efforts were the American Cruise Ferries, Ardent Global, the Department of Fish and Wildlife Service, the Department of Planning and Natural Resources, the National Response Corporation, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Witt O'Brien's, the Puerto Rico Emergency Management Agency and the Puerto Rico Fire Department.

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