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 High Island 4  (Service Ship)
2 days ago by arnekiel

Drydocks World to carry out major repair on rig “High Island IV” for Shelf Drilling
Drydocks World, the international service provider to the shipping, maritime, offshore, oil, gas, and energy sectors, has been chosen to carry out the drydocking and repairs of the jack-up “High Island IV” for Shelf Drilling, one of the major players in the shallow water drilling market, and owners of 40 rigs worldwide.

 Maersk Venturer  (Offshore Vessel > Drilling Ship)
2 days ago by arnekiel

Total Hires Maersk Venturer Drillship for Malaysian Job
The newly delivered drillship Maersk Venturer has just been picked by Total for a 45-day/one-well drilling job offshore Malaysia. The approximately USD $17 million contract includes a 40 day extension option. This ABS-classed deepwater rig was built by Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI) and is Maersk Drilling’s third drillship of four ordered from SHI. “We are happy to get the Maersk Venturer out working, especially with the short term challenges in the floater market, and we remain confident that we can secure another good contract for the drillship, when this short term contracts ends,” says Claus V. Hemmingsen, CEO in Maersk Drilling and member of the Executive Board in the Maersk Group.

 Alios  (Ro Ro Cargo Ship)
2 days ago by arnekiel

Salamis Lines RoRo Breaks Free in Greece, Sinks Yachts
Mooring lines holding the Salamis Lines-owned RoRo Alios parted last Friday during an unexpected wind storm setting loose the 170 meter ship to her own devices in the port of Lavrio. Winds were upwards of 40 knots during the incident according to reports and the results were catastrophic for owners of two sailing yachts that were moored in the harbor. The 44-meter schooner H&B 1 was sunk and a small catamaran was left partially submerged. report with video

 Tokai Maru  (Service Ship > Dredger)
2 days ago by arnekiel

Seized Chinese ship intended for Lapsset
THE Kenya Ports Authority has acknowledged it knew about the Panama vessel on Kenyan waters The vessel is being held by authorities on suspicion of unapproved offshore activities. KPA general manager operations Twalib Khamis on Thursday said the Si Hang Cai Shai vessel, a grab dredger previously known as Tokai Maru 8, has been in the country for three years. He said the vessel was used during the dredging and construction of berth 19 and will be taken to Lamu for the Lapsset project “The vessel belongs to China Communication Construction Company. The same company has been contracted for constructions in Lamu and we gave them permission to test their equipment,” Khamis told the Star on the phone.The company is also involved in the standard gauge railway construction. KPA’s response differs from the National Environment Management Authority inspection, which confirmed some sand and corals were spotted in the vessel. Source :

 Sewol  (Passenger Ship > Passenger Ro Ro Cargo Ship)
2 days ago by Timsen

One more body recovered - victim's families want search to be continued
One more body was recovered from the "Sewol" on OCt 27 after more than three months of no progress in the search for those still missing. The badly decomposed body, presumed to be that of a woman, was found in the fourth-deck female bathroom at around 5.30 p.m. and was being lifted out. Meanwhile a majority of the families of the victims of the "Sewol" disaster wanted to continue searching in the water in a vote on whether to salvage the sunken vessel. Nine victims were still missing. Out of nine, four victim families wanted the ship to be salvaged, but it was far less than a majority. Only some 20 days would allow searching in the water in November. During the period, waves are not high and the water temperature was expected to be an average of 14.3 degrees Celsius. The rescue company 88 Underwater Environment informed the government that the company would finish searching by the end of October and withdraw the operation team. Although the company cannot disregard the government’s order and pull out as it likes, active rescue efforts cannot be expected when there are mixed opinions at the rescue site. The search operation cost the lives of two divers and five fire fighters who were moving in a helicopter to assist rescue efforts in the territory notorious for roaring waves. As most of the hull collapsed, divers cannot get into the vessel and few visible results have been made for 102 days. As winter comes, waves will get higher and water temperature drop, which makes diving more difficult. Against this backdrop, asking for continued searching operations may be too much. The lawyer for the families requested search efforts until when the bereaved families have no regrets. Lifting the vessel up to the surface also has timing and could be done in spring at the earliest. It would cost an estimated 190 million to 950 million dollar, and it remained doubtful whether how many more victims could be found even if it is done so. Given the costs and effects, the decision should be not just made by the bereaved families but also be based on experts’ discussion and a social consensus.

 Asian Trader  (Container Ship)
2 days ago by Timsen

Bockstiegel vessel arrested off Singapore
Singapore’s admiralty sheriff has arrested the "Asian Trader" in the early hours of Oct 25, 2014, on the instructions of local law firm HA & Chung Partnership. The ship was moored to the south west off Singapore’s Sentosa Island in position 01° 23.51'N, 103° 81.52'E.

 Anatoki  (General Cargo Ship)
2 days ago by Timsen

Medevac off Timaru
Acrew member of the "Anatoki" was taken to the intensive care unit of Timaru Hospital after a medevac five kilometres off the shore in the morning of Oct 27, 2014. Timaru St John paramedics had a fairly calm retrieval trip on the PrimePort pilot boat to bring the patient back at 9.30 a.m. They stabilised the patient on board before taking him to the intensive care unit at the Timaru Hospital. The "Anatoki" berthed in Timaru at 10 a.m.

 Raunefjord  (Passenger Ship > Passenger Ro Ro Cargo Ship)
2 days ago by Timsen

Ferry sidelined due to oil leak
An oil leak put the "Raunefjord" out of operation on Oct 27, 2014. The ship docked at Oelansvag for repairs. Only at 6.15 p.m. the ferry service Sanvikvåg - Halhjem was resumed after the "Boknafjord" which was mobiolized as a replacement ferry had arrived from Mortavika at Sandvikvåg.

 Grande Sierra Leone  (Ro Ro Cargo Ship > Vehicles Carrier)
2 days ago by Timsen

Ship sailed in circles for hours due to missing health document
The "Grande Sierra Leone" was takein in quarantine off the Belgian coast because a health document was not delivered amid the growing tension around the Ebola virus. On return from West Africa, after a call in Tilbury, the ship set sail for Antwerp on Oct 25, 2014. On Oct 26 round 8.30 a.m. the West Flemish sea pilot came on board to bring the ship to Flushing in accordance with the normal routine until at Vlissingen the authorities stopped the ship. After it was found out that the shipping agent in Antwerp in fact had submitted a health document, the ship was allowed to dock after having sailed in circles for hours.

 Ramdane Abane  (Gas Tanker > Lng Tanker)
2 days ago by Timsen

Tanker suffered engine failure off Dardanelles
On Oct 27, 2014, at 09:05 a.m. the "Ramdana Abane", coming from Arzew and bound for the Botas Terminal in Silivri, suffered engine failure passing the Dardanelles on north-south course off Kilitbahir. At 10:10 a.m. the tanker with a crew of 43 on board and a cargo of 55353 tons LNG was anchored outside the traffic separation zone, sand at 1.25 p.m. it was towed to an anchorage off Marmara Eglesi by tugs. Turkish report with photos: www.coastalsafety...

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