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 Cidade De Sao Mateus  (Service Ship)
3 days ago by Timsen

BW Offshore a step closer to recovery
BW Offshore got a step closer to recovering the "Cidade de São Mateus" to shore for repairs more than a year after it was damaged in a fire. The fire, on Feb 11, 2015, on the Camarupim and Camarupim Norte fields in Espirito Santo littoral, about 120km from the coast in south-eastern Brazil saw nine of the 74 crew die and 26 require medical attention. The full extent of the damage is unlikely to be revealed until the vessel is towed to a yard, which will happen once riser and mooring disconnect work, which started in December 2015, is complete. Factors that led to the blast were non-compliance with operational procedures for fluid-pumping operations, the installation of a pipe rack without the correct technical specifications and registered incidents of non-compliance or alterations in security procedures. However, a detailed report has yet to be released.

 Atlantis Armona  (Oil And Chemical Tanker > Chemical Oil Products Tanker)
3 days ago by Timsen

Tanker disabled off Le Havre
The "Atlantis Armona" was disabled due to a gearbox failure near Le Havre on Feb 8, 2016, enroute from Antwerp to Le Havre without cargo. The ship dropped anchor 3,7 nautical miles from Saint-Jouin-Bruneval, near the Cap d'Antifer, and contacted the CROSS Jobourg at 2.30 p.m. Given the weather conditions, the Maritime Operations Centre immediately engaged the "Abeille Liberté" as a precaution. Meanwhile, the Maritime Prefect demanded the shipowner to take the necessary steps to stop any danger. Az 7.20 p.m. two tugs, the "Abeille Liberté" and the "VB Gascogne 22" (IMO: 9202730) of the Boluda company, were on site. After the tanker crew had attempted to fix the damage for several hours and in view of the inclement weather conditions, the "Atlantis Armona" headed, being escorted by the two tugs to the anchorage area no. 1 off Le Havre. The ship remained under the supervision of the "Abeille Liberté" until it entered the port of Le Havre on Feb 9 and berthed at the Quay Bougainville at 2.30 p.m., escorted by another tug of Boluda, the "VB Yport". French report with photos: www.meretmarine.c...

 Morning Marvel  (Ro Ro Cargo Ship > Vehicles Carrier)
3 days ago by Timsen

On the beach.. Aliaga: www.shipspotting....

 Kiana Pioneer  (Bulk Carrier)
3 days ago by Timsen

On the beach... Alang:

 Anthem Of The Seas  (Passenger Ship > Cruise Ship)
3 days ago by Timsen

Cruise aborted due to storm damage
The "Anthem of the Seas" had to abort its cruise and turned around to Bayonne. It was expected back in Jersey on Feb 10. Royal Caribbean International will refund the passengers 100 % of the price and offer 50 % reduction for another one. The amount of damage had yet to be assessed. The ship carrying 4,529 passengers and 1,616 Crew. Four persons suffered slight injuries. Reports with photos and videos:

 Han Hong  (General Cargo Ship)
3 days ago by BerndU

sold to Breakers
sold to India Breakers

 CSCL Indian Ocean  (Container Ship)
3 days ago by Timsen

Refloating attempt in a few hours
6.506 tons heavy fuel oil, gas oil and ballast water have been lightered from the "CSCL Indian Ocean" and 45.000 cubicmeters mud and sand around the ship removed. It has on board 6614 Containers, from which 3017 were destined to Hamburg. 22 were carrying hazardous goods. A towing attempt with 12 tugs and a total bollard pull of 1.085 tons is due to start at 2 a.m. on Feb 9 and may last several hours. River Elbe will be closed between buoys 111 to 125 for traffic from 2:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. High tide is expected with plus 122 cm at Lühort/Lühe 04:12 a.m. At 10 p.m. on scene: Fairmount Expedition, SD Dolphin, SD Rover, Union Manta, Bugsier 2,Bugsier 7, Bugsier 8, Bugsier 9, ZP Boxer and ZP Bulldog.

 Eurasia  (General Cargo Ship)
3 days ago by BerndU

sold to Breakers
sold to India breakers 220 USD/TO

 YM Kaohsiung  (Container Ship)
3 days ago by BerndU

sold to Breakers
sold to Alang breakers 271 USD/TO

 Aodabao  (Bulk Carrier)
3 days ago by BerndU

sold to Breakers
sold to Alang breakers 244 USD/TO

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