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 Ulysses  (Passenger Ship > Passenger Ro Ro Cargo Ship)
4 days ago by Timsen

Fire in car deck soon contained
A fire broke out on the "Ulysses" on Apr 25, 2016, at the 2.40 a.m. the Holyhead to Dublin crossing. The ferry was close to docking at Dublin Port when the small fire was detected at 5.45 a.m. It started in a lorry cab, however the cause has not yet been established. The fire was detected immediately and didn’t spread to any other vehicles while the ship was approaching Dublin port. It was put out within minutes, thanks to the automatic water systems and the training the crew has received. The passengers were informed of the incident. Investigations were underway as to what caused the fire, but following an hour’s delay in Dublin normal service has resumed.

 South Wind  (Bulk Carrier)
4 days ago by Timsen

Operators of bulkcarrier charged for dumping oil
The New York state Department of Environmental Conservation charged the operators of the "South Wind", hauling a cargo of scrap metal, with dumping oil in the Hudson River at Rensselaer on Apr 22, 2016. The Spill was caused by a backup of pressure in the ship’s waste oil tanks. The crew dumped approximately 20 gallons of waste oil in the Hudson River. DEC Environmental Conservation Officers (ECOs) received a call at 5:15 p.m. reporting an oil sheen observed in the water around the bulk carrier which was docked at Grimmel Industries in the Port of Rensselaer. Members of DEC’s spills response team investigated the incident with help from Port of Rensselaer security. The captain of the ship, Ion Lemnaru, stated that a build-up of pressure from the engine’s waste oil tanks backed up through the vent pipes and caused oil to spill onto the deck. It was determined that crew members collected the spilled oil and poured at least 20 gallons into the ship’s drain ports on deck, which then discharged directly into the river. Several violations were issued to the captain and owner of the ship, the South Wind Shipping Corporation, including discharging waste oil into waters of the state, failure to contain waste oil, unlawful disposal of used oil, and failure to report an oil spill. Due to low tide going out, the oil dissipated before the spills response team could contain it. The oil was determined to have caused only minimal environmental impact. Further investigation revealed that the ship was also storing waste oil in 55 gallon drums in the hull of the ship along with several open 5-gallon pails of oil. DEC alerted the United States Coast Guard, and crews investigated the ship over the weekend and found several deficiencies, including overfilled waste oil tanks and excessive waste oil on board. The USCG ordered the removal of 4,000 gallons of waste oil from the vessel and mandated the engines be repaired before it could leave the port. The ship sailed from Albany on Apr 26.

 Ocean Jasper  (General Cargo Ship)
4 days ago by Timsen

Auction of vessel detained after deadly hit and run accident failed
The "Ocean Jasper" was set for auction in the morning of Apr 26, 2016 in Brest. There were no takers. The ship which was berthed in the military port of Brest, was put on sale at € 100,000 but, for a lack of buyer, the price was reduced to € 75 000 and € 50 000 before the tribunal ended the auction. The money raised was to be shared between the social security of seafarers (ENIM), which had required the sale, and the victims of the crab boat "Sokalique" which was sunk by the cargo vessel on the night of August 16 to 17, 2007 in international Waters off Uhsant. The "Ocean Jasper" had not stopped. The owner of the crab boat, Bernard Jobard had drowned, while six other sailors had been rescued. The commercial court of Brest in 2013 found the owner of the "Ocean Jasper" responsible for 75% of damage and ordered him to pay 600 000 Euros to the family of Bernard Jobard, which has however never touched a dime of that money. Two months earlier, during the criminal trial, the captain and the second mate, an Azeri national, had been sentenced to four and three years in prison. The prosecution and the victims appealed the judgment to prosecute the owner for manslaughter, hit and run and failure to assist a person in danger. French report with photo: france3-regions.f...

 Fv Steren Mor  (Fishing Vessel)
4 days ago by Timsen

Gillnetter abandoned off Ushant
The "Steren Mor" suffered a leak on Apr 26, 2016, off Ushant shortly before 5 p.m. 90 km north of the Island. A helicopter of the Naval Air Station-Poumic Lanvéoc, Finistère, took off shortly after the Mayday call and arrived at around 5.45 p.m. The seven crew members of the "Steren Mor" were hoisted aboard the helicopter that took them to the basis of Lanvéoc. The cause of the leak, which occurred in winds of 6 Beaufort and rough seas, was not known. A safety message was broadcast to give the position of the abandoned ship because of the danger it represented to navigation. It was flooded one meter high in the evening and could not be towed. Frenc report with photos: www.ouest-france....

 Swe-carrier  (General Cargo Ship)
4 days ago by Timsen

Ship detained due to various defiencies
On Apr 26, 2016, the "SWE Carrier" was detained in Brunsbüttel after it was reported that the ship was sailing on the Elbe with a non-functioning Radar enroute from Southampton to Soedertalje. The ship berthed in Brunsbüttel at 2 p.m. During a control by the water police Brunsbüttel it was found out that the bow thruster was not working too and the life raft had safety lacks. The ship was detained at the railway station dolphins. It resumed its voyage on Apr 27 at 1.15 a.m. and was being expected in Södertalje on Apr 29 at 4 a.m. now.

 Zhe Hai 168  (Bulk Carrier)
4 days ago by Timsen

Grounded bulker to be lightered
The "Zhe Hai 168" ran aground in pos. 09 31N 11802E, 17 miles north of Quezon on Palawan Island in the South China sea, on Apr 20, 2016. The Bulkcarrier was en route to a nickel corporation terminal in Berong in the Quezon province, having come from Laem Chabang, where she sailed on Apr 6. On Apr 26 the Bulkcarrier "Zhe Hai 169" (IMO: 9622784) had reached the grounding site probably in order to lighter the cargo.

 Panagia Tinou  (Passenger Ship > Passenger Ro Ro Cargo Ship)
4 days ago by Timsen

Ferry threatened to capsize in Piraeus
Firefighters and port staff in Piraeus were fighting on Apr 26, 2016, to save the "Panagia Tinou" after she took on water at its lay up berth P 4 in Pireaus. Tugs were hard at work trying to keep the ferry afloat after she started taking in water and listing to the starboard side at 11.15 a.m. The list at one point was 40 degrees. The negelcted ferry was docked permanently due to financial difficulties with operators Ventouris Sea Lines and had no crew on board. The inclination of the ship has since been partially restored thanks to divers and towboats, who managed to stabilize the ship which was resting on the bottom in a depth of eight meters. Oil booms were laid out, and after diver patched leaks, it was intended to refloat the ferry which had been laid up since Apr 2015, on Apr 27. Reports with photos and videos: www.naftemporiki.... greece.greekrepor... www.shipspotting....

 Wega 2  (Passenger Ship)
4 days ago by Timsen

Ship sank at yard quay
In the morning of Apr 26, 2016, the "Wega 2" sank at the quay of the Diedrich Shipyard in the port of Oldersum due to a sudden water ingress. The ship was berthed at the Yard for overhauls since Mar 31 and was to be returned to the owner on the day of the partial sinking. With pumps it was tried to refloat the ship. German reports with photos: https://www.emderzeitung....

 Zorturk  (General Cargo Ship)
4 days ago by BerndU

broken up
broken up at St. Nazaire 04/2016

 Lan Hai Chuang Xin  (Bulk Carrier)
4 days ago by BerndU

beached at alang 19.04.16 Plot 20

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