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 Atlantic Companion  (Container Ship)
4 days ago by Timsen

Engine breakdown off Fastnet Rock
The "Atlantic Companion" suffered an engine breakdown in the morning Jan 20, 2015, at 6 a.m. off the Fastnet Rock in the North Atlantic, while en route from Liverpool to Halifax. The vessel went adrift for almost 12 hours being moved at about two knots in a north easterly direction for most of the day, but the crew managed to fix the engine, and it started moving towards the Bantry Bay in order to anchor there for repairs where it had dropped anchor around midnight. The Valentia Coastguard was monitoring the situation throughout the day and officers were happy that there was no danger to shipping at any stage.

 Victoria C  (General Cargo Ship)
4 days ago by Timsen

Medevac in Kiel Canal
The Estonian Chief Officer of the "Victoria C" was injured on Jan 20, 2015. He suffered a wound in the abdomen, which required immediate hospitalization. The vessel was transiting the Kiel Canal. Paramedics reached the vessel on the ferry "Kolberg" at Landwehr. The injured was medevaced and taken to a hospital in Kiel, where he underwent an emergency surgery. The vessel arrived at Brunsbuettel the same day.

 Karel Doorman  (Other)
4 days ago by arnekiel

Dutch navy finds three stowaways on Ebola aid ship
Dutch sailors discovered three stowaways aboard the navy's largest support ship after returning from a trip to West Africa to drop off supplies to fight Ebola, officials said on Tuesday. "The three men slipped on board via anchor ropes" after the Karel Doorman docked in Dakar harbour on its way back from dropping its cargo, the Dutch defence ministry said in a statement. "The men hid in several places including in a lifeboat," it said. After being discovered, the men underwent medical examinations. "They were not infected with Ebola or any other serious medical condition," the ministry said. The three men will be handed over to border police upon the Karel Doorman's return to its home port of Den Helder in the Netherlands on Saturday. The Royal Dutch Navy's largest ship has undertaken two missions to take supplies to Ebola-hit countries like Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea over the last three months. Cargo included some 50 vehicles, 40 containers with clothing including protective suits for aid workers, beds and 1,700 crates of rice.

 Crystal Serenity  (Passenger Ship > Cruise Ship)
4 days ago by arnekiel

Woman pays $164K per year to live on luxury cruise ship
Lee Wachtstetter, an 86-year-old Florida widow, took her daughter's advice. She sold her five-bedroom Fort Lauderdale-area home on 10 acres and became a permanent luxury cruise ship resident after her husband died. Mama Lee, as she's known aboard the 11-year-old Crystal Serenity, has been living on the 1,070-passenger vessel longer than most of its 655 crewmembers — nearly seven years. "My husband introduced me to cruising," she recalled. "Mason was a banker and real estate appraiser and taught me to love cruising. During our 50-year marriage we did 89 cruises. I've done nearly a hundred more and 15 world cruises." How many visited countries does that add up to? "I stopped counting after 100." she said. "Just say I've been to almost any country that has a port."

 Magellan  (Passenger Ship > Cruise Ship)
4 days ago by arnekiel

New Flagship Joins CMV Cruise Line
Britain's Cruise & Maritime Voyages (CMV) has taken delivery of new flagship Magellan ahead of its maiden voyage in March. The former 1,250-passenger ship Grand Holiday, operated by Costa brand Iberocruceros, was built in 1985 and revamped in 2010. The new flagship will now reposition to Greece for a drydock period before sailing to the U.K. for various launch events and it maiden Solar Eclipse and Northern Lights cruise departing on March 15 from Tilbury. According to CMV's commercial director Chris Coates said the ship has already been popular with guests. The addition of Magellan to our fleet brings a new dimension in cruising to CMV, he noted. “Since launching Magellan’s program on November 3, 2014, we have sold 60% of her capacity which clearly demonstrates the strong demand for our product and smaller ship cruising" Chris said. Magellan’s first sailing is the ‘Solar Eclipse & Northern Lights’ itinerary departing March 15. Magellan was previously operating under the Grand Holiday name and is one of a string of new ships to be introduced.

 Bibby Athena  (Other)
4 days ago by arnekiel

New Survey Vessel arrives in Liverpool
Bibby Athena, the latest custom-build vessel from Osiris Projects, is due to arrive in the U.K. in the next few days. Built by French shipbuilders Socarenam, the vessel was constructed to the same specifications as the company's Semi-SWATH catamaran, Bibby Tethra, launched in 2011. Bibby Athena includes a number of subtle enhancements, including a full rate dual head RESON multi-beam system, larger moonpool and high capacity deck-crane.

 Formosa  (General Cargo Ship)
5 days ago by Timsen

On the way to repairs
While the "Aarburg" had unloaded its cargo in Antwerp and entered a yard in Rotterdam for repairs, the "Formosa" on Jan 20 had reached Ludwigshafen alongside the barge "Kruier" enroute to Rotterdam for repairs. Photo: www.binnenschiffe...

 Willpower  (Other)
5 days ago by Timsen

Tug disabled off Mersey
The Hoylake’s RNLI lifeboat "Edmund Hawthorn Micklewood" launched to assist the "Willpower" and the barge it was towing on Jan 18, 2015. The tug with a crew of four lost power whilst underway to the west of the Mersey Bar and was unable to proceed on course. The Holyhead Coastguard requested the launch of the "Edmund Hawthorn Micklewood" and coordinated the rescue for the first time since the closure of the Coastguard station at Liverpool last week. The volunteer crew were paged at 6.45 p.m., and the lifeboat was towed across the East Hoyle sandbank by the new Launch and Recovery Vehicle to the launch site shortly afterwards. The lifeboat was able to reach the casualty to the west of the Mersey Bar at 7.27 p.m. The tug "MTS Valour" had also proceeded to assist the casualty. The two vessels stood by the disabled tug and the barge which it had been towing. Another tug, the "Millgarth", with a pilot on board, was dispatched from the Mersey to assist in the rescue due to the size of the 80 metres long barge. Conditions were difficult for those attempting to take up the tow in the darkness with a rough sea and a heavy two metre swell. The Liverpool port authorities closed the Mersey to outward bound ships during the rescue due to the risks involved with the situation. At 9.50 p.m. the "Millgarth" was able to pick up the tow wire and held the barge in position to the west of the entrance to the Mersey until those ships which had been held up by the emergency were able to safely sail and clear the buoyed channel. The Hoylake RNLI lifeboat was requested by Holyhead Coastguard to standby the casualty while the tow was established and the barge brought in to the River Mersey safely. Once this had been achieved, the lifeboat was released by Holyhead Coastguard. It returned to the boathouse at Hoylake at 01.20 a.m.

 Stena Feronia  (Passenger Ship > Passenger Ro Ro Cargo Ship)
5 days ago by Timsen

Strait Shipping buying Stena ferry
New Zealand's Strait Shipping is buying the "Stena Feronia" which will replace the 1,350-lane-metre ferry "Santa Regina" in June. No price has been revealed. The "Stena Feronia"'s overall condition, layout for both freight and passengers and fuel efficiency made her the pick of the bunch amongst a number of other vessels researched.

 Norman Atlantic  (Passenger Ship > Passenger Ro Ro Cargo Ship)
5 days ago by Timsen

Search still hampered by toxic fumes
The access of search teams to the basement areas of the "Norman Atlantic" that remain to be searched for bodies and for clues into the causes of the fire remained extremely difficult because of the thick smoke and intense heat generated by days of slow burning after the initial conflagration was brought under control. The fire broke out, most likely on the car deck at deck 3. The challenge for investigators now was to search all the vehicles which have been transformed into a mass of metal. The search was also hampered by the toxic smoke that continued to fog the search area, though authorities have placed special fans and hoped to clear it up within the next few days. Investigators wre expected on Jan 20 to begin examining the ship's black boxes, though they have also suffered extensive damage in the fire.

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