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 MT Ambar  (Oil And Chemical Tanker > Oil Products Tanker)
6 days ago by Timsen

Scrap tanker adrift off Mumbai
The "Ambar was reported disabled and adrift on July 23, 2015, due to reasons unknown, in the Arabian sea, about 550 miles southwest of Mumbai, in blustery weather. The tanker was en route from Ilha da Conceicao, Rio de Janeiro, to India for dismantling.

 Selandia Swan  (Oil And Chemical Tanker > Chemical Oil Products Tanker)
6 days ago by Timsen

Officer died after falling over board
A 37-year-old Filipino officer, who fell over board the "Selandia Swan" off Vorupør on July 23, 2015, at 10.30 a.m., has died. He was about to change a light bulb on the port side bridge wing when he 16 meters down to the sea . The man was in the water for two hours and fifteen minutes before he was found during a major rescue operation, in wich a number of ships wwas involved. He drifted about 14 nautical miles from Vorupør and was immediately brought to the medical center at Aalborg Hospital, but this failed to resuscitate the man. The tanker continued its voyage to Skagen after the mate was found, where it dropped anchor 8 p.m. to be examined by the Maritime Accident Investigation Board. In addition, the crew was interrogated to determine the cause of the accident.

 Smolnyj  (Service Ship > Pollution Control Vessel)
6 days ago by odinfm

Tanker Smolnyi, detained by Russians, is not Ukrainian. Kremlin lying, again.
Tanker Smolnyi, detained by Russians, is not Ukrainian. Kremlin lying, again. Russian Coast Guard, which is under command of Russian Security Agency FSB (ex KGB) on July 23 issued a statement, saying that they detained in Crimean waters, near port of Kerch, a Ukraine–flagged tanker Smolniy with more than 1000 tons of undocumented fuel oil. AIS was off since the end of 2013, tanker is suspected in illegal bunkering of vessels calling Crimea. Russian authorities widespread the news throughout Russian major media (and the news hit world major media, too), making it look like Ukrainian tanker was engaged in fuel contraband. Well, it’s not exactly the true, or to be exact, there’s no truth at all. Tanker in question is based in Kerch port, is operated by Kerch-based shipping company, and is engaged in bunkering and ships supply. Tanker has been accused of entering Russian territorial waters and transferring illegal fuel to other ships, said Russian officials. Firstly, Crimean waters according to international law, are Ukrainian waters, not Russian. Secondly, how else can a vessel supply other vessels with bunker and supplies in Crimean waters and Crimean ports, except sailing in Crimean waters? AIS was off and tanker is under Ukrainian flag: many vessels calling Crimean ports switch off their AIS (among them vessels belonging to Russian, Turkish, Greek and other countries companies), because they know, that by calling Crimea they violate international sanctions imposed on Crimea and Russia, after Crimea annexation. If Russian Coast Guard, by way of experiment, would detain all vessels with AIS off in Crimean ports, they’d disrupt altogether bleak Crimean shipping, because they’d have to detain a lion’s share of vessels. Many vessels based in Crimea didn’t change their flag and remain under Ukrainian flag, for a number of reasons. Many of them (if not all, at least from time to time) have to switch off AIS to avoid arrest in Ukrainian waters. Russian officials and media didn’t mention the above listed facts, and made it all look like a crime, committed by Ukrainians. They didn’t mention one basic fact, the fact that tanker though Ukraine-flagged, has nothing to do with Ukraine after Crimea annexation, just because tanker is based in Kerch, which is occupied by Russia, and is working in Crimean waters, which are occupied by Russia. They didn’t mention it, because they found excellent opportunity to make one more fake, one more news fraud, in their media war against Ukraine. Voytenko Mikhail July 24

 Deltuva  (General Cargo Ship)
6 days ago by Timsen

First vessel of LSC released
The first arrested vessel of the PC ‘Lithuanian Shipping Company’ (LSC), the "Deltuva", returned to Klaipeda from the port of Gdansk on July 23, 2015, with its crew of 19. Efforts were made to resolve the issue of repatriating seafarers on board of other LSC vessels by the Minister of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Lithuania. In order to accommodate the returning vessel, the port cooperated with Klaipėda Stevedoring Company KLASCO which has allowed "Deltuva" to moor to its berth. At present, the funds which will ensure that all arrested LSC vessels are provided with fuel and other necessary measures have been transferred.

 Zk 67 Dorus  (Fishing Vessel)
6 days ago by Timsen

Grounding off Lauwersoog
On July 22, 2015, the "Dorus - ZK 67" got stuck on a sand bar in the Westgat off Lauwersoog. The local KNRM boat attached a wire and attempted to pull the ship off in spite of extremely strong Tide currents, but there was no movement to get into the ship. Eventually the "Noorman" of the BMS alsoassisted, but these attempts were to no avail, and the lifeboat went back to Lauwersoog as ship and crew were safe so far. Dutch report with photos:

 Kaunas Seaways  (Passenger Ship > Passenger Ro Ro Cargo Ship)
6 days ago by Swiss63

Charter by UKR Ferry for the lines from Iliychensk to Georgia (Batumi / Poti)

 Lagarfoss  (Container Ship)
6 days ago by Timsen

Lagarfoss under tow to Reykjavik
The Iceland flagged Coast Guard ship "Thor" (MMSI: 251473110) was towing the "Lagarfosson July 23 west of the island after the vessel broke down deep south of Iceland on July 22, and the "Thor" was sent to assist . Adverse weather conditions delayed the beginning of the operations but now they were going ahead as planned. The convoy reached the waters of Reykjavik on July 24 where the tugs "Jotunn" (IMO: 9518737) and "Pilot Leynir" (IMO: 9126388), took over the tow from the patrol boat, and the ships headed to the port of Reykjavik with around 4 knots at 10 a.m. LT. Icelandic report with photos:

 Sci Chennai  (Container Ship)
7 days ago by Timsen

Container ship arrested in Singapore
On July 21, 2015, the "SCI Chennai" was arrested at 6:15 p.m. in Singapore. The move followed an action by local law firm Oon & Bazul LLP (Oon & Bazul). The exact reasons for the arrest were currently unknown, but such action is typical in instances of payment dispute. The vessel was fully laden and at anchor. The "SCI Chennai"'s current market value was at $21.25 million. The vessel was the 12th to be arrested in Singapore in 2015, and the second by Oon & Bazul.

 Adexe Primero  (Fishing Vessel)
7 days ago by Timsen

Ship alleged of illegal fishing
THe "Adexe Primero" was arrested by Russian Guards for alleged illegal fishing in Russian waters in the Arctic. The Ministry of Agriculture has not received the inspection report although the protocols were underway to provide consular support to the only Spanish crew member on board. The Spanish Government contacted the General Directorate for Fisheries of the European Commission (EC) and the Embassy of Spain in Russia to carry out procedures in order to provide that support. The vessel had eight crew members and was intercepted by Russian guards when they were catching king crab in international waters managed by the Regional Fisheries Organisation of the North East Atlantic (NEAFC). The Russian Coast Guards intercepted the fishing vessel after locating several fish traps having foreign labels within its exclusive economic zone, some of which apparently belonged to the Adexe Primero. Ship's representatives claimed that at no time they have entered the 200-mile strip of Russia and the traps that have been found could have been moved by a trawler during their operations. According to the Russian border guards in the area, Lilia Moroz, the ship was not being arrested at present. Anyway, it was transferred to Murmansk on July 20, 2015, to initiate an investigation for alleged illegal fishing.

 Lancelot V  (Bulk Carrier)
7 days ago by Timsen

Crew of detained ship received some money and visas
The crew of a "Lancelot V", which was being detained at the Port of Tauranga, have finally received some money after not being paid for several months. They have also been given temporary visas which allowed them to go ashore. The bulk carrier has been in the port since June 10, 2015, after it was arrested on behalf of its charterers for breach of contract. She was also detained by Maritime New Zealand when her annual classification certificates expired. A Maritime New Zealand inspection carried out in Auckland before the ship sailed for Tauranga revealed defects to several of its cranes. The crew of 18, who were mainly Russian, Ukrainian and Filipino have had to remain on board the ship because their visas had expiredso that the crew had been virtual prisoners on board the ship. There have been shortages of food at some periods and there have also been no wages coming through over the last couple of months. $US23,000 had now been obtained as interim wages to help the crew out. The men will remain living on board but were free to come and go. The ITF was trying to get repatriation for the men back to their home countries and back-pay estimated to be over $US100,000. The ITF managed to get the crew's wages bumped up to ITF rates. Their wages before that were below International Labour Organisation minimum's which is $US1000 per month. They had been able to push them up to about $US1800.

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