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 CMA CGM Rossini  (Container Ship)
18 min ago by Timsen

Fire in container cargo
The "CMA CGM Rossini" suffered a fire in the Container cargo while approaching Colombo on June 15, 2016. The fire spread to several containers before it was extinguished by the crew. The vessel remained in port until June 26 when she sailed bound for Suez, ETA July 4.

 Frankfurt Am Main  (Other)
28 min ago by Timsen

Frankfurt assisted 1286 distressed boat people
On June 24, 2016, at 9.230 a.m. the "Topaz Responder" located a distressed wooden boat 84 Kilometers NW of Tripolis, Libya, with 500 persons on board. The auxiliary ship "Frankfurt am Main" was tasked by the Force Headquarters (FHQ) in Rome to Support the rescue operation of the "Topaz Responder". On the whole six boats were found in the position given. Also the "Sea Watch 2" attended. 406 men, 55 women and 24 children, on the whole 485 persons, were rescued by the "Frankfurt am Main" and a further 450 persons, among them 280 men, 120 women and 50 children, transferred from the "Topaz Responder". A further 304 men, 45 women and two children were taken over from the "Reina Sofia". 1286 persons were rescued, the boats were sunk as navigational hazards.

 Kronborg-r  (Service Ship > Hopper Dredger)
33 min ago by Timsen

Dredger to be broken up following fire in April
The "Kronborg R", which was sidelined in Georgetown since Apr 15, 2016, following an engine failure and subsequent fire, will be broken up. Early in April the sand pump had failed while the dredger was in the process of maintaining a navigation channel into a bulk terminal in Niuewe Amsterdam in Guyana. Short time later a fire broke out in the ship's main electrical panel in the engine room, disabling the main engine - an MaK diesel. The fire was extinguished, but managed to spread to other areas of the ship. When the fire was extinguished and the damage could be investigated, it became clear in cooperation with the ship's insurers, that the ship was a Constructive Total Loss. The "Kronborg R" was soon after towed to Georgetown and put up for sale.

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