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 Jinhai805  (Fishing Vessel)
2 hours ago by Timsen

Fishing vessel on rocks near Shimane Prefecture
The "Jinhai 805" on Dec 18, 2014, at 4.30 a.m. hit rocks and was grounded near Japan's Shimane Prefecture, with 2 people missing and 23 rescued. 23 out of a total of 25 crew members aboard the ship have been rescued while two were still missing. Four of the rescued have been sent to hospital for treatment of hypothermia. The fishing vessel sailed to waters near Oki islands of Shimane Prefecture to take refuge from storms in its planned fishing area. The Consulate-General of China in Osaka has sent diplomats to the scene to deal with the incident.

 Smart  (Bulk Carrier)
3 hours ago by Timsen

Bow of bulkcarrier scuttled too
Titan Salvage has successfully re-floated and scuttled the largest and most challenging section of the "Smart" on Dec 17, 2014. At the end of 2013, Titan was called to the scene, including Salvage Master Guy Wood, to re-float and scuttle the most complex and challenging portion of the vessel, the bow, which was partially buried in mud. Soon after arriving on scene, the team deployed its proprietary jack-up barges "Karlissa A" and "Karlissa B", thus creating a stable, safe working environment. The salvors made preparations to remove pollutants, then lightened remaining cargo via hopper barge. To further reduce the weight of the wreck, Wood and his team made arrangements to have sand and mud removed from the bow using air-lift techniques. The team re-floated, towed and scuttled the bow into designated waters within three days. Titan was now preparing for the removal of the remaining mid-section. This final stage of work was expected to be completed in the beginning of 2015. Report with photos: www.titansalvage....

 Tokitae Wsf  (Passenger Ship > Passenger Ro Ro Cargo Ship)
3 hours ago by Timsen

Ferry crew braved for saving a man after heart attack
The "Tokitae" crew and a nurse saved a man who suffered a heart attack in the morning of Dec 17, 2014. The 80-year-old Bainbridge Island man was walking onto the ferry for the 10:35 a.m. sailing to Edmonds when he collapsed. The ship’s crew responded immediately and provided extensive CPR to the unconscious man. By the time the fire department arrived, he was breathing and alert. A North Kitsap Fire & Rescue crew took over and transported the man to Harrison Medical Center in Bremerton.

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