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 Frio Petropavlovsk  (General Cargo Ship > Refrigerated Cargo Ship)
1 hour ago by Timsen

Repairs of grounding damage completed
The "Frio Petropavlovsk" left the port of Ijmuiden after repairs were completed on Dec 3 at 11.30 p.m. bound for Las Palmas as next port of call, ETA Dec 9.

 Saturnus Ky43  (Fishing Vessel)
2 hours ago by Timsen

Captain fined for violiting fishing regulations
The skipper of the "Saturnus KY 43" who violated the fishing regulations was just 0,4 miles inside a prohibited zone when he was intercepted by the government’s fisheries protection boat. Ian James McClelland, of Kirkmahoe, Dumfries, admitted flouting licensing restrictions aboard the vessel as he fished for King scallops in Manx waters on Nov 29, 2016. For the prosecution, Barry Swain said fisheries protection officers noted the boat, and its course was plotted using radar. It was fishing for scallops in a closed area off the point of Ayre. Radio contact was made and it was confirmed they were fishing at the time. The position was plotted on the Admiralty chart and they were 0,4 miles within the closed fishing area off the Point of Ayre. A number of tows had been completed using a drag system. The vessel was detained in Douglas and the catch was seized. McClelland, who has no previous convictions, but has received a written warning once in the UK, told officers he had made a mistake and had misinterpreted the ‘rather complex’ licensing conditions. The total catch was 202 bags but only four of those had been taken from the restricted area, the court was told. At £117 per bag, the value of the unauthorised catch was £468, which Mr Swain said should be forfeited. Gross value of the total catch was around £20,000. Defending McClelland, Peter Taylor said his client had simply made a mistake and misread the licensing regulations, but had readily admitted his error. McClelland was fined £5,000 and the £468 value of the unauthorised catch was forfeited to the court. He must also pay costs of £50 Read more at:

 Wsf Chetzemoka  (Passenger Ship > Passenger Ro Ro Cargo Ship)
3 hours ago by Timsen

Pleasure boat slammed into ferry
The pleasure boat "Nap Tyme" collided with the "Chetzemoka" on Dec 4, 2016, near Vashon Island. The boater was apparently below deck when he crossed in front of the ferry. The ferry followed all protocol when blaring warning blasts from the ship’s horn, and was even able to bring his vessel almost to a complete stop. No injuries were reported, but the ferry was delayed for 30 minutes before the Coast Guard cleared both vessels for travel. The "Chetzemoka" was traveling toward Vashon Island from Point Defiance. Report with video: www.seattletimes....

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