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 Umoe Ventus  (Other)
12 hours ago by Timsen

First salvage attempt failed
The first attempt to raise the "Umoe Ventus" failed because the wreck was filled with accumulated sand and heavier than expected so that it collapsed under its own weight, as it was came free from the bottom. The attempt was abandoned in the morning of Feb 12. Now, a team of divers was pulling more lifting straps under the wreck. The salvage barge is equipped with a large crane, and two smaller cranes, and now the plan was to lift the ship jointly with the two smaller cranes on the other side of the barge. Danish Report with video:

 Silver Master  (Bulk Carrier)
13 hours ago by Timsen

On the beach... Chittagong:

 Angele N  (Bulk Carrier)
17 hours ago by Timsen

Cargo ship saved Brit adventurers
The adventurers James Ketchell,34, and Anthony Ward Thomas, 58, who set off from the Canary Islands on the "Kitty Rouge" nine days ago in a bid to travel across the Atlantic in a pedalo have been saved in a dramatic rescue after one fell ill in the middle of the ocean. The pair had planned to pedal, row and kite over around 45 days to Antigua to raise £100,000 for charity. Everest climber, James Ketchell, aged 32, and former jockey, Anthony Ward Thomas, 57, were airlifted to safety after Anthony suffered a suspected heart scare off the coast of El Hierro island near Spain. Ex-jockey Anthony Ward Thomas and world adventurer James Ketchell were 600 miles into their Atlantic ocean crossing when Anthony became unwell and needed urgent medical evacuation. The "Angele N" picked the two men up about 447 miles south west of the island on Feb 11, 2016. After 20 hours on board the vessel, the Spanish coast guard extracted Anthony and James via helicopter back to Tenerife for medical treatment at around 9.35 p.m. Anthony was now recovering. Reports with photos:

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