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451 days ago by arnekiel

New Haiao petrochemical products terminal opened in Xiamen
Xiamen’s first private terminal at Haicang has commenced operation, allowing foreign ships to load and unload cargoes. The RMB1.8bn Haiao petrochemical terminal has eight berths catering to product tankers ranging in size from 500 to 5,000 dwt. The terminal is run by a local private product oil firm, Haiao Group. While this is the first purely private terminal in the city, the port has welcomed many container terminal operators in joint ventures, such as HPH and APM Terminals. [SinoShipNews 04/11/13]

451 days ago by arnekiel

Royal Navy in armed standoff with Spanish off coast of Gibraltar
The UK has issued a formal complaint to the Spanish government after the Royal Navy was involved in an armed stand-off in Gibraltar territorial waters in the latest escalation of tensions over the British territory. The Ministry of Defence accused a Guardia Civil patrol boat of "manoeuvring in a dangerous and provocative manner" after sailing too close to a Royal Navy squadron carrying out a routine operation on Wednesday morning. The Navy's Gibraltar squadron was providing force protection to a Royal Fleet Auxiliary tanker when a Spanish patrol boat breached the security cordon. The Spanish vessel was ordered to leave the area by armed sailors on the HMS Scimitar, which carries two machine guns mounted on its stern, but the warning was ignored. The incident led to a tense armed stand-off and resulted in a minor collision between the Guardia Civil vessel and a Royal Gibraltar Police patrol boat. www.telegraph.co....

451 days ago by arnekiel

Concerns Raised Ahead of New California Shore-Power Regulation
As California prepares for the January 1, 2014 introduction of a new at-berth shore power regulation, the state's Air Resource Board (ARB) reiterated in a webinar last week that the responsibility for compliance will lie solely with vessel operators, a stance that the Pacific Merchant Shipping Association (PMSA) says could lead to ship operators being penalised through no fault of their own, Ship & Bunker reports. "The problem is that if the vessel shows up and is ready to plug in [to shore power] but cannot for whatever reason - maybe the berth is not available, or the shore power system is not yet ready - then you are potentially penalising a vessel for something that is outside of their control," the PMSA's T.L. Garrett told Ship & Bunker. "Those penalties could be up to $100,000 per hour you are out of compliance." More at shipandbunker.com...

452 days ago by arnekiel

Carnival Cruise Lines drops the British Virgin Islands port of Tortola in 2015
Carnival intended to send five cruise ships to Tortola through April 2015. The port is overhauling its cruise ship dock, and passengers may be required to tender from the ship to shore, Carnival spokeswoman Jennifer de la Cruz said. The Carnival cruise ships involved are the Sunshine, Freedom, Liberty, Glory and Valor. More at www.cruiselawnews...

452 days ago by arnekiel

There is a mine threat in Big Port St. Petersburg, port authority says
According to the port authoritys statement from Nov. 1, the liquidation of an “explosive object” with termination of vessels’ navigation in the water area within the 3-km radius has not been implemented because of unfavorable weather. The operations on mine threat elimination will be performed by the Leningrad naval base upon improvement of meteorological conditions and favorable weather forecasts. Seafarers will be promptly warned.

453 days ago by peter-pan

Just Mariam
Kann mir jemand sagen wann die Fähre Just Mariam ausläuft.Danke

454 days ago by arnekiel

Pilotage fees to rise at Canadian Atlantic ports in 2014 with expected drop in traffic
HALIFAX — The federal body that oversees harbour pilots says pilotage tariffs will have to increase in Atlantic Canada to compensate for an expected drop in container ship traffic in 2014. Cape Breton waterways will see the highest price jumps, along with ports in Newfoundland and Labrador. Tariffs are also going up in Halifax, the largest port in the region, though the drop in container traffic there is not expected to be steep. Michael Broad, president of the Shipping Federation of Canada, says the situation is the result of fewer but bigger ships brining goods to ports. Starting Jan. 1, fees are jumping 10 per cent in the Port of Sydney, the Bras d’Or Lakes and the Strait of Canso, while fees in the port of Halifax will rise 2.75 per cent. Some Newfoundland and Labrador ports are also seeing 10 per cent tariff increases, while tariffs at the port of Saint John, N.B., will rise three per cent. In Halifax, the average pilotage fee for container ships next year will be $1,903. Source and more at www.capebretonpos...

454 days ago by arnekiel

Guangdong prepares for regional free trade zone
Guangzhou: Southeast Chinese province, Guangdong, is applying to establish a Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau free trade zone, which is likely to be approved by Beijing by the end of this year. Different from the newly established Shanghai free trade zone, the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau free trade zone will cover multiple cities at the Pearl River delta. Chen Jianhua, mayor of Guangzhou said, the Shanghai free trade zone is a pilot area, we will learn from the experiences of Shanghai and be active to get the nod from the central government. [01/11/13]

455 days ago by arnekiel

Kiel Canal reopened to ships of all sizes starting 5 p.m. on Oct. 31
The authorities of the Kiel Canal informed that the place of accident of the "Siderfly" can be passed by ships of all Kiel-Canal traffic groups with reasonable speed and care from 5 p.m. on OCt 31. The tugs "Hans" and "Parat" are on stand-by and can be employeed as per masters choice/pilots advice free-of-charge. Expenses will be borne by the authorities.

455 days ago by arnekiel

Province making good on promise to have MV Miner wreck removed
Main-a-Dieu resident Sean Howard welcomed a provincial government announcement on Wednesday that it will issue a call for proposals for the removal of the derelict ship MV Miner, which has been hung up on the rocky shore of nearby Scatarie Island for two years. More to read at www.trurodaily.co...

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