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425 days ago by Timsen

Fire on cruise ship newbuilding
On June 5, 2014, a fire broke out in a cabin on deck three of the Bahamas-flagged cruise ship "Quantum of the Seas", 167800 gt (IMO: 9549463), which is actually under construction in the enclosed hall 6 of the Meyer Yard Papenburg. The fire brigade of the Meyer Yard was supported by local fire rescue units and other rescue forces. The fire caused development of dense smoke, but could be contained within short time. Two persons weree intoxicated by smoke inhalation and had to be treated in the hospital of Papenburg. The surrounding areas and the visitor center of the yard were evacuated. The damage was estimated to be around 50000 Euro. German report with photo: www.ndr.de/nachri...

425 days ago by arnekiel

Truck ban prompts Hapag-Lloyd to levy Manila import congestion charge
A TRUCK ban in Manila has prompted Germany's Hapag-Lloyd to levy US$100 per TEU congestion surcharge on all imports into Manila, said the shipping line's notice to trade.

425 days ago by arnekiel

Florida to Invest Billions to Improve Port Competitiveness
Billions of dollars could be handed out to Miami, Port Everglades and Jacksonville in the next five years in an aggressive bid by Florida to capture a greater share of regional container cargo.

425 days ago by arnekiel

NATO Extends Somali Counter-Piracy Ops Through 2016
NATO officials this week decided to extend NATO’s counter-piracy operation until the end of 2016 as Somali pirates continue to threaten ships transiting the Horn of Africa region. Since August 2009, NATO ships have patrolled the waters off Somalia as part of Operation Ocean Shield, with the mission of contributing to international efforts to fight maritime piracy and to help build the capacity of regional navies. Operation Ocean Shield works closely with other naval forces patrolling the Indian Ocean including US-led maritime forces, called Combined Task Force 151, and EU naval forces, called EU NAVFOR Somalia – Operation Atalanta. As part of the overall international effort, Ocean Shield has helped to significantly reduce pirate activity in the region significantly since its peak in 2011. That year, pirates captured 24 ships and NATO recorded 129 pirate attacks off Somalia. In 2012, the number of attacks had fallen to 20. Not a single ship has been captured off Somalia since May 2012, and no merchant ships are currently held by Somali pirates. Despite recent successes, however, piracy remains a real threat in the region and pirates continue to posses the intent and capacity to attack ships. NATO ships continue to detect attempts by pirates to capture vessels. In addition, the root causes of piracy inside Somalia remain. Some 90 percent of all global is carried by sea, with about half of that passing through the Indian Ocean, NATO says. Operation Ocean Shield currently includes ships from Spain, Italy and Turkey operating roughly from the Arabian Gulf to the north, the Seychelles in the south, the Gulf of Aden to the West and the Maldives in the east, covering an area greater than 2 million square miles or the size of Western Europe. As part of its mission, NATO forces regularly verify the activity of shipping off Somalia, separating out legitimate maritime traffic from suspected pirate vessels, and in many case perform escorts to ensure their safe passage. In addition, NATO ships and boarding teams can actively pursue suspected pirate ships, board a suspect ship to determine if pirates are on board, and as a last result use force to stop pirates.

425 days ago by arnekiel

Jurong Port gets new drop-in centre
A new international drop-in centre for seafarers was officially opened in Jurong Port on June 3, 2014.

425 days ago by arnekiel

Seaspan tugboat crews call for strike vote over dispute
Federal Labour Minister Kellie Leitch has flown to Vancouver in an attempt to avert the second major labour disruption this year at Port Metro Vancouver, this one involving tugboat operators. The dispute is between Seaspan Marine, which is trying to cut some costs to remain competitive, and the unions representing crews on the company’s tugboats, who say the company’s offer would cut pay and benefits significantly. The federal intervention comes as the unions take strike votes that could put them on picket lines as early as noon on Sunday before the company imposes terms of a new contract on its employees effective Monday. Leitch will meet with both sides in the dispute in Vancouver on Tuesday, according to her press secretary Andrew McGrath. Tugboat operators escort and help berth vessels such as oil tankers and container ships, as well as tow barges. With Seaspan handling 70 per cent of ship-docking and escorting work in the port, company CEO Jonathan Whitworth said, “the Asia Pacific gateway shuts down” if the company’s employees go on strike.

428 days ago by Timsen

Kiel inaugurates Berth 1 Cruise Passenger Pavilion Port’s third terminal for big ship passenger turnaround
Kiel’s new Ostuferhafen Berth 1 cruise ship passenger pavilion was inaugurated in the morning of June 2, 2014, boosting to three the number of terminal berths where the port can now handle passenger turnaround on cruise ships of 300 m and more in length. The first passenger exchange at the new terminal was carried out by the "Costa Pacifica", which tied up at Berth 1 early morning after arriving from Stockholm. Report with photos: www.portofkiel.co... www.ndr.de/nachri... www.kn-online.de/... forum-schiff.de/p...

428 days ago by arnekiel

New Floating Terminal off Umm Qasr Boosts Exports
Oil exports from Iraq rose by eight percent in May and a new floating terminal was inaugurated that will expand shipping capacity from the country's southern ports by 800,000 barrels per day (bpd), the oil ministry said on June 1. The May export average of 2.582 million bpd was up from 2.39 million bpd in April, oil ministry spokesman Asim Jihad said in a text message. That was below a target of 3.4 million bpd for 2014. The target includes 400,000 bpd from Iraq's autonomous Kurdistan region, which has not exported any oil via state infrastructure for more than one year due to a dispute over resources with Baghdad. Export growth has also been held up by damage to Iraq's northern pipeline, which was blown up by insurgents in early March and has been idled ever since. The new floating single point mooring (SPM) platform in the Gulf will help boost exports from the South, where the bulk of Iraq's crude is produced and shipped abroad. The average price of a barrel of Iraqi oil in May was $100.80, generating revenues of $8.07 billion, oil ministry spokesman Asim Jihad told Reuters via text message.

428 days ago by arnekiel

Chinese Port Stops Shipments Due to Probe
China's northeastern port of Qingdao has halted shipments of aluminium and copper due to an investigation by authorities, causing concern among bankers and trade houses financing the metals, trading and warehousing sources said on Monday. Port authorities could not immediately be reached for comment. China has a public holiday on Monday. "We were told we can't ship any material out while they do this investigation," a source at a trading house said. The port of Qingdao is China's third-largest foreign trade port and the world's seventh-largest port, trading with 700 ports in more than 180 countries, according to its website. "Banks are worried about their exposure," one warehousing source in Singapore said. "There is a scramble for people to head down there at the minute and make sure that their metal that they think is covered by a warehouse receipt actually exists," he said. Metal imports have been partly driven in China as a means to raise finance, where traders can pledge metal as collateral to obtain better terms. In some cases the same shipment can be pledged to more than one bank, fueling hot money inflows and spurring a clampdown by Chinese authorities. Source and more: www.maritime-exec...

428 days ago by arnekiel

Panama Canal Authority to charter post-Panamax ship for training in Panama Canal's new locks
The Panama Canal Authority (ACP) will charter a Post-Panamax vessel before the opening of the expanded Canal to be used for training purposes in the Third Set of Locks, the ACP press release said. The Executive Vice President of Operations Esteban Saenz reported that the Panama Canal will charter a Post-Panamax ship to train pilots and tugboat captains that will assist in transits through the new lane. Saenz said the vessel will be used several months before the opening of the expanded Canal to test the new locks. "This is one of the best ways to train our pilots and tug captains in the joint effort required to transit through the two new lock complexes of the expanded Canal," said Saenz. He added that since 2011 the Panama Canal has promoted workforce training for the operation of the expanded waterway.

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