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397 days ago by arnekiel

Coal Stacker Collapses At Mozambique Port
A coal stacker, which is a large bulk handler, collapsed in the Mozambique port of Nacala. The stacker buckled according to a port spokesperson. It was at the coal terminal currently owned by Brazilian miner Vale, who wants to begin coal exports in the third quarter of 2015. Vale is global operator of mining, energy, steelmaking and logistics. Authorities are investigating and they should issue a report in the few couple of weeks. No one was injured in the accident.

397 days ago by arnekiel

First ships cross Egypt's New Suez Canal in test-run
Less than two weeks prior to the official inauguration of the New Suez Canal, three container ships have made it across the new waterway earlier on Saturday as a test-run, Egypt’s state news agency MENA reported. Under the patronage of the Egyptian army and president Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, the new waterway, an $US 8 billion mega-project that has been under construction since August 2014, is scheduled to be formally opened on August 6. “This is the first trial crossing but it will be followed by more trials,” Mohab Mameesh, the chairman of the Suez Canal Authority who led the project, told state television. “We are 99.2 percent done with everything. We should be completely done in two or three days.” In order to avoid imposing unnecessary burdens on the impaired Egyptian economy, al-Sisi had announced in March the release of investment certificates that were available for purchase by Egyptian citizens to fund the mega-project. The idea was met with grand enthusiasm, seeing the purchase of investment certificates worth approximately $US 7.6 billion, reported CNBC Arabia. During the Saturday test-run, the New Suez Canal welcomed the passage of the first container ship at 10 a.m. The American ship heading to Saudi Arabia from Egypt’s Port Said weighed 133,000 tonnes, while the second ship, a Danish one heading from Singapore to the United States was loaded with 95,000 tons of cargo. The third ship to make its way through the waterway was a Bahraini ship making its way from Saudi Arabia to Italy carrying a load of 77,000 tonnes.

398 days ago by Timsen

All DFDS sailings Calais - Dover cancelled after ferry was shot with flares
DFDS has decided to cancel all sailings between Calais and Dover until July 28, after one of the company's ferries have been shot at by flares. The incident was related to the conflict that has arisen because DFDS has taken over two ferries from the Eurotunnel ferry company MyFerryLink. Crossing between Dover and Calais have been interrupted for more than three weeks because employees have blocked the port of Calais. The employees are dissatisfied with the fact that DFDS's acquisition of the ferries is synonymous with job losses.

399 days ago by arnekiel

Portland’s kayaktivists ready to greet Shell icebreaker with flotilla
Although most of Shell Oil’s Arctic drilling fleet is in Alaskan waters far from the reach of environmentalist protesters, so-called “kayaktivists” will have at least one more chance to mobilise against the Dutch company this weekend. This time it will be in Portland, Oregon, rather than Seattle, Washington, where most of the previous activities – blockades and a “Festival of Resistance” – took place while Shell used it as a staging post. Now Portland’s green activists say they are ready to pick up the baton because the icebreaker Fennica, is expected at the Rose City’s Swan Island on Saturday for repairs to its hull after damage incurred in Alaska while it was on its way to join the fleet. The Fennica is important to Shell’s operation in the Chukchi Sea because it is carrying an important piece of emergency equipment, the capping stack, crucial for containing a blown out undersea well.

400 days ago by KONSTRUKSIYA


400 days ago by arnekiel

Grup TCB signs purchase of Castellón Multipurpose Terminal
Grup TCB, a company involved in the design and management of port terminals, has signed the definitive acquisition of the Castellón Multipurpose Terminal (TPC) after the competent authorities, including the Port Authority of Castellón, agreed to the purchase. Grup TCB has appointed Victor Muñoz as CEO of the new company.

400 days ago by arnekiel

US is interested in Romania’s port of Constanta
Kara Aylward, the Deputy Economic Counselor of the United States Embassy in Bucharest, met this week with the management of Constanta’s port, expressing interest in the harbor’s economic potential. The US official, who is in charge with transports, wanted to know the activity in the Romanian sea ports, the main infrastructure projects and their implementation phase, reports local Economica.net. Some 12.1 million tons of goods passed through the port of Constanta in the first quarter of 2015, up by 20.4% over the same period last year. The total traffic recorded in the Romanian sea ports amounted to 27.8 million tons in the first six months of the year, up 22.6% compared to the same period in 2014. Source: Romania Insider

402 days ago by arnekiel

Truckers At Ports Of Los Angeles, Long Beach Strike Again
Truck drivers at the nation’s busiest port complex walked off their jobs Tuesday morning, July 21. The workers accused their bosses at Pacific 9 Transportation — one of several companies that haul cargo from the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, California, to shipping warehouses and major retail distribution centers — of misclassifying them as independent contractors instead of employees, thereby depriving them of benefits and higher pay. The walkout is the latest salvo from truck drivers in a labor dispute that spans nearly two years. Drivers for Pacific 9 and other short-haul companies have gone on strike several times since 2013, most recently in late April, alleging misclassification and retaliation for speaking out about labor conditions. The striking truckers are backed by the International Brotherhood of Teamsters union, which is seeking contracts with the companies — something that’s possible only if drivers are classified as employees.

402 days ago by arnekiel

Congestion hits Ctg port
Chittagong port has been facing vessel congestion over the last few weeks, delaying berthing schedules to many ships waiting at the outer anchorage. Port officials attributed the congestion to a hike in inbound vessel traffic, fewer working hours during Ramadan and rains that slowed container handling. Container vessels have been experiencing a delay of two to eight days in receiving berthing permission, making them wait at sea and incur losses, according to representatives of shipping liners. Kota Wangsa, a vessel run by Pacific International Lines (PIL), arrived at the port’s outer anchorage on July 13 and had to wait for six days to get permission to berth. Ayutthaya Bridge, another container vessel coming in from the Malaysian port of Kelang, arrived at the outer anchorage on July 15 and received permission to berth at a port jetty only yesterday, said Shahed Sarwar, executive director of the vessel’s local agent — K Line Bangladesh. Usually a container vessel needs to stay at the port for a maximum of three days; getting permission takes a day, while goods can be loaded or unloaded within two days. The average stay time has increased up to 12 days, while ship liners allege that it costs at least $10,000 a day when a ship overstays. www.hellenicshipp...

402 days ago by arnekiel

New Canal trial on July 25
A trial for the new Suez Canal will be conducted on Saturday 25 July with three large container ships. The Northbound convoy will be 0400 hours local time until 0830, with a limit time of arrival the previous day at 2300. * ships arriving after 2300 hours up to 2400 hours may join the northbound convoy against 5% additional canal tolls (with maximum SDR 12500) * ships arriving after 2400 hours up to 0100 hours may join the northbound convoy against 10% additional canal tolls (with maximum SDR 25000) * ships arriving after 0100 hours up to the end of the convoy can join the northbound convoy against 12% additional canal tolls (with maximum SDR 30000). The time of arrival will be registered by the Suez Canal Authority (SCA) radar when the whole vessel has passed north of Latitude 29 42.8 N, limited by Longitude 32 23.1 E & Longitude 32 41.5 E. The Southbound convoy will be from 0330 hours until 0800, with a limit time of arrival the previous day at 2300 hours. * ships arriving after 2300 hours up to 2400 hours may join the southbound convoy against 5% additional canal tolls (with maximum SDR 12500) * ships arriving after 2400 hours up to 0100 hours may join the southbound convoy against 10% additional canal tolls (with maximum SDR 25000) * ships arriving after 0100 hours up to the end of the convoy may join the southbound convoy against 12% additional canal tolls (with maximum SDR 30000). The time of arrival will be registered by the SCA radar when the whole vessel has passed South of Latitude 31 28.7 N limited by Longitude 32 00.27 E & Longitude 32 37.43 E. www.gac.com/gacen...

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