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27 days ago by arnekiel

Dardanelles traffic suspension after tanker engine malfunction solved
As reported, traffic was supended in the Dardanelles at 08:00 hours, on 27 October after an LNG carrier experienced an engine malfunction at Arzew – Marmara Ereglisi whilst transiting northbound. The engine malfunction was solved on board by the crew and the vessel completed her NB Dardanelles transit on the same day at 16:15 hours. Normal traffic resumes after 16:30 hours on 27 October.

28 days ago by arnekiel

Bosphorus to close for Republic Day fireworks
The Bosphorus will be closed to transit traffic between 14:00 and 23:00 hours on 29 October, due to fireworks at Bosphorus Bridge as part of Rebublic Day celebrations....

33 days ago by arnekiel

Vessels arriving from West Africa As per a circular issued by Turkey's Directorate General of Health for Border and Coastal Areas, vessels entering Turkish waters from Sierra Leone, Liberia, Ghana and Nigeria are prohibited from having contact for any matters like crew change, provision supply, bunkering, FW supplies, etc. Contact with such vessels is considered to be highly risky due to Ebola. Contact will only be allowed after 21 days of sailing from port in the above-mentioned countries.

52 days ago by arnekiel

Five-day holiday
Official institutions and banks in Turkey will be closed from today (3 October) until and including Tuesday 7 October. Some ports may be closed during this five-day holiday or fees for official services such as pilotage, towage, mooring or customs) increased by 50%.

53 days ago by arnekiel

Fog halted traffic in the Istanbul Strait
Traffic in the Istanbul Strait was halted at 0800 hours local time on 1 October due to fog and low visibility.

73 days ago by arnekiel

Bosphorus closure for Extreme Sailing Series
The Bosphorus will be closed to all traffic from 1000 to 1500 hours local time tomorrow (Saturday 13 September) due to the Extreme Sailing Series event. Source: GAC HotPortNews

86 days ago by arnekiel

Bosphorus to close to transits on Sept. 01
The Bosphorus will be closed to transits on Monday (1 September) during the northbound passage of the platform Castoro Sei to Burgas.

278 days ago by arnekiel

Heavy fog shuts two Turkish straits to shipping traffic
Heavy fog on Wednesday, Feb. 19, 2014 forced the closure of Turkey's Bosphorus and Dardanelles straits, vital routes for Russian oil and other commodities,

301 days ago by arnekiel

Fog forces closure of Istanbul's Bosphorus Strait to ships on Sunday, Jan. 26
Heavy fog on Sunday, Jan 26, 2014 forced the closure of Istanbul's Bosphorus Strait, a vital route for Russian oil and other commodities, to shipping traffic. Five tankers were waiting to travel north at the mouth of the narrow strait, which links the Black Sea with the Mediterranean. Traffic at the Dardanelles at the other end of the Sea of Marmara was unaffected. Reduced visibility due to poor weather in the winter frequently requires maritime officials to shut the Bosphorus, disrupting the flow of Russian oil and grain to world markets.

581 days ago by arnekiel

Turkey Moving Forward with Bosphorus Strait Bypass Canal
Ship & Bunker reports that the Turkish government says it is moving forward with plans for a canal that would link the Black Sea to the Sea of Marmara, allowing ships to bypass the crowded Bosphorus Strait, Reuters reports. The 45-kilometer "Kanal Istanbul" would turn the European side of Istanbul into part of an island, and land dug up to create the canal could fill part of the sea, creating a sea port and airport. "We believe that this is a very realistic project that will be talked about by the world," said Deputy Prime Minister Ali Babacan. Babacan said the country's Higher Planning Council has decided to go forward with the project. More at shipandbunker.com...

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