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 Xin Hai Feng  (Service Ship > Hopper Dredger)
vor 16 Std von arnekiel

Sri Lanka shipwrecked fishermen rescued by China dredger
A Chinese sea sand dredger working on a sea reclamation project near Sri Lanka's Colombo port had rescued two shipwrecked fishermen who were adrift clinging on to a piece of flotsam. The captain of Xin Hai Feng, a vessel working for Shanghai Dredging Company at Colombo Port City project, had spotted the two drifting fishermen who were clinging on to a empty fuel diesel drum. The Colombo Port City is reclaimed by China Harbhour Engineering Company. The rescue team from the Port City had used a barge to reach fishermen amid waves as high as 2.0 metre waves, the company said. The fishermen Sunil Anthony(64) and Ranjith Igneshes (57) had been rescued at 13:59 hours and transferred to National Hospital by emergency medical ambulances. The two fishermen had left in a deep sea fishing boat on July 14. The engine had failed. The drifting boat had later struck a reef. They abandoned ship and started swimming to the shore with the help of the empty fuel drum, the company said. The fishermen had been without food and water for 48 hours.

 Explorer Of The Seas  (Passenger Ship > Cruise Ship)
vor 21 Std von Timsen

Two crew members fell into the water
The "Explorer of the Seas" was returning from Alaska and heading to Seattle when on July 19, 2018, at 8:21 p.m. the Joint Rescue Coordination Centre Victoria was alerted after two crew members reportedly fell into the water, after boarding one of the ship’s rescue boats. The JRCCwas uncertain why the crew were in the rescue boats, but they may have been running drills. They fell from some height and were rescued by the pilot boat of the Pacific Pilotage Authority. Both were still responsive. The rescue boat broke down and was towed by the "Vic 1" boat before it restarted, when it could be cut free and hoisted back on board. The two crew members were sent to hospital, but C-Tow said they were checked out by B.C. Emergency Health Services, given the okay, and put back on board.

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