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 Odyssey  (Passenger Ship)
vor 5 Std von Timsen

Ferry slammed into moored boats in Boston
The "Odyssey" carrying 326 people hit five moored boats in Boston Harbor in the morning of June 22, 2018. She was carrying a group of 8th grade students on a class trip from the Day Middle School in Newton at the time. No one was injured. The boats were hit just before 11:30 a.m. after the ship suffered propulsion loss and drifted backward into five moored sailboats. The boats suffered only minor damage - mostly sratches. Another vessel was able to tow the "Odyssey" and moor the vessel to safely get passengers off board. Report with photos: https://www.nbcboston.com...

 O83 Joke  (Other)
vor 6 Std von Timsen

Trawler troubled twice
In the evening of June 21, 2018, the "Joke - O 83", 99 gt, got its net into the propeller at the Schulpengat and was disabled. The KNRM in Den Helder was alerted, and the Coast Guard contacted the rescue station Callantsoog too. Within half an hour both lifeboats wereom scene. A few men were transferred onto the "Joke" with towing gear, and the vessel was tied to the lifeboat "Joke Dijkstra". It was pulled to the port of Den Helder, with the lifeboat "Veronica" remaining on standby. Two hours later the "Joke" had reached the port and was taken alongside the "Joke Dijkstra" and berthed at the fish auction pier. On June 22 just after noon, the "Joke" called the Coast Guard in the Den Helder another time. This time the trawler had suffered a blackout due to water in the diesel tank. This time the ship was on the Gat van de Stier and threatened to drift onto a sandbar. The "Joke Dijkstra" was alerted again, and within a quarter of an hour she was underway. Also the tug "Noordzee" of the Dutch Navy headed towards the trawler and took in in tow. The "Joke Dijkstra" remained on standby until the ships were in the port of Den Helder. Once in port, the Belgian crew got an auxiliary engine working, so that the nets could be recovered. Dutch report with photos: https://www.knrm.nl/nieuw...

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