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Port of Montreal expands global reach thanks to new container terminal
Investments made by the Government of Canada and the Montréal Port Authority to enhance the Port of Montréal’s infrastructure will make the global movement of goods more fluid, create direct and indirect jobs in transportation systems across the country, contribute to national prosperity and help grow the middle class. The Honourable Marc Garneau, Minister of Transport, on behalf of the Honourable Amarjeet Sohi, Minister of Infrastructure and Communities, and Ms. Sylvie Vachon, President and CEO of the Montréal Port Authority, today celebrated the inauguration of a new container terminal in the Viau sector. The new container terminal will boost the Port of Montréal’s handling capacity by 450,000 TEUs (twenty-foot equivalent unit). The new terminal, together with the work done previously and the second phase of work to be completed in the years to come, will bring the total handling capacity in the Viau sector to 600 000 TEUs, and the Port of Montréal’s overall handling capacity to 2.1 million TEUs. www.hellenicshipp...

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Sudan hopes for lasting partnership with China for Sudan’s Harbor
A Sudanese entrepreneur said that Sudan hopes to establish a long-standing partnership with China in developing its Port Sudan harbor, as the country’s economy is suffering from lack of major resources. “We have important and strategic partnerships with the Chinese companies which have greatly helped us to modernize Port Sudan harbour and increase its efficiency,” Jalal Eldin Shelia, General Manager of Sudan’s state Sea Ports Corporation, told Xinhua. He said that Chinese companies have contributed a lot such as deepening the cleats, increasing the number of docks, modernizing the delivery and shipment equipment and computerizing the procedures and customs clearances. “For over a quarter of a century we, in the Sea Ports Corporation, have cooperation with the Chinese government. Presently we are working on establishment of free harbors on the Red Sea coast with Chinese support as well as a free zone north of Suakin town, an area upon which the Sudanese economy greatly depends,” Shelia said. www.hellenicshipp...

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ADT Celebrates 5 Million Containers Milestone at Khalifa Port
Abu Dhabi Terminals (ADT) has announced that on October 28 it set a new record by handling 5 million containers representing a milestone achievement for Khalifa Port Container Terminal (KPCT). The record number was achieved serving the CMA CGM Pegasus, a vessel belonging to ADT’s long-term customer, CMA CGM.

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Baku port to complete first stage of construction until late 2017
The construction of the Baku International Sea Trade Port in Azerbaijan’s Alat settlement, which is expected to become one of the leading trade and logistics hubs of Eurasia, is gaining momentum. Director General of the Port Taleh Ziyadov told reporters that the first stage of construction of the Port is projected to be completed until late 2017. He mentioned that the completion of the first stage will allow the facility to handle nearly 1,280 tons of goods per day, while the implementation of all 3 phases of construction is projected to increase the capacity up to 7,660 tons on a daily basis. “The improvement program is currently underway on Ro-Ro terminals and terminals on the transshipment of dry freight. The work is also underway on the construction of moorings with a length of 650 meters. The second stage envisages construction of three additional moorings, while two new freight moorings will be constructed within the third stage,” he said. The completion of the first stage is expected to allow the facility to increase its capacity up to 11.5 million tons of cargo per year and to 50,000 containers, while the second stage will provide for the handling of 17 million tons of freight and 150,000 of containers. The implementation of the final stage is projected to increase the capacity up to 25 million tons of freight and 1 million of containers. www.hellenicshipp...

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High-tech US stealth ship ZUMWALT (DDG 1000) breaks down in Panama Canal
America's newest warship, the super high-tech USS Zumwalt, broke down in the Panama Canal just a few weeks after the vessel was commissioned, the Navy and reports said Tuesday. The guided missile destroyer needed to be towed Monday to a nearby former US naval station after suffering an "engineering casualty," the US Naval Institute's news site reported. The Zumwalt was en route from Baltimore, where it was commissioned on 15 October, to San Diego. Navy spokesman Commander Ryan Perry said in a statement that "the timeline for repairs is being determined now." "The schedule for the ship will remain flexible to enable testing and evaluation in order to ensure the ship's safe transit to her new homeport in San Diego," Perry said. An unnamed defence official told USNI News that repairs to the Zumwalt could take up to 10 days. The ship lost propulsion in its port shaft during the transit and the crew saw water intrusion in two of the four bearings that connect to Zumwalt’s port and starboard Advanced Induction Motors (AIMs) to the drive shafts, he said. The AIMs are the electrical motors that are driven by the ship’s gas turbines and in turn electrically power the ship’s systems and drive the shafts. The $4.3 billion Zumwalt is the first in a new line of revolutionary guided missile destroyers. The ship is roughly 180 meters long and weighs nearly 15,000 tonnes, making it the largest destroyer in the US fleet, and its angular, unconventional shape to make it difficult to detect with radar.

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Port operations at Gibraltar on Monday suspended on bad weather
Bad weather has halted operations, including bunkering, at the Mediterranean port of Gibraltar, market sources said Monday. A weather warning issued by the Gibraltar Met office earlier Monday reported strong winds, southwesterly force 5 or 6. However, bunker sources in the port say the bad weather is showing signs of easing at midday local time and that major delays to port operations are not expected, with one ship currently waiting to enter the port.

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Spain to protest to Britain over Gibraltar flare incident
Spain said on Monday it would make a formal complaint to the British government after the Royal Navy fired flares at a Spanish scientific research vessel which entered disputed waters off Gibraltar. The foreign ministry will file an official complaint to the British embassy over the incident, a spokesman said. The incident, which occurred on Sunday, disrupted the work of the ship belonging to Spain's state Oceanographic Institute, the spokesman added. "We consider that the waters adjacent to Gibraltar are Spanish. The ship was in Spanish waters while carrying out its tasks," he told AFP on condition of anonymity. A Royal Navy patrol boat, the HMS Sabre, fired flares at the research ship Angeles Alvarino, after attempts to contact its crew by radio failed, according to Britain's defence ministry. The British navy also prevented the vessel from deploying research buoys into the sea. Britain believes the vessel strayed into its territorial waters off Gibraltar. A Foreign Office spokesman said Britain would protest "against the incursion directly to the Spanish authorities at a senior level, making clear that such violations of the UK's sovereignty are unacceptable." The research vessel, which is investigating geological risks to the seabed, left the disputed area after the flares were fired. It arrived at the Spanish port of Fuengirola on Monday. "Our work in the Bay of Algeciras has finished. Thank you Royal Navy for accompanying us these days," the crew wrote in a Twitter message. www.expatica.com/...

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Hazardous solvent spill at Napier Port
The cleanup of a hazardous chemical spill at Napier Port on Tuesday is still under way. The leak came from a container of methyl ethyl ketone, which is classified as a hazardous substance and used as a solvent. The Fire Service has put a 100-metre exclusion zone around the container after it was notified of the leak on Tuesday morning. It oversaw the opening of the container earlier in the day, allowing fumes from the leaking drum to dissipate. Fire crews were still working in the afternoon to remove the undamaged drums from the container and wash them down. The damaged drum will be taken to a hazardous goods storage facility. www.stuff.co.nz/e...

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Port of Portland: Future of Terminal Remains Murky
PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) Michael Thorne remembers the Port of Portland's container terminal as a high-maintenance money-loser. As the Port's executive director from 1991 to 2001, Thorne made hurried trips to Asia to maintain relationships with shipping companies. He lunched with Oregon importers to rustle up business for the carriers, giving ships a reason to stop in Portland. The Port built up other lines of business to prop up the container terminal's losses. All that was OK, Thorne said. Leaders at the Port, a public agency funded in part by taxpayers, saw the container terminal's export business as a service to farmers and other export-dependent businesses across the Northwest — one important enough to justify the cost. “We have to export,” he said. “The containers were a critical service.” By 2010, that philosophy had changed. The port's new director, Bill Wyatt, still saw the container terminal as an important part of the port's mission, but he also saw it as a major financial liability. The port, hoping to dodge the risk while continuing to provide the service, turned to a private operator. Read more at www.constructione...

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Costa Group Asia cruise ships to visit Primorye six times in 2017
VLADIVOSTOK, November 18. /TASS/. In 2017, cruise ships belonging to Costa Group Asia will visit the port of Vladivostok in the Primorye region six times, the regional authorities said on Friday. The first Costa Group Asia cruise ship visited the port this year. “Developing cruise travel is one of the strategic priorities as far as the regional tourism industry is concerned,” head of the Primorye Tourism Department Konstantin Shestakov said following the recent China International Travel Mart in Shanghai. “We have held several meetings, global cruise companies seem to be interested in including Vladivostok into their routes. Costa Group Asia has confirmed that in 2017, its cruise ships will visit the port of Vladivostok six times,” Shestakov added. A multi-decked Costa Victoria cruise ship, carrying 2,000 passengers, visited Vladivostok this past May, the tourists were very much impressed by the city tour so now this kind of visits may become regular, the city administration said. More: tass.com/tourism-...

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