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Port of Boston Welcomes Largest Cargo Ship to Date
COSCOCS, one of the largest container operators in the world, upgraded its service into the Port of Boston Sunday with a vessel that can carry more than 8,500 TEUs (20-foot equivalent units), Conley’s largest cargo ship to date. The Port is responsible for $4.6 billion of economic activity and 7,000 direct jobs. “This is an exciting time at Conley as we have seen double digit growth in both imports and exports this year,” said Massport’s Port Director Lisa Wieland. “Having calls by larger ships is the future, and the Port is working diligently to accommodate them.” The ship, COSCOCS’s Xin Mei Zhou, arrived Sunday morning (July 17,2016) and departed Sunday evening. The ship is almost 1,100 feet long and will carry 8,530 TEUs.

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Boston Harbor Dredging Project to get Underway
The Massachusetts Port Authority (Massport) Board today voted to approve to execute a Project Partnering Agreement with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (ACOE) and MassDOT to start the Boston Harbor Dredging Project. A signed agreement allows the ACOE to bid contracts for construction on a Confined Aquatic Disposal cell (CAD cell), which is needed for the maintenance dredging of the Inner Harbor Main Ship Channel. Maintenance dredging will restore the inner harbor to 40 feet and is the first phase of the larger dredging project. Without maintenance dredging, the harbor will continue to silt, leading to increased transit times, economic inefficiencies, and navigational safety concerns. This portion of the harbor was last dredged by the ACOE in 1986, and is vital to the maritime economy in Massachusetts. www.maritimeprofe...

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Severe Winter Storm
The Captain of Port Boston has released a Port Bulletin about the forecasted major Nor'easter that could adversely impact the regional Maritime Transportation System over the next couple of days. The National Weather Service has issued a Winter Storm Warning and Coastal Flood Warnings for Boston and surrounding communities along the coast from Monday evening (26 January) through Wednesday morning (28 January).

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Massport "may privatize" port to pay for Boston dredging
According to My Fox Boston, Massport may privatize a busy shipping port in order to pay for a massive dredging project in Boston Harbour. According to the Boston Herald, the agency needs another US$200 million dollars to pay for the project. It has already received more than US$300 million in state and federal funding. One proposal is to privatize a container-ship port in South Boston. Other options include finding additional tax payer dollars or selling off Massport real estate to private developers. The dredging project is needed to allow larger container ships to dock in Boston.

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USCG responds to Boston dry dock oil spill
A Coast Guard Sector Boston pollution response crew is responding to an oil spill from the USNS Fisher, dry docked at the Boston Ship Repair facility, the USCG said in a press release. The spill, estimated at approximately 11,000 gallons, is self-contained in dry dock and there is currently no oil in the water. At approximately 9 p.m., Wednesday (July 9), watchstanders at Coast Guard Sector Boston received a report of an oil spill in the vicinity of Drydock Avenue, in Boston. Responders include a Coast Guard Sector Boston facility and pollution response team, the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection, and the Boston Fire Department. Response teams placed 600 feet of double boom around the dry dock to ensure no oil enters the water and six commercial vacuum trucks were deployed to clean up the spill.

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Cruise Ship Pollution Concerns In South Boston
Taking a cruise is one of the most popular vacations, but there is an environmental downside. The massive ships burn the dirtiest type of fuel, even when they’re sitting in port. And for something as large as a floating city, a ship needs to generate a lot of power, around the clock, running its own generators. The cruise industry has never more been more popular around here. In 1986, there were just 13 cruise ships in Boston serving about 12,000 passengers. Last year those numbers jumped to 117 ships with more than 380,000 passengers. Congressman Stephen Lynch, who lives within walking distance of the port of Boston, is concerned about the level of pollution created by the ships. Lynch has filed bills in the last three years trying to get some federal assistance for a big project like upgrading the electrical infrastructure along the docks. “We need to have a partnership with Massport, the federal government, the port of Boston, the state. We need to work together. That is how this is going to work.” More to read with video at boston.cbslocal.c...

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Potential impact of severe weather
The National Weather Service has issued a Winter Storm Watch and Coastal Flood Watch for Boston and surrounding towns from Friday morning (March 7) through Saturday afternoon.

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Dockworkers threaten strike along US-East Coast ports beginning Dec. 30, 2012
The dockworkers are flexing their muscles again, threatening a strike beginning Sunday, December 30, 2012 that would shut seaports from Massachusetts to Texas. It would be the first such coastwide strike since a two-month walkout in 1977 paralyzed the flow of tens of billions of dollars of imports — and the nation’s retailers and other businesses fear a painful replay if the 14,500 dockworkers make good on their threats. bostonglobe.com/b...

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Shipwreck found off the Massachusetts coast may hold $3 bln in platinum
A Maine seafarer said he had found the wreck of a World War II merchant ship off the Massachusetts coast, sunk while carrying a cargo of the precious metal platinum valued today at nearly $3 billion, an unprecedented find that has raised some doubts. Greg Brooks of Sub Sea Research in Gorham, Maine, said on Thursday he had discovered the submerged ship in 2008 some 50 miles (80 km) off the Massachusetts coast and, using a remotely run submersible vessel, identified it last summer as the British freighter Port Nicholson. The coal-fired ship, which is resting 700 feet (300 meters) under water, was sunk by torpedoes in a June 1942 attack by a German U-boat, Brooks said. The vessel had been bound for New York from Nova Scotia in Canada with 1.707 million ounces (48,393 kgs) of platinum, intended as a special wartime payment to the United States from the Soviet Union, he said. That much platinum, if verified, would have a value today of $2.77 billion, at a market price of $1,624 per ounce. www.reuters.com/a...

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Ferry Eagle Strikes Other Vessel While Leaving Dock
A car ferry in the Massachusetts Steamship Authority Fleet was taken out of service Sunday morning after striking another vessel. A passenger onboard the Eagle said as the vessel was pulling away from the dock in Hyannis at 9:15 a.m. when it hit the Sankaty, which was not moving. No injuries were reported. The boat came back to the dock to let the passengers out. They were then put on the Sankaty and transported to Nantucket. Read more: www.thebostonchan...

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